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West Catholic Continues Magical Season

Written by: on Saturday, December 6th, 2008. Follow Willie McGonigle on Twitter.


PHILADELPHIA: Heading into Friday nights PIAA Class AA State Semi Final with the Lancaster Catholic Crusaders the West Catholic Burrs where just one win away from becoming the first District 12 team to make it to Hershey for the State Championship. Well the Burrs will be making the trip to Hershey by downing the High Power Crusader attack 37-14 thus continuing their magical season. “Its been magical, really indescribable whoever thought we come out and get this far.” Is how Burrs SR RB Raymond “Syrup” Maples would describe the Burrs season. Burrs Head Coach Brain Fluck said “I’m very proud of our team and staff.”

The Burrs would do something that they’ve become accustom to doing all year long an that’s taking their opening drive and producing points. Penn State committee Curtis Drake with help from a good Quran Kent would take it in from 20 yards out. The touchdown run was Drake’s 19h rushing touchdown of the season. Not to bad for a QB huh? Tim Carroll would add the extra point giving the Burrs the early 7-0 lead.

On the ensuing drive the Crusaders showed that the best defense against the mighty Blurrs make that Burrs offense is a good offense and that’s what they did as they drove 51 yards on 11 plays before penalties and a Christopher Williams sacked Kyle Smith forcing the Crusaders to punt after the drive took 6;46 off the clock.

The Burrs would make the Crusaders pay for not scoring as on the ensuing drive the Burrs would march 80 yards on 9 plays including a 41 yard run by Maples that put the Burrs at the Crusader 9 yard line. Three plays later Drake would sneak his way in from a yard out. Drake’s 20th of the season. Carroll would add the extra point giving the Burrs the 14-0 lead. When asked about Maples Fluck responded “tonight make did what I believe he could do.”

The Crusaders would respond with a 44 yard 3 play drive that was came to an end when Smith Tyler Purvis for an 38 yard touchdown. The extra point was blocked giving the Burrs the 14-6 lead.

The Burrs would respond with 8 play 73 yard drive that would come to an with a shovel pass from Drake to Rob Holloman for a 30 yard touchdown. Lamont Davis would hit Edwin Colon for the 2 point conversion giving the Burrs the 22-6 halftime lead.

The Crusaders made things interesting a bit when Jordan Stewart got through the Burrs defense for a 1 yard touchdown. Smith would hit Quinton Houser for the two point conversion bringing the score to 22-14

Once again in the second half in particular the Crusaders did everything they could to keep the Burrs offense off the field as in the third quarter the Burrs offense ran just 4 plays and that’s all they would need for Rob Holloman to bust through for an 11 yard touchdown. Holloman would then run in the two point conversion giving the Burrs the 30-14 lead. Holloman would finish the game with 70 yards on 9 carries.

Following an interception by Haleem “P-Nut” Hayward gave the Burrs the ball at their own 8. Drake would need only one play to take it 92 yards for his 21st rushing touchdown of the season. Carroll would add the extra point giving the Burrs the 37-14 lead.

Up next for the Burrs is a trip to Hershey where they will join fellow District XII member Archbishop Wood Vikings as they look to bring a title to District XII. The Vikings will take on the juggernaut known as Thomas Jefferson on Friday night while the Burrs will take on Wilmington on Saturday afternoon

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10 Responses to “West Catholic Continues Magical Season”

  1. fatmandu says:

    I find it ironic that ‘Larryjohnson’ points out that this article shows how close and far the Crusaders were from winning. I would like to know if he/she feels the same way regarding last weeks article calling the Mount Carmel game a ‘blowout’. The same analysis posed by Larryjohnson (that a couple of plays changed the game) could be said about the Mount Carmel game as well. At least the article written about the Burrs vs Crusaders was akin to true sports reporting as opposed to the op-ed piece that appeared on this site about the Crusader’s victory over Mount Carmel.

  2. Hounds Hammer says:

    We want to wish you the best of luck this weekend In the state Championship game!

  3. Larryjohnson says:

    This review does the best job of showing just how CLOSE and just how FAR the Crusaders were away from winning this game.

    About 4 plays going the other way would have drastically changed this game.

    1- 1st half, LCHS forced Drake to pitch it and the RB was wrapped up only to wriggle free and tightrope down the sideline for a long run.

    2- 1st half, LCHS had WC going for it on 4th down at mid field, but allowed the Burrs to pop forward for the first

    3- 2nd half, LCHS drove to open the 3rd but QB Smith threw an unchracteristic INT

    4- 2nd half, the play following the INT saw Drake take off for a back breaking TD

    Could it have been enough to win? Probably not, QB had a ton of speed.

    Crusaders- time to hit the track and the weights in the offseason, speed is the name of the game!

  4. Vikes1 says:

    West Catholic Fans
    Best of Luck to you this weekend! Wood and WC had some great battles over the last 4 years and both schools never got the credit they deserved. WC is not only the best AA team, they are one of the top AAA and AAAA teams in the state. Unstoppable. Wood has a very tought game vs Thomas Jefferson who is ranked 4th in the state but you never know. Good Luck Saturday and represent the Catholic league!

  5. Shag(Class '62') says:

    Considering the scores of most of their games this year,I think their Coach deserves a lot of credit on keeping them focused.
    “GO BURRS”

  6. Rich Lyde (WC 95-98) says:

    LOL @ Will Grant!!! We all had/have to cross that 46th and Market traffic to get to practice!! People don’t realize that we have to walk four blocks and back for practice!! I will forever be a Burr. We won one game in my 3 varsity seasons at West so I am ecstatic that West has gone this far.

  7. Will G. (WC 99-02) says:

    Not to mention we had to cross 4 lanes of traffic to get to practice LOL.


  8. Moody says:

    It is indeed a great thing WC is doing. With less they have done more. They don’t have the fancy fields to practice on, the well equipped weight rooms to train, the whirl pools to sit in after practice. They practice on a makeshift football field,use an antiquated weight room and soak at home in the tub. It just goes to show you what you can do with a little determination. I am very proud of all these young men. This is bigger than football. It is a life lesson and I hope they understand it.

  9. Moody says:

    Speed Kills

  10. West Allum says:

    I think this is the best west team in the history!!!!Go Burrs