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Written by: on Monday, January 7th, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2024 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams, and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

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5,074 Responses to “2024 Football Forum”

  1. JCo says:

    It’s such a terrible look that the PIAA got told they didn’t have enough data to support their position, then decided they knew better and wasted time to appeal, only to get told the same thing again. Whatever your feelings about Aliquippa are, the fact that the PIAA has gotten so thoroughly shown up by a small school is embarrassing.

  2. Jeff H. says:

    Aliquippa is staying in 4A for this upcoming season, as appellate judge Patricia McCullough denied the PIAA’s request for a stay on the lower court ruling, Both judges have criticized the PIAA on health and safety grounds without having any data or research available to support it’s decision to force Aliquippa to play up. This is still to be litigated by the lower court, and it’s possible Aliquippa could be forced up to 5A next year mid-cycle, but based on the comments from both judges it appears they both feel Aliquippa presented a stronger argument than the PIAA, primarily on health and safety concerns.

    In other news this week regarding Aliquippa head coach Mike Warfield has taken a leave of absence for the upcoming season due to other work obligations and commitments, he has not said whether he plans to return to coaching next season, he has a 74-6 record since taking over as head coach in 2018 with 3 state titles and a runner-up, that’s a pretty good run for any coach, particularly for a school playing up a couple of classes.

  3. Kevin X says:

    The latest chapter, or maybe I should say paragraph, in the PIAA/Aliquippa saga continues tomorrow. The PA Commonwealth Court expedited appeal hearing. The attached article I think gives a good overview for those of you who care and want to catch up or are simply new to the situation.

  4. Jc says:

    Yes it was confirmed by nostrildamus he’s an assistant at Mt. Carmel. So aliquippa thought they were to good to play in the classification they are so they moved up two classes and yet they continued to bring transfers in. Is the school board and athletic director and head coach so dumb and arrogant that they don’t think the rules would apply to them. They cost there players and school state titles since they moved up on there own what does it matter to move up one more. When you new you would still ring in transfers maybe you should have got back in your lane. If your as good as you think play 6a and win no state titles . Clearly state titles didn’t matter the most or they wouldn’t have played up.

  5. Jeff H. says:

    @Kevin X & D2 Fan – yeah, the legal battle between Aliquippa and the PIAA is not going away, but something’s gotta give soon with the first games less than 7 weeks away. Initially the WPIAL put the Quips in the 5A Northeast Conference with Pine Richland and Penn Hills, then when the Beaver County judge granted the preliminary injunction they put them back in the 4A Parkway Conference where they’ve been the last 4yrs since they were moved up from 3A, they haven’t lost a Parkway conference game in the last 4 yrs (and the only WPIAL game they’ve lost in the last 4yrs was to TJ in OT in the WPIAL 2020 4a final). I am a big Quips supporter but they want to have it both ways, having launched an unprecedented recruiting campaign by WPIAL standards in the offseason with numerous high profile transfers, yet still want to continue to play in 4A. They are huge favorites to win WPIAL 4A if they stay there, and they would be a serious contender in 5A and in my opinion co-favorites with Peters Township. As a neutral fan I would love to see them play in 5A which offers a much deeper pool of good teams than 4A does, an Aliquippa vs. Peters Township playoff game would be fascinating for many reasons, not the least of which is Peters is a pretty wealthy predominately white school district. .

  6. JCo says:

    @Jc: is that confirmed, a rumor you’re hearing, or just speculation?

  7. Jc says:

    North Schuylkill, tri valley, Shenandoah valley, Marian, nativity, Pottsville, minersville and mahanoy area to the heartland haven , blue Mt berks tamaqua panther valley colonial pine Grove williams valley d3 or heartland

  8. Irish1 says:

    Looks like Friday night football could be coming to PJP this year. Sounds like the funds have been raised for lights. I know they are also trying to raise the money for bleachers,press box etc for the home side of the field. Not sure if they will have those this year,,but lights looks like a go.

  9. Kevin X says:

    Your daily legal briefing……..the PIAA appealed to a higher court the Judge’s lower court decision on the granting of Aliquippa’s preliminary injunction. Ohhh let the fun and games continue…….

  10. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    For now. The judge’s ruling is only preliminary injunction, basically reverting the situation back to prior to the lawsuit being filed. But it appears this season they will remain at 4A. A lot can happen going forward.

  11. D2 Fan says:

    So, we’re all ignoring the story about Aliquippa moving down to 4A for the 2024 season? Haha. Just messing with you folks! I wasn’t aware of this when it happened, so I guess I should get out of my hibernation den to start getting ready for the football season.

    I’m surprised that something like that happened, especially as late as it is in the offseason. Good for the Quips for staying in 4A, which they’ve fought for, but I really wanted to see them hold their own in 5A, just for the HS football fan in me to witness something more unprecedented. I like the Belle Vernon vs. Aliquippa matchup in Week 1 & am glad Penn Hills is still on the ledger. I hope that game is televised somewhere for the public to see.

    If you’re curious about the new WPIAL schedule:

  12. Michael D says:

    @Irish1…I dunno…An administration makes that decision without any consulting? That just smells of the Archdiocese having a hand in it forcing the issue to me…Anyway it is what it is..thanks for the input

  13. Foleman says:

    When PJP was formed, their were many arguments for PJP……for and against joining the Catholic league. The 2 major decision makers in staying with the PAC were distance….who wants to travel to Center City via the Schuykill expressway and Rt 422 to play a Catholic League team and the Lansdale Catholic experiment which was a huge failure for their sports programs. I don’t know 1 person from Lansdale Catholic who wanted LC to join the Catholic League, same with PJP, especially the Pius X alums. I can see the PAC/Ches-Mont continuing to schedule 1 another in football plus other sports. It makes sense geographically and competition wise. Looking forward to this year to see some top notch machups between the leagues.

  14. Irish1 says:

    @ Michael D, from what i recall about LC joining the Catholic league it was a decision made by school administration without consulting any of the coaches including Jim Algeo who was the longtime head football coach. Several coaches quit, he stayed on,he was close to retirement at that point. I dont think it was forced by the archdiocese. I dont think the archdiocese is pushing anyone to join at this point they have enough things to worry about. Holy Ghost Prep applied for admission several times and was denied. I believe a few of the schools voted against them getting in.seems kind of strange since they let Devon Prep in ,but location probably has alot to do with Holy Ghost not getting in..As far as PJP and Shanahan are concerned I think they are happy where they are and would be smart to stay there. There will always be certain schools in their leagues whining about recruiting etc which is silly, both schools have solid programs but they arent running wealthy alumni driven athletic departments like a handful of schools that people talk about on here alot mainly St joes prep and a couple others.

  15. Michael D says:

    @JCo …i really didnt expect a super conference…Central League woulda never went for it in my opinion…LOL….I’d like to see NHS back in the BAL then…I didn’t realize they weren’t the biggest…I thought it would be interesting to see how they would of done in the Lehigh Valley, but thanks for clearing that up for me…I was always wondering if Bristol & Morrisville would ever merge how that school would fare? would they be a potential SOL invite….

    @JCo @Irish1 Have you ever heard talk of 8man football in the PIAA? I know there is a small league around here, but it would be interesting to see if schools would jump to that or some of remaining small schools that co-op or just don’t field a team would start their own….Any thoughts? could solve some issues on schools that don’t have enough players to field a full squad……Again I just shoot out random thoughts

  16. Michael D says:

    @Irish1……..Did LC really have a choice in joining the PCL?? Seems to me they were on top in many sports and a perennial D1 playoff participant and was a huge deal in the PAC….why would they of wanted to go???…….PCL lost Kenrick (KK), North and Dougherty pretty close together and they were in need of teams….My feeling is Shanahan got a pass due to their location….I could be wrong but I seem to remember there was not alot of LC support to join that league and PCL could of forced the situation..also thought I read that the long time LC football coach was dead set against it and I would think his thoughts would of held much clout in their decision……..I believe if given the chance they would go back to PAC and D1 if given the opportunity….That is my point with PJP…I wasn’t saying they wanted in but will the Archdiocese force their hand if that was the situation (success especially in FB) with LC..Again just my thought/opinion

  17. JCo says:

    @Michael D: I don’t really expect a super super D1 FB conference beyond the eventual merger of the Ches-Mont and PAC, and if it happened I think the conferences themselves would be mostly unchanged. Schools generally have enough schools around them that are close enough to their size. As for NHS, growth in that area has slowed while most of the SOL continues to grow, it would not shock me to see them transition to the BAL in all sports. They would not even be the largest school in the BAL, as the latest enrollment report has Bristol with more boys than NHS.

  18. Irish1 says:

    @Michael D, PJP should NEVER consider leaving for the catholic league. It would make zero sense. They have pretty much all natural rivalies in the Pac 10. The students can follow the teams even for away games with all the schools being so close. The catholic league is not an even playing field for all the schools. Just ask LC, unless a school is going to go all in and have wealthy alumni backing it… its very tough to compete in that league particularly in boys basketball,

  19. Michael D says:

    @Irish 1 @JCo……..a FB merger would be interesting….any chances down the road of a D1 super super FB conference? …would love to see how that would be formatted I guess with exception of Bicentennial…I’m just wondering if PJP will get a phone call from Catholic League any time soon……Any thoughts if it could be a possiblity that New Hope-Solebury would look north to join the Colonial Schuylkill FB league? too small for SOL and maybe too big for BAL and I’m not 100% but I’m assuming they’re not that far from Lehigh Co…not sure if it’s a good fit for Lower Moreland….beats staying INDY in FB….just throwing random thoughts out here…cannot wait for FB to start

  20. Irish1 says:

    @ Michael D, I think there will be a merger for football only with the ches-mont and pac10 sooner rather then later. They are doing the 2 yr run of each school playing two games against schools from the other league starting this yr. If that goes ok I think a football only merger will happen.

  21. Michael D says:

    JCo………WOW…I think you nailed it down….As much as I looked at those schedules, I couldn’t see what you saw and it was so obvious..LOL…but I guess we wait until previews come out in August. Like you, I couldn’t find anything online…Thanks buddy!

  22. JCo says:

    @Michael D: I noticed that as well. It looks to me like they’ve gone to 3 divisions with all the divisional games backloaded to the end of the schedule, but I haven’t seen any sort of official announcement anywhere.

    National: Bishop Shanahan, Coatesville, D’town East, D’town West
    American North?: Great Valley, Henderson, Rustin, WC East
    American South?: Avon Grove, Kennett, Oxford, Sun Valley, Unionville

  23. Michael D says:

    I do not understand the CHES-MONT league this fall……..are they still in the same divisions as the last couple of years even though they do not all play each other……..looks like a six game league season??… it only one division…same 2 divisions or are they going to 3 divisions??? Could anyone clear it up for me?????????? Thanks

  24. D2 Fan says:

    Some great PA players were picked up in this year’s NFL draft.

    – Of course, we have the headliner of PIAA’s past: Marvin “Maserati”, Harrison Jr., the St. Joe’s Prep standout is a Cardinal. I can’t wait to see how he does in the big leagues. He was a stud in HS & college.
    – Jared Verse, who I didn’t realize was from Central Columbia until the draft, went to the Rams. That has to be the first Blue Jay ever drafted. District 4’s alumni in NFL usually come out of Southern Columbia, so this is a nice change of pace.
    – Jeremiah Trotter Jr. was another SJP guy. He went to his dad’s old team…right down the road from there.
    – Tykee Smith, the Imhotep grad, found his way to Tampa. He joins DJ Moore & Shaka Toney, who I didn’t realize were grads, as NFL alumni of Imhotep. Cool to see them on TV announcing a draft pick, as well.
    – You can’t also forget about, 2018 5A runner up, Penn Hills grad Daequan Hardy. He’s found his way to the Bills & has also joined Aaron Donald & a few others on the NFL alumni list. He joins Damar Hamlin as the two WPIAL faces in Buffalo, who played a few minutes apart.
    – MJ Devonshire is another Quip who’s found his way to the NFL at the CB position, as a member of the Raiders. He’s got shoes to fill, as Darelle Revis & Mike Ditka are very successful alums from Aliquippa.

    I won’t go over the UDFAs, but I’m happy to see a few of them signed with teams, too.

  25. Jeff H. says:

    @Keith Tripp – that’s exactly what Aliquippa is doing, they have recruited a few other big time players this offseason in addition to the 2 you mentioned who are Aliquippa kids who went to Pittsburgh Central Catholic last year and are now enrolled back in Aliquippa, people in western PA are jokingly referring to it as the Aliquippa transfer portal! I think their administration has taken the position if the PIAA is going to force us to move up we’ll actually go and recruit, because as I previously noted their 5 transfers in the last 2 yr cycle contributed virtually nothing to the teams success, but their “recruits” this year are Power 5 players who will have a significant impact.

    Shoutout to both Aliquippa and Imhotep, pretty impressive for a school to win a state championship in football and basketball in the same year, even for a non-boundary school.

    @Foleman – I agree, don’t know how Imhotep is still competing in 5A in basketball, apparently they don’t have the requisite transfers to be moved up, one would think they would play up voluntarily since they rarely lose to a PA school, whether public or private.

    I would love to see Lincoln Park play Imhotep, that game would be worth the price of admission, I saw LP a couple of times this year, most recently against Hampton in the semi-finals, Cummings and Thomas are a terrific duo and as good as any pair in the state.

  26. Foleman says:

    It’a easier for a private school to build a powerhouse in Basketball than it is in football. You only need a few stud basketball players to have a great team in hoops. Look at Devon Prep, for years they were a doormat in basketball, they join the Catholic league, hire a coach who can recruit and wala! 2 State Championships in 3 years. Their star player is from Berks County, over an hour away from DP DP’S coach saw him play in a tournament in 8th grade and sold his vision, dad gets a flat on the main line and now the kid has 2 State Championships under his belt, a great education and next year will have plenty of scholarship offers. I think the transfer rule is working in football, however, it’s not working in Hoops. I can’t believe TEP is 5A in basketball. They would have won 6A for the last few years easily.

  27. D2 LFC says:

    @Kevin X

    Yes, I agree with you. I don’t think it’s ever gonna change but to be honest with you. I actually feel bad for Scranton prep and also holy cross obviously And Mountain View, even though In the beginning, I was completely against private schools, winning any Championships away from public schools I actually felt bad for them to get that far to lose at the end of the day they are somebody’s grandkids, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, and I have to turn the page with my opinions because they truly aren’t important at the end of the day, either way you look at it as long as everybody gives the best effort that they possibly can and work as a team that’s truly what matters and learns from being a team.
    My hope for these youngsters is to be productive citizens in our society, regardless of any championship trophies they have earned they all go to the wayside regardless of their high school days. What really matters is the kind of individual they truly form to be giving back to this beautiful country We live in my friend that is truly what matters to me these days not trophies only quality people

    God Bless ☺️

  28. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 LFC

    Well, you got your wish, Blackhawk beat Prep, but as the saying goes, thinking you may have won the battle, but lost the war. Second year in a row true traditional public boundary schools, (however you want to classify them), only won 3 of 12 hoop titles again this year.

    I’m still standing at the bus stop not willing to jump on the separate public private football separation bus, even though my mind is still open to change and willing to listen to any suggestions (but haven’t bought into any yet), but I’d gladly hop on the bandwagon bus for separating publics and privates when it comes to basketball. Really think there is great opportunity for both sides on this front, but I’m not holding my breath for any change, at least in the near future.

  29. D2 LFC says:

    @ Kevin X

    Yes, I was actually thrilled for Dunmore last year the
    Lady Bucks Bringing home the gold and Going forward I’m thrilled for any public school doing such from around the
    District 2 Region only because it should be a public school championship bracket you know my stance on that as you mentioned, I fully support any public school
    Going against teams that can pull talent Out of their school boundary area. it’s still amazes me that nobody seems to care about how many state championships private schools have won and taken away from public schools for example, look at the
    Saint Joseph’s prep football team it’s so amazing how I believe I quoted 24 players from their roster last year were from New Jersey. How was it even legal players that don’t even live in Pennsylvania to capture a Pennsylvania State football championship that’s so corrupt Definitely gray water. The well has been tainted so long nobody even knows who to call to clean it up so they look the other way and tip a brewski as they did in the old European times when the water was tainted

    However, on the other side of things, if Scranton prep classics were playing in a private bracket as they should have to play, but it’s not made yet I would absolutely support them. I think it’s one of the best private high school institutions in our area for academics and also their giving back to the community With fundraisers And such the teachers and the students are great people I have family and friends who have gone there over the years, but I stand strong on the boundary non-boundary with athletics nothing will change my mind on this

    To be honest, it’s quite hilarious………..
    The majority of my friends and colleagues are from scranton prep how awkward does that make that for me when their football team or their other sports teams are winning and I can’t enjoy it with them. Definitely an awkward situation. I definitely don’t pretend I just don’t engage in the conversation.

  30. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 LFC

    Ahhh, yes, I do recall your are not a big fan of the privates, or at least them going head to head against a traditional public boundary school in playoff situation. You may get your wish, Blackhawk is very good basketball team.

    If I also recall, the traditional public boundary schools won all of 3 of the 12 basketball championships last year. Yet the D2 Dunmore Lady Bucks did get one of those ‘Chips.

    Let’s see if they can win more than 3 this year. Can at least put a “W” in the 6A boys game.

  31. Kevin X says:

    2024-2025 PIAA football brackets……..

  32. D2 LFC says:

    Good Luck !!!!!

    Mountain View Gals
    Get that gold !!!! 🙂

  33. D2 LFC says:

    Best of luck to the BLACKHAWK Gals basketball team

    DISMANTLE ——-The Scranton PREP CLASSICS !!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Should be fun !!! 😉

  34. Jc says:

    If the people of aliquppa could simply follow rules they would be ok. Stay in your lane, if you were a class a or AA school why didn’t you be happy with that, rules come out for transfers and can’t follow those rules, and then the racial socio economic bull starts

  35. D4 Fan says:

    D4 is currently trying to change the divisional system (which will probably take effect in the 2026-2027 school year) to base the divisions off of geography, rather than enrollment size. (I personally think that would be great to get Berwick out of WVC.) Port moving would probably not readily affect Division 2, given Miff is way closer to the Division 1 schools. Mifflinburg to Danville is 45 minutes, and I know Danville expressed concern for the number of early dismissals athletes had. MCA, I’m not sure about since OLOL also does co-op.

    I’m not aware of any school going indie since the private schools are all small enough to co-op with a public (e.g., Sock w/ Neumann, Milton w/ Meadowbrook Christian.) It’s not like Holy Redeemer or Wyoming Seminary out your way, where they are big enough budget-wise to hold their own programs.

  36. D2 Fan says:

    Two things

    1. Question for the D4 folks.

    I know Williamsport is now a Heartland member. How does this affect the rest of the divisions? I know PHAC Division 1 is them, Central Mountain, Shikellamy, Shamokin, Shore, & Selinsgrove.

    How does this domino effect impact Divisions 2 & 3. I assume Mifflinburg drops to Division 2, but maybe 3. Maybe even Mount Carmel jumping up a division because they’re 3A this season? Did one move to an indie status?

    2. Delaware Valley Football

    I noticed they have an open date on Week 7. It intrigues me because there aren’t many teams that have an opening. Could this mean they’re playing 9 games, or are there some leagues that release late schedules that could still be lying in the weeds? I’m thinking two ideas.

    A. I’m wondering if they consider a road game to Washington Massillon, & leave an open game for 2025. If there’s one thing all of us know about DV, it’s that they aren’t afraid to play the best teams. They won’t match up well, based on CalPreps, but it’d be a lot better than the last PA rep (Sun Valley).
    B. The other idea is if WPIAL or City League schedules aren’t released. I don’t see them playing Westinghouse, since they’re much larger, but is there an opening for a power like Aliquippa (that’s a pipe dream) or one of the other 5A teams? The D-10 teams in mind all play each other that week, so they weren’t included in this.

  37. David Mika says:

    Hi guys. We moved the site to a better server. Just checking to make sure we can still post on here. Look forward to the football talk!!

  38. Keith Tripp says:

    It doesn’t help the Quips case when 2 recruits announced their intention to transfer to Aliquippa to play FB. But if the PIAA is gonna force you to play up, I say recruit like the private schools Aliquippa.

    Ps, Southern didn’t have any transfers in the last cycle, thus can remain AA

  39. JCo says:

    Seems the WPIAL cartel is at it again. They’re forcing Butler to play a full 6A division schedule despite Butler’s clear intention to play as an independent. Neither the PIAA nor the WPIAL seem to have the interest of the kids at heart. Both organizations are complete clown shows at this point.

  40. LFC D2 says:

    @ Jeff H
    I hear what you’re saying, I understand.

  41. Jeff H. says:

    @LFC D2 – I don’t see the problem with a parent coaching their child in a high school sport, it happens in the WPIAL occasionally, most notably at Mars HS several years ago when Rob Carmody coached both of his sons, both of whom were very good and would have played regardless of who was the head coach. A coach with any integrity is going to play their best players, and any coach who does otherwise should not be coaching. In my experience good head coaches are even harder on their kids than other players, and if a coach gives deferential treatment to their child they should not be coaching, period, but I don’t think you can make a blanket statement that a parent should never coach their child in HS sports.

    @Joshane85 – for the record the Quips had 5 transfers in the last 2 year cycle, none of whom was a starter or contributed much to the team success, they would have won the state title this year without any of those transfers, and none of them transferred for athletic intent. A lot of people in Western PA are very upset with the PIAA for forcing the quips up, by the letter of the rule they had the requisite transfers and success points, but there needs to be some nuance on the transfers and not just the numbers, the 5 transfers combined for 1 touchdown, 136 passing yards and 4 rushing yards over the last 2 seasons. During their appeal Aliquippa’s attorney noted a school is penalized for having transfer students who never get one minute of playing time or who have no impact on the teams success.

    This is a bad look for the PIAA, Aliquippa is a transient, low-income predominately black community that has a lot of kids moving in and out of the district for family reasons, and they get penalized and forced to move up while a rural, predominately white school district like Southern Columbia gets to compete in 2A every year. I think the PIAA should reexamine the success formula to take into account the impact the transfers had, and not just go by numbers alone.

  42. phillyboy says:

    @Pennyltucky Proud — Good looking out, thanks, appreciate the tips for a future tour of the area. Interesting history and decent country folks up there who ‘can skin a buck, run a trout line, ain’t too many things them old boys can’t do’, lol. If it wasn’t for PA’s relatively high property taxes, some land in that area would be enticing. Be fun to check out though.

  43. LFC D2 says:

    @Pennsyltucky Proud

    I’m not sure if you’re being facetious or not lol but I have always wanted to go down to Catawissa. It’s a beautiful area down there at least it looks that way on WNEP when they show it , I guess it all depends on if I’m on duty or not that day, if I can make the trip down .

    God permitting one day I will get there .
    I also hope Philly boy has a good time visiting as well, and not just regarding the Southern Columbia football team
    But just to check out the nice area.

    Peace out and buckle up

  44. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @ LFD D2: There’s room for you on Phillyboy’s SCA Tour as well. Just sayin’ is all… 🙂

  45. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @phillyboy When you go up for your highly anticipated All Things (and quasi-related) SCA Tour, jump off the NE Ext at the Allentown exit and catch 309N. Stop at the Beacon Diner in Hometown for a vanilla milkshake before making your L onto 54. Then you’ll snake thru the lower anthracite belt towns-that-time-forgot of Shenandoah (pronounced chen-do) and Mahanoy City. That’ll take you to 42N and the “only in Pennsyltucky” minefire town of Centralia. The greatest living example of a ghost town west of the Mississippi. But there are other sites for you than just Knoebels with its famous Crystal Pool and Playland. Check out the strange reverse gravity dirt road to the L of the bottom of the mountain on 42N, and then maybe the hooded graves and the Bluff outside Catawissa. Or the old race track in Numidia. Or the Beaver Dam look-out point btw Catawissa and Danville. Or the old Magee factory in Bloomsburg and the old family mausoleum on the outskirts of Bloom. Stop in at the Cracker Barrel in Catawissa for a brew. Maybe play 18 holes at Three Ponds and then grab a burger at the Nickel Plate. Maybe camp out at J&D’s and have an root beer float across 487 there. And then go up 487 about a mile, and there’ll you be…at the shrine that is Jim Roth Field! Go ahead–soak it up. It’s all there for ya.

  46. bub says:

    regarding the field goal going from 3 points to 2, i gotta think that teams would be much less likely to try them. if your down by 14 points a 2 point field goal seems less likely .in addition you do not have the non atheletic type guy playing such a major role from what is starting to be routine from 55yards out. also ,as we here are high school football fans, remember that in a majority of games at the high school level kickers play a much smaller role via field goals ,mostly because of the lack of talented kickers. I would say we enjoy the game just fine without all the field goal attempts. more likely in high school, games are won and lost because of a missed extra point. better kickers at the pro level would negate that situation. thanks!

  47. FrankG says:

    @NE PA This would be the biggest change in football since the big break from rugby with the allowance of the forward pass. There’s hardly a game at the hs, college, or professional level where a decision whether to go for a field goal or not doesn’t factor in either the outcome or (at least) the momentum of a game. It prompts some of the best debates. And kickoff returns are often the most exciting and memorable plays in a game. (Don’t we all miss kick returns from lots of college games and almost all NFL games?) Do you really want to take all of that away?

    It used to be that kickers were players who also played other positions–Lou Groza (an offensive tackle) being the most famous. Was it the Gogalak brothers who ushered in the new era?

  48. NE PA says:

    @bub I think if you’re going to go that direction, I would lean towards taking out field goals completely. Kick offs are just irrelevant as well, so they should be moved back or taken out. I don’t think we would see that much of a difference between kicking and going for it if the scores are only worth one point less. Instead of a score being 27-20, it just lowers it to 25-18. It’s still a 7 point game

    I wish they would just take them out completely because letting a kicker decide the game just doesn’t make sense.

  49. bub says:

    anyone care to comment on my thought to reduce field goals to 2 points because of the ability to score from 60 yards out . The super bowl was good example .kickers play much too important role anymore in a game where they are probably the worst athelete on every team.

  50. phillyboy says:

    Kevin X, yes, high school wrestling has also been affected by recruiting. For several years now seems that the majority of the NJSIAA individual state finalists are from schools like Don Bosco, Bergen Catholic, Delbarton, St. John Vianney, St. Joe’s Montvale, St. Joe’s Metuchen, and on and on. There were always strong private programs but in my opinion the trend has taken a turn for the worse, noticeably so. Back in the day even South Jersey had some stalwart public programs that produced a number of individual state champs; teams like Paulsboro and Absegami were prime time and well represented. Then you’d have schools like Vineland, Clearview, Washington Twp., Pinelands, Pennsgrove, Southern Regional (alma mater of Penn Stater Frank Molinaro — who incidentally beat the great Jordan Borroughs in a state final at Atlantic City) etc. who would have one off state champs, in a somewhat alternating fashion. Nowadays not so much, or fewer and farther between.

    Regarding the PIAA individual wrestling state championships, what I never understood is why they have two separate tournaments, 2A and 3A because the size of the school, its enrollment is not relevant insofar as individual titles are concerned.

  51. FrankG says:

    @ Kevin X

    I get your point, but I can’t imagine Holy Family is more than a mile from the city limits. It was probably the availability of parking and the rental cost that determined the site.

  52. Foleman says:

    Kevin X, Bethlehem Catholic has always been a powerhouse in wrestling, geographically they can draw from a huge wrestling hotbed where wrestlers come from all over, even NJ. They just won another State Championship this year and will probably be favored at AAA next year. The new kid on the block-Faith Christian academy-(AA) is like BECA on steroids, several coaches who have ties to the local youth wrestling clubs in District 1 got together and formed an all star team. Like Beca, the kids come from all over the place. FCA is even out recruiting Malvern Prep for District 1 talent which is crazy given Malvern Prep’s accomplishments the last decade. Stud wrestlers want to go where they have the best practice partners and wrestle on a national level, unfortunately, at many public schools thats just not possible.

  53. LFC D2 says:

    @Kevin X

    I agree with you 100% the crime tape is everywhere from all the stolen hardware from the public schools. It’s definitely disgusting and should be ended immediately.
    But the truth is it won’t, because too many high empowered people in high and mighty places are from private schools growing up so they will never go back on their own kind

  54. Kevin X says:

    @ Michael D

    Good questions, I’ll get back to the football issue later. But since we’re in hoops league tourney time, I’ll jump on that. Not a PAC fan (just neutral), as I’m in SOL Land. Seen that year after year as well, with those two schools hosting. S-F appears more than PV. No definitive answer, just a lot of guesses on my part. Guess one, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Less preparation needed, less change to deal with, everyone know the ropes. Seems to be working well for the league. Maybe the other schools aren’t interested in hosting or don’t have the personne?? Better financial deals with S-F and PV?? They both do have very nice facilities, so like you said, I would think that would come into play as well. S-F is centrally located within in the league. They are two of the larger schools with pretty passionate fan bases, so you may have larger crowds that can be expected??

    Being in SOL territory, I have my own question. Why the heck is the SOL basketball finals are being contested at Holy Family U.?? OK, a small college, but Holy Family is in Philadelphia, District 12 territory. And not exactly a huge gym either, not that based on past SOL finals they really need one. But there wasn’t a SOL high school willing and able to host?? Souderton and P-W have in the recent past. Tennent, CB South, HH, Wissahickon more centrally located with nice decent size gyms?? Frankly tho, I find these league tournament a waste of time anyways. Just basically another easy money grab and a wash, rinse and repeat cycle of regular season play. But at least with the SOL tourney, it’s CASH ONLY at the gate!!!!!

  55. Kevin X says:

    Just to play the role of resident troublemaker, and re-stoke the flames of the ever popular public/private debate, the PIAA team wrestling championships are taking place today at the the Giant Center in Hershey. I don’t follow wrestling at all, but seen a lot of social media feeds about the tourney, so I took a peak at the brackets. Three of the four schools in the two finals (only 2A and 3A classifications) are private schools. In the 2A semi finalist, 3 of the 4 participants were private schools. Like I said, I don’t follow wrestling, but is that par for the course?? I do know that Becahi is perennial wrestling power.

    Go…….. 🙂

  56. David Mika says:

    Thanks! It was fun being part of the documentary.

  57. LFC D2 says:


    Hey brother, I actually just watched it last night. Unbelievable great documentary fine work by the people who did it our own David Mika did a great job as well in the documentary Little by little, I’m starting to understand the culture, the true culture of southern Columbia, and respect it more and more as time goes on, especially the 2022 season against all adversity against all odds athletes getting hurt left, and right, they truly played the season from their hearts and how awesome was that that the kicker became such a driving force on defense? Unbelievable, great athlete and not only was he a great athlete, but his mindset and his heart about God and giving glory where it should be given tremendous job to the staff who put it together I also liked after every game even if they lost they all got together and said state champs on three that truly shows teamwork and believe in each other and furthermore to that 2022 team fantastic job guys congratulations you truly earned that state championship.

    it’s official name is…..


  58. Michael D says:

    @JCo Personally, I’d like to see a complete District 1 super conference of all 5 leagues (small bicentennial league excluded sorry) like South Jersey did in creating the WJFL.. I know it will never happen …but I’d settle for a PAC/CHES merger in football unless PV,SF,BOY and OJR rejoin the Ches-Mont and the remaining PAC schools join the SOL …I’d like to see Norristown back in the SOL anyway but i just realized I dissolved the PAC…lol

  59. phillyboy says:

    Very rarely does phillyboy come out of his winter hibernation, his off season slumber. Every now and then though, once in a great while circumstances align such that an impromptu declaration of his inner thought processes is merited, and yes, even his very cogniition and perspicacity is evinced. Lololol. Prishy8choo guys though. Anybody else out there see the apparently newly posted PBS Southern Columbia football documentary on YouTube? Their algorithim knew phillyboy would like it, and indeed I did. It’s about an hour long and chronicles their program and in particular the ’22 season, pretty well done. One of these days I’m gonna have to do a Catawissa day trip, maybe combined with a stop at Centralia and Knoebels, got it going on.

  60. JCo says:

    @Michael D: good question. I wonder if it has anything to do with Norristown being a 6A school, so they are “ranked” ahead of the smaller PAC schools for scheduling purposes, even though their actual program strength doesn’t reflect that. But I don’t actually know.

    Personally, I think the two leagues should just completely merge for football, like the Colonial and Schuylkill Leagues have done in D11. A fully merged league would compete well with the SOL. I suspect that individual team interests will prevent that from happening.

  61. Penn Football says:

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    Over 70% of the current Penn roster attended a football camp!

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  62. LFC D2 says:

    Everything surrounding my comments on anything on here is about fairness and equality, never to cut anyone down or to harshly criticize. If I have been taken out of context, I stand corrected, but I’m sure lots of other people understand my point of view to this I say fellow enthusiast may you enjoy the Super Bowl And may God be the peace of your life .

    Peace be with you️

  63. seriously says:

    ignorant as in just clueless. and it is a statement based on all of your posts in general. and again, I don’t really understand why you care about any of it. None of what you comment on really has any impact to your life. You mostly just sound like a jealous/whiny, busy body.

  64. LFC D2 says:

    @ seriously

    Thank you for the compliments that’s so nice of you. To be honest I don’t really understand that I’m ignorant, because if I was ignorant, I would be saying the schools name and the players names and I have more respect for people and schools than that so you can shut your pie hole going forward from here on out.

    The only purpose that I brought that up for about players that their jerseys retired is because they didn’t in my opinion and many others deserve to have anything like that. Their team got destroyed by three opponents this past year yes, they were in the state playoffs against the tiddlywink school and then they got buzz sawed and didn’t even make it into the state championship so you tell me why is it that they deserve to have three players retired jerseys on the wall from this team that really didn’t do much and then from the same school players from a few years back when they went to the state championship and just lost narrowly and that state championship loss was their only loss of the season and they had stout players on that team. Now you tell me, sir or ma’am how is this even right I don’t know is it political is it who has money? Who knows?
    But you can stop in your footsteps before you call me ignorant look in the mirror, my friend before you cast judgment it was a simple question if you don’t like it, don’t read it end of story.

    Good day !

  65. Michael D says:

    Question for District 1 people………Can anyone enlighten me about the new scheduling alignment for the PAC/Ches-Mont? I thought it was to level the playing field where they were gonna schedule teams based on standings? If that’s the case then can someone explain to me how Norristown drew Rustin? bottom of PAC against a Ches-Mont forever contender? I mean shouldn’t they of been scheduled against Avon Grove or whoever was last in that division? I’m just wondering?

    Also to anyone that is a PAC fan…..Is there ever a playoff or tournament in all of the sports offered that is not held at either Spring-Ford or Perk Val?…….Why do these two schools get an advantage like that year in and year out? I get they apparently excel and maybe i’m wrong and I don’t know about all the sports….but it seems to me there has to be other great facilities from the other schools…Shouldn’t they spread it around to make if fair?? I’m not a PV or SF hater by any means…again….just wondering…Any thoughts?

  66. seriously says:

    LFC D2 – why do you care? What is it impacting you? I think you most likely need to find something else in your life to focus your attention on.
    I don’t understand all your questions and rants about “unnamed schools”, “unnamed players”, “unnamed coaches” out of respect. Maybe you should run for the school board in the district(s) you have so many issues with and try to initiate change instead of getting on here and asking questions about things that really have no impact on your life. Unless you’re going to be part of the solution to fix all these “injustices”, please stop posting all these so called issues the LFC has.
    In my opinion you just sound like a whiny, ignorant, know it all who has opinions on everything.

  67. LFC D2 says:

    Here is a question that I’m not sure will ever be answered. How is it possible? For not one, but three players from a high school that I will not mention out of respect for the players to have their jerseys retired when the school they play at we’re literally manhandled by three teams last season. The one team being a single A school keep in mind this is a AA school who does have deep championship tradition. Which is why I bring up the question in other years when this particular school had outstanding years in some of the years undefeated seasons up until they lost in the state championship game not too many years ago and they had a lot of talented players, which to my knowledge. None of them had their jerseys retired. It’s just weird to me could someone explain how not one but three players from the same school can have their jerseys retired after a season of getting beat up by three teams, keep in mind this team did not reach the state championship this year . yes this team reached pretty decently far in the state playoffs only because they went up against lighter teams, but ultimately got beat by the buzz saw badly and may I add years ago when they reached the state championship here and there I believe one of those years they beat up on was the team that was the buzz saw this year, so I just don’t understand the reasoning behind the retiring of jerseys, these players certainly didn’t stand out too much in the sports media realm for sure, and that’s a guarantee they were average players not cutting them down or anything but I’m just wondering it’s quite the conversation piece in the LFC .
    I think there’s a lot more questions than answers for sure I only bring this up in respect of past players of this championship Rich school that at times could have had other players with retired jerseys, and they did not. But like I said, no disrespect to these players to me, and other people, they were mediocre to average, nothing that stood out all year. Keep in mind this is not to belittle the players it’s only to get a handle on why the jerseys were retired.

  68. Phil says:

    In response to a question about Aliquippa and the number of transfers they had, I believe they had 5 for the last cycle which moved them to 5A based on their overwhelming success and the fact they had 3 or more transfers. I might add, for your information, they already have 3 transfers for the 2024-2025 football cycle.. Two players transferred in from Pittsburgh Central Catholic and one from Central Valley. Two will be sophomores and one a junior. I believe all 3 have at least one Division 1 offer to date. And one of them has a plethora of offers so far. With that said, don’t be surprised they get moved to 6A in two years because they are loaded again and could possibly go very, very deep in the playoffs this year for sure. I am not saying they will be successful enough at 5A to get moved to 6A, but they have the talent and the transfers already, so…

  69. LFC D2 says:

    @ Foleman

    Thank you for responding to my public pole. That’s really disgusting and sad of what happened at that school with the youngster , that should not have been starting over more quality players . I just don’t understand what goes through peoples thought processes. I understand obviously if that’s their son, they want the best for them but overall they look very unintelligent and all about themselves and their needs not the teams needs. And to be honest like I said earlier, I’m the kind of coach that would make sure everyone got in the game no matter what , they might not start from the beginning but they would trickle in as the game went on so everyone got a taste of the game because that’s why they’re there. That’s why they put all the hard hours of practice just like everybody else but thank you for your input. I agree completely with you. That’s horrible. There should be more of a balance a governing filter that goes into place from the PIAA however, as you know, they have enough to take care of that they sometimes get wrong. Also about coaching. Legend, Jim Roth. from Southern Columbia lol need I say where he’s from he does it right I realize that I tip my hat to him. He makes responsible individuals going forward into society that learns the hard work pays off.

    Another issue that should be looked into at the high school level. I remember last year I couldn’t believe this watching a football game in the Lackawanna football conference one of the players on the team before the game was greeted by his father not a big deal right well to me it is because his father was one of the referees. YIKES !!! Not cool 🙁

  70. Foleman says:

    LFC, a local private high school in my area had a coach who’s kid played on the team. His kid came from an awful public school football program and he did not play on the CYO team which was a powerhouse. HIs kid somehow managed to start for 2 years over more talented kids who played in the CYO program. Numerous complaints were sent to the Athletic Director who was also an assistant coach on the team, the AD did nothing. The Coaches kid started at linebacker and was one of the worst players I have ever seen! Well, this caused several CYO kids to transfer to several area Public schools and most of them went on to be star players. The Private School, which once was a football powerhouse now is a doormat as many of the CYO players don’t matriculate to that school. I coached youth sports and the best players always started, no politics involved. Jim Roth-S Columbia’s Genius football coach once said “We treat everyone the same, from the best to worst player on the team”!

  71. LFC D2 says:


    Hey, thank you for your input. It means a lot and yes I agree with you. It would not exist if they did not coach, but the sad truth is you’re right the double edge sword does exist and unfortunately they want to put their little darlings first and I get that to a certain degree but if their athlete is mediocre, and there are players better and play less time, it doesn’t show class or even make sense in my opinion when I was a head coach. I always did that. I made sure everyone got to play and yes, we actually made it to the playoffs. I had players come up to me and thank me for being one of their best coaches because everybody got to play on that team.
    I coached basketball I coached football I’ve been around and the one thing I will never do is show favoritism never !!!
    it’s about teaching them the right way to play the sport and teaching people to respect each other it’s not always about winning trophies thank you for your input. I agree with you 100%.

  72. CoalRgnFtballFan says:

    I won’t speak in regards to high school athletics or Jr High. That said, the state of youth sports today, there wouldn’t be many teams if parents didn’t step in and fill the roll of coach. When I was young there were the coaches that coached, didn’t have a kid on the team, just liked coaching – whether that was youth football, little league baseball or youth basketball. In fact growing up I was never coached by someone who doubled as a mother/father. By the time I became a parent, that was no longer the case – just a revolving door of parents coaching. Every couple years as one group ‘graduates’ a new parent (or two) steps in to fill the void. There are some coaches/parents who can separate the two and coach fairly and I’ve witnessed some who cannot for the life of them see their little one as anything other than the next coming of……yep. It’s a double edged sword. The coaches that I knew as a kid, at least in my area, don’t exist anymore. So without the parents, options for youth sports dwindle significantly. Perhaps more populous areas of the commonwealth have the luxury of coaches who volunteer their time to coach kids they don’t know, but in the small communities that surround me, that doesn’t exist.

  73. LFC D2 says:

    @ anybody interested in taking a public pole

    I realize we talk a lot about football. But here’s a question for you all. Is it acceptable for an athletic team from junior teams all the way up to high school but in this particular situation, I’m talking about basketball teams to have a head coach that is a parent of one of the athletes on the team?

    Now before answering this quickly, just ponder this for a moment, I say this because just north of the Scranton PA area I won’t say the name of the school out of respect for the student athlete because it’s easily identifiable because the head coach is a woman so lots of people would narrow it down and I don’t want to do that to them , but my question is, how is it even right that a parent can be the head coach of their kids team because you know exactly what’s gonna happen. Their kid is going to get tons of playing time even if he or she is just not quality and in this situation it’s exactly what the situation is.
    Because the student athlete on this junior basketball team that I support obviously he is not the best player on the team and he’s not the worst, but to my opinion and many others there should be equal playing time, especially when the record of the basketball team is horrendous . At this younger age group this is the time to get the basics down. Not trying to win a ribbon at the end of the year that says you’re awesome and in that situation if somebody’s team is awesome go for it that’s awesome but because of this particular team that I follow, they only have I believe two or three wins out of what 15 games and every game teams are up by 33 points to our two points. Come on where we going with this ? I mean to be honest, the ages of this team is second and third graders so this coach what they do is they put their son in most of the game at one point it was timed it was over 12 minutes. Her son was in the game and at a meeting she called she said and I quote I don’t put my son in more than anybody else. How funny is that so I just thought I would ask all of you sports enthusiast out there what your opinion is of this situation it should be about learning at this age, not about favoring players that are all mediocre on the team, because to be honest, look at their record. If they were all stars, the record be a lot more than two or three wins trust me, and like I said, I’m not naming schools, or even the head coach I have more respect than that especially for her son .

    In conclusion, I think the head coach position should be an outside sourced position not any type of parent situation, and to be honest the assistant coaches should also be outside sourced not parents
    Thank you for your time. I would love to hear what you guys think about this sensitive yet, aggravating situation.

  74. Joshane85 says:

    PIAA are a bunch of thugs who just want to hand out participation trophies. Forcing Aliquippa to move up because of transfers, but allowing non-boundry schools to just keep recruiting is wrong.

    For sake of just wanting to know, how many transfers did The Quips have in the past cycle?

  75. Foleman says:

    A couple of questions:

    If the transfer rule is thrown out in regards to the success factor formula and teams are moved up strictly on success-(The S. Columbia Rule), what stops the recruiting factories from loading up?

    Can Aliquippa screw the PIAA once they are done competing in 5A and move to 2A based on their enrollment? That would be interesting!

  76. Kevin X says:

    * Mika


    UGH!!! my typing recently!!

  77. David Mika says:

    They didn’t fight the appeal.

  78. Kevin X says:

    @ David Mike

    The chickens are finally coming home to roost……

    I assume Bishop McDevitt and Imhotep are being moved up as well to 5A and 6A respectively?? They just didn’t fight it/appeal?? Any others being moved up?? I have not seen an official list of all schools being moved up for the next two year cycle.

  79. David Mika says:

    Thoughts on the PIAA Board of Directors votes? Three programs are moving up due to the PIAA transfer rule and success factor rule.

    – Aliquippa to 5A
    – Bishop Guilfoyle drops to 1A (Won their appeal)
    – Steel-High to 2A
    – Wyomissing to 4A

  80. bub says:

    to whom it applies my opinion of southern columbia football team is one of respect, awe, congratulations, and amazement. i believe that your enrollment numbers dictate that you should compete with teams of similar numbers. i mean if southern competed 2 or 3 classes up and never won let’s say 80% of the titles it has won then the legacy of the greatness of thier accomplishments would be unwritten. i have followed d2 for 60 years,primarily as a fan of dunmore. to see what southern has accomplished is amazing and i congratulate you guys on an outstanding program. and i like trying to beat you guys because it is certainly a feeling that you have truly beat the best. over the years d2 teams have done a fair job competing with southern. we have lost more than won but have won some and it was more satisfying facing and competing with the southern columbia tigers. for that reason i hope you guys stay where your enrollment dictates. one last thing though i still dont get how dunmore can be moved up without winning the state title no matter how many regular season games they have won. if you are not the best in your class how can you get moved up and the team who actually won does not get moved up. makes NO sense. and as to kids transferring in , sometimes it does happen with no sinister plot behind it. lots of new residents moving into the area from NYC and NEW JERSEY and they gotta go to school where they now live. and the kid who was on the basketball team only played when the starters were taken out. she was not transferred in for sports. thank you.

  81. Kevin X says:

    * WPIAL

  82. Kevin X says:

    Looks like the PIAA is finally growing some brass ones. In their meeting today they denied Aliquippa’s appeal request to remain at 4A for football, so the next two years (as of now, who knows what might happen from here) they will play at the 5A classification. They also denied Farrell’s request to be allowed to move to District 7/WPAIL. This after the WPIAL unanimously voted not to accept them in something like a 23-0 vote. You’d think you’d get the message that you are not wanted after a vote like that. Yet you still want to join that Family?? Also, looks like the only school to win their appeal in the Competition Formula not to be forced to move-up was Bishop Guilfoyle. Looks like then Wyo gets to play football at 4A for next next two yers. Ahhhh, you public boundary schools be careful for what you wish for… may (and will) come back to bite you.

  83. seriously says:

    stand corrected. just saw this article. Aliquippa is also protesting their move up to 5A.

  84. seriously says:

    My understanding from an article I read about Steel High fighting their move from A to AA is that Southern is getting bumped to AAA for the next 2 year cycle and this time they are not fighting it. The article read like out of all the teams that have been identified to move up, only Steel High has fought their ruling.

  85. Kevin X says:

    @ Bub

    Yes, you are correct, you can be forced to move up without winning a state title. In fact, a team can advance to back to back state semi final contests, get mercy ruled in both, and still be on the hot seat for being forced up in classification. On the flip side, a team can win back to back state titles and not be force to be moved up. Pure epic PIAA delusional twisted logic. I can go on forever with my opinions and suggestions with regards to the Competition Formula, but I’ll what I type below I’ll stick to the facts the best that I can.

    To be forced to be moved up to the next higher classification (and I’m just talking basketball and football for now, I believe the PIAA expanded the CF to other team sports), you need to meet two components over a 2 year cycle.

    First, you need to accumulate 6 or more “success points” based on how far to advance in the state playoffs. The Dunmore Lady bucks achieved 6 point for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 basketball seasons. 4 for appearing in a championship game, and 2 more for the 2019-20 playoffs (that was one huge point of controversy), so check one.

    Second, you need to have been deemed to have one transfer for basketball, and at least 3 for football over the same time period. What qualifies as a transfer in this situation, well, your and anybody else’s guess is as good as mine. Evidently, Dunmore was deemed ot have at least one qualifying transfer (another point of contention as I understand, I do not know the background of that issue tho), so check two.

    So therefore they qualified for be forced to play up in the next higher classification (4A) for the next two year cycle (2020-21 and 2021-22). Schools can, and most do, appeal the ruling.

    To fall back to a lower classification (if your new enrollment figs allow it) is based on different thresholds, that are less than the move requirements. Dunmore was able to move back down to 3A beginning with the 2022-23 cycle. But don’t look now, they are on track to be moved up again after this season 🙂

    More questions???……..

  86. TD21 says:

    @LFC D2 Your Dunmore argument is invalid. PIAA doesn’t “ask” people. If the have BOTH parts of the competition formula, they move up. Dunmore had winning success (Finals and Semis appearance) AND transfers (two transfers. The rule for basketball is one.) Plain as that. SCA doesn’t have transfers. So aren’t required to move up. Mighty Dunmore fit BOTH criteria so lets not make it sound noble that they moved up willingly. People spend so much time crying about why they can’t beat them rather than spending that energy and time trying to beat them. Maybe SCA should just play in the Big Ten next year. Maybe the Chiefs should play the Bills and the Ravens since they keep winning.

    @seriously There has been movement in and out of the district but the district enrollment has dropped steadily since 2016. That is not unique to SCA but very common among the entire state with a select few areas maintaining or slightly growing.

    here is an article to explain the formula and BOTH parts of the rule.

    Stop trying to level a playing field that is fairly level for public schools that don’t meet the transfer numbers. The real problem is charter or private schools winning and taking opportunities away from public schools that have to play by different rules. Private schools can have a new roster and draw from anywhere.

  87. TalkAboutPlayoffs? says:

    Someone sour puss apparently does not know what a trade school actually is or how the completive balance formula works which caused Dunmore Girls BB to be moved up. All the success means nothing unless you have transfers too and all you need is 1 in Basketball. That is why Dunmore Girls got moved up. Not because they are good but because they had a transfer and are good.

  88. seriously says:

    TD21. Thanks. I would have thought there were more kids that went to CMVT than that. The Southern district seems like there are more people moving in and living there than that. Seems to me only to be growing but I guess maybe that is not the case.
    Yes I know enrollment numbers are down in the HS. And yes I know that students from all those schools go to CMVT.
    If your male student numbers are what they are and the amount of kids that are going to CMVT from your school is what it is, then yes by all means I feel like Southern should stay AA. I don’t think they should be penalized for the success at a classification by rule they belong in.

  89. LFC D2 says:


    This comment goes toward your comment about the future teams of Southern Columbia Being potentially punished for the prior teams success the year before, by moving them up, is like punishing them.
    No hard feelings intended. I have to say cry me a river because too bad that’s what the PIAA did to Dunmore girls basketball team years ago not because they went to the state championship every year like your mighty Tigers do in football, but just because they have great basketball seasons, every year, with only at most two or three losses, so they said to them because of their quality of play, they must move up, that’s what they did years ago to them, so why is that not applied to you guys?
    Southern Columbia people are unbelievable it’s like you can’t do any wrong you’re always the first ones to wave the white flag saying everyone’s trying to blame you for wrongdoing. I mean look at the hard facts you’re basically bullies of high school football in Pennsylvania. Here are some statistics to look at black and white.

    Since the beginning of the PIAA state playoff system in 1988 the tigers have competed in 22 of the 34 state finals winning 14 state championships. I have to say to that, sir, cry me a river. Nobody wants to hear the story of younger teams being blamed for the success of years prior look at your winning record that’s a slap in everyone’s face not only in the state, but district 4 you’re not speaking any sense you’re speaking nonsense, Do you know your history ??everyone else does !!!!
    Including a state record winning streak in state championship titles from 2017 through 2023 .

    The tigers appeared in every class A state championship game from 1998 through 2006.

    Let’s look at the District 4 Championship history

    Class AA
    2023 Southern Columbia
    2022 Southern Columbia
    2021 Southern Columbia
    2020 Southern Columbia
    2019 Southern Columbia
    2018 Southern Columbia
    2017 Southern Columbia
    2016 Southern Columbia
    2015 Southern Columbia

    Class A

    2013 Southern Columbia
    2012 Southern Columbia
    2011 Southern Columbia
    2010 Southern Columbia
    2009 Southern Columbia
    2008 Southern Columbia
    2006 Southern Columbia
    2005 Southern Columbia
    2004 Southern Columbia
    2003 Southern Columbia
    2002 Southern Columbia
    2001 Southern Columbia
    2000 Southern Columbia
    1999 Southern Columbia
    1998 Southern Columbia
    1997 Southern Columbia
    1996 Southern Columbia
    1995 Southern Columbia
    1994 Southern Columbia
    1993 Southern Columbia
    1992 Southern Columbia
    1991 Southern Columbia

    Now Mr or Mrs TD21

    This is why I say cry me a river and I mean nobody nobody wants to hear any of your crocodile tears because Southern Columbia has been destroying teams year after year after year it’s time to move up in classification if not, you’re official name should be changed from the Southern Columbia Tigers……. To the Southern Columbia Hogs
    Because that’s all you are just a bunch of hogs you hog all of the hardware from the championship realm you don’t wanna remove up I mean what’s the difference you guys play Danville you play Selinsgrove you play Jersey shore I believe I may be wrong. I stand corrected but you guys already play up in classification. Why not just officially move up to AAA or
    All you readers out there could you imagine what it must be like in class AA and just accepting the fact that you will never win a district championship because no matter who you are you’re not going to beat this team because obviously they have a firm grip on the success level however they obtain it no ordinary team will ever stop this ridiculous dog and pony show just face it. If I were you guys in district 4 , I would just move out of that District just give it to them. They have it anyway every year unbelievable just all you guys down at the black and gold you’re just delusional you don’t see it for what it is let’s just believe in the system hard work lift weights run the ball, pass the ball Win state championships it’s just not that easy folks. If it was that easy, you would have more teams doing this year in and year out. I would love to know what kind of Kool-Aid they’re drinking and with that I will sign out no matter what you say going forward you’re going to defend your mighty tigers, so whatever.

    Also @BuB
    The Dunmore girls basketball team might not win the state championship every year but the reason the PIAA suggested they move up years ago is because of their winning streak every year ,they only have two or three losses every year. I think that’s a pretty successful system to hang your hat on.
    With or without winning a state championship !
    Being that they are so many games in a basketball season as we all know.

  90. TD21 says:

    @seriously As stated in your post about you “hearing” how things work at SCA and how they are actually are two entirely different things. If it would have been known the 2016-2020 kids were going to be epically awesome(Lots of D1 talent), then yes I would say move up. Fleming was the only sure thing on the recruiting trail at the time (Haladay, Garcia, and Zachman received offers much later.) This last season was typical SCA kids that were not even close to D1 level talent, but they played as a team and were able to earn a title. The amount of kids going to CMVT is smaller than everyone thinks. Roughly 20 Students (boys and girls combined) per class. SCA is almost at A numbers. To think that a public school “asks” kids to go to a Vo Tech school to protect the football team is completely asinine and you aren’t aware how public schools and sports actually function. Not sure if you are aware but CMVT also receives kids from participating schools in Columbia – Montour counties (Danville, Bloomsburg, Central Columbia, and others.) CMVT requires an application process to attend. Admission is not a guarantee. I hear and understand everyone’s idea to move up however how is that fair to the people moving through the program. Numbers are lower as they are everywhere. By moving up, you’re asking kids that are potentially not even part of the successful team to continue the success and basically punishing them for the team winning even when they were not part of the success. That makes little sense to me. But, everyone will blindly say move up because SCA wins.

  91. bub says:

    in reply to kevin x and lfc d2 like yourselves the facts that were in play that caused the piaa to force the dunmore team to move up were not then and are not now clear to me. if they went from 3A, to 4A and then back to 3A as you stated, i do not doubt that if you state that is what happened. and speculation as to whether they would have won in either class is speculation on my part and yours. i am saying that the main issue was and is ; How do they get bumped up a class when they never won a state title? since they had never won a state title in thier original classification how does it make sense to be moved up when they had not conquered the class they were in? especially when teams with much greater sucess such as winning state titles are not moved up. not sure how this works?

  92. Kevin X says:

    @ BUB

    Somewhat confused by your Lady Buck’s post. Appreciate it as I follow HS hoops as much as football during the winter season, and girls b-ball as much as the guys, maybe even more for various reasons, one that there are usually higher level of girls teams in my immediate area (this year PV, NP, LC, U Dub, Wood). Anyways……Dunmore won the PIAA girl’s title last year at 3A, after the previous two years being moved up to 4A (I agree, their situation was ridiculous, more on that if you want). But in my opinion, they weren’t going to win a title last year if they were still 4A.

    So what exactly is you question(s)/concerns and what do you mean by an easier path to the title??

    Keeping football in the conversation, any of you western guys still around?? Looks like the Quips will be bumped up to 5A this cycle (as well as they should if the had the 3 or more transfers, as they should have two years ago) unless they bring in the really big hire guns to plead their case. And what is the deal with Farrell?? They give the middle finger to District 10, then the WPIAL returns the favor and gives it right back to them?? Kind of boring in the off season here in District One.

  93. LFC D2 says:


    fellow sports enthusiast, I do have to say about the Dunmore girls basketball situation. I’m not too sure about the transfer athlete, but I do know for a fact it was in our local newspaper sports section that reported the PIAA requested Dunmore to move up and I quote “ because of the teams quality of play”
    I would think in layman’s terms that means because it is well known the Dunmore girls basketball team always performed well every year basically for a long time just like the Scranton Prep classics, they play quality basketball as well. I’m not sure if they moved up just yet, but I know Dunmore had to because of the quality of play was mentioned I thought I would add that to your comment. Hope everyone’s basketball teams are doing well.

  94. BUB says:

    commenting about the dunmore girls basketball situation, they were forced to move up and they had never won a state title until last year AFTER they had moved up. They had great teams and made it to the finals and lost a great opportunity 2 years straight because of the covid situation, but they had not won a title but yet were forced up reportedly because they had a girl on their team that transferred in. although she rarely played they were forced to play up. the odd thing is that the higher classification might have been an easier path to the title. nonetheless i also kinda wondered why they were forced up but others with much more success were not. thank you.

  95. LFC D2 says:


    You are obviously a fan of Southern Columbia
    I wouldn’t expect anything less of you in the rebuttal of my research that being said, why is it, for instance the PIAA
    Requested I will give an example the Dunmore girls basketball team to move up in classification because of their level of play and what did they do? They complied years ago I don’t know much more about that. I am not affiliated with Dunmore or am I a fan of Dunmore, but I do know they complied, and that’s very honorable, I have no idea why, Southern Columbia cannot comply as well why is it so unforeseeable them being even AAA if they don’t wanna go up to AAAA ?

    I mean to be honest, you and I and the rest of the state know the level of play of the Tigers and Yes, the coaching staff is superior, compared to the rest of the coaching staffs around Pennsylvania which at this point in Jim Roth’s life I have no idea why he doesn’t try to go to the collegiate level which he would absolutely be successful. I’m sure it is what it is though, to be honest, I would love for him to coach Penn State much better than our current disaster of Coach Franklin but that’s another topic for another day. I just have no idea why it’s not even in the cards why not move up and give it a try for a year I mean they moved up from class A, and destroyed everybody going forward in class AA.
    I think as a fan of the sport of football I personally want to see what they can do at a higher level even at AAA
    Honestly, I think they would give the teams like
    Wyomissing Area and others a strong challenge at state .

    Trust me, I’m not battering the Tigers. I respect them for quality play and their coaching staff. I just have no idea why they wouldn’t want to move even to AAA For more of a challenge like they did when they went to AA from A

    I too respect Coach Roth I look at it this way even all of the private schools the big private schools, Allentown Central, Catholic Pittsburgh Central Catholic you name if they have a plethora of talent coming through their doorways , and they can’t even accomplish what the Southern Columbia Tigers and the coaching staff of Jim Roth do every single year that’s a testament to quality coaching and Weight room, workouts, and personal training as well even mentally I’m sure that makes those youngsters much better human beings going forward, so good job coach and staff

    So to that my friend I tip my hat . that’s why I truly believe that the Penn State University football team should interview Coach Roth I truly believe maybe not the first year but at least the second year we would take home a Big Ten championship moving forward even going to the national title way closer of a chance rather than Coach Franklin and all he has done yes Coach Franklin he’s OK he’s mediocre he beats the Iowa’s he beats the Purdue’s when it comes to Michigan and Ohio State might as well not even waste the money on a ticket going to the game because we know what the outcome is going to be. He has no coaching skills to get our talented squad up for the game. Trust me we do have talent on those Penn State teams. They’re just not directed the right direction.

    Well anyways, no hard feelings I do hope the tigers have a successful season 2024 and I’m sure they will but I would love to see them in class AAA

    Be safe with the snow that’s moving through

  96. JCo says:

    I haven’t seen any releases about EPC schedules, but this site has a lot of them it seems like. Below is what I can find between here and the D2 schedules. Lots of extra intra-EPC games being scheduled, but most teams have scheduled at least one out-of-D11 opponent.

    EPC West:
    ACCHS: Trinity (D3), Liberty, Freedom
    Dieruff: PM East, Pleasant Val, PM West
    Emmaus: Neshaminy, Becahi, Reading
    Parkland: G Washington (Phila), Freedom, Northampton
    Whitehall: WBA, Nazareth, ES South
    William Allen: ???, Thomas Edison (Phila), ???

    EPC East:
    Becahi: East Pennsboro, Emmaus, Berks Catholic
    Easton: CB West, Spring-Ford, Northeast (Phila)
    Freedom: ???, Parkland, ACCHS
    Liberty: Pennridge, ACCHS, Stroudsburg
    Nazareth: Hazleton, Whitehall, ???
    Northampton: Pennsbury, ES South, Parkland

    EPC North:
    ES North: Honesdale, Wallenpaupack, ???
    ES South: Abington Heights, Northampton, Whitehall
    Pleasant Valley: ???, Dieruff, ???
    PM East: Dieruff, Honesdale, Scranton
    PM West: Scranton, ???, Dieruff
    Stroudsburg: Wallenpaupack, WBA, Liberty

    If I had to guess, ES North and William Allen are probably playing each other week 3, but I guess we will find out. I will say it is a little bit surprising that neither Del Val nor North Pocono are playing any EPC teams, since they would seem to make the most sense geographically.

  97. seriously says:

    TD21, seriously? Yes I personally support Southern and the continued success they have because it is honestly unbelievable and they do a super job prepping in the off season and they are a great coaching staff. They do so much the right way and I completely respect what they continuously get out of those kids.
    HOWEVER, don’t pretend that they should be a AA school. I would like someone to tell all of us, how many kids live in that school district that go to Columbia Montour Vo-Tech. There is a reason CMVT is such a large school and that it just happens to seem that almost 100% of the kids that don’t go to CMVT play sports at Southern.
    I don’t know this for a fact, because I am not there at SC in the guidance office, admin, career planning offices…. But I have heard, that essentially, if you do not play sports/cheer/band, you are politely asked to continue your education at Columbia Montour Vo-Tech. And that is how they keep their numbers so low when in reality, the number of boys and girls they pull from that live in the district is much higher. So if you have 250 boys that live in your district, but 100 of them decide to go to CMVT, then SC only has “150” boys in the school.
    If anyone could show us the numbers and show me that SC doesn’t send a large number of students to CMVT I would then get completely on board with SC and the sustained success they maintain at AA level and I would argue anyone that would suggest they should move up a class to compete.

  98. TD21 says:

    “Trade School” means, lets make up something false so people can all feel better when a good program keeps winning. I really love when people “spend time researching” and speak “facts” about something they clearly know nothing about. Southern is as far from a “trade school” as you can get. Probably the same type of person that doesn’t understand the competitive balance rule and thinks SCA pays PIAA to stay down or something dumb like that. What a joke. If you were all about public schools, you would support one of the only public schools (SCA) that continues to do things the right way while maintaining success.

  99. D2 Fan says:


    You’re welcome! This was much needed for both parties, & it’s only going to grow from here. We need some D2 vs. Colonial-Schuylkill battles in the next go-around, if possible.

    @ Anyone who knows

    Have there been any other announced opponents outside of D2 that the EPC teams have scheduled? If not, when does the schedule normally get released down that way?

  100. JCo says:

    @D2 Fan: Thanks for the summary, some really interesting non-conference battles on deck. The return of D2/D11 cross-district play is very welcome.

  101. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @LFC D2 I don’t get it. How is SCA a “trade school?” Pls provide your definition of a “trade school.”

  102. LFC D2 says:

    I can’t believe another football season is in the books. But one thing I can’t believe even more is that the elephant in the room has not been taken care of yet,
    And that gigantic elephant is the hot topic that will never go away until it is corrected. And that topic is public vs private boundary vs Non-boundary. However you put it however you say it I still can’t believe it is 2024 and this corrupt system has not been corrected yet.

    Now hear me out, before I begin I want everyone to know this is not to cause friction. This is only for fairness, across-the-board.

    Since the P.I.A.A State football championship was born in 1988, there have been a new number of state championship trophies, stolen from public schools. How could anyone sit there and give an explanation that will clarify the right for a private school that literally has the capability of getting athletes from all around the region and state and beyond to win a state championship, and or district championship in result of competing against public schools that literally have their talent from their boundary they reside that doesn’t even make sense nobody will ever say anything or do anything that will set this right except to divide the state championship from public and private schools they should have separate brackets in this should start in the district playoffs where many public schools are knocked out because of private schools. I will give you two examples of why hundreds of school administrators meet to discuss this because people want change and they want it now there is a committee that was formed and that committee is called the P.I.A.A Equity steering committee, that hundreds of administrators and coaches, even state senators, gather to try to figure out how to correct this problem and to this date, nothing has been resolved. I can say my true belief is that many people in high-powered decision-making roles obviously have gone to private schools so since this has began back in 1972 at the general assembly level,
    And because it is at a state level, it must be taken care of at the state level in the court system. I really hope and pray that somebody reading this will get the ball rolling yet again to try to overturn all of the thefts that go on year after year after year of championships from public schools it’s just moronic.
    So since the beginning of the state football championships began in 1988 there have been countless private schools who have been winning these championships year after year after year and not only private schools

    This also includes” trade schools” one in particular that everyone knows throughout the state this has been confirmed by many sources but nobody wants to poke the bear. I have no idea why ????? all this has to be discussed and settled immediately I did my research and I compiled list of basketball and football to show everybody really what is going on when you see this in black-and-white it may open your eyes a little bit wider to what really is going on and how the public school system is being screwed to the wall.
    This is not fair at all to all the public school student athletes, who put blood sweat and tears into every year and walk away, empty-handed, because of a privileged institute that has a plethora of talented athletes from all over the region and beyond this is totally bonkers and should be dealt with because these kids don’t deserve to be treated this way .
    I will move forward and I will list what I have found in my research I only went from 2023 back to 2022. There’s just too many to list for basketball, I didn’t even get into the other sports. It’s just craziness.

    Girls (2023)


    AA OLSH (our Lady of Sacred Heart)



    AA OLSH (our lady of Sacred Heart)

    Now I can move onto football ,(so unfair.) It’s just craziness to see all this in black-and-white. There should be crime tape all over this. because of all the stolen trophies from the public schools, this is why we need two separate state and district championships!!!













    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA ( trade school)








    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA ( trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA ( trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)
















    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)




    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA ( trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA ( trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)


    SOUTHERN COLUMBIA (trade school)

    There is a complete list of all of the private Catholic schools and trade schools and before we go further I know all of you tigers will dispute the trade brand it is what it is you know what you’re doing we can move forward from that nothings changing you guys on your way of doing things.
    Not even the PIAA requesting that you move up a classification because of your quality of play and what was your reply NO . You all want to stay in AA .
    How funny is that maybe you might be intimidated by the fact that you might not win the state championship a gazillion times in a row or even districts , what is it at now 32 districts in a row now ? how pathetic is that ? if I was in your district, I would request to be put in another district that’s ridiculous !

    Lastly, I did my research on SAINT JOSEPH’S PREP
    For fun and this is what I have found I couldn’t believe it I was actually quite angry not just my regular upset feeling about this but this was disturbing Saint Joseph’s prep has 24 players that are from New Jersey on their 2023 state football championship team ?????Let that settle in for a little bit you’re telling me that there are 24 players from a completely different state than Pennsylvania that are competing for a Pennsylvania state football championship. Let me tell you something the system is broken and it Has to be fixed. That’s all I’m saying .
    And keep in mind this is nothing personal with any of the players because lots of them are quality D1 prospects and I wish them well and awesome futures. This has something to do with a broken system that has been broken for many years and shame on those who don’t fix it.

  103. LFC D2 says:

    Good luck Coach CJ Curry
    And the Berwick Bull DAWGS

  104. ScottyB says:

    Per usual a challenging non conference slate for Perk Valley.

    Vs. Chester
    Vs. Governor Mifflin
    @ Downingtown West
    Vs. Coatesville

  105. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes

    CJ Curry takes over as head coach for Berwick starting next season. He’s got huge shoes to fill, but I’m hoping for the best.

    D2 Opponents came out not long ago, & I’m loving a lot of the showdowns. I’ll share some non-division games.

    LFC 1
    – Abington Heights gets ES South & Dallas, as well as West Scranton & Hazleton
    – Delaware Valley has 2 TBD opponents (I’d assume one’s in Florida), Jersey Shore (we should root for a home & home), & Upper Moreland
    – North Pocono gets Nanticoke, Pittston, WVW & Dallas. The Western Wayne rivalry goes on the back burner, surprisingly
    – Scranton has WVW & both Pocono Mtn teams, & of course the Battle Of The Bell
    – Scranton Prep finally heads out of PA with Blakesfield (MD) & Canisius (NY) & also has Jersey Shore & Mid Valley
    – Valley View has Crestwood & Wilkes-Barre, as well as a date with WVW & Honesdale
    – Paupack keeps their rivalry with Honesdale & faces off with ES North & Stroudsburg for the first “Monroe Co.” games in about a decade, while also getting Pittston in WVC.

    LFC 2
    – Dunmore stays in Lackawanna play with the most notable games being Trail & Old Forge
    – Honesdale has the Paupack rivalry, along with Nanticoke, ES North, & PM East
    – Lakeland gets Wyoming Area, but stays in the local area, including rival Carbondale
    – Mid Valley gets Pittston, Berwick, Prep, Old Forge, & Trail
    – West Scranton plays Old Forge, Abington Heights, Hazleton, & Wilkes-Barre
    – Western Wayne plays LFC 3 powers Trail & Old Forge, as well as Wyo Area & Crestwood

    LFC 3
    – Carbondale starts their 4A tenure with Holy Redeemer, Montrose, Nanticoke, & rival Lakeland
    – Holy Cross has Montrose, Hanover Area, & CMVT. They face off against rival Redeemer, too.
    – Lackawanna Trail plays Tunkhannock, Berwick, Dunmore, & Western Wayne, as well as Mid Valley
    – Old Forge crosses counties to play Hanover Area, but get Dunmore, West Scranton, & Western Wayne
    – Riverside plays both Hanover Area & Lake-Lehman in the WVC, as well as games against Lakeland, Dunmore, & Montrose
    – Susquehanna gets a decent mix of opponents: Western Wayne, Holy Redeemer, Montrose, & Lakeland

    WVC 1
    – Crestwood has both Valley View & Western Wayne, but crosses over to play Wyo Area & Nanticoke
    – Dallas gets Jersey Shore, Wyoming Area, & North Pocono, & the Old Shoe Rivalry
    – Hazleton plays Nazareth, Williamsport (an old WVC team), West Scranton, & Abington Heights. Berwick is in WVC 2, so that’s not a division game
    – Pittston plays Mid Valley, North Pocono, Paupack, & rival Wyoming Area
    – Wilkes-Barre gets Whitehall & Stroudsburg from the EPC, while LFC’s Valley View & old foe Williamsport round out the rest
    – WVW plays Williamsport, Scranton, North Pocono, & Valley View

    WVC 2
    – Berwick plays here now, & they get Mid Valley, Trail, & two PHAC teams (Selinsgrove & Williamsport). They also face off with Hazleton, as well
    – Hanover Area plays Marian Catholic, Old Forge, Riverside, Holy Cross, & CMVT
    – Lake-Lehman has their rivalry with Dallas & gets Riverside in D2. They also get a pair of D4 challenges with Shamokin & Northwest Area
    – Nanticoke plays North Pocono, Carbondale, & Honesdale in LFC, but get a game with Pittston & Crestwood, in league.
    – Tunkhannock plays Trail, Crestwood, GNA, & Towanda. They even get indie Montrose
    – Wyoming Area plays Crestwood & Dallas in the WVC, but Wester Wayne & Lakeland as LFC crossovers. They also get Pittston Area in the rivalry.

    – Holy Redeemer plays Holy Cross, Susqy, & Carbondale in LFC, m WVC foes Hanover Area, Tunkhannock, & Lake-Lehman, plays Nativity out of D11, & CMVT, Midd-West, & Montgomery in D4
    – Montrose has both Holy Cross & Redeemer, fellow AAAA opponent Carbondale, Riverside, Tunkhannock, CMVT, & the Battle For The Bluestone against the Susquehanna Sabers

    We’re one step closer to a merger, I feel, but this is a very intriguing non-divisional slate. Wish Southern, more D1 & D12 teams, or a WPIAL team would play out here, but we all know beggars can’t be choosers.

  106. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    Welcome back, Julian Fleming. We kept the light on for ya. Despite what famous novelist Thomas Wolfe once wrote, you can indeed go home again. Here’s hoping you have a fantastic year for Penn State this year!

  107. bub says:

    i have a general football thought for a few years now. with place kickers now kicking field goals from 60 yards out{mostly pro football} ,does anyone else think maybe field goals should only be worth 2 points? i don’t believe that kickers were meant to or should have as great an impact on the game that they do. in fact it is absurd that the guy on the team who has the least football ability is so often the deciding factor as to win/lose, playoff/no playoff, super bowl winner/ super bowl loser. making the kick worth only 2 points would certainly reduce attempts and create more actual football plays and football players deciding the better team. thank you.

  108. D2 Fan says:


    I have to hand it to you. I like your proposal more than mine.

    – Your point about the 5A/6A might be the better idea. Outside of DV, the rest of the placements might be wide open, as most play basically in the same record bracket every year (4-6 to 7-3 on a good year).
    – The Red division you came up with makes a marquee matchup every week.
    – The Black division with those teams makes it evenly matched. Western Wayne would be the favorite almost every year, if the last five years are of any indication, but that’s a good compromise to what I came up with. Carbondale would work well there, too, with them being a 4A team with the new cycle’s numbers. Bit of a trek for ES North, but not too far to be logistically off-putting. They travel farther for Allentown area games.
    – The Blue division makes total sense. All of those teams aren’t that competitive in the sections they’re in now, but it’s mostly WVC 2 with the weakest WVC 1 & LFC 2 team. It makes a lot of sense.
    – The white & gold divisions are basically the same as one of my proposals, but with not as many teams.

    I can see the first two divisions with 7 in-section games, a crossover with the other, & two open dates. You’d have to assume a game would go to the local rivalries (Battle of the Bell, Old Shoe, Wilkes-Barre or Berwick/WVW, & the PMSD/ESASD in-district)

    The other four, I could see 5 division + a game in the opposite division of Black/Blue & White/Gold, the 7th game being Black/Blue vs. White/Gold, & at least three open dates, which benefits a lot of the weaker teams, to find like opponents.

    DV can have a schedule in your league like (& if I were a scheduling guru, I’d go by alphabetical match in the first cycle, then go by prior year’s placement): FL or state power, Paupack (mini-rivalry), Abington Hts, ESS, PMW, PV, S’burg, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, & Scranton

    Meanwhile, a weaker team like GNA might have a schedule like this. Athens (comp. Non-League), ES North, Redeemer, Hanover Area, Lack Trail, Pittston, L-L, Tunk, West Scranton, & WVW. Luckily, in the case of GNA, the draw of divisions gave them their actual rival, to open up an extra game for them against a like opponent.

    Honestly, I wish that non-section games weren’t all home & home, & that crossover games in the league are against teams with comparative last year’s records, so teams can avoid mismatches & unnecessary blowouts. Then again, one team might have a different 5-5 than another, but if it happens to be two historically weak teams, it’s a better game than having to lose 56-7 to a team that can easily win a district. Schedules in the PIAA need a lot more flexibility.

    Yeah, the Executive idea might be a stretch, but I could see them trying to add a team to not be at an odd number.

  109. Irish1 says:

    @ foleman, I saw that same podcast he also mentioned how PJP can just go out and replace players while they cant. SF is 4 times the size enrollment wise. There always seems to be alot of whining and complaining coming from that camp. They have a good bit of talent coming back so they should be good again,but to me they will always run into trouble with more physical teams. PJP is losing some talented players,they have some good ones coming back but might be tough repeating in the Pac again.

  110. Foleman says:

    Chad Brubaker-Spring Ford Head coach was on a podcast and was lukewarm to playing both Downingtowns along with Souderton next year. If they go 0-3 and then lose to Perkiomen Valley and maybe Pope John Paul again in the Pac 10 championship they could be out of the District 1 playoffs, he was complaining about the lack of flexibilty in scheduling. Spring Ford has 8 on offense and 7 on Defense back next year so I don’t know why he is complaining. A merger makes sense as many of the large schools used to play one another in the old Chestmont league. It won’t work for Shanahan and maybe 1 or 2 of the West Chester schools but it works for the rest of the 6A Schools.

  111. D2 Fan says:

    I just realized I just put Crestwood twice in the first proposal. It was meant for Pittston to be in the Black division. They’d be the only 5A school in that division, but probably fares better there, looking at this cycle’s WVC Division 2.

  112. JCo says:

    @D2 Fan: the proposal of a D2/Monroe super league is interesting. I don’t think the Colonial/Schuylkill have any interest in Executive in any capacity, but the 40 teams you have make for a solid assumption.

    As for that White division, I don’t really think any of the Monroe schools would have much interest. If the idea is to play smaller schools, they might as well just try to join the Colonial League. I think the only way to lure them away from the EPC is with the promise of a 5A/6A super league, and then forming the rest of the divisions from there:

    Silver (5A-6A): Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Stroudsburg, PM West, ES South, Del Val, Pleasant Val
    Red (3A-5A Strong): Abington Hts, North Pocono, Crestwood, Dallas, Valley View, Berwick, Wyoming Area, Scranton Prep
    Black (3A-5A East): PM East, ES North, Paupack, Honesdale, Carbondale, Western Wayne
    Blue (3A-5A West): Valley West, West Scranton, Pittston, Nanticoke, Tunkhannock, Lake Lehman
    White (1A-3A Strong): Mid-Valley, Dunmore, Lakeland, Riverside, Lackawanna Trail, Old Forge
    Gold (1A-4A Weak): Montrose, CMVT, Hanover Area, Susquehanna, Holy Redeemer, Holy Cross

  113. JCo says:

    @D11 Matt: No way there should only be 3 public classes. Those classes would be gigantic. 4 minimum, 5 ideal.

    Private I think you can go either 2 or 3, with 2 you probably need uneven classes otherwise the top class is very inequal.

  114. Irish1 says:

    Next year the Pac and Ches-mont begin their non league crossover 2 game schedule thing, which may lead to a football only merger at some point. Not sure of some of the other match ups but PjP will play Rustin and Shanahan along with other non league games vs Neauman-Goretti,and Springfield-Montco. I believe Spring -Ford plays both the Downingtowns.

  115. bub says:

    @Boomer there is seeming logic in your statement regarding players going both ways. yet high school kids have done this for decades,and as soon as the season ends many go right to the basketball team and track. if kids have done this before and all along why do we assume they are less capable today. sometimes coaches take their best athelete off the field in theory of resting them. i am older been going to games since 1961. in all that time dunmore even when they had twice the enrollment they do now mainly played the same kids on both offense ,defense, and special teams. also the proof is evident in small schools already playing up with great success. i can see your point but believe my point more.thanks.

  116. D11 Matt says:

    I think the perfect amount of classes would be 3 public, 2 private (non boundary). 5 classes total.

  117. JCo says:

    @Foleman: figures that’s where the PIAA’s attention is, because tweaking the success formula doesn’t actually accomplish much. The greatest inequity in football is in 6A, where SJP has nowhere higher to go. At the moment, they can play over 50% of their schedule out of state, with plenty of out-of-state players, and still compete in the PA playoffs. That has to change. Either there needs to be schedule and/or roster requirements that dictate Pennsylvania participation, or there needs to be a completely separate bracket for non-boundary schools. Anything else is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  118. D2 Fan says:

    @ Michael D

    Great question! They’re due in a few years. It’s needed, especially to open up non-district play. I don’t know the best way to get the ball rolling. If anything, the more people or coaches in the league that’d be for it, the faster it can happen.

    My proposal might need some changes with a lot of the new numbers. With the 24-25/25-26 numbers, I think this could work. I’m still a very strong supporter in having the Monroe County teams playing there. I’ll do two versions of this, one with & without. Williamsport leaving for the Heartland adds a curveball, but I have a plan. I’m going to use CMVT as the team that moves into the league. I don’t see a new team or Sem going from Prep football, so I’d throw an invite to play here. Replace CMVT with ES North, if they throw an invite to Solehi, Bangor, or P’burg in the EPC (Executive goes to Colonial-Schuylkill)

    D2 Only: This is mostly by size, with divisions being set by how good you are. 5A/6A is their own animal, so they need their own league, & I think Scranton Prep goes there.

    – 7 Div. Games in Red & Gold + 3 Open Dates
    – 5 Div. Games in Blue, Black, White, + 2 Crossovers + 3 Open Dates (at least one MUST be out of league)

    D2 Only + CMVT (34 Teams)
    – Red (5A/6A): Abington Heights, Delaware Valley, Hazleton, Scranton, Scranton Prep, West Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, WVW
    – Blue (Good 3A-4A): Berwick, Crestwood, Dallas, North Pocono, Valley View, Wyo Area
    – Black (Avg. 3A-4A): Crestwood, Honesdale, Lake-Lehman, Paupack, Tunkhannock, Western Wayne
    – White (1A-2A Good): Dunmore, Lack. Trail, Lakeland, Mid Valley, Old Forge, Riverside
    – Gold (1A-4A Weak): Carbondale, CMVT, Nanticoke, Holy Cross, Holy Redeemer, Montrose, Hanover Area, Susquehanna

    If I were to add Monroe County (40 Teams), I might have to go more regionalized. I wonder if Paupack, Honesdale, & Western Wayne could work well in an (almost) all-Monroe division. A lot of the divisions are the same, with a few of the switches being forced due to the addition of 6 Monroe County teams.

    – 7 Divisional Games
    – 3 Open Dates (1 MUST be out of league)

    – Red: Abington Heights, Delaware Valley, Hazleton, Scranton, Scranton Prep, West Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, & WVW
    – Blue: Berwick, Crestwood, Dallas, North Pocono, Pittston, Tunkhannock, Valley View, Wyoming Area
    – White: ES South, Honesdale, PM East, PM West, Paupack, Pleasant Val, Stroudsburg, Western Wayne
    – Black: C’dale, Dunmore, Lake-Lehman, Lack. Trail, Lakeland, Mid Valley, Old Forge, Riverside
    – Gold: CMVT, ES North, GNA, Hanover Area, Holy Cross, Holy Redeemer, Montrose, Susquehanna


  119. Boomer says:

    Not just injuries, it’s more kids going both ways play after play against fresher kids, week after week. If you think that wouldn’t be a problem just ask the coaches.
    As far as the old Big 11, everybody on most teams went both ways.

  120. Michael D says:

    @D2 Fan…..How do we get the ball rollin on the D2 super conference??? I know classifications have already been set for next 2 year cycle…but maybe it can be put in place in 3 years….just starting again….I know I brought this up a few months ago but I would still love to see it happen…

    I know this won’t be popular to post….but to any SJP/PCL fans out there…..have there ever been any rumblings about them trying to score a game against Mater Dei of Cali?????

  121. bub says:

    @Boomer fan i know you are correct about the bigger teams not wanting to play down,especially to a good team that may very well beat them. but as far as getting beat up, i don’t buy that .the kids on bigger enrollment teams can get hurt just as well. I do acknowledge that there are more kids available to replace injured players, and of course that is an advantage. however other small enrollment teams play up with success. i believe the advantage of facing stiffer competition more than outweighs the possible injury factor. it is football, injuries happen with 22 kids all at risk while playing. if it was done in the big 11 not so long ago ,it can still be done.thanks.

  122. Tep6225 says:

    PIAA should go back to 4 classifications organized as :
    Division 4 – would be 1A – 2A combined
    Division 3 – would be 3A – 4A
    Division 2 – would be 5A – 6A
    Division 1 – would be an open division that allows transfers and kids to go across school lines to play for SCHOOLS ONLY ELIGIBLE FOR OPEN DIVISION PLAY. Meaning if I kid attends a Division 3 school but would like to play for a better and bigger name school for exposure like a division 1 school the PIAA should allow it. But if a kid wants to join a division 2 school but plays for a division 3 school it wouldn’t be allowed meaning all TOP athletes would want to play for D1 high schools meaning schools that have no problem bringing kids into the culture would play in D1. Imagine every school that recruits and stack there team in 1 division and all playing fields would be equal SJP could continue there great run and schools like PCC PINE RICHLAND NA QUIPS PENN-TRAFFORD TEP LASALLE ROMAN HARRISBURG WOOD ETC ALL TOP PROGRAMS THAT HAVE NO PROBLEM RECRUITING CAN COMPETE. EVEN SCHOOLS LIKE SOUTHERN COLUMBIA would be able to participate. I know there school size is small but if they generate kids from there area to transfer there from other schools they should have a pretty good chance of beating other programs in the division. This is strictly for playoff format. Teams would play there respective schedules TILL PLAYOFFS then they would play all top programs that all recruit on the same levels. Nobody would complain even playing field

  123. Foleman says:

    KevinX, there has been talk of the PIAA scraping the transfer component for the success formula. It seems several powerhouses that you see every year in the states somehow don’t meet that criteria. It’s a double edged sword, do you penalize a team for being successful year after after year? Quips are a 2A School, TEP a 3A school, both schools already play up classification wise. The blowouts in the State finals show that something has to be done or you will see the same teams blowing out their opponents on an annual basis.

  124. Boomer fan says:

    If Dunmore played the teams you mentioned, with the bigger rosters, they’d be too banged up come playoff time. Plus, it doesn’t pay for the bigger tp play 2-3 classes below them

    That’s the old Big 11, which was disbanded precisely cause of state playoffs.

  125. bub says:

    @Dennis regarding dunmore it seems that being in a smaller classification has forced them to play a weaker schedule and they are not being challenged resulting in being less prepared against tougher competition. i believe they should play prep,valley view, abington,and scranton to better prepare for the playoffs, and reverse the downward slide that seems to have occurred by playing down to the competition. Also the attendance may actually rebound somewhat by playing these former rivals. attendance at dunmore games is way down from years past. playing lopsided games against weak opponents where the 1st team is on the bench by halftime does no good for either team. also to drive 35-40 miles in lousy weather against teams that you have no rivalry with also does not help. thanks.

  126. Dennis says:

    @bub I do not have any specific theories about the Bucks program it was just in my head about going backwards. To be frank they are a much better team than that performance at Hazleton against Southern. To be honest it was a bit embarrassing as a buck fan to watch. I would like to know your theories bub?

  127. Kevin X says:

    Here is my very unofficial list of teams/schools that have accumulated the requisite 6 or more “success points” over the just completed 2 year cycle to be eligible to be promoted to the next higher level of classification for the next 2 year cycle.

    This list is only success points, it does not take into account of any transfers, which is the other half of the equation that needs to be satisfied to obtain promotion.
    The 6A schools obviously won’t be promoted, but is only for any teams that may be eligible to move down in classification due to decreasing enrollment numbers. They may not be able to, I really don’t know the nuances to that situation. The PIAA appears to move the goalpost in all of this every time it is announced. Someone I’m sure will come up with a new definition of what a transfer is or some other wacky excuse.

    Those teams and their current classification:

    1A Steelton Highspire
    2A Southern Columbia
    2A Westinghouse
    3A Belle Vernon
    3A Wyomissing
    3A Northwestern Lehigh
    4A Aliquippa
    4A Bishop McDevitt
    5A Imhotep
    5A Cocalico
    6A St. Joe Prep
    6A North Allegheny
    6A Harrisburg

  128. bub says:

    a question for dennis regarding his statement concerning dunmore going in reverse. as a longtime d2 spectator and fan i have my own thoughts on this and was wondering if we are thinking alike. thank you.

  129. 78CatFan says:

    Well stated, Jc . Love the sarcasm!

  130. 78CatFan says:

    Well stated, Jc

  131. 78CatFan says:

    I do not understand what motivates individuals to talk smack about who would beat who and by how much about a game that’ll never occur. Such nonsensical drivel. The FACT is that Southern Columbia has played Aliquippa once and beat them soundly with a team that had NO superstars on it.

  132. D4 jd says:

    D1 matt, agree with you totally about the 2018-19 southern team. They would have won every class except 6a. Fleming- starting wide receiver – Ohio state, cal haladay,- starting middle lb – michigan state, Preston zachman- starting safety- Wisconsin, gauge garcia- running back- Lehigh, sophomore gavin garcia- starting rb- Kent state. Pretty impressive for. Small 2a school.

  133. Jc says:

    I think aliquippa would lose by 50 against st, joes prep and the Kansas City Chiefs with len Dawson at qb

  134. D11 Matt says:

    @Jeff, agree about Aliquippa and Southern. Aliquippa would beat Southern by atleast 3 scores. Bell Vernon probably beats them by 2 scores. 7 straight for southern is something incredible but they wouldn’t win any other class (including maybe A, Steelton would give them a good game). That’s this year though, and probably last few. The 2019 Southern team (who beat south Carolina team on ESPN, Wyoming area 42-0 who won 3A and put up 74 in state championship) was best southern team ever. That team could have won every class except 6A that year. But that was the team that had fleming, oldest Garcia, and Cal halladay). While southern is still a top team and state champion, these past few years talent wise for them doesn’t compare to 18 or 19 teams that could have won almost every class. The competitive playoff game this year shows that. In 18-21 the playoff scores were blowouts every game. This year southern really had to earn that championship and had to have a 99 yard drive to do it. Might have been the most rewarding champ for them.

  135. Jc says:

    Man I wish aliquippa would move to Ohio so I don’t have to hear about them playing up and we r almost number one every year..

  136. Jeff H. says:

    @ Dennis – we all know Southern mercy ruled Aliquippa in the 2015 state final, then Southern got mercy ruled the following year by Steel Valley, but what does 2015 have to do with 2023? Totally different players and a different coach, if you think this years Southern team would beat this Aliquippa team you are watching a totally different game than I am, because it would not be close and Aliquippa would very likely put up 60 points on Southern’s defense like they did against Dallas, they would have put up 60+ the week before in the game I saw against Selinsgrove if they didn’t pull all their starters early in the fourth quarter when they led 52-20. Also, Southern is a 2A school based on enrollment, they are on the lower end of 2A, but their enrollment is 2A, Aliquippa has always been a 1A school by enrollment. SJP would likely mercy rule every public school team in the state this year, so I don’t understand your point about them mercy ruling Aliquippa, but I can guarantee you the Quips would welcome the challenge of playing SJP, the attitude in the community is they would take on anybody, they were frankly disappointed they didn’t get a chance to play McDevitt again in the final and avenge last years loss.

    @Phillyboy – I agree, the Quips against Imhotep would be a fantastic game. Their football field is right next to the high school in Aliquippa, they just had a major upgrade to their facility last year and the Heinz corporation donated over 1m dollars for the project, so the school renamed it Heinz Field. I went to a regular season game there this year against Montour and the atmosphere was electric. Yes, the Quips do get some kids that transfer into the district, but it’s mostly home grown talent and tradition. This small school has won more games than any other school in WPIAL history (Jeanette is a very close 2nd), has the most district titles (20, the next best is Clairton with 14), and now is tied with TJ at 5 for the most state titles in the WPIAL, pretty impressive numbers in the best and deepest district in the state. And no one on this board can comprehend how impressive it is that Aliquippa has played in 16 straight district finals, there’s not another school in the WPIAL that can come close to that amazing streak.

  137. Irish1 says:

    MikeS, , last time I checked it’s a free country and no one is being forced to attend any school. By the way if you think public schools don’t recruit think again. Not all Catholic schools are in the PCL. I don’t know why you can’t seem to comprehend the concept of prep school . They draw students students from all over.thats the point. They existed when CB west ,Np had their runs didn’t seem to bother them then,so just maybe the North Penns and others have more issues that have caused them to be down other then those big bad Catholic schools.Just because a player lives in a certain public school district doesn’t mean that public school is somehow entitled to have that player attend that school.

  138. mcd 65 says:

    Mike S. No one is forcing these athletes to attend the Private schools. They are CHOOSING to go there.

  139. phillyboy says:

    Shout out to Aliquippa, pound for pound the best high school football team in the state and possibly the best overall. We’ll never know though unfortunately — if only they could play Imhotep to settle it. The level of success they’ve sustained is astounding. They’re a traditional public in a small town. Do they recruit, or encourage families with talented kids to relocate there or is it good old fashioned tradition? Ironically, their best player ever, Tony Dorsett, attended nearby Hopewell High. Is their football field right in town? If so, that must be a pretty happening scene on fall Friday nights.

    Shifting gears a bit, just found out this morning about Kyle McCord. What in the world is all that about? Thought it was a fait accompli that he’d be back. From the little I could glean online, sounds like he was under a lot of pressure and his starting position at QB was shaky going into next year. Far as I could tell, dude did pretty well, just lost one tough game at Michigan. That transfer portal is a mess, seems like Kyle beat them to the punch, preempted their demotion as it were or at least alleviated the stress. Same thing happened with Tate Martell a few years ago and Quin Ewers too for that matter. Remeber when speedster Josh Hannum, former Strath Haven star, transferred out of Penn State about 20 years ago. In an exasperated and heartfelt way, he mentioned that Division 1 college football is big business.

  140. Matt says:

    Just a few things to add here:

    1.) Prep does everything possible to play the absolute toughest possible schedule every year. It’s not realistic to think they can play a schedule entirely of national opponents.
    While they have been dominating football recently, this is not an athletic boarding school like IMG, its primary focus is still being a great academic institution.

    2.) The Prep is located in the heart of Philadelphia and has a long tradition of drawing STUDENTS, not just athletes, from New Jersey and Nothern DE dating back to the 80s.

    3.) I agree that the top Philly players do tend to go to the same few schools. I don’t think it is only three though. Really Prep, Tep, Malvern Prep, LaSalle, and now Roman all have very strong programs and routinely field very competitive teams. NE, GW, Frankford, Ben Franklin, Ryan, Neumann, and Judge also are good for 1-2 really good teams per decade.

    4.) Prep is beatable, just ask Mt. Lebo and Pine Richland. I am sure they would tell you they’d rather have beaten the Prep than blown out another public school.

    5.) Tremendous respect to Imhotep for what they have built and accomplished. If there was ever a year they could beat Prep, it would be next year. They used to start the season scrimmaging each other when Imhotep was just starting to build the program under Albie. Would love to see them play for real and have an actual City Championship for once. And the rest of PA can stop crying because if this happens either Imhotep or Prep would knock the other out of the 6A tourney.

  141. FrankG says:

    @ Tep6225 I thought there was another at about the same time as Speights. In any case, if a kid transfers during or at the end of 9th grade, he’s fully eligible to participate in playoffs the next year. I have no problem with that. My main point is that it’s not the case that the Prep gets lots of already polished players and just refines them a bit more as they prepare to play for high-profile college while Tep gets only “more raw” players and works hard to get them to the same level as those privileged Prep players.

    As for Tep’s “national schedule,” the only two teams from outside the Philly area they played this year were Spalding from Maryland and Life Christian Academy, which I think is is Virginia. I don’t think they needed Tyseer for that game since they won it 87-0. (How does a team win by that score?)

    The best thing I’ve read about Foulke and other kids with D1 offers when they’re in 8th or 9th grade was posted on another forum: “Early offers seem to be as much about how the athlete has been marketed / shopped at camps as it is about their ability vs other top athletes in their class. Not that many families have their kids with top QB trainers at 12/13, taking them on college visits in 8th grade, playing the social media game (both athlete and parent) in middle school, etc… the offers themselves are meaningless, but, if the athlete does become big time, then they can say ‘hey we’ve been in your camp since 8th grade, these other guys are knocking on your door a bit late.'”

    My view is that those very little offers not only represent no real commitment but are sometimes a problem to the kid and his teammates. They can go to a 13 or 14 year old kid’s head. Last year Foulke was the #4 QB in the Prep program. If he turns out to be even close to Samaj, great. But it’s much too early …

    Don’t get me wrong. I think some of the criticism of Tep has been unfair and uninformed. Seeing what they’ve accomplished with what they have is inspiring. We sometimes draw attention to the challenges PCL schools face (e.g. lack of onsite practice facilities at Roman, SJP, West Catholic, etc.), but anyone who knows Philly knows the PPL situation is far more difficult. I sometimes wonder if racism is behind some of the criticism of Tep. I’ve also thought some of the comments I’ve heard about SJP–“they must be relaxing their academic standards for all those Black players–are based on prejudice–at best.

  142. Foleman says:

    TEP6225 Off the top of my head I remember Omar Speights stud LB started out at Prep then transferred to TEP. He was going to transfer to NE HS his Sr year then his mom sent him to HS out West….I believe Oregon due to gun violence in the City, he’s now at LSU after spending 4 years at Oregon State. So that’s School #5 in the last 9 years for Mr Speights….he probably got a ton of NIL $$$ to transfer to LSU.

  143. MikeS says:

    @Irish1 Yes, and if you had read, I said I used 3 schools to look at where they recruited/or where their kids are coming from, 2 Catholic League and 1 Inter-Ac. I used Malvern because I know a young man in the Souderton School District who is being recruited there. Also, I did it when his mom said they had gone to the LaSalle/North Penn game, where she said he played with 6 LaSalle players from Pop Warner football and was talking to them after the game. So that’s why I started with those two school and then of course there was the monster in the room SJP, So that’s why those schools got selected, just was amazing where the football players were coming from, 15 from Central Bucks, over 10 from North Penn, 6 from Wissahickon, 4 from Upper Dublin, Geez I wonder why people think the SOL is down, I’d be shocked if they were down when they lose that many players. Defend the PCL and Private Schools at all costs, though please.


  144. Tep6225 says:


    I’d like to know those names of players that transferred from SJP to Tep. I know for sure no players from Prep went to Imhotep they would have to sit out like Tyseer did. 2) Imhotep dominates states playoffs. I didn’t say they dominate the state championships. Also making it to the final 8 out of 10 years is an accomplishment it self. The part on losing 7 finals I did mention that COACHING and RESOURCES are a big part of why the PUBLIC LEAGUE is not in good shape if they could get good coaching in Public league the Catholic league wouldn’t stand a chance. 3) I said Tep only accepts transfers to help with their NATIONAL SCHEDULE guess you missed that part and there is never more than 1 this year being Tyseer and last year being that LB from Wood/McDevitt 1 year rentals that had no affect in STATE PLAYOFFS. How bout you do your research on that freshman QB Prep ( Charlie Foulke ) that had Power 5 offers in 7th grade from Jersey or that LB/DE kid ALSO FROM JERSEY jus a freshman with power 5 offers the kids they get are highly touted kids. If it was up to me PA high school football would be in shambles with out Philadelphia in it. Imagine PIAA sending its best team to play another state best team and they send PCC or NA or Pine all great programs that has great traditions but competing with Maryland Jersey or even OH power houses they would get smoked bad. People talk down on Imhotep how there grades are so bad or there undisciplined they are. But in reality college coaches swarm to Imhotep because there kids keep there grades up in order to be eligible to get offers. Also Imhotep is in 5a with a 3a enrollment them and quips are schools of the same boat. Name any school playing up to compete with bigger schools and successful @ doing it. For example southern plays bigger schools on there schedule and beat them but year after year they play in 2A states playoffs that’s crazy to me honestly.

  145. FrankG says:

    @Tep I respect what IMHOTEP has done, but to say after all the losses in state final games before this year that Tep dominates the state playoffs is quite a stretch. Of course, getting to all the finals is an accomplishment, but just about everyone who has been watching them has said that they lost several finals despite clearly having more talent than their opponents. As for not relying on transfers, they had a very prominent senior transfer this year who wasn’t eligible for the playoffs but who probably made the difference in the very close game against Spalding. I can also recall a couple of players transferring from SJP to Tep after freshman year in recent years.

    To say SJP gets “All-Americans” right out of middle school and that Tep gets kids with only raw talent is a huge generalization that needs major modification.

  146. D2 Fan says:

    I appreciate the kind words, Jeff H & D11 Matt! I’ll admit: I sometimes surprise myself with what I know. I think the wealth of knowledge I have on my local scene is credited to the outlets up this way being HS sport centric (BRC 13, SEN, NEPA Football, local news via TV or papers, & random social media outlets). And of course, this site. I don’t know if I’d have the same interest if I was in a market that doesn’t focus all too much on the scene.

    @ Kevin X

    First of all, you’re welcome!

    I’m talking across the board, correct. I think your proposition is the right answer. There HAS to be a better balance in the regular season scheduling. As for mergers, District 2 should be next to do this, as they can definitely use it to be better in the later stages. District 4, I’d argue could fall into this, if it was of any interest. Seriously doubt the latter.

    I feel like all teams should be required to play a game out of district in Week 0 (WPIAL is exempt, as they have a lot more teams), or have no more than three out-of-conference teams on the schedule, as long as travel & size isn’t an issue. I was going to also work on a theoretical Week 0 schedule plan, & use CalPreps as a tool with their sim (not as reliable because of how many blowouts came in the final, but it gives an idea of what can be a good matchup or a complete mismatch).

    Districts 5, 6, 9, & 10 need this the most, & not be all in-league. District 2 & 4 absolutely need it, but it isn’t as bad as the others, while District 11 may only just need it in the EPC. Colonial-Schuykill can afford a few extra non-league games for some of the teams. Solehi & North Schuylkill were the only teams that played out of league with quality teams. Some teams could afford to go the Hollidaysburg route & play as an independent. DV, Williamsport, & some of the teams that are outliers in their own conference, travel wise (or size), could benefit.

    I took a quick look at some of the teams that made it to the Elite 8 & beyond, I noticed some things. Most of the teams below played solid non conference games, & the farther you went, the better the schedule was (mostly). I’m not going to count most merger leagues, as they’re basically a mixed bag of out of conference & not. WPIAL could count because of how deep those classes are or not because of how the 6A teams were forced to have mostly 5A teams out or league.

    1A: Steel-High & Lackawanna Trail were the only team to play multiple games out of conference or district champions in the other classes. South Billtown played a 4A Heartland team, but all NTL after that. Heritage teams like Cambria Heights play only league games. Fort Cherry was the big outlier, while South Side punched up to 3A. Cambridge Springs & Redbank Valley are outliers in this, as D9/10 are merger/sectional.

    2A: Southern obviously played Wyo & Berwick. Dunmore played Mount Carmel. Camp Hill had a weak YAIAA team, but played Steel-High in their division. BEA played LHAC teams, which was a merger of two leagues. Westinghouse plays half of the games as an indie. Farrell played a team from Ohio & ECP, even in a merger league. The WPIAL was mixed, with Beaver Falls playing a weak non-con schedule & Washington playing Clairton.

    3A: Northwestern plays in a merger, so it doesn’t really focus on non-con. Prep played a tough LFC 1, but didn’t have a good non-con. Danville played three teams out of league, while Wyo’s non-Berks/LL team was okay. Hickory was a district wide league (Farrell being the only good team there) & so was Central’s as more of a merger of two leagues. Belle Vernon played up to 4A, while Avonworth had a decent mix.

    4A: Dallas’s non-conference was all 4A LFC teams. Bonner-Prendie’s only notable game was against Salesanium (DE). Manheim played in a merger league with a D1 5A team & Smyrna in DE as opponents, while McDevitt played two out of state teams in NJ & MD. Selinsgrove played DV & Juniata (who played Troy). Aliquippa had all 4A, but are an outlier. McKeesport played the defending 5A & 3A champs.

    5A: DV is known for out of league play. Imhotep played in VA & MD, as well as an Inter-AC team. Strath played mostly in-league, while Chester had a decent D1 non-league team. Cocalico & Ephrata stayed in a merger league. Peters Twp doesn’t truly count. ECP played Farrell & went out of state (& Canada).

    6A: SJP all non-conference outside of PA. The EPC seems to be against non-conference (but probably will have some next year), so I cannot count Naz. CB South played Father Judge, while D’town West had Perk Valley, who was solid. Harrisburg had William Penn & DV. Manheim had Spring-Ford as a notable non-con. North Allegheny only has D10 champ McDowell, while State College had Downingtown East & a middle of the road Williamsport.

    All six champions & about 3/4 of the finalists played a tough out of conference schedule, with a few going out of district or crossed state borders. Moral of the story: You want to be a champion in HS football? Play more than just the local league teams! Then again, a lot of teams probably don’t because it’ll affect their playoff standings, which is a lot like the College Football Playoff teams.

  147. Tep6225 says:


    I think your getting developing players vs talent wrong none of these kids mentioned started with a D1 offers as freshman or sophomore season @ Tep. 2) Imhotep has a great network system with recruiters @ all levels from D3-D1. 3) Most of the kids with offers are players that been there since freshman. So they put the work in to deserve the offers you see. Also when you say talent SJP gets kids that are freshman and all american players from middle school. They come into prep with high talent IQ already and some coming in from 8th grade with D1 offers. Imhotep develops there players better because kids come in more raw. For example Imhotep has probably 5-6 under classman with SEC offers. Think im lying look into Jesse Moody LT for Imhotep 10th grader stud and doesn’t play varsity but already holds a georgia offer. So talent always goes to Prep. Imhotep develops there kids where nobody knows about them till the end of there junior year. By then they already recognized as top player in state. Also lack of coaching in public league and resource’s are a big thing. Ppl say Imhotep picks kids from other public league teams and they end up D1 offers not because there not talent its more so Imhotep has resource’s to get kids the spot light they need to succeed. Imhotep doesn’t really need transfers they dominate in state playoffs without any.

  148. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    Devil here 🙂

    Thanks for the acknowledgment.

    I agree, blowouts, and otherwise mis-matched games are an issue. I assume you are talking across the board, regular season, playoff, and championship games?? One thing that I believe would help, in a small way anyways, is simply better scheduling, at least with the regular season (playoffs are a whole different animal). I can’t imagine that AD’s, coaches, league and district reps. can’t figure out, or know, who the better teams will be vs teams/programs that are struggling or looking at a down year or two. Realign the leagues/divisions as needed like the Lebanon/Berks did, give teams more flexibility in making early season inter district games with like opponents and not all or majority district or league games. I think, at least in the east, I see Districts 1, 3 and 12 playing a lot of non league games. Simple thought, but I think many in power at the district level want to keep the power of scheduling and revenue local.

  149. FrankG says:


    Not that long ago Northeast, George Washington, and Frankford–Bartram too if my memory is right–had some very good players. Do most of those types of players now go to IMHOTEP?

  150. Foleman says:

    TEP6225 Took this list from another site Here’s a list of the 4 star and 3 star Senior recruits in PA, like I said in Philadelphia most of the talent goes to 3 schools, Roman would have several more except most of thier star players are Sophomore’s and Junior’s. Not 1 player from the Philadelphia Public League when you subtract TEP. Northeast HS is huge, they occasionally produce some top end talent.


    Belle Vernon ::Four Star::
    Erie McDowell
    Pope John Paul II
    Monsignor Bonner – Mylachi Williams (Penn State)
    Malvern Prep – Pete Jones (Notre Dame)
    Bishop McDevitt
    St. Joseph’s Prep – Omillio Agard (Wisconsin)
    Imhotep Charter – Tyseer Denmark (Penn State)
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    St. Joseph’s Prep – Semaj Jones (Cincinnati)
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    Aliquippa ::Three Star::
    Imhotep Charetr -Kenny Woseley (Penn State)
    Imhotep Charter – Jahshear Whittington (Pittsburgh)
    St. Josephs’ Prep – Brandon rehmann (West Virginia)
    Neumann Goretti – Deshon Dodson
    Neumann Goretti – Kahmir Prescott (Wisconsin)
    St. Joseph’s prep – David Washington (Kentucky)
    Manheim Township
    Wyoming Seinary
    Bishop Canevin
    Central York
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    Downingtown Est
    Penn Charter – Ohifame Ijeboi (Minnesota)
    Penn Hills
    Imhotep Charter – Zafir Stewart (Illinois)
    Erie Cathedral Prep
    Neumann Goretti – Khari Reid
    Dleawre Valley
    Jim Thorpe
    Roman Cahtolic – Jah Jah Boyd (James Madison)
    Keyston Oaks
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic
    Spring Grove
    Downingtown East
    Central Duaphin
    Conwell Egan – Sam Cooper
    William Penn
    West Catholic – Jayzen Flint (Boston College)
    St. Joseph’s Prep – Elijah Jones (Cincinnati)
    Bishop McDevitt
    Downingtown West
    South Park
    Bishop McDevitt

  151. Dennis says:

    @ Jeff H. I must be brain dead I cannot remember whom Southern beat in the 2015 2A I believe it was won by the mercy rule.I just can’t remember. One thing I do know if Aliquippa ever played the Prep they would be mercy ruled by halftime. Somebody else told me Southern is actually a 1A school by enrollment would you know? I do know my Dunmore bucks are going backwards instead of forward! It bothers me to say that.

  152. Kevin X says:

    My last post was a copy and paste job, but I think the 3A and 4A totals should be flipped. That is just a guess on my part. It would make a lot more sense if that was indeed the case.

    Curious, did anyone here actually attend any of these games in person, either this year or last year?? Your impressions, thoughts, reviews?? Not so much the games themselves, but the facility and overall experience.

  153. Kevin X says:

    Via Twitter/X and NW PA’s very own Mr. Bob Greenburg:

    PIAA State Championship Football – Paid attendance
    A = 1829
    3A = 1458

    2A = 1747
    5A = 1352

    4A = 2304
    6A = 1510

    Total 10,200

  154. Jeff H. says:

    @Mcd65 – agree with you about Samaj Jones, he was very impressive in the final to say the least, he reminds me of a young Jalen Hurts. Kinda interesting that he and his top receiver are both going to Cincinnati while the last great SJP QB-receiver combo went to Ohio State.

    @Jc – Aliquippa was forced to play 4A due by the PIAA due to the success rule, and for the 4yrs they have been in 4A they have been the best 4A team in the state, with two state titles and one runner up finish, all while having single A enrollment, if that’s not impressive I don’t know what’s your definition of impressive. I understand why Southern doesn’t play up, they wouldn’t win a state title or even make the finals every year, there’s no way this Southern teams beats either Belle Vernon or Aliquippa, and anyone who disagrees with that is wearing blinders and not watching the same games I am.

    @D11 Matt & D2 Fan – appreciate both of your insights with your respective districts, great to have the local info you bring to the Forum. I never would have guessed you were that young D2 fan, you have a lot of knowledge for a youngster, coming from someone who is more than twice your age!

  155. Tep6225 says:


    If you think 3 highschools get the the most talented kids your wrong Philadelphia public league and inter ac league has great talent and size its there coaching/Resources in the public league that holds back many kids. ( With one exception being Imhotep ) don’t speak on something you know nothing bout.

  156. Irish1 says:

    @ Mike S, you keep mentioning Malvern Prep, they arent in the PIAA and its a ” Prep school” as in college prep school. They can draw students from a wide area. Do you expect a college prep school to only draw students from Malvern? The school has been around a long time, public schools like Cb West, North Penn etc had many successful runs while Malvern Prep was drawing students back then. It didnt seem to hurt them then. Inter ac schools such as Malvern Prep dont just take get potential students from public districts, I graduated from a small catholic school in district one and know of other similar small catholic schools most of which dont exist anymore that lost many really good athletes to inter ac schools and this was well before open enrollment ever came into play for catholic schools. Those athletes could have made a big difference to the success of those schools teams many yrs, but its just the way it is. Parents who can afford it and want to send their kids to a prep school like Malvern or Penn Charter have a right to do so. People can say what they want but most if not all of the complaining goes away if St joes prep decides to just play a national schedule and not be a part of the PIAA. No one be it another catholic school or charter school is going to dominate for an extended period like they have, its not happening at the 6A level anyway. A school may go on a run for a few yrs but not for as long as SJP and not with this level of dominance. Several of the same public schools continue to dominate the state finals every yr and there are plenty blowouts many of which occur even when its two public schools playing. There are many factors playing into that and seperating the schools isnt changing everything and making all the problems go away in fact it could very well make the overall level of play get worse.

  157. Walter D11 says:

    During the 6A game one of the announcers was saying how cool it would be for some of the players of the losing team to be able to say “I played on the same field as that guy and now he is in the NFL”. Wow, what a consolation prize!!! I bet it would be even better if the kids could walk on to the field of the PIAA 6A state championship game knowing they actually had a shot of winning a state title. I haven’t had a kid play in over 10 years but this crap is just too ridiculous. I just don’t understand how the PIAA can think this is the best thing for high school football.

  158. MikeS says:

    @Foleman You have obviously never really have taken a hard look at SJP roster, they have a few kids out of South NJ, but would love to hear this year’s “Studs” that came out of there. They draw far more kids from the Suburban Leagues (SOL, Ches-Mont, PAC, Central), which not only strengthens them but hurts Suburban schools. I checked Malvern Prep, LaSalle and SJP and those 3 schools had 15 kids who listed their home address as the Central Bucks School District, North Penn school district had 10 kids listed as players at those 3 schools. How much better would CB or North Penn be? My only issue is that there is no limit to the size of the school’s area, whereas all the Public schools have a defined school district. There needs to be some limitation on the distance they can draw their students from. I know a young man ,9th grade, from Souderton who had two visits to Malvern Prep, according to MapQuest 33.8 miles door to door. Just my opinion just too far in my humble opinion.

  159. Dennis says:

    I watched the 2A game for the 3rd time. Southern knew going in it would be a dog fight. Coach Roth and staff never flinched. The play calling was spot on. I remember when Roth was suspended for two games that being said he had no chance of getting his 500 win he has 499 wins and will have to wait until the new season. Hard to imagine 500 wins! My hats off to Westinghouse they are a great team. And for Southern it is back to the weight room Monday. Time to reload.

  160. Foleman says:

    When the majority of high end HS football talent in the Philadelphia area goes to 3 schools-Prep, Roman and Tep, its tough for any school to compete with that based on demographics. And with Prep getting studs out of S. Jersey, it’s almost impossible to compete. Based on past performance, a Public school will win a state 6A championship maybe 2/10 years. Even if you take away the S. Jersey players Prep would still probably win the State Championship. Tep will move up to 6A next year based on the success formula, get blasted by Prep for a couple of years, then move back down to 5A. Next year, Roman will rule 5A Prep’s classification, 6A is the highest Classification, there is no where for Prep to go. What’s crazy is if you took the top football players that played in the State Championship games from 1-6A Example Andrew Erby at QB, Tiquay Hayes at Tailback etc would a PA all star team be able to beat the Prep? I’m not sure they could. Pa football is way down and getting worse, numbers are down, Coaching is down, The coal region where former Powerhouses like Berwick and Mt. Carmel are gone and not coming back. Even the mighty WPIAL is not anywhere near where it was in past. I don’t see any solution in 6A except sit back and watch Prep winning the State Championship most years. I wish a 6A school had the Coaching staff and dedicated players like S. Columbia does but we will never see that. Mcd 65 I never saw a QB that lowered the boom on defensive players like Semaj Jones did yesterday.

  161. D11 Matt says:

    @ D2, it’s been a fun year discussing Eastern PA football with you and others on here. Looking forward to next year already. Love your insight from District 2. It was fun following Northwestern and the hell of a year they had. Knew it would be an uphill fight vs Belle Vernon and it was. But they exceeded expectations and even gave d11 the first finalist in 8 years. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and looking forward to next season!

  162. Tep6255 says:

    Hope everybody ready for next years 6a Philadelphia city title game Imhotep 5a champs vs SJP 6a champs. Everybody mocks imhotep about transfers and education but Imhotep never has more than 1 transfer most of there kids are in grown talent ALL there kids are FROM PHILADELPHIA and if they do get a transfer its never for weak piaa playoffs its more for there national schedule but even then there transfers can never play in playoffs so ppl complain bout nothing every D1 talent they have was home grown expect for that roman kid. Please stop wit the disrespect cuz we all know imhotep is #2 in state regardless of class and there coming for #1 this year to knock off SJP and show who really run the city this game will be closer than most think

  163. mcd 65 says:

    Semaj Jones is a tremendous QB. Many mock the prep ,but give this guy his just due. He throws accurate passes,makes great fakes and overall decisions. His running ability is superb with speed and power. He hurts people that tackle him head on. Fun guy to watch.

  164. D2 Fan says:

    And the season is over.

    I only watched a few minutes of the 1A, 4A, & 3A games, but what a letdown the state finals were, overall.

    An overall summary of the weekend was that the teams that usually win these titles…won. Not going to lie: It was more predictable than Hallmark movies are.

    Credit to Southern for at least not putting us to sleep while winning their 7th championship & having the downright game of the year. I must watch it the next time I have some free time to watch on PCN. That was the only close game of the bunch.

    The rest, I expected to win, but not at the level they did (except SJP).

    As I said before, I truly believe the biggest issue in HS football, overall, are the blowouts. Five of the six games in this round were either mercy rule or pretty close to one. I know there’s not an easy fix, but I wish the haves & have nots were a lot closer.

    Would’ve been awesome to see a new face win it all, but we’ll have to wait until 2024 for that. It’s sad that the season is over.

    I’m going to release a link to my big playoff proposal idea sometime this week, with the sample being the 2023 season data. I only have 1A down, so it’s not a lot. I haven’t worked on it in a while, & I think I’ll wait until after Christmas to continue working on it.

    Before I go, I want to thank each & every one of you in this forum for being so welcoming, as well as expanding my knowledge on the PA football landscape. Whether it’s giving me more insight on WPIAL football from Jeff H, Kevin X playing Devil’s Advocate, D11 Matt & JCo for bringing in some D11 knowledge that I didn’t know about & others that I may or may not have had a single conversation with about anything else on here. Even though I might seem tame with some of my conversation topics, I’m pretty opinionated on a lot of the hot button topics in the state. I try not to stir the pot, but always love the debates that get people riled up in the overall landscape, & I tend to agree with the majority of the state on hot button topics. I even wrote a paper on the public/private debate in college.

    I’ll be real. I’m the only person I know who is that into the HS football landscape in PA. Even all of the people that went to my Alma Mater aren’t as into the HS football. Then again, when the team you watch every year isn’t usually better than 5-5, it’s not the same as the powerhouses. That might be the reason why I follow the state HSFB landscape as much. I might call myself D2 fan, but I’m a HSFB fan at heart. I’m a fairly younger fan of the sport (I’m not even 30), so I’m not as knowledgeable about the sport as many of you are. I never even played the sport either, so I’m a true “fan”.

    Thanks again everyone! I’m sure I’ll have some D2 notes during the off-season & talk about the schedules once they are announced.

  165. Scott Hagy says:

    It’ll never happen, but PIAA needs to reform its HS football system. Roster sizes and outright recruiting should be examined. The games this year were not fun to watch except, of course- the 2A game.

  166. Jc says:

    So Jeff h your gonna use aliquippa playing up in your argument and giving there wins and losses. Lol please don’t use playing up as anything but there stupid choice. Pretty impressive numbers til you look at 7 state titles in a row and counting. Lol

  167. Chief Red Raider says:

    Looks like the regional all-star team (SJP) is on its way to another championship (31-7 with 6 minutes to go in the 1st half) — what an accomplishment — the PIAA is great.

  168. PA says:

    Well we got 1 fantastic game to go along with 5 laughers. Not the best way to end the high school football season but a couple of great runs by a couple of teams throughout the state

  169. NE says:

    Really really rough first half for Northwestern. The slow start and stuffed on the goal line will probably end up costing them. They have a little bit of momentum heading into half but it may be too much to overcome.

  170. mcd 65 says:

    Imhotep was a machine. Peters Township was way overmatched. I thought PT would be better after all I read about them. It would be nice to watch a Tep/prep game this year. I believe Tep is moving up to 6 A next year so that game may in fact happen.

  171. Deo says:

    Do public schools/public school districts take non resident tuition students? If so the Catholic school/SJP argument goes out the window?

  172. 78CatFan says:

    @Jeff H. First of all, no one is “riled up.” Just a confused perception of your part. Second, Jim Roth and company has ALWAYS looked to challenge themselves and is exactly why the program has continually improved over the years and is quite evident for anyone who wishes to see it. Thirdly, if Aliquippa was “a much smaller school,” they’d be single A in size because Southern Columbia is closer to single A than triple A. Lastly, I never mentioned that it was on this board that people were calling for the Tigers to travel all over the country in order to find teams that would be at them. I am almost certain it was on score stream. The fact is that it has been suggested. What is leftist mentality is setting in place rules and guidelines then when some people aren’t happy with the outcome they cry foul or claim the success achieved is illegitimate.

  173. Foleman says:

    The holding call on 4th and 18 was a killer for Westinghouse. Why in the world did Their defensive coordinator not move the safety over to take away the 8 yard down and out on 4th and 8 is mind boggling. Everyone on the planet knew that play was coming. Same with the counter, every defensive lineman from Westinghouse was bunched up in the middle of the field, Roth always runs the counter against that front. Discipline, calling the right plays at the right time is why S. Columbia has #7 State Championship in a row.

  174. D11 Matt says:

    What a game! Southern won first 6 min (14-0) and last six. Westinghouse won the middle 36. Southern had a 6 minute 99 yard drive to take lead with 42 seconds left. They converted a 4th and 8 that was called back by holding and then got a hold call on 4th and 18 and then converted a 4th and 8 again. Great game and glad we atleast had one competitive game. Hopefully the 3A game tomorrow is a good one.

  175. Jeff H. says:

    @Jc – totally disagree, the Quips players and community enjoy the challenge of playing much bigger schools, and hard to argue with their success in 4 yrs of 4A, lost in the 2020 WPIAL title game in OT to eventual state champ TJ in an instant classic, beat McDevitt in a fantastic game in 2021, lost to McDevitt last year, and blew out Dallas last night. As I noted in an earlier post they are 74-6 the last 6 years under coach Mike Warfield, pretty hard to argue with that kind of success, particularly when they are playing schools 2-3 times their size. The Quips have made 16 straight appearances in the WPIAL title game, all while playing up at a couple a class or two, and in the last 4 yrs 3 classes up, no other school in the WPIAL has come remotely close to that streak playing in their regular class.

    @WPIALguy – I disagree with you, the DB clearly reached out and grabbed the receiver after he got past him at the line of scrimmage, the shame about it was he didn’t have to do it because they got a big pass rush and the QB would never have had a chance to complete the pass anyhow, but no way for the the kid to know that, he made a mistake and got caught, he shouldn’t have been playing that tight of coverage on 4th and 18.

  176. Thekid81 says:

    Ah another sweet victory. Listen to be the best ya gotta beat the best (soco smashed aliquippa a few years back) and the game today had many penalties but they were against both teams. The hate will only fuel more titles. Experience won out today

  177. Jeff H. says:

    Well I was certainly wrong about Southern winning by several scores, when they jumped out to the early 14-0 lead I thought we were headed for another lopsided affair like yesterday, but what a great HS football game. I feel really bad for the Westinghouse kids, what a heartbreaking way to lose, they outplayed Southern for 3+ quarters after the early deficit, but credit Southern for their 99 yard drive for the winning TD. I also thought both holding calls on the last drive were legit, so neither team has a beef about the officiating. Westinghouse was trying to win the first title for the Pittsburgh City League (district 8) since Perry defeated Berwick in 1989, it would have been an unbelievable win for the community and football in general for the downtrodden city league, hats off to both teams for a tremendous performance.

  178. Wpialguy says:

    Wow Westinghouse was cheated… referee must have pulled that flag out of Jim Roth’s pocket. Complete BS. Congrats to southern Columbia. 7 straight titles for a public school with no transfers and never moving up a class!! must have the best genetic pool in North America… yeah right.

  179. Jc says:

    If your goal is to almost be the best most years than I understand aliquippa playing up. If it’s to be the best then your doing a disservice to your kids by costing them titles

  180. NE says:

    Southern. Columbia. That game today epitomizes Southern Columbia and a group of winners.

  181. Jeff H. says:

    @Jco – I disagree with you on the level of play, its definitely down in the WPIAL compared to 10-15 years ago, and I think it’s down statewide, in D11 I don’t think there’s been a team as good as 2015 Parkland since then, and in D1 no team has been close to as good as North Penn in 2016 or Coatesville in 2017. In the meantime SJP has gotten better, as success breeds success, they have players coming to them now because kids want to play for a winning program, and the school is very good academically. I don’t know what the solution is, I do give the PIAA some credit for the success factor and transfer rules, but there’s only so much they can do, I’m just not a fan of separate playoffs because I don’t think that model will work well in PA given the demographics. On top of that the good public schools have proven they can complete with and beat the vast majority of the non-boundary schools outside of SJP, so I don’t see the point of revamping the state playoffs because of 1 or 2 great private school programs.

  182. Jeff H says:

    Thoughts and predictions for today’s games, hoping for more competitive games than yesterday, but I have my doubts

    2A Southern Columbia vs Westinghouse – I made the mistake of picking Westinghouse last year so I’m not going to do it again, some on this board think this game will be close but don’t think it will be, Southern’s defense has been lights out in the playoffs, and Roth has said this may be his best front 7 ever on defense, they are clearly better than last year. I think Westinghouse struggles on offense just like every other team has in the playoffs, while Southern will grind out yards and points on offense, Southern wins 27-7 for their 7th straight 2A title.

    5A Peters Township vs. Imhotep – I said before the playoffs started the winner of D12 between Roman and Imhotep was the favorite, and I still feel that way. After I watched Peters handle defending champ Pine Richland in the WPIAL final 3 weeks ago I thought they had a shot against Tep because they have a balanced offense and excellent defense and are very well coached, but their close game against Cocalico last week does not bode well for their chances, no offense to Cocalico, but they are nowhere near the level of Tep, I expected Peters to win that game by 3 scores and they were fortunate to survive. Peters defense is very good at stopping the run, but they have not faced a passing attack anywhere remotely close to Imhotep’s all year, and especially not in the playoffs, all 5 teams they have played have been very run orientated with mediocre or worse passing games. Imhotep has too much speed and skill, and they finally beat a WPIAL team in the final, it may be close for awhile, but Imhotep wins 34-14. I wish we could have a game next week with Aliquippa vs. Imhotep because that would be a helluva matchup.

  183. NE PA says:

    @D2 Fan. Sad thing is they probably won’t be better matchups. At least not in 5 or 6A. We’re looking at blowouts there. In 2A, if Southern gets going, then that could also be a route. In 3A, I’m really not sure what to think there, I thought going into this weekend, that could possibly be the best game.

    I totally agree it’s tough to watch state championship games where one team is just head and shoulders over the other and it’s a mercy rule by half.

  184. JCo says:

    @Jeff H: It should not take a historic effort to take down a single program. I don’t really think D11 or D1 are down that much, they just haven’t produced that singular outlier team like that P-R team or that Mt Lebo team. It’ll happen eventually, but it shouldn’t have to come to that.

    Maybe separating the playoffs would dilute interest. I’d bet money it wouldn’t.

  185. Jeff H. says:

    Some of you may recall I said after watching Aliquippa in week 3 against Montour that Tiqwai Hayes gained about 15 pounds of muscle in the off season and was running with more power than his first 2 years but hadn’t lost any of his speed, I think the rest of the state got to see what I meant tonight and why I think he’s the best running back in the WPIAL since Miles Sanders graduated 8 years ago. What a performance by the Quips, too bad they can’t play Imhotep, that would be well worth the price of admission and then some to see that game with all the speed and talent on the field. And how about Mike Warfield’s record as coach since taking over in 2018, 74-6 with 3 state titles and one runner-up finish, in the 20yrs before that they won 1 state title with Mike Zmijanac as coach, if Warfield had been coaching them they would have won a lot more state tiles, just another classic example of how much coaching matters in HS football, you can have all the talent in the world, but if they are not well coached and disciplined they won’t win consistently like Warfield has.

  186. Jeff H. says:

    @78CatFan – I haven’t heard one person all year on this board call for Southern to travel all over the country or not play in their conference or in district 4, all we’re saying is Southern has dominated the competition in 2A so why not challenge your team a little more and play in 3A or 4A like the Quips, who are a much smaller school than Southern. With all due respect that’s not a leftist mentality or insane, that’s about as American as you can get, to challenge yourself against better competition, the Southern fans really do live in a bubble and are very defensive about your school, it doesn’t take much to get you riled up!

    @ Helen Ann Long – you just proved my point, Southern can compete with and beat much larger schools, so why do you beat the bigger schools in the regular season, then play 2A in the playoffs and mercy rule the competition. There is no jealousy involved, I don’t care is Southern wins every 2A title from now until Roth retires, in still pales in comparison to what Aliquippa has done the last 4 years in 4A as a 1A sized school. You think I don’t know about football history in this state and Southern beat Aliquippa in 2015, I’ve forgotten more about football than you ever knew in the first place.

  187. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes: Dallas Edition

    I’m writing this as the game is in the second half. The Quips absolutely destroyed Dallas. There’s not much to say. Dallas made some mistakes & it was a (mostly) one team show, but it isn’t that big of a surprise. Yeah. I don’t have much to say. Great season by the Mounties, nonetheless.

    Today was a letdown with the results of the games. Steel-High looked to be too powerful for Fort Cherry, & the game we had tonight was all Aliquippa. One of the biggest gripes I have with HS Football is blowouts, & it feels like there’s so many & it somewhat waters down the product. I know that there’s no easy fix, but it feels impossible to watch some of these matchups in the playoffs (& in the regular season).

    Let’s hope tomorrow & Saturday are much better matchups.

  188. 78CatFan says:

    I’m truly grateful for coach Roth and that he doesn’t allow the idiotic comments by simple minded people to affect his decisions. My goodness, we have individuals calling for a small rural school to travel all over the country to find teams that will beat them instead of playing in their own Heartland Conference and District 4! That’s pure leftist mentality and frankly, INSANE!

  189. 78CatFan says:

    The X factor at Southern Columbia is coach Jim Roth… period. He won’t be coaching forever and has to be in his mid 60’s. Does anyone believe that when he hangs up his whistle, the Tigers will maintain their current success?
    Southern only played ONE AA team this year in the regular season and that was Mount Carmel, who by the way is moving up to AAA next season. Everyone else on their schedule is either 3A or 4A. With a game such as football, injuries can be a big factor and smaller schools have a tougher time of absorbing those injuries due to numbers.

  190. Jeff H. says:

    Well I thought Ft Cherry would be a little more competitive, but Steel-High was head and shoulders above everyone else in 1A, I knew when they blew out Lackawanna Trail a few weeks ago they were going to coast to the title, because Trail is very solid and maybe the 2nd best 1A team in the state. The announcers hinted about realignment next year, but they didn’t say anything about Steel High being forced to 2A under the success rule, I have no idea if they have had any transfers or not, maybe the guys who follow D3 can chime in.

  191. Dennis says:

    One blowout in the books. Glad I stayed home. Hope the 2A game will be better tomorrow.

  192. Jim Watt says:

    Any updates on 1A game?

  193. Helen Ann Long says:

    Wow! The jealousy never ends with these guys on this forum. First of all, Southern plays in the 2A field because that is where the PIAA says they have a right to play. If your school can’t compete get them into the weight room and have them going to speed and agility camps all year long instead of crying about how SCA wins every year. As far as Aliquippa goes, it is their choice to play up. They have undefeated seasons every year but then lose in the state final game. BTW, SCA beat them soundly just a few years ago, look it up. The Tigers have also beaten Jersey Shore and Selinsgrove many times, look it up. Southern also destroyed Newmann-Goretti the year NG brought a whole new team in from all over creation and no one complained about that move. Some of you complainers need to get a life and live in the real world. When you work hard, go by the rules and give everything you have on game day, you win games. Why should they have to move up and play against schools three and four times bigger than them just to satisfy the likes of a few disgruntled people on this forum? I’ve just given you the formula for success, now go and use it.

  194. Jeff H. says:

    Great article on TribLive previewing the Aliquippa-Dallas matchup, with some quotes from the Dallas head coach talking about their last trip to the final in 2019 when they got steamrolled by TJ 46-7, here are some of his comments in the article.

    That loss to Thomas Jefferson led to changes in the Dallas program, coach Rick Mannello said. “When we were at Hershey, we got on the bus and said, OK, that worked and got us to a point, but we’re going to get back to a state championship … and we need to adjust what we’re doing,” Mannello said. “Because when you get on the western side of the state, there’s a pretty good chance we’re going to be out-gunned in different phases. So we went to work that next day.” After that 2019 loss, Mannello said the coaches focused on increasing the pace of play, adding new formations and getting the ball in the hands of their top athletes. “The trick to it was not losing the physicality of the run game,” he said. “That’s Dallas football. It has been that way forever here.”

    Here they are 4 years later back in the state championship, which is a credit to the coaches and players. If they weren’t playing a WPIAL team I’d be rooting for Dallas in this game, it sounds like they have a great coaching staff who wasn’t afraid to make changes within the program to improve and get better.

  195. Jim Watt says:

    I’m with you Dennis Go Prep !!!

  196. Dennis says:

    Go Prep! Now go get what is yours!

  197. Jeff H. says:

    I’m going to do the state final previews and predictions a day at a time, here’s my thoughts for tomorrow’s games

    1A – battle of 2 great QB’s, I’ve mentioned on here a few times about how Fort Cherry’s sophomore QB Matt Sieg has come up with really big performances in all of their big games this year, last week against Redbank Valley was no exception, as he completed 9-16 passes for 138 yards and rushed for 258 yards on 34 carriers with TD runs of 2, 1, 20, and 37 yards, with the latter 3 coming in the fourth quarter. For the season, Sieg has thrown for 1,650 and 20 touchdowns and rushed for 2,234 yards and 42 scores. On the other side is the state’s all-time leading passer in Alex Erby, who has thrown for over 4,000 yards this season and more than 13k in his career. I would love to see Ft Cherry cap off a dream season with an upset, but I think Steel High has too many weapons and Fort Cherry won’t be able to keep up, final score Steel High 34-21, as Erby gets his third state title in his illustrious career. I am very curious to see if he starts as a true freshman next year for Navy.

    4A – we all know Aliquippa is loaded and pretty familiar with their players having been to the finals now 3 straight seasons, surprisingly they have never had an undefeated season that ended with a state title (they had undefeated seasons prior to the state playoffs starting in 1988). There are 5 times the Quips have gone to the state final undefeated only to lose, with last year being the most recent. To have a chance to pull the upset Dallas needs to limit the Quips big plays, both John Tracy and Tiqwai Hayes had numerous long runs last week against Selinsgrove, and QB Quinton Goode hit on some deep balls, including a 24 yard TD pass to Tracy in the back of the end zone, he is 40-2 as a starting QB the last 3 years. The other thing Dallas can’t do is turn the ball over, Selinsgrove had 5 turnovers last week and they were chasing points the whole game and were never really in the game after the first quarter. If Dallas can limit the big plays and turnovers and force Aliquippa to sustain long drives they have a chance to keep it close, but I think the Quips have too many playmakers and too much speed and win 33-20.

  198. Saul T says:

    @Helen – nobody here misrepresents Southern Columbia’s success. The list of state titles is there for all to see. Disregarding that success, you’re on the right path….more like respect, or the lack thereof. While this season hasn’t been the mercy rule rampage through the playoffs like prior years – nobody outside of the SCA bubble is impressed with another run through AA. Play up like the Quips and make some noise and the respect will come.

    And also – lets no go on like 7 on 7 camps or offseason conditioning are exclusive to SCA kids

  199. Jeff H. says:

    @ Helen Ann Long – who on this board is disrespecting Southern’s success, certainly not me, as a neutral observer and lifelong HS football fan I would like to see them move up and take on tougher competition, how many state titles in a row do you have to win in 2A before you move up and challenge some bigger schools. I agree Roth is one of the best coaches in state history and Southern has a phenomenal program, but Aliquippa has proven small school powerhouse programs can compete with and beat schools that are 2-3 times their size, and Southern could do the same thing, I would love to see if Southern could beat Belle Vernon or Aliquippa this year, both of whom are significantly better than Westinghouse, but we’ll never know. Do you not think Southern could compete with and beat Jersey Shore or Selinsgrove in your district?

  200. D2 Fan says:

    State Finals time! Posting my predictions early.

    1A (Steel-High vs. Fort Cherry): It feels good to see a new face in the 1A final, although I feel it isn’t going to be an upset. The Rollers are such a juggernaut, & I feel they’ll find a way to win a very competitive game. If Fort Cherry wins, the state should give them a lot of respect. It could be a team you may see return in the future.

    4A (Dallas vs. Aliquippa): The sneaky good showdown of the six is this one. The Quips are easily one of the best teams in the state, but if they want to win, they can’t do what the last two teams did: overlook Dallas. Eagles must say the same in their matchup on Sunday. The last two games by the Dallas Mountaineers were thrillers, so if they keep their momentum, they can hang with the Quips. I just don’t see a third magical win happening. D2 ends a very nice season empty handed in football State trophies.

    2A (Southern Columbia vs. Westinghouse): As a movie fan, I know there are usually sequels that stand out like Terminator 2, The Empire Strikes Back, etc,. Same goes for football. You liken the Alabama-Clemson, McDevitt-Quips, & Wilmy-SCA battles of the past. We can now add this to a potential list. Southern is the better team, but I feel like after the whole controversy last year (the SCA banner that made the news), I think Westy will be out for revenge. I don’t think they’ll win, but game of the weekend is expected here, I feel.

    5A (Imhotep vs. Peters): The most puzzling of the games for me is this matchup. It can easily be any result. Imhotep is a charter school that is like the ECP & Archbishop Wood type teams, talent wise. However, 5A has had a trend of WPIAL champs against Imhotep. I think that streak ends, but it’ll feel close for a lot of the game before the Panthers pull away in the end.

    3A (NW Lehigh vs. Belle Vernon): This is a trap game for Belle Vernon. They cannot overlook a very good Tigers team. Northwestern did start a bit slow the past two games. I feel it’s the case. I think it’ll be a very tight game with the last score being the difference. Also, thanks again to all who complimented my call on the East Final. I had a gut feeling about it.

    6A (St. Joe’s Prep vs. North Allegheny): The no-brainer pick or the week is this. We know history of 6A games, & unless you’re Pine-Richland or Mt. Lebo, you probably get mercy ruled. It’s a fact that’ll happen again Saturday Night.

    Scores: I wish that more of the games would be closer, but I feel half of the games will be within 10 pts.
    – Steel-High 34, Fort Cherry 24
    – Quips 35, Dallas 21
    – Southern Columbia 28, Westy 26
    – Imhotep 34, Peters 19
    – Belle Vernon 23, NW Lehigh 19
    – SJP 45, North Allegheny 10

    I do hope I’m wrong on all of these.

  201. Helen Ann Long says:

    Isn’t it interesting how some people on here look at certain teams like Southern Columbia and misrepresent their success in a way that totally disregards this program. The reason they are
    so successful is simple. These kids work all year long on conditioning, they go to camps in the Summer time and participate in 7 on 7 competitions. The coaches have been together
    almost as long as Roth has been there and have seen just about everything you can see in high school football in the last 40 years. My son played back in the 90’s and one of the best
    things about the players is that they are all really good students. The school turns out young men who go out into the world and make a difference in people’s lives. They are not only
    winners on the football field but more importantly, in life. One of the things we hear every year is (why don’t they move up). Well, right now Southern is one of the smallest D2 schools
    in district 4. So there is no “Secret” to their success. If you want to have the kind of success Southern has you have to put in the work, not only on the football field, but in the class room.

  202. Jeff H. says:

    @Jco – I hear you and agree there’s an issue in 6A, but I don’t think the solution is having separate playoffs for boundary and non-boundary schools, my concern is that will further dilute interest in the playoffs. There have been 2 public schools that have beaten SJP in the state final, so it can be done, I have numerous friends who live in Mt Lebanon, some of whom went to the title game 2 years ago and said it was exhilarating watching Lebo beat them, the question is why is the level of play down considerably in both D1 and D11 so they can’t even come close to challenging SJP. North Penn almost beat SJP in 2016, same with Coatesville the following year, why has D1 taken a pounding the last few years? I know the non-boundary schools in D12 draw some of the best players from D1 schools, but since Wood has dropped off the radar the Bucks schools should be able to retain some kids who previously would have gone to Wood, so why is D1 no longer competitive like they were 5-7 years ago? I’m sure there are a myriad of reasons but it can’t all be because of SJP.

    @D11 Matt – I understand, there’s no question BV is the favorite but I do think this will be a very competitive game and maybe one of the best of the weekend

  203. JCo says:

    @Jeff H: The main problem is that, in 6A, there’s no “higher” to go. Until a split happens (or until rules on Pennsylvania residency or scheduling are implemented), whoever the top non-boundary school is can roster whoever they want, play whoever they want, and then run rampant in the playoffs, and the schools in the top class are stuck with them. No school wants their final playoff game to be a mercy rule loss to an all-star team, no matter how high their enrollment might be. It doesn’t matter if it’s SJP or someone else, there WILL be an all-star team in 6A, it’s just a matter of who happens to be at the top of the pecking order.

    I believe that non-boundary schools make up approximately 10% of PIAA. If you hold that ratio to the state finalists, 1 of the 12 schools would be non-boundary. 2 out of 12 is above the average ratio, but still within the bell curve. The issue is that right now, 2 out of 12 represents a LOW number, as the past two years had 4 and 5 non-boundary schools, respectively. There’s a small chance that 2 out of 12 represents a new normal, sure, but there’s no way to actually know that until we have 2-3 more seasons’ worth of data.

    As the highest class in PIAA, 6A generates the most interest and attention throughout the year. Imagine if the final was North Allegheny vs. CB South, or North Allegheny vs. Nazareth… you’d have two proud communities rallying behind their teams’ quest to be the king of PA. But now that we’ve reached the state final, people are mostly uninterested, and that’s a major problem for PIAA that isn’t going to fix itself.

  204. District 2 Ugh Better than everyone thought. says:

    District 2 alot better than all you professionals

  205. Dennis says:

    @ Jeff H. Not concerned about the officiating at all. I have friends who are working the games problem is they won’t tell me what game. LOL.Please don’t read into something that is not there. I would like to see Southern win another title with this team. We will see the best team will take home the title for sure.

  206. D11 Matt says:

    @Jeff….I’m just picking northwestern because I hope they win as a d11 fan and alum of their rival. Normally I would pick belle Vernon .

  207. Kevin X says:

    OK, I should have checked the PIAA website before I asked the question. Just checked, answer is an indirect no.

  208. Kevin X says:

    Any of you guys know if you get admission to both championship games on a given day with one ticket?? Last time I was at Hershey, many years ago, one admission got you into both games. With the downsizing of the stadium, thinking that might not be the case anymore. Weather looking pretty good for Sat. and an interesting 3A match-up, something out of my usual game that I attend during the year (all 5A and 6A games). If trek out there, might as well stick around for the season final game.

  209. Jeff H. says:

    @ Dennis – Southern has won 6 state titles in a row and rolled over most teams in the playoffs and you’re concerned about the officiating? Seriously? Regarding Westinghouse, they are not as talented as last year, but they are probably just as good. I and most people expect Southern to win this game but we’ll see, I think the vast majority of the state will be rooting for the House just to see a different team win a state title for a change in 2A.

    @MCA75 – it’s great to see some new teams in the finals, or teams that haven’t been there for quite a while, the WPIAL has had 6 new first time finalists in the last 3 years with Mt Lebo and Penn Trafford in 21, BV and Union last year, and now Fort Cherry and Peters Township this year, it’s a great experience for the student body and the communities going for the first time in school history.

    @D11 Matt – I agree NW Lehigh will be very competitive against Belle Vernon, and I could see them winning, although BV is better than last year, and they don’t rely on 4 star recruit Quinton Martin nearly as much on offense and use him as a decoy at times, he lines up as a receiver more than RB, they are a very well balanced team. I am pretty confident in saying BV is the best team NW Lehigh has played all year, while BV has played teams like McKeesport, TJ and Penn Trafford who are probably better than NW, so I think BV has the edge in terms of the competition they have played, but I would not be surprised if NW Lehigh wins.

  210. Kevin X says:

    What Jeff H. just stated.

    Saved me a lot of typing…..

  211. Jeff H. says:

    @Mike S – the PIAA’s argument is they don’t have the authority to create separate playoffs for private and public schools due to a law passed by the state legislature in the early 70’s, their position is its up to the legislature to pass a new law if they want split playoffs, which I don’t see happening anytime soon, particularly when it’s only an issue in 1 out of 6 classifications in football…if we’re talking basketball that’s a different story. Of the 12 teams competing for state titles this week 10 are public schools, and 2 are non-boundary schools, with 1 of them being 1-6 in state title games, including 0-3 against public schools, so where’s the problem with the current system other than SJP in 6A?

  212. D11 Matt says:

    State picks

    A: Fort Cherry 28 Steelton 21 (upset)
    AA: Southern 21 West 19
    AAA: Northwestern Lehigh 35 Belle Vernon 28 (upset)
    AAAA: Aliquippa 34 Dallas 14
    AAAAA: Tep 33 Peters 20
    AAAAAA: SJ Prep 35 NA 14 (Its never closer than 2 scores). A late NA TD makes it three scores win for SJ prep.

  213. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – good call on the NW Lehigh upset of Wyomissing, I was right about Ft Cherry winning a tight one against Redbank Valley. I took the 75 minute drive to Ebensburg out Rt 22 in the fog and rain to watch Aliquippa dominate Selinsgrove, to say their offense was impressive would be an understatement, they pulled their starters early in the 4th quarter after building a 52-20 lead. I’ve seen a lot of great running backs in the WPIAL over the years, and Tiqwai Hayes is the best I’ve seen since Miles Sanders graduated 8 yrs ago. His backup John Tracy would start for probably 95% of the teams in the WPIAL and he had some breathtaking long TD runs, including a 93 yarder early in the fourth quarter, they accounted for over 400 yards rushing and 6 TDs. I said on this board prior to the playoffs I didn’t think the Quips would win because they weren’t as good as last year, I will retract that after watching them again on Friday, their offense is better than last year, but their defense maybe not quite as good. I think Dallas will give them a battle but I like the Quips chances.

    Regarding North Alleghany, they are very good, but SJP is on a different level, NA will do well if they keep it from being a mercy rule, I see it ending something like 42-14.

  214. Dennis says:

    @ D2 Fan I don’t try to predict scores or winners of games. I can tell you this Southern columbia team is much better than last year’s team. I cannot honestly say that about Westinghouse. Yes they are hungry for the rematch as I wish for a clean injury free game. Dying to see who the referees will be. Yes they need to be counted into equation also. Good luck to all teams this is your time!

  215. Cw says:

    @ assistant coach, Mike unger
    At half time walking to the locker room
    I could have several people that could verify what was said by 2 coaches to the Wyo kids “they are all stats but don’t let up on these guys” FACTS
    Not trying to start any rumors.
    See you guys next year around same time.

  216. Mike Unger says:

    @ Cw. That literally never happened. No coach ever mentioned that NW Lehigh was all Stats. Stop spewing rumors. Makes you look stupid. Verify, then post.

  217. D2 Fan says:

    I decided to do some research on who’s in the CFP from PA. I’’m shocked it’d just four. There are four PA natives who have a shot at a National championship this year.

    – CJ Dippre (Lakeland): Alabama
    – Jalen Klemm (Pine-Richland): Washington
    – Semaj Bridgeman (Imhotep): Michigan
    – Grayson Dee (Mt. Lebanon): Michigan

    Coach Wise
    – Ben Herbert (West Allegheny): Michigan Strength & Conditioning
    – Kirk Campbell (West Allegheny): Michigan QB Coach

    Pretty neat to see some local ties in the playoffs. There will be more when there’s 12 teams next year.

  218. FrankG says:

    @MikeS It seems to me your fundamental issue is with the PIAA’s decision to include the PCL. It was known to ALL when the PCL joined that SJP had a large number of students (including student-athletes) who lived in Jersey. SJP never tried to hide the fact, and I didn’t hear a word of complaint about it until SJP started winning state championships five years after the PCL joined the PIAA. I see no grounds to complain about SJP on this issue–a point you seem to agree with. Take it to the PIAA, but know that it will look like complaining about SJP rather than arguing a point in principle. (Other PCL schools have had players from Jersey, though not in the numbers SJP has had. But you say even having one should be disqualifying.)

  219. D2 Fan says:

    @D11 Matt

    This is why I take part in this forum. To learn more about the state’s history (or to remind myself of certain things I’ve forgotten)

    I completely forgot the Northern Lehigh 2003 team, although I think you had mentioned it before. Escaped my mind.

    I did not know Wilson Area had a title. I know that they aren’t a powerhouse in the area, but I didn’t know they had that kind of success back then. Same goes for Pen Argyl.

    I’m gonna also say this. This Northwestern team has a couple of similarities to the 2018 Wyoming Area team. I don’t know how similar, but there’s something about this team that makes it feel a bit like that championship team.

    For note, I put in some CalPreps matchups to see how every team pairs. I’m going off of final scores with favoring. I don’t think there’s other ways to figure that out.

    – 1A: Favors Steel-High by 1
    – 2A: Favors Southern Columbia by 7
    – 3A: Favors Belle Vernon by 2
    – 4A: Favors Quips by 14
    – 5A: Favors Peters by 10
    – 6A: Favors SJP by 3

    I’d say the closest to accurate one is Quips or maybe Southern. The others are tricky, because they’re too close or could go either way, which is probably the 5A one.

    Thanks @ Kevin X!

    There’s four guarantees in life in PA. Everyone knows the first two, Southern Columbia in the state final, & District 12 winning in mercy rule in State Semifinals.

  220. MikeS says:

    @FrankG Again this isn’t about SJP, but everyone likes to go there, why is that? It’s about 1st having ANY SCHOOL that has NON-PA KIDS on a team playing for a PA CHAMPIONSHIP! 2nd, IT’s about ANY School that has no GEOGRAPHIC Limitations, playing schools that do have Geographic limitations. How in the world is that fair to the vast majority of Kids in Public Schools in Penna? How can the PIAA in any kind of Honesty be preaching FAIRNESS, & SPORTSMANSHIP & EQUALITY they can’t. Either you need to create a new Class of schools, that allows kids from other states and no Geographic limitations. OR you need to give them Geographic Limitations and not allow ANY NON-PA athletes to participate in PA Championships. I don’t care if he’s the best or worst athlete on the team, he shouldn’t be there. It’s an Either, OR, a new Class or Limitations! You’ve totally missed the point FrankG! This is the Kids championship, not the adults rooting for their schools. lets’ not let a few steal it from them.

  221. JCo says:

    @FrankG:: having players that share commonalities is a minimal advantage compared to being able to pull players from a wide geographic area. If having players with similar backgrounds was such an advantage, there would be more teams that are able to defeat the top non-boundaries… but it’s a rarity.

    Occam’s razor applies here. Not having a geographic boundary is an advantage, so the top-performing program in the state is most likely to be a non-boundary school. Whether it’s SJP, La Salle, Imhotep, Roman, whoever happens to be at the top of the pecking order will have an advantage because their success will draw other athletes to them.

    It’s never just about SJP. If they weren’t the big bad, it’d be someone else.

  222. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    Wow, you nailed the D1/D12 game for the second day a row!!!

    I have a lot to say about that game, and I have nothing to say about that game. Good luck NA.

  223. FrankG says:

    @MikeS This is the first year SJP has had a player–one player, Sean Molley–from DE in many years. Not that it matters, but he’s not a starter. They also have a player from Clayton, but that’s, I’m pretty sure, the Jersey Clayton. He’s not a starter, either.

    in looking at the hometowns of the players, I do notice that they are coming from a wider geographic area than five or ten years ago. I suppose that’s the result of several things, including the program’s profile and success.

    I noticed that the NA coach is already boasting/complaining that all his players come from the same community. It reminded me of what the ML coach did in 2021; he had tee-shirts or sweat shirts made indicating all the players could walk to school. That too was probably a boast and a complaint. Of course it’s an advantage for SJP not to have the boundaries that a school district has, but having players who all live within walking distance–or even a 10-minute drive–of the school is also an advantage. Many if not most of the players have already been teammates before they start high school, they probably have very common backgrounds, their families probably know one another and scheduling practices and getting to and from them is never a problem. At SJP it’s the opposite. I doubt one of the players live close enough to walk to school. For many it’s more than an hour’s commute each way. Their backgrounds and circumstances are very different. There’s not even a practice field on the school grounds, and this year they had no home field of any kind. There is a school community, but it’s one that has to be built carefully over time.

  224. MCA75 says:

    Congrats to teams like Dallas, Northwestern Lehigh, Peters Twp and Fort Cherry – Its great to see some new faces in the final this year and makes it more interesting to a fan with no dog in these fights.
    Its also nice to see a few close games for once. Seems like most of the playoff games have been blowouts lately. I was keeping track on scorestream and Dallas/McD and NWL/Wyo games seem like fantastic games to have watched live.
    Looking forward to most of the games this weekend and rooting for upsets in 5A and 6A. Seems like Peters Twp has a better shot at Imhotep. NA is probably a great team but I think has almost zero chance vs SJP.

  225. MikeS says:

    @Jim Watt another who needs to read, “a few miles” is not 1, note correction!

  226. MikeS says:

    @mcd65 The point is to somehow limit those type of schools, while competing for Pennsylvania State Championships. You can’t allow kids from other states (& I don’t care if it’s 1 or a dozen) from playing, you can’t allow most of the schools to be limited by the size of their school district to have to play against schools with unlimited school size (area wise). I just don’t understand how that is fair to other schools in Pennsylvania. Let’s just take the best Football Players from the whole Central Bucks school district, if you are a good football player they all go to. let’s just say Central Bucks West, and all the other kids are spread around CB East & CB South. Or tonight have a CB West, CB South, CB East all-star team and see how they would compete tonight & every year, what do you think would happen?

  227. D11 Matt says:

    @D2….yeah I would have belle Vernon as two TD favorites but that’s why they play the game right. Northwestern will compete. Also, colonial league has actually sent 4 teams to the finals. 2001 Pen Argyl who lost 19-12 to Washington, the 2003 Northern Lehigh team who lost 32-27 to Darrell Revis led Aliquippa in a classic, 2005 Wilson Area who lost to South Park and the 2006 Wilson Area team that beat Jeanette. This will be 5th team and first since 2006 for the colonial league to reach finals and they are trying to be second to win it all after 2006 Wilson Area.

  228. D2 Fan says:

    My last D2 Notes of the year. It’ll become a “Dallas” note on Thursday Night.

    We musr start with the game of the night in District 2. How about Dallas? I said they were a team that can play tough & I hope that McDevitt didn’t overlook them. I can say that even though the WVC was weak this year, it didn’t affect Dallas at all. This is a quality team I think a lot of people slept on. All three games in the “state” rounds were very close.

    They went toe to toe with Bishop McDevitt & not only played a hard game, they beat them in a thriller. All I saw was that Dallas scored, then McDevitt (sometimes vice versa), & the pattern kept going. They went to overtime in a 16-16 battle, & it went to not one, but TWO OT, & got the defense going & game winning field goal needed to win in the double OT. The best scenario for District 2 happened. They get Aliquippa, & they throttled Selinsgrove, to spoil NEPA from an all-WNEP final (that’s never happened in any sport). Would I say Dallas has the upper hand, after playing two good teams to OT? No, but if they can beat two of the best teams in Eastern PA, then the Quips can’t overlook them at all. I’m very excited for Thursday Night.

    Hate to end on a bad note for District 2 teams, but Southern Columbia, not shockingly, ended Dunmore’s season. It was nowhere close to the game I thought it’d be. I surely thought it would be a lot closer, but Southern is almost guaranteed a finals appearance every year, like they made the same deal Joe Namath made for that one Super Bowl. Great season for Dunmore, overall. The LFC misses out on a state final, but at least D2 has one rep in the end.

    I do want to conclude with D11 notes, as I got to watch the entire NW Lehigh-Wyo battle. WHAT A GAME! An all-timer in the Berks & Lehigh Valley region, & there was no better spot to play than where a Division 2 legend played (Andre Reed Stadium). This was a battle of field position for most of the game. Wyo dominated the first half, & it felt like they were going to beat them soundly, but after the first Wyo score, the game opened up Northwestern. The game was tight at the half, but the momentum went the way of the Tigers. They got some after a turnover, & found their way into the lead as the third quarter went along. Wyo evened it up late after a roughing call on a field goal try. Northwestern found a way to get a score on the ensuing drive, held Wyo to a turnover on downs & scored the game sealing TD shortly after. Wyo couldn’t score the points needed (got intercepted in the end zone), & Northwestern wins 33-24.

    Thanks D11 Matt for the words. My gut didn’t let me down, but they didn’t make it easy. I don’t think that Northwestern Lehigh can win against Belle Vernon, but they can compete with some of the best in the state, after today. Feels good to see a District 11 finalist (I don’t ever recall a Colonial League team making it to the finals before, so that’s huge for Lehigh Valley football). The SEN crew (if they’re doing the PCN call again) will have a “home team” for once.

    Thanks Kevin X, about the Imhotep call. I knew that Imhotep & SJP games are normally blow out games in the Final 4, so I had to go with prior history. Will be interested to see what happens with Peters in the final. I feel this could be very similar, but I’ll probably wait until Wednesday to make my judgement.

  229. mcd 65 says:

    Mike S, FYI I am not a St Joe person. Excuse me if I thought You were speaking specifically about the Prep. I just get tired of the banter about as if they are doing something wrong. They are doing what they have always done. Those schools you mentioned have always had players from surrounding areas. BTW , I am a CB West supporter .

  230. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    Very nice call on the Imhotep/Strath Haven game!!! Once again, I kept my fingers off the keyboard when I first saw some of your predictions, and I’m glad I did. Thought it be much closer. Guess I still had last year’s 5A Eastern semi final Imhotep/Upper Dublin game in my head. Thinking it be a 2 or 3 score game in favor of the Philly public all-star team. Also made the right choice of opting for the warmth and dryness of my living room and the Oregon/Washington game instead of dealing with bad weather Philly area Friday rush hour traffic and traveling over an hour (if lucky) to the ‘Ville for that game.

    I do hope your are wrong on today’s CBS/SJP spread, as I’m taking the much shorter trip over to Crawford Stadium for that one and my 2023 swan song. Hope its at least interesting heading into the 4th quarter.

    Also, apparently Dallas doesn’t suck!!! 🙂 (OK, guys settle down, it’s a Philly thing).

  231. Jim Watt says:

    MIke S 46.5 plus 1 is 47.5 not 50

  232. MikeS says:

    @mcd65 1st you need to read, I said I checked the rosters of LaSalle, Malvern & St. Joe’s and found players (that’s plural-not just one from Delaware) from New Jersey & Delaware. I know you want to defend SJP at all costs, but again I checked 3 schools, there is one player from north of Quakertown on one of the rosters, I don’t remember which school as I checked the rosters months ago at the beginning of the season. But I googled Quakertown to SJP at 46.5 miles, and this kid is an additional few mile, that’s 50 miles my good friend. Did I google the mileage of every player hometown, no, could there be someone in that group of a couple hundred kids even further out, Absolutely. So 50 to 60 miles isn’t really an exaggeration, again I know you are trying to protect them at all costs, so you can downplay it if you’d like. I’d like to see a Pennsylvania State Championship won by EXCLUSELY Pennsylvania Football players, not by kids from Jersey or Delaware thrown in, by a school district that has no size limit, which is what we are dealing with now. You handcuff some schools, by playing within their school districts and a few schools play by none of those rules, how is that fair. In the name of FAIRNESS mcd65, and No I’m not talking exclusively about your beloved SJP, there needs to be some semblance of everyone playing by the same rules.

  233. Trout says:

    The PIAA has to move their playoffs out of Altoona and the Altoona Officials. The officials took over the Cocalico-Peters Township game tonight. I don’t remember so many flags in a playoff game. They made calls you don’t often see in the NFL. Every other drive was stopped by a penalty it seemed. I saw this in the State semi-final in 2017 at Mansion Park.

  234. D11 Matt says:

    @D2….good gut feel on northwestern a few weeks ago. I of course knew they were good and had a shot but you called them getting to state final. They made a bunch of uncharacteristic mental mistakes in first half but man did they turn it on after halftime. They held up very well against that Wyo run game. Good for them. Bring it home for dist 11 next week!

  235. Cw says:


    I HEARD THE Coaches from Wyo at half time telling their players that NW IS ALL STATS!
    Wyo got punched in the mouth!
    Never wore northwestern down !
    Wyo was out played and coached after halftime!

  236. NE says:

    Josh Snyder and the Tigers do it once again. They truly didn’t play a great game by any means, but down the stretch they made all the plays and he called absolutely perfect plays. What an amazing season for Northwestern.

  237. D2 Fan says:

    I lied about Dunmore. They’re getting absolutely clobbered by Southern.

  238. mcd 65 says:

    @ Mike S., Prep had 1 player from Delaware several years ago that had moved from Phila. They dont have anyone who lives 50-60 miles from school. I would hope these exaggerations would stop by now. No one had an issue with the Prep for years until they began winning. They are doing nothing different than before except improve. Players are choosing to attend Prep.because of winning. What happens if they end this cycle? Will folks say welcome. LOL

  239. D2 Fan says:

    I didn’t forget. My picks for the weekend.

    1A: This is Steel-High’s state championship to lose. South Williamsport doesn’t have the team, I feel, that can beat them. Redbank Valley has a little bit of experience here in recent years, which I’ll give them over Fort Cherry. I expect it to be close, since Fort Cherry has played a tough schedule.

    – Steel-High 34, South Billtown 10
    – Redbank Valley 31, Fort Cherry 25

    2A: Southern Columbia is going to punch their ticket again to their “invitational final”. Dunmore will hang, but you know SCA will pull away in the second half. Dunmore has been a little more dominant as the season has gone along. They’ll hold their own better than some of you might think. Westy wants a grudge match, if it’s possible. Beaver Falls has had a nice run, but I don’t see them going past this round.

    – SCA 21, Dunmore 14
    – Westy 28, Beaver Falls 20

    3A: I have Northwestern Lehigh as my upset to make the next round. They have a team that I feel can beat Wyo. Belle Vernon is much better than Hickory. I don’t see an upset here.

    – Northwestern 35, Wyomissing 28
    – Belle Vernon 41, Hickory 12

    4A: Dallas will make this a real challenge, but McDevitt will pull away in the end, with the play of Stone Saunders. Quips will pummel Selinsgrove. They aren’t as good, but they’ve beaten some very good teams this year. We’ll see if they bring D4 back to the 4A final.

    – McDevitt 34, Dallas 20
    – Quips 38, Selinsgrove 14

    5A: Imhotep gets past Strath Haven easily. The better game will be Peters/Cocalico, at Mansion Park. I feel this will be close, with Peters getting the late game momentum.

    – Imhotep 45, Strath Haven 14
    – Peters 23, Cocalico 19

    6A: No reason to talk about the East final. The West final is going to be a good one! Harrisburg is better than North Allegheny, I feel. It’ll be very close, I think.

    – SJP 49, CB South 6
    – Harrisburg 21, North Allegheny 20

  240. Jim Watt says:

    It’s where they go to school not where they live that matters.

  241. MikeS says:

    @JCo Actually I think that may be a nice start, 60%-75% of their games should be against Penna schools, but it’s not just SJP that these rules should apply too. It’s a Pennsylvania State Championship Series, which should be played by Penna kids, not kids from Delaware or New Jersey, also somehow you need to limit the range they can reach out. 25 miles should be enough, you don’t need kids from 50-60 miles away. I know you are going to hear from the Philly Catholic schools that they’ve always had kids from Jersey, and that may be true. But having Delaware & New Jersey kids playing for a Pennsylvania State Championship is just Wrong! You want to have kids from 50-60 miles away, and from other states, you are some kind of all-star team and as such should be ineligible for the Pennsylvania Title. Just my opinion.

  242. Jeff H. says:

    @Cw – as I mentioned before I think this game can go either way and wouldn’t be surprised if NW Lehigh wins, but I’m picking Wyomissing because I have a hunch they were them down in the 2nd half, I’ll say Wyomissing 27-21. In the other 3A game I expect BV wins by 3 scores, something like 34-14

    As for the rest of the games, its been a great year for CB South, but they likely get mercy ruled by the SJP juggernaut, something like 49-14. The NA-Harrisburg game should be very competitive and could go either way, I’ll pick NA by a TD 35-28, I do expect this game to be pretty high scoring.

    In 5A Imhotep is a bad matchup for Strath Haven, I don’t think they can keep up and may struggle to move the ball on offense, I think this game ends up 34-7. I doubt Cocalico has seen a team as well rounded and complete all season and Peters rolls like they did last week by 3 scores 34-14, setting up a very good 5A final next week

    McDevitt got quite a scare last week from MC, which makes me wonder if they are as big a favorite to repeat as I thought before the playoffs started, I do think they get by Dallas by a couple of TD’s 28-14. Selinsgrove has not seen a team all year with anywhere near the speed and skill as Aliquippa has, they were impressive in beating a very good McKeesport team last week, I see the Quips winning 42-20 setting up the rubber match with McDevitt

    In 2A Westinghouse will end Beaver Falls cinderella run and win 35-20, while Southern will roll over Dunmire 31-7 setting up another rematch from last year. In 1A Steel High will handle South Williamsport 35-7, the other semi-final should be a very competitive and close game, wouldn’t be surprised if either team wins, but I’m taking Fort Cherry based on playing a much tougher schedule than Redbank Valley, and they will have the best player on the field in sophomore QB Matt Sieg, who has rushed for almost 2,000 yards and thrown for almost 1,500 and has come up big in every single one of their big games this year, including both games against Bishop Canevin and last week in the WPIAL championship game against South Side.

  243. Jeff H. says:

    @ Berk County Fan – thanks, my hunch was right, I see they have completed 44/78 on the year for 765 yards, while rushing for 4,068 yards, obviously one of the keys to the game is whether NW Lehigh can slow down their rushing attack.

  244. Cw says:

    @Jeff H
    @Saul T
    Re: WYO Sounds Like what I’ve been told only seen them last year. They play physical football and have the fundamentals in order. This should be a great game!
    Anyone have any predictions?
    Do most there guys play both ways?

  245. BERK COUNTY FAN says:

    Here you go Jeff H

  246. Jeff H. says:

    @Cw – I’m trying to find Wyomissing team stats for the season but thus far haven’t been able to locate them, they are primarily a power running team out of the Wing T and don’t throw it very often, I’m guessing they have less than 100 passing attempts this season in their 13 games, they have 6-7 different backs that typically get carries each game so none of them pile up big individual yardage numbers, but combined they rushed for 472 last week against Danville. They wear teams down in the 2nd half and the question for me is whether NW Lehigh can hold up to their rushing attack for 4 quarters.

  247. Saul T says:

    @ Cw No they don’t throw much. Usually 5-6x a game. They’ll try and wear you down with body blows

  248. Irish1 says:

    Looks like enrollment numbers are out, PW moved up to 6a PJP down to 3a

  249. Cw says:

    Wyo – Nw Lehigh
    Does wyo throw the ball much? Last week they had almost 500yds. I think this is gonna be a great game, both teams have smart coaching staff who adjust well. Nw has great line backers who all have a nose for the ball. That stood out to me the few games I’ve seen this year.

  250. Jeff H. says:

    @ Trug – I agree with you, I think this will be a very competitive game that could go either way, I too wonder if Wyomissing’s Wing-T power rushing attack will be too much for NW Lehigh’s defense to handle. I don’t think the other semi-final will be as close as Belle Vernon will be too much to handle for Hickory, BV shut out a very good and undefeated Avonworth team 26-0 last week in the WPIAL final and I don’t think Hickory is as good as Avonworth. On another note this is BV’s last year in 3A as they will be moving back to 4A next year due to enrollment, however, in the just published enrollment numbers Central Valley will be moving back down to 3A after spending the last 2 yr cycle in 4A, I wouldn’t be surprised if Central Valley is preseason #1 in 3A next year.

  251. Trug says:

    Anyone have any opinions on the Wyo-Northwestern game? I’m not sure there’s much to say, it seems like a great matchup with two really good teams. If I had to make a choice, I may go with Wyo, but it’s tough to pick against a team that’s undefeated and has smoked a few really good teams. Wing-T and power may be a little too much for Northwestern to handle. Very interested to watch this one.

    BRCTV13 has it live Friday night at K-Town.

  252. JCo says:

    It’s fair to say that there would be less public/private debate if SJP wasn’t in the picture. But the reality is… SJP *is* in the picture, and they’ve hijacked the system to an annual state title game berth. If it wasn’t SJP, it would be someone else. So you either take the shortcut, which is to separate privates out entirely, or you have to find some alternative.

    How about this: If you’re a school that isn’t run by a Pennsylvania school district, at least 75% of your opponents must be from Pennsylvania to be eligible for the state playoffs. Seems fair enough to me.

  253. D2 Fan says:

    The Classification Reports are out!

    I’ll give a District 2 angle first, but willing to give a few notes elsewhere. I don’t know if there’s any announcements on teams moving up, so I’ll keep my eyes out.

    – Just three teams
    – Hazleton & Wilkes-Barre don’t change, as expected with history.
    – Scranton moves up from 5A.
    – I’d maybe expect a four team Subregional with Williamsport, once again. It wouldn’t be shocking if District 4 goes with District 6, while District 2 partners with District 11 for another two year cycle.

    – Five teams in the mix
    – Same teams as last year: Abington Heights, DV, Pittston, West Scranton, & Valley West round out the field.
    – It’ll definitely be a four team playoff. There’s no subregional concerns to worry about.

    – As of right now, nine teams are in the class
    – Seven teams return to 4A: Crestwood, Dallas, Honesdale, Nanticoke, North Pocono, Valley View, & Wallenpaupack
    – Montrose returns to 4A, due to the co-op with Elk Lake & Mountain View
    – Carbondale’s jump in cyber students puts them in 4A. I don’t think they’ve ever been higher than a 3A equivalent before. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    – This might be an 8-team bracket & Dallas & Valley View’s to lose. The drop-off between the very good & bad teams here is astounding.

    – There are currently eight teams vying for the district title
    – Just four teams return, which was this year’s 3A bracket: Hanover Area, Lake-Lehman, Scranton Prep, & Western Wayne
    – Dropping down are Berwick, Tunkhannock, & Wyoming Area, from 4A
    – Mid Valley returns to 3A for the first time since the COVID cycle.
    – I don’t know how the brackets will be with this. This could be a 50/50 bracket, which benefits with the new teams.

    – Only five teams play in this bracket.
    – All of them are returning teams: Dunmore, Holy Redeemer, Lakeland, Riverside, & Susquehanna.
    – This will definitely be a 4-team bracket.

    – Three teams are battling for the title.
    – Lackawanna Trail & Old Forge don’t go up to 2A.
    – Holy Cross drops back down. This was the 2018-19 & 2019-20 region (or the previous cycle)
    – Does District 2 keep their District 1 ties with the four team subregional? District 11 & 12 also have a lower number of teams. Maybe I’ll break it down further tomorrow.

    I already know the WVC has their divisions out. With these changes, I don’t see Lackawanna League fixing divisions.

    I’d consider going by size & competitiveness. I’d also add Montrose back, just for this instance.

    – D-I (Large Comp.): Abington Heights, DV, Prep, Scranton, & Valley View
    – D-II (Large Weak): Honesdale, North Pocono, Paupack, West Scranton, & Western Wayne
    – D-III (Small Comp.): Dunmore, Lakeland, Old Forge, Riverside, & Trail
    – D-IV (Small Weak): Carbondale, Mid Valley, Holy Cross, Montrose, & Susquehanna

    If no Montrose
    – D-I (Large/Competitive 3A/4A): Abington Heights, DV, North Pocono, Prep, Scranton, Valley View, & Western Wayne
    – D-II (Mid-Sized/Mid-to-Weak 4A/High-End 2A): Dunmore, Honesdale, Lakeland, Mid Valley, Paupack, & West Scranton
    – D-III (Small/Weaker 3-4A): Carbondale, Mid Valley, Holy Cross, Lakeland, Old Forge, & Susquehanna

    I put Western Wayne in Division I in this instance because they’ve gone toe to toe with the North Poconos & Valley Views of the world.

    Can’t wait to see how the D2 landscape goes in this cycle.

  254. ScottyB says:

    Former Downingtown West standout and now former Kansas State QB, Will Howard, has entered the transfer portal. Interested to see where he ends up.

  255. Jeff H. says:

    @ Frank G – totally agree with you, I’ve said in the past if SJP was out of the picture there would be very little or no discussion about public vs. private. And your common them is correct, dominant programs have great coaching, you could add Erie Cathedral Prep to your list, dominant under previous coach Mike Mischler, not so much since he retired for the 2nd time

  256. Kevin X says:

    Your Sunday night fun fact…….Today’s NFL contest between Jacksonville and Houston featured two kickers who are both North Penn grads, Brandon McManus for Jax and Matt Ammendola for Houston. Ammendola missed a game trying 58 yard FG that doinked off the crossbar in the waning moments of the game.

    Also, two grads from an all boys catholic prep school located in Philly had themselves a nice day for the Eagles down in South Philly earlier today.

  257. Kevin X says:

    Interesting and curious how the 5A semi final game between Imhotep and Strath Haven ended up in the far western ‘burbs of District One and Coatesville. Imhotep and District 12 should have been “hosting” this game. Last year’s eastern 5A game was in D1 and Wissahickon. ‘Tep is on top of the bracket this year. Thought the game for sure would have been at the NE SS. If not at NE, then somewhere just north of the city, like Wissahickon again, Upper Dublin, or maybe even Norristown, who recently hosted a playoff game and a handful of District 12/PCL games this year. Wonder if this is another case of simply no one else in SEPA is willing to host on a Friday night and no other PIAA suitable facilities in D12. The PA high school hoops season tips off on Friday, so guessing many schools will be putting their attention and resources on any basketball games and tip off tournaments. Holiday events going on as well. If I’m Imhotep, I might be a little peeved at this, especially after a very long trip on Saturday. A very nice facility in Coatesville tho.

  258. FrankG says:

    I’ll correct myself now.

    You could say that Wood was dominant for several years, especially when Devlin was coach, and that Pine-Richland was also at least somewhat dominant, especially before they fired Coach K. When you throw in Southern Columbia under Roth, you can see a theme in there somewhere.

  259. FrankG says:

    @Walter D11 Small correction: SJP has won 7, not 8, of the last large school state championships. They did not win in 2015, 2017 or 2021. Also, I’m interested in what schools you have in mind when you refer to “all star teams.” The only other school that wins lots of championships is Southern Columbia. Scranton Prep and Bonner lost to public schools this weekend and McDevitt almost did. Has IMHOTEP won even one state championship? If it’s just SJP. say it

  260. Walter D11 says:

    In the last 10 years, St Joes has won 8 6A state championships. In the previous 10 years no one, (including Pitt Central) won more than 2 with 8 different schools winning at least 1. It is sad that the PIAA doesn’t kick these all star teams in to their own division. No backbone and certainly not looking out for the best interest of the sport and the kids that work so hard all year for a shot at state gold.

  261. Kevin X says:

    Wow, did I get lucky for the upcoming semi finals or what!! Eastern 5A game between Imhotep and Strath Haven at Coatesville Friday night, Eastern 6A game between CBS and SJP at North Penn Saturday afternoon. Now just need the weather to cooperate as well. Guess I will have to postpone my first visits to a local gym for the beginning of hoops season.

  262. Mark D says:

    I have not commented on here in quite a while, but to be honest, I’m very surprised to see 2 district. 2 teams and Eastern finals have been following football in this area for 60 Years and I thought the area was fairly weak this yeaao so 2 teams advanced to the Eastern finals. I think is a great year for the district. I don’t think it’s happened since 92. So good luck to all.

  263. MikeS says:

    @phillyboy, well it really doesn’t matter who wins to face St. Joes in the Eastern Finals, I thought CBW had a before their QB went down before the season, they adjusted well, but when by the end of the season and they had lost 3 more key starters (two of which were both way starters) I thought that was too much to overcome. Funny at least 3 of them (I think all 4) were ACL’s all on their home field, field issue? Manheim Township sure looked for real, DTE looked for real, Parkland and Nazareth were the best in the Lehigh Valley. But as long as St. Joe’s can pull players from South Jersey, and all-over Southeast Penna, it’s an all-star team playing everyone else. I looked up the Rosters of St. Joe’s, LaSalle & Malvern Prep before the season, between the 3 schools, they had 15 players from the Central Bucks School District on their rosters alone. Found players from as far north as Quakertown as far west as Coatesville. I just don’t get it, how does the PIAA, honestly feel this is fair competition, there needs to be some kind of limitation on it, or their own Class.

  264. mcd 65 says:

    The Dallas /Bonner game was a great contest,but how can a ref throw a flag for excessive celebration after a team scores in OT? That flag was nonsense . Another contest ruined by someone who feels the need to influence an outcome.

  265. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes sticks around for one more week! Next week will have two teams to talk about. If you’re in an even class, you had a great week. An odd class? Not really. Let’s start with winners.

    4A: Dallas/Bonner-Prendie was definitely an all time classic. I told you guys that B-P or PJP II shouldn’t overlook them. Dallas played exactly how you’d want them to against B-P. The game was just as back & forth as you could imagine & went into OT, to add suspense. Dallas blocked Bonner’s PAT in overtime & the Mounties took care of business answering it & getting the PAT. They get a tough battle with McDevitt. Dallas is better suited against them than Crestwood was. I don’t think it’ll be enough to win though.

    2A: Dunmore played a great game against D3’s Camp Hill, but it was pretty close all game long, up until the late stages of the second half. The Bucks got themselves through this battle & need all the luck they can get against that Southern Columbia team. Then again, Southern will end up as the 2A champion the next 10 years it seems.

    1A: Trail didn’t play as close of a game against Steel-High, as I hoped. Their undefeated season ends after a blowout loss to the best team in 1A. Steel-High vs. South Billport for a spot in the 1A battle next week. 1A is Steel-High’s to lose.

    3A: A close battle all game long with Prep & NW Lehigh, but as I said, Northwestern feels like a team that can get go all the way to Mechanicsburg. Wyo will have a tough battle. I think the Tigers can upset, as it’s my bold prediction. Prep had a great year, & had a signature win in the state playoffs. They usually don’t get as far as they do (except in the 2017-18 seasons), so this is one of their three best seasons ever.

    5A: We knew the outcome heading in. The game was closer than any of us up north imagined, if you go by the first half. DV couldn’t overcome a lot of mistakes. I’m proud of DV for making it this far & making it a real game for a half! Imhotep was just too much for them in the end. We’ll see if a District 1 team has a good enough team to surprise people. No clue how Strath matches up.

    6A: For the sake of the Subregional, it might be best to not talk about it. District 11 will never win against St. Joe’s, who should not even be in the state playoffs, or at least be in its own bracket with other private schools. The PIAA needs to let D11 play the D3 champ in the first states round, & then get the D12 champ, or District 1. Let’s face it: CB South has zero shot next week.

    Honestly, private school tournaments should be run by the NFHS, & be regional. Eastern PA (SJP, Roman, Wood, etc.) can combine with NJ & NY. Western PA (PCC, ECP, etc.) can mix in Ohio, WNY, & WV. Bishop McDevitt maybe can fit in with Baltimore/DC (Proximity). NEPA teams can blend in with NY & NJ. It’ll never happen, because of logistics, but if done right, you’d get real intriguing games. Imagine a playoff with SJP/Bergen Catholic or PCC/St. Edward? I have zero clue who’s good in Upstate NY, to give a Scranton Prep example.

    Anywho, Predictions For States. Two changes right now, but not a champion’s change. It’s as predictable as a Hallmark movie now as to the teams making the finals, IMO. I hope I’m wrong on at least a few of the finalists.

    – 1A: Steel-High over Redbank Valley
    – 2A: Southern (crown them already) over Westinghouse
    – 3A: Belle Vernon over Northwestern Lehigh
    – 4A: Aliquippa over McDevitt
    – 5A: Imhotep over Peters
    – 6A: SJP over Harrisburg

    One more update on the project I’m working on: I don’t think many will be interested, but for ones who want to know. I have just a few teams in a WPIAL division (the one South Side & Union are in) left to fill in, along with power rating numbers for opponents in 2A/3A leagues for some teams, before I finish the 1A teams up.

    I’ll probably post the project sometime this week (Maybe Wednesday) & showcase what I have so far. I needed a break for Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll explain how I did it, & you guys can follow the rest regularly to see what’s updated. That way, I don’t have to constantly share every class. Who knows? Some of you might see me working on it, over time.

    There are some intriguing showdowns in both the Northwest & Allegheny brackets, just like the East’s bracket came up with. There’s some good contingency “True EC type” games, which are for all remaining .500 or above teams. It’s just an 8-team playoff for 4 regions. 32 teams in total, so WPIAL & bigger districts can have at least an 8-team playoff in their biggest fields.

    All in all. It’s sad that we’re almost at the end of the season. At least the new classifications will be released soon, to see who moves to new classes & who moves up for the success points side. That’s always fun to look at, when it’s released.

  266. phillyboy says:

    What’s up with all these previously undefeated 6A teams getting unceremoniously bounced? I never bought into Parkland being legit, not for a second, nor CB West. Even though it was dubious, thought maybe just maybe Downingtown East might have had something going, but the biggest flop was Manheim Twp. Seemed like they were blowing teams out like they were the high school version of the1981 San Diego Chargers and with their recent state success exuded a certain understated confidence. Man, would be nice if any district outside of D7 could produce a state championship caliber team at least once or twice a decade — is that too much to ask?

  267. TD21 says:


    A few years ago the Richland or BG game was played at Mansion park in Altoona and I believe that’s their home stadium? It’s been a change since Covid. SCA had one there at home two years ago for the semi final round. Danville probably got eliminated due to them having a game last evening. Regardless if the game was there or not. Not sure if Shamokin is still in the rotation for games any more. That was a common site for D4 state semis previously.

  268. MCA75 says:

    @Kevin X thanks for the info. I just thought it was odd because I have never seen any school get a home playoff game after districts. There are multiple stadiums close by in D4 that should be suitable to host a game.

  269. Don M says:

    A tale of two Manheims, but the end of the road for both. Manheim Central did everything it needed to and then some to pull off a shocking upset of Bishop McDev. In the end the game was 5 minutes too long. Props to them for an outstanding game plan and an even better effort. On the other hand, Manheim Twp. basically played 30 minutes of football and then went to sleep. The outcome was another Harrisburg furious rally and the ultimate shocking outcome for Twp. All season long Twp. got away with dumb penalties and an offensive line that was highly overrated. That all caught up with them in the end and when their offense needed it the most in overtime, they came up empty. Harrisburg deserved to win and now will be fed to the lions when North Allegheny destroys them.

  270. Kevin X says:

    @ MCA75

    From a PIAA link that I posted a few weeks ago……..nothing nefarious going on here:


    The location of first and quarter-final round PIAA Football Contests may be at the home site of the team at the top of the bracket if:
    1. Both competing teams are located in PIAA Districts on the East or West Regions of the state.
    2. Competing teams are located in separate East and West Regions, but the PIAA Districts of the competing teams are contiguous.
    3. Otherwise, Contest will be held at a location between the two involved PIAA Districts at a site selected by the PIAA Football Tournament Director
    If the home site does not meet the requirements of the Facility and Field Checklist, the contest may be played at a site in the PIAA District of the team at the top of the bracket that meets those requirements.
    The final determination of the host site will be dependent on the appropriateness of the site while using the Facility and Field Checklist.
    The PIAA Executive Director is the final authority on Contest Site Selections.

  271. Mike Unger says:

    Hahaha, your a dime a dozen cupcake. On any Board????? Again, you continue to spew incompetence. Banished after beating in an apartment? So there was an apartment? I need more details….Do you understand how foolish you continue to look? You can say whatever you want about me Mr. incognito, but we can meet up and you can mention my son face to face. Just a friendly suggestion. And you still haven’t answered one question. So next time you are sitting down to pee, come up with something of substance to provide to the Forum. Google “Fact and Fiction”, to increase your IQ before you spew more. You’re the real blow hard, but with a mask on. I’ll give you one little fact here on the web…there was nothing to out, so no one outed. Way deeper than that. But you can buy my book when it’s done. I may even use the fictional character name “Foleman”. And Still State Champions.

  272. EmanD3 says:

    Wyomissing with 480 on the ground against 12-1 Danville. Nice W, 48-27. Should be a slobberknocker next week against NW Lehigh

  273. Kevin X says:

    Ouch, tough night, rough night for the greater Lancaster area. Ephrata, Manheim Central and Township all see their respected seasons come to an end. Central and Township, yeeesh!!!, you guys had them!! Thought I’d have some more interest going into the semi final weekend. Oh well, at least I get one more local game to go to as Central Bucks South should be playing somewhere within a stones throw from me.

  274. Foleman says:

    Mike Unger, Your back! The biggest blow hard on any HS football board. I thought you were banished forever after the beating you took years ago with your apartment dwelling son. If BC is giving out free scholarships then they are doing a pretty lousy job doing it as they have been getting blown out by every good team they played the last few years. One thing I would love to know who outed your son years ago to the PIAA.

  275. Cw says:

    Nw Lehigh is playing some great football!
    I know there scout/coaches have been in person scouting wyo .prep, NG, Danville for several weeks already. This team is very well prepared. They adjust very well in game situations.The kids have bought into the game planning which is many hours each week. It’s special to watch.
    Good luck to all teams still playing this time of the year it’s all about the kids with their desire and commitment.

  276. NE says:

    @D11 Matt. I know JC is disgusted that Northwestern blew their doors off.. lmao.

  277. Helen Ann Long says:

    Maybe you should ask the PIAA, they make the schedule. BTW, Southern 18 Bald Eagle Area 8. Go Tigers!

  278. D11 Matt says:


    Northwestern won a pretty convincing 27-6 win over Scranton Prep. Looks like they get Wyo next week. They do have one common opponent…..Pottsville. NW won 56-14, Wyo won 41-7. Wyo is favorite but Northwestern will give them a game.

  279. Cw says:

    Northwestern Lehigh is for real!
    They are very physical on defense!
    They are very disciplined on offense and the play calling is something special to see!
    They take over a game and it’s lights out!

  280. NE says:

    @JC What a phenomenal performance by NW Lehigh once again. Josh Snyder continues to do his thing.

  281. MCA75 says:

    How does Southern Columbia get a game at their home stadium in the state playoffs?

  282. Mike Unger says:

    11yrs later and you need a life. Didn’t look into any facts (just as any other butthurt person out there). I assume with your false screen name, you are a BC person, or an old Fwood person who still has no idea what they spat. Let’s meet up and chat about facts. I’ll let you buy me a beer as well. I’m not hard to find. So tell everyone…who stashed my son in an apartment in Wyomissing? Who paid for that? Was he living there? Tell us all please since you think to know what the situation was. Tell everyone what role Unger had with the team during the season???? Come on FOLEMAN lol. Also, what does Wyo have on the PIAA ? I can school you with facts on here or in person and make you look silly both ways. As for recent transfers to Wyo, you are clueless on that subject as well, but keep spatting your inept info behind a screen. Trust me, you are just making so many laugh. Oh, and Unger would never have transferred to BC,,,even with those free recruiting scholarships.

  283. Jc says:

    @D11 Matt did you graduate from northern lehigh

  284. Brian says:

    Santa, or shall we call you Bad Santa as Kris Kringle can’t possibly be as old and crotchety as you?
    I’m not sure why you’d think I never played or how you think I could give a complete description of the horrendous conditions of that cow patty you call a field if I wasn’t actually at the game standing in the rain. Seeing as though the majority of Troy fans were under the cover of the grandstand roof or their canopies they put up behind the end zone, I’m not sure you have much leeway to suggest SCA fans are the weak ones here. Not everyone that comes to games is equipped to slide through mud and SCA has some very dedicated disabled fans who have just as much right to enjoy the game as you or I do.
    Perhaps your side did partake in too much whiskey before the game and that explains so many commenting that this game was the equivalent of states.
    I personally wouldn’t call kids names because I’m a grown adult who clearly has more empathy for others than you do. Over a million Americans died from Covid. SCA’s previous AD was one of them. It wasn’t created by anyone, but it certainly was poorly handled by that administration.

    @78TigerFan, I think their coach thought their team would have the advantage in those conditions until he saw they did not. They may use this as reasoning to build a real field. There certainly is a valid argument they need one. Do they have the funds though to pull it off? Is there enough land by the school to put up a field? I can’t imagine people are still defending that abysmal facility.

  285. Jeff H. says:

    Predictions and comments on the Western games this week

    6A – NA beat McDowell by 3 TDs early in the season up in Erie, this game is on their home field, it might be close for a while but I would be surprised if NA doesn’t win this game by 2-3 scores, setting up a very interesting matchup next week with the winner of the MT-Harrisburg game.

    5A – as I outlined last weekend Peters was very impressive in blowing out Pine Richland for their first WPIAL title, very good defense, balanced offense, and their sophomore QB Nolan DiLucia is a rising star, Erie Prep doesn’t lose to a WPIAL team at home very often, but I think Peters is a complete team and wins this game by 2 TDs

    4A – I picked McKeesport to beat Aliquippa before the playoffs started, and I’m not going back on that prediction now, then again I thought McKeesport had a good chance against them last year, and in a game I attended Aliquippa dominated from the start and won 42-7, after beating them in double OT the year before. McKeesport’s triple option running game is tough to defend, and with 6’2″ 255 lb fullback Keith Spell and a couple of really good tailbacks in his younger brother Kemon and leading rusher Anthony Boyd they are a handful to stop, all three have scored double digit TDs this season. I think McKeesport has the advantage in the trenches this year, which was not the case the last 2 years, and I think they manage to squeak out a win. This is Aliquippa’s 16th straight appearance in the WPIAL title game which is mind boggling in a district like the WPIAL, that’s like the Chiefs or Patriots playing in 16 straight AFC championship games.

    3A – rematch from last year’s final, Avonworth is very good, but Belle Vernon is on a different level, I think BV wins by 2 scores and will be back in the state final in a few weeks to defend their title

    2A – another rematch from last year won by SV 34-14, BF has been rolling in the playoffs, and SV is not as good as last year, but I still think they win their 2nd straight WPIAL title by 10 points

    Westinghouse travels to Farrell in another rematch from last year, I picked Farrell to get to the state final before the playoffs started, but the House has been more impressive the last 3 weeks, so I’m picking Westinghouse to win and then win again next week and advance to the final for a rematch with Southern

    1A – great matchup with 2 undefeated teams in the first game of the day at Acrisure, Fort Cherry has never won a WPIAL title and has a superstar in sophomore QB Matt Sieg, South Side has not won a WPIAL title since 1999 and counters with a Wing-T offense and punishing ground game, both teams have very good defenses, I’ll take South Side by a TD.

    Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving and enjoys the games this weekend!

  286. Foleman says:

    Saul T, yes it was Unger who should have not been allowed to play at all and Wyo should have had been put on probation for knowingly stashing a football player in their school district. Does Wyo beat Imhotep and Alliquippa without Unger? That’s up for debate, Unger was clearly better than the starting QB who moved back to wide receiver during the Semi and state finals to make way for Unger. Here’s another tidbit, Unger was practicing with the team the entire season so it wasn’t like he was thrown in there without any practice for the semi’s and state final. Answer me this, if Unger transferred to Berks Catholic do you think the same rules would apply?

  287. 78CatFan says:

    Do you feel superior now?

  288. 78CatFan says:

    Hey Brian,
    Do you think that Coach Smith’s comment about the field conditions at the Troy game was his way of getting the attention the right people of their school district to build their own stadium? I’m sure it’s been talked about over the years.

  289. Santa says:

    I bet you never even played any sports and probably you are still wearing your mask from a virus that your president created. There’s nothing wrong with mud and the game was played in mud for 80 years. Stop eating your Doritos and live-streaming the game and go watch it in the rain. If you are too weak for the conditions then drink some whiskey to get the blood flowing. Mount Carmels two timer Mike was there in the rain calling Troy kids names so you can too. By the way pass it on that I’m having an open try out for mike to be one of my elves. Good luck to southern go win another and to Brian just stay warm I’d hate for you to get your sneakers dirty in the November rain.

  290. Jc says:

    When your undefeated you usually do execute better than anyone you play. What’s worse me saying northwestern Lehigh coaches are not one of the best in the state yet and they had a great season with a weak schedule ( not there fault) league was down, and in this coaches tenure they have never one a state playoff game so don’t put them there yet or you people not having any sense and somehow making them better than they have shown yet. I don’t hate nw Lehigh, they can win a state title this year, but they have never moved past this point in this coaches tenure, so why is he one of the best?

  291. WE says:

    JC. No one is saying he’s clearly the best in the state by any means. I do believe he’s a great coach, and their staff as a whole is also great. Their team is well run and execute very very well.

    A lot of times in high school football, you see a lot of wacky things for lack of better words. You don’t see that with Northwestern, it’s clean football with really good execution on both sides of the ball. And that directly goes back to the head coach and staff.

  292. Jeff H. says:

    @Foleman – apparently he must have met one of the exceptions to the rule, but the PIAA is usually pretty strict about them, so I would like to know which exception he used to qualify, does the family live in the Wyomissing district or did they move into the district? Here’s the section in the PIAA bylaws that cover transfers and postseason eligibility after 9th, 10th and 11th grades

    1. A waiver of Section 7 A1, A2, A3 and B, postseason
    ineligibility may be granted upon submission of necessary
    documentation to a District Committee and the determination by
    the District Committee upon clear and convincing evidence by
    the student, through the student’s school, that the transfer was
    necessitated by exceptional and unusual circumstances beyond
    the reasonable control of the student’s family. The District
    Committee has discretion to grant such waiver without a hearing
    upon receipt of appropriate supporting documentation, as set
    forth below, demonstrating that a waiver is justified. Requests
    lacking the required documentation, or, in the opinion of the
    Committee, providing inadequate documentation, may still be
    considered under Subsection 2 below.
    a. A transfer following a local child welfare agency approved
    change in residence;
    Documentation required: proof of child welfare
    organization approval of change of residence.
    b. A school-initiated administrative transfer within a school
    Documentation required: the official school district
    transfer document.
    c. A transfer following a court order directing such transfer or
    change in residence;
    Documentation required: copy of the court order.
    d. A transfer caused by a military reassignment of a parent;
    Documentation required: copy of the military transfer
    e. A transfer caused by release from a juvenile facility;
    Documentation required: copy of the official release
    f. A transfer following a school’s decision to terminate its
    interscholastic athletic program;
    Documentation required: copy of the minutes or
    directives confirming the school’s official action.
    g. A transfer following a bona fide change of residence
    resulting from a change in employer of a parent;
    Documentation required: proof of (1) new residential
    arrangements (lease or purchase documents); and (2)
    the change of employer (a job reclassification or shift
    hours change with a current employer will not support a
    request under this provision).
    h. A transfer following an involuntary substantial change in
    financial condition and resources that compels
    withdrawal from a school.
    Documentation required: documents showing (1) a
    substantial reduction in family income and, (2) that
    tuition assistance was sought and denied or was
    insufficient to overcome the substantial reduction in
    family income.
    i. A transfer occurring after a school closes;
    Documentation required: proof of school closure.
    j. A transfer resulting from bullying, harassment, or other
    misconduct directed at the student.
    Documentation required: (1) written corroboration from
    persons unrelated to the student and/or the student’s
    family that the alleged misconduct occurred, and (2) a
    letter from school administration that confirms the
    student timely sought assistance of appropriate school
    personnel to address such misconduct and that the
    school agrees that a transfer was appropriate.
    k. A transfer because of violence, or a threat of violence,
    directed against the student.
    Documentation required: copy of the police and/or
    school report(s) of the incident(s). A general assertion
    of dangerous conditions in a school or community will
    not support a request under this provision.

    So, which of these exceptions did he meet to be eligible, would love to hear an explanation from someone that knows. As for the 2012 situation I don’t believe these transfer rules were not in effect at that time but sounds like they got around the residency requirement by nefarious means.

  293. D11 Matt says:

    JC, I’m not saying he’s the best in the state. Others on here are not either. We are not saying the team is the best in the state, nobody else is either. We are just saying they are a very good team and have a chance this year. What’s wrong with that? This topic is done as far as I’m concerned. You seem to have it out for northwestern and or the colonial league. Best of luck to Northwestern and Nazareth next weekend. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!

  294. Saul T says:

    @Foleman. “Wyo is a school that won their only state championship with a Quarterback from fleetwood”….You must be referencing Unger. Who was deemed ineligible for 1 year from date of transfer and wasn’t able to play until the state semis vs Imhotep….and he was hardly the difference maker vs Quips in Hershey

  295. jc says:

    I love when someone makes no sense in what they say but don’t know there making no sense. Yes yes NW Lehigh 25 years ago made it further than they will this year. Yes the coach now was a player and an assistant coach back then. But what the hell does that have to do with him being possibly the best coach in the state, he’s never won a state playoff game as a head coach. The colonial league blinders you people put on make ray Charles look like a hawk. Southern Lehigh is not a state caliber team, nor is blue Mt, Notre Dame was down and palmerton one trick pony. I’m not saying they didn’t play great I’m saying winning against colonial league teams and beating the best r not the same. There coach might be the best, This team might go all the way, ahhh no they won’t

  296. Irish1 says:

    @Kevin X, Heywood did not play beyond the Pac title game not eligible due to transfere rule. I can’t confirm this but I believe the Pac coaches voted him 2nd team all league in the ultimate act of pettiness.Had a great year invited to All American bowl and yet not on the first team. Lot of sour grapes in that league,

  297. Foleman says:

    PJP’S Heywood and Tep’s Denmark ineligible for the playoffs but Wyomissing’s Marvin Armistead, who transferred over from Berks Catholic his Sr Year is eligible? What gives here? Who does Wyo have pictures of at PIAA Headquarters? And Wyo is a school that won their only state championship with a Quarterback from fleetwood who transferred in his Sr year that was stashed in a Wyomissing apartment and still somehow got to play. People complain about the Private School transfers from Public Schools but I can tell you that several Public School programs in Berks County are among the dirtiest in the State!

  298. D2 Fan says:

    Sending my picks for Thanksgiving & Elite 8 early. Hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day!

    Thanksgiving Week Picks (First one was played, but I had a prediction written down by then).
    – Gratz (PPL) 23, Kensington (PPL) 19
    – Future (PPL) 30, Belmont Charter (12) 7
    – O’Hara (12) 28, Marple-Newtown (1) 14
    – Easton (11) 21, Phillipsburg (NJ) 20
    – N’Hampton (EPC) 45, Catty (C-S) 14
    – Roman (PCL) 33, Frankford (PPL) 10
    – Arch. Ryan (PCL) 27, Geo. Wash. (PPL) 6
    – Ben Franklin (PPL) 24, Dobbins (PPL) 11
    – Father Judge (PCL) 38, Lincoln (PPL) 8
    – Haverford (Central) 23, Upper Darby (Central) 15
    – Neumann-Goretti (PCL) 49, South Philly (PPL) 8
    – MLK (PPL) 42, Olney Charter (PPL) 0
    – West Philly (PPL) 29, Overbrook (PPL) 16
    – Ridley (Central) 25, Interboro (DVL) 14
    – Quakertown (SOL) 36, Pennridge (SOL) 22
    – Bristol (BAL) 24, Morrisville (BAL) 3
    – Northeast (PPL) 42, Central (PPL) 6
    – Chichester (DVL) 24, Sun Valley (Central) 7

    District 2 Picks
    – 1A: Steel-High 29, Lack. Trail 28
    – 2A: Dunmore 37, Camp Hill 14
    – 3A: NW Lehigh 34, Scranton Prep 24
    – 4A: Bonner-Prendie 27, Dallas 16
    – 5A: Imhotep 35, Delaware Valley 14

    – Cambria Heights (6) 35, South Williamsport (4) 25
    – Redbank Valley (9) 42, Cambridge Springs (10) 10
    – WPIAL Final: Fort Cherry 26, South Side 23

    – So. Columbia (4) 28, BEA (6) 10
    – Farrell (10) 28, Westinghouse (8) 14
    – WPIAL Final: Steel Valley 35, Beaver Falls 20

    – Wyomissing (3) 32, Danville (4) 21
    – Central (6) 31, Hickory (10) 13
    – WPIAL Final: Belle Vernon 31, Avonworth 16

    – D3 Final: McDevitt 35, Manheim Central 15
    – WPIAL Final: Quips 31, McKeesport 22
    – Selinsgrove (4) 41, Juniata (6) 16

    – D1 Final: Strath Haven 31, Chester 19
    – D3 Final: Cocalico 23, Ephrata 20
    – Peters (7) 24, ECP (10) 21

    – SJP (12) 30, Nazareth (11) 11
    – D1 Final: D’town West 28, CB South 17
    – D3 Final: Harrisburg 38, Manheim Twp. 24
    – North Allegheny (7) 22, McDowell (10) 16

  299. Ryan says:

    Heywood – PJP – Not eligible
    Denmark – Not eligible – has not played

    Bonner is 10-2 and playing two Freshman QB’s. They are young, I’ve been impressed with what they do

    Chester has played very well, can definitely see them winning this week against Strath Haven

    CB South – I believe will beat DT West

  300. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – I did not make it to the WPIAL 6A game last Saturday as I had a prior commitment, but I’m not surprised NA won, once PR exposed PCC’s defensive weakness in week 6 I thought NA had a good chance to win the rematch, they ran for 358 yards against PCC’s defense that has 3 Power 5 linebackers, including 240 by QB Logan Kushner. The game started with a 99 yard kickoff return for a TD by PCC, but NA took control from there. For the 4 WPIAL playoff games at Acrisure on Friday it will be cash at the gate, tickets also available online if fans prefer that method that you and I hate! NA should beat McDowell on their home field this week, they beat them by 3 TDs early in the season up in Erie, I think NA against the D3 winner next week will be a very good game.

    Tyseer Denmark is ineligible for the playoffs due to the transfer rules

    @MCA75 – Steel Valley is good but not as good as last year, and they are going to have their hands full with Beaver Falls in the WPIAL final, I think the winner of the Westinghouse-Farrell game this weekend will face Southern in the state final, very well could be a rematch of last year. Speaking of Beaver Falls, they gave up 3 pick 6’s to Wash High last week and still managed to win 28-26, has anyone ever heard of a team giving up 3 of them and still winning? BF was one of the preseason favorites to win WPIAL 2A, but they had a rough regular season with some injuries and lost 3 games by a field goal or less, they are peaking at the right time and will give SV a battle this week.

  301. D11Matt says:

    Also JC,

    Josh Snyder was a senior in the 97 district championship team that lost in eastern finals to South Williamsport and was an assistant on the 02 team that lost to Mount Carmel in eastern final. He was a WR at Lehigh from 98-01.

  302. Foleman says:

    Berks Catholic Head Coach Rick Keeley Resigns. Keeley coached a total of 48 years, 38 years as a Head Coach at Holy Name, Hamburg and Berks Catholic, his overall record was 280-160-3. He went 118-41-3 at Berks Catholic, his teams won 4 District 3 titles. He started Coaching out of College at St.Pius X in Pottstown where he played for legendary coach Jim Mich. keeley was also an all conference nose guard at Kutztown. You wont find a nicer man than Coach Keeley. His program has been on a downward trend the last several years with the last 2 being losing seasons. Several big time transfers out of the program to Public Schools has had a negative affect on the program. The transfer rule also has neutered their ability to reload. Assistant Head Coach Dave Stahler will probably get the job, I doubt many BC folks will be happy about this as he and a few of his assistant coaches were the reason for the mass exodus of talented players leaving the team.

  303. D11Matt says:

    @JC, really? What do you have against Northwestern Lehigh. Nobody said they are winning a state title. People are just saying, me included, that they are a very good team. As an alum of their rival, I haven’t seen a northwestern Lehigh team this good since the early 2000s. Does that mean they win this week? No. But they are a fun team to watch. They beat a 5A team that was in dist championship by mercy rule, a good blue mountain team, a solid Notre Dame GP team and then beat a 12-0 team that has an all state QB. I’m not sure what more you want. Anyway, good luck to Northwestern this week.

  304. Kevin X says:

    @ Foleman & Irish 1

    Do you guys know if Heywood played?? If not, was he ineligible due to the transfer rules?? Did he play in the two District One playoff games?? Not that I think it really mattered in ultimate outcome with all of the PJPII turnovers.

    Speaking of transfers, any sightings of Tyseer Denmark?? Ineligible, injured, other?? I watched some of the Imhotep/MLK 5A PPL Championship game 2 weeks ago and he was nowhere to be seen on or off the field.

  305. Jc says:

    D11 matt and there coach now was probably 13 years old. How does that make him one of the best? NW Lehigh will lose. You don’t agree that NW Lehigh played in a week division. Who played for a district title in there division? That’s right nobody. The colonial likes playing all conference schedules. Which makes for them never seeing different competition. I think it costs them in states. Pottsville plays wyomissing and jersey shore, ns plays Mt. Carmel. NW Lehigh plays the same old teams. And whoever you are that mancrushes NW Lehigh, so this brilliant mind decided to build from the lower levels and run the same offenses thru school, no one’s done that before accept bucktail maybe. You have made NW Lehigh a state power before they have won a state game. The only thing they have going for them is they can compete with prep, goretti rather listen to Harry kalas calling routine pop ups home runs then here u give NW Lehigh state power cresentials

  306. Dave says:

    Coach Roth and his staff are well aware of Bald Eagle’s strengths and weaknesses, and will have a defensive plan prepared. My prediction is the starting defense doesn’t give up a point, and BEA scores late, long after the outcome has been decided. Southern 42, Bald Eagle 7.

  307. MCA75 says:

    Idk how good Westinghouse/ Farrell/Steel Valley are this year but I don’t see Southern being challenged by anyone left in the East. I’ll be surprised if BEA keeps it within 3 TDs and the next game will probably be over by halftime.

  308. Kevin X says:

    @ Jay

    DTE had a game scheduled at Academy Park mid season that was cancelled because of threats. They considered playing that Monday, but ultimately just cancelled the game and I guess called it a no contest. No forfeit loss or win was given. Just an unintended bye week and move on to the next game.

    DTE RB Ayden Harris was also very instrumental in their record. He was the leading RB in District One this year. I saw him against DTW in their regular season game. No way did I see what happened Friday night coming. I was all set to come back to Kottmeyer this Friday for the Championship game with DTE against CB South. Guess the silver lining for me is that CB South is a lot closer, unless I decide to mix with things up and head north to the Lehigh Valley (Prep/NWL).

    Thinking if DTW wins (and SJP does as well) that the 6A eastern final next week might be in Coatesville. District One is on the top of the bracket this year and will host. If CB South wins, guessing Upper Dub or Wissahickon will have the honors, or crazy thought, CB West.

  309. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H

    Thank you Sir!! That tho was only half my prediction, as I do believe I mentioned that Scranton Prep would also beat the D11 champ. I have no reason to go back on that statement, nor will I. Good thing that was my only on the record prediction. I would not have fared too well otherwise. Only had DelVal, CS South and Chester winning. Parkland, Valley View, PJPII, DTE, RC and Springfield Delco would have all done me in. I was at the latter’s game against Strath Haven Friday night. Another excellent contest in Wallingford on a perfect night in mid November for football that came down to a final seconds field goal attempt. This one tho was short by about 5 yards and this time SH prevailed. I will reiterate, the Strath Haven band rocks!! Fleetwood Mac, Bruno Mars, Blink 182!!

    Did you make the WPIAL 6A championship game?? That one appeared to have been a crazy fun barnburner of a game.

    Good to hear your are still using good ole US paper currency to get into games. That game two weeks ago you went to that you had the issue with still strikes me as odd. Guess it was the home school’s call and policy. Curious to know what the arrangement is this weekend with the games at the Steeler’s stadium. You are aware I’m sure that once games reach the PIAA level, all are via on-line ticketing only. I’ve been adjusting for football (not liking it), but other sports (and playoffs), not so much. We’ll see what this upcoming hoops season brings.

  310. Boomer fan says:

    Not to bring back the good old days, but all talk about Troy’s muddy field brings back memories of a Blakely/Minersville Eastern Conference final in the 60’s.
    Granted, it’s a different world today with state playoffs, but that game was played in almost a foot of mud. They just played and made the best of it. Safety of players wasn’t considered.
    Now with turf fields, all games should be played there. BTW Blakely won.

  311. Jeff H. says:

    @Brian – I don’t have any information about the Farrell players in question but don’t believe everything you read on Facebook, the PIAA is pretty strict with the transfer rules and ineligibility for the playoffs, so unless the players met certain well defined exceptions to the rule they will not be playing in the playoffs, maybe NW PA can chime in because he’s a D10 guy.

    @D2 Fan – the WPIAL has been using neutral sites for playoff games for decades, most quarterfinals and all semi-finals and finals are played at neutral fields, all must have turf and adequate seating, sounds like D4 should consider adopting a similar policy as the WPIAL and D11 have.

  312. Cw says:

    I don’t agree with you regarding NW Lehigh being in a weak division. You have a right to your opinion. Nw is a program that has been working towards improving to be at the next level of hs football started many years back starting with youth program.
    The coaches have been together since head coach josh Snyder took over the program and set expectations. Most of the kids in the program grow up in the school district and started at youth especially the past 4years it’s been the same kids up through. I saying facts this program has all the things needed to be at that level with the teams you say are regulars in state bracket. Now they must prove they belong!
    That’s why they play the game.
    Scranton prep won that game with NG because they were disciplined. They have a good all around team. NG was big in size but they took many plays off. NW is a very disciplined team I have seen them in person this year 2 games they are well coached!

  313. D2 Fan says:

    @ Brian

    What you said makes me think: Should District 4 take a page out of District 11 & have neutral site finals in 1-4A? Anyone else can chime in.

    Seeing what you said makes me think that District 4 should. More fields, honestly, should be available for the playoffs, if they’re suited. Williamsport, Danville, Selinsgrove, & maybe Shamokin (I believe they had a neutral site state game once, correct me if I mixed it up) are probably good enough fits to host finals. It’d be cool if they made a deal at Bloomsburg’s stadium (the college).

  314. Irish1 says:

    @ Foleman, i agree with your points. I do believe if PJP and Bonner played ten times PJP probably wins most of them. Bonner came to play and I dont think PJP adjusted to Bonner’s quickness on defense fast enough and it cost them. They could get away with a screen pass inside their own five against most teams on the schedule.Then fumbling inside their own five right after that kind of gave you the feeling it wasnt going to be their day.The drive where they could have changed the game and cut the lead in half was the back breaker. I will never understand why coaches feel the need to get away from what got them down the field when they get near the goal line. . That should have been six points there. .PJP is a well coached team so cant complain too much,I think they would probably like to have a few of those calls back. In the end everyone is probably just playing for the right to get handled by McDevitt by multiple scores, it just would have been fun to keep playing and get a chance against them. Great season,anytime you win 12 games, league and district titles lot to be proud of. Good luck to the remaining teams.

  315. Johnson says:

    @Brian – Very well said. Hopefully it changes going forward because that venue just simply isn’t suited to host championship games. Not everyone has a great facility to host these games, which is perfectly fine. It’s not about fans crying and complaining, it’s about having a venue that works for both sets of fans, and will provide adequate playing conditions for both teams. And that game on Friday just wasn’t even close to providing that.

  316. Jeff H. says:

    @Helen Ann Long – I agree with you, especially since the game is at Southern, I think Bald Eagle will keep it close into the 2nd half but Southern will eventually wear them down and win by a couple of scores, I don’t expect this game to be a blowout win for Southern. Bald Eagle has a very good QB and passing attack so it will be interesting to see how Southern defends against their explosive offense.

    @D2 Fan – Redbank Valley vs. the WPIAL winner will be a very competitive game and I wouldn’t be surprised if Redbank Valley won, but I think the WPIAL winner has the advantage in playing a much tougher schedule. I also think the winner of the Westinghouse-Farrell game will beat the WPIAL winner next week in the semi-finals, that game is at Farrell so they certainly have a bit of an advantage playing on their home field.

  317. Brian says:

    It may have been a blessing that the District 4 AA final was played at Troy as an official from District 4 had to show up to present the trophy. Certainly he noticed the small muddy area on top of the visitor’s bleachers the cheerleaders had to themselves (maybe 5 feet wide) that they were slipping around in, the fact the visiting band couldn’t safely go onto the muddy field at halftime to play, and the fact that SCA fans had to stand on the top of the 5 high bleachers in order to see over the football players and cheerleaders on the sidelines to still have an abysmal view of the field. He certainly had to walk over the same mud that the rest of us slopped through in order to get to the SCA sidelines. The comments by the Troy coach that his team lost because of the field conditions is ridiculous. SCA was sliding around in the same mud that Troy was and it certainly slowed them down and threw off their passing game as well. They insisted they play there and the only advantage to them ended up being that their fans could sit under the cover of their grandstand and stand under their portable canopies they set up behind the goal posts. Die hard SCA fans stood in the rain on crappy bleachers and many stayed home and watched it online. The idea that SCA fans are bandwagon fans is pretty funny since many of these fans have been following the Tigers religiously since the 80s and have even traveled as far as South Carolina to watch them play. We have now gone to this field twice and last year cars had to be pulled out of the mud in the parking lot behind the visitor’s bleachers. This year many of us opted to park with the home team but then had to slide our way on foot a distance to get to the visitor’s side. Yes, Troy had far more fans that attended their local game, but this is the same group of fans that when the game was at SCA in previous years didn’t have enough fans in our bleachers to represent parents for each kid playing and they had a decent set of bleachers awaiting them. As stated earlier, games aren’t won by how many fans you have at a game. We’re excited to have an unexpected home game this Friday. I’m sure that our fans will be excited to pack the stands from this point forward. There definitely needs to be a bar set for what is acceptable conditions to host these games. Thankfully none of the kids were injured because of these conditions, but no team should have to play in that mess. Troy fans wanted to say that Friday’s game was the equivalent of the state championships for AA….SCA isn’t that naive to think that they won states at this point.

    Now, moving forward, has anyone heard that there were a few players on western teams that the PIAA wasn’t sure it was going to allow play because of transfer rules? I read a post on a Facebook group where someone mentioned two of those players were key players for Farrell. Wouldn’t the PIAA rules have kept these players from participating in previous games?

  318. D11 Matt says:

    JC. Northwestern has won some state playoff games. They lost in the eastern final in the mid 90s and in 2002.

  319. Jc says:

    Ok lets face facts, I dont think nw lehigh has ever won a state playoff game out of a district title. They have been great, there coaches seem to be great coaches but lets have them or any other team from district 11 win a state playoff game before they move ahead of the countless teams who have went deep into state playoffs. Nw lehigh is the best 3a district 11 team, that might not mean much. Southern lehigh, blue mountain, palmerton and notre dame r the only meaningful wins, nd was over rated, southern lehigh was the second best team in a weak division, palmerton should never have even been in the 3a title game if ns had a coach with a brain, so who did nw lehigh beat? Maybe they are one of the best ever or maybe scranton prep will bear them and d11 3a will go out with a wimper again. Thats my guess

  320. Jay says:

    In my comment below, first paragraph, I’m talking about East’s defense of course. A case of poor syntax and no editing.

  321. Jay says:

    I went to the Downingtown East vs. West game on Friday. This was the first time seeing East and second time seeing West (the other being when they beat Coatesville). Looking at their schedule and seeing all of those shutouts and a total of something like 33 points allowed the whole season leading into this game, it was obvious that their defense was the main reason they were 11-0 (they only played 9 regular season games, I’m not sure what happened tbh, I haven’t looked into it).

    My first reaction after about a quarter and a half was that East plays an incredibly predictable offense. I understand that they have a very good RB, and I also understand that many high school programs are extremely run-heavy. I get all that. But when that stops working for you, when you continue to get stuffed for little to no yardage, some semblance of a passing game is crucial. Now I’m not sure if this game was just a fluke for East, but they just did not adjust. Aside from a couple long runs, West sniffed out everything that East did.

    West’s offense, on the other hand, was quite dynamic. Of course they didn’t light up the scoreboard but again we’re talking about a juggernaut East defense. West’s two touchdowns were a beautiful Hail Mary pass as the clock expired at halftime (which I’d love to see an instant replay of… that was incredibly close from my view… the very back of the end zone and I think one foot and just barely…) and the second score came at the end of the fourth quarter after they had East pinned back on the one yard line after a beautiful punt. They forced a three-and-out and an East punt from the end zone that only reached I think the 35 yard line. From there, the West QB took charge and used all of his offensive weapons to get down to about the five yard line, and then he ran it in on a QB sweep to the right with about 20 seconds to go. That was it.

    A very scrappy game. West was the scrappier of the two. They needed to be. I don’t know a thing about CB South other than they squeaked by Coatesville in a game that should’ve gone to OT, and they routed an injury-riddled CB West. So I don’t know how to predict this game, aside from mutual opponents which is only Coatesville, but I’ve always found that method faulty. I went to Dtown before the split so I’ll root for West but idk. I haven’t looked at the bracket setup but I assume the winner will have the honor of being shellacked by The Prep.

    Regardless… I love this time of the year.

  322. Helen Ann Long says:

    Bald Eagle Area looks good on paper, but most of the teams they played have poor W-L records. Not saying they aren’t a good team but SCA will come up with a game plan to win this one as they always do. Troy gave them an admirable first half, but SCA knows how to wear teams down. Richland gave them good games in the past but could not keep up with them in the second half. BEA will give them a good game but not good enough to win this one.

  323. Dave says:

    SCA’s recent 14 point margin of victory will likely be the smallest it incurs, on their journey to another state title.

  324. D2 Fan says:

    @ Jeff H & D11 Matt

    About the West Final possibility; Redbank Valley definitely doesn’t have the schedule that WPIAL goes through, that’s a great point. I’ve noticed that in the project I’m working on, & think most D9 (D10 too) programs should schedule outside of district in the first few weeks. I gave Redbank an edge because the program has recently been there before. The spotlight might not be as big for them as a team that hasn’t made a run past the WPIAL in a while (or ever).

    Trail is going to give Steel-High a game. Maybe WQMY will be nice enough to broadcast it this weekend. They’ve been close to being knocked out of the playoffs the last few years, but I’m not going to say Trail will win. Shoutout to NoBedCo on a hard fought battle. District 5 never shows up in states, so that’s the best effort I’ve seen from a team that way.

    Yeah, I might be premature with Southern, but I might be half-joking. It feels like they’re almost unstoppable. Bald Eagle does look like a solid team. If they upset them, that’d be something. I think we’ll get a rematch of ‘17 in the East final, & whoever comes out west will give them some good competition. Farrell/Westinghouse is going to be a good one. I’d love to see Westy one more time in the finals. They’d have revenge on their minds because of all that went on last year. However, Steel Valley looks great, too. Beaver Falls is basically 2023’s Union Area. The West is difficult to predict.

    Northwestern Lehigh/Prep is going to be a great game. I don’t think Prep is as good as NW, but they play a slightly tougher schedule up north than them (LFC 1, except for Paupack/North Pocono is a gauntlet). That gives them a bit of an edge. The Danville/Wyomissing winner probably ends their run, but something about NW Lehigh this year thinks they’re going to Mechanicsburg in two weeks.

    Also: Somehow, I didn’t realize North Allegheny got PCC, so give me a rematch of last year, with Harrisburg as the West team.

  325. NW PA says:

    A few thoughts from the west. Look for Westinghouse to handle Farrel, probably something like 35-21. The House looked really good last week. Central will take out Hickory by 2-3 scores. Peters Township should beat Cathedral by a couple scores but it will be close for at least the first half. Also I saw that the game was gonna be at the Prep Events Center, for those of you wondering there are only stands on one side of the field and the other side is usually roped off. It’s a nice facility with good concessions none the less and between the 2 lots there should be enough parking. The facility can comfortably hold around 2000 people but again, only one set of stands on the home side. North Allegheny beat Mcdowell once already and should have no problem doing it again.

  326. NE says:

    Northwestern Lehigh continues to impress. Their coaching staff could be one of the best in the state, and I don’t believe that’s an exaggeration. Defensively they’re always aligned properly, and rarely get caught out of position. Offensively, it’s a well oiled machine. Two point plays seem to always work. Josh Snyder is a really good coach and maybe underrated. I’m always impressed with him when I watch them play. They’re going to be a tough out, but at this point it’s all great matchups and I wouldn’t be surprised at any outcomes

  327. Jc says:

    Scranton prep 35 nw lehigh 21
    Wyomissing 20 danville 7

  328. 78CatFan says:

    @Jeff H
    I concur with your opinion on Bald Eagle Area football team. Their quarterback is superb and will be the key to the game. SCA will have to utilize a solid, consistent ground game to reduce the number of snaps by the Bald Eagle offense. The Tigers defense will need their best effort to date to get the win. Lots of very good teams in AA.

  329. Jeff H. says:

    @Foleman – yes, there will be a lot of familiar faces in the finals, but there will be some new teams as well. I was really hoping Roman could hang on and beat Tep to see a new team advance, but we’re probably going to have a first time finalist in Peters in 5A, we might have McKeesport for the first time in 18 years in 4A, and I think the Scranton Prep-NW Lehigh winner might very well beat Wyomissing In 3A. In 1A Steel High entered the playoffs as a big favorite, but I think Lackawanna Trail will give them a real battle next week, you could have another first time finalist in Fort Cherry, or if South Side advances they haven’t been to the final since 1999, so there will almost certainly be some new/different teams this year.

  330. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – both Fort Cherry and South Side are 13-0, both are very good 1A teams and it should be a great WPIAL final, I know Redbank Valley is solid and also undefeated, but they have not played the type of competition the WPIAL teams have, so I give the winner of the WPIAL final the edge over Redbank Valley, and I think the WPIAL winner will give Steel High all they can handle in the final.

    In 2A I wouldn’t crown Southern champs just yet, I said if they won D4 they would be a big favorite to win their 7th title in a row and they are, but they will face a stiff challenge next week from Bald Eagle, they destroyed a very solid Richland team today 49-0. In the western bracket Westinghouse meets Farrell again in a rematch from last year dominated by Westinghouse, this should also be a very competitive game, I picked Farrell to get to the final but this game could go either way.

  331. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – good call on the Scranton Prep upset of NG today, should be a very good game next week against NW Lehigh. Also happy to report the semi-final last night at West Mifflin between McKeesport-Montour and the WPIAL 5A final this afternoon were cash at the gate.

    Peters was extremely impressive in dismantling PR today, after PR kicked a 48 yard field goal midway through the first quarter Peters proceeded to score 36 unanswered points over the next 3 quarters and coasted to a 43-17 win for their first WPIAL championship. Peters is the most complete team I’ve seen all year, and that includes all the WPIAL powers from 3A-6A, great defense, very balanced and explosive offense, and their sophomore QB is special both passing and running. Peters junior QB last year was first team all conference, but the sophomore beat him out for the starting job, so that says something about how good the kid is to start over a senior who was first team all conference last year. I think Peters beats ECP up in Erie next week and then handles the D3 winner, presumably Cocalico, and then meets Imhotep in the final, and we’ll see if Imhotep is finally able to beat a WPIAL team. The bad news for Tep is this Peters team is better than either PR from last year or Penn Trafford from 2021, so Tep is going to have their hands full, right now I’d make that game a pick em if I were setting a point spread. The other factor is TJ Plack is a very good coach, and we’ve seen Tep get outcoached in the finals before.

    McKeesport was also impressive in beating a very good Montour team, 6’2′ 255 lb fullback Keith Spell ran for 190 yards and 3 TDs on runs of 12, 13, and 14 yards and had 5 sacks from his DL position, his younger brother had a 57 yard TD run on the last play of the 3rd quarter to give McKeesport a 21-14 lead. McKeesport has a dominating running game with a bruising FB in Spell, 3 very good tailbacks and are very good on both lines, the game against Aliquippa next week will be an absolute heavyweight battle. The Quips have beaten McKeesport the last 2 years in the semi-finals, now they meet for the title, with the Port looking for their first WPIAL championship since 2005, I expect this to be a great game that could go either way.

  332. D11 Matt says:

    @D2…. I agree with most of your state predictions. I do think Lackawanna Trail can beat Steel High. Northern Lehigh and Canton nearly got them (steel won both in last minute) last year and Northern Bedford played them tough and had a halftime draw. They have big playmakers but sometimes can be their own enemy with penalties. That’s gonna be a good one. Also, the Northwestern and Prep could be a good one but as an NL alum (their rival) and watching them play a few times, I think this could be best team Northwestern has had since the 90s. I think them vs Wyo or Danville in eastern final could be a real classic too (if they get past prep). Although, Scranton Prep is no slouch as they showed today. That Danville/Wyo game will also be a good one next weekend. I would love to see Northwestern get to the championship. They just handled southern Lehigh and Palmerton who both were undefeated at the time they played them (SL was 9-0, Palmerton was 12-0) and they mercy ruled both before halftime. That’s a good team.

  333. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes (One more week of weekly notes coming!)

    – 4A: Dallas & Valley View was a game! The Mounties led most of the game, lost a lead in the 3rd quarter, got it back late & didn’t look back. Give credit to the Cougars. They played well. Bonner will have fits against Dallas. Do I think Dallas can win? I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t shock me if it’s an upset.
    – 1A: This was a no-contest. Trail dominated Minersville, which isn’t surprising. Trail vs. Steel-High could technically be for the 1A title, the way both are playing.
    – 2A: Dunmore dominated Williams Valley in the 2A first round. A solid win, & they get a date with Camp Hill next week, who had a wild game against West Catholic. Dunmore will likely play Southern for the first time in a couple years, since the Fleming era.
    – 3A: Prep somehow slayed the PCL dragon! What a game for Scranton Prep to show that District 2 can compete with some of the PCL powerhouse programs. They get a tough Northwestern Lehigh team, who is dominant. I got a bold prediction coming, maybe.
    – 5A: DV-Whitehall was worth the hype! This game started slow with scoring, but once the second half came around, both teams traded TDs almost for a while, but Ryder Machado went all out in the second half, & had 5 TD last night. This was also a HUGE win for D2: A Lackawanna Division I team mercy ruled a EPC South team, in the end. That doesn’t happen, & the teams up here aren’t ever that competitive against ones down there. DV finally gets past the Sweet 16, in a non-COVID year. I don’t see them going any farther, unless they use that early season schedule to their advantage. It’s Imhotep Charter. They’re going to be outmatched. Maybe if DV is much more disciplined, like how Penn-Trafford was in the ‘21 final, they could win. DV would be a very tough out if they upset the D12 winner, the rest of the way.

    It’s amazing how all five district champs are alive heading into the Elite 8s. District 2 doesn’t usually have this kind of success. & it makes me super excited.

    Updated State Predictions
    – Canevin loses, so Redbank might be the best remaining team standing out west. I don’t know South Side or Fort Cherry as well to say they’re better.
    – Southern Columbia. Sharpie. No NTL team will ever beat a Coal Region team in 2A. It’s just impossible.
    – I’m going to take a risk in 3A. NW Lehigh might be the best team in the East in 3A. The way they dominated Palmerton gives me that feeling. Don’t sleep on them. They mercy ruled two undefeated teams.

    – 1A: Steel High over Redbank Valley
    – 2A: Southern Columbia (might as well crown them now) over Farrell
    – 3A: Belle Vernon over Northwestern Lehigh
    – 4A: Aliquippa over McDevitt
    – 5A: Imhotep over Peters
    – 6A: SJP over Central Catholic

    Update on my “project”
    – Both of my 1A Eastern & Allegheny Regions are done. It helps when Inter-County & the Heritage League are primarily 1A programs. It took me an hour to compile the Heritage League theoretical Power Rating numbers, & about 90 minutes for the ICC.
    – Working through the 1A WPIAL & Northwest regions as we speak, fairly rapidly.
    – 2A Eastern & Central have a good majority of team data entered. It’s mostly lots & lots of LHAC teams. Breezing through D9 & 10 1A also potentially breezes through their 2A counterparts.
    – 3A is moving along swimmingly, too, as so many Eastern PA teams play 1A/2A.
    – I’ve barely made a dent in 4A-6A, since so many teams don’t play below 3A.
    – As I said last week, it’ll be a lot quicker to finalize things once more teams have data. I pick a team in said region, run through the schedule, & file the numbers that the D2 system uses, while adding all opponents at once, to figure out the opponent weighted % number. By the time I get to a couple of teams, I may only need 1-2 teams before I’m done with that team, (usually if it’s out of state or non-PIAA).
    – I’ll hopefully have 1A done soon. 2A should be finished shortly after, 3-6A longer than that. I should have all of this done before the competitive balance hearings (AKA: Quips case to not move up to 5A).

  334. Foleman says:

    Irish, PJP gave away that game, 3 turnovers in the 1st 4 possessions of the 1st half, Head Coach Scott Reed not giving the ball to Skarbek down at BP 1 yard line. Your team is down 21-0 in the 2nd half and it took forever to get the plays in? Very disappointing ending to a great season. BP defense is tough, strong front 4, athletic on the back end. BP’S Offense didn’t do much the entire game except 1 long pass for a TD. If PJP played BP 10 times they would win 8-9 times, today wasn’t their day. Would like to see some new teams in the finals, looks like many of the same ol same ol teams-Tep, St Joe Prep, McDevitt, Wyo etc

  335. 610 says:

    We (NG) lost 23-16. It was a good game.

  336. D11 Matt says:

    Well for a few weeks we were debating whether Northwestern Lehigh could hang with NG this year. I thought they could, however, Scranton Prep took that away. Should be a good game between Northwestern Lehigh and Prep!

  337. 610 says:

    We lost 23-16. It was a good game.

  338. Irish1 says:

    Pjp goes down to Bonner thanks to a barrage of turnovers , including a picksix on an attempted screen pass inside their own 5 yard line,followed that up with a fumble inside their own 5 again basically gift wrapping Bonner a 14- 0 lead. Then with Pjp driving to cut the lead in half the pjp coaching staff decides to get creative on the one yard line turning the ball over on downs. Five first half turnovers in all. Bonner had one of the more athletic defences pjp has seen. Hard to win a football game playing that poorly especially at the state level. Great season 12 wins Pac and District title disappointing finish.

  339. TD21 says:

    Let’s not pretend that the Troy fans weren’t saying some pretty awful things to players and coaches. Good thing they award the district championship for the team that actually wins the game and not the most fans. SCA has been criticized for not being tough enough and not having the fans. Guess they were tough enough and maybe everyone was saving up for next week. The Tigers don’t need much. Any field will do. Any weather will do. Let’s not forget, four quarters. Fans are great, but their validation comes from winning. Great game played by both teams. Troy was very tough and formidable. Those SCA fans have another week to increase the attendance numbers. Like most others say every year, there is always next year…

  340. Dennis says:

    Hard to beat a Jim Roth prepared team in any field condition. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from a Dunmore bucks fan.

  341. Helen Ann Long says:

    Troy has a very good team but the thing they don’t seem to realize is that the game has four quarters and if you only play two of them you are going to lose. SCA knows that if you are going to advance in the playoffs you have to be in great physical shape, if not you lose it in the fourth quarter. What I don’t understand about last nights game is the fact that Troy chose to play on that mud pit of a field. SCA has played in every kind of weather you can imagine and always came out a winner. I have seen the field at Wellsboro and it would have been a great venue to play that game. If Troy was thinking they had an advantage playing in the mud, I’m sure they are rethinking that, especially when playing a team like SCA. That game was a tale of two halves and SCA made all of the right adjustments at halftime.

  342. Santa says:

    To all,
    Many truths and many lies came to a head tonight. First of all there was no snow at all at the Troy fair grounds but I landed my sleigh anyway. Earlier forecast predicted possible snow. I learned many new things tonight one of which what the NTL stood for. The No Talent League. I learned this from a very short round approximately 5-3 in height man chanting obscenities after the game. I will touch back to that subject later so let’s talk about the game. For 3.5 quarters it was an old school defensive battle. Troy that will return 85 percent of the teams roster closed the gap from last years beat down. Let’s face it tonight was the AA state title. Troys youthful team which started 5 sophomores and several juniors put the future 7 time state champs to a test. Another false statement like the snow prediction was southern travels 3-1 to the opponents fans base. The facts are Troy was 68 percent to southerns 32. For being the 6 time defending champions where are your fans other than the short fat one that screams at minors after the game. All in all the KIDS on both sides played hard and as a spectator the game wasn’t dirty. Ya have to give it to southern/Roth era and the dynasty they have built. As a D4 fan all I can say is go win another but for the livestreamers that are eating Doritos and running your mouth on here cause it’s cold and rainy so you watch it at home I have one thing you can pass on for Santa. Tell the the short fat guy that harassed the Troy kids after the game that’s name is mike that hails from mt Carmel I’m offering him a job as an elf for me and mrs clause. Unlike knoebles who won’t let him in because of the height restrictions I’m offering him a full time job with benefits at the North Pole. We will teach him people skills and how to be humble and don’t even think about shooting my reindeer with the use of a spotlight. Good look to southern and a 7th straight and I mean that. I’d recommend sending the short man back to mt Carmel or to the North Pole to learn people skills because people like him give your storied program a bad name. Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

  343. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @Blacknight and Santa’s Helper: As usual, @Brian comes correct re Southern. Much respect for Troy’s undefeated season, but logic would dictate Southern’s inevitable victory. There are but 3 unavoidable destinies in everyday life: Death, Taxes and a Southern District 4 AA Chip. So to the victor go the spoils; hopefully free admission to Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland for the next calendar year! At the very least, Blacknight and Santa’s Helper, if you say 10 Hail Marys and 5 Our Fathers, I’m fairly confident Brian, 3HS, FG30, TD21 and WH will spot you a few freebies of Skeeball @ Playland.

  344. D11 Matt says:

    Watched the troy-southern game on YouTube. Man that field looked awful. Between the 40s was all mud. Anyway, Troy took advantage of the home field in first half and played to a draw. And then southern adjusted and I knew it was over. On a turf field, southern probably wins by 28 instead of 14. Troy had a very good team though.

    As for Northwestern Lehigh….I believe even more they have a chance to do damage in state playoffs. They just destroyed a 12-0 Palmerton team 58-8 and it was 43-0 at half. They did same to undefeated (at the time) 5A Southern Lehigh. Mercy ruling two undefeated teams late in the season is impressive.

    Lackawanna Trail looks like they could give Steelton a game like Northern Lehigh did last year. Steelton has all that talent back but Lackawanna was building for this year and beat a solid Minersville team 40-0. Steelton won 21-7 over Northern Bedford.

  345. 3HS says:

    After watching the Southern Troy game on youtube. I cannot believe the game was played on that field. I thought maybe the people were overreacting, but as a neutral fan, that game should’ve never been played on there. An absolute mud pit where you cannot move. In true Southern fashion, them farmers wore Troy out, which happens every year lmao.

    On a better field, it’s a mercy rule.

  346. Cw says:

    Northwestern Lehigh is ready for the next test!
    This team peaking at all phases.

  347. D2 Fan says:

    @ Jeff H

    The more I think about it, I went that way for the thought (& hopes) of an alternating pattern. I’m also a bold prediction kind of guy, so I feel like the 2A & 4A picks are entirely bold. I know Troy is probably getting blown out tonight, but there’s a hunch that makes it think that they’ll win their games & go as far as they do. Same with my picks for a few others this week, in my area.

    I will say this, if McKeesport stuns the Quips, I’ll be making McDevitt my pick there. If PJP, B-P, or Dallas/VV beat them, the original prediction probably doesn’t change.

  348. Jeff H. says:

    Thoughts on other key games across the state tonight

    D1 – I think CB South wins the rematch, all the injuries finally catch up to West, the loss of McFadden is too much to overcome. I think DTE rolls over DTW like they did in the regular season. In 5A I like both Chester and Strath Haven to win to set up a much anticipated matchup next week

    D3 – I think MT will handle CV again, although probably closer than the regular season game, and I like Harrisburg over Central York in the other semi-final

    D4 – I think most of the state would love to see Troy upset Southern, but it ain’t happening, I see Southern winning by 3 scores, something like 41-21

    D6 – I like Bald Eagle to beat Richland in the 2A final, I expect a very close game but I’ll go with Bald Eagle

    D11 – I like Nazereth over Parkland in the rematch, Parkland is pretty banged up and without their starting QB so I’ll take Nazareth for the right to get blown out by SJP next week. I like NW Lehigh by at least 2 scores over Palmerton

    D12 – think RC vs. Imhotep will be very competitive but I’ll take Imhotep, as I stated before I think the winner of this game is the favorite to win 5A, would like to see RC advance, always nice to see teams advance that have never been there before.

    The weather may have an impact on games in the western/central part of the state, but at least it’s in the mid-50s and raining here in Western PA and not colder, don’t think it will impact the passing game much but wet balls can certainly lead to more fumbles, and slips by defenders can result in big plays for the offense or vice versa.

  349. Jeff H. says:

    @Foleman – totally agree about McDevitt and very good comparison to ECP teams from 2016-18, I don’t think any team in 4A can keep it within 3 scores, I saw D2 fan pick Aliquippa to beat them in the final but I don’t see how, they are not as good as last few years and McDevitt is better, and that’s assuming the Quips win the WPIAL and get to the final but that’s no sure thing. I too heard they are moving to 5A next year and they will be preseason #1 and favorite to win 5A.

  350. D2 Fan says:

    WVC News

    Divisional Alignments for the next cycle have been released, per the Times Leader.

    – Pittston joins Division 1 with Crestwood, Dallas, Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, & WVW
    – Berwick drops to Division 2 with Wyo Area, Lake-Lehman, GNA, Hanover, & Tunkhannock
    – Holy Redeemer will opt out of division, but has requested to not play games against Berwick & Wyoming Area
    – Williamsport is moving to the Heartland, but hopes to have a scheduling alignment with the big schools.

    I haven’t heard anything on the LFC just yet, or if Montrose returns to the league. We’ll possibly have two Indies in 2024 & 2025 football in D2, which is interesting.

    Honestly, with the WVC being a shell of what it used to be, I’d rather see a District 2 merger at this point, & work on a scheduling agreement with Williamsport, Hollidaysburg, & the EPC for the big schools. As for the small schools, why not a co-op with either the Colonial-Schuylkill, Heartland, or NTL for small school teams, or maybe a rotation of one of the leagues every year. I’ve made my divisions before & I’ll likely wait for enrollment numbers next year before making any changes.

  351. Jeff H. says:

    Here are my thoughts/predictions for the WPIAL games this weekend:

    6A – long anticipated rematch between PCC and NA, I said on this board early in the season I thought PCC would win the WPIAL and get to the state final, so I will stick with them, but I would not be surprised at all if NA wins, I think this game will be pretty high scoring, something like 35-28.

    5A – I picked PR before the playoffs started to win the WPIAL and lose to ECP next week up in Erie, but after watching Penn Hills defense shut down PR’s running game I’m not so sure they are going to win this game, Peters has an excellent although a bit undersized defense, if they can contain Ethan Pillar and the PR ground game like PH did I think Peters will win their first district football title, I’m going with Peters 21-13

    4A – I think both games should be pretty competitive, Montour has one of the best QB’s in the WPIAL and some really good skill position players, but I don’t know if their defense can stop McKeesport rushing attack, and it’s going to be raining and windy tonight, so I’ll take McKeesport. In the other game Aliquippa tries to make it to their 16th WPIAL championship game in a row, but Mars will be a good test for them after beating Central Valley last week, I’ll go with the Quips but it will be closer than a lot of people expect

    3A – Belle Vernon will blow out East Alleghany, and in the other semi-final I like Avonworth over EF by a couple of scores, those 2 schools played for the title last year and they have been on a collision course all year, clearly the 2 best teams in WPIAL 3A

    2A – Steel Valley struggled with Western Beaver last week, but I think they beat Mohawk, who is making their first ever appearance in the WPIAL semi-finals, Beaver Falls vs Washington should be a very competitive game, BF is trying to make their 4th straight appearance in the final and I think they continue their run and beat Wash High, as a #10 seed they are by far the lowest seed left in the WPIAL playoffs, I thought before the season started BF was one of the favorites to win 2A, but it’s taken them awhile to hit their stride.

    1A – 2 really good matchups, South Side is outscoring their opponents by an average of 44-8, and I don’t think Clairton has seen a rushing attack like South Side’s all season, they have won 10 in a row after an 0-2 start but I think South Side wins this game by a couple of scores, something like 35-21. The other semi-final is a regular season rematch that was one of the best games of the year regardless of class, Fort Cherry won 48-41, with both QB’s accounting for over 400 yard of total offense, I think Bishop Canevin wins the rematch and makes their third straight appearance in the WPIAL final.

  352. FG30 says:

    @TD21 It seems like the last 30 years and 6 straight championships isn’t enough haha. Roll Tigas by about 9 million points.

    It’s a different brand of football, and they have shown that to those northern tier teams time and time again. What makes this time different???

  353. Foleman says:

    McDevitt reminds me of those Absolutely Loaded Erie Cathedral Prep Teams of 5-6 years ago that had Division 1 Talent across the board, ECP didn’t belong in 4A back then and looking at the scores McDevitt doesn’t either, I heard they will be 5A next year. PJP has 1 Div 1 Player-Offensive Lineman-Kevin Heywood who is not eligible for the playoffs, he would have come in handy if they played McDevitt. Right now, I don’t see how any team, and that includes Alliquippa if they make it that far, that can come within 3 touchdowns of McDevitt who beat Mount St Josephs out of the powerful Maryland Catholic League, Depaul Catholic out of the Powerhouse NJ Catholic League and LaSalle in the beginning of the season. Maybe Manheim Central can give them a game but I doubt it.

  354. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – I went to Penn Hills vs Penn Trafford in the first round and was cash at the gate, but last week at North Hills it was online only, which is the first time I’ve ever encountered that for a WPIAL playoff game, or regular season game for that matter. Tonight I am going to see McKeesport play Montour at West Mifflin which is a 5 minute drive for me, I tried calling the athletic department but no one answered and mailbox was full, I went to a playoff game there 2 years ago and it was cash at the gate, so I’m hoping that’s the case tonight but we’ll see. I’m also going to the 5A final tomorrow at noon between Pine Richland and Peters and I’m not sure if that is online only, would sure be nice if the publicized it better because when i know it’s online its easier for me to buy on my computer and print the ticket than try and do it on my phone.

    @ Irish 1 – agree with you about McDevitt, they may be the 2nd best team in the state and I think they would win 5A, would love to see them play Harrisburg or MT, I think those would be great games but I’d like McDevitt’s chances

  355. TD21 says:

    I really am enjoying the disconnect from the NTL fans and to the rest of D4. Santa thinks the 6 time champs don’t want to play football because of a little grass?? Fans won’t travel? Guess all of the trips to all of the playoff games for the last three decades aren’t enough proof for dedicated fan travel. Santa might need to fire up the workshop after this week…

  356. Irish1 says:

    @ Kevin X, thats def a case of be careful what you wish for, McDevitt is loaded. I believe they would win District 1 6a and probably District 3 6a. Division one signees at QB and WR and thats just to start. I know Shanahan gave them a game a few yrs ago but this McDevitt team is better. Going to enjoy the games one game at a time like you said hope it continues.

  357. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H

    This part of the southeast of the state is with you. I’m actually finding this back and forth with this Troy field/stadium issue mildly amusing. Guess we got lucky with the two games schedule for the South Philly site getting moved out of there (and honestly, I think it may have to do with on-line ticketing, or should I say, the legal issue of cashless sales in the City of Philadelphia). It does benefits 3 of the 4 teams, but does screw over N-G.

    I find this ironic, that if SoCol was playing up at 3A, they probably would be in the same division, with the same schedule, and be either the #1 seed in 3A, playing at home this weekend, or at worse, the #2 seed and just taking a short ride over to Danville to play in a very nice facility.

    Back to your on-line ticketing issue………you did not have an issue two weeks ago (week 11), the first round of the playoffs?? I assume you went to a game then, and both that game and last week were WPIAL playoff games?? Just odd if that is the case. They do it on a school by school basis?? So where are you headed this weekend?? Will on-line only tix be required??

  358. Santa’s Helper says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaa, waaaaa, waaaa. I heard that the southern “fans” (band wagoners) are whining about where they are going to sit not about the actual playing surface for their kids. Go figure…. Bums… Troy fans real fans would travel and watch them play in a hay field with their boots on and a smile on their face. Stop bitching and a field sit in the stands like an adult or stand on their sideline, where there is ample space and shut up. Good game but Trojans 28-14. At the palace.

  359. Jeff H. says:

    @Brian – my point is that with the system that District 4 uses for their playoff format Troy earned home field advantage, maybe D4 should take a page out of the WPIAL’s playbook and have a committee seed their teams, in which case Troy might have been the third seed behind Southern and Mt Carmel. The WPIAL regularly seeds teams with better records that play in a weak conference lower than teams with worse records that play in tougher conferences, and maybe other districts should do the same. I don’t think you’re going to get too much sympathy on this board about Southern having to travel to Troy and play on an inferior field with lack of seating, why don’t you call the District office and complain about it. And by the way the WPIAL plays all semi-finals and finals at neutral sites to avoid this issue, maybe you can ask your district officials about that as well.

  360. FrankG says:

    The South Philly site, because of its location (just off the Expressway and fairly close to the subway) would be very good for lots of regular season PCL games and for many playoff games IF whoever is in charge of it could do some basic upgrades. Much better location than the Northeast site. Not holding my breath, though.

  361. Dennis says:

    Roth says: the troops are ready. It is time to look at the eye of the Tiger. This comes from a Dunmore bucks fan.

  362. WH says:

    The Civil War of D4 is wild haha. Brian also won the battle against non-competitor Blackknight09. Blackknight doesn’t even know what a football is playing up there in Canada. Those farmers are a coming. After the farmers smoke them again for the 67th year in a row, the Troy hype can be put to bed.

    Go Tigers

  363. NE17 says:

    @D11 Matt – Thank you!! I only looked at the listing but I do see the promotion now. Awesome! That listing has to be wrong then, no shot they should have a soccer replay over this game

  364. Brian says:

    @ Jeff H I think what you’re proposing is that SCA should make an easier schedule like Troy has so that they don’t have any losses and therefore gain more points in the regular season. I’m not so certain that the majority of people in this group would agree that this is a good tactic to ensure that you get home field advantage. Seeing as though a group on this board regularly thinks SCA should voluntarily jump classes, I’d have to make an educated guess that playing fluff teams to get points isn’t something they’d find admirable to gain that top spot to get home field advantage. SCA went to Troy last year to play at this subpar field. They beat that team regardless of the location. However, SCA’s players would like to have a large crowd on their side cheering them on during the game and that’s not possible with the lack of bleachers this particular field has. You say that Troy earned the right to the home field, but I’d argue that Troy had an easier schedule to get them that “right” and that it should be every team’s right to have their playoff games at a field that is comparable to others within the district. Why insist that the game be played at a field that is so unusually bad when there are neighboring districts that could host the game and still give Troy a home field advantage because SCA certainly hasn’t played there and couldn’t practice there? Is the home field what Troy thinks will gain them that win? If so, that might be an unusual advantage that other teams with adequate fields don’t have within the district.

  365. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @ Brian and @ Blacknight09: Southern ruled triumphant over its neighbor Mt Carmel as the Battle for Knoebels was waged, thereby staking its claim to that strategically-placed and much coveted plot of geo-politics. Now, bring on the Battle for Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland as North meets South in the Civil War of D4. May the best men win.

  366. D11 Matt says:

    NE17……just check brctv13 website. They have that soccer replay on listing but are promoting at bottom the live 3A championship at 7 on channel 13. With a preview show before. So I’m guessing they are playing that live (which they should!!!!!) And the soccer listing is wrong. If they play a soccer replay over a live championship that would be insane.

  367. D11 Matt says:

    NE17….that’s odd. They always carry the district championship live when it’s one of their coverage are teams. Is it live on the other brc channel????

  368. Jeff H. says:

    @Brian – I get it, the stadium/field Troy uses sucks, but they have earned the right to host the championship game on their home field, per D4’s playoff guidelines, and not some other more adequate stadium in their neck of the woods. At the WPIAL stadiums I mentioned fans from opposing teams sit near and together with each other, McKeesport fans sat among both Gateway and TJ fans at the respective games that I attended, I still don’t get the issue with opposing fans sitting together, it happens all the time. I’m sure Roth and the kids care less where they play, it’s the parents who are bitching and whining as usual, if Southern is so concerned about going to the subpar field at Troy perhaps they should put more emphasis on the regular season and earn home field advantage, and I think most of the rest of the people on this board and around the state who follow HS football would agree with me.

  369. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish 1

    Well if the Luck of the Irish is strong and true, good chance you could be looking at a PJPII/McDevitt 4A Eastern final at either Downingtown or Coatesville. Game two years ago between Shanahan and McDevitt was at Coatesville, I believe. But first things first, one week at time.

  370. NE17 says:

    Speaking of the BRC channels. How in the hell is Northwestern Palmerton not on live tomorrow? We have to wait until a replay on Saturday morning to catch it. They’re putting a replay of a girls soccer semifinal on before that…

    Probably the reasoning behind it is ticket sales and money of course, but this seems ludicrous. Both of those teams are on there all the time, I thought for sure the game would be shown live. Last year the district championship was on when it was NS and Northwestern, so I’m not sure what changed

  371. D11 says:

    Southern has played in many of big games. 8 straight state championship appearances winning 7 of 8 and the last 6. They also played that huge game on ESPN in 2019 in South Carolina where they drove down and filled the stadium with tiger fans. Troy is good but southern is a different animal. They have won almost all their state playoff games by mercy rule the past 8 years. I expect a Southern 3 score (atleast) win.

  372. D2 Fan says:

    Sweet Sixteen, here we are! Nearly 96 teams left to see what six are champions. I’ve added my picks for who I think goes to Mechanicsburg in a few weeks.

    District 2 Picks
    The big game this week is Dallas/VV, which is going to be a clash! VV played a better schedule than Dallas, so they’ll have the advantage, but Dallas looks dominant.

    Trail/Minersville & Dunmore/WV will be fantastic. Kinda fun that they’re both playing minutes apart. I think Prep can battle with Goretti, but I feel N-G will get the edge late. As for DV, this is the year they get past the “Sweet 16 hurdle” for the first time since the COVID season. I don’t want to be wrong, if I picked against them. This’ll be a fun game, & if you have BRC 113 in the area, it’ll be worth watching.

    – 4A Final: Dallas 24, Valley View 20
    – 1A: Lackawanna Trail 40, Minersville 21
    – 2A: Dunmore 35, Williams Valley 24
    – 3A: Neumann-Goretti (12) 31, Scranton Prep (2) 28
    – 5A: Delaware Valley 21, Whitehall 20

    The Rest
    Class A (Prediction: Steel High over Canevin)
    – Steel-High (3) 43, NoBedCo (5) 13
    – D4 Final: Muncy 23, South Williamsport 14
    – D6 Final: Cambria Hts. 28, Purchase Line 9
    – WPIAL Semi: South Side 28, Clairton 23
    – WPIAL Semi: Canevin 42, Ft. Cherry 17
    – D10 Final: Lakeview 35, Camb. Springs 19
    – D9 Final: Redbank Val. 37, Port Allegany 27

    Class AA (Prediction: Farrell over Troy)
    – Camp Hill (3) 31, West Catholic (12) 27
    – D4 Final: Troy 27, Southern Columbia 20
    – D6 Final: Richland 32, Bald Eagle Area 14
    – D10 Final: Farrell 29, Mercyhurst 23
    – Westinghouse (8) 34, Central Clarion (9) 30
    – WPIAL Semi: Steel Valley 42, Mohawk 7
    – WPIAL Semi: Prexies 43, Beaver Falls 10

    Class AAA (Prediction: Belle Vernon over Wyo)
    – D11 Final: NW Lehigh 38. Palmerton 28
    – D3 Final: Wyo 32, West Perry 16
    – D4 Final: Danville 45, Loyalsock 15
    – WPIAL Semi: Belle Vernon 35, E Allegheny 7
    – WPIAL Semi: Avonworth 36, Eliz. Forward 8
    – Central (6) 34, Clearfield (9) 23
    – D10 Final: Sharon 32, Hickory 27

    Class 4A (Prediction: Aliquippa over McDevitt)
    – PJP (1) 35, Bonner-Prendie (12) 21
    – D3 Semi: McDevitt 45, L-S 14
    – D3 Semi: Manheim Cent. 35, Twin Valley 13
    – Selinsgrove (4) 46, Becahi (4) 24
    – Juniata (6) 28, Meadville (10) 9
    – WPIAL Semi: Quips 43, Mars 17
    – WPIAL Semi: McKeesport 49, Montour 16

    Class 5A (Prediction: Imhotep over ECP)
    – D12 Final: Imhotep 34, Roman Catholic 14
    – D1 Final: Chester 36, WC Rustin 22
    – D1 Final: Strath Haven 29, Springfield 8
    – WPiAL Final: Peters 24, P-R 22
    – D3 Semi: Ephrata 27, Hershey 26
    – D3 Semi: Cedar Cliff 44, Cocalico 21
    – Cathedral Prep on BYE

    Class 6A (Prediction: St. Joe’s over PCC)
    – D11 Final: Parkland 21, Nazareth 20
    – D12 Final: SJP 49, Lincoln 6
    – D1 Semi: CB West 33, CB South 10
    – D1 Semi: D’town East 16, D’town West 12
    – D3 Semi: Manheim 23, Cumb. Valley 16
    – D3 Semi: Harrisburg 34, Central York 20
    – WPIAL Final: PCC 28, North Allegheny 13
    – State College (6) 43, McDowell (10) 12

    Curious to know if the Inter-AC & Prep season is over. I couldn’t find any PA games on here or MaxPreps.

    Stay tuned for Turkey Day picks next week, alongside my Elite 8 Weekend picks.

  373. TD21 says:

    @ Blacknight09- Better strap up those chin straps. SCA will be coming to play, you can bet on that. Hard nosed and humble people down in these parts too. I have much respect for the NTL due to roots up there from my youth. You obviously haven’t been to some games where Southern Fans outnumber the opposition 2 or 3 people to 1. Not saying it won’t be contested or that it will even be a Tiger win, just emphasizing the talking down to very consistent and well run program is playing with fire…Should be a great game.

  374. 610 says:

    They changed our game location and time. So NG vs SP will be at Northern Lehigh High School at 1pm on Saturday. I see alot of games have been rescheduled times and locations.

  375. D11 Matt says:

    Some quick picks for this weekend for some big games

    Northwestern Lehigh 41- Palmerton 27
    Parkland 21- Naz 17
    Southern 35 – Troy 14
    Lackawanna Trail 34- Minersville 20

  376. Kevin X says:

    No love for South Philly…….

    “PIAA Class 3A First Round game between Scranton Prep and Neumann-Goretti has been moved to Northern Lehigh HS at 1pm on Saturday.”

    Both this game and the Bonner/PJP2 games we’re scheduled for the not so supersite in South Philly. Curious to know why the change of venue for both games.

  377. Brian says:

    Dear Blacknight 09,
    You talk a lot of smack for a guy whose team got their ass handed to them last year. I realize your team has never made it far into playoffs for you to have experience, but a decent field with adequate bleachers is actually the norm in playoffs. The fact you even think these two teams are the two best in the state shows you’re not even looking that far ahead. You’ve pinned a championship on a team when you have several more to get through. Perhaps reality isn’t your thing. Reality is your stadium is shit. Sorry it hurts your feelings, but it’s sub par and shouldn’t be used for a playoff game. It has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. It has to do with it being fair to both sides….guess that doesn’t concern you. Your empathy for the elderly is overwhelming with your solution they lean on a cane.

  378. Brain says:

    Blacknight09 is feisty. This game is going to be awesome….. for a quarter maybe a half. Then those farmers from Southern wear and wear and wear you down until you look up and its 35-7 and the game is over.

    Who shall I take in this game? A team from Troy who gets smoked every time they play Mount Carmel or Southern. Or a team that has won 13 state championships, has one of the best coaches in the state, and just mercy ruled a Mount Carmel team last week to get here? I think the latter.

    Blacknight. Friday I’m a Tiga. Let’s roll

  379. Irish1 says:

    @ Kevin X, thankyou for the info. If PJP can find a way to win and that is not a given by any stretch can you work some magic and have the next round in between somewhere lol. I know thats not happening but Im glad I get a chance to see this weeks game.

  380. Blacknight09 says:

    Dear Brian,
    Southern won’t bring 1/3 of the fans that will be there supporting Troy. Yea that’s correct 1/3. You better bring your lawn chairs if you want to sit or a cane if you prefer to stand. The state champs will be decided at Alparon park Friday night and I hope the lights go out and the game is finished with the headlights of cars. The situation the Troy players are in is not their fault but it’s still the field they call home. You act like you are bringing so many people to this game and maybe you are. Im gunna say this and that is the crowd you will see Friday night will be as large as any crowd southern has ever played in front of. Our area is filled full of great people that are hard working and humble. You Brian don’t seem to be to humble. This is a violent game and both teams play by the same rules. If I were you I’d be glad you are playing Troy on grass and not turf cause it’s your only chance. Friday I’m a Trojan along with the whole ntl. Shut these complainers up. Go Trojans

  381. Kevin X says:

    If I (and everyone else, I assume) survived a Roman Catholic/LaSalle game 2 years ago all sitting together on one side at Springfield Montco, you guys will survive Friday night at Troy.

  382. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1

    They heard you 🙂

    “Football: site change for the PIAA 4A playoff game between Pope John Paul II and Bonner prendergast. The game will now be played at Norristown, Saturday at noon”

  383. Irish1 says:

    @ Jeff H, you are preaching to the choir with the online ticket thing most of District one has been dealing with this for a few years now. It’s annoying and takes something as simple as going to a high school football game on a Friday night or Sat afternoon and makes it headache at times. The alternating of district home sites instead of putting a little effort into finding a host school somewhere in between just bugs me. Sometimes change isn’t always for the better.

  384. Brian says:

    @ Jeff H. I’d have to assume those Western stadiums you speak of are large enough that fans aren’t intermingling. That’s not necessarily the case here. I think you first have to understand this isn’t your typical high school football stadium. It’s basically a local fairgrounds that on one side has seating for fair attendees to watch say a tractor pull, etc. It isn’t the school’s football field but a community field they pay to use. The opposite side is a small set of bleachers they throw in during the football season. The field itself is also subpar. They certainly don’t employ a crew to maintain the turf. I don’t think if you even intermingled fans that it has adequate space. It’s just not fit for a high school football game of this caliber. Perhaps the local peewee team would be better suited to play there.

  385. D2 Fan says:

    To add to the conversation about one-sided seatings…

    How common of a case is this other parts of the state? The only closest example to a Troy (Alparon Park) that has one-sided bleacher seating that I can think of, at least in D2/4/11 (& not J. Birney) is Wallenpaupack. It does have a quality amount of seats, & I believe they have their own visitors section, at least. Then again, when the stadium itself is almost on the lake, you don’t have that much room to make a visitors side.

  386. Jeff H. says:

    @ Brian – I don’t understand the issue with fans from both teams sitting on the same sideline, as long as there is adequate seating to accommodate the number of fans. There are numerous stadiums in the WPIAL that only have stands on one side, including notable programs like Gateway, TJ and Aliquippa, but many others as well, so I don’t get your comment that at no game should fans from both teams be forced to sit together, we do it on a regular basis in Western PA and there are rarely any problems.

  387. Dave says:

    @JCB, I’m thinking that this Troy team is better than most people realize, and that Southern is in for a battle. If they can avoid costly mistakes and injuries, they may even pull off the upset. But, as we are all aware, nobody gets his team prepared better than Roth.

  388. Brian says:

    @ Neutral Observer It seems you misunderstand that this is a District championship and that SCA has a HUGE fan base. The bleachers in that stadium are more of an issue than their crappy ripped up grass field that was a mud pit for last year’s game. The kids don’t care if they play on grass or turf. The kids, however, care that their fans will have somewhere to sit to cheer them on. And, why should any major game be played at a subpar field that can’t accommodate the fan base that will be looking to attend that event? Troy would still be able to be the home team and would still make SCA drive a long distance to play this game if they had the game at an appropriate field for this caliber of game. At no game should fans from both sides be forced to sit together. One Troy fan suggested in a FB group that SCA should be happy just standing on the sidelines. I find that ridiculous that we’re assuming that all fans (some of which are elderly) should stand through the entirety of the game and have trouble seeing the game over those standing in front of them. I wouldn’t expect Troy to come to play at SCA and we play at a peewee football field that has accommodations for only a few fans. At this level, the facilities should be adequate for the event. Troy certainly has to know their facility is not adequate…there becomes a point where “home field advantage” perhaps should mean that you’re just in your neck of the woods. Troy likely plays on no other field during the year that is as bad as their own. It’s not like there are no other options up there.

    @ Dennis Garcia says he’s playing and it’s just a sprain. The brace he wears saved him from greater injury. He’s a tough kid and I think Roth will have a hard time holding him back. I certainly hope he’s able to play since it’s his senior year.

  389. Jeff H.. says:

    @ Irish 1 – totally agree, things changed during Covid and not for the better, one of my other pet peeves is online sales only, I know that’s an issue for a lot of D1 schools as Kevin X. and others have pointed out, I ran into it for the first time this season last week at the Pine Richland/Penn Hills game which was played at North Hills stadium (the WPIAL has neutral sites for the finals, semi-finals and some quarterfinals in the lower classes), first 11 games I went to at various stadiums were all cash at the gate, but last week was online only, so it took me 10 minutes to buy a ticket on my phone to enter the game, and cost me $8.35 instead of the $7 cash price. I haven’t been to a regular season game at North Hills in 3-4 years so I don’t know if they do that for all their games, or if they just did it for this playoff game, but IMO all schools should offer cash sales at the gate, including PIAA playoff games, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  390. Coal_Cracker says:

    Troy/Southern are still districts, my mistake. In D11 all championship games are on turf/neutral site.

  391. JCB says:

    The field won’t matter much after about a half of play when Southern is up by 3-4 scores. It’s usually the same scenario every year, where Troy looks good on paper but when they match up with the big boys from Southern and Mount Carmel, it’s a drubbing.

    I do hope that somehow this year is different and we see a better game then years past.

  392. Coal_Cracker says:

    Don’t state playoff games have to be played on turf? I don’t think Troy’s field is turf, it isn’t some nefarious conspiracy.

  393. Kevin X says:

    This Troy field issue is a district issue (at least at the moment, conceivably at some point (legal issues, etc.) the PIAA can get involved. This is all assuming it is really an issue to begin with.

  394. Route 54 says:

    Rumor is that the field is riddled with holes from voles. A little cute puffy Animal with lots of fur. They are very cute. I get them in my yard. Not much of a concern. Apparently, someone is trying to move the game closer to home. If you ask me stop whining about it and play the game. Football cleats do more damage.

  395. Dave says:

    @Brian, I have never been to Troy’s field but if it is as bad as you described, then a more suitable location should be sought. The Endless Mountain Sport Complex in Towanda is a very nice facility with a capacity of almost 3,000.

  396. Kevin X says:

    @ Boomer
    Yes, firmly planted. Been there many times over the years. Heck, if things fall certain multiple ways over thanksgiving weekend, I may even find myself there next Friday night.

    @ 610
    Thanks for the info!!

  397. Neutral observer says:

    I guess the big question I have is why the field in Troy all of a sudden unsafe. It’s week 13 and now finally it’s deemed unsafe to play on and unfit for fans to watch. I guess I’m confused why it’s unsafe now? Who determines this the Piaa or southern Columbia? Again as an outsider looking in this looks fishy. Troy earned home field advantage and was never told for 12 weeks their field was not safe until now. How about head north and play Troy on their home field. You are the 6 time defending champions and it shouldn’t matter where you play. This has sparked an urge to make the trip north. As far as fights breaking out Brian as you say could happen that would be a horrible idea. I have no prediction on this game as of I know nothing about Troy other than they are undefeated. I will say this I’ve got friends from old forge that have a camp 15 minutes from that area and they travel in packs in that area and where there’s one there’s a hundred. Hopefully it’s a good clean game and the adults as well keep it clean. I may make this trip an overnight one. Does anyone know if the Trojan bar is still serving wings. Good luck to both teams

  398. Dennis says:

    I think the Troy field is OK as long as they fill in the groundhog holes! LOL Might have some snow up there Friday nite. Any word on Garcia? Good luck to both teams.

  399. Irish1 says:

    @ Jeff H, I get what you”re saying but finding a school to host as a neutral site never seemed to be an issue in the past. I remember several yrs ago the team I was following playing at a neutral site three straight weeks. I think covid has played a part in this ,I know it did in basketball and the Piaa just never went back to the old way. It won’t change now. I just think it kind of stinks for the fans.

  400. Brian says:

    @Dave Any field other than Troy’s would be a blessing. We’re now hearing it’s back on the crappy Troy field. Such a shame that a District championship would be at a sub-par stadium. Fans from Troy are saying their field is fine and there’s plenty of seating, but not with what they had available last year. They also said SCA fans could sit on their side of the field. I don’t think this is a good choice either or that the PIAA would want fans from two sides sitting on the same sidelines. Sounds like a recipe for a fight to break out. At this stage of the game, home field advantage shouldn’t mean that you play on a torn apart field or a field whose stands can’t hold your fans. Kind of sad if it stays this way. I wish the PIAA would stick with their original assessment and it could be at Towanda or Wellsboro if they are typical fields. This is reminiscent of Canton’s old football field that sloped off on one side and the sidelines with the rickety bleachers that were so short you couldn’t see over the cheerleader’s heads.

  401. Jeff H. says:

    @ Irish 1 – I agree it would make more sense to play games at neutral sights in the earlier rounds, but I think part of the problem is finding schools to host the games, where you need volunteers to run the concession stands, handle the gate, security, etc. and there may be additional costs involved for the PIAA to use the field, so that makes it more problematic. WPIAL 5A has that issue with Erie Cathedral Prep, every year Prep plays the WPIAL winner in the quarterfinals, one year the game is in Erie on Prep’s home field, the next year it’s in the Pittsburgh area, last year Pine Richland played ECP on their home field on the way to the state title, and this year the WPIAL winner will have to travel to Erie for the game next week, that’s one of the reasons I picked Erie Prep to beat the WPIAL winner this year.

  402. Boomer fan says:

    @Kevin X
    I hope you’re reference to Peckville being lovely was tongue in cheek, cause it is a great small town, born and raised there. But you’re right, Valley View has a nice stadium, plenty of parking, easily accessible, Dallas is a little tougher to get to. Not sure if game will be there or in neutral site in northeast. As for Scranton Prep, they have a very balanced team offensively, lot of speed and athletic, quarterback especially. NG beat them last year, but a one score game.

  403. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – I would very surprised if SP beat NG this week, then again, I was shocked that Beca shut out ACC 29-0, I figured ACC was going to make a run to the semi-final and have a very competitive game against the WPIAL winner, now I don’t know what to expect from Beca, any of you D11 guys have some insight into that game, did ACC have some key players out? I thought ACC was arguably the 3rd best team in D11 behind Parkland and Nazareth and then they get blown out by Beca.

    @610 – I picked NG before the playoffs started to have a rematch in the final with Belle Vernon and I still think that’s going to happen, being a WPIAL guy I’ll be rooting for Belle Vernon but I suspect that will be a very competitive game like last year that could go either way.

  404. NE says:

    @610 – He’s going to Lehigh but it’ll be very interesting to see what happens there. That’s a completely different animal than high school football in the northeast. All of those Houdini plays and juking out 4 guys and throwing a dart or running for 30 yards won’t happen at that level. He obviously probably won’t break in as a freshman, but I think if he sticks with it, he can be a good two year starter at an FCS school

  405. 610 says:

    I want all of these kids to get offered, get a free education and leave college debt free. I’m not just talking about NG players, I want all the kids from 1A-6A to go to college for free.

  406. 610 says:

    @Kevin X,

    There’s another player that’s ineligible, he’s our backup TE. He transferred over the Summer, he’s a 2024. Other than that, we’re at full strength.


    You’re right, in alot of areas, the competition isn’t that good. 3A in Philly area, there’s only 3 maybe 4 good teams. Good for him but rushing for 5000 yds as a QB a good or bad thing when being recruited? A college coach might asks him to play WR.

  407. NE says:

    @610 – The east is definitely loaded, but if I had to pick somebody to come out of it, I would go with NG. This is a horrible way to do it, but basing off scores, it seems like the defense is outstanding. That was the calling card last year and I think this year will be more of the same. Just too much speed all over the place.

    A guy that has done something that no one else in the history of the state has ever done has to mean something haha. Throwing for 5,000 and rushing for 5,000 yards is mind boggling. And watching some of the plays he’s able to pull off just makes you shake your head. And I’m aware that the competition isn’t the greatest but I wouldn’t take too much away because of it.

  408. Kevin X says:

    @ 610

    I do. I’ll take it a step further and have them beating the D11 reps as well.

    Prescott is ineligible. Anybody else of note ineligible for N-G??

  409. Irish1 says:

    @ Kevin X, I stiil think they should have the state games somewhere in between, but if they are going to do the home district thing, no way it should be at the actual home stadium of the team playing in the game. That is an over the top advantage for a team especially when you are talking about the 2nd or 3rd round of states. I would say that for any team even if they were playing against a team I may be rooting for. Im sure the PIAA wants to make as much money as possible,just seems like they could have more of a chance for a big crowd with both teams having as many fans as possible at the game. They have started doing this in basketball as well, and the home court advantage is really a factor even more so then football.

  410. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1

    Also, for your future Thanksgiving weekend planning, the winner of the Bonner/PJPII game WILL be traveling north to either the Back Mountain area of suburban Wilkes- Barre (Dallas) or lovely Peckville PA (Scranton ‘burb) (Valley View) for their their next game. I do not know if D2 fan will be hosting. Valley View does have a nice stadium. Believe Shanahan was up there two years ago.

  411. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1

    A lot to digest with your post. I don’t disagree, but I kind of, sort of, understand where the PIAA is coming from. Doesn’t mean that I agree with them tho. Kind of complicated, similar to the transfer issue. Been trying to wrap my head around both, and I don’t know what issue will make my head explode first. Anyways, check out the link below, the first two pages lays out info on game site selections and facilities.

  412. 610 says:

    Wow, it’s nice too see someone root for NG, thanks JC. How many of yall got SP beating NG? Speak up, because alot of you had SP, NL and Wyo beating us last year. I’m taking the over, 33.5. I wish were in different bracket because it seems the path to the title game is SP, NL and Wyo. The team wants the trilogy against Wyo but anything can happen.

    What makes Matt Machalik one of the best athletes in the state? What does he do that separate him from the rest? Palmerton only competition this year was NS.

  413. Irish1 says:

    Pjp- Bonnor at South Philly super site I don’t think it’s so super for fans wanting to go. In fact I think the Piaa would make out much better and the fans would too if they went back to playing the state games somewhere in between for both schools, instead of taking the easy way with this alternating home districts each yr. Whoever wins the pjp – Bonner game gets to take a lonng trip up north or the district 2 winner will have to take the long trip south. Wouldn’t it make more sense to play that game say maybe in the Allentown area making easier for the teams or maybe more importantly the fans.

  414. D11 Matt says:


    With all due respect. Didn’t you have North Schuylkill and Notre Dame winning?

  415. Cw says:

    I follow this forum because I learn about
    Hs football in various parts of the state.
    I think that as a football program to be successful southern sets the standard and that coach Roth and staff are very good at it. Most people on here are knowledgeable of football programs they talk about.
    Can Nw beat Goretti this year yes they will play them to win. First both need to win and get there! I have seen a lot of these teams in person this year. Play that game outside of Philly it will be great to see.
    Nw has a great program and community support. A great coaching staff to guide this team. First they must contain one of the best high school football players in the state this week (Matt machalik)
    At this point in the bracket it separates the program culture and who wants it more moving forward!
    That’s the difference between southern and why they continue year after year!
    Everything else said is just talk!
    Nw is a better team this year because it started years earlier!

  416. Jc says:

    Why would troy have a chance against southern? Why is northwestern lehigh better than they were last year? I dont think they are. They wont hang with goretti, undefeated means they beat 0 teams so far who have a chance at a district title. There 2 best wins southern lehigh and blue mountain do not look as great right now. NW LEHIGH IS A REALLY GOOD FOOTBALL TEAM WHO WONT BEAT GORETTI

  417. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Fan’s Notes From Week 12

    – 1A: Lackawanna Trail dominated Morrisville, which wasn’t a shocker. They get another ‘Ville next week, as Minersville is next. I don’t know much about them, but Trail will be a decent favorite here.
    – 2A: Dunmore wins the AA title, & it was just like the last meeting with the Vikes: A tight battle. Speaking of Vikings, Dunmore gets Williams Valley, who is a quality team. Have these two ever played each other?
    – 3A: Prep once again reigns supreme in 3A. They get Neumann-Goretti in a rematch of last year’s game. Let’s hope it’s a better game this year.
    – 4A: The final is set! Dallas vs. Valley View. I’ll give credit to GNA. They scored more than I thought they’d score. Valley View got the best of Wyoming Area. Winner gets PJP or Bonner-Prendie, who I think the winner can compete with. Dallas might put up the best fight & has the best chance to upset.
    – 5A: Delaware Valley dominated Abington & will face Whitehall in a rematch. With the game in D2 territory, I hope that DV can finally get over the hump in this round. They are better than the Zephs, I feel, although both teams are battle tested because of the opposition they faced earlier in the year. Winner gets Imhotep vs. Roman, & we can assume which team that’ll be.
    – 6A: Parkland vs. Naz final. Parkland had a scare against Emmaus, who kept it close. Nazareth looks good. Parkland is #2 in the state in 6A for a reason. The winner will get SJP, unless David beats Goliath in the most improbable way.

    If you were to ask me to rank the five classes remaining with how far they can go.
    1. 1A: I truly believe Trail can compete with Steel-High. They’ve looked dominant this year, & I think they have the best chance to get to Hershey of the D2 teams. Can they beat Steel-High? Not sure, but this is one good team.
    2. 4A: For the sheer fact that the champ gets to the Elite 8 next week, they have some advantage. PJP/B-P winner shouldn’t try to overlook either Dallas or VV, but a D2 4A team might not win that one.
    3. 2A: Dunmore has an easier matchup than last year’s 2A matchup in this round. I don’t have it higher than 1A or 4A, because I feel the Dunmore-WV game might be a coin flip.
    4. 5A: Both 5A & 3A can flip around. I’ll give the edge to DV, as they’ll have home field advantage. I don’t think they’ll get past Whitehall, but I’ve doubted DV too much this year. I’m likely not going to make the same mistake.
    5. 3A: Prep’s playing Neumann-Goretti in D12 territory. Odds are against them. The 3A field is stacked, as well, so a Northwestern Lehigh-Palmerton & Wyomissing or Danville path isn’t going to be easy at all.

    Before I end,

    1. Thanks Jeff H, for the help with the Serra question. I didn’t even hear about that. The Penn Hills part: I’m impressed with how that outcome of last night’s game went down & I can’t argue about your take on Peters. I still think the experience of the P-R program might give a tiny edge, but they’re not as high of a seed as in years past. Gonna be interesting to mull over who I’d pick.

    2. Is this Troy team good enough to challenge Southern for the title? I don’t follow the NTL too much. I do hope that it’s a great game. Also, has the NTL ever won a class with a Southern or Mt. Carmel in it? I know that they have a few titles in the current era with 1A, like Canton & probably a Muncy. I feel like it’ll be a first if it does, but correct me if I’m wrong! My D4 knowledge is comme ci, comme ça.

    3. I’m about a quarter to about a third of the way through the Class A part of the playoff proposal (starting at the bottom). Trust me: Things will move quicker after more teams are added in (overall, I have at least 75-80 teams data for with the schedules). Most of the teams entered so far are the Colonial-Schuylkill, Mid-Penn, NTL, & Lackawanna II/III teams. The D2 Power Ratings system is very easy to follow, & not as confusing as I thought it was. Once I finish 1A, I’ll share a Google Doc with how I was able to come up my data, over time. I have the East Region about done (Finishing Steel-High’s division & numbers for Exec., as Tri-Valley played them).

    Before I get any backlash or extra feedback (as I read some last week), I know that WPIAL & D3 would be against this for the reasons Jeff H said earlier on. This is just a hypothetical “what-if”. Based on my 1A ratings results so far with the Easternmost 5 districts, there’s more appealing games.

    The best part of working on this idea is actually seeing how Western PA & Districts 1/12 would fare with D2/4/3/11’s system.

  418. Irish1 says:

    PJP manhandled Shanahan 42-14. Things get turned up a notch against a good Bonner team next week. Bonner will have to play well PJP is hitting on all cylinders right now. Anyone have any idea where the game may be played? Hoping it’s in the burbs somewhere.

  419. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H

    Especially since Scranton Prep will beat N-G next weekend 🙂

  420. Dave says:

    @Brian, Wellsboro and Towanda both have nice stadiums and would be excellent choices to host the game.

  421. MCA75 says:

    Congrats to Southern on a dominating performance. Not surprised SCA won but even with SCA adjustments from the week 8 game, I thought it would be much closer. MCA offensive game plan was great a few weeks ago but this week forgot to include blocking #43. Good luck the rest of the way.

  422. Brian says:

    @78CatFan Good to hear. After the year MCA boasted their goal was to take out SCA’s QB and an illegal hit took him out for the year, it makes me a bit suspicious when you see a play maker go down. I couldn’t see it at all from my side of the field. Hope it’s not as serious as his season ending injury last year.
    In other news, Troy needs to find a new site for Friday’s game as the PIAA has ruled their field unsafe. One might argue it’s always been unsafe, but hopefully they find a decent host near there. If they wouldn’t be able to, SCA would be hosting. I’d guess they’d do anything to make that not happen.

  423. John says:


    Brubaker not going for it on fourth down early in the 4th, was really puzzling considering how much CB South could eat up the clock.

  424. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – Penn Hills did a great job of shutting down PR’s rushing attack and outplayed them for 3 1/2 quarters, but their defense ran out of gas and they made several mistakes in the last 5 minutes that cost them the game. I give PR credit for hanging in there and playing hard until the end, but they were very fortunate to win that game. I picked PR to win the WPIAL title because I thought Peters would have a tough time stopping their rushing attack, but it they can slow them down like Penn Hills did last night I think they will beat them, I also think Peters has a better chance to advance in the state tournament than PR because they are a more balanced team.

    @Jc – I would be very surprised in NW Lehigh loses to Neumann by 4 scores, I think that game will be competitive and close into the 2nd half, we’ll see

  425. 78CatFan says:

    I saw nothing nefarious with the tackle by the Mount Carmel player who tackled Garrett Garcia. Garrett’s leg became pinned beneath the body of the tackler as they rolled.

  426. Jc says:

    Nw lehigh 48 palmeton 202
    Neuman goretti 35 nw lehigh 7

  427. Foleman says:

    Big Game Brubaker strikes again for Spring Ford. He tries to get cute at the start of the game and has his kick returner run left and then throws a pass-(Lateral) across the field which wasn’t anywhere near the other Spring Ford kick returner, CBS returns the fumble for a TD, it took all of 7 seconds for Spring Ford to fall into a 7-0 hole. 1st time I ever saw a 6A school not complete a pass in a game. CBS attempted 1 pass which was intercepted. SF could have had 11 in the Box and CBS still wouldn’t attempt a pass, then again, they didnt have to the way they were pushing around Spring Ford’s defense.

  428. NE PA says:

    @Jc – horrible. Horrible. Horrible. If they would’ve utilized that plan earlier, they may win the game by 2 scores. In the first half, you force 4 three and outs against them, which is really tough to do. And they get the ball inside Palmerton’s 35 three times, and another at midfield. And you come away with 3 points on a 42 yard field goal. That is absolutely horrendous and where the game was lost. Then inevitably Machalik gets going and starts making plays and it’s a dogfight down the stretch and a fumble by NS in Palmerton territory is the final straw.

    And again the in game decision making was horrible down the stretch. Palmerton has the ball inside the 5 first and goal with about 2:30 to go in the game. Game is tied. NS has all 3 timeouts. Palmerton runs a play for a one yard gain. Wally lets the clock drip down to 1:50 with no timeout…. Does it again on 2nd down… clock is down to about 1:10. Palmerton runs out of bounds on 3rd down, and scores on 4th and a foot. NS gets the ball back with about 45-50 seconds where they should’ve got it back with about 2 minutes. Now, does that mean they score to tie it up.. no. It’s just the point of playing the game the right way and giving your team a shot. And they left two timeouts on the board to end the game anyway. It was abysmal clock management.

  429. Brian says:

    @Jc I watched the SCA MCA game and unfortunately what Neutral Observer predicted was there, but wasn’t called. Lots of cheap shots by MCA players towards the end of the game. 77 in particular was literally throwing punches at the end of plays. The game was more than in the bag at this point, but some of the MCA kids were trying to injure SCA players. I’d like to say this wasn’t expected, but unfortunately it’s often par for the course when SCA plays them. The game was over and one MCA parent had to be dealt with by the police as she was in the faces of the SCA players calling them cheaters. Her son didn’t have the stellar game he had last time they met, but it certainly wasn’t because of cheating. Other MCA players were helping SCA players up after plays, but there definitely were a few bad sports that give them the bad reputation they have for poor sportsmanship and playing dirty. I’d like to see the film of when Garcia was injured to see if that was a cheap shot as well.

  430. D11 Matt says:


    Well Northwestern won by 22. About what I expected. They are a very good 3A team. They probably beat Palmerton next week. Although Palmerton has one of the best players in the area, if not the state. If it’s Northwestern and NG, I would expect a closer game than last year. But this Northwestern team might be best iv seen seen from them. Im a Northern alum so I have seen a bunch of northwestern Lehigh teams as their rival starting from early 2000s.

  431. Kevin X says:

    Does District One have buried in their bylaws somewhere a flex scheduling option for playoff games?? Can they get CBS to go play DTE (next Friday, a week early instead of the champ game in two weeks) and DTW head to Doylestown play CBW??

    The two D1 6A games, S-F Delco/S-H, Naz/Parkland, DelVal/Whitehall, and very likely Scr. Prep/N-G and ‘Tep/RC (any chance that game can be played next Friday night in the ‘burbs?? Please?? Pretty please, with sugar on top??) all rematches from last year’s playoffs or regular season games from this year.

    @ John, I understand now how Township hung 63 points on S-F earlier this year. S-F defense is a slow train wreck.

    Your thinking was correct, and your answer is/was an emphatic NO!!

  432. Jc says:

    Wally hall!!!!!!! Up 3-0 and 4th and 2 in palmerton territory he punts. 3rd quarter realizes carrabelllo as a lead blocker and stanakis as your rb works and does it until the drive they need it to work on in 4th qrt with an 8 pt lead. 10 for 10 on 2 point conversions against you.

  433. Cw says:

    Northwestern Lehigh is a program that is gonna make a run in the state. They have some talent on both sides of the ball.
    Palmerton has one of the best high school players I’ve seen in years On both sides of the ball #2 Machalik
    Good for palmerton and that community!
    I think nw win D11 and then plays NG out side of Philadelphia both good defense Nw will make a statement
    Great to see pa football this time
    of year

  434. Jeff H. says:

    Very dramatic finish to a physical, defensive battle between Penn Hills and Pine Richland. The first half was a field position game dominated by the defenses, with Penn Hills taking a 3-0 lead into halftime on a 32 yard field goal midway through the 2nd quarter. Pine Richland was forced to punt on their first possession of the 2nd half, then Penn Hills went on an impressive 90 yard drive to take a 9-0 lead with a couple of minutes left in the 3rd quarter, but the extra point was blocked and I thought to myself that might come back to haunt them. But it looked like it wouldn’t matter with the way Penn Hills defense was playing, doing a great job of slowing down PR’s power running game. PR finally scored with 3 1/2 minutes to go in the game to make 9-3, but Penn Hills recovered the onside kick and needed 1 first down to ice the game as PR only had 1 timeout left. However, Pine’s defense held and forced Penn Hills QB Julian Duggar out of bounds on a third down run to stop the clock, and after the punt Pine got the ball back with a little over 2 minutes to go on their own 31 yard line with no TO’s left. Freshman QB Aaron Strader proceeded to complete several passes on the ensuing drive and scrambled for more yardage, and aided by a roughing the passer penalty set up first and goal from the 9 yard line with 20 seconds left. 2 incompletions made it third and goal with 10 seconds left, but Penn Hills jumped offside to move the ball to the 4 yard line, and on the next play Strader rolled left and scrambled for a 4 yard TD with 2 seconds left, and the ensuing extra point made it 10-9. Penn Hills had 1 play left from their own 20, but they fumbled a hook and ladder attempt and Pine scooped it up and ran for a TD with no time remaining to stun Penn Hills 16-9, scoring all their points in the last 3+ minutes, one of the more dramatic finishes I’ve seen in quite awhile.

  435. John says:

    The District 1 6A semis are set-

    4 Seed CB South vs 1 Seed CB West

    2 Seed Downingtown East vs. 6 seed Downingtown West

    Both rematches between huge rivals. I have heard that all 4 looked impressive tonight.

  436. Jeff H. says:

    @JC & D11 Matt – you guys follow D11 a lot closer than I do, but from what I’ve gathered I think NW Lehigh is really good and has a chance to compete with Nuemann in a few weeks assuming they get out of the district. I know it’s dangerous to rely on comparable scores against the same team, but Southern Lehigh beat ND by 40 early in the season and NW beat Southern by 30 last week, so it seems like it would be a pretty big upset if ND wins tonight.

  437. Foleman says:

    Jeff Lang resigns as Governor Mifflin Head Coach. Lang was 50-26 in 7 seasons, he coached a total of 33 years, 27 as an offensive line coach, he’s retiring as a teacher and coach to help with his wife’s family business-Whippoorwill Campground in Lehighton. Living in Berks and seeing several Mifflin games the last several years I can tell you that the Governor Mifflin faithfull saw Lang as a great Offensive Line Coach…..he is in the Berks County Hall of Fame as an Assistant Coach, but a Poor head coach. Critics point to the total collapse in the State Semi’s against Pine Richland…GM had a 22 point lead in that game, and the District 3 Playoff loss against rival Exeter where super back Nick Singleton barely touched the ball in that game. GM had 2 losing seasons the past 2 years and Mifflin is used to winning. That being said, he is to be commended for working with HS kids for 33 years. It will be interesting who GM picks as his successor.

  438. Jc says:

    @ jeff h I think north schuylkill and notre dame have under performed all year. I think the talent both teams have is beyond what any other teams they played. So just a hunch that nd upsets nw lehigh. I think one of the two games will have an upset. I also think if nw lehigh plays palmerton they will win by at least 4 tds

  439. D11 Matt says:


    I agree. Northwestern just put it to Southern Lehigh two weeks ago who was a 9-0 5A school who is playing in 5A champiomship. I think Northwestern Lehigh wins by three scores like 48-31.

  440. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – that game was cancelled because on Wednesday of that week a Serra student was killed and a few other students injured in a bus van accident driving to school, and Serra cancelled classes on that Thursday/Friday, the WPIAL ultimately ruled it a no contest instead of a forfeit due to the circumstances.

  441. D2 Fan says:

    Question for the WPIAL folks. Did Imani not play Serra this year?

    I know this is old news, with that brawl at the end of the Week 4 Imani-Steel Valley game, but was that ICA-Serra game cancelled, or did Imani forfeit? I see no records of anything, although it’s still on the schedules on here (& other websites).

  442. Jeff H. says:

    We’ve seen this script before, most notably last year, I would be shocked if Southern loses tonight, and if they get past Troy next week they will be a big favorite to win their 7th state title in a row.

    @JC – you think Notre Dame is going to upset Northwestern Lehigh? I think NW will put up 50+ and win this game by at least 2 scores.

  443. Jc says:

    Southern will probably beat mount carmel, i expect it to be fairly close, how does mt. Carmel getting a game from wyalusing last week mean more than mt. Carmel already pounding southern? I dont get the logic? Southern may not be as good as even last years team. The offense isnt what it was. Unbiased but your predicting personal fouls and ejections late when mc loses? Lol Im a mt. Carmel hater but i wont even predict that. Southern 27-19 selingsgrove 28-14 troy 34-20 palmerton 35-31 notre dame 49-42 haven 27-7 minersville 28-6 acc 21-14 southernr lehigh 27 -24

  444. Dave says:

    @Neutral observer, agreed. Nobody gets the troops ready for playoff battle better than Roth. Expect a SCA at Troy district final.

  445. Neutral observer says:

    The game of the week is definitely the southern and MCA rematch. Very uncharacteristic playing this one in the semis and not next week. I believe this time it will be different. Roth has spent a couple weeks in confinement and you gotta know he has a game plan with all the free time he had on his hands. Also southern holds the home field advantage this time. Look for it to be close early with southern wearing MCA down later in the game. MCA struggled stopping a very young mediocre Wyalusing team last week. So see this one get away from the red tornadoes late and expect late personal fouls and possible ejections out of frustration. If Troy doesn’t get upset against line mountain then next week the Troy fair grounds will be as packed as knoebles amusement park on a warm summers day. Southern 38. MCA 17

  446. Jeff H. says:

    Here’s my take on some key WPIAL games, it goes without saying that Penn Hills vs. Pine Richland is the matchup of the week. Everyone knows Penn Hills won the regular season game at Pine 26-20 back in early September, but this is a completely different offense Pine is running now than they did in the first meeting. PT had some pretty good success running between the tackles last week against Penn Hills, and that’s PR’s bread and butter, I would think Pine would have the same game plan as against PCC and Woody and just try and run the ball right at them until they get stopped. If they get 4-5 yards/rush like they did against Woody it’s going to be a long night for PH defense and keep their potent offense off the field. PR also has the edge in coaching, John LeDonne has won 2 state titles in the last 5 years, and is very good at adapting his game plan to maximize his players talents, and making in game adjustments, this game could go either way, I picked PR to win the WPIAL title and I think they get past Penn Hills in a one score game. The other game is also a rematch, Peters will win again although it will likely be a good bit closer than the regular season game that Peters won 41-7, I just don’t think Moon’s offense will be able to move the ball consistently against Peters defense, they certainly didn’t in the first game that I attended.

    4A has 2 interesting matchups with #4 Mars against #5 Central Valley, and #3 Montour hosting #6 TJ. Both games should be very competitive, I wouldn’t be surprised if both of the lower seeds win, although Montour hasn’t lost since I saw them lose to Aliquippa in week 3 and they are tough at home, and TJ isn’t as good as I expected them to be this year, so I’ll take Montour at home.

    I see an upset in 3A and like #6 West Mifflin to beat #3 Elizabeth Forward at EF, West Mifflin has a couple of dynamic running backs and lots of team speed, they did lose to EF 24-7 in week 1 but were missing a few key players in that game, they also played a much tougher schedule than EF and I think they win the rematch

    Mostly chalk in 2A and 1A, I think #5 Mohawk has a good chance to beat #4 Imani Christian who is without their starting QB who is a D1 recruit because he transferred after his sophomore season and is thus ineligible for the playoffs, in 1A the most interesting game to me is #4 Clairton against #5 Union who is the defending champ, Clairton has won 9 in a row after starting 0-2, and Union has been up and down and got blown out by South Side in the last game of the regular season, I like Clairton to win a very close game.

  447. John says:

    @Kevin X

    I heard Garnet got their QB back, I don’t know if he played in the first game vs. CB West, but still a huge return for them since the QB heads the triple option. I still think CB West will take care of Garnet in the trenches and win in a tight one.

    For CB South-Spring Ford, I think will come down to Spring Ford’s defense and if they can stop CB South.

  448. Kevin X says:

    @ John

    I hope you are right, as I’ll be rooting for CBW from afar. Really tho, I believe the GV/CBW and CBS/S-F games are toss ups. Both Downingtown’s will take care of their respected businesses relatively comfortably, especially East.

    Fun fact, District One contested 18 playoff games last weekend between 4A, 5A and 6A. All 18 winners were the higher seeds. I do not expect they (the higher seeds) will go 9 for 9 this weekend.

  449. Jc says:

    @NEA Here is the thing, north schuylkill can put carrabello, flail, chowansky, halford, mcgee or stanakis in the backfield and run the ball every play and probably not be stopped by palmerton 1 time. They wont do that. Defensively your guess is as good as mine. The defense gets worse every year. 9 guys back almost every year and there isnt improvement. Its clearly not the players, they dont have a killer instinct. I know 15 years ago palmertons qb wouldnt run for 250 yds against them. The thing that concerned me the most was 6 for 6 on 2 pt conversions. Thats bad. This team has more talent then any they have played this year. I know everyone is so high on palmerton but i think they are a 1 trick pony. There qb wants to run, make him pay for that. Bottom line is i have no faith ina wally. Joey flail on most nights is the best offensive player on the field, hes under used, chowansky is the best lb on most nights, why have you not heard more, hes been hurt but god wouldnt it be nice to say here u go go get him to your lb this week. It just seems like wallys players peak while soph. And juniors

  450. NEA says:

    @Jc Any thoughts on the Palmerton NS game? Will this time around be different?

  451. John says:

    @Kevin X

    I heard about McFadden, really unfortunate, still think CB West will handle Garnet. I think all 4 D1-6A games have the potential to be good, though I think CB South-SF will be the best

  452. JCo says:

    @D2 Fan: KIPP forfeited their game against N-G, so it will not be played.

  453. D2 Fan says:

    Predictions For Week 12 in PA. Getting them in early, so I can work on that “project”. If anyone’s wondering, so far, so good. Slowly, but surely getting through Class A. It’ll be quick work when there’s fewer teams to compute data for.

    District 2 Based Picks
    – D-I/II A Subregional: Trail over Morrisville 49-0
    – D-II 2A Final: Dunmore over Riverside 27-24
    – D-II 3A Final: Prep over Western Wayne 37-20
    – D-II 4A Semi #1: Dallas over GNA 38-9
    – D-II 4A Semi #2: Wyo. Area over Valley View 23-19
    – D-II 5A Final: DV over Abington Hts. 28-10
    – D-II 6A Subregional Semi #1: Parkland over Emmaus 38-14
    – D-II 6A Subregional Semi #2: Naz over N’hampton 33-22

    District 2 Possibles
    – D-XI 1A Final: Minersville over Marian 16-10
    – D-XI 2A Final: Schuylkill Haven over Williams Valley 30-28
    – D-XII 3A Final: N-G over Kipp-DuBois 56-0
    – D-XI 5A Final: Solehi over Whitehall 28-24

    The Rest
    District 4
    – Muncy over Northwest 30-12
    – Canton over S. Williamsport 31-18

    District 6
    – Northern Cambria over Cambria Hts. 28-7
    – Purchase Line over Penns Manor 26-22

    District 5 Final: NoBedCo over Windber 35-13
    District 3/12 Final: Steel-High over Belmont Charter 55-0

    – South Side over GCC 44-23
    – Union Area over Clairton 24-20
    – Fort Cherry over Rochester 32-23
    – Canevin over California 23-21

    District 10
    – Lakeview over Mercer 42-14
    – Camb. Springs over Eisenhower 35-8

    District 9
    – Redbank Valley over Coudy 34-14
    – Port Allegany over Brockway 35-14

    District 3 Final: Trinity over Camp Hill 27-20
    District 1/12 Final: West Catholic over Bristol 45-3

    District 4
    – Troy over Line Mtn. 62-7
    – Mt. Carmel over SCA 28-22

    District 6
    – Bald Eagle over Forest Hills 38-19
    – Richland over Mt. Union 46-20

    District 10
    – #1 Farrell over #4 Wilmington 35-16
    – #2 Mercyhurst over #3 Sharpsvill 30-28

    District 9 Final: Central Clarion over Brookville 57-26
    District 5/8 Final: Westinghouse over Berlin 38-10

    – Steel Valley over Western Beaver 44-8
    – Imani over Mohawk 33-14
    – Neshannock over Beaver Falls 38-30
    – Washington over McGuffey 30-14

    District 3
    – Wyomissing over Schuylkill Valley 42-14
    – Lancaster Cath. over West Perry 30-19

    District 4
    – Danville over Lewisburg 49-14
    – Loyalsock over Warrior Run 33-7

    District 11
    – Northwestern Lehigh over NDGP 36-29
    – Palmerton over North Schuylkill 42-20

    – Belle Vernon over Deer Lakes 48-7
    – East Allegheny over South Park 42-10
    – Avonworth over Beaver 33-9
    – Eliz. Forward over West Mifflin 26-16

    District 9 on BYE
    D6 Final: Central over Penn Cambria 38-13

    District 10
    – Sharon over Oil City 35-28
    – Hickory over Grove City 40-14

    D12 Final: Bonner-Prendie over Bartram 42-8
    D1 Final: PJP over Shanahan 35-10

    District 3
    – McDevitt over Milton Hershey 59-6
    – L-S over East Pennsboro 35-24
    – Twin Valley over ELCO 34-13
    – Manheim Central over Susq. Twp. 42-10

    District 11 Final: ACC over Beca 24-19
    District 4 Final: Shore over Selinsgrove 28-14
    District 8/10 Final: Meadville over USO 35-14
    District 6/9 Final: Juniata over DuBois 32-14

    – Quips over Greater Latrobe 52-14
    – Central Valley over Mars 24-20
    – McKeesport over Trinity 33-14
    – Montour over TJ 34-14

    District 12
    – Roman on BYE
    – Imhotep over MLK 42-14

    District 1
    – Chester over Phoenixville 36-24
    – Rustin over Plymouth-Whitemarsh 20-13
    – Strath Haven over Upper Dublin 28-27
    – Springfield Delco over M-N 30-20

    District 6/10 Final: ECP over Hollidaysburg 52-0

    – Peters Twp over Moon 23-14
    – Penn Hills over Pine-Richland 28-19

    District 3
    – New Oxford over Hershey 23-18
    – Garden Spot over Ephrata 25-13
    – Cedar Cliff over South Western 41-24
    – Cocalico over Con Valley 32-13

    District 1
    – CB West over Garnet Valley 28-27
    – Spring-Ford over CB South 26-20
    – D’town East over Perk Valley 28-20
    – D’town West over Soudy 23-19

    District 12
    – Abe Lincoln over Northeast 21-15
    – SJP over La Salle 38-11

    District 3 (Predicted Champ: Harrisburg over Manheim Twp.)
    – #1 Manheim Twp. over #8 William Penn 33-13
    – #4 Cumb. Valley over #5 Wilson West Lawn 25-23
    – #2 Harrisburg over #7 Cedar Crest 42-18
    – #3 Central York over #6 Central Dauphin 28-13

    WPIAL (Predicted Champ: PCC over North Allegheny)
    – #1 PCC over #4 Mt. Lebanon 43-8
    – #2 North Allegheny over #3 Canon-Mac 34-7

    District 6 Final: State College over Altoona 35-0
    McDowell on BYE

    Other Games
    – Malvern Prep over Springside 34-24
    – Episcopal over Haverford 31-23
    – Germantown over Penn Charter 29-22
    – Wyo. Sem over Trinity-Pawling 17-14

  454. Kevin X says:

    @ John

    CBW’s Conor McFadden tore an ACL in his knee on the opening kickoff Friday against Cheltenham. Obviously done for the year. So I wouldn’t even call it an upset if GV beats CBW Friday. CB South @ S-F and DTW @ Soudy are the two games that I find interesting and I’m considering. Leaning towards a trip over to Royersford Friday night at the moment.

  455. JCo says:

    @FrankG: Yes, La Salle is better than Bonner, but for simplicity I just assumed that a 7-2 team would get in over a 6-4 team. Perhaps with 8-team brackets, it would be easier to select teams by committee, rather than by a formula.

    I think some fans of the boundary schools might say those sorts of things, but I’d predict it to be a vocal minority. Plus, you can always have a Pennsylvania Bowl between the winner of the highest boundary class (you could go down to 5 classes) and the highest non-boundary class. That’s not a difficult thing to add.

  456. Jeff H. says:

    @Irish 1 – I agree with you about enjoying physical, old school type football, where the game is determined in the trenches, you would love watching McKeesport’s rushing attack, just a thing of beauty to witness in person, I saw them against Gateway and TJ this year and they just play physical, hard nosed football and are very good at it. You would also appreciate Pine Richland’s rushing attack, their team strength is their O-line, and they just line up and run it right at you out of the wildcat formation and dare you to stop them, will be very interesting to see if Penn Hills defense is up to the task this week.

  457. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan & Kevin X – I can tell you the WPIAL would be adamantly opposed to restricting their 6A playoffs to 2 teams and the lower classes to 8 teams, there’s a lot of complaining around here already that 5A is restricted to 8 teams now out of 18, when solid teams like Upper St Clair and Woodland Hills miss the playoffs. I know there are some flaws we’d all like to see fixed with the current bracket setup, but as I’ve stated before many of these problems, particularly the bye weeks for certain districts/teams was caused by the move to 6 classes and therefore unavoidable in the current district playoff format. And the districts are not going to want to get rid of their current playoff format, particularly districts like the WPIAL and D3, and DI for the larger schools. There’s already consternation in the WPIAL about not being able to play all their championships at Acrisure stadium like they did for decades in the 4 class era, and the WPIAL will balk at any further changes that don’t allow 1A-4A to all have their championships on the same day at Acrisure.

  458. FrankG says:

    Very interesting.

    No LaSalle because they lost to SJP in the regular season? They are almost certainly better than Bonner-Prendergast.

    Some of those first round games would require almost no travel, but others would require long trips. Not a deal-breaker in itself.

    How long before supporters of some of the boundary schools would begin saying “we would have a good chance of beating …” or “if only we could play …” ? My bet is that it would all start up in year one.

  459. JCo says:

    As a brief thought experiment, I tried to see what a three-class non-boundary playoff might look like. The classes had 18 (>255), 17 (155-255), and 19 (<155) schools, respectively. 8 teams in each playoff.

    Class A: St Joe's Prep vs. Bonner-Prendie, Imhotep vs. Roman, Bishop McDevitt vs. Cathedral Prep, Pittsburgh CC vs. PJP II
    Class B: Neumann-Goretti vs. Conwell-Egan, Lancaster Catholic vs. Trinity, Allentown CC vs. Notre Dame-GP, Scranton Prep vs. Mercyhurst Prep
    Class C: Bishop Guilfoyle vs. Executive Education, Delone Catholic vs. Marian Catholic, Canevin vs. Seton LaSalle, Imani vs. Greensburg CC

    The big losers are the lower-enrollment teams in Class A, clearly, and I think that's what ultimately dooms this. But I can't deny that many of the semifinal and finals matchups in these brackets would be really interesting. Combined with the fact that you could do away with competitive balance measures, and I think there are merits here.

  460. NE says:

    @Dave – Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t realize they were on a path to meet again. That will be a very very emotional game.

  461. Dave says:

    Another good one in district 4 is the rematch between Jersey Shore and Selinsgrove. Meeting on the same field where the first game was called with the score tied, due to tragic circumstances. Going to be a lot of emotion in this one.

  462. MCA75 says:

    @D11 Matt

    MCA live streams every game on WKMCTV YouTube channel. Its a student run TV studio that does a fantastic job.

    I think this game could go either way but will be tough for MCA to come out on top again. MCA got out to a fast start in the first game with 28 pts in the first quarter and forced multiple turnovers which I don’t see happening again. They started the last 2 games against Shamokin and Wyalusing off very slow and the Defense allowed way too many yards on the ground. MCA starting RB also was out last week due to an ankle injury, so not sure what his status will be for Friday. SCA has a key defensive player back who did not play in the first matchup and but was a difference maker last year in the playoffs. I also heard SCA made another change to bolster their Defense in the playoffs similar to last year. Interesting fact – the starting QBs for both teams are 1st cousins. Lots of ties between these 2 communities. Should be a good game.

  463. D11 Matt says:

    Some big games this weekend in D11 and D4. I got Palmerton over NS 35-28
    Northwestern over NDGP 48-27
    MCA over Southern 34-28 in overtime. Maybe this is the year??? I have great respect for southern and this game could go either way. Will this game be streamed on YouTube? I know MCA does home games on YouTube. Do they do away games??
    Marian over Minersville 21-20
    Schuylkill Haven over Williams Valley 27-20

  464. John says:

    Anyone intrigued by the CB West-Garnet Valley rematch. I know they played early on in the year and CB West won 17-13, but the score was not the best indicator since I heard West dominated upfront ran for 400 yards on them and GV barely could move the ball. GV looks down this year, but they always come out in the playoffs. Does anyone see a chance of an upset?

    Also I think the CB South-Spring Ford game should be great. South has not played a team that could throw the ball like Spring Ford. But I’m leaning towards South because of the Spring Ford defense. If South could move the ball against Coatesville and CB West, they should be able to against Spring Ford.

    Does anyone else see some other upsets brewing around the state?

  465. NE PA says:

    Two interesting matchups in D11 3A.

    Palmerton – NS. Palmerton ran all over them in the first matchup, but NS was missing their best defender. It’ll be interesting to see if they can contain Machalik (somewhat) this time around with a different gameplan and personnel. What a career for Machalik as well, rushing for 5,000 and throwing for another 5,000. That is more than video game numbers. NS also lost their quarterback last week, and Minalda stepped right in and did a great job. He would have to play outstanding this week for them to have a chance. Look for a high scoring ballgame.

    Northwestern Lehigh – Notre Dame. Northwestern Lehigh is the better overall team without a doubt. With that being said, Notre Dame still has a scary offense that can score with anybody. I expect another high scoring ballgame here. I expect Northwestern to win, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a 42-30 type of ballgame.

  466. Dave says:

    @Dennis , I’m thinking that Troy will easily get past Line Mountain by a minimum of 20 points.

  467. D2 Fan says:

    District 2 Notes

    – The 1A Subregional Final is set. Trail rolled past Old Forge in their quest for a perfect season. They’ll take on D1’s Morrisville. This is a no contest, in my opinion.
    – Winner gets the District 11 champion, which is Marian vs. Minersville. This should be a good one. Saw Marian on TV 13 on Friday & they looked competitive. This is a rematch of a 41-39 shootout in Week 2 that the Battling Miners won.

    – As predicted, Dunmore vs. Riverside. The Bucks took the earlier meeting, 20-16, in Week 4. I think it’s Dunmore who takes it, but Riverside has a good chance to exact revenge on them.
    – Winner gets the District 11 champion, as it’s Schuylkill Haven vs. Williams Valley. Haven has played dominant, & it’s a rematch of Week 3, which was a 3 Pt win for Haven.

    – Prep vs. Western Wayne: This is a rematch of last year’s final. Give credit to the Lake-Lehman Black Knights, as they made it much closer than I had thought it’d be.
    – Winner gets the District 12 champ, as it’s Kipp-DuBois vs. Neumann-Goretti. I think we know who’s winning that.

    – Dallas dominated the #8 seed, Paupack. It wasn’t even close. That was also the last game coached for Mark “Doc” Watson at Wallenpaupack. I wish him nothing but the best. Although the record isn’t anything to be impressed at, he did help make Paupack a district champion, which hadn’t even been done before.
    – Stunner of the weekend was GNA taking down Crestwood. They impressed me & a lot of the doubters that thought the Comets would be the better team. Just imagine the scenes if the little team that could beat the powerhouse of Dallas football.
    – Wyoming Area got a good fight from North Pocono, 31-19. They’re such a sleeper in 4A & playing Southern helps them.
    – Valley View beat Berwick, but it was closer than any of us thought, 12-7. Next week, VV & Wyo Area is going to be entertaining. This may be an all-WVC final, but Valley View is legit, too.

    – Delaware Valley rolled past Pittston & heads to another district final. Abington Heights got past Scranton, so it’s a Week 10 redux.
    – Winner gets District 11 champs, as Solehi & Whitehall will duke it out. It may be a 2022 rematch, but I’d like to see if Southern can continue the non-repeat streak.

    – Williamsport & Wilkes-Barre saw their ‘23 seasons end. No surprises there. Wish the gap between the Lehigh Valley & NEPA was much smaller in the big school category.
    – Semifinals are Parkland vs. Emmaus & Nazareth vs. Northampton. It’ll likely be an all EPC South final.

  468. JCo says:

    @Jc I agree, I don’t really think there’s a major problem with the PIAA playoffs right now. The big possible improvement, IMO, is the non-boundary question, because I think having separate playoffs would ultimately yield more interesting finals. But the first rounds are fine.

    Are there a lot of blowouts in some districts? Yes. But the districts can always opt to qualify fewer teams to the playoffs. I don’t want the state to force everyone to send fewer teams.

  469. Dennis says:

    I think the Southern and Mt. Carmel rematch could go either way. Roth will be back on the sidelines. I just have this thing about Line Mountain going up to Troy and knocking them off. I guess it is just me LOL. Anybody else thinking this?

  470. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H

    As far as the playoffs and D1 6A being affected, short answer: It depends. Depends on the format. Like I said before, we can go from the extreme, such as blowing up the whole current system, to just some minor tweaking. For instance with the minor tweaking in 6A, and this would not really eliminate many, if any, teams from the playoffs, more of a tightening it up so there are no (or reduced) byes, and a much more of an even bracket, as everyone will be playing in the round of 32 (week 12) and winners going forward. Basically go with an 11 week schedule, teams/districts can play a full 11 game regular season slate of games, start the season a week later, or schedule an in season bye week. Leave that up to the districts and individual teams. With the exception of D1 6A, playoffs for everyone would begin week 12. Around the bracket, D1 6A would actually get a jump on things and start their normal 16 team bracket per usual in week 11, with the current 10 week regular season schedule. Then have their quarter finals, the round of 8, week 12. The other half of that bracket would be the current D2/4/11 regional. That would set up the D1 winner playing the D2/4/11 winner in the PIAA state semi final. On the other side, D3 would remain the same, 8 team bracket starting week 12 (they can have a bye week like they do now in week 11, or have another week of regular season games), move D12 to this side of the bracket with 4 teams playing in the round of 32 (basically the same as now, they can still do their silliness that they do now in this scenario) and the WPIAL have 2 teams in their final with the other two spots for D6/8/10 final. They can use week 11 for any semi finals that they may want to conduct. Or go with a 4 team regional with D6/D7/D8/D10. D12 winner would play the winner of D6/D7/D8/D10 four team bracket. Winner then play the D3 champion in the other state semi final. It will involve some give and take, not everyone will be happy or on board, but guessing many are not right now either.

    In summary:
    D1 (16 teams a week early), then 8 teams
    D2/D4/D11 8 teams

    D3 8 teams
    D12 4 teams
    D6/D7/D8/D10 4 teams
    (or D7 2 teams and D6/D8/D10 2 teams)

  471. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H

    I wouldn’t say that I went to the wrong game (Chelt. @ CBW), but I suppose I could have chosen a better game. Really any D1 6A game Friday night other than the Wiss @ DTE game would have been a really good choice. No regrets, Chelt was up 6-0 early in the 3rd and poised for a #16 seed over #1 seed upset. Then the Chelt implosion that I mentioned before happened. 24 points for CBW in the 3rd qtr. after a nifty long TD run by Chelt’s Tre McLeod.

    Curious if anyone knows why CBW’s Conner McFadden did not play (I assume injured, and if so, to what extent). He was on the sideline all game. If he’s done for the season, it will be a tough go going forward for CBW. I believe he is their best all around player, an integral piece on both offense and defense.

  472. Robert MacMahon says:

    @Helen The Battle for Knoebels is on! Tigers v Red Tornadoes for control of the Crystal Pool, Playland and The Alamo!!

  473. Jc says:

    I figured out how to fix the problem with the state playoff format, just keep it the way it is. The non problem is fixed. Get over it

  474. D2 Fan says:

    I want to follow up on my statewide Eastern Conference experiment. I’m going to classify these as my regions. I might combine everything into one Google doc, & show updates every couple of weeks. This is an offseason project. I think I have the solution to fix the PIAA playoffs.

    – 10 Week Season, as per the norm
    – 32 Teams per class
    – Top 8 in District 2/3/4/11’s Power Rating style are accounted for, with the exception of 6A, which is dually split into two 16-team playoffs (East vs. West adjace)
    – Figuring out out-of-state opponents will be guesstimated based on school size
    – Avg. amount of teams per section is approximately 23

    – Eastern Conference (Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, & 12): 22 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Allegheny Conference (Districts 5 & 6): 20 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Northwestern (Districts 9 & 10): 23 Teams for 8 Spots
    – WPIAL (District 7): 30 Teams for 8 Spots

    – Eastern Conference (Districts 1, 2, 3, 11, & 12): 26 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Central Conference (Districts 4 & 6): 26 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Great West Conference (Districts 5, 9, & 10): 17 Teams for 8 Spots
    – WPIAL (District 7 & 8): 26 Teams for 8 Spots

    – Eastern Conference (Districts 2, 4, & 11): 25 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Southeast Conference (Districts 3 & 12): 20 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Great West Conference (Districts 5, 6, 9, & 10): 22 Teams for 8 Spots
    – WPIAL (District 7): 20 Teams for 8 Spots

    – Eastern Conference (Districts 1, 11, & 12): 21 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Capital Conference (District 3): 23 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Northern Conference (Districts 2, 4, 6, 9, & 10): 23 Teams for 8 Spots
    – WPIAL (Districts 7 & 8): 25 Teams for 8 Spots

    – Southeastern Conference (District 1): 24 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Eastern Conference (Districts 2, 11, & 12): 26 Teams for 8 Spots
    – Central Conference (District 3): 26 Teams for 8 Spots
    – WPIAL (Districts 6, 7, 8, & 10): 22 Teams for 8 Spots

    – Eastern Conference (District 1 & 12): 44 Teams for 16 Spots
    – WPIAL (Districts 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, & 11): 44 Teams for 16 Spots

  475. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – I totally agree with you about the D1 6A bracket being one of the best and most exciting in the state. The problem is if we shorten the playoffs like you’ve suggested to eliminate teams in other districts with losing records you can no longer have that 16 team bracket in D1 6A. I would also point out that WPIAL 5A and 4A are pretty solid brackets, not too often a bracket has 4 of the last 5 state champs (PR twice, Penn Trafford and Penn Hills), along with 11-0 Peters Township who is ranked #2 in the state in most polls and may not even get out of the district. I will say the 5A bracket would have been a lot stronger this year if 8-2 Upper st Clair and 6-4 Woody qualified instead of 4-6 Bethel and 6-4 Franklin Regional. 4A isn’t too shabby either when you have 4 schools with multiple state titles to their credit in Aliquippa, McKeesport, TJ and CV, and as good as WPIAL 4A is this year next year Belle Vernon will be back in 4A due to enrollment after the last 2 yrs in 3A, so the toughest 4A district in the state gets even better.

  476. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – hope you picked the right game to go to because I picked the wrong one! I chose Penn Hills vs. Penn Trafford instead of Gateway-Moon, thinking PH would win but PT would keep it interesting for a while, and I hadn’t seen PH since early in the season. PH jumped ahead 14-0 early, but PT came back to make it 21-14 midway through the 2nd, then tried an ill advised onside kick that was recovered by PH and returned for a TD, and from there the floodgates opened as PH rolled to a very impressive 63-28 victory, Meanwhile the Moon-Gateway game turned into an instant classic, with 9 lead changes, including 6 in the 2nd half with Moon holding on for a thrilling 35-31 victory. It appeared Gateway scored the go ahead TD with about 30 seconds remaining in the game on a 16 yard run by QB Brad Birch, but play was called back due to holding, and on the next play Birch threw an INT in the end zone to seal the victory for Moon, they now get a rematch with Peters who beat them 41-7 last month, but it was only 13-7 going into the fourth quarter, I was at that game and Peters defense dominated and totally shut down Moon’s offense.

    @D2 Fan – you may be on to something with your prediction of PH to win WPIAL 5A, I did not think they would manhandle PT the way they did, huge game next week against defending champ Pine Richland. I was right on my other disagreement picks with California, Western Beaver and West Mifflin winning comfortably, and Trinity destroyed North Catholic 49-0. The other shocker last night in the WPIAL was Latrobe crushing West Allegany at WA 39-7, they now get a quarterfinal matchup with Aliquippa, while Trinity has a rematch with McKeesport, TJ plays Montour and CV plays Mars, the later 2 should be very good games, but the game of the week in the WPIAL will be Penn Hills vs. Pine, which is one of the marquee matchups in the state.

  477. Irish1 says:

    Was at Spring–Ford NP game last night crazy back and forth game with SF going up 21-0 only to see NP come back and take the lead 28-21. Game tied at 35,NP driving and their QB got hurt that really hurt NP and SF was able to pull it out. I thought NP was much more physical team rb really runs hard good player. Was actually nice to see a team line up with QB under center and play a physical style so much of today’s game is all spread offense. Too many teams have lost the physical part of the game

  478. Kevin X says:

    I posted this back on October 25th:

    “As far as I’m concerned, 6A D1 is the best bracket going in the state right now and the last that needs messing with. The largest pool of schools, in the largest classification, all public boundary schools, makes for the best competition.”

    Any questions??

  479. Kevin X says:

    For those of you in the greater Doylestown area wondering what those loud booms were around 8:30p last night, no worries, that was just the Cheltenham football team self imploding. Block punt near their goal line, fumble in their territory, unsuccessful and ill advised 4th down conversion attempt in their territory, illegal man down field on a long touchdown pass, personal foul penalties, other various penalties. Did I say penalties??

  480. John says:

    Heck of a night we have had in District 1-6A with 5 games going down to the wire

  481. John says:

    28-21 North Penn leading in the late 3rd, Spring Ford defense is getting pushed around

  482. John says:

    Some odd halftime scores in D1-6A:

    1. CB West 0 16. Cheltenham 0- I thought Cheltenham would compete, but did not expect a draw at half

    3. Souderton 0 14. Pennsbury 3- Not as much as a surprise, should be interesting if Pennsbury can continue to contain Soudy’s offense

    2. Dtown East 49 15. Wissahickon 0- Knew East would win but did not think it would be this bad

    5. CB South 14 12. Coatesville 7- This game is the yearly version of two teams who are probably good enough to be playing each other in a later round.

    8. Garnet Valley 21 9. OJR 7- The Jags have looked impressive in the first half from what I heard

    4. Spring Ford 21 13. North Penn 21- Spring Ford’s defensive struggles continue to haunt them

    7. Perk Valley 15 10. Quakertown 14- As expected this one is close

  483. John says:

    Also I’ll give my D1-6A picks for this weekend:

    1. CB West over 16. Cheltenham- Ham has athletes that could keep this game closer

    2. Dtown East over 15. Wiss

    3. Souderton over 14. Pennsbury- Pennsbury is tough, and were upset in the first round a year ago, but I still think Soudy will win

    4. Spring Ford over 13. North Penn- NP is on a winning streak. Spring Ford just lost a heartbreaker in the PAC title. I think Zollers and the Rams offense will be too much for the Knights to handle

    5. CB South over 12. Coatesville- A lot of people have this game going either way. Coatesville’s defense can keep them in any game. But CB South is improved on offense compared to prior years and the Red Raiders offense has been unable to consistently move the ball against better competition, so I will take CB South in close one.

    6. Dtown West over 11. CR South- West took a huge loss to their rivals last week. I think they will bounce back, but CR South will be in this game till the end.

    10. Quakertown over 7. Perk Valley- Qtown is better than their record indicates and Perk Valley is pretty banged up. I will take Qtown in a close one.

    8. Garnet Valley over 9. OJR- Garnet Valley always puts in together come playoff time. I do not see them losing in the first round, but I see this game going down to the wire.

    Yeah I know these picks are kind of boring, with really only one upset. But I see about 4-5 of these games going down to the wire.

  484. John says:

    @Kevin X
    I don’t know why Cheltenham can’t produce a better team considering how many kids on the team have D1 offers. They could keep it closer than some may think against CB West, but I doubt they are walking away with an upset

    Also for anyone who follows District 1, Spring Ford QB Zollers was offered by Penn State last night. I am pretty sure he is the first District 1 QB to be offered by the Nittany Lions since CR North McIlwain (class of 2016), and the only the second District 1 QB to be offered by PSU in the James Franklin era. Also Spring Ford WR Scott, picked up a FBS offer from App State as well.

  485. Jc says:

    You have a mental block on the participation trophy. Each district bases qualifiers on how many schools are in each classification. This aint bocce ball. This is football. People are getting hit every play. If they qualify let them play. Tamaqua didnt get a participation trophy losing by 40 but they got to play one more game and they had a chance. Rest your breath

  486. Kevin X says:

    @ Mike S

    Thanks for the heads up. Did not realize that. They were up something like 32-0 at half, so could have kept him out for precautionary reasons. Same thing happened when I saw them/him against PV mid season. Got banged up early in the second half, and ended up only playing some limited D the rest of the game. Still undecided on which game……will see what link I click when I enter the D1 web site later this afternoon…..

    Have a bonus game tomorrow night down in D-Town.

  487. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – I like most of your WPIAL picks for tonight but I’ll disagree with a handful, in 1A I don’t think Jeanette has the defense to contain California’s potent passing attack, they’ve had a nice bounce back season after 2 very down years, but I don’t think they beat California on the road tonight. I also think Western Beaver will beat Serra, they played in a tougher conference and I think they will win this game by a couple of scores. In 3A I think West Mifflin will handle Mt. Pleasant and win pretty comfortably, and I would not be surprised if Trinity upsets North Catholic in 4A. I also expect the Penn Hills vs. PT game to be a lot closer than you predicted, and likely a 1-2 score game, PH needed a very late TD to beat Woodland Hills last week, and PT has been playing better recently, I also think the Moon-Gateway game will be very close, Gateway has had trouble stopping teams that have a good rushing attack, and Moon is a run heavy team, if they can pound the ball on the ground and keep Gateway’s high scoring offense off the field they have a chance to beat them like they beat Penn Hills in the regular season, although I’d lean towards Gateway at home.

  488. Jeff H. says:

    @John – one of the big advantages ECP has is the game will be in Erie, they rotate every year between Western PA and Erie, not sure why they don’t play at Slippery Rock or Grove City, but I’m pretty sure this years game will be in Erie, last year it was played on PR’s home field and they beat them by a TD. Historically the WPIAL has not fared very well when travelling to Erie to play ECP, I can’t remember the last time a WPIAL team beat them in the playoffs up there, PR is a 90 minute bus ride to Erie, Peters is closer to 2 1/2 hours, we’ll see and I certainly will be rooting for the WPIAL team, but Prep has a big home field advantage. I think Peters probably has a better chance to beat ECP than PR because they have a very good defense and a lot more balanced offense than PR, but I don’t know if Peters can hold up against a bigger and stronger PR O-line, that should be a very good WPIAL final if they meet which I expect they will.

  489. MikeS says:

    @Kevinx Not sure if you heard, but Cheltenham’s Tre McLeod was injured last week and only carried the ball 6 times, albeit for 130 yards & 2 TD’s but didn’t make it until halftime. Don’t know if it was minor and they were saving him, or if he’s out, just a heads up there. Still could be an interesting game. Coatesville will certainly give CB South a run.

    I’m going to quote the Doylestown Intelligencer newspaper because it is my sentiments almost exactly- “Drew Markol: “Again with Quakertown/Perk Valley, that’s a 7/10 game and another one that can go either way. Perk Valley has a nice program. They played West really tough in the district semifinals. That game went back and forth down to the wire before West won. Quakertown beat Upper Dublin last week 21-17, which was a nice win for them to clinch the 10th seed. Quarterback Vince Micucci, a senior, is as good as anybody around, and when you have that ‘X’ factor, a guy like him, you’ve got a shot. I don’t think Quakertown is fearing Perk Valley. If I had to pick it, I would probably pick Quakertown. I have to think about it, but your 8/9, your 7/10 – they’re supposed to be good games. That’s how this thing is supposed to work.” If Vince Micucci is on, he’s as good a QB as anyone in the SE.

  490. Kevin X says:

    @ Jc

    Naw, let’s go all in, and invite all 555 schools into the playoffs. We already have aprx. 2/3rds of the teams playing in the tournament, what is one more week?? West Catholic, who is 0-9, get a bye this week, before they start their march to CV, guess everyone should have their chance too, no??

  491. Jc says:

    Yes kevin x just play state title games. 1 game a year. St joes vs southern

  492. Kevin X says:

    Actually, make it a perfect 4 for 4. Palmerton was up 37-0 in the 3rd qtr. Gotta love consistency!!! Way to go D11 3A, you set the bar high for the rest of the state!!!!

  493. Kevin X says:

    Well we’re off to a rip roaring start to the annual PIAA football playoffs participation trophy weekend. Three D11 3A mercy rule games to whet our collective appetites for the rest of the weekend.

  494. Kevin X says:

    Which Central Bucks game do i check out, Coateville @ CB South or Cheltenham @ CB West?? I asked for a C’Ville @ CB South game a few weeks ago which has been granted, but having a weird feeling that The Ham will give CB West a game that I’m sure many are not expecting. CBW has not seen a RB as fast and quick as Tre McLeod all year. QB Ingram is a shifty duel threat as well.

  495. JCo says:

    @D2 Fan: very thorough predictions, I don’t have many issues with them from a D11 perspective. My main disagreement would be 5A, I think Whitehall will beat Solehi pretty comfortably in the final. Whitehall plays a much more difficult schedule, and Solehi looked pretty outclassed when they came up against a superior opponent in NW Lehigh. I expect a similar outcome in the 5A final.

  496. Helen Ann Long says:

    First round will be easy to predict in 2A. The best game will be next week when SCA meets MCA. The Tigers have their best defensive player back after concussion protocol kept him out of the first meeting of these two and that will make all the difference. SCA will win this one and meet Troy for the title.

  497. John says:

    @Jeff H

    I don’t think ECP will beat the WPIAL 5A champ, I don’t know much about their team this year, but they seem kind of down compared to some of their past teams. Their defense seems kind of weak and their best win was over St. Francis (who is one of the best teams in NY), but still I would take PR/Peters over them right now. Again I don’t know too much and I’m sure they have some D1 guys, but just looking at the schedule, they are certainly haved played the competition the WPIAL teams have. But then I am from the complete opposite side of the state from Erie, so I may be underrating them.

  498. D2 Fan says:

    It’s playoff time in PA! Time to see what six teams will be champions at the end of the season.

    I was going to break this up over three days, but with games starting today & me forgetting to finish it yesterday, I’m just going to post all of them now.

    D2 Picks
    1A (Predicted Subregional Champ: Lack. Trail over Morristown)
    – D2 1A: #1 Trail over #2 Old Forge 42-17
    – D1 1A: #1 Morristown over #2 Jenkintown 24-23

    2A (Predicted Champ: Dunmore over Riverside)
    – #1 Dunmore over #4 Susquehanna 42-14
    – #3 Riverside over #2 Mid Valley 23-19

    3A (Predicted Champ: Scranton Prep over Western Wayne)
    – #1 Scranton Prep over Hanover Area 63-0
    – #2 Western Wayne over Lake-Lehman 38-7

    4A (Predicted Champ: Dallas over Wyoming Area)
    – #1 Dallas over #8 Paupack 43-16
    – #4 Crestwood over #5 GNA 49-17
    – #2 Valley View over #7 Berwick 29-8
    – #3 Wyo. Area over #6 North Pocono 38-10

    5A (Predicted Champ: DV over Abington Heights)
    – #1 DV over #4 Pittston 49-7
    – #2 AH over #3 Scranton 31-20

    6A (Predicted Subregional Champion: Parkland over Nazareth)
    – #1 Parkland over #8 Williamsport 49-0
    – #4 Freedom over #5 Emmaus 34-17
    – #3 Northampton over #6 Stroudsburg 39-7
    – #2 Nazareth over #7 Wilkes-Barre 56-7

    State 1A
    District 4 (Predicted Champion: Canton over Muncy)
    – #1 Muncy (BYE)
    – #2 Canton vs. #3 South Williamsport (BYE)
    – #4 Bucktail over #5 Northwest 33-13

    District 6 (Predicted Champion: Northern Cambria over Juniata Valley)
    – #1 Northern Cambria over #8 Marion Center 42-7
    – #4 Cambria Heights over #5 West Branch 28-18
    – #2 Purchase Line over #7 Moshannon Valley 38-14
    – #3 Juniata Valley over #6 Penns Manor 44-14

    District 11 (Predicted Champion: Minersville over Tri-Valley)
    – #1 Minersville over #4 Nativity 28-20
    – #3 Tri-Valley over #2 Marian 38-19

    District 5 (Predicted Champion: Northen Bedford over North Star)
    – #1 Northern Bedford over #4 Meyersdale 46-7
    – #2 North Star over #3 Windber 34-14

    District 3/12 (Predicted Champion: Steel-High over Belmont Charter)
    – District 3 Final: #1 Steel-High over #2 Halifax 70-3
    – Belmont Charter has a BYE

    WPIAL (Predicted Champion: Bishop Canevin over South Side)
    – #1 South Side over #16 Monessen 57-7
    – #9 West Greene over #8 Greensburg CC 30-24
    – #4 Clairton over #13 Laurel 30-14
    – #5 Union Area over #12 Burgettstown 42-14
    – #2 Fort Cherry over #15 Jeff-Morgan 42-10
    – #7 Cornell over #10 Rochester 23-19
    – #3 Canevin over #14 Leechburg 44-13
    – #11 Jeannette over #6 California 38-20

    District 10 (Predicted Champion: Lakeview over Cambridge Springs)
    – Lakeview has BYE
    – #4 Cochranton over #5 Mercer 30-15
    – #3 Eisenhower over #6 Reynolds 31-14
    – #2 Cambridge Springs over #7 Maplewood 43-11

    District 9 (Predicted Champion: Redbank Valley over Port Allegany)
    – Redbank Valley has BYE
    – #4 Coudy over #5 Cameron Co. 33-22
    – #2 Port Allegany over #7 Keystone 43-14
    – #3 Brockway over #6 U-A/C Valley 38-13

    State 2A
    District 11 (Predicted Champion: Schuylkill Haven over Williams Valley)
    – #1 Schuylkill Haven over #4 Executive 26-17
    – #2 Williams Valley over #3 Catty 54-28

    District 3 (Predicted Champion: Trinity over Annville-Cleona)
    – #1 Annville-Cleona over #4 Camp Hill 34-24
    – #2 Trinity over Delone 48-14

    District 1/12 (Predicted Champion: West Catholic over Bristol)
    D1 Final: #1 Bristol over #2 New Hope-Solebury 38-7
    West Catholic has BYE

    District 4 (Predicted Champion: Mount Carmel over Troy. I said it)
    – #1 Troy over #8 Hughesville 63-7
    – #5 Towanda over #4 Line Mountain 28-18
    – #2 Southern Columbia over #7 Mansfield 62-7
    – #3 Mt. Carmel over #6 Wyalusing 57-7

    District 6 (Predicted Champion: Richland over Bald Eagle Area)
    – #1 Bald Eagle Area over #8 Guilfoyle 24-20
    – #4 River Valley over #5 Forest Hills 29-14
    – #3 United Valley over #6 Mt. Union 33-13
    – #2 Richland over #7 Penns Valley 44-14

    District 10 (Predicted Champion: Farrell over Mercyhust Prep)
    – Farrell/Wilmington & Mercyhurst/Sharpsville on BYE

    District 9
    – Central Clarion on BYE
    – #2 Brookville over #3 Karns City 31-22

    District 5/8 (Predicted Champion: Westinghouse over Chestnut Ridge)
    – Westinghouse on BYE
    – District 5 Final: #2 Chestnut Ridge over #1 Berlin 33-13

    WPIAL (Predicted Champion: Steel Valley over Washington)
    – Steel Valley & Neshannock on BYE
    – #8 Serra Catholic over #9 Western Beaver 36-14
    – #4 Imani Christian over #13 Waynesburg 28-10
    – #5 Mohawk over #12 Burrell 40-13
    – #7 Keystone Oaks over #10 Beaver Falls 29-25
    – #3 Washington over #14 Ellwood Lincoln 43-10
    – #6 McGuffey over #11 Derry 28-17

    State 3A
    District 3
    – Wyomissing & Lancater Catholic on BYE
    – #4 Schuylkill Valley over #5 Littlestown 28-14
    – #3 West Perry over #6 Bermudian Springs 43-7

    District 4 (Predicted Champion: Danville over Loyalsock)
    – #1 Danville over #8 Athens 62-7
    – #5 Montoursville over #4 Lewisburg 33-16
    – #2 Loyalsock over #7 Cow Valley 51-7
    – #3 Mifflinburg over #6 Warrior Run 32-13

    District 11 (Predicted Champion: Northwestern Lehigh over Palmerton)
    – #1 NW Lehigh over #8 Lehighton 35-7
    – #4 NDGP over #5 Saucon 27-24
    – #2 Palmerton over #7 Jim Thorpe 34-8
    – #3 North Schuylkill over #6 Tamaqua 41-16

    District 12 (Predicted Champion: N-G over Vaux)
    – PPL: #1 Vaux over #2 Kipp-DuBois 24-13
    – PCL: #1 Neumann over #2 CEC 28-7

    WPIAL (Predicted Champion: Belle Vernon over Eliz. Forward)
    – Belle Vernon, East Allegheny, Avonworth, & Eliz. Forward on BYE
    – #8 Deer Lakes over #9 S’moreland 24-12
    – #5 Knoch over #12 South Park 39-14
    – #7 Beaver over #10 Shady Side 28-19
    – #11 Mt. Pleasant over #6 West Mifflin 23-19

    District 5/6/9 (Predicted Champion: Central over Clearfield)
    – Winner gets BYE to Sweet 16
    – D 5/9 Final: #1 Clearfield over #4 Punxsy 49-15
    District 6 (Predicted Champion: Central over Penn Cambria)
    – #1 Central has BYE
    – #2 Penn Cambria over #3 Tyrone 29-13

    District 10 (Predicted Champion: Sharon over Hickory)
    – #1 Sharon over #8 Fairview 48-12
    – #5 Oil City over #4 North East 32-14
    – #3 Grove City over #6 Ft. LeBeouf 23-14
    – #2 Hickory over #7 McLane 37-14

    State 4A
    District 12 (Predicted Champion: Bonner-Prendie over Bartram)
    – PPL: #1 John Bartram over #3 Future 44-24
    – PCL: #1 Bonner-Prendie over #2 O’Hara 49-14

    District 1 (Predicted Champion: PJP over Pottsgrove)
    – #1 PJP over #4 Pottstown 35-7
    – #3 Pottsgrove over #2 Shanahan 38-33

    District 3 (Predicted Champion: McDevitt over Manheim Central)
    – McDevitt, East Pennsboro, Lampeter-Strasburg, Twin Valley, Manheim Central, & Susq. Twp on BYE
    – #9 Eastern York over #8 Milton Hershey 23-19
    – #7 ELCO over #10 Big Spring 28-14

    District 11 (Predicted Champion: ACC over Becahi)
    – #1 ACC over #4 Bangor 38-12
    – #3 Becahi over #2 Blue Mountain 45-7

    District 4 (Predicted Champion: Jersey Shore over Selinsgrove)
    – #1 Selinsgrove over #4 Shik 35-7
    – #2 Jersey Shore over #3 Milton 35-14

    District 8/10 (Predicted Champion: Meadville over USO)
    – USO has BYE
    – D10 Final: #1 Meadville over #2 Corry 40-13

    District 6/9 (Predicted Champion: Juniata over DuBois)
    – DuBois has BYE
    – #1 Juniata over #2 Bellefonte 34-6

    WPIAL (Predicted Champion: Aliquippa over McKeesport)
    – Aliquippa, McKeesport, & Montour on BYE
    – #8 West Allegheny over #9 Latrobe 23-16
    – #4 Mars over #13 CharVal 24-7
    – #5 Central Valley over #12 Highlands 49-8
    – #7 North Catholic over #10 Trinity 42-20
    – #6 TJ over #11 Kiski Area 49-13

    State 5A
    District 11 (Predicted Champion: Southern Lehigh over Whitehall)
    – #1 Solehi over #4 ES South 38-17
    – #2 Whitehall over #3 PMW 42-3

    District 12 (Predicted Champion: Imhotep over Roman)
    – PPL: #1 Imhotep over #7 Ben Franklin 34-8
    – PPL: #1 West Philly over #4 MLK 32-14
    – PCL Teams on BYE

    District 1 (Predicted Champion: Strath Haven over Chester)
    – #1 Chester over Upper Moreland 35-13
    – #8 Phoenixville over WC East 23-20
    – #4 P-W over #13 Hatboro-Horsham 38-14
    – #5 Rustin over #12 Chichester 38-17
    – #2 Strath Haven over #15 Great Valley 42-8
    – #10 Methacton over #7 Upper Dublin 30-29
    – #3 Springfield Delco ove #14 WC Henderson 42-14
    – #6 M-N over #11 Penncrest 27-24

    District 6/8/10 (Predicted Champion: Cathedral Prep over Hollidaysburg)
    – Cathedral Prep on BYE
    – D6 Final: #1 Hollidaysburg over #2 Central Mountain 18-13

    WPIAL (Predicted Champion: Penn Hills over Peters)
    – #1 Peters over #8 Franklin Reg. 24-7
    – #4 Gateway over #5 Moon 33-13
    – #2 Penn Hills over #7 P-T 44-13
    – #3 Pine-Richland over #6 Bethel Park 41-14

    District 3 (Predicted Champion: Cedar Cliff over New Oxford)
    – New Oxford, Garden Spot, Cedar Cliff, & Cocalico on BYE
    – #9 Exeter over #8 Hershey 24-20
    – #5 Ephrata over #12 Lower Dauphin 23-10
    – #7 S’Western over #10 G-A 20-13
    – #6 Conestoga Valley over #11 Dover 39-10

    State 6A
    District 1 (Predicted Champion: D’town East over CB West)
    – #1 CB West over #16 Cheltenham 35-7
    – #8 Garnet Valley over #9 OJR 28-24
    – #4 Spring-Ford over #13 North Penn 31-14
    – #12 Coatesville over #5 CB South 28-21
    – #2 D’town East over #14 Wissahickon 29-10
    – #7 Perk. Valley over #10 Q’town 28-20
    – #3 Soudy over #14 Pennsbury 42-10
    – #6 D’town West over #11 CR South 38-14

    District 12 (Predicted Champion: SJP over Lincoln)
    – PPL: #1 Abe Lincoln over #6 South Philly 35-0
    – PPL: #2 Northeast vs. #5 Geo. Washington 28-7
    – PCL: #2 La Salle over #3 Father Judge 21-14
    – PCL: SJP has BYE

    District 6/8/10
    – D6: State College on BYE
    – D6: #2 Mifflin Co. over #3 Altoona 28-13
    – D10 Final: #1 McDowell over #2 Erie 27-24

    WPIAL & D3 on BYE!?

    Other Games (Eastern Conf. + Inter-Ac)
    Eastern Conference
    – Mahanoy Area vs. Pen Argyl (Pen Argyl 32-30)
    – Berks Catholic vs. Hamburg (Berks Cath. 38-7)
    – Fleetwood vs. Shamokin (Shamokin 41-14)
    – Gov. Mifflin vs. Pleasant Valley (Mifflin 41-9)
    – Springside vs. Episcopal (Springside 28-7)
    – Penn Charter vs. Haverford (WPC 23-19)
    – Wyo. Sem vs. Hun (Sem 27-22)
    – Lawrenceville vs. Hill (L’ville 13-10)
    – Germantown vs. Malvern (Malvern Prep 38-20)

  499. PA says:

    Santa is back and Santa is here, the weather is getting colder, so get me 10 beers.
    Wally Hall is checking his playbook and writing down notes, for Coach of the Year, he should get a lot of votes.
    Palmerton is looming and they run the spread, Matt Machalik may put you to bed.
    The winner moves on, the losers will flee, Jaxson Chowansky and defense is key.
    Take a word from Wally, because he knows all, “This time of year, we have to run the football.”
    Don’t ever doubt him and his in game decisions, they are all calculated with unreal precision.
    If you see him on the sideline, losing his mind, the zebras missed a call, because they are blind.
    Raiders, Bombers, and then the Tigers, here is the path, Wally, can you get by Josh Snyder?
    First it’s Bonner, then it’s Walkowiak, look in the stands, is that Steve Bobiak?

  500. Santa says:

    Santa is back and Santa is here,the weather is getting colder and Xmas is near
    I’m checking my list and taking down notes, I’m gunna write ya a poem with all the good quotes.
    The postseason is here and for those that run the spread ,please hang up your gear and go back to bed
    The winners will grind while the losers will flee, running the football is the one single key.
    So you can take a word from the wise or the one that knows all, to live for next week you better run the foot-ball
    Don’t ever doubt me the one that was chosen, keep the ball on the ground is where champions are Rosen
    So if you see my red sleigh with all the deer out in front, and you’re running the spread you better be ready to punt
    Good luck to all ho ho ho ho ho

  501. Jeff H. says:

    Here’s my WPIAL playoff outlook and predictions

    6A – this class is very straightforward, both NA and PCC will win their first round games against Canon Mac and Mt Lebo by wide margins and have a rematch in the WPIAL final, I picked PCC early in the season to win the WPIAL and make it to the state final, so I’ll stick with them, but I would not be surprised at all if NA beats them, it will be a much closer game than the first one and could go either way

    5A – first round matchups are Peters against Franklin Regional, Penn Hills against Penn Trafford, Pine Richland against Bethel, and Moon against Gateway, both Peters and Pine will win easily, PT may hang with Penn Hills for awhile but expect PH to win by a couple of scores, Moon against Gateway is a tossup. In the semi-finals PR will avenge their regular season loss to Penn Hills, they only lost by 6 and turned the ball over 4 times, and they were not running the offense they are now in that game, I don’t think PH will be able to stop their power running game, Peters will roll over the winner of the Gateway-Moon game. In the final I’ll take PR due to their experience and I don’t think Peters undersized D-line and linebackers will be able to withstand PR’s rushing attack

    4A – is this the year McKeesport finally gets over the hump and beats the Quips for their first WPIAL title since 2005, they lost to them in the semi-finals the last 2 years, in OT in 2021 and the Quips blew them out last year in a game I attended, I really thought McKeesport had a chance in that game but the Quips rolled them. Some very interesting quarterfinal matchups if the seeds hold, Aliquippa could play West Alleghany again, who lost on a last minute TD this year and by 3 last year, they could definitely throw a scare into them, other games could be Central Valley vs. Mars, Montour vs. TJ, and McKeesport against either North Catholic or Trinity. I expect the Quips and McKeesport to meet in the final and I’ll take McKeesport to pull the upset with their thunder and lightening rushing attack and stout defense.

    3A – Belle Vernon is a big favorite, Avonworth is also very good and the #2 seed, they met in the final last year and I would be shocked if they don’t meet again this year, Belle Vernon is the WPIAL’s best shot to win a state title.

    2A – lots of good teams in this class but no great teams, Steel Valley and Neshannock are the top 2 seeds and have byes this week, other contenders are Washington, Imani Christian, Mohawk and Keystone Oaks, I expect Steel Valley to repeat

    1A – this is the only class with a full 16 team playoff bracket, so everyone plays this week, top seed is South Side Beaver, who got the nod over Fort Cherry due to playing in a tougher conference, both teams are undefeated, other contenders are Bishop Canevin, Clairton and defending champ Union. I think South Side Beaver will beat Bishop Canevin in the final, as Canevin avenges their regular season loss to Fort Cherry in the semi-finals, Clairton and Union should be a very good quarterfinal with the winner getting South Side in the semi-finals

  502. Jeff H. says:

    @John – yeah, given their track record in state finals it’s tough to predict Imhotep winning 5A, but I think this is their best team in the last several years, and I don’t think there is a WPIAL team that will beat them this year, PR is too one dimensional compared to last year, the other two serious contenders in the WPIAL are Peters Township and Penn Hills, and I don’t think either of them would match up very well with Tep, although Peters is very similar to the Penn Trafford team from 2 yrs ago and very well coached. Peters is the best program in the WPIAL never to win a district title, losing in the semi-finals to eventual state champion Penn Hills in 2018, and in the finals in 2019-20, they inherited that title from PT when they won their first district and state title 2 yrs ago.

    Regarding NW Lehigh, I think they are D11’s best chance to win a state title, I agree they had an impressive regular season capped by their blowout over 5A Southern Lehigh, but to beat Neumann, Wyomissing and then Belle Vernon in a row is a pretty tall task.

  503. MikeS says:

    @John, I went to last year’s but not this year’s scrimmage which PV won 3-1. I think this has the best possibility of an upset; Quakertown has played as tough of a schedule as anyone. So. Lehigh top 15 in 5A, CB West & Souderton top 15 in 6A, North Penn, PW, & CR South and that will help them, they are somewhat familiar with PV, and they have been getting healthier as the year progressed. But Perk Valley is at Home (which is big) and are the higher seed. This should be a good game.

  504. John says:


    I don’t know anyone who saw the PV-Qtown scrimmage. But if you are correct on who Qtown is returning from injury, and from what I am hearing about how banged up Perk Valley is, I will probably give Qtown the edge in the playoff game on Friday.

    @Jeff H
    I agree, the Tep-Roman game may determine the state champion of 5A. My only problem with Imhotep is that they have historically came up short in the State Title, but none of the WPIAL teams or ECP have nearly as much D1 talent as them. I think Imhotep/Roman will beat the District 1 champ, Upper Dublin looked like the best D1-5A team since PIAA moved to 6 classes and they could not overcome Imhotep last year. My favorite for D1-5A is Chester, but I would not be surprised if they do not win the district since they do have some issues with discipline and penalties, but they are by far the most talented team in D1-5A, which is really down this year even compared to other years.

    I also would not be surprised if Neuman Goretti loses to NW Lehigh, NW looks pretty legit this year after they tore through their conference and previously unbeaten and D11-5A favorite Southern Lehigh by 30 on Friday night.

  505. NE PA says:

    I also think that Northwestern Lehigh would have a tough time against Goretti. They would almost certainly have to beat them in a very low scoring ballgame with the way Goretti plays defense. Just too fast and too strong up front. But it’d be a good matchup if both of them get there. Still a long way away and a ton of variables in play. At the end of the day, it’s high school football and anything can happen haha

    Good luck to everyone this weekend.

  506. Jeff H. says:

    @JCo – I agree Parkland is very good, but I’m not sure they are better than Manheim Township who also has been very impressive, North Alleghany on this side of the state is also very good, and they very well might beat PCC in the rematch in the WPIAL final.

    @CW – Parkland has to play SJP in the quarterfinals and it would be a massive upset if they beat them, as JCo pointed out it’s too bad they don’t get to play the D1 or D3 winner. As for Northwestern Lehigh they will likely have to beat Neumann Goretti in the quarterfinals and if they get past them Wyomissing in the semi-finals, so they have a tough road to get to the state final and I would consider them the underdog in either of those potential matchups, if they make it to the state final they will likely play defending champion Belle Vernon who is better than last year, so I don’t see Northwestern Lehigh winning 3A.

  507. Cw says:

    I have to say in reading the comments
    I understand the private v public
    Being on the east side of pa this is the year for 6a parkland in a good well prepared way they have a chance!
    I also believe that same thing with 3a northwestern Lehigh.
    It is high school I understand odds are against these public programs! But these programs are very well prepared and they have talent on both sides.
    They have to get there first!
    Just an opinion!
    Any body agree?

  508. D2 Fan says:

    @ D11 Matt

    The D1-2 vs. D11 game doesn’t play District 4 in the bracket. It’s the District 3 vs. 5 winner, then District 4 (or 6). That’s what I saw here, at least.

    Also, @ anyone who’s interested

    Since the playoff conversation opens up a big can of worms, when it comes to its format. I’m going to take the playoffs & offseason to showcase a playoff proposal idea for football, in the future. I talked about the Eastern Conference being this super region, & cutting down the fields at least to 32 per class.

    I have to learn & study the PIAA D2 power rating format, as I’m going to have to do the math for over 400 schools in Districts 1, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, City League, & the WPIAL. It’s a project I’m willing to take some time to do.

  509. Jeff H. says:

    @NW PA – I’m not so sure ECP loses to Pine Richland in the quarterfinals this year, that game should be in Erie, and PR is a very one dimensional team and does not throw the ball well at all (they were a run heavy team last year but Ryan Palmieri could throw the ball and their passing attack was a lot better than this year). I’ve seen them in person 3 times so far this year and with the offense they’ve been running the last 4 games since they were blown out by NA they line up and run it right at you and dare you to stop them, and so far no team in the WPIAL has been able to. PR against Peters will be a very good WPIAL final, Peters has an excellent defense but are a bit undersized upfront and I’m not sure their D-line and linebackers can stop PR’s ground assault, but if ECP has a good defensive line that can match up with PR’s O-line I give them a pretty good chance to win that game.

    I too applaud Farrell for taking on ECP, I think they have a good chance to beat Westinghouse in the quarterfinals and the WPIAL winner in the semi-finals and make it to the state final again.

  510. JCo says:

    @D2 Fan: in my opinion, Parkland is the best public school team in the state. They’ll get bounced early just because they happen to line up with SJP, but they are loaded and they’ve run through a very tough league without breaking much of a sweat. That’s very difficult to do.

    Wish we could see how they stack up head-to-head against the champ of D1 instead of trying to compare who loses to SJP by fewer points.

  511. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – I’ll play along with state final predictions, I agree there will be quite a few repeat champions, maybe as many as 5

    1A Steel High over South Side Beaver – Steel High has too many weapons on offense for other 1A teams to handle
    2A Southern Columbia over Farrell – still the 6 time defending champs until proven otherwise, I picked against them last year and not going out on a limb this year, although it would be nice to see someone beat them, if they get out of districts I think they win their 7th in a row
    3A Belle Vernon over Neumann Goretti – rematch from last year, BV is better this year and I expect them to repeat
    4A Bishop McDevitt over McKeesport – several very good teams in 4A but McDevitt is on a different level, they would win 5A, is this the year McKeesport finally gets over the hump and beats Aliquippa after losing to them the last 2 years in the WPIAL semi-finals, WPIAL winner vs. Allentown CC in the semi-finals should be a very good game
    5A Imhotep over Erie Cathedral Prep – I think the winner of D12 between Roman and Tep is the favorite, although if Chester wins D1 they might be very competitive in the semi-finals against the D12 winner, PR will beat Penn Hills in the WPIAL semi-finals to avenge their regular season loss and beat Peters for the WPIAL title, but they are too one dimensional to win a state title and lose to ECP in the quarterfinals.
    6A SJP over Manheim Township – think the WPIAL winner vs. the D3 winner in the semi-finals will be a very competitive game, all for the right to lose in the final to SJP by 3-4 scores.

  512. Kevin X says:

    @ mcd 65

    Possibly?? I believe tho you are ineligible for state post season play (and maybe district and league based on district) if you transfer after your sophomore or junior years. No issue after freshman year. But only if the transfer was deemed to have some sort of athletic connection behind it (don’t like coach, like a coach, college recruiting, more playing time, etc., etc.), but a bunch of exemptions and waivers can be involved as well. One of those I thought I remember seeing has to do with transferring of schools within a school district or diocese or archdiocese or within a private school system, if for an admin purpose, whatever that is. So that could have cleared Wharton, and help Heywood this year. Again, need to be a lawyer…..

  513. Irish1 says:

    @ Kevin, I’m right there with you on the transfere rules. Doesn’t seem right if the piaa lets some districts play by different rules. But this is the Piaa which must use the NCAA has a model on how to do things ( that’s not a good thing). If PJP gets to states I would imagine they would have to use a neighboring schools field. The two district games would be at PJP I think. Maybe someday bleachers on both sides and lights will appear,but that’s a fund raising issue.

  514. Kevin X says:

    I did take myself down to Upper Dublin last night for the SJP/RC game. Your crazy Sunday night post…….I was thinking to myself at halftime, that if SJP plays like they did in the first half for a full game against a quality team later in November or early December, they can be knocked off. It was only 17-7 Prep at half, and that was in part to a Prep first qtr. pick six, and a plethora of typical RC penalties shooting themselves in the foot. Granted, RC did not look like a real threat (their only TD came on a 2 yard drive after an almost scoop and score), and I did not expect them to really make a game of it, and I guess I was right, as it ended up being a mid 4th qtr. departure for me for the trip home up Rte. 309. A good passing team with a stout defense that is disciplined, a bit crafty, meeting up against the first half lackadaisical Prep that plays that way for a full game, maybe, just maybe…….

    ……and DTE Friday night, like someone else noted, not the game I expected either. Ground and pound to perfection, with a lock down rock solid D. If I saw a passing game from DTE (it wasn’t needed), see above…..

  515. D11 Matt says:

    @D2, I would expect Minersville to win d11 in A. The sub region with D2/1 plays D4 winner first this year. D3 Steelton would play D5 winner. According to A statewide bracket. I think Lackawanna trail beats Minersville and then beats Canton/Muncy then loses to Steelton in eastern A final.

  516. D2 Fan says:

    Playoff Notes in District 2

    – Lackawanna Trail takes on Old Forge, that being a rematch of a Week 6 game. Trail is a perfect 10-0, & they’re expected to be the favorite in the Subregional.
    – Morrisville hosts Jenkintown in the D1 final. Should be interesting to see how the rubber match goes (they split in regular season).
    – Winner gets whoever wins District 11, which has no Northern Lehigh. I think the winner of the subregional will likely lose to Steel-High.
    – Prediction: Trail over Jenkintown

    – Both games are rematches.
    – Dunmore played Susquehanna in Week 4, winning convincingly. I don’t know if this is the Susquehanna team to do something.
    – Mid Valley beat Riverside in Week 2, in a very close affair. I feel like Riverside might be the better team this year, but Mid Valley is a sleeper.
    – Winner gets District 11 champ. Schuylkill Haven is the favorite there, you’d think, or Williams Valley. I think the D2 winner gets up to at least D3 (assuming that’s Trinity). If it’s a different team, I don’t know if they can get past D11.
    – Prediction: Dunmore over Riverside
    – Sleeper: Mid Valley

    – Prep takes on Hanover Area. This should honestly be a forfeit. It’s a mismatch.
    – Western Wayne & Lake-Lehman play for a second time. Western Wayne dominated the game in Week 1. I expect the same to happen here.
    – Winner gets District 12, which probably will result in a loss. I don’t expect the winner of D2 to get past Neumann-Goretti.
    – Prediction: Scranton Prep over Western Wayne

    – This is the best playoff bracket, due to the depth of the teams.
    – Dallas hosts Wallenpaupack in a rematch of Paupack’s homecoming three weeks ago at the Lake. This should be a cakewalk for Dallas. Great story for Doc Watson to get in the playoffs in his final season, but the 2-8 team isn’t going to pull it off.
    – Crestwood/Greater Nanticoke is the 4/5 game. Nanticoke was the 2nd best team in WVC 2 this year & surprised a lot of folks in the area. I think Crestwood gets past GNA.
    – Valley View plays Berwick, in a rematch of Week 2, where the Cougars won. This one is going to be a challenge for Berwick. This should be a Cougars win.
    – Wyoming Area hosts North Pocono in the best game on the docket. North Pocono is a super gritty team & have won some battles against good teams like Western Wayne & Crestwood. I don’t think they’ll upset, but if I’m Wyoming Area, I’d be very scared.
    – I’m going to say the 4A champion could go the furthest, possibly by default. They get the D1/D12 champion. I truly think PJP or Bonner shouldn’t overlook whoever comes out of this bracket. Dallas is dominant, & the other two I think can win aren’t that far behind & can be tough outs. I’m going to go with a risky play & say that the Final Four in 4A will have a D2 team.
    – Prediction: Dallas over Wyoming Area

    – The more things change. The more that stays the same. These are the same two playoff matchups from last year.
    – DV takes on Pittston, as the road to the 5A title goes through Milford. DV shut up a lot of critics who felt like their 0-3 start would possibly be a concern. They ran the table in LFC 1. They’re better than 7-3 indicates. It’ll be a cakewalk for them.
    – Abington Heights hosts Scranton in a Week 7 rematch. Heights took the first meeting against the Knights there. I think this’ll be the closer matchup of the two.
    – The winner gets the District 11 champ. The two Lehigh Valley teams will likely be what they’ll face. I think DV can beat either team, but HAS to play a perfect game. They won’t get past the District 12 team.
    – Prediction: DV over Abington Hts.

    – Two teams in leagues associated with D2.
    – Parkland should roll over Williamsport, who came from the outside looking in, after the 7th Week of the season.
    – Nazareth should roll past Wilkes-Barre, but this Wilkes-Barre team may have the better chance to shock a D11 team than Billtown.
    – I’m intrigued with Emmaus/Freedom. This is a rematch of Week 9, which Freedom got a close win in. I think Freedom wins that one.
    – Northampton/Stroudsburg is the only EPC North battle on the ledger. Northampton has been dominant. In the final EPC North battle of this era, I hope it’s a good one.
    – We know the winner isn’t getting past SJP. If it happens to snow in Miami between now & that game, I’ll believe you then.
    – 6A: Parkland over Nazareth (Williamsport & Wilkes-Barre eliminated in first round)

    State Predictions
    – 1A: Steel-High over Redbank Valley
    – 2A: Mount Carmel over Farrell
    – 3A: Belle Vernon over Wyomissing
    – 4A: McDevitt over Aliquippa
    – 5A: Penn Hills over Imhotep
    – 6A: SJP over PCC

  517. mcd 65 says:

    @ Kevin, I believe the transfer rule applies to a player that transfers his junior year. In the case of the Neuman /Gorreti player ,he transferred his sophomore year thus he was eligible for playoffs.

  518. MikeS says:

    Well, I asked this question back in August, anyone go to the Quakertown @ Perkiomen Valley Scrimmage? Well, looks like a replay of that scrimmage in August, only this time it’s the District One Playoffs. Still love to hear the answer to that question?

  519. Foleman says:

    Irish1, I thought the 1st PI on 4th down on the last drive was BS, home cooking, the 2nd was legit. Also on replay, Mason Scott’s left foot was out of bounds on the PJP 38 on his Kickoff TD, the ref missed that call even though he was staring straight down the sideline.

  520. NW PA says:

    Kudos to Farrel for playing up against Erie Cathedral. They lost, but that experience should help them in the playoffs. Look for them to make it to the state semi finals in AA. Cathedral will probably sit for a week or two and then loose to Pine Richland in the quarter finals in another close game, much like last years game.

  521. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1

    Good question. The more that I try to learn and understand the PIAA transfer rules, the more convoluted it becomes. Specifically with PJPII’s Heywood, he may be sitting starting next week. Last year NP’s Yazeed Haynes did not play in the districts (I don’t think he was hurt), yet I saw others (N-G’s QB Wharton for example) in D12 playing right on through the playoffs. I believe it comes down to how each district determines who is and is not eligible, then if a team has an issue with the ruling, they’ll appeal to the PIAA and even the courts/arbitrators (see this all the time in the WPIAL). I think District One is stricter on transfer eligibility than the likes of District 12 where transfers are normal operating procedure (the originators of the modern day transfer portal). Again, I am far from an expert on this issue (then again, who is??) so if anyone has legit knowledge on this, please chime in.

    Other thing with PJPII, how many of their playoff games will they be able to play at home?? Two district games maybe, but a potential future game with Bonner almost certainly will not be even tho D1 has the home field this year. Then they’ll (D1/D12 winner) be heading north to play one of D2 Fan’s Group of 3.

  522. Irish1 says:

    @John,Foleman, one factor not on PJPs side is I believe their Wisconsin commit offensive linemen is not eligible for the playoffs due to the transfere rule.They should be ok in districts but that is a tough loss to make up for at the state level. There are some other very good teams besides McDevitt who is on another level. Allentown Central Catholic plays in a very tough league up there in the Lehigh Valley and Bonner Prendie has a few D one comitts on their roster. I could be wrong but looks like Spring -ford gets North Penn in the first round. One last thing on Fridays game Spring – Ford benefited from three huge penalties on that last drive a couple of which were debatable.But it all added to the drama of great game. I wish we got more of those type of games, too many Friday nights are filled with running clock games.

  523. D2 Fan says:

    Correction: Valley View stayed at #2 by a few thousandths in Power Ratings. Must’ve been because of the stronger opponents weighted winning %.

  524. Foleman says:

    John, I was thinking that Brubaker didnt want to the game to go to overtime or double overtime with the 6A playoffs next week. PJP is going to have their starters out of the game in the 4A playoffs by the 3rd quarter while SF might have a tough opening game with possibly Coatesville.

  525. D2 Fan says:

    D2’s Week 10 Notes. Very few. Nothing major happened.

    – DV wins LFC 1 & DOMINATED Abington Heights. It wasn’t even close. Home field advantage for DV in the 5A playoffs (& they’ll roll past these teams).
    – Valley View was no match for Scranton Prep. Valley View drops a peg to #3 in 4A.
    – All bubble playoff spots held steady this week.
    – Wilkes-Barre & Williamsport win, but are #7 & #8 in 6A. Good luck against Parkland & Nazareth is all that I can say.

    The one playoff battle that came down to the wire was Wallenpaupack vs. Honesdale. It came down to the OWP (Opponent Weighted Win Percentage Points), which I have zero clue is calculated. Paupack was 9th in 4A after the loss to Scranton. Honesdale jumped them over, but Valley View/Prep & DV/AH were the deciding factors. Paupack beat Honesdale in after both games, due to strength of schedule (.639 to .568).

    And for those who thinks PJP will roll all the way to the McDevitt game (assuming they go that far), Dallas, Valley View, & Wyoming Area aren’t entirely slouches.

  526. D11 Matt says:

    @3gs….Absolutely. I thought southern Lehigh was damn good as well and thought they would win a close one but Northwestern Lehigh is by far the best team in D11 3A. Palmerton might have best overall player but Northwestern Lehigh has better overall team. They might hang with D12 AAA this year. Who knows. But they steamrolled a 9-0 5A team and who still has a good chance of winning 5A dist 11 (Whitehall will have a say in that).

  527. John says:


    I understand the reasoning for SF going for 2 there because they could not stop PJP’s running back, but PJP had no answer for Zollers and Scott the whole 4th quarter, PJP saw that fade coming from a mile away on the 2pt conversion.

    PJP is going roll through 4A it looks like, until they face Bishop McDevitt (D3)

  528. Michael D says:

    I know this is Eastern PA football but would/could anyone explain to me the WPIAL playoff formula that an 8-2 USC team sits home in favor of a 5-5 and 4-6 teams in which they beat one of them?

  529. Dave says:

    @NE, I saw Troy play early in the season and they were impressive. They have a lot of size on the lines. I’m looking forward to their likely match up in the district championship game with the winner of SCA vs MCA round 2.

  530. Dennis says:

    @ BRIAN Thankyou for your response. I was told coach Roth will not be on the sidelines for the game on Sat. game either according to Dave fegley

  531. Irish1 says:

    @Foleman…..PJP – Spring–Ford was a super game with an electric atmosphere. A big game where the top players on each team kept coming up with big plays. I thought PJP was more physical and did about as good a job as anyone has done at at least keeping the SF QB contained for three qts. He is so tough when he starts scrambling and throwing down field. PJP running back had a tremendous game, a great team effort for PJP

  532. Don says:

    While this 6A has been absolutely unstoppable on offense this year, the coaching staff must be pulling their hair out with ridiculous penalties and a defense that got completely exposed against a very ordinary Wilson team tonight. Wilson coaching staff gave away two early gifts. First gift was winning the coin toss and deferring. Who defers to one of the best offenses in the state, 7-0. Number two early mistake, going for it on 4th down in your own territory, 14-0. Take those freebies away and Wilson played Manheim straight up. Manheim defense could be a real problem at some point and Harrisburg may be licking chops second time around. Max Preps had Township state number 2 last few weeks, can’t see it after tonight.

  533. Irish1 says:

    Pjp 28 Spring–Ford 27 pjp breaks up SF two point attempt with 20 seconds left. Great high school football game.

  534. Foleman says:

    Pope John Paul 28-27 over Spring Ford. My god, what a game! This was the game everyone was looking forward to since the beginning of the season and it lived up to the hype and then some! 2 Great Champions going back and forth all game. Game was tied 7-7 at the half, PJP took the lead twice in the 2nd half only to see SF come back and score a TD with 27 seconds left on an amazing throw by SF QB Zollars. SF decided to go for 2. PJP batted down a pass to secure the win. I would not have gone for 2 and played for OT as Zollars was on fire and SF had momentum on its side. I have seen many fantastic HS QB’s and I can tell you Zollars is as good as any of them, he’s worth the price of admission. I heard the game was streamed on youtube, it’s worth watching if you are a HS football fan.

  535. John says:

    Some final scores from big games in district 1:

    Downingtown East 35-Downington West 7 – Was expecting East to win, but not by this much. West could not get anyting going all game, their only scoring drive, happen mainly because of 2 15 yard penalties by East. West also could not stop the run all game.

    PJP II 28-Spring Ford 27- A great game. Skarbeck for PJP ran for 4 tds and Zollers for Spring Ford threw for 4 tds, 3 going to Mase Scott. Spring Ford failed on a 2 pt conversion with 25 seconds left to seal the deal for PJP.

    CB West 24-CB East 7- Was tied at half 7-7, West pulled away at the end. Was not expecting it to be as close as it was.

  536. Cw says:

    Northwestern Lehigh Tigers
    Great program
    O line D line is very good
    What a great team!

  537. 3gs says:

    @D11 Matt. By a landslide, we found out who the best team in D11 3A was tonight. That was an impressive performance. They are the best coached team in that bracket by FAR. Josh Snyder and his staff are tremendous. They will win that tournament going away

  538. John says:

    In a score I was not expecting in the least bit, Downingtown East is currently beating Downingtown West 28-0 at half. East is completely dominating the line of scrimmage

  539. Jeff H. says:

    Any of you D3 guys think Wilson has a chance to upset MT tonight? I think it will be close for awhile but MT ends up winning by a couple of scores, curious how those of you that follow D3 closely see this game.

  540. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – you’re welcome for the info, I’ll add a little commentary to your picks, I like most of them! In 5A I would be shocked if Bethel puts up 22 points on Peters defense, they have given up a combined 37 points in 9 games, and the 10 Canon Mac scored last week is the most they’ve given up all year, I think it will be something like 31-7. One game I will differ on is the game I’m going to, TJ vs. McKeesport, I’ve seen both play in person and I think TJ is going to have trouble stopping McKeesport’s rushing attack, particularly their bruising 6-2 255 lb fullback Keith Spell, and if you stack the box they’ll run an option play to one of their speedy tailbacks or throw the ball. Not very often TJ faces an opponent who has the advantage in the trenches against them, but TJ’s lineman are a little undersized by their previous standards, I think McKeesport controls the line of scrimmage and wins a 1 score game 28-21.

  541. NE says:

    Does anyone have info on Troy? I know the competition isn’t that great but their scores are pretty impressive. Would they have the fire power or line to compete with a Mount Carmel or Southern Columbia? More than likely it will be the same ole story when they meet them in the playoffs, but just wondering maybe this year is different

  542. D2 Fan says:

    The rest of the Best Of The Rest: WPIAL Playoff & Misc. Games.

    WPIAL (Thanks for the quality info @ Jeff H)
    Big 56 (5A/6A)
    – Mt. Lebanon vs. Canon-Mac (Mt. Leb 24, Canon-Mac 16)
    – Bethel Park vs. Peters Twp. (Peters 39, Bethel Park 22)
    – Baldwin vs. Moon (Moon 36, Baldwin 3)
    – USC vs. South Fayette (USC 30, SF 13)
    – Woodland Hills vs. Penn Hills (PH 42, Woody 14)
    – Pine-Richland vs. North Hills (P-R 40, North Hills 14)
    – Penn-Trafford vs. Franklin Reg. (P-T 24, Franklin 13)

    – McKeesport vs. Thomas Jefferson (TJ 30, McKeesport 28)
    – Hampton vs. Highlands (Hampton 35, Highlands 10)
    – Armstrong vs. Kiski Area (Armstrong 26, Kiski Area 23)
    – Ambridge vs. Chartiers Valley (CharVal 25, Ambridge 3)
    – New Castle vs. Blackhawk (Blackhawk 21, New Castle 20)

    – Elizabeth Forward vs. Belle Vernon (BVA 42, EF 19)
    – Mt. Pleasant vs. Southmoreland (Mt. Pleasant 24, S’moreland 9)
    – Shady Side vs. East Allegheny (East All. 24, SSA 15)
    – Freeport vs. Deer Lakes (Deer Lakes 37, Freeport 9)
    – West Mifflin vs. South Park (WM 41, South Pk. 14)
    – Beaver Area vs. Hopewell (Beaver 49, Hopewell 7)

    – Serra vs. Steel Valley (Steel 44, Serra 15)
    – Ligonier Valley vs. Derry (Derry 24, LV 9)
    – Burrell vs. Apollo-Ridge (Burrell 23, Apollo 7)
    – Washington vs. McGuffey (Prexies 35, McGuffey 20)
    – Brentwood vs. Keystone Oaks (KO 31, Brentwood 12)
    – Waynesburg vs. Charleroi (Waynesburg 41, Charleroi 8)
    – Mohawk vs. Neshannock (Neshannock 29, Mohawk 17)
    – Beaver Falls vs. Western Beaver (BF 49, Western Beaver 24)
    – Ellwood City vs. Riverside (7) (EC 34, Riverside 0)

    – OLSH vs. Cornell (Cornell 31, OLSH 27)
    – Burgettstown vs. Ft. Cherry (Ft. Cherry 35, B’town 7)
    – Clairton vs. Jeannette (Clairton 27, Jeannette 21)
    – Greensburg CC vs. Leechburg (GCC 38, Leechburg 6)
    – Monessen vs. Beth Center (Beth Center 39, Monessen 12)
    – California vs. Bentworth (Cal PA 48, Bentworth 10)

    Non-Playoff Deciding: Best Of The Rest
    Public League Playoffs
    – Skipped Northeast/Kensington (Would’ve Been NE 31-0)
    – Lincoln vs. Palumbo (Palumbo 27, Lincoln 22)
    – Central (12) vs. George Washington (GW 34, Central 3)
    – Olney vs. South Philly (South Philly 24, Olney 14)
    – Future vs. Boys Latin Charter (BLC 20, Future 16)
    – Bartram vs. Overbrook (Bartram 31, Overbrook 0)
    – West Philly vs. Mastery North (Speedboys 25, Mastery North 7)
    – Martin Luther King vs. Frankford (MLK 42, Frankford 8)
    – Simon Gratz vs. Benjamin Franklin (Gratz 17, Ben Franklin 12)

    Eastern PA
    – Schuylkill Valley vs. Lancaster Catholic (Lanc. Cath. 21, Sch. Valey 14)
    – St. Joe’s Prep vs. Roman Catholic (SJP 38, Roman 19)
    – La Salle vs. Father Judge (Judge 22, La Salle 20)

    Western PA
    – Central vs. Richland (Central 28, Richland 23)
    – Brockway vs. Cameron Co. (Cameron 27, Brockway 14)
    – Central Clarion vs. Redbank Valley (Redbank 49, Central Clarion 42)
    – Otto-Eldred vs. Port Allegany (Port 43, Otto-Eldred 27)
    – Punxsy vs. Union/A-C Valley (Punxsy 30, Union/A-C 10)
    – Cathedral Prep vs. Farrell (ECP 34, Farrell 29)
    – Sharpsville vs. Fort LeBeouf (Ft. LeBeouf 40, Sharpsville 19)

    – Aliquippa vs. Central Valley (Quips 35, Central Valley 24)
    – PCC vs. Gateway (PCC 34, Gateway 24)
    – Rochester vs. South Side (South Side 28, Rochester 17)
    – Mars vs. North Catholic (Mars 22, North Catholic 20)
    – Brownsville vs. Uniontown (Uniontown 24, Uniontown 8)

    Crossover, Non-PIAA, & City League Final
    – Westinghouse vs. USO
    – Greater Latrobe (7) vs. Butler (7/10)
    – DuBois (9) vs. Hollidaysburg (6)
    – Coudersport (9) vs. Cowanesque Valley (4)
    – Kipp-DuBois (12) vs. George (PA)
    – McDowell vs. St. Francis (NY)
    – Canisius vs. Erie High (10)
    – Pennington (NJ) vs. Harriton (1)
    – Episcopal vs. Germantown
    – Haverford vs. Springside
    – Hill vs. Kiski
    – Malvern vs. William Penn Charter

    – Westinghouse 42, USO 7
    – Greater Latrobe 24, Butler 3
    – H’burg 24, DuBois 17
    – Coudy 28, Cowanesque Valley 8
    – George 24, Kipp-DuBois 7
    – McDowell 20, St. Francis 19
    – Canisius 38, Erie High 7
    – Pennington 21, Harriton 16
    – Germantown 31, Episcopal 10
    – Springside 35, Haverford 11
    – Hill 16, Kiski 10
    – Malvern Prep 30, WPC 24

  543. Brian says:

    @Dennis Sorry, busy week and I just saw your question about Coach Roth. Yes, he is not permitted to be on the sidelines for tonight’s game. He’ll be on campus and will have the ability to talk to his staff and see the game as it occurs, but just won’t be on the sidelines. I guess he felt this game wasn’t worth arguing about????

  544. JCo says:

    I’d actually been thinking that some sort of scheduling agreement between the Ches-Mont and PAC would make sense. I know many of the PAC schools broke off from the Ches-Mont initially, so I wasn’t sure if there was any bad blood. But the National division always felt like it should have some agreement with Spring-Ford and Perk Valley, who mostly run through the PAC every year. Glad to see they’re working together.

    Could it be a step towards a full merger in football? Between the two, they could create a top division that could be the most competitive in D1.

  545. Kevin X says:

    Speaking of S-F, and the PAC and Ches Mont agreement, I’d take it one step further and take a page out of the L-L and Berks leagues and merge just for football. Put together a 3 division combined league featuring an 8 team top division featuring DTE, DTW, C’Ville, Shanahan, PJP2, OJR, Perk Val and the aforementioned S-F, with the rest of the Ches Mont and PAC in either their current Ches Mont/PAC set-up of or based on enrollment or competition levels or whatever else they come up with.

    Off to the Battle of the Brandywine tonight. Probably head down to U Dub for The Prep and Roman tomorrow evening to wrap up my regular season tour of SEPA.

  546. Kevin X says:

    I may just be rooting for Spring-Ford to win the 6A D1 championship. The S-F coach’s comments versus St Joe Prep in the State semi final would be absolutely priceless!!!

  547. D2 Fan says:

    Best Of The Rest Part 1: I’ll put the scores next to the game because there’s a lot of games in this week’s schedule. I missed three Thursday games, but I won’t lose sleep over those two. One was a 6A PPL playoff game, I think. I’m sorry for the long list, but I think these games are worth watching. I’ll do Districts 1, 3, 4, & 11 tonight & save the WPIAL & Western PA for tomorrow. It’s too much to add in one post.

    Thanks @ Kevin X for sending the D1 playoff format link. It’s familiar to me, as it used to be the old D2 format, minus bonus points.

    District 4
    Battle For 2A 1-Seed
    – Troy vs. Canton (Troy 42, Canton 34)
    – Shikellamy vs. Southern Columbia (SC 56, Shik 0)

    2A Seeding
    – Towanda vs. Wyalusing Valley (Towanda 45, WyVal 9)

    3A Seeding
    – Loyalsock vs. Montoursville (Sock 28, Montoursville 14)
    – Mifflinburg vs. Lewisburg (Miff 35, Lewisburg 14)
    – Warrior Run vs. Milton (Milton 48, WR 6)

    – Lehighton vs. Jim Thorpe (JT 21, Leh 20)
    – Blue Mountain vs. Schuylkill Haven (Sch. Haven 31, BM 14)
    – Nativity vs. Minersville (Minersville 34, Nativity 20)
    – Southern Lehigh vs. NW Lehigh (NWL 31, Solehi 23)

    District 3
    2A Playoffs
    – Annville-Cleona vs. Northern Lebanon (A-C 30, NL 12)
    – Halifax vs. Trinity (Trinity 55, Halifax 7)

    3A Playoffs
    – Steel-High vs. West Perry (Steel-High 38, West Perry 17)
    – Wyomissing vs. Lampeter-Strasburg (Wyo 41, L-S 28)

    4A Playoffs
    – Hatboro-Horsham (1) vs. Twin Valley (3) (TV 28, H-H 21)
    – Manheim Twp. vs. Exeter Township (3) (Manheim Twp. 33, Exeter 27)
    – Waynesboro vs. East Pennsboro (East P’boro 36, Waynesboro 10)
    – Susquehanna Twp. vs. Gettysburg (Susqy Twp. 31, Gettysburg 9)
    – Eastern York vs. New Oxford (New Oxford 41, Eastern York 8)
    – Cedar Cliff vs. Milton Hershey (Cedar Cliff 51, Milton Hershey 14)

    5A Playoffs
    – Cocalico vs. Conrad Weiser (Cocalico 59, CW 3)
    – Solanco vs. Garden Spot (Garden Spot 33, Solanco 13)
    – Elizabethtown vs. Ephrata (Ephrata 41, Elizabethtown 8)
    – Conestoga Valley vs. Muhlenberg (ConVal 36, Muhlenberg 10)
    – South Western vs. Spring Grove (S’Western 31, Spring Grove 14)
    – Hershey vs. Palmyra (Hershey 33, Palmyra 15)
    – Bishop McDevitt vs. Lower Dauphin (McDevitt 42, LD 7)
    – Shippensburg vs. Greencastle-Antrim (G-A 21, Ship 19)
    – West York vs. Dover (Dover 24, West York 23)

    6A Playoffs
    – Manheim Twp. vs. Wilson West Lawn (Manheim Twp. 36, WWL 14)
    – Harrisburg vs. Central Dauphin (Harrisburg 49, CD 21)
    – William Penn vs. Central York (Central York 35, William Penn 24)
    – Cumberland Valley vs. Altoona (6) (Altoona 20, CV 13)
    – Lebanon vs. Cedar Crest (Cedar Crest 62, Lebanon 0)

    District 1
    6A Playoffs
    – CB East vs. CB West (CB West 34, CB East 16)
    – Bensalem vs. Souderton (Soudy 45, Bensalem 6)
    – Pope John Paul II vs. Spring-Ford (PJP II 29, S-F 13)
    – Downingtown East vs. Downingtown West (DTE 35, DTW 31)
    – Pennridge vs. CB South (CB South 31, Pennridge 10)
    – Phoenixville vs. Perk Valley (Perk Vally 28, P’ville 8)
    – Upper Darby vs. Garnet Valley (GV 56, Darby 0)
    – Pottsgrove vs. Owen J. Roberts (OJR 37, P’grove 13)
    – Council Rock South vs. Council Rock North (CRS 35, CRN 13)
    – Upper Dublin vs. Quakertown (Upper Dub 30, Q’town 13)
    – Coatesville vs. Avon Grove (C’ville 41, Avon 7)
    – Cheltenham vs. Wissahickon (Wissa. 43, Chelty 9)
    – Conestoga vs. Lower Merion (Mamba Mentality 24, Conestoga 20)
    – Neshaminy vs. Pennsbury (Nesh 33, Pennsbury 24)

    4A/5A Playoffs
    – Chester vs. Academy Park (Chester 51, Academy Park 13)
    – Strath Haven vs. Truman (Strath 45, Truman 0)
    – Springfield Delco vs. Radnor (Delco 59, Radnor 7)
    – Upper Moreland vs. Plymouth-Whitemarsh (P-W 35, UM 17)
    – WC Rustin vs. Unionville (Rustin 38, U’ville 9)
    – Penncrest vs. Marple-Newtown (M-N 23, Penncrest 14)
    – WC East vs. WC Henderson (East 34, Henderson 13)
    – Pottstown vs. Methacton (Methacton 29, Pottstown 22)
    – Chichester vs. Shanahan (Chichester 24, Shanahan 7)
    – Kennett vs. Great Valley (Great Valley 24, Kennett 14)
    – Sun Valley vs. Oxford (Sun Valley 23, Oxford 6)
    – Penn Wood vs. Interboro (I’boro 44, Penn Wood 3)

  548. John says:


    I agree with you on PJP and other non boundary schools. I think the recent success of St Joes Prep, has deluded people on the non boundary schools especially every other school in the Catholic League outside of SJP. Most catholic schools in the state are operating below capacity and one shuts down every few years. You’ve seen many PCL schools drop classes in recent years due to declining enrollment. So I do not really mind non boundary schools competing in PIAA outside of St Joes Prep because they have recruited at such a high rate. Most catholic schools in the PIAA are on par with the publics or are worse than them, outside of SJP, Bishop McDevitt (D3) in 4A, and to an extent Roman and PCC. You will probably start to see more philly catholic schools merge similar to PJP or fold like Bishop McDevitt (wyncote) did.

  549. Irish1 says:

    News of scheduling agreement between the Ches-Mont and Pac. Starting next year the leagues will have crossover games the third and fourth week of the season,based on enrollment and district points over two seasons. Sounds like a good idea more of this type of thing between leagues would make a lot of sense.

  550. ScottyB says:

    Sorry, last post got cutoff. They will determine the matchups between the C-M & PAC by enrollment numbers and power rankings to try and keep competitive balance.

  551. ScottyB says:

    FOOTBALL: Ches-Mont, Pioneer Athletic Conference enter into non-league scheduling agreement
    The Ches-Mont League and Pioneer Athletic Conference have entered into a football scheduling agreement for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. The scheduling partnership will see Ches-Mont and PAC teams face off in their third and fourth games of the season. “As two of the state’s premier leagues, the CM and PAC created this agreement to provide student-athletes, schools and communities…

  552. MikeS says:

    Suburban One League Picks

    In my Swan Song week of Regular Season Picks, after 5 years as a Contributor to Short Picks on PFN and the last 9 on Eastern Pa Football as my own picks of only doing SOL, Under PFN I covered all of District’s 1, 11 & 12. I want to say it’s been a lot of fun.

    So here goes my last Regular Season Picks.

    NORTH PENN OVER Abington – Well fittingly I have picked North Penn numerous times, so just make sense North Penn as my 1st of the last picks.

    SOUDERTON OVER Bensalem – Souderton is at home, so since they haven’t lost there in years, this week will be no different.

    CENTRAL BUCKS WEST OVER Central Bucks East – This won’t be easy, this Rivalry game never is, then coming off of last week’s big win against South, West needs to be ready to play.

    CENTRAL BUCKS SOUTH OVER Pennridge – Another one of those games, better not have a hangover from last week, Pennridge is better than most think.

    CHELTENHAM OVER Wissahickon – This is a District Playoff maker or Breaker, Wissahickon has the better record & will score, Cheltenham has played a much tougher schedule & is on a roll,
    Cheltenham it is.

    COUNCIL ROCK SOUTH OVER Council Rock North- Another Rivalry game, because of that it will be a tight game, but CR South is better, especially at QB.

    STRATH HAVEN OVER H.S. Truman – One of the best in District, Strath Haven should have an easy night, as they rest up for District 1 play.

    TWIN VALLEY OVER Hatboro Horsham – Well Hatboro takes the long drive out to District 3 to play 8-1 Twin Valley, this may be closer than many think, but it’s at Twin Valley.

    NEW HOPE-SOLEBURY OVER Lower Moreland – More of a Hunch than a I know, neither have been overly consistent. NHS.

    PENNSBURY OVER Neshaminy – Another one of those big rivalry games where anything can happen, probably with a District 1 Playoff Berth on the line, Pennsbury.

    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH OVER Upper Moreland – PW is solid with only one loss, a win and they open the districts at home PW.

    QUAKERTOWN OVER Upper Dublin – Gut feeling call, as the coin has let me down, Quakertown is on a roll & getting healthier every week, UD coming off big loss to Souderton, Panther’s win.

    SPRINGFIELD OVER Wm. Tennent – Springfield has played well for the most part, it’s been a long season for Tennant, so Springfield it is.

    Well, there you got it, my last Regular season picks after 14 seasons of picks, I wish you all well, hope someone picks up the Suburban One League, I’ll check in, but 14 years is enough.

    Get out Support your teams, it’s going to be a gorgeous weekend, and the last of the Regular season.

  553. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – WPIAL qualifiers are based on conference records only as nonconference games generally don’t count for playoff purposes, and then the WPIAL seeds all the teams that make the playoffs, 6A is very straightforward, with only 5 teams the top 4 make the playoffs and all have already qualified, Canon-Mac plays Lebo tomorrow night, winner gets to play NA in the first round, loser plays PCC, all have a bye next week.

    In 5A top 2 teams in each of the 3 conferences qualify, with 2 of the 3 third place teams making it as a wildcard, PT plays Franklin Regional, winner clinches, loser has an outside shot at a wild card, Woodland Hills plays at Penn Hills, if PH wins they clinch the conference and probable #2 seed in the playoffs, if Woody pulls the upset (unlikely without their starting QB) there is a 3 way tie for the conference and all 3 teams qualify, assuming Pine Richland beats North Hills. In the other conference Peters plays BP, Peters has clinched a playoff spot and will clinch the conference title with a win and #1 seed in the playoffs, Bethel has already clinched at least a wild card, if Moon beats Baldwin they clinch as well and USC with an 8-2 record is left out of the playoffs, USC needs Bethel to upset Peters to get in as they would win the tiebreaker with Moon for third place and the wildcard.

    In 4A top 5 teams in Parkway Conference qualify, and top 4 in the other 2 conferences. Aliquippa plays Central Valley and West Alleghany plays Montour, all 4 have qualified and are jockeying for playoff positions, McKeesport plays TJ, winner wins the conference and gets a #2 seed, both Trinity and Latrobe have also qualified from that conference, Mars and North Catholic have clinched n the other conference, the other 2 spots are still to be determined with Kiski hosting Armstrong and Hampton visiting Highlands

    In 3A top 4 teams in each conference qualify, big game is Elizabeth Forward vs. Belle Vernon, winner will be #1 seed, loser is likely #3 seen behind #2 Avonworth, 10 teams have already clinched, still to be determined are 3rd/4th place teams in Alleghany 6 conference, EA is first and Knoch is 2nd, winner of Freeport-Deer Lakes qualifies, Shady Side Academy is also in the mix.

    In 2A a total of 14 teams qualify, top 5 in the Midwestern Athletic and Allegany conferences, along with top 4 from Century Conference, thus far a total of 11 teams have qualified, still to be determined is 5th place in Midwestern between Elwood City and Riverside, and 3rd/4th place in the Century with Brentwood, Keystone Oaks and Waynesburg battling for the last 2 spots.

    In 1A top 4 teams for all 4 conferences qualify, thus far 13 have qualified, Shenago plays Laurel and winner clinches, loser is out, Cornell plays OLSH, winner is in and loser is out, and in the Tri-County South Beth-Center, Monessen and Benworth are still alive for the final spot, if Beth Center beats Monessen they clinch, if Monessen wins they clinch unless Benworth upsets first place California, in which case it would go to tiebreaker points and Benworth would get in as the 4th place team.

  554. JCo says:

    @Irish1: I agree it is a little bit silly for S-F’s coach to be making those comments… S-F is HUGE and has a winning tradition, that attracts football families moving to the area. They might not be actively recruiting, but they’re not struggling either.

    Now, does PJP have an advantage over most 4A public schools, especially those without winning football traditions? Yes, absolutely. Tuition or not, when you’re pulling from a wider geographic area than schools similar to your size, it both raises your floor and your ceiling by comparison.

    Schools the size of PJP are the biggest snag when it comes to proposing that non-boundary schools have their own brackets. Not small enough to fit with the small or mid-size non-boundary schools, but still much smaller than the behemoths: La Salle, SJP, Pittsburgh CC, Judge, and Roman. The nature of high school classification is that SOMEONE gets the short end of the stick… where do you draw the line?

  555. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    You opened somewhat of a Pandora’s Box with your playoff inquiry. Long time folks around here probably already know, that I have issues with the current PIAA football playoff system. Anyways, I’ll probably chime in here and there with my old gripes and old and new ideas on different playoff ideas which are anywhere from minor tweaks, to complete overhaul, from the mundane to being off the rails. But hey, it’s all in good fun and conversation starters.

    This weekend looks like an absolutely perfect weekend for football, especially for the last Friday/Saturday in October. Let’s enjoy the final week of the regular season before we enter the second season. Like MikeS says, get out and support!!

  556. Coal_Cracker says:


    I’m surprised more teams don’t opt out to EC too.

    Maybe it’s a pride thing, teams don’t want to admit they aren’t going to be able to compete in districts.

    But no one can convince me getting rolled in a district game is better for a program than the chance at competing for an EC Championship.

  557. Irish1 says:

    Was watching on show on the Spring Ford district site, their coach was previewing the Pac Title game. They were talking in general about the teams and of course he said how when they graduate players they have to make due with whoever is next in line while PJP can just go out and bring someone else in. I have to laugh when a coach from a school that is four times the size enrollment wise then PJP breaking out that tired old way of thinking.. PJP is certainly not running out and bringing in talent like a SJP or LaSalle or a few other schools for that matter. They are trying to survive like alot of other catholic schools as tuition rises yr to yr to cover cost. PJP has a roster of 50 or so players 26 or 27 of which are freshmen hardly sounds like they are running out far and wide bringing in all this talent.Must be tough making due over there at SF with 85 or 90 on their varsity roster every year.

  558. D2 Fan says:

    The regular season ends this week. HOW!? I feel like just yesterday we were talking about D1.

    A little different formula for picks this week. I’ll still have my 10 best, but the best of the rest consists of any leagues with District 2 ties, de-facto elimination games or seeding implications, some rivalries, & any games that feature .500 or above teams that may move the needle. The last week I’m going big or going home. I’m leaving D1 out of my 10, because the race is all but settled, so I’ll give a tribute to someone coaching his final game.

    – Valley View vs. Scranton Prep (LFC 1): Game of the year in LFC 1. Prep would clinch a share of LFC 1 with a win & DV loss. This should be a fun one. The winner will get some great momentum heading into the playoffs. I feel the Cougars will take this one.
    – Honesdale vs. Western Wayne (LFC 2): A game that’ll be aired on WQMY 53. Western Wayne is playing for momentum’s sake. Honesdale needs a win to squeak past Wallenpaupack in the playoffs, as well as other teams that may challenge. However, I don’t think Honesdale is ready to take down the Wildcats this year.
    – Susquehanna vs. Lackawanna Trail (LFC 3): This game has zero meaning for playoff hopes, but I’m going to say Trail takes this one, easily.
    – Hazleton vs. Berwick (WVC 1): Berwick needs a win to help guarantee a playoff berth. They’re in the 4A playoffs right now. I think they’ll hold that spot & gain some bonus points in the power ratings to maybe give them some cushion from the other teams.
    – Pittston vs. Wyoming Area (WVC 2): A classic rivalry at the Jake to decide where Wyoming Area is seeded in the 4A field. They’re rooting for a Valley View loss to guarantee the #2 seed. Wyoming Area should be fine here. I don’t see this as a look-ahead game.
    – Delaware Valley vs. Abington Heights (LFC 1): The Pit is the place to be on Saturday, as the winner of this gets the #1 seed in 5A. I expect them
    – Williamsport vs. Tunkhannock (WVC HM): I had to place this as one of my picks, because it’s a de-facto elimination game for Williamsport. A win gets them in. A loss? Not so much. They may have to play in the Eastern Conference 5/6A game. I did lie when I said this is a nothingburger, but I feel Williamsport will hold on, regardless of Easton/Nazareth outcome. I’ll pick them here in my riskiest pick of the week.
    – Crestwood vs. North Pocono (D2 HM): This game could decide the #5 & #6 seeds in 4A. A North Pocono win could jump them to #5 & slot Greater Nanticoke down to #6. I doubt that, but I think this one’s a sneaky good game this week. Crestwood is my pick here.
    – Wallenpaupack vs. Scranton (Tribute): I’m putting this here to pay honor to Wallenpaupack’s head coach, Mark Watson, who is coaching his last game as a Buckhorn. I’m going to go biased here, as the only thing that’d be fitting is a Paupack win. They’ll make the playoffs with a win, you’d think.
    – Easton vs. Nazareth (6A Game): There’s implications for this one. Easton is in the same place that the Millionaires are in. Williamsport losing means they must win to challenge. Doubtful. I think Nazareth ends their season.

    – Valley View 23, Scranton Prep 19
    – Western Wayne 38, Honesdale 14
    – Trail 42, Susquehanna 20
    – Berwick 24, Hazleton 23
    – Wyoming Area 38, Pittston 14
    – DV 31, AH 28
    – Williamsport 27, Tunk 21
    – Crestwood 30, North Pocono 19
    – Paupack 24, Scranton 21
    – Nazareth 35, Easton 13

    Best Of The Rest (D2 Area)
    – West Scranton vs. Dunmore
    – Carbondale vs. Old Forge
    – Mid Valley vs. Lakeland
    – Riverside vs. Holy Cross

    – WVW vs. Wilkes-Barre
    – Dallas vs. Lake-Lehman
    – Greater Nanticoke vs. Hanover Area

    D2 Misc./Former
    – Holy Redeemer vs. Montrose
    – Northwest Area vs. South Williamsport
    – Blair (NJ) vs. Wyoming Seminary

    – Dunmore 35, West Scranton 10
    – Old Forge 31, Carbondale 17
    – Mid Valley 35, Lakeland 14
    – Riverside 49, Holy Cross 3
    – Dallas 45, Lake-Lehman 7
    – Nanticoke 29, Hanover Area 13
    – Montrose 7, Redeemer 6
    – South Williamsport 31, Northwest 10
    – Wyo Sem 20, Blair 14

    – Morrisville vs. Renaissance
    – Jenkintown vs. Bristol
    – Emmaus vs. Parkland
    – Liberty vs. Freedom
    – Whitehall vs. Northampton
    – Stroudsburg vs. Pleasant Valley
    – Becahi vs. Central Catholic
    – PME vs. PMW
    – ES North vs. ES South
    – Dieruff vs. Allen

    – Morrisville 38, Renaissance 0
    – Jenkintown 21, Bristol 18
    – Parkland 38, Emmaus 16
    – Freedom 33, Liberty 16
    – Northampton 24, Whitehall 18
    – ACC 30, Becahi 29
    – PMW 28, PME 14
    – ES South 42, ES North 10
    – Dieruff 16, Allen 12

    De-Facto Playoff/Eastern Conference 1A/2A
    – Tri-Valley vs. Williams Valley
    – Palmerton vs. Northern Lehigh
    – Pen Argyl vs. Bangor
    – Executive (11) vs. Danville (4)
    – Hughesville vs. Muncy
    – Wellsboro vs. NP-Mansfield

    Eastern Conference 3A Key Games
    – Pine Grove vs. Marian
    – Upper Dauphin (3) vs. Line Mountain (4)
    – Littlestown vs. Bermudian Springs (#6 vs. #7 in D-3 3A)
    – Hamburg vs. Columbia

    Eastern Conference 4A
    – Mount Carmel vs. Shamokin
    – North Schuylkill vs. Pottsville
    – Fleetwood vs. Daniel Boone

    – Williams Valley 38, Tri-Valley 20
    – Palmerton 49, Northern Lehigh 14
    – Bangor 35, Pen Argyl 13
    – Danville 49, Executive 8
    – Muncy 35, Hughesville 10
    – Wellsboro 42, Mansfield 0
    – Lehighton 38, Jim Thorpe 17
    – Marian 45, Pine Grove 9
    – Upper Dauphin 26, Line Mtn. 13
    – Littlestown 28, Bermudian 13
    – Hamburg 20, Columbia 12

    Best of the Rest still to come…

  559. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    D1 ranking system:

  560. Kevin X says:

    I’d have the vehemently disagree with you guys as far as a 6A D1/D12 regional. As far as I’m concerned, 6A D1 is the best bracket going in the state right now and the last that needs messing with. The largest pool of schools, in the largest classification, all public boundary schools, makes for the best competition. I’m not sold on their ranking system, but so be it. But it is simple and straight forward. No muss, no fuss. I want nothing to do with D12 as far as the larger classifications go (6A and 5A) in any type of regional or sub regional. I’m guessing they don’t either, as they are trying like hell (and failing miserably) to hold onto tradition with the catholic league vs. public league city championship.

    As far as the District 12 playoffs go, that’s simple, it’s the original participation trophy district, just about every team (hell, maybe every team) gets to participate in the district post season (and by default, the state championship). How they seed, I don’t know. One small kudo that I will give the public league, is that they do re-seed the brackets after the first round games, which some are actually this weekend. I wouldn’t mind seeing District One do the same after the first round, and maybe the second round games as well, especially if it eliminates or reduces regular season re-matches.

  561. NE says:

    @D11 Matt I agree that’s the problem haha. I don’t give NS much of a shot against Northwestern as well.

  562. D2 Fan says:

    @ John

    Thanks for the insight. I’d love to see a D1/12 Subregional in any format.

    In fairness, if you make District 1 Top 16 & maybe include D12, because there’s over 32 teams, that’s probably better. I’d just move the WPIAL region with the D3 teams.

    @ Anyone

    Can you guys explain to me how seedings in District 1, 12, & WPIAL work? At least with how they sort them. Same for 5, 9, & 10, if possible. I’m compiling a lot of games that have implications that I can predict. Thanks in advance!

  563. D11 Matt says:

    @JC and NE,

    I would never count North Schuylkill out, however I think Northwestern loses to Southern this week and Palmerton takes over 1 seed. That would mean a semi final between NS and Northwestern.

  564. NE says:

    JC I hope you’re right. I’m with the Spartans all the way

  565. John says:

    @D2 Fan

    In regards to your state playoff ideas, I like them at least for 6A. Though I do think it should stay 64 teams in the state tourney or at least Top 16 for D1-6A, since there is usually upsets in first two rounds and one low seeded team usually makes a run to the semis, last year the 11 (CB West) and 12 (Dtown East) seeded teams made the semifinals and CB West made the D1 final and Dtown East probably would of if Horvath did not get hurt in the 2nd quarter (they couldn’t move the ball when he went down). I would honestly be cool with a D1/D12 6A region, if there was no St Joes Prep (no beef with the prep, will always root for them against out of state teams). I think the system of districts works well for other sports, where you can play multiple games per week and have double elimination, it just causes some really weird brackets in football.

    In regards to St Joes Prep, I have no beef with the school or the admin, or any of the catholic school programs in the state. I will root for the Hawks when they play out of state teams, I just think they are too overpowered to compete in PIAA football. I personally think they should go the route of St Frances Academy in Maryland and just play a full national schedule.
    Another idea I have is for them is to join the Inter-AC and then Inter-AC forms a small 4-8 team Playoff with the MIAA in MD (Spalding, Calvert Hall, Blakefield) or another group of Independent prep schools in NJ/NY (think Hun, Hill, Pennington, Poly), I believe we could see some interesting games in that tourney with or without SJP. Though I doubt that will ever happen, I just thought of it because there was an MIAA/Inter AC championship lacrosse tournament in the mid 2010s.

  566. D2 Fan says:

    @ Jeff H

    Forgot to say thanks to your compliment on the East Allegheny game. That was a shot in the dark, honestly. Hoping to have a few of those in this week’s games.

    @ D11 Matt

    I’d have to agree. They’d compete for a spot in the 1A playoff if they played that schedule. Still a good learning experience for the kids. Curious to see if they’ll stay there or go to 2A next year.

    @ Coal_Cracker

    That’s really interesting. I’m surprised that other schools haven’t done that in recent years, that have seeds. I’m not talking the ones that forfeit their playoff games like 5A teams do to ECP.

    @ JCo

    You & me both. I think they’re definitely missing out on that opportunity for a last game for all of the seniors or an exhibition against a team that you don’t see in the regular season.

    @ Anyone who’s interested in giving $.02

    I think the Eastern Conference is a great idea in the northeastern corner of the state. With that said, I think it’d be great that it’d actually have .500 or better teams playing.

    What I think would spice things up, & maybe be a way to not have a completely watered down playoff in every district is to combine districts in a format like this. I’d even argue that the state playoffs can be 32 per class, rather than what we have now (64). They probably won’t drop six classes to four, but it can definitely be done. It’d be close to what wrestling regionals has across the state.

    What that does is eliminate the blowouts in the first round that seem to plague them. Any teams that miss have two options.

    1. Teams above .500 that miss the playoffs will be eligible to play in a neutral site bowl game that’s basically the Eastern Conf. (Or top below-.500 teams)
    2. Any below .500 team that isn’t eligible for a “bowl game” can play an 11th game, like it was for some teams during COVID.

    Regions (Top 8 Per, via D2/3/4/11 Power Rating)
    – Eastern (D1/2/3/4/12)
    – Central (D5/6)
    – Northwest (D9/10)
    – WPIAL

    – Eastern (D2/4/11)
    – South (D1/3/5/12)
    – Northwest (D6/9/10)
    – WPIAL/City

    – Eastern (D2/4/11)
    – South (D1/3/12)
    – Northwest (D5/6/9/10)
    – WPIAL

    – Eastern (D1/2/11)
    – South (D3/12)
    – West (D4/6/8/9/10)
    – WPIAL

    – Eastern (D2/6/11/12)
    – Southeast (D1)
    – Central (D3)
    – WPIAL/City/D10

    – Eastern (D2/4/11/12)
    – Southeast (D1)
    – Central (D3)
    – WPIAL/City/D6/10

    Thoughts? Would anyone be interested in seeing what my theoretical brackets & standings would be?

  567. Jc says:

    Ne id be willing to bet ns beats palmerton when they play again

  568. NE says:

    @D11 Matt, JC may disagree. He thinks Wally Hall and the Spartans are getting to the championship game

  569. D11 Matt says:


    As a northern Lehigh alum, they are young and will finish 3-7. Maybe if they played an A schedule instead of tough AAA schedule they would have been around 5-5 and maybe made dist 11, however, they took their lumps this year and will be much better next year. The veteran line was disappointing and they ended up playing more young guys on the line as season went on. Almost all skill were freshman or sophomores with their two juniors starters from last year injured most of all of year. They will get them back as seniors and all the experience and maybe an easier schedule next year. They will lose probably by mercy rule and I expect Mahanoy will beat Shenandoah and they will play PA in EC. Looking forward to the upcoming district playoffs. Especially in AAA. Palmerton and Northwestern final would be a good one.

  570. Coal_Cracker says:

    @D2 Fan

    Shamokin opted out of district playoffs because they felt an EC game was a better option for the program.

    Their head coach mentioned it after their win over Nanticoke.

  571. JCo says:

    I don’t really understand all the Eastern Conference opt-outs. It’s a chance for your seniors to get one more game, with the chance at a championship. What pride do you gain by opting out, assuming you have the numbers to participate (which ES South and Easton definitely do)?

  572. D2 Fan says:

    Eastern Conference Playoff Notes


    Pen Argyl vs. Northern Lehigh is the game, as of right now. Neither team is essentially in. Let’s go to the home team. Pen Argyl (.451) isn’t locked into their spot just yet. They have to play rival Bangor, to have a chance at a spot. A loss will likely seal their spot, but there’s two teams that will challenge, if an upset happens.

    Catasauqua is 4th in District 11 2A (.465). A loss & a Pen Argyl win can decide their fate. They’re up against Salisbury, so that should be an easy win. If they win, they’re in the D11 2A playoff. On the other side, Executive Education can slip from #3, with a loss & possibly be in the game. They have to play Danville, which looks to be a loss. If points come into play, they have a shot. I think it stays this way.

    As for the road team, Northern Lehigh (.361) will have to be on scoreboard watch. They’re going up against Palmerton, at home, who is good. A playoff spot in 1A might be out of reach.

    – Northern Lehigh: .360
    – Mahanoy Area: .356
    – North Penn-Mansfield: .355
    – Hughesville: .348607
    – Wellsboro: .348604
    – Palisades: .344

    A loss can throw these teams into play. I’ll start in District 11
    – Mahanoy Area is right behind them in 1A. In Week 10, they host Shenandoah Valley. The chances of a win locking them in is likely, as Northern Lehigh *should* lose to Palmerton this week.
    – Palisades isn’t far behind either. They host a decent Saucon Valley team. An upset by the Pirates could get them in.

    District 4 is opening up a can of worms. In 1A, the only way they play in this game is if Bucktail opted out of the playoffs. They’d likely host. 7th through 9th in 2A is close. 8th & 9th are within a few hundred thousandths of a point.
    – North Penn-Mansfield is holding that 7th spot in hand. They have #9 Wellsboro, in a will be a playoff deciding game. A win gets either team in, you’d believe. A loss could arguably decide who gets the other Eastern Conference spot.
    – Hughesville is barely holding onto the last spot. They have to travel to Muncy, who’s in a battle for the #1 seed in 1A, depending on the outcome of the Canton/Troy game. A loss & a Wellsboro win can possibly lock in Hughesville at the final spot.

    The game is about decided. It’s Berks Catholic vs. Hamburg. No other teams in D2-4-11 are in the running, barring any opt-outs in that area. However, let’s look at the D3 playoff race. The Top 6 get in.

    Battle for 5th/6th
    – Littlestown: .575
    – Bermudian Springs: .545
    – Berks Catholic: .529

    Battle for 7th/EC
    – Berks Catholic: .529
    – Hamburg: .486
    – Upper Dauphin: .457

    In the battle for playoff spots, Berks has a very good chance to challenge for a spot. They get ELCO at home. However, if they win, they might squeak into the 3A playoffs. That’s because it’s Littlestown vs. Bermudian Springs in a de-facto elimination game for Bermudian. A loss to rival Littlestown drops them out of the 3A playoffs.

    That opens up a spot for either Hamburg/Upper Dauphin. Hamburg is traveling to Columbia this week, while Upper Dauphin hosts Line Mountain. A Berks Catholic win means those other two will be the game, regardless of seeding.

    In 4A, the game is mostly decided. The District 2 representatives will need Fleetwood & Pottsville to opt-out, or possibly everyone wins & both the above teams lose.

    – Shamokin is essentially in. They’d be in the D4 playoffs, but opted out. Locals to the area, please explain why they’re out. Did they impose a playoff ban this year? They’ll host either Fleetwood or Pottsville.
    – Fleetwood (.486) challenges Daniel Boone, who is way too far to have a chance at this event.
    – Pottsville (.460) needs a win & help from a 1-9 Daniel Boone team. That won’t be easy for them, as they play North Schuylkill.

    5/6A is a nothingburger.
    – ES South opted out of this game, & if they stayed in, they’d host.
    – Easton & Boyertown also opted out, which is wild because they’d have a shot at being in the game.
    – Governor Mifflin is basically the home team, & would be too far to challenge Dover in the D-3 5A race.
    – Liberty (.435) needs a LOT of help to get in the D-11 6A Subregional.
    – Dieruff (.393) & Pocono Mtn. East (.387) are too far behind, I think, to challenge. If a Liberty loss gives them an opportunity, the Huskies of Dieruff need to beat Allen, while PME has to beat PMW.

    All of these teams will be in my picks this week. Stay tuned. I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.

  573. Michael D says:

    Just curious….anyone from D6 area? Is the Central @ Richland game a championship game for the LHAC title?

  574. NW says:

    Seems like a great week 10 matchup between unbeaten teams, Northwestern Lehigh and Southern Lehigh. I know these two teams don’t get talked about much, but does anyone have any thoughts on this game?

  575. ScottyB says:

    @John @Kevin X,

    I agree with most of your current 6A top 10.

    In regards to PV, they are down to their backup QB (starter got hurt against S-F) and their 3rd & 4th RB. In fairness to the RB’s, they’ve done a nice job and have been playing basically since week 3 or 4. They have traditionally embraced the next man up mentality and are very well coached but I’d be surprised if they win more than 1 game in districts, hope I’m wrong. Both the PJPII/Spring-Ford and PV/Phoenixville should be great games.

    Agree that CBW and DTE are on a collision course barring any upsets.

  576. Jc says:

    Pennnsyltucky proud, you must be from shamokin or its ugly cousin coal township. Cardinal brennan morphed into chernobyl, lol once again, dont get it? They closed because of low attendance, the school and fieldhouse is still there, owned by north schuylkill. Nativity and marian catholic are also close by. You must be from bunker hill. What does 70’s rivalries have to do with mt. Carmel having no connection to knoebels in your joke

  577. Irish1 says:

    Looking back at a season that as usual goes by way too fast. I dont think there is a sports season that goes by faster then the high school football season, maybe its me just getting older and wishing time would slow down some. Father Judge who I got to see play PJP has to be the best team with a losing record in Pa. I thought they were well coached with a good qb and skill players around him. They have to have the toughest schedule in Pa ( taking SJP and their national schedule out of the equation) . Opened up with Central Bucks South lose by 3 to a team that didnt lose again until last week against CBW. Two weeks later lose to Spring -Ford, two weeks after that lose to PJP. Beat Tennant and Conestoga then a loss to Roman by 8,followed by SJP and this week they get LaSalle,quite the gaunlet.

  578. Jeff H. says:

    Even having Miles Sanders on the sidelines couldn’t help Woodland Hills against PR on Friday, as they emphatically showed they have the best O-line in the WPIAL and used their punishing running game to break out to a 21-0 halftime lead and coast to a 28-0 victory. Making matters worse for Woody is their QB went down in the 3rd quarter with a knee injury and was on crutches after the game, rumor is he has a torn ACL and is out for the season, so I give them little chance to beat arch rival penn hills on the road on Friday. PR will likely be the 4th seed in the WPIAL playoffs but IMO they are now the clear favorites, Peters has a very good defense but are a bit undersized upfront, and I don’t think they can withstand the PR ground and pound attack, they will likely be seeded to meet in the semi-finals, which may be the de facto championship.

    Wildest game of the night was USC’s 2 OT victory over Moon 43-42 when they converted the 2 point PAT for the win, which keeps their playoff hopes alive, they could go 8-2 and still miss the playoffs due to tiebreaker points, ironically they would benefit from their neighbor and fierce rival Bethel upsetting Peters on Friday.

    And reminiscent of Mario Lemieux scoring 5 goals 5 different ways against New Jersey on New Year’s Eve in 1988, Jon Tracy from Aliquippa scored 5 TDs 5 different ways, on a fumble return on defense, kickoff and punt returns, and receiving and rushing on offense in the Quips 53-0 win over Chartiers Valley.

    @D2 Fan – good call on the EA upset of Knoch, they won in OT when they blocked the extra point to preserve the 14-13 win, I got lucky and nailed the McKeesport score on the nose! And watch out for South Side, I said they were a serious contender in 1A and I may pick them to win the WPIAL when the brackets are announced, they average 45 points a game while giving up only 8, wing T attack with big rushing numbers.

    @Kevin X – totally agree about tweaking the playoff seeding to avoid regular season rematches, as you mentioned the WPIAL does everything they can to avoid first round rematches when they seed the teams, sometimes coaches moan and complain about the seedings but I think it makes sense to adjust a team’s seed up 1 or down one to avoid a rematch, tougher to avoid rematches in the 2nd round, especially in classes with fewer teams making the playoffs The WPIAL announces the playoff brackets on Monday evening on the radio and livestreamed, and it’s fun to look forward to the brackets being announced.

  579. Kevin X says:

    @ John
    I liked your D1 6A rankings, think I’ll toss mine out for comparison:

    1. Downingtown East – A few weeks ago I listed my top teams in each district regardless of classification. I had DTE #1 in District One. I see no reason to change that (at the moment).

    2. CB West – Will be the #1 seed in the D1 6A playoffs barring a major upset against rival CB East. They have done nothing wrong. Consistency, balance, disciplined.

    3. Downigntown West – Lost to Chester did not bother me as much. Mentioned previously I may nominate Chester as my D1 5A team to beat. Game against them was on the road, on grass, late Saturday morning, in a steady rain (yeah, lots of excuses)……but future games will be at the cozy, friendly confines of Kottmeyer on turf under the lights.

    4. Spring-Ford – The 63 points that they gave up to MT does bother me. Was it a one off?? Fluke?? Is MT that good?? Throw away game?? Seemed to have righted the ship.

    5. Coatesville – Yeah, pretty high. 3 teams from the Ches-Mont in the top 5. Is this based on reputation?? Their 3 losses to DTE, DTE and CD?? No shame in that. Scary long shot bet, especially if all healthy and they don’t shoot themselves in their collective feet with boneheaded decisions and plays.

    6. CB South – Hung with CB West Friday night. Love their QB. Gonna be a handful for someone. Flashbacks to last year and Bo Horvath.

    7. Souderton – Hello, there you are. Just don’t see them beating any of the 6 above if it comes to that. Will get a top 4 seed and at least 2 home playoff games (where they have not lost in quite some time), if they get by the first game, which they should easily. Then the quarterfinals with one of the above could be the end of the line.

    8. Perk Valley – Steady as she goes. Same as above, will get first round home game, take care of business, then maybe run into one of the top 6. Interesting game Friday with Phoenixville.

    9. Garnet Valley – Not what they have been the past few years, but still solid. Like the two above, first round home game, business as usual, then the rubber meets the road.

    10. OJR – I’ve never seen OJR. I know nothing about them. I had to slide someone into the 10 spot, might as well be them.

  580. MikeS says:

    Oh, the not best SOL division, Souderton was District 1 6A champs in 2020, Upper Dublin was District 1 5A champs in 2020 & 2022. & Quakertown was District 1 6A Runners-up to Garnet Valley in 2021. Where’s the rest of the SOL, if they are the not among the best Divisions in the SOL?

  581. MikeS says:

    @John Agreed Quakertown could be an interesting opponent, Lost to CBW Top 5 in 6A, Lost to Souderton Top 10 6A, Lost to Southern Lehigh Top 7-8 5A, Lost to Council Rock South (7-2) while playing without 8 injured starters. They’ve slowly been getting healthy, 3 back last week, 2 more back this past week, 2 more expected back? maybe this week. Top running back from last year, back now after 2 off season surgeries and has 7 TD’s on the ground the last 2 weeks after only team had 14 in 1st 7 games. The team’s they have lost to have a combined 34-2 record and they only team to beat 8-1 Plymouth Whitemarsh.

  582. 78CatFan says:

    Where can I find the district 4 points standing for AA?

  583. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes Heading Into Week 10
    – Dallas squeaks past Wilkes-Barre. This was a trap game from the beginning.
    – Wyo Area didn’t have last year’s magic, to challenge Southern enough. That’s a tough loss for them, but a learning experience for playoffs.
    – DV gets a share of the divisional crown in LFC 1. Big win over Scranton. They have the biggest game of the week in Week 10 at Abington Heights.
    – Carbondale Area played really, really tough this week, but Susquehanna has been the better team. A 14-7 win for the Sabers gives them a .500 season.
    – Williamsport barely squeaks past Hazleton, who needed that win. The Cougs are out of the 6A playoffs.
    – Playoff Battles To Watch: 4A Top-3 Seeds & #6-8, as well as #4-6 Seeds & #8/9 seed in 6A Subregional.

    Waiting for Eastern Conference rankings on Monday, to give some battles to watch for those, but I can give a sneak peek at the playoff races.

    D2 1A
    – #1 Lackawanna Trail vs. #2 Old Forge is the matchup, obviously, being played up on Tunnel Hill.
    – Trail ends with Susquehanna at home. Old Forge plays Carbondale at home.

    D1 1A
    – #1 Morrisville vs. #2 Jenkintown is the final in D1. Renaissance is eliminated.
    – Morrisville will host, as of now. I don’t know how D1’s formula works, so I expect this stays the same.

    D2 2A
    – We know Dunmore will host Susquehanna in the first round.
    – Mid Valley vs. Riverside may depend on who wins their games. Mid Valley plays Lakeland up at Chapman Lake, while Riverside heads to Holy Cross. This matchup is locked in, but the home field is the concern. Both should win, so this may be status quo.

    D2 3A
    – Scranton Prep & Western Wayne are guaranteed a home game.
    – Lake-Lehman jumps to #3 after a big win against Hanover Area. The Hawkeyes drop to #4. Carbondale is on the outside looking in.
    – Lake-Lehman plays Dallas in a rivalry game. Hanover plays rival Greater Nanticoke. Carbondale plays Old Forge. Neither have a good chance of winning.
    – L-L should hold in power rankings (.361), due to playing a much better team. It’s Hanover (.333) vs. Carbondale (.309). An upset by Carbondale makes it close, but I think the field stays put.

    D2 4A
    – This is the best battle to watch. A lot of scenarios here.
    – It’s Dallas vs. Valley View for the #1 seed. Dallas plays at Lake-Lehman, while Valley View has to take on a tough Scranton Prep team, on the road. A Dallas win *should* lock up the #1 seed. A loss & a Valley View comes down to mere points.
    – However, if Valley View loses, Wyoming Area (#3) can sneak to #2, assuming they get past Pittston Area, at “The Jake”.
    – Crestwood seems to have the #4 seed in hand. GNA might be too far back, although they’re at #5 & could slip to #6, depending on the Crestwood/(#6) North Pocono game. A win vs. Crestwood may mean a rematch in next week’s (North Pocono is home for Week 10)

    D2 4A (#8 Seed)
    – North Pocono (3-6) holds the #6 seed. A loss could put them in a sticky situation, but a slight upset over Crestwood will challenge for #5, as mentioned above.
    – Berwick (2-7) is at .442 in the power rtings (+ .019 over #9 Honesdale & .022 over #10 Tunkhannock). The Bulldogs host 2-7 Hazleton, who is essentially eliminated from the 6A Subregional. A win locks them in. A loss could be disaster.
    – Wallenpaupack (2-7) somehow jumped to the #8 seed (+ .003 ahead of Honesdale & + .006 of Tunkhannock), even though they lost to Valley View. They have to go to Scranton High in a must-win game. The Buckhorns MUST win to keep the #8 seed. A loss could spell a bit of trouble.
    – Honesdale (3-6) is the first team out. They play a tough Western Wayne team. A loss might not be the end of the world for them, but an upset essentially locks them in.
    – Tunkhannock (4-5) is #10 out of 10. They host Williamsport in the last game for Williamsport as a WVC member. A win for Tunkhannock would lock them in. A loss eliminates them, but depending on power ratings, can sneak in.
    – I expect Tunkhannock to be the spoiler, but CalPreps favors the Millionaires over the Tigers. This is a HARD one to predict.

    D2 5A
    – Delaware Valley vs. Abington Heights, at The Pit is for all the marbles.
    – The #1 seed is up for grabs in this one. Winner plays Pittston Area. Loser get Scranton.

    D2-4-11 6A
    – The Top 4 are essentially locked into the playoffs, possibly in their spots.
    – Parkland has the #1 seed & will take on Emmaus, who is in a fight with Wilkes-Barre for the #5 seed.
    – #2 Nazareth plays Easton who NEEDS this win, but has to worry about Williamsport.
    – #3 Northampton should have the #3, as they take on Whitehall, who’s locked into the 5A battle. A loss could drop them to #4.
    – #4 Freedom’s locked in, but has to take on Liberty. Liberty is about eliminated. A loss shouldn’t drop them down to #5.
    – #5 Emmaus plays Parkland & holds a .03 pt lead over Wilkes-Barre. A loss may drop them at least down a spot. Not sure about two.
    – #6 Wilkes-Barre needs to win to get a #4 vs. #5 matchup. They get 1-win Valley West, so that should be a simple win.
    – #7 Stroudsburg is in, & could jump up to #6 (I don’t know about #5). They play Pleasant Valley, who has to hold off Eastburg South (who plays ES North).
    – #8 Williamsport holds a .021 pt lead over Easton & is playing Tunkhannock in a MUST-WIN game for the 4A Tigers, who aren’t far behind in their playoff race. A win locks them in. A loss puts them in trouble.
    – #9 Easton plays Nazareth, which is a much better team. It could come down to opponent power rating pts, to lock in Easton, with a loss.
    – It may come down to points for Williamsport & Easton, depending on how power ratings shake out. A win by either team should lock them in.

  584. Irish1 says:

    @ John, Pjp is a legit very good team that can handle plenty of the better 6a teams in District one, now as far as Spring – ford goes they will have to play very well to win. SF has a talented QB and good skill around him. Not sure if the OJR or PV games prove a whole alot about their defense. I believe Phoenixville is the third best team in the pac this yr. They only had one loss prior to yesterday’s game with PJP and that was to a Chester team that beat Dtown west a few weeks ago. PJP will have to be balanced on offense to win and force SF to be one demensional on offense, easier said then done. Should be a good game and a fun atmosphere

  585. Kevin X says:

    @ John

    Does PJP2 have a chance to beat S-F?? Sure. I’d also say doubtful. I’d give them a 20%-25% chance of winning that game Friday night.

    Do not want a C’Ville/DTE/DTW first round re-match. Don’t want any first round rematches. Love to see D1 take a page out of the WPIAL playbook and use a little human brain power and adjust/tweak the brackets if needed to eliminate any first round rematches, and if possible, avoid any potential quarterfinal rematches as well. Really don’t see much of a difference for instance say between a #13 seed and #14 seed, etc.

    @ Jc

    Umm, ok. Whatever.

  586. Foleman says:

    John, PJP has a legitimate shot to beat Spring Ford, they match up well up front, the question will be weather they can match up on the back end. SF QB and receivers are much better than anyone PJP has faced this year. Yesterday PJP had to go deep into the 4th quarter to put away a solid Phoenixville team, they came out flat and Phoenixville jumped out to a 14-0 lead. Plus they had several penalties. SF is the favorite in this game, the small school champ has never beaten the large school champ since the PAC playoffs began, although I believe the Covid PJP team would have beaten the large school champ that year.

  587. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @JC: The Battle for Knowbels is real. Growing up from Summer of 76 thru the Summer of 83 were the glory days of high school rivalries there. I mean, we had SCA, M Carmel, shamokin and Lourdes (our only Cath school w/i like 75 miles) except for gritty Card Brennan which sorta morphed into Chernobyl.

  588. Jc says:

    Kevin x I know something wyoming area has that pjp never will, a state title.

  589. Jc says:

    What does the battle for knoebels mean? Does mt. Carmel have something to do with knoebels that i dont know about? Or is it an attempt at comedy?

  590. John says:

    District 1 6A rankings-
    1. CB West (9-0)- Have looked great on both sides of the ball. Dominated basically every team they played. Was initially worried due to their loss of their Starting QB to begin the year, but the backup has filled in well in his place. Beat a really good CB South team last night and will probably be the 1 seed heading into the playoffs. As of now, District 1 runs through Doylestown.

    2. Downingtown East (8-0)- Defense has not been scored on since Week 2 against State College. Look complete on both sides of the ball. Offense is the most balanced it has been in years. Defense dominated Coatesville last night. I had my worries with them since they have not faced much competition outside of State College, but they cleared most of those after last night. Huge game next week against Downingtown West in the Battle of the Brandywine, with a chance to clinch their first outright Ches-Mont National title since 2015.

    3. Souderton (9-0)- Struggled to start the season, with two close wins against not so great teams. But they have been dominant since, I know they do not play in the best SOL division, but this team should not be counted out of D1 title contention.

    4. Spring Ford (8-1)- Have bounced back well after their big loss to Manheim Township, especially on the defensive side of the ball. If defense continues to improve, this team has the talent to make a serious run for the D1 title. Will have a big test the last week of the season against probably the best non-6A D1 team in PJP.

    5. Downingtown West (8-1)- Want to rank them higher, but that Chester loss left a bad taste in my mouth. On the paper, they are probably the most talented team in D1, especially on offense. If they play to their potential, they can compete with any team in District 1.

    6. CB South (8-1)- Rough loss last night to the best team in the District in CB West. Still have a great defense and should not be slept on come playoff time.

    7. Perkiomen Valley (7-2)- Have two losses to two of the best teams in the District in Spring Ford and Downingtown West. Otherwise, they have some wins against some pretty good teams. They are well coached and have talent, do not know if they can compete for a title, but definitely could pull off an upset to a higher seeded team.

    8. CR South (6-3)- Have certainly had their ups and downs this year, with losses to some teams I thought they would beat (UD and Pennsbury), but they had a big win over a good Quakertown team and only loss by 7 to a really good Souderton team. Their defense is really good. I do not know if they can contend for a title, but definitely not a team that should be overlooked in the playoffs. Nice to see them bounce back this season after a few rough years.

    9. Owen J Roberts (7-2)- Outside of the loss to Spring Ford, they have looked really good. They nearly beat Perk Valley for the first time in years and have beaten up on basically all their other opponents. Like the two teams ranked just ahead of them, probably not a contender, but should not be overlooked.

    10.Coatesville (6-3)- I know their offense has struggled mightily against the better they have played, but they still have one of the most talented rosters in the district. Their defense is still one of the best in the district. I know they are not as good as some of the Coatesville teams of the past, but they should not be taken lightly. Still have multiple future D1 players and their defense can keep them in any game.

    Honorable Mentions-
    Garnet Valley (7-2)- Not as dominant as years past. Have just squeaked by against some not great teams. Still really well coached and almost always find a way to pull it out in the end in close games regardless of opponent. Do not think they are one of the top contenders like past years, but could pull off a surprise win in the early rounds.
    Quakertown (5-4)- All 4 losses have come against some good teams and 3 of those losses were decided by 1 touchdown or less. Currently seeded at 11, maybe could pull off an early surprise upset.

  591. Dennis says:

    I believe this is a first for me. Coach Roth got the boot from the Officials at Friday’s nite game. Will he not be able to coach next Friday nite? What is the rule on this one?

  592. John says:

    @Kevin X or anyone else who follows the PAC teams-

    Do you think PJP has a shot to beat Spring Ford? Spring Ford’s offense is legit, and Zollers has been my D1 MVP so far this year, but PJP has been dominating everyone. My gut still tells me Spring Ford cause of the offense and the Perk Valley and OJR games erased some of my doubts I had about their defense. Also, PJP just has not played a team nearly as good as Spring Ford.

  593. Dave says:

    Troy certainly appears to be a force to be reckoned with. It will be interesting to see how well they match up with SCA or MCA.

  594. John says:

    @Kevin X-

    With the way the rankings seem to be playing out, we could have a potential Coatesville-DTown rematch in the first round.

  595. D2 Fan says:

    How did I fare this week? Assuming I get Hickory over Sharpsville correct.
    – D2 Picks: 8-2 (losses being subregional picks)
    – Rest of State: My picks went about as well as the Penn State offense did today. 33-19 (I had 52 picks, actually had 54, & thought I had 55. Forgot the P-W game, but also messed up a D10 pick, so that’s why 52).
    – 41-11 on the week, which is 78.8%.

    I didn’t add up cumulative % yet, because of the remaining game, so I may be 40-12 on the week & 32-20 on the best of the rest.

    I don’t want to get into what I got wrong. I’ll leave what I got wrong & if anyone has any thoughts on the games, just let me know what I was missing. I didn’t give any effort this week, so it’s whatever. I was lazy & showed little preparation. I don’t know if I even want to make picks/predictions next week, as I wanted to chime in on some de-facto elimination & Eastern Conference hopefuls. Maybe even look for decent rivalry games, too.

    What I got wrong
    – Emmaus over Freedom
    – Morrisville over Jenkintown
    – Canton over Milton
    – Bangor over Blue Mtn.
    – Methacton over OJR
    – Upper Dublin over Souderton
    – Hershey over Lower Dauphin
    – Exeter over Conestoga Valley
    – Annville-Cleona over Schuylkill Valley
    – William Penn over South Western
    – United Valley over River Valley
    – Woody over Pine-Richland
    – Union Area over South Side (Jeff H should just make picks for me & I should just do scores. I’m kidding!)
    – Punxsy over Brookville
    – Otto-Eldred over Cameron Co.
    – GNA over Shamokin
    – Bucktail over Coudy
    – Juniata over Line Mtn.
    – William Penn over Episcopal
    – Mercer over Cambridge Springs (I confused teams or something. I won’t count it).

    D2 notes coming tomorrow. I’ll bring up the playoff battles & seedings. I’ll at least give my effort this week there, since I was 8-0 in District 2 vs. District 2 (9-0, if you include the Best of Rest game).

  596. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @ Kevin X: Regardless, we all know where the AA path to states is heading…another chapter in the lore of The Battle for Knoebels!*
    *Unless the presently undefeated Troy throws a monkeywrench into the usual formula…

  597. Kevin X says:

    Wyoming Area?? Seriously?? Another team with an over inflated record by playing no one. Best team that they played?? Crestwood?? Scranton?? Please. I was actually looking forward to a 4A State quarterfinal between the D2 4A winner and PJP2. We’ll see how PJP2 does today and next week against S-F or PV, but getting a feeling that PJP2 would beat any D2 4A team fairly handily (then proceed to get smoked by McDevitt in the state semi’s).

  598. Kevin X says:

    Looks very likely that the road to the District One 6A Championship will be going through Doylestown, which is more than cool by me. I spent more time, 3 games, including last night, at War Memorial than any other location this fall. Can I get a Downingtown East @ CB West 6A final?? Since I am requesting future games, how about a Coatesville at CB South or Spring-Ford first round game in two weeks??

  599. Helen Ann Long says:

    Southern Columbia 34 – Wyoming Area 7, enough said.

  600. Jc says:

    They have 2 offensive lineman back, they have carroballo and many dl who played meaningful minutes on the dline. The secondary seems to have the same guys for at least 3 years now. Here is why i dont know why its an uphill battle, palmertons qb doesnt want to throw hes looking to run all over the field, do u know how u stop a running qb? You make him pay everrytime he runs with the ball, even if he gains 20 yds you stick him, make him not want to run, wally hall does not know how to stop a running qb?

  601. MikeS says:

    @Buddy Hensler

    My bad North Penn is at Home, not Pennridge. However North Penn is currently ranked #14 in District 1, top 16 go to Playoffs, win & they are in. Pennridge is currently #19, if they win out and get a little help, they could be in. Also, North Penn is down to their #3 QB, & I’ve said all along that I think Pennridge is going to surprise someone & after 3 coaches in 3 years, I’d like to see them do it. But Dick Beck always has his team playing their best at the end of the season, but I think this is going to be a good, tight game.

  602. NE PA says:

    @JC. It was an all around horrendous game by them. They may get another shot at them in the playoffs and Chowansky will obviously make a big difference to the defense and running the ball on offense, but it will still be a tough hill to climb. The problem is they lost everyone on the line and they don’t block on offense and they get blown off the ball on defense. Too many blown assignments, and bad tackling when they play a better team. And yes a lot of in game decisions by, you know who, are really bad.

  603. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – I sure hope you’re correct with your Woodland Hills prediction, I’d pick Woodland Hills with my heart, and after I saw the way the NA receivers ran past the PR DB’s a few weeks ago I thought Scoop Smith and the rest of the WH receivers would be licking their chops after watching the game film, but then PR came out and ran the ball down PCC’s throat the next game and their defense held PCC to 19 points. These might be the 2 best offensive lines in the WPIAL, certainly 2 of the best, and I think PR will have a similar game plan as they did against PCC to run the ball and manage the clock and keep Woody’s offense off the field, senior night at the Wolvarana and I will be there, unfortunately I think PR spoils the party, hopefully D2 is correct with his prediction and I’m wrong.

    As for some of your other WPIAL picks I think McKeesport beats Latrobe by a much larger margin, something like 42-14, and the BV vs. Southmoreland game won’t be close, that could possibly be a mercy rule game. I do think Knoch will beat East Allegany, and I wouldn’t be surprised if South Side beats Union even though the game is at Union, I think South Side is a serious contender for the WPIAL title, and this game could go either way.

  604. Buddy Hensler says:


    I believe that NP/Pennridge game is at NP. Not grudgingly. BTW, best NP can do is 6 and 4, doubt that makes playoffs

  605. MikeS says:


    PENNSBURY OVER Abington – Pennsbury sits at #17 in District 1, top 16 are in, they are in must win, Abington is playing for pride.

    COUNCIL ROCK SOUTH OVER Bensalem – Council Rock South wins easy.

    CENTRAL BUCK EAST OVER Neshaminy – Central Bucks at home, one of the Central Bucks schools will lose, it won’t be East.

    CENTRAL BUCKS WEST OVER Central Bucks Sout – OH BABY, A Central Bucks Slobber Knocker, my head says West, my gut says South, West gets revenge for last year. Game of the Year in SOL. Two top 10 teams in Pa, depending on which poll you follow.

    CHELTEHAM OVER William Tennent – Cheltenham is on a roll and Tennant is on a slide.

    COUNCIL ROCK NORTH OVER Hatboro Horsham – Council Rock North in a mini-Upset. Local Paper has Hatboro, not so fast. Council Rock North.

    QUAKERTOWN OVER Truman – Quakertown goes over 500 for the year as they get healthier, Truman goes down.

    DOBBINS OVER Lower Moreland – Dobbins wins this fairly handily.

    SOUTH HUNTERDON OVER New Hope – Don’t know a lot about Jersey teams, but this one is 7-1, that wins it.

    NORTH PENN OVER Pennridge – I suspect this will be really close, North Penn really needs this to stay in the District Playoff picture, Pennridge is home and getting better, grudgingly North Penn.

    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH OVER Wissahickon – Plymouth Whitemarsh is in the driver’s seat, Wissahickon is the challenger, PW stays in the driver’s seat.

    SOUDERTON OVER Upper Dublin – OH Baby, this is going to be a great game, Souderton hasn’t lost at home in forever it seems, that’s enough to get them through.

    SPRINGFIELD OVER Upper Moreland – I read two Pundits that have picked Upper Moreland, this is a toss-up game I think, the coin reads Tails Springfield it is.

    Get out and see your favorite team or one of the several BIG GAMES in the SOL this weekend.

  606. D2 Fan says:

    My eDistrict 2 HM is Susquehanna vs. C’dale. Completely forgot I had one missing

    Score: Susq. 23, Carbondale 9

  607. D2 Fan says:

    Can’t ya believe we’re at Week 9? The penultimate week of District 2 regular season football has a handful of good games. I’m going to go with a larger slate this week, as there’s some great games across the state. If I had more time, I’d add some more de-facto playoff games. I’ll do that for Week 10.

    – Scranton vs. Delaware Valley (LFC 1): Easily the game of the week, & it happens to be minutes from the Tri-State line. DV is winning LFC 1, barring something catastrophic. I think they’ll roll past a quietly .500 Scranton team. Scranton does need home field advantage, so they’ll play tough.
    – Dunmore vs. Honesdale (LFC 2): Jekyll & Hyde, I mean Honesdale, has had a crazy season. They start off at 0-4, especially with a loss to rival Wallenpaupack. They then got an easy break in the schedule. They lost last week close to Mid Valley. They have to win against Dunmore & Western Wayne to crack .500, & win LFC 2, but that doesn’t seem likely. Two Bucks will beat them this year.
    – Old Forge vs. Riverside (LFC 3): This is a rivalry. When both teams are good, it delivers. Old Forge is down this year, but have impressively gotten to .500. Riverside has been competitive. I think the Vikes will send their rivals back to Pizza Town unhappy.
    – Wilkes-Barre vs. Dallas (WVC 1): This is the best game in the WVC. Wilkes-Barre has always been gritty, but it’s a true trap game for Dallas. I don’t expect it to go the way of Western Wayne-North Pocono, but I wouldn’t be shocked if this is a close game. Wilkes-Barre should at least earn a subregional spot, but will need help to get any home field advantage.
    – Lake-Lehman vs. Hanover Area (WVC 2): While most of WVC 2 is playing out of league, the Black Knights & Hawkeyes will play in the other part of Wilkes-Barre in a de-facto elimination game for Lake-Lehman. In a miracle, Hanover Area has a 3-5 record. If they want to hold the #3 seed, it has to be a win for them. I think Lake-Lehman will take this one. This isn’t the greatest game on the calendar, but it’ll do for now.
    – North Pocono vs. Abington Heights (LFC HM): This is really the only other noteworthy game in Scranton & the surrounding area. North Pocono cannot afford to lose, as they are #6 in 4A. They have Berwick & Tunk right behind them, & arguably Honesdale. An upset would be helpful, but also a loss won’t effectively hurt them either. Berwick has Crestwood, Tunkhannock travels up to Towanda & Honesdale has Dunmore. These teams are the four that will fight for that spot. Wallenpaupack’s essentially eliminated, possibly even for the Eastern Conference. I’d assume the #9 in D2 4A will be in contention for an EC spot. I’ll take the Comets.
    – Hazleton vs. Williamsport (WVC HM): A de-facto elimination game for the Millionaires. They are ranked at #9 in the 6A seedings & they must win. Easton gets Parkland, which could be a loss for the Rovers. I think Williamsport uses this to control their destiny next week in their final game in the WVC.
    – Wyoming Area vs. Southern Columbia (D2 HM): I cannot leave this out of my picks! Wyoming Area takes on a great Tigers team who will be playing with a chip on their shoulder, as they lost to Mount Carmel. Wyoming Area wants to make it back-to-back losses, as well as a step closer to a perfect season. I’m going to take Southern here, but all of District 2 would love to see an upset.
    – Freedom vs. Emmaus (6A HM): This WILL decide who could get the last home field venue, more than likely. Freedom takes on Liberty next week & Emmaus plays Parkland. I like the odds for Emmaus, but I feel this might be a close one.
    – Morrisville vs. Jenkintown (1A D1): Morrisville seems to have home field for the 3rd matchup (in two weeks) to decide who gets Lackawanna Trail. I’ll go with the Bulldogs, since they won last time they met.

    – DV 38, Scranton 16
    – Dunmore 35, Honesdale 19
    – Riverside 36, Old Forge 24
    – Dallas 34, Wilkes-Barre 20
    – Lake-Lehman 19, Hanover Area 10
    – Abington Hts. 28, North Pocono 15
    – Williamsport 22, Hazleton 17
    – Southern Columbia 35, Wyoming Area 20
    – Emmaus 28, Freeedom 24
    – Morrisville 33, Jenkintown 21

    Best of the Rest
    District 2/4
    – D2 HM
    – Canton vs. Milton
    – Troy vs. Loyalsock

    District 11
    – Central Catholic vs. PMW
    – Bangor vs. Blue Mountain
    – Minersville vs. Schuylkill Haven

    District 1
    – CB South vs. CB West
    – Downingtown East vs. Coatesville
    – Garnet Valley vs. Marple-Newtown
    – OJR vs. Methacton
    – Plymouth-Whitemarsh vs. Wissahickon
    – Upper Dublin vs. Souderton
    – Phoenixville vs. PJP II

    District 12
    – MLK vs. West Philly
    – Bonner-Prendie vs. Conwell-Egan
    – Roman Catholic vs. La Salle

    District 3
    – East Pennsboro vs. Susquehanna Twp.
    – Lower Dauphin vs. Hershey
    – Trinity vs. Steel-High
    – Exeter Twp. vs. Conestoga Valley
    – Schuylkill Valley vs. Annville-Cleona
    – William Penn vs. South Western

    District 5/6
    – Northern Bedford vs. Windber
    – River Valley vs. United Valley

    – Pine-Richland vs. Woodland Hills
    – Greater Latrobe vs. McKeesport
    – Belle Vernon vs. Southmoreland
    – Central Valley vs. West Allegheny
    – East Allegheny vs. Knoch
    – Jefferson-Morgan vs. West Greene
    – South Side vs. Union Area
    – Western Beaver vs. Mohawk
    – Canevin vs. OLSH

    District 9
    – Redbank Valley vs. Brockway
    – Brookville vs. Punxsutawney
    – Cameron County vs. Otto-Eldred

    District 10
    – Cambridge Springs vs. Maplewood
    – Erie vs. Cathedral Prep
    – Hickory vs. Sharpsville

    – Perry vs. USO (City Playoff)
    – Taylor Allderdice vs. Westinghouse (City Playoff)
    – Tunkhannock (2) vs. Towanda (4)
    – Shamokin (4) vs. Greater Nanticoke (2)
    – Danville (4) vs. Hollidaysburg (6)
    – Coudersport (9) vs. Bucktail (4)
    – Juniata (6) vs. Line Mountain (4)
    – Chestnut Ridge (5) vs. Richland (6)
    – Clearfield (9) vs. Central (6)
    – New Oxford (3) vs. Fort Hill (MD)
    – SJP (12) vs. Archbishop Spalding (MD)
    – Vaux (12) vs. Executive (11)
    – William Penn vs. Episcopal
    – Germantown vs. Springside
    – Malvern Prep vs. Haverford

    – Canton 26, Milton 13
    – Troy 33, Sock 13
    – Central Catholic 49, PMW 6
    – Bangor 35, Blue Mtn. 14
    – Haven 31, Minersville 21
    – CB West 27, CB South 14
    – D’Town East 28, Coatesville 27
    – Garnet Valley 30, M-N 27
    – Methacton 29, OJR 19
    – Upper Dub 24, Soudy 23
    – PJP 33, P’ville 16
    – MLK 21, Speedboys 10
    – Bonner-Prendie 25, Conwell-Egan 20
    – Roman 32, La Salle 20
    – East Pennsboro 38, Susqy Twp. 15
    – Hershey 26, Lower Dauphin 22
    – Steel-High 34, Trinity 24
    – Exeter 25, Conestoga Valley 19
    – A-C 29, Skook Valley 13
    – William Penn 39, South Western 14
    – NoBedCo 42, Windber 23
    – United Valley 35, River Valley 28
    – Woody 28, Pine-Richland 20
    – McKeesport 40, Greater Latrobe 28
    – Belle Vernon 35, S’moreland 27
    – Central Valley 23, West Allegheny 13
    – East Allegheny 31, Knoch 21
    – West Greene 20, Jeff-Morgan 12
    – Union Area 38, South Side 27
    – Mohawk 27, Western Beaver 24
    – Canevin 45, OLSH 20
    – Redbank Valley 48, Brockway 20
    – Punxsy 28, Brookville 15
    – O-E 23, Cameron Co. 19
    – Maplewood 21, Cambridge Springs 16
    – ECP 52, Erie 7
    – Hickory 22, Sharpsville 17
    – USO 39, Perry 19
    – Westinghouse 49, Allderdice 7
    – Tunkhannock 26, Towanda 24
    – GNA 20, Shamokin 19
    – Danville 46, Hollidaysburg 7
    – Bucktail 24, Coudy 12
    – Juniata 19, Line Mtn 13
    – Richland 33, Chestnut Ridge 25
    – Central 31, Clearfield 12
    – Fort Hill 35, New Oxford 14
    – SJP 38, Spalding 10
    – Executive 20, Vaux 9
    – William Penn 21, Episcopal 18
    – Springside 28, Germantown 3
    – Malvern Prep 33, Haverford 18

  608. Foleman says:

    JC, one of the reasons for the decline of HS football in PA is the lack of highly skilled coaches. In the last several years I have seen a dramatic decline in coaching in PA. If a young coach does have success at the HS level, he moves to a college job,,,,,,,see Archbishop Woods last few coaches. I watched the Daniel Boone/Penn Manor game a few weeks ago, a 1-4 team vs an 0-5 team. I wasn’t expecting St Joe Prep Vs IMG but I could not believe what I was seeing, Penalties on both sides for what it seemed every other play, bizarre play calling, 3rd and 1 inch at the 50 and the QB threw 2 long bombs which were incomplete, 3rd and 24 from their own 36 and the PM coach goes for it in the middle of the 2nd quarter! Bizarre! The game was so bad it went into overtime and I told the guy behind me who’s son was playing in the game that I can’t watch this garbage any more and that I wish his son well. He said ” I can’t watch this anymore either and I am leaving too!

  609. Jc says:

    How can a defense with almost everyone back give up 6 touchdowns and let the team convert on all 6 2pt conversions. Let the qb run at will, give up td’s on 2 trick plays and then run an offense that could score with anyone but run it like a pee wee coach wanting to throw the same screen pass to your star wr who should be in the backfield at rb or running the wildcat sometimes. It took the same coach 1 1/2 seasons to realize the 2nd string qb was better than the 1st team qb. Guess the coach.

  610. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – its hard to summarize the WPIAL playoff fields for classes 1A-4A since so many teams make the playoffs, with 13 qualifiers in 4A, 12 in 3A, 14 in 2A and 16 in 1A, so I’ll just focus on 6A and 5A for now. In 6A PCC is first, NA 2nd, and the winner of Lebo-Canon Mac in week 9 will be third and the loser fourth. Teams get a week off and then the top 2 seeds host playoff games the next week, would take a massive upset for PCC not to play NA in the final.

    In 5A a total of 8 teams make the playoffs, top 2 teams in each of the 3 conferences, plus 2 third place wild cards. In the eastern conference Gateway has clinched first place, Penn Trafford plays Franklin Regional in week 9, winner clinches 2nd and a playoff berth while loser hopes for a wild card.

    In the northeast conference Penn Hills and Woodland Hills are tied for first at 3-0, with Pine at 2-1. All 3 teams control their own destiny, if PH beats Shaler this week they clinch a playoff spot, PR clinches a spot if they beat Woody and North Hills the last 2 weeks. Woody clinches a playoff spot with a win over PR and sets up a showdown next week at Penn Hills for the conference title, if Woody loses to Pine and then beats Penn Hills all 3 of them would finish 4-1 and all would make the playoffs, hard to not see all 3 of them making it, even if Woody loses the last 2 they will probably still be a wild card at 6-4.

    In the Allegany Six conference which is the south hills teams Peters has clinched a playoff spot and clinches the conference with a win over Bethel in week 9. Both Moon and Bethel are 2-1, and USC is 1-2, USC hosts Moon this week, if Moon wins USC is eliminated, if USC wins they are still alive, not sure what happens if all 3 teams end up 3-2 having all lost to Peters and all beat each other.

  611. Brian says:

    @MCA75 #43 was out for two weeks with a concussion he suffered in soccer. He’s back already this week playing soccer and is cleared for Friday’s game. Definitely his absence was felt on defense as well as his kicking game. However, I thought SCA played flat for three weeks in a row now. I’m not sure what is up with that, but they didn’t play like they really wanted to win. The defense also made zero adjustments, which is uncharacteristic of Coach Mills. How many times could MCA burn them on the same screen pass?….as it stood, quite a lot of times it seemed. Usually Mills makes adjustments that fix the holes, but I didn’t really see much of that in the second half. The D continued to rush the QB and leave players uncovered in the backfield. I expect to see them learn from their mistakes the second time they play. However, if they don’t play with more heart than they did, they don’t deserve to win. MCA definitely was more pumped up for that win and certainly did their homework.

  612. Jc says:

    I credit darrah with the 2 losses as well. Who does this guy know that he can have no district titles and cancelling seasons but still be a fake legend

  613. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @MCA75: Brilliant offensive scheme by Tornadoes. Much respect. The likely rematch is givin’ me chills already. I’ll leave your inquiry on #43 to @Brian, as I do not know the answer. Brothers were there and said MCA’s O was impressive.

  614. D2 Fan says:

    @ Kevin X

    That was a mistake by me. I must’ve read the score wrong, when I was going through ScoreStream on Friday. Make it 28-12 out of area, & 37-13 on the week. I’m surprised that I got the margin of victory almost on the number. Might be the first time all season that’s happened.

    @ D11 Matt

    I’m reading into it the same. They’ll get the revenge game when it matters.

    @ Jeff H

    USC going 7-3 & missing playoffs shows you how solid 5A WPIAL is. I’ll have to keep a close eye on that one, if it has implications. I know the WPIAL playoffs go off of a different system, compared to the teams out east, so I’ll be curious to find out the scenarios for some of the playoff fields. I may try to put in some de-facto playoff games in Weeks 9 & 10, to keep an eye on seedings. Good to hear about the McKeesport game, too. The Tigers look like they can challenge the Quips. Still a tall task, as they’re still class of the field out there.

  615. MCA75 says:

    Have to credit Coach Darrah and the MCA staff for an excellent game plan Friday night. That was the best MCA performance I’ve seen in a long time against a quality opponent.

    How much did not having #43 in the lineup hurt Southern? If he is back for playoffs and since Roth will have time to adjust, I would not be surprised if it is a repeat of last year.

  616. Jeff H says:

    @D11 Matt – totally agree with you regarding SCA, we’ve seen this script before, I think if they beat MCA in the rematch in the district playoffs they are the clear favorite to win 2A again, I certainly wouldn’t bet against them in November/December!

    @D2 Fan – that McKeesport-Gateway game was very entertaining, one of the better games I’ve seen all season, Gateway jumped out to a 14-0 lead halfway through the first, but McKeesport returned the ensuing kickoff for a TD and took a 17-14 lead into half and never trailed, trading TDs in the 2nd half. Very interesting contrast in styles, Gateway passed for over 400 yards, with QB Brad Birch connecting on 27 of 40 pass attempts and McKeesport ran for over 400 yards, with McKeesport dominating in the trenches, that and turnovers were the difference, Gateway fumbled twice inside the McKeesport 5 yard line and were stopped on downs at the 1 yard line. McKeesport recently moved their 6’2″ 255 lb tight end Keith Spell to fullback, and he was a beast against Gateway, rushing for 202 yards on 24 carries, including a 79 yard TD run in the third quarter where he ran out of gas and was caught at the 10 yard line by a Gateway DB but he gave him a stiff arm and swatted him away like a fly before rumbling into the end zone. For those of you old enough to remember the late, great Jim Brown he would have been proud of that stiff arm, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I think McKeesport will beat TJ in 2 weeks and be the #2 seed in the WPIAL 4A playoffs and is the biggest threat to Aliquippa winning their third WPIAL title in a row.

    Regarding USC, they have an elimination game coming up this week against Moon, lose and they are out of the playoffs even though they will likely finish 7-3, win and they still may need some help getting in, Moon beat Bethel Park last week, and if they beat USC this week it knocks USC out of the playoffs.

  617. NE PA says:

    @Margaret – The Spartans got steamrolled on Friday. What do you think happened? I know Chowansky was out, and he would definitely make a huge difference on defense, but that Michalik is just too much to handle

  618. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    Yes, you missed something, not sure what tho. Score was Spring-Ford 30-7 over Methacton. You did pretty well on your score prediction with that one 🙂

  619. D11 Matt says:


    We saw same thing with southern and MCA last year. Southern lost and were 7-3 in reg season. Then they started steam rolling teams including MCA in playoffs. I am hesitant to say this is the year southern doesn’t win it all because of last year.

  620. D2 Fan says:

    Recapping the week with my picks
    – 9-1 in the District 2 picks, with the DV game being the only wrong pick.
    – Not too great for the rest of the state. 27-13 on the week (67.5%)
    – 36-14 on the week, overall (72%)
    – D2 Picks (Season-To-Date): 66-14 (82.5%)
    – Rest of PA (Season-To-Date): 222-97-1 (69.5%)
    – Overall (As Of Week 8): 288-111-1 (72.1%)

    What I Got Wrong
    – Kevin X & Jeff H. might need to start picking for me, because I’ve gotten all of their “counter” picks wrong. Their DV, Redbank, & Clairton picks were correct. On second thought, Port-RV might’ve been picked via CalPreps, so the simulations got it wrong.
    – Chester, well done upsetting D’Town West. I wasn’t aware of your game!
    – Harrisburg beating the Little Lions isn’t a surprise, but I wish I would’ve looked into that game more.
    – Who expected Mount Carmel to control that Southern game like they did! Is this Mount Carmel’s year or was this just a fluke?
    – Should I start buying stock into USC? Second time they’ve burned me in the picks.
    – Marple-Newtown over Strath Haven might’ve been a toss-up for me, but that was a surprising outcome.
    – D1 folks: Methacton winning was a stunner, right, or did I miss something?
    – My CalPreps-based picks took things personally. Otto-Eldred was a surprising outcome, as was (I think) East Allegheny over Deer Lakes. Consider them coin flips, or ones I didn’t know much about.
    – I guessed on the other two I got wrong: Milton & Ephrata. Didn’t know much about their matchups & went with better record, especially Twin Valley being at a perfect 7-0.

    I have to do better next week. I’m so inconsistent in non-NEPA.

  621. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Fan’s Week 8 Notes

    1. Delaware Valley basically has LFC 1 on lock, after a dominant win over Valley View. Was a very good one on defense early on, but DV’s offense pulled away at the end.
    2. Honesdale almost got the comeback completed over Mid Valley, but lost by a point. Honesdale was in the race for LFC 2, but that’s about over, unless they upset Dunmore next week.
    3. A Williamsport loss to Wilkes-Barre doesn’t actually end their subregional hopes. Easton lost their game to Freedom & they have Parkland & Nazareth to go. The Millionaires play Hazleton, who is 2-6, & a middling Tunkhannock, who is in a battle for the #8 seed in 4A with Honesdale, so that could be a HUGE showdown, in their final ever WVC game.
    4. Dunmore/Western Wayne was a good one. These two teams have played each other tough in the last few meetings, except for the blowout last year. Dunmore’s biggest threat in LFC 2 won’t take the division, unless there’s a slip up.
    5. Playoff Battle To Watch: The 4A #1 Seed. Wyoming Area has the #1 seed, but by .002 pts over Dallas. The Valley View loss drops them to 3rd, but Crestwood & GNA aren’t close to overtaking them. Wyoming Area gets Southern, who you’d think are going to play with a chip on their shoulder. Dallas plays Wilkes-Barre in a game that could be a trap. Valley View will get an easy win over struggling Wallenpaupack next week (Do you remember when they were 2-0 this year? Tale of two seasons at the lake). The playoff seeding will shift at least once in the next two weeks. I guarantee it!
    6. Other Playoff Battle To Watch: 3A’s #4 Seed. Carbondale vs. Lake-Lehman for #4 is going to be a fun one to watch! Carbondale has to play Susquehanna & Old Forge, which are two probably guaranteed losses. As for the Black Knights on the other side of the Back Mountain, they have a possibly winnable game against 3-5 Hanover Area & their rivalry game against Dallas, which they aren’t going to be competitive in. Carbondale holds a lead over L-L (.332 to .326), so a win could essentially lock either team in.

  622. John says:

    I know I have been inactive most of this week. But the biggest upset of the year so far (at least on the east side of the state) happen today with Chester beating previously undefeated Downingtown West 28-19. Prior to this game, I had Dtown West as my number 1 in D1-6A

  623. Kevin X says:

    WOW!!! JUST WOW!!! My first trip down to Strath Haven was well worth the dealing with Friday Blue Route rush hour traffic and an evening of having to listen to Delco accents!!!!

    And they accepted cash at the gate too!!!!!

    And one more thing, the Strath Haven band rocks!!!

  624. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – Redbank Valley is 7-0 and Port Allegany is 6-1, and Valley is playing at home, I admittedly know virtually nothing about either team, but Redbank is ranked #2 in the state in some polls, and I lean on recent history, they made the 1A final 2 years ago and were the first D9 school to ever make the final, so that’s why I’d pick them to win this game by 2 scores, but who knows!

    I agree with you in leaning towards McKeesport, because I watched them dominate Gateway last year, but the game is at Gateway and they are rolling after their rough start, don’t forget some preseason polls had them in the top 3 in the state in 5A and local polls had them #1 in the WPIAL, which I thought was a stretch and still do. I think this is a very intriguing matchup for both teams, it doesn’t matter for either one in terms of playoff standings, so it’s going to come down to which team plays harder and is more motivated and who can make more big plays on offense and defense and the return game, lots of playmakers and speed on both teams. I dismissed Gateway as a 5A contender after I saw WH shut them out 27-0 in the second game of the season, but as previously mentioned that was without some key players, if they beat McKeesport tonight I may have to reevaluate whether I think they have a shot in WPIAL 5A.

    As a follow-up to Rochester vs. Clairton, these are the 2 most successful programs in WPIAL 1A dating back to the 1980’s, they have won a combined 18 WPIAL titles since 1989, with Clairton winning 11 and Rochester 7, and they met five times in the final, with Clairton holding a 3-2 advantage, pretty cool they are playing a nonconference game.

  625. D2 Fan says:

    @ Jeff H

    I tried to put higher records together, so that’s why I left out the Gateway/McKeesport game. I’d likely lean McKeesport there.

    As for our disagreements, Clairton has definitely surprised me after their very tough start. I just have a hunch that it’ll be Rochester. As for the Port-Redbank game, my knowledge on District 9 isn’t good, so I might’ve just gone with records over mindset. Both are games that feel like a coin-flip to me. There’s a decent amount of them in Week 8, out west. The games out west in the smaller districts aren’t impressive at all, & I had to wait until one of the other websites put out a few noteworthy games to decide what D6 vs. D6 game was best, as all of the solid teams were playing outside of their district.

    @ Kevin X

    The Valley View pick might be one of the bigger risks I’ll take this year, but the fact that they’re undefeated was why I did go that way. As with the Port-Redbank pick, I usually tend to lean toward the better record, unless I’m confident or feel it’s a true upset worthy pick.

    And that’s my bad about messing up the two teams. I think I accidentally read the neutral site than the actual team. That error doesn’t change my pick.

    I don’t really put an emphasis on getting scores right. They’re more of an idea of what kind of game I feel it’s going to be. I surely undervalued Chester, now that you mention that. I don’t know anything about them, so seeing that they might be a 5A challenger is interesting. I’ll take a look at them over the next few weeks, to see how the 5A race in D1 goes. It’s one of the classes I tend to follow more than the others in November, as my alma mater used to be 5A, before COVID & now that DV is, I sort of have to pay attention to a lot of those games, in case they make a very shocking run past the D12 game.

    Always appreciate the counter discussions by both of you, & anyone else that ever chimes in. You know your area better than I do.

  626. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    You actually had two other D1 games. I’ll let the M-N @ SH game ride. No idea about that one, I just hope is a good one and close. And limited freaking penalties!!!! FYI, Soudy is playing CR South, not North. The game is being played at South’s sister school, CR North.

  627. Kevin X says:

    Since I didn’t embarrass myself giving my other side of the coin picks to some of your games last week, I’ll play for another week……

    Only interesting game for me up your way tomorrow is Del Val @ Valley View. I don’t see your outcome. Del Val 35-14, 28-7, something like that. Look at their one common opponent.

    Now my neck of the woods. Kind of the opposite from last week, I don’t disagree with your 2 winners, but you are taking it easy on Methacton. Will be a bigger score spread. The other game (DTW/Chester) is interesting to me since I saw last year’s version in person. God awful game. Still gives me nightmares. Anyways, I believe Chester will keep it a lot closer than your score. I may even go out on a limb next week and pick Chester to win the D1 5A championship. Let’s first see how they do Saturday morning/early afternoon. I am also giving Strath Haven the in person eye ball test tomorrow night, so that will come into any early 5A predictions as well.

  628. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – you missed a big nonconference rivalry game in the WPIAL this week and the game I am going to, 6-1 McKeesport at 4-3 Gateway. McKeesport’s only loss is in OT to Belle Vernon, they play TJ in the last week of the season and winner will be #2 seed in 4A playoffs behind the Quips. Meanwhile resurgent Gateway has won 4 in the row by decisive margins after starting the year 0-3, they are the only WPIAL 5A team to clinch a playoff spot as all 4 of their wins were in conference and they’ve won the conference and will more than likely be the #3 seed in 5A playoffs. I went to this game last year and McKeesport dominated winning 42-17 and running at will on Gateway’s defense. This game will be a good measuring stick for each team to see how they might fare in the playoffs, I saw Gateway in week 2 when their QB and star receiver were out so I’m curious to see how much better they look now that they are fully healthy.

    I also disagree with a couple of your western picks, Clairton has quietly been flying under the radar winning 5 in a row after opening the season with loses against a couple of 2A teams who are still undefeated in Westinghouse and Washington, I think Clairton goes to Rochester and wins this game. Would also be very surprised if Redbank Valley loses at home to Port Allegany, I know Port is good but I think Redbank Valley will challenge the WPIAL winner for a berth in the 1A state championship, they beat Canevin 2 years ago to make it to the final.

    The Harrisburg-State College game should be very competitive, curious what the D3 guys think about this game, I have a hunch Harrisburg wins even though the game is at SC.

  629. D2 Fan says:

    Best Of The Rest in PA

    District 2/4
    – Honesdale vs. Mid Valley
    – Southern Columbia vs. Mount Carmel
    – Milton vs. Mifflinburg
    – Jersey Shore vs. Montoursville

    District 11
    – Bethlehem Catholic vs. Parkland
    – Northwestern vs. Bangor
    – North Schuylkill vs. Palmerton
    – Schuylkill Haven vs. Pen Argyl

    District 1/12
    – Marple-Newtown vs. Strath Haven
    – Souderton vs. Council Rock South
    – Spring-Ford vs. Methacton
    – Downingtown West vs. Chester
    – Neumann-Goretti vs. Conwell-Egan

    District 3
    – Camp Hill vs. Trinity
    – ELCO vs. Lampeter-Strasburg
    – Manheim Central vs. Conestoga Valley
    – Twin Valley vs. Ephrata

    District 5/6
    – North Star vs. Northern Bedford
    – Windber vs. Berlin-Brosvalley
    – Northern Cambria vs. Penns Manor

    WPIAL/District 8
    – Penn Hills vs. PCC
    – USC vs. Canon-McMillan
    – Belle Vernon vs. Mt. Pleasant
    – Armstrong vs. Mars
    – Clairton vs. Rochester
    – Cornell vs. Fort Cherry
    – Deer Lakes vs. East Allegheny
    – Westinghouse vs. Brashear

    District 9/10
    – Port Allegany vs. Redbank Valley
    – Cambridge Springs vs. Cochranton
    – Sharon vs. Farrell

    – Danville (4) vs. Berwick (2)
    – Hollidaysburg (6) vs. Selinsgrove (4)
    – Executive (11) vs. Springfield Delco (1)
    – Harrisburg (3) vs. State College (6)
    – Clearfield (9) vs. Richland (6)
    – Otto-Eldred (9) vs. Bucktail (4)
    – Upper Dauphin (3) vs. Juniata (6)
    – Bishop Guilfoyle (6) vs. Chestnut Ridge (5)
    – Episcopal vs. Malvern Prep
    – Springside Chestnut Hill vs. William Penn Charter

    – Mid Valley 23, Honesdale 16
    – Southern 35, Mt. Carmel 21
    – Mifflinburg 38, Milton 23
    – Jersey Shore 49, Montoursville 22
    – Parkland 34, Becahi 19
    – Northwestern 39, Bangor 14
    – Schuylkill Haven 33, Pen Argyl 12
    – Strath 31, M-N 20
    – Souderton 31, CR North 19
    – Spring-Ford 37, Methacton 13
    – D’Town West 49, Chester 7
    – N-G 28, CEC 15
    – Trinity 38, Camp Hill 26
    – L-S 38, ELCO 13
    – Manheim Central 35, Conestoga Valley 16
    – Twin Valley 34, Ephrata 14
    – NoBedCo 28, North Star 15
    – Berlin 30, Windber 14
    – Northern Cambria 26, Penns Manor 13
    – PCC 38, Penn Hills 15
    – Canon-Mac 24, USC 21
    – Belle Vernon 38, Mt. Pleasant 16
    – Armstrong 22, Mars 31
    – Rochester 35, Clairton 21
    – Fort Cherry 20, Cornell 16
    – Deer Lakes 26, East Allegheny 24
    – Westinghouse 49, Brashear 6
    – Port Allegany 31, Redbank Valley 23
    – Cambridge Springs 31, Cochranton 8
    – Farrell 30, Sharon 29
    – Danville 49, Berwick 8
    – Selinsgrove 42, Hollidaysburg 13
    – Springfield 32, Executive 25
    – State College 29, Harrisburg 17
    – Bucktail 44, Otto-Eldred 40
    – Juniata 30, Upper Dauphin 24
    – Chestnut Ridge 35, Guilfoyle 26
    – Malvern 28, Episcopal 3
    – Springside 28, WPC 6

  630. MikeS says:


    CENTRAL BUCKS EAST OVER Abington – CB East needs to win at least 2 of 3, with one being CB West to have a shot at District 1 Playoffs, they need this one, I think they get it.

    HATBORO OVER Bensalem – Hatboro is in the Playoff race after almost dropping football 3 years ago, I love a good story, Hatboro.

    CENTRAL BUCKS SOUTH OVER Neshaminy – Can’t have their eyes on CB West next week, but CB South gets it done.

    CENTRAL BUCKS WEST OVER Pennridge – Also can’t look ahead to CB South next week, but Pennridge at home is a more dangerous animal than CB South faces, CB West, but it might not be easy.

    CHELTEHAM OVER Upper Moreland – I see mini upset here, Cheltenham has been snake bit all season and still has an outside shot at a District 1 playoff spot, one step in that direction.

    QUAKERTOWN OVER Council Rock North – Quakertown must have for shot at Districts, currently #13. At Home, but CR North playing better, could be close.

    SOUDERTON OVER Council Rock South – I’ve had Souderton all season, but this & next week’s game against Upper Dublin will define their season. Souderton in a dogfight.

    UPPER DUBLIN OVER Wm Tennant – Upper Dublin can’t look ahead to Souderton next week but should win even if they do.

    NEW HOPE OVER Harriton – total Coin Flip, Heads its New Hope, fingers crossed.

    NORTH PENN OVER Pennsbury – total gut feeling, logic says Pennsbury at home, both teams in Must win to have a shot for District playoffs, win probably in, lose and out. Deep Breathe.

    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH OVER Springfield – PW is the best team in this division, so barring a Friday the 13tth debacle, PW.

    WISSAHICKON OVER Wm. Tennant – Another game where Friday the 13th could come into play, but Wissahickon scores enough to win.

    LOWER MORELAND OVER Thomas Edison – love games where I know little about either team, geez, flip the coin, another Heads, Lower Moreland.

    Get out support your teams! Game of the week is Souderton vs Council Rock South, note this is being played at Council Rock North.

    A number of games that could go either way, and then there is the Friday the 13th Effect, I guess I’ll see how I do.

  631. Irish1 says:

    @ Kevin X, lol yes Spring- Ford and yes not only do they charge for baseball games but I think they do for softball too. The arrogance of some of these districts is amazing. I like to go see different games in different areas also, although I dont get to do it as much as I did in the past. PJP has to do the online thing for playoff games because they are forced to by the PIAA. I thought all the SOL teams were still cash. Thanks for the info on that. Last one I was at was NP- LaSalle a year ago and they took cash for that. I like to go to basketball games too and the fact that people have to take the time to go on school websites to know how to get in to a high school game is crazy.

  632. D2 Fan says:

    Week 8 of football happens to mainly be a Friday The 13th. Which teams will have a lucky day? Let’s see what the best games in District 2 & its friends are.

    – Delaware Valley vs. Valley View (LFC 1): The game of the week has to be in Peckville. DV is riding a LOT of momentum, but Valley View is undefeated. The undefeated streak will continue after this weekend.
    – Western Wayne vs. Dunmore (LFC 2): Dunmore is the favorite for Division 2, & this game basically locks up the division, I feel like. Dunmore should win this, but the Wildcats are very pesky.
    – Riverside vs. Susquehanna (LFC 3): Susquehanna has a solid chance to be above .500, but this Riverside team is solid. I don’t think the Sabers will steal this one, but I’m hoping it’s close.
    – Wilkes-Barre vs. Williamsport (WVC 1): Williamsport’s not having that bad of a year, but a win here can change EVERYTHING. The Millionaires need this win to help increase their chances of being in the D2-4-11 subregional. I don’t think that’s the case here. Expect this to be the one coin flip game this week.
    – Pittston vs. Tunkhannock (WVC 2): WVC 2 is the weakest division up here, but this is a quality game. The Tigers out of Tunkhannock have put together a solid season, but Pittston’s having a quiet year. I think it ends up being very close, as it’ll be a fun ride home down Route 92 for the Pates.
    – Abington Heights vs. Scranton (LFC HM): Abington Heights needs this win to keep up their amazing season, & Scranton just needs a win for momentum’s sake. The Comets are the much better team here.
    – Wyoming Area vs. Lake-Lehman (WVC HM): This game’s an easy decision, but it’s the only other good WVC game on the ledger, if you look at playoff stakes. A win for Wyoming Area & a Valley View loss could give them the #1 seed & momentum heading into the Southern Columbia game.
    – Easton vs. Freedom (6A EPC): Two games in the EPC to keep an eye on. Easton vs. Freedom has a chance to shake up the subregional standings. Easton at #8 could be in trouble, if Williamsport wins. Their schedule doesn’t favor them. Freedom is at #5 in 6A & can drop a bit with a loss. With those four teams, including a Williamsport/Wilkes-Barre game that can have a say with seeding, you can’t pass this game up. I’m taking Freedom here, which will bring them to .500.
    – Stroudsburg vs. Eastburg South (6A HM): Traveling up Route 33 with this one out of the EPC North. Even though South is a 5A team, this is a HUGE game for both teams. Stroudsburg is 4-3 & is the better team of the two (ESS being 2-5). Stroudsburg’s played three of the weakest teams in the EPC back to back to back, & South’s only played two of them. This is also a big game for the Cavs, being on the outside looking in, as Pleasant Valley (#4 in D11 5A) has both Nazareth & Stroudsburg to go, & Pocono Mtn. East sandwiched in the middle. If PV loses those two, ESS has some reason for hope, as Dieruff & Eastburg North are remaining after Friday. I’m going to go with the upset here, although CalPreps has Stroudsburg as a 4 pt winner.
    – Jenkintown vs. Renaissance (1A D1): I don’t think there’s anything to discuss. Fun fact, the Bicentennial League teams are playing each other twice, so you’ll see all three matchups again.

    – Valley View 28, DV 21
    – Dunmore 31, Western Wayne 21
    – Riverside 28, Susquehanna 19
    – Wilkes-Barre 27, Williamsport 24
    – Pittston 23, Tunk 19
    – AH 33, Scranton 23
    – Wyo Area 49, L-L 10
    – Freedom 35, Easton 18
    – ESS 21, Stroudsburg 17
    – Jenkintown 49, Renaissance 0

  633. Jeff H. says:

    @phillyboy – playoff brackets the same as last year, so the D1 winner will be playing SJP in the semi-finals (no disrespect meant to Parkland and Nazareth in D11, the winner of D11 gets SJP in the quarterfinals). The WPIAL winner will likely play State College in the quarterfinals and the winner of that game gets the D3 winner in the other semi-final.

  634. phillyboy says:

    Meant District 1 and 3.

  635. phillyboy says:

    Not being able to pay cash at any high school football game is pure poppycock. Is it a holdover from the fugazi pandemc, one of the greatest psyops in the history of mankind or is it merely a business scheme from lazy, unempathetic, oblivious administrators? Either way it’s totally not working. Can’t control what others do but phillyboy will never subject himself to that ridiculousness. As if the inane, hoop jumping, red tape protocol isn’t bad enough, what adds insult to injury is the service fee that they charge to do the transaction. Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest, lol, the passion.

    Otherwise, anybody happen to know if District 1 and 12 are in the same bracket this year for 6A or is it District 1 and 3 like a few years ago?

  636. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1

    I had a feeling your culprit was Spring-Ford. My first experience with them was last spring looking to go to a baseball game over there. They are one of the few (hell, maybe only) school that charges for a regular season baseball game. Glad I checked their web site first (had a sneaky feeling). On top of that, they required you to “sign-up” for an account. Efff that. They are still the only school that I’ve come across so far this fall that requires that “sign-up” requirement to buy on-line. As if forcing one to purchase like you said a $5 ticket on-line isn’t bad enough. Like Jeff H out west, I jump around to games throughout the area. The current madding part for me is not knowing which schools requires on-line digital tix and who still take cash. Guessing most people who go to games just go to their local schools home games and know the drill. Luckily I now have a decent idea who does or doesn’t, and if not, I have to go digging through a schools website, which isn’t always clear or transparent.

    For the rest of the regular season (sorry, if you are looking forward to a District One and/or PIAA playoff game, you will be SOL using cash), try games at any of the Central Bucks schools (big game next week with South at West), Pennridge or Q-Town. They still accept cash at the gate. Steer clear of North Penn, Souderton, Plymouth White-Marsh, the Downingtowns and Coatesville. Those are just from my experience this year. Odd though, Methacton in the PAC is cash only. Boyertown might be. You know the PJPII situation (interesting to see what they are going to do for the D1 playoffs)

    Other option is to take in an Inter-Ac game. Their league season starts this weekend and their games are FREE!!!!!!!! Most of their games though are Saturday afternoons. EA does have two Friday night games the rest of the way. Real nice campus too.

  637. Irish1 says:

    @ Jeff H, totally agree with you on ticket issue. Sounds like the schools on the western part of the state have more common sense.To be fair I believe a certain league in the eastern part of the state is the main culprit. ( looking at you Pioneer athletic league ) yes the PIAA has joined in with this nonsense for all playoff games. You are correct this all started with the pandemic and certain schools just decided to use that as an excuse to keep it up. I believe Ohio passed a law forcing schools to at least have the cash option. Walking up to a gate at a high school and handing over five dollars to see a high school game doesnt seem to be asking too much.

  638. Irish1 says:

    @ Kevin X….. just getting back on here now,yes it was a Pac game. I think pretty much every school in the league except PJP which charges 10 dollars per car and takes cash at least for regular season games does this. I felt kind of dumb for complaining again. Its just frustrating having to go thru all that to buy a five dollar ticket for a high school game. I ended up going to the gate at Spring-Ford and ask if there was anyway to buy a ticket. They directed me to another table where you could use a credit or debit card. It just will never sit well with me. Anyway Spring-Ford is a good team very good QB with plenty of skill around him. If it ends up being Spring-ford vs PJP ……( PjP still has to get past a tough game prior to that) the league championship game should be a good game. PJP can certainly match up with them, but have to go do it.

  639. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – here’s my f/u to your take on the WPIAL games you referenced. The Montour win over CV was a bit of a surprise, I was impressed with Montour when I saw them against Aliquippa earlier this year even though they lost by 3 scores, CV is good but they graduated a lot and not quite as good as the last few years. I have not seen McKeesport yet in person but it certainly looks like the Quips are still a pretty big favorite to win WPIAL 4A, especially with the TJ loss to Trinity which was a stunner, particularly the way they won, racing out to a 23-0 lead with TJ scoring in the fourth quarter to break up the shutout. I’d have to do some research to find out the last time Trinity beat TJ but my buddy who lives in the TJ district said he thinks its 20+ years and they play every year being in the same conference.

    Here’s a little twist on the PR vs. PCC game, the new PR offensive coordinator this year is Steve Bezilla, who was the longtime OC at PCC and was thought to be in line to be the head coach at PCC when Terry Totten retired, instead the PCC administration hired Ryan Lehmeir from Seneca Valley who was the OC at PR under Coach K, so Bezilla ended up at PR. He obviously had some inside info from coaching at PCC and drew up a perfect game plan against their defense, so that win had to be especially rewarding for him. I don’t think anyone around here saw the PR win coming, most guys I know thought PCC would blow them out just like NA did last week.

  640. Jeff H. says:

    @ Foleman – I agree with you about Wyomissing, I would be very surprised if Neuman Goretti or Wyomissing are not the eastern rep in the 3A state final, I don’t see Scranton Prep or anyone else beating either one of those teams.

    @ Kevin X – what I have noticed in most games this year is a plethora of pre-snap penalties, it seems like every game there are at least 6-8 pre-snap penalties, mostly by the offense but also offsides by the defense, it has to drive the coaches crazy because I know it sure frustrates the fans!

  641. D2 Fan says:

    Week 7 Picks Recap & D2 Notes.

    A tale of two areas this week.
    – District 2 picks were a PERFECT 10-0.
    – Oh boy. Best of the Rest took things personally. 26-14 on the week.
    – Overall, 36-14 isn’t bad, but the picks I got wrong were absolutely troubling.

    Season To Date
    – D2: 57-13 (81.4%)
    – Best Of Rest: 195-84-1 (69.82%)
    – Overall: 252-97-1 (72.14%)

    What I got wrong
    – Boneheaded pick(s) of the week: Anything Kevin & Jeff were right on. If you want to know thoughts, look at my post from late Friday.
    – Shocking Result: Montour over CV. I know Montour is good, but Central Valley losing shocks me.
    – Pine-Richland must’ve played angry, because I don’t think many that one coming.
    – D7 Trinity is having a quietly good season. Big win over TJ. Shocking loss in my book.
    – Nativity/Tri-Valley was a better team won game, I guess. A little surprised about the outcome. That’ll be a loss they may regret having, as Minersville just might have locked up the #1 seed.
    – D3 folks, give me some info on Twin Valley. Didn’t expect that one to be what it was.
    – Anything else was a bonafide guess, including WPC getting upset by Lawrenceville.

    I think I’m going to rely on CalPreps for the rest of the season in eight of the districts because good lord, those picks were absolute whiffs. Unless I’m entirely convinced. I’ll try & do better next week.

    D2 Notes From Week 7
    – Trail & Riverside led up to the hype! It was a one score game at the end & was a solid win for Trail.
    – DV & Abington Heights are in a battle for the 1-seed. My guess is that’ll depend on who wins the DV-Abington Heights game in Week 10. DV has Valley View & Scranton, while AH has Scranton & North Pocono.
    – Good golly. Blowouts. Blowouts everywhere. There were only five games within 16 pts of one another..
    – Playoff Race to Watch: 4A, again. Wyoming Area & Valley View are battling for the #1 seed. Wyoming Area plays a weaker schedule compared to Valley View, but it’s highly likely both will enter undefeated.
    – Wilkes-Barre is now in 6th in the 6A subregional standings. They have games against Williamsport, Dallas, & WVW to go. Winning two of the three should get them in. If not, the winner of Freedom-Liberty might be the team to steal a spot. Williamsport is still alive in the 6A race, with Wilkes-Barre, Tunkhannock, & Hazleton left. They need some help with Easton, who probably need to lose two of three for Williamsport to get in.
    – Lake-Lehman vs. Carbondale for the final spot in 3A could be interesting. C’dale has Trail, Susquehanna, & Old Forge left. L-L has Wyo Area, Hanover Area, & Dallas. Both are in comparable positions with their final three games, sort of (Susquehanna isn’t a slouch). The last one in will get annihilated by Prep, so making it in may be bragging rights.

  642. Foleman says:

    Went to the Spring Ford-PV game, had to pay through my credit card to get in. SF dominated the game, Zollars is the real deal and his receivers are good. Defense was stout, still stunned that Manheim Township scored 63 against them. 1st round Pairings of District 1 6A playoffs is going to be very interesting, whoever gets the best draws in the 1st 2 rounds could win the District. On another note, Wyomissing’s 41 game regular season win streak is over, losing to 5A Cocalico, who might be the favorite in District 3 5A. While I don’t think this version of Wyo is as strong as the last 3 teams, I still see them making it to the State semi’s as no one in District 3 will give them a game and I don’t see Scranton Prep, if the make it that far, beating Wyo.

  643. Kevin X says:

    @ Jay M

    Sorry, my bad. I should have been more clearer. 201 yards, to be exact, in penalty yards combined between the two teams in the game. C’Ville 14 for 114, DTW 8 for 87.

    Yes, I was one of the thousands of drowned rats Friday night as well 🙂

  644. MikeS says:

    Really surprised Quakertown won as easily as they did, with 3 first time starters on the OL, both 1st team RB’s out, their all league QB banged up and missed part of the game. Quakertown’s REALLY banged up, 12 of their starting 22 against Southern Lehigh are out. If they win their last 3 games and get healthy, its possibly they could be a scary 6-4 playoff team.

  645. Jay M. says:

    @Kevin X

    You make several great points.

    First, thank you for clarifying the weather issue. You’re spot on – we didn’t see lightning from the Coatesville side. So it was the right decision after all. On a related note, I came completely unprepared for inclement weather and paid the price for it LOL. To save my phone from destruction I had to stick it in my armpit and keep my arm locked to my side!!!

    Ortega threw some great passes in the first half, but when he missed receivers downfield, he REALLY missed them. The second half must have been a nightmare for him. Seemed as though West blitzed on almost every play. Remember the one sack where he dropped back, then turned toward the West side and got absolutely mauled? Then stayed on the ground for maybe a spell of ten seconds that seemed like an eternity to the Coatesville faithful. It was just a shocking scene to me to witness 2-3 of his teammates forcefully leading him off the field toward the end. Never before had I seen that. And you’re damned right that the refs have some culpability there as well.

    He’ll improve, but I don’t think he’ll be close to Ricky’s skill level. Wasn’t Ricky a sophomore the year they played SJP at Kottmeyer and was throwing bombs, including one down the western sideline to Dapree Bryant that put them up 21-3 rather early? That team was insanely good. Ahh, memory lane.

    Anyway, between Central Dauphin and D-West, Ortega has gotten some serious lessons in adversity. They’ll continue, too, unless they find themselves an offensive line and extra blockers. Teams will take note of last night’s game and try to follow suit.

    This won’t be Coatesville’s year. I’ll root for them until they’re done, but I’d be more than happy to see West or East make a deep run as well. I have allegiances to all three schools, so my loyalty is sort of complicated.

    Oh, and the 14 penalties… YOU SAID 200 YARDS?
    Coach Ortega won’t be going easy on them in practice for a single second.

    Switching it up next week… going to see Garnet Valley beat Conestoga at Stoga. Would be nice if I’m wrong though.

  646. John says:

    @Jay M

    Coatesville has a lot of talent at the skill positions and on defense this year, its crazy how they can’t get a decent o-line. Lack of discipline has always been Coatesville’s achilles heel as well. It’s what probably cost them the 2017 6A semifinal against St Joe’s Prep. Their defense should keep them in the Downingtown East game and the playoffs though. But a loss like last night this late in the season is worrying. Still would not want to face a low seed Coatesville in the first round, they are currently seeded at 11, but I still think they are better than a few teams who are ahead of them.

    @Jeff H
    I thought PCC was going to mercy rule PR. Heck of an effort by the whole PR team, especially coming off the big loss to NA the week before. WPIAL 5A playoffs are going to be great this year, probably the most competitive district in the state this year.

    Also for any other D1/Central League fans, I watched the Strath Haven-Garnet game last night, and Haven snapped the Garnet central league streak. Haven ran all over the Jags (I think they only threw the ball 2-3 times all game) and if wasn’t for 2 fumbles by the Panthers and fizzling out in the redzone in the 3rd, they probably would of won by more than 9 points. Doubt Garnet will be a factor in the D1-6A playoffs this year.

  647. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1

    More on your ticketing issue later. You are triggering me to climb back on my on-line ticketing soapbox 🙂

    I was going to post something about just asking you guys where this is taking place (specifically outside of District 1) and how it is going for those who have to deal with it. Guess I have your answer!!!

    I assume it involved a PAC game ??

  648. Kevin X says:

    @ Jay M

    I was at the game as well. The game was delayed due to lightning in the area. That is an automatic delay. I’ve been to baseball games where its been 20-30 minute delays. So 15 was not a big deal, especially since there wasn’t any further strikes and it was before kickoff. I assume you were on the C’Ville side, the lightning was behind you. Very visible from the D-Town side.

    Anyways……yes, the penalties were not good. More chipiness in the first half on both sides, and then C’Ville self imploding in the second (so what else is new). They had 14 for the game. Over 200 yards combined. It was like a first game of the season for C’Ville in the second half. I don’t know, but I am just finding games lately with penalties galore.

    I thought Ortega played well in the first half, but then in the second horrible accuracy and decision making took over. Only a sophomore?? He’ll learn and get better.

    As far as his injury late the game, I agree, don’t know what they were thinking. I kind of put some of the issue on the refs, they should be much more health and safety aware. They seemed completely disorganized as well late in that game. I initially thought he just got a nasty case of getting the wind knocked out of him as he was big time pancaked. Hopefully he’ll be fine going forward.

  649. Jeff H. says:

    @Irish1 – totally agree not being able to buy a ticket at the gate for any regular season game is ridiculous. Fortunately we don’t have that issue in the WPIAL, i go to a different stadium every week and all of them sell tickets at the gate, t too would be very annoyed if I had to go online to buy a ticket every week, its bad enough to have to do if for the PIAA playoffs. Where it gets bizarre around here is the same stadium I bought a ticket at the gate for a regular season game I can only buy online for a PIAA playoff game, and the people at the host schools are apologetic about not being able to sell tickets at the gate but the PIAA won’t let them. Case in point last year PCC played NA at West Mifflin, where you could buy tickets at the gate, but when Steel Valley played Westinghouse in the 2A semi-finals at the same stadium it was online only per the PIAA rules. The pandemic is over, time for all schools to get back to selling tickets at the gate again.

  650. Jay M. says:

    I’m not quite sure where to start about the Coatesville @ Downingtown game. Maybe how the refs suspended the game due to inclement weather in the area, at which time the weather was perfect. The game started 15-20 minutes later and it was pouring for a solid half hour. They could have gotten in most of the first quarter before it started.

    But the weather didn’t make a huge difference in this game, despite a couple of dropped balls slipping through fingers. Quinn Henicle took West down the field in grand fashion on their first offense drive. Between his incredibly accurate arm and his speed while scrambling, he is a top-tier player and I fully expect him to lead West pretty far into the playoffs.

    However, Coatesville responded and went up 14-7. Their stingy defense tightened up and took it to the West running game and sacked Henicle multiple times. The halftime score was 14-14.

    But that was the highlight of the night for the Red Raiders. The second half was something very hard to watch for me, and it’s not because they ended up losing. It’s the events that transpired along the way. Penalty after penalty after penalty – unsportsmanlike conduct, and what seemed like endless false starts.

    But my main grievance, and I was far from alone here, was the night that Coatesville QB Matt Ortega, Jr. had. He did have a handful of nice throws, but for the most part he either underthrew or overthrew his targets by several yards. Alas, this still isn’t what most upset me.

    Ortega, Jr. took many, MANY hits. In the second half, West blitzed an incredible percentage of the time. Did the Coatesville coaching staff do anything to mitigate this? Perhaps a tight end or two, or a running back to help block the relentless pass rush? NO. Ortega was blitzed and pummeled hard. At one point he remained on the ground for a time. He came out of the game as the team punted the ball, came to the sideline, and lay down on his stomach. At this point I’d like to say that I was almost positive he had been concussed at this point.

    But it gets worse. Ortega showed true grit in returning to the game in which he had an offensive line that couldn’t stop a group of sixth graders, and on one play in particular, he was sacked and hit so hard that I thought it unfathomable for him to return. Yet he did… and things did not get better. With maybe a minute or two remaining in the game, I was leaving the stands, and witness his teammates FORCEFULLY PUSHING HIM TOWARD THE SIDELINE. I can only guess, but it’s not hard to figure out that he was likely severely concussed and was either stumbling around or having trouble processing things and/or communicating with his teammates.

    I saw his face when he reached the sideline and I’m telling you, heads should roll for him remaining in the game so long – important game or not. He underperformed and was for the most part incredibly inaccurate on his throws and hasty on many others (can’t blame him considering his team wouldn’t protect him) and then got punished on seemingly every single play. But the fact that his teammates had to ESCORT HIM off the field forcefully indicated to me that the adults in the room – the coaches – were derelict in their duty to prioritize safety above all else.

    All in all, it was the longest game I’d ever been to, not even counting the rain delay. I think I left at 10:30. Aside from the Ortega debacle, my main takeaway from this game is that Quinn Henicle is a dual-threat stud and has a stable of very good position players with great hands to catch his consistently accurate throws. West is very good. If it weren’t for the skill of the Coatesville defense, West would have put up double their score without a doubt.

    This Coatesville team, despite their tremendous defense, could be in some serious trouble now.

  651. D2 Fan says:

    Yeah, you guys were right on your disagreement picks.

    @ Kevin X

    I went 0-3 on your flip side picks in D1. I’ll give you credit where credit is due.

    Honestly, I didn’t know much about the Strath Haven game, so it was a guess. Got it wrong, but my Central League knowledge is terrible. I usually go by past history in those situations, & since GV has been competing for district titles in recent years, I went there.

    I also went that route with Coatesville, as I know Coatesville is usually a dominant program. At least it was by one score, so it was a toss up.

    Perk Valley was the most confident of the picks. I usually did well when picking them, so I blame my success for getting the best of me.

    Prep & DV absolutely dominated tonight. They were mercy rule games, or close enough to it. The VV-Scranton game was much closer.

    @ Jeff H

    I’ll be honest. My knowledge on D10 is terrible. All I’ve paid attention to is Farrell & ECP, & some of Bob Greenberg & Tom Reisenweber’s stuff (& their #blamesixclasses tweets). I kinda made that game a guess. Wasn’t the best game to choose from.

    A little surprised about the Hollidaysburg game. They play a good schedule. Wish a few more of the bigger schools played indie schedules, to test themselves. Even though they aren’t a powerhouse, you have to respect them for being on their own island when it comes to football.

    Also, my dumb self forgot about the Cornell game against Canevin. I don’t know why. I tend to go through the WPIAL with a fine tooth comb on the website. I’ll have their game against Fort Cherry next week.

    I did rush picks this week outside of D2-4-11, as I was in limbo on whether or not I was going to have anything in before any Thursday games, so I might have a bad week outside of my area of following interest.

  652. Jeff H. says:

    @ John – NA was extremely impressive when I saw them last week and I knew they were going to roll Lebo, I told all my Lebo buddies it was going to be ugly. They were up 35-7 on PR at half last week by scoring on all 5 possessions in the first half. The stunner of the night was PR beating PCC 26-19, running wildcat with Ethan Pillar right down PCC’s throat to the tune of 295 yards on over 50 carries, I haven’t seen any of the game highlights yet but just a stunning reversal of the team I watched get dominated by NA last week. Neither of PR’s QB’s looked good last week so I guess coach LeDonne figured he had nothing to lose by going back to the wildcat they ran to a state title last yr with Ryan Palmieri. That win thrusts PR back into the picture in 5A, the 5A playoffs in the WPIAL are going to be brutal, whoever wins is going to have to beat 3 quality teams in a row.

    Another stunner in the WPIAL was Trinity beating TJ 23-6 and it took a late TD from TJ to avoid getting shut out, I can’t remember the last time Trinity beat them, also in 4A Montour knocked off CV 21-20, when CV went for 2 and the win after a very late TD pulled them to within a point.

  653. John says:

    @Jeff H
    I thought NA would win big, but I didn’t think they would be up 43-0 at half.

  654. Irish1 says:

    So fed up with having to do the whole online thing to buy a five dollar ticket to a high school football game. After repeatedly not being able to reset my password and no help from customer service Im done. Not being able to buy a ticket at the gate is assinine. Judging by some of the crowds these days you would think they wouldn’t want to turn anyone away. I’m sure they don’t care what I think, so maybe it’s time to find something else to do on Friday nights in the fall.

  655. John says:

    @Kevin X-

    I am not sold on Coatesville, but their defense is legit and always steps up in big games, especially against the Downingtown Schools. Downingtown West can’t come out flat and needs to play a complete game. Overall, this Downingtown West team is more talented on paper than their 2019 team with Will Howard. The defense is certainly better, but they are not destroying teams like they were in 2019 and their nonconference schedule this year is nothing compared to 2019.

    I agree with your take on PV-SF. I think Spring Ford will win, but the game is always close and Spring Ford’s defense is unreliable at times, so I think the game will be closer that some suggest.

    I am leaning towards Garnet Valley because they always find a way to win it at the end. Also, while their offense has looked rough at times, their defense has looked solid outside of CB West game. I think they will continue their Central League streak this year, but I doubt they will make a playoff run this year.

  656. Jeff H. says:

    @ D2 Fan – I’ll take a page out of Kevin X’s book and comment on your western picks, I don’t disagree with any of your WPIAL picks, but I’d be very surprised if NA only beats Mt Lebo by 2 scores, that will be closer to a mercy rule than 2 scores, I saw NA last week and they are very good and it’s hard for me to envision Lebo keeping this within 2 scores

    I do disagree with your pick of Meadville over Erie McDowell, Meadville hasn’t played anywhere near the competition McDowell has, and they beat ECP last week in the battle of Erie, so I suspect McDowell wins this game comfortably, I also think Oil City vs. Hollidaysburg will be much closer than you predicted and could go either way, I don’t know much about either team but think Hollidaysburg has played better competition than Oil City has.

  657. John says:

    Week 7 Predictions:

    Coatesville over Downingtown West- Both teams are stacked with talent and are arguably the two most talented teams in District 1, but I think Coatesville surprises everyone and pulls out a win over the Whippets. The Red Raiders have flown under the radar after the loss to Central Dauphin. I think it will be similar to the 2019 regular season game between the two, when Coatesville handed Downingtown West, the eventual D1 Champs that season, their first loss that year. I want to pick Downingtown West, but they have only really played one complete game this season, they usually start out fast and burn, or start slow and are close with teams who they should blow out. So I’ll go with Coatesville in a close one. Score Prediction: 28-21 Coatesville.

    Garnet Valley over Strath Haven- Garnet Valley looked rough last week against a Lower Merion, who is usually a cupcake among the Central League teams. Haven has looked great this year on defense, but Garnet Valley always seems to pull it out in the end, especially against Central League teams. I will take Garnet Valley in a defensive battle. Score Prediction: 14-7 Garnet Valley

    Spring Ford over Perk Valley- Perk Valley always seems to pull this one out, even in years when Spring Ford seems like the better team. But I think the Rams offense will be too much for them this year. Both teams have a common opponent in Owen J Roberts, who Spring Ford blew 37-0, and Perk Valley. I think Perk Valley will be able to keep it close, but I think it will be similar to their game against Downingtown West and the Rams will pull away at the end. Score Prediction: 35-21 Spring Ford

    Manheim Township over Cedar Crest- Cedar Crest is having a great season thus far, though I think Manheim will be too much. Score Prediction- 42-17 Manheim Township

    St Joe’s Prep over La Salle- Everyone knows St Joes is the best team in the state regardless of class. La Salle is their biggest rival and has some impressive wins this year. I do not think they can beat the Prep but it will be closer than some expect. I have noticed that the regular season game between these two tends to be a blowout, while the playoff games between them tend to be closer. Prediction 38-14 St Joe’s Prep

    CB East over North Penn- The Knights have looked rough the past two weeks against the other Central Bucks teams. I think their game with East will be closer, but I believe the Central Bucks schools will sweep North Penn for the first time in I don’t know how long. Score Prediction: 21-7 CB East

    North Allegheny over Mt Lebanon- NA is coming off a blowout win against the defending 5A state champs, I believe they will carry that momentum and win big against Lebo. Score Prediction: 42-14 North Allegheny

  658. Dave says:

    Amusing that when Southern fails to mercy rule an opponent, it must be scrutinized to determine a reason/excuse why.

  659. Kevin X says:

    A pretty good night for Imhotep grad and current Chicago Bear WR DJ Moore this evening.

  660. Margaret says:

    I love people taking credit for this bloomsburg fair conspiracy that i said first. Lol brian they won 21-0. Easy win. Bloomsburg fair and an hour drive to montoursville a bigger school all played into a 21-0 easy win.

  661. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    OK, just for fun once again…..going to give out some flip side picks and comments for the 3 marque games down here in District One that you picked.

    1. Not sold on Coatesville, just yet. Maybe 24 hours from now I will be jumping on their bandwagon. Their schedule to this point has been meh. And that goes for last week with Rustin, whose schedule has been even more meh. Again, I’m playing this angle, who have all these team played?? I will give credit for C’Ville’s “D” regardless, in there 5 wins, they’ve only giving up 7 points. That’s not too shabby. I tho like D-Town West in this one, in a close one score game. My first visit to Kottmeyer this year, so I hope it is a good one regardless who wins.

    2. The other game I was considering this week when I was road mapping my fall Friday ventures, Perk Val @ Spring-Ford. This game lost out to the above game quite easily, I see S-F winning this one fairly handily, rivalry or not.

    3. Garnet by 21 over SH?? Yikes!!! I’ll take SH to win this one outright. Garnet is good as always, but not the past several seasons good. They did win their last 3, but only by a total of 8 points to just all OK teams, all at home.

    Now getting out of my D1 lane, and heading up the NE Extension into your neck of the woods……I don’t disagree with your 3 big boy football games, Prep, Valley View, and Del Val all winning, but think all 3 games will be by much larger margins. Not mercy rule territory, but 3 or 4 scores. Feel free to tell me to get back in my lane or my side of the Lehigh Tunnel later tomorrow evening 🙂

  662. Dennis says:

    @ BRIAN That makes alot of sense., 4th quarter they looked spent.. I do realize that Montoursville had two weeks of rest also. Thanks for for fair info.

  663. MikeS says:


    Thursday night game

    COUNCIL ROCK SOUTH OVER Upper Dublin – this is going to be a barn burner, CR South has Souderton next week and can not afford to look ahead.

    Rest are Friday Night

    CENTRAL BUCKS SOUTH OVER Abington – should be an easy 3-4 TD win for CB South

    QUAKERTOWN OVER Bensalem – Quakertown rolls, Q-town has played 3 ranked teams in the state in their respective divisions, with combined record 31-5, 3 undefeated teams,
    more manageable part of the schedule starts now!

    CENTRAL BUCKS EAST OVER North Penn – Whoever wins is still alive for a District 1 playoff berth, should be a close competitive game.

    CENTRAL BUCKS WEST OVER Neshaminy – the Central Bucks schools just continue to roll, Easy.

    SPRINGFIELD OVER Cheltenham – Just have a feeling this could go the other way, but Springfield is coming off the big Upset.

    COUNCIL ROCK NORTH OVER Harry S Truman – Two one-win teams, but CR North has played the tougher schedule and played some tough.

    HATBORO HORSHAM OVER New Hope – Hatboro has a good season going and is a solid team.

    HARRITON OVER Lower Moreland – Just a gut feeling on this one.

    PENNSBURY OVER Pennridge- I’ll probably regret this pick as I still think Pennridge is going to get someone just not this week.

    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH OVER William Tennant- This may be a blowout.

    SOUDERTON OVER Warwick – This very easily could be a TRAP Game for Souderton, Warwick played Exeter very tough (28-21) Souderton has CR South next week for the league title, no
    looking ahead Souderton! This could be close. Will Souderton start/play their banged-up 1st team QB or make sure they have him next week.

    WISSAHICKON OVER Upper Moreland – Just expect Wissahickon to re-find their explosive offense.

    Well, there you have it from the SOL. Get out and support your teams.

  664. NE PA says:

    The Bloomsburg fair information regarding Southern is hilarious haha. That place can definitely leave you spent after walking around and eating everything is sight for 8 hours straight

  665. Jeff H. says:

    Getting down to crunch time in the regular season, lots of big games with playoff ramifications tomorrow night in the WPIAL, especially in 5A. Peters Township hosts Moon, who has won 3 in a row after losing 3 close games to start the season, and USC travels to Bethel Park, the winner of that game has a good chance to make the playoffs, the loser may be in trouble, only 2 of these 4 are guaranteed to make the playoffs, with the third place finisher in the conference hoping for a wild card. I think Peters Township beats Moon by 2 scores, and USC gets by BP in a close game between longtime rivals.

    Another big game in 5A is Gateway vs. Penn Trafford, both are 3-3 but undefeated in conference play, winner likely wins the conference and gets a top 3 seed in the playoffs, Gateway’s offense has been rolling the last 3 weeks now that everyone is healthy and I don’t think PT can score enough points to win, they need to run the ball down Gateway’s throat and control the clock and keep Gateway’s offense off the field to have a chance.

    Among the big schools PCC plays PR, this game won’t be close and I expect PCC to mercy rule them like NA did last week, NA travels to Mt Lebanon and that game won’t be close either with NA winning by at least 3 TD’s and maybe more, NA is the 2nd best team I’ve seen in person this year behind PCC.

    In 1A undefeated Cornell hosts preseason favorite Bishop Canevin, and next week Cornell plays Ft. Cherry, so we’ll know the pecking order in that conference by next week, I think Canevin bounces back from their loss last week and beats Cornell on the road. Rochester has a big conference game at Union, I like Union at home by 2 TD’s, they need to win to keep pace with South Side in the conference.

  666. Brian says:

    @Dennis Just a little insider information on the Southern game against Montoursville. Southern’s school board decided this year to give them only one day off for the Bloomsburg Fair rather than the two that they are used to having. The last time I remember that being the case was when Henry Hynoski was still playing and he was out with an injury that Friday night game against Warrior Run. The team then barely squeaked out a win. After that, Roth instructed his players they could go to the fair on Thursday, but they were not to go on Friday as they were completely spent after a day walking around the fairgrounds. I’d guess this was another year that the players took a day and spent it at the fair. They looked completely lackluster while Montoursville was hyped to play. If they continue this schedule in years to come, I certainly hope the AD never schedules a tough game that day as they certainly looked like a tired team.

  667. D2 Fan says:

    Week 7 has arrived in the LFC & WVC. Combining this & the best of the rest tonight.

    – Abington Heights vs. Scranton Prep (LFC 1): This is a quality game that’ll be played at Dunmore on Friday Night. Prep’s looked good, even with the one loss. Abington’s coming into this game with a tough loss to Valley View. Give me Prep here.
    – Mid Valley vs. Western Wayne (LFC 2): Lake Ariel is home to a sneaky good game in D2 this weekend. Both are 4-2 & want to go 5-2. I think the home team steals this one.
    – Lackawanna Trail vs. Riverside (LFC 3): The winner here takes Division 3, I feel like. Both are coming off of good wins. This should be a close game, if not, a good game. I like Trail here.
    – Berwick Area vs. Dallas (WVC 1): I’m not really impressed with the WVC 1 slate this week. This has some implications in the seeding, depending on outcomes. Dallas may just be 4A’s best, so I’ll take them.
    – Tunkhannock vs. Greater Nanticoke (WVC 2): These are two sneaky record teams. Tunkhannock is impressively 4-2 on the year, while GNA is batting .500. Coin flip game here & I’ll take GNA.
    – Scranton vs. Valley View (LFC HM): 4-2 vs. 6-0 here, as Scranton travels to Peckville. I love the odds of the Cougars here, but Scranton should give them a game.
    – Delaware Valley vs. Wilkes-Barre (WVC HM): This is the only good crossover game on the ledger & the only other okay game in the WVC. DV is back to .500 after a win last week. Wilkes-Barre’s a tough team to beat. DV takes them this week!
    – Nazareth vs. Whitehall (D-II/IV/XI 6A): Not one but TWO 6A Subregional games to watch this week. This is the EPC South’s best game. Nazareth is coming off a great win against ACC. Whitehall needs a get right game after a loss to Parkland.
    – Easton vs. Emmauus (6A HM): This game could be a seeding scenario to watch. Both are 3-3 & are in the playoff field by a decent margin. This is #5 vs. #6, & the winner could move to #4, depending on the DV outcome.
    – Renaissance vs. Morrisville (D1 1A): Morrisville. Sharpie. Won’t need CalPreps for this one.

    – Scranton Prep 35, Abington Heights 26
    – Western Wayne 24, Mid Valley 13
    – Trail 34, Riverside 24
    – Dallas 41, Berwick 14
    – GNA 28, Tunkhannock 24
    – Valley View 31, Scranton 25
    – DV 35, Wilkes-Barre 22
    – Nazareth 40, Whitehall 23
    – Emmaus 24, Easton 14
    – Morrisville 38, Renaissance 2

    District 2/4
    – Susquehanna vs. Old Forge
    – Montoursville vs. Danville
    – South Williamport vs. Muncy
    – Troy vs. Towanda

    District 11
    – Pleasant Valley vs. Northampton
    – Nativity vs. Tri-Valley
    – Minersville vs. Catty

    District 1/District 12
    – Coatesville vs. D’town West
    – Strath Haven vs. Garnet Valley
    – Perkiomen Valley vs. Spring-Ford
    – Neumann Goretti vs. Bonner-Prendie
    – Northeast vs. Imhotep

    District 3
    – Garden Spot vs. Twin Valley
    – Lower Dauphin vs. Cedar Cliff
    – Wyomissing vs. Cocalico
    – Harrisburg vs. CD East
    – Cedar Crest vs. Manheim Twp.
    – Bishop McDevitt vs. Hershey

    District 5/6
    – Northern Bedford vs. Meyersdale
    – Northern Cambria vs. River Valley
    – Central vs. Penns Valley Area
    – United Valley vs. Purchase Line

    WPIAL/District 8
    – Central Catholic vs. Pine-Richland
    – North Allegheny vs. Mt. Lebanon
    – Thomas Jefferson vs. Trinity
    – Rochester vs. Union Area
    – West Greene vs. California
    – Montour vs. Central Valley
    – Brashear vs. USO

    District 9/10
    – Brookville vs. Bradford
    – Grove City vs. Hickory
    – Sharpsville vs. Farrell
    – Meadville vs. McDowell

    – Halifax (3) vs. Line Mountain (4)
    – Westinghouse (8) vs. Butler (7/10)
    – Chestnut Ridge (5) vs. Penn Cambria (6)
    – Hollidaysburg (6) vs. Oil City (10)
    – Clearfield (9) vs. Bald Eagle Area (6)
    – George Washington (12) vs. ANC
    – William Penn Charter vs. Lawrenceville

    – Old Forge 30, Susquehanna 17
    – Danville 37, Montoursville 12
    – Muncy 30, South Williamsport 10
    – Troy 42, Towanda 21
    – Northampton 30, PV 7
    – Tri-Valley 31, Nativity 29
    – Minersville 28, Catty 27
    – Coatesville 35, D’town West 25
    – Garnet Valley 41, Strath Haven 20
    – Perk Valley 44, Spring-Ford 29
    – N-G 30, Bonner-Prendie 24
    – Imhotep 42, Northeast 9
    – Garden Spot 23, Twin Valley 19
    – Cedar Cliff 43, Lower Dauphin 14
    – Cocalico 27, Wyomissing 26
    – Harrisburg 51, CD East 13
    – Manheim Twp. 40, Cedar Crest 23
    – McDevitt 49, Hershey 18
    – NoBedCo 35, Meyersdale 8
    – Northern Cambria 32, River Valley 23
    – Central 40, Penns Valley 20
    – United Valley 21, Purchase Line 14
    – Central Catholic 55, Pine-Richland 28
    – NA 35, Mt. Lebo 22
    – TJ 41, Trinity 20
    – Union Area 31, Rochester 20
    – West Greene 28, California 17
    – Central Valley 31, Montour 30
    – USO 38, Brashear 10
    – Brookville 21, DuBois 11
    – Hickory 25, Grove City 23
    – Farrell 38, Sharpsville 19
    – Meadville 27, McDowell 22
    – Line Mtn. 23, Halifax 17
    – Westinghouse 45, Butler 9
    – Penn Cambria 22, Chestnut Ridge 13
    – Oil City 44, Hollidaysburg 16
    – BEA 25, Clearfield 20
    – G-Dub 31, ANC 7
    – WPC 35, Lawrenceville 6

  668. D2 Fan says:

    Thanks for the insight, Jeff H!

    I knew USC wasn’t this powerhouse team, so I’m shocked by the outcome. Maybe this gives them a spark for the final few weeks. Didn’t realize that P-R was down this year. That game definitely could’ve been closer if P-R didn’t have that bad of a game. I’d have to agree with your three picks for 5A. As for 1A, I’m hoping it’s a public school, but that’s going to be a fun bracket to watch. It’s always wide open, in the last few years. Even the years when Jeannette or Canevin won convincingly, it seemed like there’s always a team or two that gives a good scare.

  669. Margaret says:

    I think what happened the other night was southern was 21 points better than montoursville. Any other week maybe 50 points better, but last week they were 21 better. Maybe a bloomsburg fair hangover on top of the hour drive. Imagine if north schuylkills qb would have started as a freshman? Nobody seen that did tgey

  670. Jeff H says:

    @D2 Fan – most people in western PA don’t think USC is a serious contender in 5A, especially after they got shut out 2 weeks ago by Peters Township 31-0. They had an impressive win over Mt Lebo, but they are only ok this year, winning a lot of close games against average competition, and the USC vs. Lebo game is a huge rivalry, so I wouldn’t read too much into their win on Friday.

    I agree PR getting dominated by NA was shocking, I expected NA to win by a couple of scores but thought it would be a competitive game, I was there and PR was totally overmatched, I haven’t seen them look that bad against a WPIAL team in years. PR’s defense could not stop NA, 6 drives with 6 straight TD’s, after racing to a 35-7 halftime lead they scored on their first possession of the 2nd half to take a 42-7 lead and start the mercy rule. PR is no where near as good as last year and I don’t think they will be much of a factor in the WPIAL playoffs, no playmakers on offense, they have problems moving the ball against good defenses due to a lack of big plays, and their secondary struggles against top notch receivers. Right now Peters Twp and Penn Hills are the co-favorites to win WPIAL 5A, but keep on eye on Woodland Hills, they are starting to get their act together under their new coaching staff and walloped Shaler on Saturday 56-14, scoring 42 points in the first quarter alone.

    There are a lot of very good 1A teams in the WPIAL this year and the playoffs will be a real battle, I wouldn’t call Ft Cherry the favorite, they are 1 of about a half dozen teams that could win 1A, including Canevin, Union, South Side, Rochester, etc.

  671. The Joneses says:

    @LaSalle FrankG give a lot of great insight. To add mine because I had a son at LaSalle. Class of 2018. The schedule LaSalle plays has something to do with it. I can tell my son did get the attention of power conferences. The team was better and the PCL has more teams with great competition. Wood, Prep were good. The out of league schedule was good as well. Malvern was great back then. Dematha etc. The corner you are talking about didn’t get the attention I expected. I think I know who you are talking about and he is a friend of the family. I don’t know if he showed well enough at camps or had enough on film. You as a parent will need to do a lot of work to get your son exposure at LaSalle. I did. I did all my sons highlights, sent them to coaches. I did get a little assistance for the LaSalle coaches when getting camp invites. I would ask them to contact to the schools to ensure there was true interest. Without the schedule you are going to need to camp frequently to get your son exposure. Don’t get fooled by non-college camps asking for a ton of money and recruiting services. Build locally first and then branch out. If not for an ACL tear my son would have played for a P5 school. Best of luck to you and your son. It’s going to be tough sledding. Coach’s I talked to over the years love PCL players. I have heard that consistently.

  672. Dennis says:

    @ D11 Matt They also play Selinsgrove yet. I watched them on YouTube Friday nite. To me not a good performance all around..

  673. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes From Week 6
    – Valley View keeps on winning. A solid win over Abington Heights.
    – Susquehanna could absolutely get to be above .500 on the year. Dominant win over Holy Cross.
    – Dunmore is still the king of 2A. Dominant win over Mid Valley. Dunmore & Mid Valley separated by .01 pts in the Power Ratings, after that result.
    – Wilkes-Barre Area is legit this year & maybe could give one of the EPC teams a run, after a solid 20 point win over Crestwood. The latter statement is an extremely tall task.
    – Upset Of The Week: Nanticoke over Pittston. Very impressive win from them.
    – Playoff Battle To Watch: The 4A race is a log jam. The #1-3 seeds are close, & can change with a loss. 7th-10th is absolutely close, as GNA (.476) & Honesdale (.472) hold slim leads over Wallenpaupack (.465), & North Pocono (.461). Wallenpaupack & North Pocono play one another next week. Winner could jump to the 8-seed, depending on the outcomes of GNA & Honesdale games.

    Recap of my picks, for the folks who like to follow long. I’m sorry if I seem annoying with that.

    D2: My worst week. 6-4 in the picks. 47-13 on the year, making me bat .783 in that department.
    PA: 30-10 on the week, batting 75%. That makes me 169-70-1 on the year there (70.42%).
    Overall: 36-14 (72%) on the week, making me 216-83-1 on the year (72.17%).

    What I got wrong
    – 3 teams from the WVC gave me fits. Wilkes-Barre is fighting for home field in the subregional & I’m not mad about it. Just more shocked with the GNA & Williamsport outcomes.
    – Valley View is just better & they haven’t missed a beat.
    – I’m using CalPreps for District 1 1A picks for the rest of the year.
    – Nazareth/ACC was a toss-up.
    – Alright WPIAL folks, going to need some knowledge on USC. That’s an impressive win, coming from someone who overlooked them.
    – Fort Cherry winning over Canevin was something I didn’t expect. WPIAL folks, are they the team to beat this year in 1A?
    – North Allegheny is best of WPIAL 6A & I wish I considered that before making a pick. That has to be my headscratcher pick of the week.
    – District 8 is that bad to where I struggle with anyone not named Westinghouse.
    – District 3 folks, please fill me in on Garden Spot. How are they as a program? It seems like they’ve had some bad years & this is the first good year in a while, but I could be wrong. This is the first I’ve seen them as a competitive team. Completely missed that Ephrata pick.
    – Really thought that OIl City would win. District 10 is a weak spot for me.

    Honestly, I rushed my prognostications this week & didn’t give enough effort, although this was the first week where my out of area picks did better than my local. I’ll do better next week.

  674. Dave says:

    It is possible that Montoursville had a good defensive game plan, and executed it well, rather than assuming that Southern played poorly. Either way, I will be surprised if Southern does not add another state championship to their collection.

  675. Kevin X says:

    Anybody know if there are any changes, tweaks, adjustments, etc. to the playoff brackets?? Guessing the home team situation will be the same, other than the brackets being flipped from last year??

  676. D11 Matt says:

    @Dennis. I’m sure Southern will win another state title. They were 7-3 and looked vulnerable last year and then starting rolling teams in AA playoffs. And that was the year to get them. They do have two tough games against Mount Carmel and especially Wyoming Area but they will roll coke playoff time. We have seen it 7 straight years.

  677. Dennis says:

    Although a 21-0 win coach Roth cannot be pleased with Southern ‘s performance last nite against Montoursville. They will need to play better if they want another state title. NO I would never bet against them.

  678. Jay M. says:

    I follow and have allegiances to Coatesville, Downingtown West, and Downingtown East, in that order. So when I looked the scores up just now, assuming they are accurate, I wondered when the last time was that all three schools pitched a shutout on the same night.

    Coatesville won 28-0, marking their FOURTH shutout in six games, only this time to an undefeated opponent in WC Rustin.

    East won 42-0 and West won 28-0. Over the next four weeks, the three games where these teams play each other should be very good games.

    Maybe one of these three can make it all the way to lose to SJP.

  679. D2 Fan says:

    For those wondering why I had two sets of scores in my D2 area picks, I never moved that off of the list & didn’t notice until today. My bad.

  680. MikeS says:

    Surburban One League Picks

    Well, had my worst week in as long as I can remember 7-5, in my defense, one was a pick-em between 2 No win teams& the coin said tails, it was wrong, & I went way out on a limb & picked 4 upsets and lost on all of them. Pennridge lost in Double Overtime (close but no cigar), Quakertown lost by 3, so it was a, would of, could of, should of, have week. Ok, that’s behind me.

    This week’s picks I feel a little better about…..

    CENTRAL BUCKS WEST OVER Abington This is about a sure as it gets.

    HARRY S TRUMAN OVER Bensalem If Bensalem couldn’t beat a no-win team at home, well.

    PENNSBURY OVER Central Bucks East This is being picked the other way by 2 of the Media I follow, this could go either way, one of my 2 upset picks for the week.

    CENTRAL BUCKS SOUTH OVER North Penn if North Penn can’t score against CB West, this could be another shoutout, seems odd picking against North Penn so much in one year.

    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH OVER Cheltenham well PW is 3-1, Cheltenham is 0-4, thought Cheltenham would be better with 3 high D1 recruits.

    UPPER DUBLIN OVER Council Rock North well Council Rock North got their win, and Upper Dublin found their offense last week.

    PENNRIDGE OVER Neshaminy Well Pennridge was a double OT 1 point loser as an underdog last week, they are going to win one of these, Upset pick #2 for the week.

    SOUDERTON OVER Quakertown This is the Rte. 309 Bowl & is never easy, but Souderton is 5-0 & Quakertown is 2-3 (see note on this), this may be the game of the week to see.

    WISSAHICKON OVER Springfield Wissahickon will score a bunch of points, don’t think Springfield can keep up.

    WM TENNANT OVER Upper Moreland Tennant is playing some solid football.

    Note: Quakertown may be as good as any 2-3 team in District 1, their opponents have had a combined record of 19-5, Central Bucks West is ranked #4 in 6A by PennLive, Southern Lehigh is ranked #8 in 5A, lost to Southern Lehigh by 7, other loss was by 3 to 4-1 Council Rock South. I expect them to play Souderton tough. But I have had Souderton as the team to beat in the Conference since the preseason & I’m sticking with it.

    Games to see- Pennsbury-CB East, Pennridge-Neshaminy, Quakertown-Souderton would be my picks this week.
    Get out there and support your teams tonight.

    Final note: Learned my lesson, will not be picking 33% of the games as upsets again, 2 is enough.

  681. FrankG says:

    @ LaSalle It might not be a good idea for a Prep guy like me to be the one to respond to your post. But here goes … The simple reality is that LaSalle as a program has regressed. Last year they had a losing record for the first time in many, many years and it’s not because they played an especially challenging schedule. Playing Calvert Hall is not the same as playing St. Frances or DeMatha (which Roman played this year). This year LaSalle got smoked by McDevitt and lost to a Malvern team that lost decisively to Tep. Last year’s three-TD loss to Roman was a clear sign to many that LaSalle is no longer #2 in the PCL. LaSalle won memorable games against SJP in 2015 and 2021, but the fact is that since 2013 SJP has beaten LaSalle 16 of the 18 times they’ve played and in recent years it’s most often been in a blowout.

  682. Jeff H. says:

    @ John – have not seen North Catholic’s Brady O’Hara in person, he’s tall at 6″6″ and about 245, he plays TE now but could end up playing tackle in college if he puts on more weight, he told TribLive the PSU coaches have been recruiting him as a TE but also talking about tackle.

  683. Margaret says:

    I dont ever remember rooting against north schuylkill.

  684. NW says:

    @Margaret, The Spartans have a big one tomorrow, will you be rooting for Wally and NS to bring it home?

  685. D11 matt says:

    You keep referring to no lehigh as playing up as an a school as if they were and have been an a school and they are doing the best with what they have been dealt. Do you not know there history? They have never been an a school. They wont be in the next cycle either. They have always played the colonial league teams on there schedule and in districts they have always played the schuylkill league teams they r playing now.

  686. Margaret says:

    @ pa only if he robs a bank in ashland and is on the news.

  687. D2 Fan says:

    Oops. Forgot my Best of the Rest D2 game (usually the one other game I consider as the HM): Scranton Prep vs. Wallenpaupack
    – Score: SP 42, Wallenpaupack 11

  688. D2 Fan says:

    Week 6 in the 6 counties of District 2. I’m combining both this & best of the rest today.

    – Valley View vs. Abington Heights (LFC 1): This is a dandy of a game at The Pit, on Saturday. Valley View, even with the changes, are still a legit team. The Comets are riding momentum, especially after a nailbiter against Wallenpaupack. I’m going with CalPreps & saying AH pulls off an upset.
    – Dunmore vs. Mid Valley (LFC 2): How about this. The top-2 teams in 2A go head to head in Throop. This could be a statement win for either side. I like Dunmore here.
    – Old Forge vs. Lackawanna Trail (LFC 3): These two teams are the 1A finalists. Trail has the #1 seed in hand. No upset here.
    – Wilkes-Barre vs. Crestwood (WVC 1): The WVC is average this year, except Dallas & Wyoming Area. This is really the only good WVC 1 game here. Wilkes-Barre & Crestwood are hunting for home field. I feel Crestwood might be in better shape to win.
    – Greater Nanticoke vs. Pittston (WVC 2): WVC Division 2 is a mess, unless you’re Wyoming Area. This may be the only good game here. Both winning would get them to .500. I’ll say Pittston’s better.
    – North Pocono vs. Delaware Valley (LFC HM): DV’s traditional Saturday homecoming game seems to be a good choice for this category. North Pocono is coming off of a tough loss, while DV upset Prep. DV usually wins on homecoming, so I have to go by the trends.
    – WVW vs. Berwick (WVC HM): Remember when this was a bitter rivalry? It seems like an eternity since both were good. It’s an HM on here because of the classic rivalry & that’s it. Berwick’s better than WVW, or so I believe they are. They need to put 48 minutes together.
    – Wyoming Area vs. Scranton (D2 HM): This is the only good crossover game on the ledger. Both teams are quite stout, & I hope this is a good game. The better team is undefeated.
    – Liberty vs. Easton (6A HM): If Williamsport was better, I was going to go with their showdown against Central Mountain, but this matchup is more appealing. Both are #5 & #6 in 6A & either outcome would shake up the power ratings, a bit. I’d take that over one of the 4A games (ACC/Nazareth will be in Best of the Rest). I’d say Easton’s the better team here.
    – Morrisville vs. Jenkintown (D1 1A): The top 2 in 1A are going at it. These two are the clear-cut ones to go head to head in the 1A District 1 championship to have a date with probably Trail. Appropriately, both subregionals are going at it this week, so that’s fun.

    – Abington Heights 31, Valley View 26
    – Dunmore 31, Mid Valley 10
    – Lackawanna Trail 32, Old Forge 13
    – Crestwood 30, Wilkes-Barre 19
    – Pittston 31, GNA 14
    – DV 35, North Pocono 24
    – Berwick 35, WVW 8
    – Wyoming Area 29, Scranton 24
    – Easton 26, Liberty 16
    – Jenkintown 23, Morrisville 19

    – Scranton Prep 38, DV 17 (X)
    – Trail 24, Dunmore 20
    – Lakeland 23, Old Forge 16 (X)
    – Wilkes-Barre 31, Berwick 24
    – Valley View 42, Pittston 23
    – Mid Valley 25, Susquehanna 24
    – Crestwood 16, Williamsport 7
    – Abington Heights 29, Wallenpaupack 15
    – Nazareth 42, Liberty 21
    – Jenkintown 55, Renaissance 0

    The rest of the state comes tomorrow afternoon.

    Best Of The Rest: Here we go!

    District 2/4
    – District 2
    – Mifflinburg vs. Selinsgrove
    – Southern Columbia vs. Montoursville

    District 11
    – ACC vs. Nazareth
    – PM West vs. Pleasant Valley
    – Saucon Valley vs. Northwestern Lehigh

    District 1
    – Methacton vs. Perkiomen Valley
    – Rustin vs. Coatesville
    – Owen J. Roberts vs. Spring-Ford
    – Pottsgrove vs. PJP II

    District 12
    – Boys Latin vs. MLK
    – Imhotep vs. Bartram
    – Cardinal O’Hara vs. Neumann-Goretti
    – St. Joe’s Prep vs. Archbishop Wood

    District 3
    – CD East vs. State College
    – Cocalico vs. ELCO
    – Ephrata vs. Garden Spot
    – Gov. Mifflin vs. Exeter Twp.

    District 5/6
    – Meyersdale vs. Berlin-Brothersvalley
    – United Valley vs. Penns Manor

    WPIAL/District 8
    – Canon-Mac vs. Central Catholic
    – Pine-Richland vs. North Allegheny
    – Mt. Lebo vs. Upper St. Clair
    – Deer Lakes vs. Knoch
    – Washington vs. Waynesburg Central
    – Fort Cherry vs. Bishop Canevin
    – Perry vs. USO

    District 9/10
    – Redbank Valley vs. Union/AC Valley
    – Sharon vs. Sharpsville
    – Oil City vs. Meadville

    – Bucktail (4) vs. Cameron County (9)
    – Jersey Shore (4) vs. Executive (11)
    – Williamsport (4) vs. Central Mountain (6)
    – Penns Valley (6) vs. Clearfield (9)
    – Central Cambria (6) vs. Chestnut Ridge (5)
    – Somerset (5) vs. Richland (6)
    – Westinghouse (8) vs. Hollidaysburg (6)
    – Mastery Charter North (12) vs. Marple-Newtown (1)
    – Hun (NJ) vs. Malvern Prep
    – Peddie vs. Germantown

    – Selinsgrove 42, Mifflinburg 16
    – SCA 49, Montoursville 20
    – ACC 24, Nazareth 19
    – Pleasant Valley 20, PMW 14
    – Northwestern 41, Saucon 13
    – Perk Valley 38, Methacton 12
    – Coatesville 35, Rustin 13
    – Spring-Ford 32, OJR 26
    – PJP II 41, Pottsgrove 9
    – MLK 21, Boys Latin 20
    – Imhotep 63, Bartram 13
    – N-G 26, Cardinal O’Hara 13
    – SJP 49, Wood 7
    – State College 33, CD East 13
    – Cocalico 35, ELCO 20
    – Ephrata 18, Garden Spot 13
    – Exeter 41, Mifflin 7
    – Berlin 31, Meyersdale 29
    – United Valley 42, Penns Manor 10
    – Central Catholic 52, Canon-Mac 13
    – P-R 31, North Allegheny 20
    – Mt. Lebo 41, USC 25
    – Deer Lakes 29, Knoch 19
    – Washington 48, Waynesburg 12
    – Canevin 39, Fort Cherry 13
    – USO 42, Perry 9
    – Redbank Valley 33, Union/AC 21
    – Sharon 42, Sharpsville 15
    – Oil City 49, Meadville 29
    – Cameron Co. 21, Bucktail 13
    – Jersey Shore 44, Executive 17
    – Central Mtn. 23, Williamsport 6
    – Clearfield 17, Penns Valley 16
    – Chestnut Ridge 26, Central Cambria 23
    – Richland 36, Somerset 12
    – Westinghouse 41, Hollidaysburg 11
    – Marple 23, Mastery North 8
    – Malvern Prep 35, Hun 10
    – Germantown 21, Peddie 8

  689. LaSalle College HS football says:

    Why dont players from LaSalle get more than just a passing note here and there? They had a CB who had tremendous outings his soph season. His jr season teams just would NOT throw to his side, which means he’s a “shut down” corner, right? I am guiding my son through this program now, and i’d like to know the truth, if there is anyone on this board able to share, about this program. Is this a good program? Do power conference coaches pay any mind to LaSalle players?

  690. John says:

    Week 6 Predictions:

    Souderton over Quakertown- Soudy is undefeated so far, QTown has 3 losses to solid teams. I will take Soudy in a close one.

    Coatesville over West Chester Rustin- Coatesville is kind of flying under the radar in District 1 right now since their loss to Central Dauphin. I have mentioned they have been in similar situations before and have made playoff runs and I think most people know you should never count them out. Rustin is the current one seed in D1-5A and undefeated so far, but they have faced a team with the Red Raiders speed and talent. Chesmont American teams have historically struggled against Chesmont National Big 3 (Cville and the Dtowns), I’ll take Coatesville by at least 2 touchdowns.

    Pennsbury over CB East- I believe the falcons will bounce back after last weeks tough loss to CB South

    Hun School (NJ) over Malvern Prep- Malvern’s defense has looked great this year. The Hun School is one of the best schools in Jersey. I think Hun will pull it out in a defensive struggle.

    Germantown Academy over Peddie School (NJ)- The patriots are out to a 4-0 start, I believe they will continue that streak and enter conference play undefeated.

    North Allegheny over Pine Richland- I think NA will bounce back and win a close one over the defending 5A state champs. Should be a good one, last year PR surprised everyone when Palmieri lead the 2-3 Rams to hand NA their only WPIAL loss of the 2022 season.

    Erie Cathedral Prep over Erie McDowell- Both teams offenses have looked great. ECP will win in a shootout.

    Kind of a slower week in D1/Philly region, though next week there are 2-3 big D1 games and then the following week Inter-AC conference play begins.

  691. PA says:

    @Margaret Do you know if Carson Long is on TV this week?

  692. D11 Matt says:


    I agree. Probably 4-6. Worst case 3-7, best case 5-5. They beat PA and if they play a good game like that they could beat JT. Not likely though. I went into this year thinking 5-5 with all the young players but that was when I thought NL would have their junior QB/safety. They play a tough 3A schedule as an A school. And a lot of team they played this year are up this year (Catty, PA, Palmerton, NW, NS, even ND). If they played an A or AA schedule like all A schools they would be 6-7 win team. They would beat PV, Shenandoah, Mahonoy and be competitive everyone else. Although, this year Lackawanna trail is very good so Dist 11 A champ probably loses to them (NL beat them last two years in state first round). Then they lose to Canton and or Steelton. Steelton is going to win state A again.

  693. John says:

    @Jeff H

    From what I heard from PSU journalists/insiders is that the PSU staff sees Martin as a Safety/WR, which is not surprising considering most recruiting sites have him listed as an athlete.

    Do you know anything about that North Catholic O’Hara kid who just committed to PSU? He is listed as an athlete, word is he will be a TE or OT for the lions.

  694. Jeff H. says:

    @ Mike S – pretty sure Hayes is being recruited as a RB and doubt they will shift him to receiver even if he is 6’1″, I could see him playing cornerback because he plays corner now and he is very good and closes quickly on the ball, but my hunch is he gets his first crack at RB since Singleton will be gone by then. Quentin Martin from BV is 6’3″, so I would assume he’s being recruited to be a receiver, he’s also very good at safety and I could see him playing that position at Penn State, he’s too good of an athlete not to play somewhere.

  695. John says:


    I agree, CB West has looked great this year, especially their defense. I was surprised they have been as dominant this year considering the grad losses of Boehm and Cherubini and the injury to QB Cooper, but the backup QB has filled in his place well.

  696. Margaret says:

    Northern lehigh will be 4-6 best case and 3-7 worst case scenario

  697. D11 Matt says:


    Trust me. They are good. They also played because of injuries to upper classman. The junior starting QB was injured two days before opener. And Tout has had a lot of success at NL and is longest tenured coach in Lehigh valley. I trust him when he says he thinks this might be his best class. It’s a big class too. The sophomore running back is 8th in league in rushing. The freshman corner (Chris frame, another frame!) has 4 ints which leads the CL Schuylkill league. They will be a very very good A or AA team in a year or two.

  698. Margaret says:

    Just because you start freshman it doesnt always mean your going to be good. Sometimes it means that your upperclassmen r that poor.

  699. D11 Matt says:


    Northern Lehigh will be very good in a year or two. Although they might be back up into 2A next year. They are starting 3 freshman including QB. Tout has said he thinks could be best freshman class he’s had in 17 years (he’s had some good freshman classes. 2010 comes to mind when they were freshman in 2007). They also have a very good sophomore RB in Grady Newhard. They will be on edge of qualifying for playoffs because of tough schedule and playing alot of underclassmen, but if they make A playoffs this year, they might have a shot. Minersville looks like favorite though in dist 11 A this year.

  700. MikeS says:

    @John CB West still has a few tough games to go, undefeated CB South, which is part of their 3-way Backyard Brawl with CB East, and they play them back-to-back, then waiting in ambush sits Pennridge, who is better than many think. And Pennridge gets CB West after they play back-to-back Backyard Brawls. Still CB West is the best team I’ve seen this year.

  701. MikeS says:


    For what it’s worth I checked 5 websites, they all have him at 5’10” which I hope he is, in his hope to be the next big RB at Penn State, since you are a knowledge football fan the trend for the last 5-10 years has been to the shorter RB, there is rarely a 6’1″ RB anymore, so they can hide behind the monsters playing OL today, if he’s really 6’1″ they will probably be shifting him to WR, or even DB, as those are positions where that height is an advantage as your know.

  702. D2 Fan says:

    Halfway home with the regular season. For those that don’t mind me talking about how I did…

    – D2 Picks: 8-2 on the week, making me 41-9 (82%) on the year.
    – Rest Of State: 29-11 (.725) on the week & 139-60-1 (69.75%) on the year.
    – Overall: 37-13 (74%) on the week; 180-69-1 (72.2%) on the year.

    What I got wrong
    – Boneheaded Pick of the Week: Accidentally calling Quakertown CB South. Someone PLEASE correct me if my plethora of picks has something different in the scores. 2nd week in a row. Got it right, though.
    – Note To Self: NEVER pick against Southern Columbia.
    – DV game was just an underestimation on my end. Yes, Prep dealt with an injury to one of their star players. It may or may not have been the difference.
    – Lakeland over Old Forge was a gut pick gone wrong. Both are down, so I’m not mad about this.
    – WPIAL picks were bad this week. Was about 50/50 there. Props to TJ for beating Belle Vernon. Gladly will take that loss. The rest were guesses.
    – Central is good. I should’ve known to pick them over Guilfoyle. An overtime thriller, from what I’ve heard.
    – Matt Mahalik is solid. Getting that pick wrong doesn’t surprise me, but I could’ve easily done better with the research, especially to a team I can watch on TV.
    – Pennridge/CB East & the D5 picks were pure guesses (& going with higher MaxPrep ranking). District 5 took my picks personally.
    – Brashear/Perry was the last game I put on the list. I’ll keep doing only D8 game a week.
    – I’m a buffoon for picking Sem over William Penn. Again, indie teams aren’t a strong suit.

    I’ll try & do better in the second half.

  703. John says:

    @Kevin X-

    If CB West runs the table, they will be the 1 seed in 6A-D1, regardless if Dtown East or Dtown West finishes the regular season undefeated. The rest of CB West’s schedule is 6A teams, the Dtown teams have only 2-3 6A games left each, the rest are against 5A teams, so the Dtowns will not be able to garner enough points to be the 1 seed. There are bonus points factored in as well, but I still do not think they will be enough for a Dtown team to top CB West for the 1 seed, as long as CB West finishes 10-0.

  704. Jeff H. says:

    @ Mike S – The article on TribLive noted he was 6’1″ 198, I’m not sure of his actual height but when I saw him play 2 weeks ago he looked taller than 5’10” which is what he was listed at as a freshman. IMO he’s the best RB in the WPIAL although something to keep an eye on is his number of rushes, he’s had a ton of carries in his HS career already and he’s only a junior, reminiscent of Rushel Shell at Hopewell back in the late 2000’s, he was a tremendous HS running back but by the time his college career was over his body was shot and he only had a short stint in the NFL and CFL.

  705. Wally says:

    Bucktail has been lighting up the scoreboard, it’s on my bucket list as well Margy.

  706. MikeS says:

    @JeffH Yeah I saw that Hayes recruit too, nice pickup, & he may have put on 15 lbs, but when did he grow 3 inches, I was just checking him out on numerous websites, including Penn State’s, 247 Sports, and other recruiting sites, all have him listed at 5’10” not 6’1″???? That’s a Huge difference.

  707. Margaret says:

    I just want to introduce myself. Im margaret and im new to the forum, wink, wink. I love montrose, wally hall, aliquippa playing up 10 classes and southern in the nfl. I think northern lehigh will be good in 2 years and i hope to get to a bucktail game before i die. Also does anyone know if the conawesque valley game will be televised this week? Asking for a friend and ty before any answers.

  708. Jeff H. says:

    Aliquippa star junior RB Tiqwai Hayes committed to Penn State this afternoon, choosing the Nittany Lions over Ohio State, Pitt and a host of other Power 5 offers. I have seen him play several times in person including 2 weeks ago against Montour and he has gained a solid 15 pounds of muscle since I first saw him as a freshman, and is now listed at 6’1″ 198 lbs. I personally think he is a more natural and instinctive RB than BV senior Quinton Martin who is also going to Penn State next year, and I predict he will end up starting at PSU over Martin once Nick Singleton moves on to the NFL, and Martin will end up playing a different position at PSU. Interestingly enough BV is using Martin more as a wideout this year than RB, as he was lined up as a receiver a lot more than RB against TJ on Friday and caught a 20 yard TD pass on the last play of the first half on a beautiful route to get open in the back of the end zone, he only had 6 rushes for 34 yards, I wonder if James Franklin whispered in the BV coaches ear about playing him at receiver!

  709. Jeff H. says:

    @ John – yes, I was a bit surprised by State College’s margin of victory, especially with the game being at CD, thought that game was a tossup going in. Will be interesting to see the outcome of SC vs. Harrisburg in a couple of weeks with the game being at SC.

  710. Kevin X says:

    I really need to proofread my post before hitting the submit button. To clarify, Prep’s “starting QB and one of their top players” is one in the same, one individual (Paris??), not two players.

  711. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    I understand Scranton Prep was without (injury from last week) their starting QB and one of their top players yesterday.

  712. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Notes
    – I doubted DV. A solid upset over Prep. Now it looks like DV is in the catbird’s seat for LFC 1…for now.
    – Paupack/Abington Heights makes a case for best game of the week. Paupack was down 21-7 at the half, came back to tie at 28 & Abington Heights took it towards the end. The Comets are “officially” back.
    – Trail might be the best of the small schools, in D2, as they defeated a good Dunmore team. Is this the team to beat Steel-High or Canton?
    – So, Mid Valley is the 1-seed in 2A now. Big win over Susquehanna. Who saw that as an outcome halfway in?
    – Wilkes-Barre is in the 6A subregional battle. They’d get home field in the first round, if the season were to end today. I’m impressed with their effort against Berwick.
    – The race for the final spots in 4A are going to be fun to watch. Tunkhannock, Paupack, Honesdale, Berwick. & GNA are all within a tenth of each other in power ratings. North Pocono as the 5-seed isn’t that far off of all of those teams, either. Looking at some of the power ratings, the District 2 4A & even the Eastern Conference game battle in 4A, is exceptionally tight. I may do a weekly EC check, for those interested.

    I need to look for District 8 scores, so I’ll review my week later.

  713. Jeff H. says:

    Couple of pretty dramatic games involving 4A teams, West A has a knack for playing Aliquippa really tough but end up losing in heartbreaking fashion, last night was the latest, tied at 15 at half with WA taking a 22-21 lead with 52 second left in the 4th quarter on a 17 yard TD pass and subsequent PAT, then the Quips answered with a 34 yard TD pass with 8 seconds left and 2pt PAT to win 29-22.

    TJ fell behind BV 12-0 at the end of the first and 19-10 at half, then scored 2 late TD’s in the fourth quarter to stun BV 24-19. The first score came on a 1 yard TD run halfway through the quarter, then they forced BV to punt on their next possession and the punter dropped the snap and was tackled before he could get the punt off, and a few plays later QB Luke Kosko threw a 49 yard TD pass with a little over 3 minutes remaining for the winning TD. This is not your typical TJ team with dominant O-line and power running game, they rotate 2 QBs who threw for a combined 327 yards, and rushed for less than 100 yards, their line is decent but smaller than normal. BV was hurt by losing one of their best 2 way players in the first quarter, they will cruise through the next 4 weeks until playing EF on the last night of the regular season, same with TJ until they play McKeesport

  714. John says:

    Was anyone surprised by the outcome of the Central Dauphin-State College game? State College won 31-13 and were in control most of the game. Thought it would be closer after Central Dauphin’s performance vs. Coatesville

  715. Jeff H. says:

    @John – yep, PCC made a statement like I expected, they have a good bit more talent than NA and now they having the coaching to get the most out of their talent. PCC had been running the spread offense with 4 receivers and throwing it all over the field the first 4 games, this game they ran it down NA’s throat and outrushed them 306 to 151, including 229 yards and 4 TDs on 32 rushes by Elijah Faulkner. PCC is by far the best team in the WPIAL this year and I agree they are a top 5 team in the state, I would like their chances on a neutral field against any team other than SJP, I said on here 3 weeks ago they will go undefeated and play SJP in the final and that becomes more evident every week, although I do think Manheim Township will be competitive if they meet in the semi-finals. I don’t think the rematch with NA in the WPIAL final will be much closer, PCC is just a much better team than NA.

    Peters Township also made a statement in 5A by shutting out USC 31-0, for now they are the top team in 5A and could have an undefeated regular season, their toughest remaining opponent is a nonconference game against 6A Canon-Mac in the next to last game of the season. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the WPIAL final is a rematch of 2020 with Peters against PR. Penn Hills is certainly still in the mix, and keep an eye on resurgent Gateway, they blew out Plum on the road last night 42-7, now that they are healthy they could reel off several more wins in a row.

  716. NE says:

    @D2 Fan

    Margaret thinks she’s funny asking that

  717. John says:

    @Jeff H

    NA talked a lot of smack to lose by 4 touchdowns. Statement win by PCC, they are definitely the 2nd best team in 6A right now and probably top 5 in the state regardless of class. The rematch should hopefully be closer.

  718. Scott Hagy says:

    Nice win for Wilson WL over previously unbeaten Cedar Crest. They still made too many mistakes which they’ll have to clean up if they expect to challenge mighty Manheim Township, but they proved they could beat a quality opponent on the road.

  719. D2 Fan says:

    @ Margaret,

    I don’t think Montrose broadcasts on radio & there isn’t a YouTube feed, that I’m aware of. They’re playing against Ithaca NY. If Ithaca High football does broadcast games, ICSD athletics would have them on YouTube, but if they’re playing out of state, I don’t think they’ll have a live game there.

  720. Margaret says:

    Anyone know what radio station the montrose game is on tonight?

  721. D2 Fan says:

    @ Kevin X

    Two great questions posed.

    I didn’t even consider the weather. If that’s the case, I’d say the game could be closer, like you said, within 2 scores. When I do scores, I don’t intend to get them right. It’s a gut feeling more than anything. Maybe I should start looking at that aspect to help the score part. I’d assume it’ll be a lot of rushing plays. Wouldn’t shock me if it was low scoring.

    DV playing all four opponents would be easily be 4-0. Lake-Lehman or Lakeland wouldn’t probably be on the schedule, though.

    As for Prep against all three opponents, they’d also be 1-3. CalPreps had them losing by 14 to Selinsgrove, which honestly would be a winnable game for Prep. Their offense & defense is good enough to compete, so if you flip that game, at best 2-2. They’d be completely inverse.

  722. Jeff H. says:

    @ John – yep, lots of chatter from NA this week, kinda ironic they refer to PCC as the Western PA Vikings when NA has had more transfers over the last several years than PCC, including several kids from out of state, there is certainly no love lost between these teams, I think PCC makes a statement tonight that they are the favorite to meet SJP in the final in December, would take a shocking upset in the playoffs for these teams not to meet again in the WPIAL finals.

  723. Jeff H. says:

    Several really big games in the WPIAL this week, headlined by PCC at NA, both rolling at 4-0 and putting up tons of points. I went to the game last year as it was played less than 10 minutes from my house and it was a snooze fest with NA winning 7-3, very sloppy game and probably the least entertaining I saw all year. They will probably score more points in the first 6 minutes than the whole game last year, think this will be a shootout but NA doesn’t have enough offense to keep up, something like 49-31 for PCC. .

    in 5A Peters Twp hosts Upper St Clair in a battle of unbeatens, Peters has played a slightly tougher schedule thus far and last week beat a decent South Fayette team 35-0, I like Peters at home by a TD, winner becomes the favorite the win the conference and be a high seed in playoffs

    4A TJ at 3A Belle Vernon – this is one of the more intense rivalries in the WPIAL, having played almost every year since the 60’s and some years twice when they met again in the playoffs, they were conference rivals for decades before BV dropped to 3A last year, BV has won the last 3 meetings, TJ holds the series lead at 37-23, this should be a great game, their game 2yrs ago at BV was an instant classic with BV winning 28-21 on a last second spectacular 45 yard TD run by QB Devin Whitlock when the game seemed headed to OT, I like BV to win again by 1 score, I’m going with a high school buddy who lives in the TJ district

    Other interesting games are 4-0 Shaler at Franklin Regional, curious to see how Franklin responds after the Gateway onslaught in the 2nd half last week, Shaler hosts WH next week and if they can get by Franklin and go into that game 5-0 they have a chance to be a sleeper playoff team in 5A

    in 4A Aliquippa goes on the road for the first time to play West Allegheny who is 3-1, the Quips eked out a 19-16 win last year at their home away from home at Freedom HS, but I don’t think this game will be as close, Quips by a couple of scores.

    In 3A another battle of unbeatens with Knoch travelling to Elizabeth Forward, EF has been one of the best 3A teams in the WPIAL the last several years, and lost a few times in the finals, so this will be a very good test for upstart Knoch, who was 1-9 last year, EF by a 2 TDs

  724. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H

    Yeah, I’d probably have CBW at #2 overall in District 1. They have a fairly moderate schedule the rest of the way and should run the table and secure the #1 seed in the D1 6A playoffs (unless one of the Downingtown’s do the same). DTE, DTW and C’Ville all get to play each other the second half of the season, so we’ll see what comes out of that annual fun.

  725. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    Oh, just for fun, gonna sort of, kind of, push back a teeny weeny bit on your marque game of the week up there, DelVal @ Prep. Not saying DelVal will win the game, but wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they did. At a minimum, I believe it will be a 2 score or less victory for Prep. Guess I’m a big proponent of who the heck have you played?? Would Prep be 4-0 going into this game if they played Del Val’s schedule?? Would DelVal be 1-3 if they played Prep’s schedule?? Heck, they be 4-0 as well. And the weather?? You guys up there expecting the same rain and wind that we are down here in the Philly area for Saturday afternoon?? If so, don’t know who that would help and/or hinder more.

  726. MikeS says:

    Suburban One League Picks

    With the conference games beginning in earnest this week, now are the games that will lead us to the Playoffs.

    NESHAMINY OVER Abington Neshaminy by 2 TD’s as Abington has struggled this year.

    BENSALEM OVER Council Rock North Well someone has to win, and Bensalem is at home and shown a little more life so far.

    PENNRIDGE OVER Central Bucks East I really believe Pennridge is getting it together, all the Media Pundits I’ve seen have picked CB East, Not me, Pennridge at Home

    PENNSBURY OVER Central Bucks South Well another upset as I’m going against the undefeated team, two reasons, CB South just played a backyard brawl last week and it’s at Pennsbury.

    CENTRAL BUCKS WEST OVER North Penn Probably closer than most think, North Penn has shown a little life, and CB West played a tough game last week at Pennsbury, but CB West wins.

    ROMAN CATHOLIC OVER Cheltenham Catholic League school, over a team that is down a bit as their season has unraveled some.

    QUAKERTOWN OVER Council Rock South Another upset pick, every media pick I’ve seen says CR South, & this may be a homer pick, as Q-town is a bit beat up, but plays at Home.

    SOUDERTON OVER Truman This is a no contest, Souderton wins this going away unless their bus gets lost going to the game.

    HATBORO HORSHAN OVER Lower Moreland Hatboro has been playing for the most part good football, & it’s been a long year for L. Moreland

    UPPER MORELAND OVER New Hope A game between two teams that have struggled so far, Upper Moreland has played the tougher schedule.

    PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH OVER JP McCaskey PW to rebound from last week, last year they beat McCaskey by 40, this year more like 20.

    WISSAHICKON OVER Upper Dublin Surprisingly the media all agrees this is the year Wissahickon finally beats Upper Dublin, probably this year or…..?? I agree.

    FATHER JUDGE OVER William Tennant I’ll keep taking Catholic League teams until proven wrong.

    So, there you have it from the Suburban One League, my best guesses. Get out there and support your teams.

    Barring Major Major Upsets, some real key games moving toward the playoffs

    Pennridge-CB East
    Pennsbury-CB South
    Quakertown-CR South

  727. NE PA says:

    Interesting game in District 11 3A. Palmerton – ND Green Pond.

    Both teams can absolutely light up the scoreboard, so it looks like a shootout on paper. As Notre Dame is averaging 47 points a game, and Palmerton 44. Both defenses are suspect as well, so it makes for an exciting back and forth game.

    Notre Dame is probably slightly better overall. Palmerton will no doubt have the best player on the field in Lehigh bound Matt Machalik. It’s that type of game where he can take it over by himself and score 5-6 touchdowns to outscore ND. Will be very interesting to watch.

    BRCTV13 has the game live

  728. D2 Fan says:

    Best Of The Rest: Got enough for 40 other interesting games across the state.

    District 2/4
    – North Pocono vs. Scranton
    – Danville vs. Southern Columbia
    – Jersey Shore vs. Mifflinburg
    – Canton vs. South Williamsport

    District 11
    – Parkland vs. Allentown Central Catholic
    – Northampton vs. ES South
    – Northern Lehigh vs. North Schuylkill
    – Notre Dame vs. Palmerton
    – Executive Education vs. Tri-Valley

    District 1/12
    – CB East vs. Pennridge
    – CR South vs. Quakertown
    – Ridley vs. Marple-Newtown
    – CB West vs. North Penn
    – Owen J. Roberts vs. Perkiomen Valley
    – Imhotep vs. Abraham Lincoln
    – Cardinal O’Hara vs. Bonner-Prendie

    Distict 3
    – Lampeter-Strasburg vs. Cocalico
    – Bishop McDevitt vs. Cedar Cliff
    – Wilson West Lawn vs. Cedar Crest
    – Harrisburg vs. Cumberland Valley
    – Steel-High vs. Big Spring
    – ELCO vs. Wyomissing

    District 5/6
    – Berlin-Brothersvalley vs. Northern Bedford
    – North Star vs. Windber
    – Bishop Guilfoyle vs. Central (6)
    – Penn Cambria vs. Central Cambria
    – Richland vs. Forest Hills

    – Central Catholic vs. North Allegheny
    – Thomas Jefferson vs. Belle Vernon
    – South Fayette vs. Canon-McMillan
    – USC vs. Peters Township
    – Knoch vs. Elizabeth Forward
    – Avonworth vs. South Park
    – Deer Lakes vs. Southmoreland

    District 8
    – Perry vs. Brashear
    – Allderdice vs. Westinghouse

    District 9/10
    – Port Allegany vs. Brockway
    – St. Marys vs. Punxsutawney
    – Sharon vs. Wilmington
    – Farrell vs. Hickory

    – State College (6) vs. Central Dauphin (3)
    – Loyalsock (4) vs. Williams Valley (11)
    – Haverford School vs. Garnet Valley (1)
    – Wyoming Sem vs. William Penn Charter
    – Germantown vs. Blair Academy (NJ)

    – Scranton 26, North Pocono 16
    – Danville 35, Southern 28 (Will regret this)
    – Jersey Shore 50, Mifflinburg 14
    – Canton 35, South Williamsport 12
    – Parkland 31, ACC 20
    – Northampton 36, ES South 21
    – North Schuylkill 38, Northern Lehigh 14
    – Notre Dame 35, Palmerton 22
    – Tri-Valley 23, Executive 19
    – Pennridge 32, CB East 19
    – Quakertown 31, CB South 13
    – Marple-Newtown 25, Ridley 20
    – Perk Valley 52, OJR 20
    – Imhotep 49, Lincoln 3
    – Bonner-Prendie 28, O’Hara 26
    – Cocalico 37, L-S 24
    – McDevitt 49, Cedar Cliff 18
    – WWL 28, Cedar Cres 22
    – Harrisburg 49, Cumberland Valley 13
    – Steel High 50, Big Spring 21
    – Wyomissing 35, ELCO 12
    – Berlin 23, NoBedCo 12
    – Windber 31, North Star 8
    – Guilfoyle 38, Central 31
    – Penn Cambria 21, Central Cambria 15
    – Richland 49, Forest Hills 24
    – Central Catholic 48, North Allegheny 13
    – Belle Vernon 34, Thomas Jefferson 28
    – South Fayette 31, Canon-Mac 22
    – Peters Twp. 34, USC 18
    – Elizabeth Forward 36, Knoch 30
    – Avonworth 45, South Park 15
    – S’moreland 30, Deer Lakes 26
    – Perry 24, Brashear 15
    – Westinghouse 55, Allderdice 10
    – Port Allegany 41, Brockway 13
    – Punxsy 24, St. Marys Area 12
    – Sharon 28, Wilmington 27
    – Farrell 42, Hickory 22
    – State College 36, Central Dauphin 33
    – Loyalsock 27, Williams Valley 24
    – Garnet Valley 35, Haverford 29
    – Sem 21, William Penn Charter 20
    – Germantown 42, Blair 26

  729. John says:

    Pittsburgh Central Catholic over North Allegheny- NA has been going at PCC on twitter a lot this week (calling them the Western PA Vikings). I’m going with PCC, they are loaded on both sides and look like the best team in 6A outside of St Joe’s Prep. I expect both these teams to play each other again in the WPIAL/D7 finals

    Haverford School (Inter-AC) over Garnet Valley- Garnet has won 3 straight since their opening loss to CB West. Though, some of those games have been a lot closer than I expected, considering they were facing some team who they traditionally beat by more. Haverford has had two big losses to talented opponents La Salle and Imhotep, but Inter-AC schools will always have talent. Should be a close one, as much as I want a public school to win, I’m going to go with the Fords in a defensive battle.

    CB South over Pennsbury- South is 4-0 to start the season and have looked like the second best team in the SOL-National behind CB West. Pennsbury has two losses against quality opponents in CB West and Coatesville, and beat a good CR South team. Pennsbury’s offense is just not the same without a stud RB like they had in Mulbah last year, so I will take CB South in a defensive battle.

    Wilson West Lawn over Cedar Crest- Cedar Crest is out to an unusual 4-0 start to begin the season. Wilson has bounced back the last two games after two losses to good teams to begin the year. I’ll take Wilson by one touchdown, though I am worried about how one dimensional their offense has been.

    Central Dauphin over State College- Another big game between two central pa schools. Both teams have looked solid on both sides of the ball. CD’s defense looked great against a Coatesville offense with 3 receivers with D1 offers. State College’s passing offense has been this year as well. I think CD pulls this one out in a close one.

    Marple Newtown over Ridley- I think the Tigers will bounce back after last week’s tough shutout loss to Springfield Delco

    Quakertown over CR South- The winner of this one has the best shot of competing with Souderton for the SOL-Continental title. I will take Qtown in a game that could go either way

  730. D2 Fan says:

    It’s Week 5 in the area known for giving us Old Forge Pizza. This week separates the haves & have-nots. No teams are playing in division in LFC 2 & 3 yet, but LFC 1 is well underway. WVC play is in full swing. It’s time to see whee I’m going here.

    – Delaware Valley vs. Scranton Prep (LFC 1): This is a must-win game for DV, if they want to be a pure threat to win LFC 1. Prep has been the better team this year. I think the better team takes it.
    – Lackawanna Trail vs. Dunmore (LFC 2): Oh, this could be an electric game down in Dunmore. Both teams are the class of the field in D2’s two smallest classes. I expect this to be a nailbiter.
    – Old Forge vs. Lakeland (LFC 3): Both teams are down this year, but this is an important game for the momentum of either team. Both could use the win, but I’m gonna take a risk with the Chiefs here.
    – Berwick vs. Wilkes-Barre (WVC 1): I’ll admit it. None of these games were purely appealing. However, this should be considered MUST-WIN for Berwick. I don’t think that’s the case. WBA has some players!
    – Pittston Area vs. Valley View (WVC 2): This was the only notable game among WVC 2 teams. It’s a big game for Pittston. I know they likely don’t have a shot, but I’d love for them to be a sleeper here.
    – Susquehanna vs. Mid Valley (LFC HM): A very overlooked game in 2A this weekend. The Spartans & Sabers are #1 & #3 respectively in the 2A standings. The winner will have good momentum heading into division play, something that both teams honestly need. I think the team from Throop wins & wins close.
    – Crestwood vs. Williamsport (WVC HM): Speaking of Comets: This isn’t a glitzy-glamorous game for the area, but I think it has to be one of the best games in the WVC involving WVC teams. Both need a 2nd win to help their cases in playoff races. I like Crestwood here, but I think it may be low scoring. I just have a hunch.
    – Abington Heights vs. Wallenpaupack (D2 HM): An overlooked game in District 2 happens to be at Lake Wallenpaupack on Friday. Abington Heights is riding some momentum, with a big win over Western Wayne. The Purple & White are going the other direction after a surprising 2-0 start. I think it’ll be close, but Abington Heights pulls away late.
    – Liberty vs. Nazareth (EPC 6A): #2 vs. #4 in the 6A rankings go head to head on Friday. This could be a massive game, if Nazareth slips up. I don’t think it’ll be the case, however.
    – Renaissance vs. Jenkintown (D1 1A): These games count now in 1A. The head to heads are starting to show up. Jenkintown should have this. Renaissance may be the weakest team in the state.

    – Scranton Prep 38, DV 17
    – Trail 24, Dunmore 20
    – Lakeland 23, Old Forge 16
    – Wilkes-Barre 31, Berwick 24
    – Valley View 42, Pittston 23
    – Mid Valley 25, Susquehanna 24
    – Crestwood 16, Williamsport 7
    – Abington Heights 29, Wallenpaupack 15
    – Nazareth 42, Liberty 21
    – Jenkintown 55, Renaissance 0

    The rest of the state comes tomorrow afternoon.

  731. David Mika says:

    Margaret, IF you want to talk football, talk football. Stop with the negative comments.

  732. Distract 2 LFC ( R.I.P Max #4 ) says:

    Just a heads up for those in the Lackawanna football conference region ,

    BIG show down this friday night between
    Undefeated Lackawanna Trail and 1 loss
    Dunmore which came to the hands of a very talented Mount Carmel Area squad

    The game will be played at Dunmore on
    Friday Night

    Also an interesting game between
    Scranton Prep and Delaware Valley will be this weekend aswell …

    Can the Warriors get back on track after playing all these far away teams ?

    Or are they truly having a down year ?

    If they want the ( W ) they will have to stop very well balanced Scranton Prep offense ,and a very
    stingy Prep defense.

    Scranton Prep makes every team they play earn every bit that they gain .

    My picks

    Lackawanna Trail 17
    Dunmore 14

    Scranton Prep 33
    Delaware Valley 12

    Good luck to all your teams ..
    God bless ,stay safe .

  733. Michael D says:


    Agreed…What a great tribute by Shik!

  734. Dave says:

    I just want to give a shout out of recognition to the team and coaches of Shikellamy, for their respectful display in honoring the memory of Max. Well done, guys.

  735. Margaret says:

    I love wally hall, if he coached somewhere else.

  736. Distract 2 LFC says:


    I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I completely agree with you about your comment about Margaret, my feelings is truly that every one of those players on every one of those teams puts in tons of hard work no matter if they’re 0-10
    At the end of the season, or 16-0
    At the end of the day we all know football is extremely demanding on the body on emotions on school work on relationships the list goes on. no matter if you’re the best or you are the worst. Growing up playing football I always remember the dedication that had to be put forth obviously putting focus on school was number one and then obviously the many hours of working out weight lifting and conditioning and then obviously the season keeping up with school so that I can keep on the team that was the regulation set forth by our school district which I completely agree many others I’m sure do the same some do some don’t, and then jobs at home to keep everything running smooth so no matter who we are talking about isn’t the meat and potatoes still football at the end of the day ?
    doesn’t matter what caliber of team it’s still football. And no doubt it is exciting to talk about the good schools for sure and especially when they’re facing another good schools to see who will win and successfully continue their season sure I agree with that but please don’t cut the schools that don’t matter to you down just like I had to put aside my jealousy for
    Southern Columbia and I’m a man to admit it lots of people won’t !!
    what I would like to see is a national documentary made on Southern Columbia that would be very impressive WVIA did do a wonderful job with that documentary called “Roar” it was very well put together and very deserving it’s kind of hard to believe that someone’s first comment was about Susquehanna and Montrose and in that same criticizing comment nothing was said about Max you have to wonder sometimes where priorities lay at the end of the day………

    ( it’s still only a game ! )

  737. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – agree with your picks for top teams in the eastern districts as of now, CB West looks like a serious contender in D1, and Manheim Township has been extremely impressive in D3, I think if they played McDevitt that would be one heck of a game. The usual powers are the top teams in D7 & and D10, with PCC (6A) and ECP (5A) respectively, with Westinghouse (2A) again being the best team in D8, the Pittsburgh City League, and State College (6A) the best team in D6. Huge game this week with PCC traveling to NA, will have more on that matchup later in the week

  738. Jeff H. says:

    @JCo – I agree, there are several similar stories in the WPIAL this year, in fact 21 teams have already matched or surpassed their win total from all of last season after week 4, most notably Waynesburg who was 0-10 last year and is off to a 4-0 start. In their first 4 games last year they were outscored 147-28, this year against the same opponents they have outscored the opposition 93-16, and the school and community are buzzing about the turnaround. Knoch is another school that was 1-9 last year and off to a 4-0 start and have a good chance to make the 3A playoffs. Its stories like this that make HS football so exciting, not just talking about the blue blood programs all the time.

  739. NW says:

    High school football is awesome. I’m not sure how someone could have such a negative outlook on mostly all teams/players/coaches. Btw North Schuylkill and Wally has won a very competitive district the past 3 of 5 years

  740. D2 Fan says:

    Margaret, I don’t blame your thinking one bit, but I have to agree with JCo.

    Being from a generalized area who has just one powerhouse program (DV) & the rest being average to bad, it doesn’t hurt to discuss the programs from time to time & what games are going on for them. It’s a reason why my mini agenda on here is league realignment & competitive balance.

    I feel for teams that can’t consistently be above .500, mainly for programs that never see winning seasons in any sports. I see the Pocono teams, Allen/Dieruff, CMVT, Montrose, Shen Valley, both Diocese of Scranton teams, & a host of others & I feel bad for them. They may thrive in one random sport (like Allen & Cross in basketball), but in the most popular sport in the state, they’re always struggling to put together wins. I get why, usually due to funding & economic related things, & participation. I want these teams with not-so-great histories to have that one year (or group of years) where it clicks.

    Being an alum of a school that basically has the “Jeff Fisher mantra” of being average, but with decent talent, (3-7 to 7-3 on a good year), I can understand some of the struggles of other teams & want them to be underdogs. When my school won the district about five years ago, things clicked with an experienced team. We had that one magical season, & the rest has been inconsistent. I dream of having one of those state title runs that the powerhouses have. I don’t expect a Southern type dominant run, but I’d love to see a state title or two for a team up my direction.

    I think that’s the best part of this forum. A lot of us here like to talk about the good teams, myself included, but bringing up the stories & conversations about have nots is awesome. I’m a newbie here, but I appreciate you guys letting me talk a lot about the teams we don’t pay attention to. I’m sure the people running this forum may feel the same way.

  741. JCo says:

    @Margaret: What a dumb comment. Giving attention to overlooked programs is the best part of these comments. Maybe you should stop wasting space with your incessant Wally Hall complaining, every one of those comments is essentially the same.

  742. NE PA says:

    Oh Margy

  743. Margaret says:

    Id rather talk àbout cardinal brennan football than susquehanna and montrose, so as mad as you get about southern being good, i get mad about someone wasting spacing talking about montrose.

  744. Distract 2 LFC says:

    @D2 fan

    I completely agree that would be fantastic if Susquehanna or Montrose or even going a little deeper out Tunkhannock had successful seasons that would be great for the players and the community and all the families.

    @ Southern Columbia

    And I would also like to at this time apologize for being a jealous brat regarding Southern Columbia it’s quite a football machine for sure they are well oiled well put together and amazingly coached the truth of the matter is because their culture is so strong for football and they work so hard year after year no matter who goes through the system they believe in their coach and what he represents and it’s not just him all of the coaching staff aswell.

    It truly is an amazing program LOL should be one of the( Seven Wonders of the World )but again I humbly ask of all of you who were offended to accept my apology .
    I was definitely off track and it was not acceptable for my opinions if any of you on here do play for Southern Columbia keep up the great work you should be really proud of yourselves to be the best High School football program in the country hands down !!!!
    regardless of what people’s opinions are about larger schools throughout the states clearly nobody comes close to Southern Columbia so I tip my hat to an amazing program and say I am sorry
    years back I had an opportunity to communicate with a few coaches from Southern Columbia and also some players I have to say they are the most polite respectful team and coaches I have ever met.

  745. Distract 2 LFC says:

    R.I.P MAX #4 Jersey shore (forever a Bulldog)

    Words can’t take the agonizing pain away that the family and friends and Community are experiencing at this moment , keep strong in the Lord for in his word it says there is a time and a season for everything and he knows the timing of Our Lives from beginning to end.

    Psalms 23
    2 Corinthians 1-7

    You are all in our prayers .
    God bless everyone close to this tragedy
    And also everybody in this forum.

  746. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    My heart aches for the Engle family, his Jersey Shore teammates and the Jersey Shore community. Simply put, an unfathomable tragedy.

  747. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 Fan – PT is down this year by their standards, they lack playmakers on offense, they have been shut out twice and only scored 7 against McKeesport, I’m still trying to figure out how they managed to put up 28 on WH a few weeks ago. PT may still make the 5A playoffs, but they won’t be a factor and will likely lose in the first round if the make it. Also keep in mind that BV was 4A for years before they dropped down to 3A for this cycle due to enrollment, they are one of the bigger 3A schools, so there’s not a huge disparity in numbers between them and the 4A and smaller 5A schools. Really looking forward to the BV vs. TJ game on Friday, that’s the game I’m going to, I’ve seen Quentin Martin 4 times in person in his career, including twice in his sophomore year against TJ, these 2 schools are longtime conference rivals and should be a very good game that could go either way, BV has won the last 3 meetings including 21-7 last year, I’m expecting a sellout crowd at BV and the place will be rocking.

    I saw Aliquippa in person last week and as usual they are very good, they may have the best running back tandem in the state outside of SJP, their backup Jon Tracy would start for 95% of the teams in the WPIAL, and their passing attack looked more polished than past years, so I’m using the BV game as a measuring stick to see whether I think TJ has a legit chance to beat Aliquippa in the playoffs. TJ likely won’t be tested again until they play McKeesport on the last night of the regular season.

  748. Kevin X says:

    My top teams is each of the Eastern PA districts regardless of classification after 4 weeks:

    District 1: Downingtown East (6A)
    District 2: Scranton Prep (3A)
    District 3: Bishop McDevitt (4A)
    District 4: Southern Columbia (2A)
    District 11: Parkland (6A)
    District 12: St. Joe Prep (6A)

    I’m only seeing the District 1 top dog possibly changing by the end of the regular season. Any western guys (or anybody) have a western list or different top eastern team(s)??

  749. D2 Fan says:

    @ Jeff H.

    Ah, I remember you telling me that a month ago. I honestly thought a 5A program, & one of the best in the class, would’ve been a tougher out.

    @ Distract 2 LFC

    I guess I am making a mountain out of a mole hill there. I’m just impressed with the record, so far & hope it’s a sign of things to come. Football in Susquehanna County hasn’t been that good, so if they could be competitive, that’d be such a great story.


    I’d be remiss if I didn’t send condolences to the Engel family after hearing the news of Max’s passing the other night. Such a heartbreaking story.

  750. Jeff H. says:

    @D2 fan – Belle Vernon is better this year than their state championship team from last season, they returned 16-17 starters, I thought their game against PT game would be a little closer but BV winning did not surprise me at all, they play their last nonconference game this week against TJ at home, and if they beat TJ they will roll into the state playoffs undefeated. The big shocker of the night in the WPIAL was previously winless Moon upsetting #1 ranked Penn Hills 14-13, guess PH had a big letdown after beating PR last week. And Gateway may have salvaged their season with a 37 point explosion in the 2nd half to stun Franklin Regional 44-24, as QB Brad Birch threw 3 TD’s to Woodland Hills transfer Steven Jenkins who is going to Bowling Green, its the fist time all season those 2 have been on the field together, as Birch missed the last 2 games after a car accident prior to the WH game in week 1.

  751. Dave says:

    Going to be a very emotional scene in Jersey Shore tonight, for their game that was postponed Friday, due to the passing of their player that collapsed in the previous game.

  752. Distract 2 LFC says:

    @ D2 fan

    Don’t be so hard on yourself about your
    Lakeland- Susquehanna pick.

    However Susquehanna isn’t that great , their only wins came to two perennial losing teams teams

    And then to Lakeland who is a known perennial winning program and defending District 2 AA
    Champion from last year who beat Dunmore 20-14
    for districts and also beating Dunmore a historic
    55-14 thumping at Dunmore in the regular season.

    The District game however was much different when Lakeland’s quarterback Domenico Spataro The Scranton Times player of the year was injured early in the championship game and also Dippre was also injured aswell.

    From that 12-1 season last year the Chiefs lost 14 players to graduation.

    Definitely hard to bounce back from that ..

    And to that NO Susquehanna isn’t for real.

  753. Margaret says:

    Wj I think that north schuylkill is better than any team they will play in the regular season and they already lost once. 8-2’or 7-3. Wally halls defenses can stop u for -10 yards on 3 drives but then give up a 78 yard td pass on 3rd and 30. They dont blitz, they dont ever improve. There lb should be wreaking havoc in the backfield instead hes playing both ways and getting 2 carries in the 1st half and 12 in the second. Why even put him in if you dont use him. Why dont you play the wildcat with flail or have flail and chowansky back there. Why do you throw downfield so much when your qb was so inaaccurate. Why did you put weitz in the backfield for 1 game last year. Why do you have so many players play there senior years and take a step back instead of forward? Yeah wally halls my hero

  754. D2 Fan says:

    Combining the two things I’d post after a busy week of games.

    D2 Fan’s D2 Notes
    – DV is back on track after a pounding against Wallenpaupack. This was the easiest game on the league schedule. It’ll only get tougher there.
    – Berwick decided to do the same thing & got back on track with a MUCH needed win against Williamsport.
    – Crestwood finally won, which is a positive. It was against struggling Valley West (man, they’re not the same team they once were).
    – Dunmore is still the king of 2A after a quality 20-16 win over Riverside.
    – Scranton Prep shut out Scranton High with a big 34-0 win. I think they’re the team to beat in the gauntlet that is Lackawanna Division 1
    – Is Susquehanna for real? Surprising win for me. I thought Lakeland would win that, for some reason.

    Now, as for how I did this week, for those who like to follow along. This week was the best one yet with my picks. 8-2 on the week in the D2 games to watch, with the lone incorrect picks being Montrose, which was a coin flip game & a desperation Division 3 game & the 1A game, which was a shot in the dark. As for the rest of the state, I had my best week yet! 34-7 on the week, giving me a season best 82.9% for the week. 42-9 on the week, giving me an 82.3% success rate.

    – D2 Games To Watch: 33-7 (82.5%)
    – Best Of The Rest: 110-49-1 (68.75%)
    – Overall: 143-56-1 (71.5%)

    – Boneheaded pick of the week has to be Lakeland/Susquehanna. Susquehanna is for real, this year, I’m guessing. Wow.
    – Bonheaded Pick #2: Put DuBois twice on my original predictions. The loser was meant to be Bradford. I did get it right, at least. I’m sure someone caught it.
    – Belle Vernon winning isn’t too surprising of an upset, but a surprising result to a casual WPIAL follower. I thought Penn-Trafford was the better team heading in.
    – Imani/Steel Valley? I tried.
    – Wilmington & Forest Hills picks looked great, in hindsight. Can’t get them all right, especially as LHAC & D10 knowledge isn’t that great.
    – Chalk up my Haverford/La Salle pick as being no savant on Inter-Ac & Indies.
    – The Montrose pick was a theoretical coin flip. Neither team is a world beater, nor a winning program.
    – The D1 1A game came back to bite me. I mean, I’m not going to lose sleep over it, but I could’ve done a better job there. Tried something different & didn’t work.

    You know the drill. I’ll try & do a bit better next week. I want a 90% overall week, but I think anyone would agree that getting an 82% success rate for the week is pretty solid!

  755. WJ says:

    Margaret you’re back! Your thoughts on North Schuylkill this year?

  756. Kevin X says:

    Achieved a first this weekend, three live games in three consecutive days. The last two, Cheltenham @ Perk Valley and Fr. Judge @ PJPII gave me bad case of yellow flagicitis. I assume just some rest, give it a few days and it will pass, and I should be good to go for next Friday.

  757. MCA75 says:

    Should have known not to open my mouth.
    Terrible performance all around from MCA. No clue why they kept running a hurry up offense and the defense couldn’t stop one kid running the ball. They will be lucky to make it to the district final to lose to Southern again this year.

  758. Margaret says:

    Since 2018 mount carmel has now lost only to southern, north schuylkill and milton. Not a bad 2 1/2 football teams to lose too.

  759. John says:

    Manheim looks great. I thought they would beat Spring Ford, but to score 63 on them was something I did not expect. I still think Spring Ford is a solid team, that no one in District 1 should sleep on. But Coach Brubaker needs to fix that defense if they want to make a playoff run.

  760. 78CatFan says:

    There’s a great video clip of Braeden Wisloski’s 98 yard kickoff return for a touchdown for the Terps last night on the web. I’ll bet that has to make Coach Roth smile!

  761. Distract 2 LFC says:

    @Maynard Plumm

    Thank you so much , Lol
    I embrace your comments , gave me a lil
    Chuckle , although not as much of a nod wink and a small chuckle regarding all those
    “PAWSOME” comments about hard work and determination and yada yada yada gotta love it.

    although it is truly bandwagon season and for the homers of course I understand your view….

    It really is kind of funny though that all of you took from that comment section about SCA that I was pointing at them for potentially using any substances they shouldn’t be ,if you reread that I said all athletes across Pennsylvania should be tested not just SCA so after you reread that I did not just say SCA I said all schools so if the shoe fits lace it up bro.

    Dude never did I ever say that southern Columbia doesn’t work hard it’s true I get it .it’s their job description they eat sleep and drink football that’s the only thing they’re ever going to do the rest of their lives when college is over that’s it, I get it they are football machines and then they will all come back and work in Catawissa and then start families cool beans.

    So you could all relax and just chill I will formally say yes your Southern Columbia Mighty tigers are wonderful there you have it YAYYYYY !!!!

    The only thing I take very seriously is I never pointed any finger at any school in particular I said they all should be tested

    Good luck to all your respective schools tonight especially SCA
    I might just play some eye of the tiger song while watching WNEP Sports waiting for Southern’s score
    GREEEEAT and maybe some frosted flacks
    Tony the Tiger style

  762. Foleman says:

    Dist LFC, many factors go into SC Success, having one of the best, if not the best HS HC in Pa history helps, not having any area private schools in the area also helps. In addition, as some have pointed out, changing demographics in many coal mining towns have families moving into the SC School district. I recently drove through Mt Carmel after many years and it was sad to see a once thriving town disintegrate like that. I do wonder if some redshirting is going on up there, a tactic that Berwick and Mt Carmel used in the past. My son wrestled a couple kids from S. Columbia in age related elementary tournaments years ago and was very surprised to see the same kids 2 years behind him when they hit High School.

  763. Brian says:

    @Jeff H from what I can tell by just searching the web, it looks like Columbia Montour Vo Tech and Dobbins Randolph Vo Tech are the only schools that have their own football teams. The latter looks like two separate Vo Tech schools in the Philly area that must have an agreement to have a combined team. I’d expect that all other schools within the state would be affected by this new rule since their Vo Tech students would be eligible to play on their own teams. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I really couldn’t figure out which Philly schools would be sending students to those two Vo Tech schools. It could be interesting to see if this rule has an impact. It seems from reading a few articles that there were some schools that were counting those students as eligible to play and others that were not, which is why the PIAA decided to be more specific about this rule.

  764. Pennsyltucky Proud says:

    @Dist LFC: Yours is the worst kind of yellow journalism. To outright accuse the kids @ SCA of steroid use with no evidence whatsoever is gutless and slanderous. @Brian is right. Your stated posture and baseless accusations are pathetic, and smack of childish jealousy. Wow, you must be so proud.

  765. Jeff H. says:

    @ Brian – thanks for the detailed explanation as it pertains to SCA, I’m curious which of the smaller schools will be affected by the new vo-tech rule, guess we’ll find out when the new classifications are unveiled later this year

  766. ScottyB says:

    I will piggyback on what @Irish1 and @Brian were saying.

    I can speak to Perk Valley as my son played there. Their continued success is due to the culture built by old coach, Scott Reed (now at PJPII) and current coach, Rob Heist. They have built a PROGRAM that the boys are proud to be part of and look forward to their turn to keep the success going. This seems so simple but I have witnessed so many teams that used to be very strong that have really fallen off, my alma mater for one down in the Chesmont league. There are plenty of teams that have a great group of kids come thru and have a couple good seasons and then fall off for a couple seasons so the consistency of certain programs is truly a testament to what goes in “behind the scenes”. PV has amazing community support as well that makes it easier for their players to “buy in” to continue the success.

  767. Brian says:

    @MCA75 I think you’re correct on both counts. SCA has seen an influx back in the 80s with Centralia being bought out, which is the first increase in population I remember seeing. We definitely have families that have moved to the Elysburg area in particular from both Shamokin and Mount Carmel as jobs just seemed to dry up in coal country. The death of places like Shamokin is pretty sad to see from when I was young. What were active areas are now filled with buildings that are condemned and empty. It makes sense that people would leave these dying towns. Most of those students though have been in the district their whole lives, but their parents or grandparents did originate from coal country. I think the boys themselves, however, dislike when people suggest they’re from coal country since they never lived there themselves.

    I absolutely agree with you that Roth has a strength in the fact he can field an almost completely different defense from his offense. Southern can often be a second half team then because they wear down their opponents. When there is a player that goes both ways such as Garcia is now, the fans start to worry it’s too much…which is kind of funny since nearly every other team they play has most of their players playing both ways.

  768. MCA75 says:

    Since 2018, Mt. Carmel has only lost to North Schuylkill (all close games)and you guessed it, Southern Columbia. MCA would likely have made some noise in the state tournament a few times but faced SCA in the district final every year (except 2020 which was COVID shortened and MCA season cancelled).

    I’ve said this before many times but people outside may not realize the what happened in the area over the years. People left Mount Carmel and Shamokin (who could blame them) and many who stayed moved to Southern Area. Look at many of the names on SCA roster the last couple years. Their dads were the stars of the 90s for Mt. Carmel and Shamokin. It also doesn’t hurt that they occasionally somehow get a good player here or there from another district.

    I can’t argue with what @Brian said about SCA being in the weight room and having a great coach and system. However I think their biggest strength is being able to develop kids enough that they are able to have mostly 1 way players which is a huge advantage for a small school. In many recent games with SCA, MCA has kept in close in the first half only to get worn down in the 2nd.

  769. Maynard Plumm says:

    Disrtact 2 LFC

    No one cares about your picks.

  770. Brian says:

    @ Jeff H I read that article as well. That rule wouldn’t affect Southern Columbia. First, they don’t send that many students to Vo Tech. Second, the rule is regarding students who could still play for their “home district” because their school doesn’t offer sports teams. Columbia Montour Vo Tech actually is a full time Tech school. They offer their own sports teams and those kids aren’t eligible to play for their home districts. So, in this case, the rule shouldn’t apply to the few kids going to Tech from Southern. Even if you did add in those couple of kids, it wouldn’t increase Southern into the 3A category as their population they send to Vo Tech is quite low and they’re at the low end numbers for 2A. I think Columbia Montour Vo Tech is probably not the norm of Vo Techs in that they do offer their own sports teams, however, that’s because the school districts that send kids are so spread out it has to be a full day program and those kids would never be able to return to their home districts to participate in athletics on a daily basis (they are bused by the home districts, but arrive later and stay later every day to put a full day in). Cyber students and home school students could participate in Southern’s athletics and would be counted with this rule, but they have few, if any, students in that category.

  771. Brian says:

    @ D 4 LFC WOW! You actually believe that the only way a program could be that successful is that they’re on steroids?!! I hope to hell you’re not a coach or teacher if that’s your opinion. What a great lesson to teach young men: You will only win consistently if you take roids. You should be ashamed of that belief, but I fear that shame just isn’t in you.

    I work in a school that used to be a power house. Let me tell you why they’re not anymore: The kids don’t buy into the program and they don’t put in the work that they do at SCA. Plain and simple. The entire community and the kids buy into Roth’s program. It has to start from the ground up and it has to be year round. There is a huge amount of pressure on those kids to continue that winning condition. They grow up watching the big kids playing and winning and want to do the same thing. Roth has taught them that they can’t do that if they don’t put in the work year round. The fact that you don’t believe it and you refuse to watch Roar because you have already made up your mind about it being steroids, transfers or some other lame excuse is quite sad. It says far more about you than it does about the young men in that program busting their butts all year long to make sure they’re not the team that lets down the community. I’ve worked in other districts and I’ll tell you it’s not the same. The work ethic isn’t there in other schools and for other coaches. If your team and your community don’t buy in, you’re not going to reproduce this. To say that they should be penalized and hobbled so that other teams that don’t put in this level of work is a bad lesson to give to these kids.

    Perhaps you should stick to analyzing teams you know something about rather than disparaging a group of young men based on rumors and inuendo just because they’re consistently successful.

  772. Irish1 says:

    @Distract 2 LFC, i dont really know much about S Columbia other then they win alot,. Its a long way away from District one where I am. As far as CB West goes a coach like M Pettine doesnt come along very often and when that district split into three high schools the talent was spread out even more, so its easy to see why they arent what they used to be ,but they are still a respectable program. There are many factors that play into why once powerful programs arent quite what they used to be. Doesnt mean that they were once cutting corners or anything like that. I can point to a program like Perk Valley that used to be a doormat for many years,,then that area got built up with new homes and now PV is a power. Norristown is the direct opposite.. Norristown was a power program with over 500 wins and turned out plenty of division one talent thru the years,but changing demographics have resulted in it now being a shadow of what it once was. Times change and parts of the state change. Mt Carmel is still a good program but its doubtful they can ever be what they once were being from the coal area. Those schools much like the ones from the old steel towns rode the wave of those industries.

  773. Kevin X says:

    Workman like effort by Q-Town last night. They got the job done. Little disappointed in the crowd turnout with a perfect night for a football game. Thursday night, Eagles game, both?? Thumbs down to the P-W student section for bailing in the 3rd qtr. Guess they did see the writing on the wall tho.

  774. Distract 2 LFC says:

    Lackawanna Football Conference
    District 2 picks

    Susquehanna 22
    Lakeland 7

    Western Wayne 17
    Abington Heights 14

    Scranton 22
    Scranton Prep 18

    Dunmore 31
    Riverside 8

    Mid Valley 28
    Old Forge 12

    North Pocono 14
    Valley View 13

    Lackawanna Trail 33
    Honesdale 20

  775. Margaret says:

    Imagine how far some of these ns teams could have went with rick geist

  776. Margaret says:

    Wally hall? Wally hall? Why do you play a soft defense. Why dont you get after people and hit. You have the players. Why do you think you need to throw 50 times in a row? Imagine having carroballo, flail and chowansky back there together. Or having chowansky and flail back there. Imagine mixing up run and pass. Imagine putting flail in the wildcat. Imagine improving as the season goes on and not losing games you shouldnt lose

  777. John says:

    Garnet Valley edged Haverford High 14-13 tonight. Last week, they did not pull away from Penncrest until late. They definitely look beatable. They play Haverford School (Inter-Ac) next week who were getting blown out by La Salle 28-3 late 3rd quarter last time, but still could be a close game. They also have to face Strath Haven and Marple Newtown later in the season, does anyone think their Central League winning streak will come to an end this year?

  778. Jeff H. says:

    Not a lot of big time matchups this weekend in the WPIAL, D2 fan highlighted most of the games I will mention, next week there are several marque games

    PCC vs Mt Lebo – may seem like a good matchup on paper but Lebo won’t be able to keep up with the PCC offensive machine, this game won’t be close and could be a mercy rule game like last week, will end up something like 49-21

    3A Belle Vernon vs. 5A Penn Trafford – BV continues their big boy non-conference schedule after beating McKeesport in OT last week, if you like hard hitting defensive football and line play this is the matchup for you, this game could go either way, PT is tough at home and they beat them last year at BV, but I’ll pick BV in a close, low scoring game 17-14

    5A Peters Township vs. 5A South Fayette – first conference game for both teams, SF blew a 17 point 2nd half lead against Montour last week and lost 42-35, Peters is rolling at 3-0 but they haven’t played anyone of note yet, I think Peters wins a pretty close game on the road.

    4A Aliquippa vs. 4AMontour – also the first conference game for both schools, Montour is 3-0 with nice nonconference wins over Mars and SF as mentioned, I think they keep it interesting for awhile but the Quips end up winning by 3 scores, Montour is the third best team in this conference behind the Quips and CV.

    2A Steel Valley vs. 2A Imani Christian – another big conference matchup, can SV bounce back after a very surprising loss last week to Seton LaSalle, winner of this game is the favorite to win the conference and be a high seed in the playoffs, I like Imani to win by a TD

  779. MikeS says:

    Suburban One League

    Rough week last week, even though Council Rock South didn’t beat Pennsbury, they played them very tough, really Surprised, and then again not, that Souderton beat CB East, Souderton has been highly touted all season but hasn’t played up to it until last week.

    So, we start with Divisional games and finish with the last of the Crossovers.

    PENNRIDGE OVER Abington, – and regardless of what everyone says, this may not be close, I got a feeling Pennridge is getting their MOJO Back. 2 TD’s or more.

    UPPER DUBLIN OVER Bensalem- I’ve seen UD favored by as many as 28 points, don’t think that’s going to happen I see it 14-17 pt win.

    CB EAST OVER CB South – everyone has CB East, and I’m taking a deep breath, after they disappointed me last week, this is going to be a great game to view, 3-7 pt difference.

    SOUDERTON OVER CR North- which Souderton shows up? Doesn’t really matter Souderton easy.

    CR SOUTH OVER HS Truman- as long as there is no letdown after a strong effort against Pennsbury, CR South by 3 TD’s

    HATBORO HORSHAM OVER Wm Tennant- two neighboring schools, I’m so surprised HH could be off to a 3-1 start, after almost dropping the sport a few years ago, closer than most think, 7-10pts.

    NORTH PENN OVER Neshaminy- can’t even believe I’m picking North Penn, they are a shell of the team they were even 2-3 years ago, but North Penn by 7 to 10 pts.

    CB WEST OVER Pennsbury- I keep seeing the local Pundits saying this is a close game, I think CB West puts the hammer down & it’s 14 pts at least.

    CROSSOVER GAMES (non-divisional)

    PERK VALLEY OVER Cheltenham- this is easy, Cheltenham played Saturday, finished Monday, has 2 days off and has to play PV, PV by 3 TD’s

    QUAKERTOWN OVER Plymouth Whitemarsh- this is going to be an excellent game, I’ve got Quakertown pulling this one out by 3pts, the media Pundits seem to be split on this game.

    So, there you go from the SOL, hope everyone enjoys the great weather and gets out and supports the team of your choice.

  780. Distract 2 LFC says:

    @Kevin X

    My argument was not against the Dunmore lady hoopsters as you say.
    I only used them as an example because in the Scranton Times news article it was reported that the PIAA was forcing the Dunmore girls basketball team to move up a classification because of their “quality of play” and that was the exact wording of the article , so my argument was that if Dunmore had to move up then Southern Columbia football team should then have to move up as well, because of their quality of play not so much how many players they have this debate will be endless. All I know at the end of the day is whatever is in that water down there it’s something special if you know what I mean !
    nobody’s going to tell me that just because of hard work and determination a team’s going to go and win 11 state championships sorry don’t believe it and I never will ! and something like 27 straight District titles overall 30 some.

    It’s funny because the other gentleman that was trying to basically guard his wonderful tigers was saying that it’s about jealousy and not teaching young men how to win the correct way sorry I don’t buy into it WVIA can make all the documentaries they want but something’s not right in Catawissa and there’s a lot of people that know it !

    There are lots of other programs that were very successful and fell off the Earth and that very well happens for instance look at Berwick –
    Mount Carmel- Central Bucks West -Tyrone Blackhawk- Manheim Central these were all perennial powers that are no more you’re not going to tell me all of a sudden the football Community just gets up and says we’re done even when coaches pass on or move forward that Community Drive to keep winning would still be there, so all I’m saying is like I said I don’t buy into it and there’s lots of people who don’t because they’re likely is something not right nobody’s going to come on and change my mind so I will step aside respectfully not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings so if you are a tiger’s fan or just like to be on their bandwagon congratulations I’ll say it now to another state championship season and on to many more LOL it’s actually quite hilarious not honorable.

    Just a thought I also feel the PIAA should mandate that all athletes no matter what team or sport they play should be tested for performance enhancing drugs , just saying and I said ALL teams not just SCA.

    Good day mates

  781. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 LFC

    Tread lightly my friend, SCA has always been a third rail on this forum (I’ve been zapped numerous times). Looks like you stepped in it/on it this time 🙂

    An ooops, my bad, for me. I should not attempt any further discussions of girls basketball and football in the same post 🙂

  782. D2 Fan says:

    Best Of The Rest: I guess it’s 50 combined every week for me. I added SC/Altoona to make up for the cancellation last week.

    District 2/4
    – Lakeland vs. Susquehanna
    – Loyalsock Twp vs. Danville
    – Towanda vs. Canton
    – Selinsgrove vs. Shamokin

    District 11
    – Allentown Central Catholic vs. Freedom
    – Saucon Valley vs. Bangor
    – Williams Valley vs. Minersville
    – NW Lehigh vs. Pen Argyl

    District 1/12
    – CB South vs. CB East
    – CB West vs. Pennsbury
    – Quakertown vs. Plymouth-Whitemarsh
    – Downingtown West vs. Avon Grove
    – Springfield vs. Marple-Newtown
    – Lansdale Catholic vs. Neumann-Goretti

    District 3
    – Governor Mifflin vs. Exeter Twp.
    – Central Dauphin vs. Chambersburg
    – Cedar Cliff vs. Hershey

    District 5/6
    – Altoona vs. State College
    – Bald Eagle vs. Tyrone
    – Meyersdale vs. Windber

    WPIAL/District 8
    – PCC vs. Mount Lebanon
    – Belle Vernon Area vs. Penn-Trafford
    – Peters Twp. vs. South Fayette
    – Steel Valley vs. Imani
    – Canon-McMillan vs. Bethel Park
    – Montour vs. Aliquippa
    – USO vs. Westinghouse

    District 9/10
    – Bradford vs. DuBois
    – Port Allegany vs. Cameron County
    – Hickory vs. Wilmington
    – McDowell vs. Erie

    Inter-District & Non-PIAA
    – Mifflinburg (4) vs. Central Mountain (6)
    – Spring Ford (1) vs. Manheim Twp. (3)
    – Forest Hills (6) vs. Chestnut Ridge (5)
    – Bucktail (4) vs. Otto-Eldred (9)
    – Haverford (Ind.) vs. La Salle (12)
    – Malvern Prep (Ind.) vs. Imhotep Charter (12)
    – Roman Catholic (12) vs. DeMatha (MD)
    – St. Joe’s Prep (12) vs. Don Bosco Prep (NJ)
    – Episcopal vs. Hill

    – Lakeland 42, Susquehanna 12
    – Danville 36, Loyalsock 21
    – Canton 41, Towanda 20
    – Selinsgrove 38, Shamokin 19
    – ACC 34, Freedom 23
    – Bangor 34, Saucon Valley 13
    – Williams Valley 21, Minersville 18
    – NW Lehigh 42, Pen Argyl 19
    – CB South 23, CB East 20
    – CB West 34, Pennsbury 14
    – Quakertown 27, Plymouth-Whitemarsh 10
    – Downingtown West 23, Avon Grove 14
    – Marple-Newtown 24, Springfield Delco 23
    – N-G 45, Lansdale 18
    – Exeter 32, Governor Mifflin 23
    – Central Dauphin 29, Chambersburg 13
    – Cedar Cliff 28, Hershey 22
    – State College 48, Altoona 10
    – Bald Eagle 35, Tyrone 12
    – Windber 42, Meyersdale 12
    – PCC 38, Mt. Lebo 21
    – Penn-Trafford 45, Belle Vernon 24
    – Peters Twp. 24, South Fayette 15
    – Steel Valley 41, Imani Christian 31
    – Canon-Mac 34, Bethel Park 33
    – Aliquippa 40, Montour 23
    – Westinghouse 55, USO 0
    – DuBois 34, DuBois 15
    – Port Allegany 46, Cameron County 18
    – Wilmington 42, Hickory 10
    – McDowell 34, Erie 13
    – Mifflinburg 28, Central Mountain 21
    – Manheim Twp. 34, Spring-Ford 14
    – Forest Hills 21, Chestnut Ridge 14
    – Bucktail 29, Otto-Eldred 19
    – Haverford 28, La Salle 16
    – Imhotep 31, Malvern Prep 28
    – DeMatha 38, Roman 13
    – St. Joe’s 35, Don Bosco Prep 28
    – Episcopal 34, Hill 23

  783. Jeff H. says:

    Just read an article on TribLive about the PIAA changing the formula for how they count school enrollments. Since 2016 public schools had to count only 10% of all their students who attend class in an alternate setting like vo-tech, charter, cyber charter or home school, now starting for the next 2yr cycle schools will have to count 100%. The PIAA admits this will have a much bigger impact on the schools in the smaller classifications than larger schools, and will have no impact on private schools. I know there has been debate on here for years about Southern Columbia and their vo-tech connections, I have no details whatsoever and have not looked into it, but if SCA or any other school was benefiting from the 10% rule we’re going to see some smaller schools moved up in class starting next year.

  784. John says:

    My predictions for some of the bigger games this week are:

    Manheim Township over Spring Ford- Should be a great game. Spring Ford’s offense lead by QB Zollers and WR Scott has been amazing this season but have not faced a team like Manheim yet. I am going with Manheim due to their blowout win over Harrisburg last week, but this game could go either way.

    Marple Newtown over Springfield Delco- Marple Newtown looks like the best team in District 1-5A so far. In my opinion, they are probably the team in the Central League with the best chance of upsetting Garnet Valley this season. They have some good athletes at the skill positions as well. Though Springfield Delco is by far better than their three previous opponents, so this game should be close.

    Quakertown over Plymouth Whitemarsh- Quakertown has had two tough losses against good teams to start the season (CB West and Southern Lehigh), but if they play how they did against North Penn, they should beat PW.

    CB East over CB South- CB South has raced out to a 3-0 start, blowing out Truman and CR North. CB East is coming off a tough loss vs. Souderton, though I think they will rebound and come out on top in a defensive battle.

    CB West over Pennsbury- Pennsbury defense is solid and should keep the game close. CB West looks like the best team in the SOL and possibly all of District 1, I expect them to pull away at the end.

    Imhotep Charter over Malvern Prep- Malvern’s defense will be able to keep this game close, but I do not think it will be enough to overcome Imhotep.

    DeMatha Catholic (MD) over Roman Catholic- Roman is loaded this season and probably the best Philly Catholic Team outside of St Joe’s Prep. DeMatha is a consistently top 100 team in the nation and plays in the ultra-talented WCAC conference. I expect a good game between the two.

    Parkland over Nazareth- Both teams are clearly the best teams in the Lehigh Valley and favorites to win D11-6A. Both have been dominant thus far and are strong on both sides of the ball. In my opinion, this game will determine the EPC South champion since I do not see any other team in the Valley being either of these two. I have Parkland coming on top in a close one though, expect a rematch between these two in D11-6A playoffs.

    Bethlehem Freedom over Allentown Central Catholic- ACC is coming off a last second victory over Emmaus last and is one of the better teams in 4A statewide. Freedom was able to keep it close with one of the best teams in 6A in Nazareth last week. I think Freedom will pull off the upset.

    La Salle over Haverford School- La Salle has lost back-to-back after their week one win over North Penn. Haverford lost to Imhotep 35-0 to start the season and rebounded against last week against a struggling Academy Park team. I think the Explorers will win in a defensive battle.

  785. MCA75 says:


    According to the easternpafootball season preview, Southern Columbia has 2 returning starters on the offensive line (1x Jr and 1x Sr) so its not all freshmen. The others might be freshmen or just first year starters but you can’t tell since they don’t post an updated roster online that Im aware of. Southern is good again regardless but I’ve seen this posted before and it doesn’t appear to be true.

  786. Brian says:

    @Distract2LFC it is obvious you’re not familiar at all with the Southern Columbia program. I might suggest that there is actually a documentary made by PBS called “Roar” that actually addresses some of the rumors you mention. I’ll try to enlighten you a bit though.

    First, I have no idea where you came up with the “trade program” that you claim is a “talent feeder to their team” and is “where they get all their quality players from.” This is the first I’ve heard that particular claim, but I’m going to guess you’re confusing your rumor mill. Southern has students that can attend Columbia/Montour Area Vo Tech, which is a trade school that is full time. It’s been suggested over the years that Southern is lowering their numbers by forcing kids to attend Vo Tech so that they don’t count towards their total count for the PIAA. This claim is preposterous for several reasons. First, of the “sending schools” in those two counties, Southern sends few kids to Vo Tech. You also couldn’t force a kid to attend Vo Tech. They have to apply to the school and can also be sent back to the sending school if Vo Tech does not feel they are worthy of the placement or there are behavioral problems. Southern is also on the low end for 2A and almost at the 1A classification. There is no way the couple of kids that they send to Vo Tech is keeping them in 2A. They’d have to be sending a much larger population for that to be true, which would make their elementary population much larger than it actually is.

    If by “feeder” to their team you mean the elementary level football programs, you would have a great point. The coaches at that level teach their players the Wing T offense and use many of the same plays that the high school team is using. Those kids grow up familiar with the offense and defense used by the Tigers and it really isn’t as much of a learning curve when they reach the high school level.

    You suggest that the PIAA was playing favorites when it didn’t make SCA move up. You must be unfamiliar then with the rules as SCA does not have the transfers that are necessary to make them move to 3A. Many of the kids playing on that team I remember growing up with their parents. There are not a ton of kids transferring into the school to play football like we see at many of the private schools that are even pulling kids from outside the state to play on their team.

    You suggest they should move up to 4A. How did you come up with that classification exactly? What teams nearby would SCA play that would fill their schedule in 4A? How far would they have to travel since they literally have a school in the country hours from a major city. Who wants to travel that far to play Southern and why should Southern’s kids have to travel that far each week to play a game? They have enough trouble filling their schedule with teams willing to play them. Even Berwick wanted to get out of their agreement this year and not play them because they didn’t want the loss. For a team that is, by numbers, almost a 1A school, you want them to bump up because you feel it’s fair…what exactly is fair about penalizing a team because they work harder and therefore win more often? Because, quite frankly, that’s what it boils down to. If you’re familiar at all with SCA’s program, you’d know that these kids eat, sleep and breath football. They are in that weight room the day after they win states. They are in there every day all year long and they spend the time working on their game all year long. It’s not a sport they pick up in the summer thinking about again. It’s a sport that is a commitment to them.

    The PIAA classifications are based on school size and should definitely consider the kids that transfer. I personally think private schools should play in their own league as that’s not fair. But to argue that a team who’s dedication has led to continual success and continual buy-in by the next generation should be punished for their success is a really crappy lesson to teach to young men.

    You argued that they played a team in South Carolina as your reasoning that they’d be able to play with big name teams, but it seems you’re not aware that the 2019 team that did so was a step above any SCA team that ever passed through that school. They were not the norm and shouldn’t be used to judge all the teams that ever played for Roth. That particular team probably could have won states in higher classifications, but that doesn’t mean that every other team at Southern should be held to that unreachable standard.

    Perhaps rather than teaching your kids to quit if they think they can’t beat a Southern, you should use Southern as an example of what that level of hard work can lead to if you choose to dedicate yourself to the game. What lesson do you wish for football to teach these young men? Roth has taught them that hard work, team work, and determination can lead to success. It’s sad the adults who think that such a program couldn’t exist within the rules and there must be cheating…and that we must find a way to make that team less successful.

  787. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 LFC

    One quick follow-on……

    “I have no idea why they would not move up they truly have Ballers every year personally they should be in class 4A there’s no way they should be in 2A.”

    You are talking about the Dunmore Lady Bucks hoopsters. Yes, they do have ballers. But three letters on why they don’t want to move up to 4A: P C L

    If their enrollment figures fall within the 2A parameters (they are 3A now), then yes, they should play in 2A, unless they choose to play higher.

  788. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 LFC

    Interesting you used the two best examples of the egregiousness of the PIAA Competition Formula of one team that has never been promoted and should be, and one school that was that should not have been. I’ve been following this Competition Formula (or whatever they call it) since its inception, and it still gives me a combo of a headache and upset stomach whenever i try to understand it. I think when I attempt to inject outside common sense into the methodology and purpose, that is when my symptoms reach their peak.

  789. Irish1 says:

    @Distract 2 LFC, first you have the catholic schools all figured out when you really dont know anything about them. Then you go on and on about S Columbia but finish by saying you are big fan of their success after saying they get most of their talent by funneling in players thru a school program. Talk about damning with faint praise. I guess we should all be thankful for all those squeaky clean public schools in District 2

  790. D2 Fan says:

    Week 4 has arrived in Talkback 16 Country! A new format for me this week, since conference play is up & running in D2. I’ll showcase a game in every division. LFC 2/3 aren’t playing for a week, so I’ll feature the best or a random matchup. A LFC & WVC honorable mention, D2 crossover (if applicable), & the two sub-regional showdowns of note fill out my 10!

    D2 Games To Watch (+ Subregionals!)
    – Scranton Prep vs. Scranton (LFC 1): Whenever Scranton’s top teams square off, it’s usually a good matchup. However, the Prep team is running on all cylinders. Easy win.
    – Dunmore vs. Riverside (LFC 2): This game could be a huge implication game for 2A. The winner of this may get the 1 seed. I think Dunmore will do their thing & take it from Riverside.
    – Holy Cross vs. Montrose (LFC 3): Montrose, while opting out of D2 playoffs, is playing a fairly winnabl game. The rest of the LFC 3 teams are playing mediocre teams.
    – Wilkes-Barre Area vs. Hazleton (WVC 1): This game is huge for 6A standings. It could decide who is the team missing the playoff in a DEEP 6A field. I think Wilkes-Barre has some studs on offense, & it may be the thing that gets them the dub. I’ll go with the Wolf Pack here.
    – Greater Nanticoke vs. Wyoming Area (WVC 2): GNA is on this list a lot. That’s because they’re a team that can surprise. I’m not making this upset of the week, but if GNA stumbles, just imagine the huge shot of confidence they’ll get.
    – Wallenpaupack vs. Delaware Valley (LFC HM): This is a fairly one-sided rivalry between the two Pike County D2 teams. Both teams are coming off of tough losses against 6A teams. DV’s going in the wrong direction. The “get right’ game is real with these two teams. I’ve seen the Buckhorns get blown out 70-0 some years & hold their own others. I fear it’s the prior. DV can’t afford to go 0-4.
    – Berwick vs. Williamsport (WVC HM): This is the only decent game in WVC 1 that isn’t WBA/Hazleton. A Berwick team that’s had a rough three weeks against a Williamsport team that neds to keep up in the 6A playoff race. I think Berwick turns it around here. It’ll be hard times at the Columbia-Luzerne line if they drop to 0-4.
    – Western Wayne vs. Abington Heights (D2 HM): BIG game at “The Pit” Saturday. The winner of this game will have some great momentum. AH is stronger than in years’ past. Western Wayne’s a solid 2-1. I’ll take the home team here
    – Nazareth vs. Parkland (EPC 6A): The Top 2 in the 6A standings will go head to head here. A huge win for either team. Parkland is the better team here.
    – Renaissance Academy vs. CMVT (D1 1A): Don’t laugh at this. Hear me out. Jenkintown is playing New Hope-Solebury, who based on CalPreps would get blown out. The Drakes haven’t had the luck in the last few years, except for an oddball 6-3 win last time out. Morrisville gets Lower Moreland, who they’ve had success against. As for Renaissance, this is their first game since losing to some team named Vaux Big Picture. CMVT, like Lower Moreland, is 4A, but they’re bottom of the barrel in D4. CalPreps favors Renaissance by one point. I’d take a huge risk with the closer game, & will go with the projection outright. I feel this will be the more competitive game. If I’m wrong, so be it.

    – Scranton Prep 49, Scranton 14
    – Dunmore 23, Riverside 19
    – Montrose 21, Holy Cross 14
    – Wilkes-Barre Area 32, Hazleton 22
    – Wyoming Area 38, GNA 12
    – Delaware Valley 42, Wallenpaupack 10
    – Berwick 31, Williamsport 16
    – Abington Heights 24, Western Wayne 20
    – Parkland 31, Nazareth 24
    – Renaissance 21, CMVT 20

  791. Kevin X says:

    Loyalsock is 3A and let’s see how good they are this week against another 3A school in Danville. They didn’t look all that impressive at home against a very average, at best, 3A school in Berks Catholic week one.

    I believe one of the out of state catholic schools Scranton Prep is playing next year is Canisius up in Buffalo. Wonder if that is a Pegula connection game.

  792. Distract 2 LFC says:


    Thank you I appreciate that information about watching them for free at least their home games anyways. Yes this year should be interesting Mount Carmel playing them a good friend of mine has a son who plays for Dunmore and I went to that Mount Carnel game Dunmore actually held their ground at halftime 14-7 but after that Mount
    Carmel’s wind was too strong for them.No pun intended lol sort of
    I think Dunmore still has a good chance if they could just pull it together and work as a team.
    From a Chief good luck the rest of your season

  793. Dennis says:

    @ Distract 2 LFC Southern Columbia just destroyed a very good 4A team in Loyalsock with a freshmen O line. Should they play up probably. We will see how they stack up with the other 4A schools they play this year. And they still have to play Mt. Carmel yet. The season is young but boy they look pretty good. This comes from a Dunmore bucks fan. You can watch them on YouTube for home games at no charge.

  794. Distract 2 LFC says:

    @Kevin X

    I completely agree with the others about Scranton prep I think that would be great changing up the competition. The only drawback is making sure they are playing quality Catholic schools and not schools that are comparable with District 2’s
    Holy Redeemer and or Holy Cross not all Catholic schools are created equal as we all know some Focus their interest in other sports not all in football but if they are going to be playing quality teams I tip my hat to them that’s great .
    I take partial credit for poking the bear they’ve never done that in the history of their school someone must have been reading my rustling of the leaves and thought it was a good idea lol .

    whatever gets the job done I wish them the best though out of state can always be very interesting.

    On the other topics that have circulated many years for instance Southern Columbia football I believe they still have a trade program at their school that basically is a talent feeder to their team so that’s where they keep getting all their quality players from let’s face it if it wasn’t for that they wouldn’t be state champions that many years in a row and over all something like 11 state titles
    That’s not even normal but on the flip side I have to say kudos to coach Roth because no matter how he got the players he still focuses them on Winning State titles either way they’re still winners , so congratulations on that note but to be honest the PIAA DID SUGGEST !!! they wanted them to move up in classification years ago and Southern Columbia refused so how does that work?

    The PIAA did the same thing to the Dunmore girls basketball team because they were destroying everybody in the lower classifications and Dunmore did not want to move up and when they opposed it the PIAA made them move so where’s the disconnect with the PIAA and
    Southern Columbia?

    I have no idea why they would not move up they truly have Ballers every year personally they should be in class 4A there’s no way they should be in 2A.

    The PIAA has a formula to acclimate teams to their skill level of play and Southern Columbia should absolutely be forced to move up for the fairness to all the other teams could you imagine being a team down in District 4 and just thinking wow we have to play this Mega buzzsaw who is the Perennial winner of the District championship every single year basically there’s no chance for any other team to snag that, to be honest I would probably just fold the football program or at least pull out of District 4 if I was any teams down there I would put up a protest and just not play them there’s no fairness and equality in that at all !!!
    when you’re playing a perennial Buzz saw with diamond bit blades every year even if they do get their players from the trade program they run for a tiny school in Catawissa PA they still play BIG TALENT FOOTBALL what’s fair is fair.
    If they could break out of their comfort zone and play the team down in South Carolina and destroy that team from South Carolina years ago by the way that South Carolina team was the champions for how many years down that way why can’t Southern Columbia just man up and do that other times if they can play teams down south why can’t they bump up the 4A that makes no sense okay I’m finished I’m going to put my poking rod down hopefully the bear has awoken and but in this case the mighty tiger with diamond bit teeth. Keep in mind I’m not a hater of Southern Columbia I think it’s fantastic how many times they won the state championship I imagine that would be very hard no matter who you have on your team great coaching for sure and the players themselves how many times over they have to keep themselves in shape it’s great dedication but it’s the the details that surround it that’s all I’m talking about.

  795. D2 Fan says:

    Week 3 Picks Recap.

    Thanks to ES South/Pleasant Valley being rained out, it had to wait until today.

    – I went a PERFECT 10-0 in District 2’s noteworthy picks, to go to 25-5 (83.3%). Emmaus almost killed that perfect record for me.
    – As for the rest of the state, a 26-12-1 (71.25%) record, to go to 76-42-1 (~64%). I’ll explain the tie in the next part. One game was cancelled, but I’ll give the team with the more important battle love.
    – Overall, this week was 36-12-1 (~73.5%), & I’m 101-47-1 (~67.8%) on the season.

    – Jersey Shore & Selinsgrove played to a 21-21 tie, due to a serious injury by a Shore player in the 4th quarter. Hope whoever that was is alright. Not sure how to treat it in my picks, but I’ll give it a half win for now. They at least played.
    – Should’ve included Wyo/Trinity. Great come from behind win. Now if a lot of these other teams in the state could take some notes, that’d be great.
    – This week, my head scratching loss was Coatesville/Central Dauphin. Not that bad of a loss, but quite a shocking result. Coatesville seems like a better team, but what do I know?
    – Lancaster-Lebanon teams took my picks personally. Got both wrong.
    – Montour over South Fayette. I have zero clue how good Montour is. Is this a sneaky team in 4A?
    – Getting the Penn-Trafford pick wrong was bad judgement on my part. I went with the higher rank.
    – The other incorrect picks (Roman & Reynolds losses) were just due to lack of knowledge, & ES South/Pleasant Valley was a coin flip game.
    – State College/Hollidaysburg was cancelled. Man, wish I didn’t add that game & did Wyo/Trinity. I’ll do SC-Altoona next week, just for the extra pick. It may mean jack squat, but it could depend for 6A & the last team in.

    And last but not least, FINALLY! I got my D1 1A pick of the week correct. Prior history was the best move. I doubt Week 4 will do the same.

    I’ll try & do better next week in the non-D2 stuff. One day I’ll have a perfect week there.

  796. Jeff H. says:

    Shout out to formal Central Valley standout Jordan Whitehead with 3 INTs last night against Josh Allen and the Bills on MNF. He was the star of their 2014 team that started the season 15-0, including beating Bishop McDevitt 26-21 in the semi-finals, before they lost to Wood in the 3A final 33-14. They also beat West Alleghany twice, who was undefeated and ranked #1 in most state polls when CV beat them in the last game of the regular season 28-17 and again in the WPIAL final 35-28, this was the year CV announced their presence on the state level after being formed in 2010 with the merger of the Monaca and Center school districts.

  797. Bob S says: livestreams Pennsbury, Neshaminy amd Conwell-Egan games.

  798. D2 Fan says:

    @ JCo & Kevin X

    Absolutely agree that they should dial it down a tad. I feel those level District 1 & the EPC games should be on the schedule. I don’t remember the East Stroudsburg games with DV. Keep in mind, I’m probably the youngest person here, so some of my knowledge of before-2010s PA football is a bit low.

    I didn’t hear about the Scranton Prep news. That is a major step in the right direction. I’d assume it’d be among the likes of Moore Catholic in NYC or Group A Jersey schools, which they could be fairly competitive with, except for the national powerhouses.

    I feel Valley View, Old Forge, & Trail should do similar & find a few strong teams to the west to schedule. Valley View hosting a home & home with Shore would be cool. I’d be curious to see how the two other teams can compete with the 1A or 2A teams in the WPIAL (doesn’t need to be powerhouses, either).

    @ Jeff H, I know of a few.

    – WQMY out of Williamsport has NEPA games in District 2 & 4. They are the MyNetworkTV affiliate for Scranton.
    – I believe WHP is the CBS affiliate for Greater Harrisburg HS games (please correct me if that’s a different channel).
    – Blue Ridge 13 & 11 do, which are only able to be accessed by BRC customers (or the rare game on PCN)
    – SEN is the big one that does the state games at the end of the year with PCN. They are only accessible to customers of Service Electric & recently Blue Ridge.
    – Astound in the Lehigh Valley does one, I know. They simulcast their game on PCN, but it doesn’t matter unless you have their channel.
    – I don’t know if Black Diamond Sports Network in Coal Country has a live feed.
    – Webb Weekly Live’s website has some of the Williamsport games, which I think do air on their local Comcast feed. They’re pretty good, but I miss the Gary Chrisman era. It felt so nostalgic.
    – Check out NEPA Football’s website, as I think they do some live feeds of D2 football games. They usually have radio feeds.
    – SFBN out of Philly covers District 1 & 12, I know. I talked to the lead guy there earlier this year & he explained to me how the D12 basketball playoffs worked (was curious as a few local teams were matched in first round).

    I’m sure I’m missing one or two. I also wish there were more live broadcasted HS football games. Some of the newspapers should broadcast games, if they have resources to.

  799. Jeff H. says:

    Here’s a question for the board, are any of the high school games in eastern or southeastern PA televised on local TV? I know PCN usually does a game of the week, but I’m wondering about any local stations. One of the local stations in Pittsburgh does a WPIAL game of the week, this past week it was naturally the PH vs. PR game I attended, which because of the myriad of TV timeouts and some cramping issues the game that started at 7pm didn’t end until 10:15pm, absolutely ridiculous for a HS game to take longer to play than the average NFL game. It’s great to show a local game to give these teams some more exposure, but they need to do a better job of streamlining things so these games don’t take 3+ hours to play, there’s no flow to a game with so many frequent TV timeouts.

  800. Kevin X says:

    @ D2 Fan

    I’ll continue to tip my hat to the Del Val program for taking on all challengers early in the season (and any other school that does). Maybe tho they can dial the competition level back a notch or two. The Selinsgrove team and game appeared to be competitive, but maybe trade the likes of Harrisburg and DTE for teams such as Q-Town, Pennridge, Souderton, etc. (schools I’m more familiar with down my way) who play several non league games/teams in the early season. Also a little less and easier travel for the road games. I remember that Del Val did play Pennridge a few years ago, as well as Upper Dublin (I was at that game with UDub, kind of ugly for DelVal if I remember, an early drinking night).

    I understand Scranton Prep is following in Del Val’s footsteps and stepping out of their D2 comfort zone and have scheduled two out of state catholic schools next year. I never heard of them, and I don’t remember off hand who they are.

  801. JCo says:

    @D2 Fan: It could be good timing for Del Val to schedule some closer non-con games, with the EPC teams now having open dates. I remember when ES South and Del Val played each other frequently, that was a good series that I’d love to see revived.

  802. EmanD3 says:

    @ Jeff H,

    Yes, wear down they did! Wyo’s rushing totals were 57/419. I’m sure the Trinity DL guys were tired on Sat AM. No on runs the Wing T like Wolfrum and Wyomissing.

  803. Kevin X says:

    @ EmanD3

    Why?? Why are the picking that game up Monday afternoon?? Is it really worth it for Cheltenham to trek back up to Reading from North Philly to continue a 26-0 beat down in mid 2nd qtr. in game that is destined for a running clock?? Nice that they agreed to play on short notice, gave it a shot, but regroup and get ready for a district game at PV Friday night.

    @ Foleman
    I may be joining you heading west Friday. Slime pickings for good games in District One Friday night, with most games being played Thursday due to the Jewish holiday Saturday. Not getting overly excited about a Cheltenham @ PV game Friday night at the moment.

  804. Jeff H. says:

    @EmanD3- guess technically I was right when I said Wyomissing would wear down Trinity in the 2nd half, but what a great game, I kept checking scores while at the PR vs PH game and saw Trinity maintaining their big lead and then was shocked when I saw the final score and the amazing comeback by Wyomissing. I said I thought Trinity was the biggest threat in the east to SCA and they may be, but with the way they handled a very good Loyalsock team last night it certainly appears they are a big favorite to win their 7th state title in a row.

  805. Jeff H. says:

    Observations from last night’s games in the WPIAL. Penn Hills confirmed their status as the favorite in 5A with a 26-20 victory at PR, there were 3 lead changes in the first half which ended with PH leading 18-17, then a 60 yard TD run late in the 3rd quarter by QB Julian Dugger and subsequent 2 point conversion pass put PH up 26-17, and they held on for the victory. Dugger hurt PR with his feel more than his arm, rushing for 150 yards and 2TDs, and also throwing for 2 TDs, he has improved significantly since I first saw him play in 2020 as a freshman against Woodland Hills. PR hurt themselves with 4 turnovers which lead to 2 TDs for Penn Hills. PR’s kicker Matt Argilo is a serious weapon, all 5 of his kickoffs were at least 5 yards deep in the end zone, and he made 2 field goals, including 1 in the first half from 48 yards that gave PR a 10-6 lead, it’s a huge advantage in HS football to have your opponent starting at their own 20 yard line after every kickoff. These appear to be the 2 best 5A teams in the WPIAL and very likely they meet again in the playoffs.

    Don’t be fooled by the final score in the PCC- Bethel Park game of 62-46, it was 35-6 at the end of the first quarter and 62-20 at half, with QB Peyton Wehner throwing for 5 TDs and rushing for 2 more, and they put it on cruise control from there. PCC plays Mt Lebo next week and they will win that game comfortably, setting up the big showdown in 2 weeks with NA. Scoring 62 pints in the first half against a decent team like BP is mind boggling, this PCC offense is the replica of the PR offense in 2017 with Phil Jurkovec, only they have more talented receivers.

    Belle Vernon outlasted McKeesport in OT 21-14 in a very physical game, BV plays Penn Trafford next week, who got their first win of the season 28-26 at the Wolvarena, after jumping out to a 21-0 lead at halftime and withstanding a furious 2nd half comeback effort by WH.

    Avowworth rolled over Sto-Rox who is down this year, after their impressive victory over Central Valley last week they appear to be on a collision course with BV in rematch of the 2022 3A WPIAL final.

    2A is wide open with Steel Valley’s loss in OT to Seton LaSalle, there are several good teams in 2A, but I don’t think whoever emerges will beat either Farrell or Westinghouse in the state playoffs.

    1A is also wide open with Union losing to unranked Cornell 30-14, there are 4-5 teams who have a legitimate chance to win 4 playoff games and the WPIAL title, 1A is the class with the most teams in the WPIAL, similar to 6A in D1.

  806. EmanD3 says:

    WWL, up 26-0 after 1st Q, over Cheltenham. I thought Cheltenham OL might cause some issues for the Bulldogs..but not so much. Supposedly WWL all league WR wasn’t playing again tonight. I was wrong. First time he touched the ball this year he goes 74 yds for the score, then another 34 yd TD catch as well..he’s a difference maker!

  807. D2 Fan says:

    D2 Fan’s Notes From Week 3. Not a lot, because most of the games were blowouts.

    – What do you guys think about Delaware Valley? Is it time for DV to take a step back from their tough scheduling? I fully expect them to destroy Wallenpaupack next week & would be stunned if the Purple & White pull off a statement win (I know the rivalry all too well), but it piques my interest. They play these non-con/non-district games & it hasn’t helped in the playoffs.
    – Could Berwick go winless this year? 0-3 to start the year (when was the last time that happened?), after a loss to Abington Heights.
    – On the other hand, is Abington Heights officially back? They’ve had some down years since 2017, but they look pretty good!
    – Western Wayne is winning the games they have to. 2-1 on the year & the clear #2 in 3A. Absolute pounding against Old Forge.
    – Crestwood must’ve had a dream season last year, because they’re starting off not that hot. I believe the team is younger, so growing pains are happening. Let’s see what they’re made of in division play. There’s time to turn it around, & I’ll give them credit that they’ve been in games.
    – Holy cow. So many blowouts. District 2 desperately needs to allow for more inter-district scheduling or something. This is why I want to do a CalPreps based Week 0 schedule experiment to see what the most ideal non-conference game for each team would be. It’s obviously hard to know exactly with graduation & dropping participation numbers, but I’d love to see what would offer the most competitive games.

    Seeing how my picks do will wait until Monday, as a Pocono game will have to be continued (a tie game at 6 for East Stroudsburg South & Pleasant Valley).

    Spoiler: Yours truly had a perfect week (somewhere) & finally got the monkey off his back in one of his picks!

  808. Foleman says:

    Manheim Township and Spring-Ford have been obliterating teams this year, I might even make the 1 hour 20 min drive next Friday to see that game….although Friday traffic is brutal heading West on a Friday. MH beat Hburgh last year but Hburgh got them back in the playoffs, wouldn’t surprise me to see them meeting up once again in D3 playoffs. Central Dauphin has an absolutely huge offensive line that will make them dangerous in the playoffs. PJP wont be challenged until the PAC 10 Championship against Spring Ford or Perkiomen Valley. What is in the water in S. Columbia? All freshman on the offensive line and they blow out Loyalsock, you would think an up and coming program would poach one of their coaches and mimic what S. Columbia does. Many top legendary coaches from top programs will probably hang it up in the next few years-Woolfrum at Wyo, Dahms at Wilson, Keeley at Berks Catholic, it will be interesting who takes their place.

  809. John says:


    I think Wilson will handle them. Cheltenham has a bunch of talent, but they can’t seem to put it all together.

    Looking forward to the Manheim-Spring Ford game next week!

  810. John says:

    Manheim beat Harrisburg 38-6 today. Was surprised by the outcome, even though Harrisburg usually has an early season loss and they tend to get better as the season goes on, but still losing by 31 was unexpected. D3 guys, is Manheim Township that good this year?

    Another Surprising score was Coatesville vs Central Dauphin, Central Dauphin won 35-13. Coatesville came out slow and dug themselves a 21-7 hole, then failed to score from the CD 5 on the last play of the first half. Then to start the second half Coatesville threw 2 ints in their own territory that lead to 2 short CD touchdown drives, not trying to take anything away from CD, they were clearly the better team last night. I am somewhat not surprised by the outcome since Coatesville usually has an early season loss in years of transition, like years with a new starting QB. This situation is similar to 2016 (Ortega’s freshman year), where they lost early on to Cumberland Valley 42-21, then figured things out at QB and went undefeated in Chesmont, beating a Downingtown East 42-7, who had 3 D1 seniors on defense, and made it to the 3rd round of playoffs before losing to the eventual district champ North Penn. What I am trying to get at is, don’t count Coatesville out, they have a talented roster and their staff has been in this situation before (2016, 2019, 2021 are all examples), and they were able to overcome early setbacks to win the Chesmont and make a deep playoff run.

    Salesianum (DE) over Bonner Prendie 36-0 was surprising as well. I do not know a ton about either, but I know Bonner has PSU commit Williams and two others with FBS offers. Considering they had beaten the NFL Europe Academy in Dublin by a decent margin last week, I thought this game would be closer.

    Lastly, PJP and Spring Ford look to be the frontrunners in their divisions of the PAC. Both of them dominated last night. I do not see anyone in the Frontier division beating PJP, the only team that could beat Spring Ford in the Liberty division is Perk Valley, but we are still a couple weeks from that game. I think PJP will be able to make a playoff run in 4A this year.

  811. EmanD3 says:

    WWL with a tough loss against CD last week, 36-35. Missed a 39 yd FG in reg. to end it. Then scored first in OT, but let CD score from 4th & 3, then give up a 2pt. conversion. Cheltenham has a big Sr. laden OL and WWL missing their all league WR..must win for them

  812. EmanD3 says:

    I guess Manheim Township is for real. Pounded Harrisburg today, 38-6!! There was a lot of pre season hype about MT. I guess that was put to bed. After 3 games, outscoring their opponents 129-12. MT QB the real deal!

  813. Dennis says:

    Was very impressed with how easily Southern Columbia handled Loyalsock especially with their O line all freshman and only one sophomore and one senior. Again we will see how they handle Danville.

  814. Trout says:

    Rough weather night in District 3. Storms in all directions. Many games will finish or start Saturday. Our game at Cocalico was finally stopped for lightning. Many of these games should have been moved to Saturday.

  815. EmanD3 says:

    Wyomissing down 34-14, with less than 2 minutes left in 3Q…win, 35-34 @ 2-0 Trinity. Amazing game. Wyo., 400 yds on the ground!

  816. dsjl3395 says:

    Matt Seneca is happy he left Whitehall. Whitehall 27-0 over Easton.

  817. Irish1 says:

    PJP wins lightning shortened game up 35-0 with 4 min left in first half. PJP hasn’t given up an offensive td in three games. Pac 10 has three very good teams in PJP, SF and PV.

  818. Scott Hagy says:

    I do think Wilson should win over Cheltenham – albeit not based on a lot of info. Wilson has a fair number of talented players- not 4 or 5 star guys, but a lot of players who will take it to the next level. The QB is pretty good and they have decent receivers. The early season losses were mainly because of the huge losses the defense suffered through graduation. Cheltenham has apparently just played one game – a loss to Chester- which I doubt is a better team than Central Dauphin. We’ll see what happens.

  819. MikeS says:

    I see someone said that Wilson has picked up Cheltenham, ok, what happened to the Lincoln vs Cheltenham game scheduled for tonight? Did that get cancelled too? What is the Philly Public League doing? No one is going to want to schedule them anymore, & if I’m an AD somewhere, I don’t need that hassle. For the guy who thinks this may be Wilson’s 1st win, Cheltenham has at least 3 legit Div 1 recruits, so it may not be easy.

  820. foleman says:

    Jason your speaking my language! I can’t believe this illegal alien/murderer hasn’t been caught yet. Maybe we can go the local zoo’s have them not feed the lions for a couple of days and let them loose in Longwood Gardens, a nice snack for the lions.

  821. Jeff H. says:

    @Hitman66 – agree coach Plack has built a strong program at Peters, they were very good in 2018-2020 during the Donovan McMillan years, but they haven’t been quite as strong the last few years since I watched PR wipe them out in the 2020 WPIAL final. I haven’t seen any of the south hills teams yet in person but will at some point this season, I think Peters is the favorite to win that conference over BP and USC, but for now I’d rank them below PH, PR and Woody in WPIAL 5A, I think they win this game comfortably tonight over Trinity.

  822. John says:

    @D2 Fan

    I don’t know as much about D3, compared to D1 and D11, but Trinity looks like they have a solid team. Messiah Mickens is one of the best sophomores in the country and just committed to Penn State, so he could keep them in just about any game. They also have a class of 2025 WR/DB who has picked up 2 FBS offers recently. Though, Wyomissing is big up front. I don’t enough about the two either to give a great prediction, but I suspect it should be a close game.

  823. Hitman66 says:

    Another interesting game in the WPIAL this week is 5A Peters Twp (2-0) @ 4A Trinity (2-0). These Rt 19 neighbors couldn’t be much further apart on the football field. Trinity is making strides, but hasn’t really played anybody…..and tonight they get what might be the best 5A team in the district! Peters has finished state ranked in 4 of the past 5 years for our scouting rankings and on MaxPreps (and finished #1 in the state in the final MaxPreps 2019 tally), but they don’t get much hype/respect in the local published rankings. The reason is they don’t really pass the “look” test (are smallish for a 5A team)…..but they certainly pass the “play” test. Coach Plack has built a strong reloader program in what was traditionally not a football school. Peters is a strong favorite in this game, but it should be a measuring stick to see how far Trinity has come.

  824. Kevin X says:

    @ Irish1 and Foleman

    Well that worked out nicely for Wilson, they get some better 6A competition and a home game to boot!!! And maybe even dodging some iffy weather.

    Ahhh, changing the play at the line tonight, heading down to Delco for my second look see of Roman at EA. Wasn’t planning on seeing RC again until the end of the season against SJP and/or LaSalle. Had the DelVal @ DTE game on my week 3 early season road map before the season started, but that game has lost its luster for me and my FNL partner in crime. Always enjoyed games on Inter-Ac campuses. I have much closer to home CBE @ Soudy and CBW @ Q-Town as last minute back games if need be.

  825. Jason says:


    Imagine Danelo Cavalcante actually showing up at the Kennett football game lmao. He might blend right in so I take back the lmao. I live very close to that wooded area and me and two of my “rougher-type” ex-military buddies want to go in past the perimeter and bring the guy out — dead or alive. The law enforcement agencies that have allowed this to go on for nine days now are completely inept. Yes it is a large area. But those of us with a good knowledge of it and knowing where the cameras are that caught those stills of him know more or less exactly where he’s holing up. Also it just rained so I’m sure he’s good for water for a few more days on top of whatever food he stole during his 1-2 burglaries in the area.

    We would have him unconscious in cuffs or hamstrung with rope using no weapons aside from bowie knifes, a cattle prod/stun gun, maybe a Flashbang, and either my trusty Kukri or badass Roman Gladius (yes I’m serious) and then just drop him at an officers feet along the perimeter they don’t seem to leave like “here ya go, you got him, great job” lol. Def No firearms. Can’t risk him obtaining one so that option was out. Heavy canopy may make flare gun an iffy option too. Tough luck for him, I would drag him like Achilles dragged Hector however far was necessary, minus the hooks through the lower legs.

    Anyway… We already planned it all out on maps and planned a triangulation technique that would maximize the chance of capture but called it off for… reasons. A law enforcement friend of a friend suspects there’s more at play. Gang $hit, complicity… all I can and should say… moral of the story is that some people really suck, man. Other takeaway? There is NO excuse for this man being on the loose for nine days. 200-250 man search party? HAH YEAH. Really doing a great job. Enjoy that overtime. (Another reason).

    I write all of this because this is how much value I place on high school football… To the extent that I’d attempt to apprehend a murderer just so a game could be played as scheduled! No but seriously, this is my home area and all the people living near there don’t deserve this. Even up in my neighborhood people are on edge. Meanwhile I’m having a smoke holding a Remington and wishing I could gear up and finally put an end to this.

    Also Downingtown West looks great and I’m interested to see how well Matt Ortega, Jr. follows in Ricky’s footsteps.

    – JM

  826. John says:

    @D2 Fan

    Salesianum is legit. They are consistently one of the best teams in DE. It is tough to gauge them against PA teams since they rarely play them. Though their middle school teams use to play and compete with the inter ac middle school teams

  827. D2 Fan says:

    @ Jeff H

    I almost added Trinity vs. Wyomissing to my Best of the Rest, but the rankings on MaxPreps didn’t really make it as appealing to me. I don’t think the Shamrocks can pull off an upset, but I like your thinking.

    Didn’t even think about Shaler/Plum at all, but based on how 5A works, I think that may be the sneakiest game out west.

    @ John

    Great pick with Perk Valley/Smyrna. I saw that on the master schedule & it looked intriguing. Didn’t realize they were class of the field in Delaware. I just don’t know much about either team to make a pick.

    @ Anyone that’s in the know of the Brandywine Valley teams, how good is Salesanium? They’re facing Bonner-Prendie this weekend.

  828. Jeff H says:

    I’m curious what you D3 guys think of the matchup between Wyomissing travelling to Camp Hill to take on 2A Trinity. I think Wyomissing has a big advantage in the trenches, I know Trinity has a lot of speed and skill and perhaps the best player in the state in the class of 2026, but I’m thinking Wyomissing wears them down in the second half and wins, anyone like Trinity to pull the upset? Trinity may be the biggest threat in the East to SCA this year, their streak has to end some year, doesn’t it?

  829. Jeff H. says:

    Not very many marque games in the WPIAL this week, by far the most significant is the conference showdown of Penn Hills at Pine Richland, which is the game I’m making the 45 minute drive north to see. Penn Hills won 33-28 last year on a number of big play TD’s, this was before Coach LeDonne came to his senses and put Ryan Palmieri at QB and proceeded to win 12 games in a row en route to the state title. Penn Hills in the meantime managed to lose to North Hills and then Woodland Hills 7-3 on the last night of the regular season to miss the playoffs altogether. Hard to go against Pine at home, but PH has more experience and a significant advantage at QB and the skill positions. winner has the early lead in the toughest 5A conference in the WPIAL, neither of these teams play WH until the last 2 games of the season.

    Another big game is 3A Belle Vernon hosting 4A McKeesport, I was at the game last year won by the Port 14-6, their defense totally shut down and frustrated Quinton Martin and held him to his lowest rushing total of the season by far. BV avoided the shutout with their only score midway through the forth quarter on a quick pass to a wideout who broke a tackle and ran 80+ yards for a TD. This game is at BV and I like them to win in a close, low scoring game.

    PCC plays Bethel Park, BP is solid but I’d be surprised if they keep this game within 3 TD’s, NA travels to Erie to play McDowell, and I don’t think they have too much trouble with this game

    Woodland Hills hosts Penn Trafford who is 0-2, PT won this game last year 48-14, but they have only scored a total of 7 points in 2 games and I don’t think their offense will do much better against Woody’s defense, not sure the last time PT started 0-3, and they play Belle Vernon next week, could be a long year for them.

    An under the radar game in 5A is 2-0 Shaler vs. 2-0 Plum, either or both of these teams could sneak into the 8 team district playoffs, particularly Plum who is in the same conference as Gateway, Penn Trafford and Franklin who all appear to be a bit down this year, they have a very good rushing attack, while Shaler has a good QB and a balanced offense. Shaler’s problem is they are in the same conference as PR, PH, and WH, and only the top 2 are guaranteed to make the playoffs, although the third place team will almost certainly get 1 of the 2 wildcards, Shaler did beat WH on the road last year and they have good numbers returning, should be an interesting matchup.

  830. John says:

    My predictions for some of the bigger games this week are:

    Perk Valley over Smyrna (DE)- Smyrna is the defending Delaware state champion and usually have a few D1 players. They are big upfront, but they lost 2 D1 RBs from last year and their QB and 3 leading receivers. I think Perk Valley wins in a close one.

    Spring Ford over Cumberland Valley- The eagles look really down this year, especially on offense. Spring Ford should win this one.

    Downingtown East over Delaware Valley (5A-D2)- Cougars should take care of business against Delval for the third year in a row.

    Downingtown West over Neshaminy- Neshaminy looks down again, as long as the Whippets don’t come out flat, they should win this one.

    CB West over Quakertown- This one may be closer than some expect, but the Bucks have been rolling this season and look like the best team in the SOL.

    CR South over Pennsbury- Should be a close one, but this looks like CR South’s year to win the SOL Continental.

    Coatesville over Central Dauphin (D3)- Central Dauphin is still a good team, but not the powerhouse they once were. I think the Red Raiders will be too much for them to handle.

    North Penn over Upper Dublin- Should be a tight one, both teams had a rough game last week and lost a lot of talent from last season. I don’t see the Knights starting the season 0-3 though.

    CB East over Souderton- The Patriots look strong again. Souderton has not yet lived up to the preseason hype, squeaking by a Pennridge who had just been blown out by Downingtown East.

    Nazareth over Freedom- The EPC South or D11-D2 6A district looks to be a two team race between Parkland and Nazareth this year. The Blue Eagles should handle business.

    Harrisburg over Manheim Township- This one of the best happening statewide this year and will be both teams first big test of the year. I think Harrisburg wins in a close one.

    Bishop McDevitt over La Salle- La Salle’s defense might keep them in the game for a bit. But, McDevitt is probably the best team in the state outside of St Joe’s Prep.

  831. Irish1 says:

    @kevin x @ foleman, looks like Wilson picked up Cheltenham they are playing Sat night.

  832. Scott Hagy says:

    Looks like Wilson Bulldogs have secured a game with Cheltenham. Good because Cheltenham is 6A. I’m guessing that Wilson should win this game, but who knows?

  833. D2 Fan says:

    Week 3’s Best Of The Rest. 50 picks combined between the two sets. As always, if I missed a good game, let me know.

    District 2/4
    – Dunmore vs. Susquehanna
    – Jersey Shore vs. Selinsgrove
    – Southern Columbia vs. Loyalsock

    District 11
    – East Stroudsburg South vs. Pleasant Valley
    – Southern Lehigh vs. Bangor
    – Northwestern Lehigh vs. Blue Mountain

    District 1/12
    – CB East vs. Souderton
    – CB West vs. Quakertown
    – Ridley vs. Strath Haven
    – Conestoga vs. Springfield
    – Archbishop Wood vs. Northeast

    District 3
    – Harrisburg vs. Manheim Township
    – Hempfield vs. Central York
    – Manheim Central vs. Cocalico

    District 5/6
    – State College vs. Hollidaysburg
    – Bald Eagle Area vs. Penns Valley
    – Windber vs. Tussey Mountain
    – Westmont Hilltop vs. Richland

    District 8 & WPIAL
    – Penn-Trafford vs. Woodland Hills
    – Penn Hills vs. Pine-Richland
    – Central Catholic vs. Bethel Park
    – McKeesport vs. Belle Vernon Area
    – North Catholic vs. Aliquippa
    – OLSH vs. Clairton
    – South Fayette vs. Montour
    – Perry Traditional vs. Westinghouse

    District 9/10
    – Central Clarion vs. Union/AC Valley
    – Punxsutawney vs. Redbank Valley
    – Reynolds vs. Sharpsville
    – Sharon vs. Hickory

    – Coatesville (1) vs. Central Dauphin (3)
    – Pope John Paul (1) vs. Berks Catholic (3)
    – La Salle (12) vs. Bishop McDevitt (3)
    – Steelton-Highspire (3) vs. West Catholic (12)
    – North Allegheny (7) vs. McDowell (10)
    – Salesanium (DE) vs. Bonner-Prendie (12)
    – St. Joe’s Prep (12) vs. Lakeland (FL)
    – Roman Catholic (12) vs. Episcopal (Ind.)
    – Archbishop Spalding (MD) vs. Imhotep Charter (12)
    – Delbarton (NJ) vs. Malvern Prep (Ind.)

    – Dunmore 38, Susquehanna 7
    – Jersey Shore 44, Selinsgrove 23
    – Loyalsock 35, Southern Columbia 28 (Going to regret this pick)
    – ES South 23, Pleasant Valley 19
    – Whitehall 31, Easton 25
    – Solehi 34, Bangor 20
    – CB East 28, Souderton 14
    – CB West 35, Quakertown 21
    – Springfield 24, Conestoga 18
    – Strath Haven 29, Ridley 24
    – Northeast 28, Archbishop Wood 23
    – Harrisburg 38, Manheim Twp. 13
    – Central York 41, Hempfield 24
    – Manheim Central 38, Cocalico 12
    – Bald Eagle Area 34, Penns Valley 20
    – State College 38, Hollidaysburg 10
    – Windber 32, Tussey Mountain 28
    – Richland 39, Westmont Hilltop 21
    – Woodland Hills 29, Penn-Trafford 21
    – Penn Hills 24, Pine-Richland 16
    – PCC 42, Bethel Park 11
    – Belle Vernon 35, McKeesport 13
    – Aliquppa 31, North Catholic 19
    – OLSH 36, Clairton 21
    – South Fayette 27, Montour 26
    – Westinghouse 35, Perry 7
    – Central Clarion 31, Union/AC Valley 21
    – Redbank Valley 45, Punxsy 20
    – Reynolds 28, Sharpsville 26
    – Sharon 14, Hickory 13
    – Coatesville 42, Central Dauphin 23
    – PJP 38, Berks Catholic 20
    – McDevitt 37, La Salle 13
    – Steel-High 23, West Catholic 14
    – McDowell 29, North Allegheny 19
    – Salesanium 35, Bonner-Prendie 23
    – SJP 49, Lakeland FL 7
    – Episcopal 28, Roman 22
    – Imhotep 38, Spalding 12
    – Malvern Prep 35, Delbarton 16

  834. Kevin X says:

    @ Foleman

    Guessing the Henderson/Kennett game was cancelled due to the unwanted tourist who is overstaying his welcome at Longwood Gardens. That game has been rescheduled for Saturday morning (11a) at Henderson.

    @ Foleman and Irish1
    Maybe a very small silver lining with regards to the Wilson/MLK cancellation?? Looking like a decent chance for rain and storms tomorrow night, so that now may play into things for all games, or at least make the game not as enjoyable, especially for any fans in attendance. Also, it wasn’t a home game for Wilson, and now they (and their fans, who already travelled to Upper Dublin 2 weeks ago) don’t have to travel to the G-Town SS in NW Philly on a Friday evening and play at that mediocre facility. It does probably mess up Wilson with regards to their playoff points and standings. Don’t know how D3 compute their ratings, but this may push Wilson out of any home playoff games, maybe even the 6A playoffs if they loose another game and go 6-3. Think only 8 6A teams make the D3 6A playoffs??

  835. Foleman says:

    Wow! Now teams are cancelling games because it’s too hot out! Or is it they want to avoid a certain beating! How does this affect Wilson and Henderson’s playoff points? Do they even get points for a forfeit? Wilson has already lost 2 games and needed the points for the District 3 playoffs. Maybe Wilson and Henderson can play each other.

  836. Irish1 says:

    Cancelling games because its hot out at the last minute, good reason to not schedule games with the philly public league in the future.. Season goes by fast as it is, most teams only get ten games after working all off season. Seems like if they were intent on doing something maybe they could have pushed them back a day or two,the heatwave is suppose to break in a few days.

  837. D2 Fan says:

    Week 3 has arrived in Dunder Mifflin’s neck of the woods. A better slate of games up here.

    Update: I’m counting ECP/Canisius (after Jeff H. brought it up, last week), due to the mistake that I made with William Penn Charter/Neumann-Goretti (a game that didn’t exist). I said that I wouldn’t doubt ECP & was right. I would’ve used the same score, to be fair.

    Heading into Week 3 at 65-35 overall, & 15-5 in my games to watch up here.

    Week 3 Notables Among D2 & Subregionals
    – Scranton vs. West Scranton: I’d be a fool to not showcase the Battle Of The Bell this week. Both teams can use a win here. It’s going to be Scranton taking down their in-city rival, in my humble opinion.
    – Crestwood vs. Wyoming Area: Crestwood has to win this to turn their season around, but Wyoming Area is looking like a threat in 4A. I feel the better team is the latter. This may be the “trap game of the week”, though.
    – Lackawanna Trail vs. Greater Nanticoke: GNA almost took down Old Forge, then. Just imagine if they pulled it off here. That feels less likely, to be fair. This pick is to give props to a GNA team that almost did something crazy.
    – Riverside vs. Lakeland: A sneaky showdown with two of the Lackawanna League’s best. Riverside has a better team & feels like a good pick, but don’t count out Lakeland.
    – Western Wayne vs. Old Forge: The Wildcats took a brutal loss last week. Not to fear, they have a better team than the Old Forge one that’s rebuilding.
    – Abington Heights vs. Berwick: This is a quality crossover game in NEPA. Berwick’s start hasn’t been all that great & Abington’s looked a lot better than in recent years. Berwick needs this win to turn around their season, but I’m going with the Comets here.
    – Downingtown East vs. Delaware Valley: DV may stare 0-3 in the face again. This one is a tough matchup against the powerhouse Downingtown team. I don’t like their odds, but I’m hoping they play tough. They’ll have a real “get right” game next week against the Buckhorns.
    – Emmaus vs. Allentown Central Catholic: Time to see these two return, as this is the marquee 6A subregional game for D2 fans to watch for. Emmaus could have a date with any of the three teams up north, but ACC seems to be a team to watch. This game is going to be a major decider as to how the seeding could end up.
    – Stroudsburg vs. Northampton: This could be important for the three WVC teams, as the Mounties can take a game here & steal a spot from the D2/4 teams. Northampton will be a top seed, so a win (or loss) could set the stage for who the D2/4 teams play. Northampton always looks good, so it’s an easy pick. Stroudsburg’s never a slouch, though.
    – Jenkintown vs. Lower Moreland: This week, it’s the Drakes that return to the District 1 A game to watch. They’ll make a trip over to Huntingdon Valley in a game that feels like it’s beatable. Morrisville challenges, Jersey indie, Pennington, & I want to avoid this, as I’m not knowledgeable on them . I’ll go the opposite to see if my problem is that I just don’t know the 1A teams well. Lower Moreland has a win streak going against Jenkintown, so I’ll go off of recent history. If I lose, I’m going to use CalPreps with this featured game for the rest of the regular season.

    – Scranton 28, West Scranton 13
    – Wyoming Area 24, Crestwood 20
    – Lackawanna Trail 42, GNA 13
    – Riverside 22, Lakeland 13
    – Western Wayne 35, Old Forge 16
    – Abington Heights 21, Berwick 15
    – D’Town East 38, DV 10
    – ACC 35, Emmaus 26
    – Northampton 42, Stroudsburg 20
    – Lower Moreland 23, Jenkintown 17

    Starting next week, I’ll highlight a game in each division that has importance in D2, another key game in each league or two, a crossover, the D11 subregional’s best game(s), & the D1 1A game to watch.

    Best of the Rest coming soon.

  838. Kevin X says:

    The WC Henderson/Kennett game is at Kennett, so that might be an issue of a little bad guy on the lamb in the area as opposed to the heat.

  839. Kevin X says:

    Wilson West Lawn @ MLK Friday and WC Henderson/Kennett Thursday both postponed/cancelled. What