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2019 Football Forum

Written by: on Monday, January 7th, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2019 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

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325 Responses to “2019 Football Forum”

  1. Jeff H. says:

    @D3 Mike – regarding your question about where TJ and Aliquippa rank overall in the WPIAL this year I would definitely put TJ in the top 10, but not the top 5, there are too many solid 5A teams for them to crack the top 5, along with the usual contenders in 6A. I think Aliquippa would not be in the top 10 at this point, probably have them somewhere in the next 5, last year at the end of the season there is no doubt in my mind they were one of the top 10 teams in the WPIAL, and would have beaten a lot of the 5A teams I saw in person over the course of the season (although I doubt they would have beaten Penn Hills).

    5A top ranked Penn Trafford beat McKeesport on Friday 29-12, as expected, however, their title hopes may have suffered a big blow when standout running back Caleb Lisbon suffered a knee injury in the first half, and his backup Sam Fanelli also suffered a significant knee injury in the game as well, both of those guys are also key contributors on defense. No updates on either yet that I’ve heard, but both were on crutches at the end of the game and both could be out for an extended period of time, perhaps the rest of the season, if that turns out to be the case either Peters Township or Gateway become the new favorite in the WPIAL in 5A, I’ll post if I get any updates on either player, hopefully neither faces a major rehab but from the reports I heard didn’t look good Friday night. .

  2. 4th and Long says:

    WIP, a little insight into the SOL American Division. LM is probably moving up to 5A on the next reclassification. Their demographics for football make them more like a 2A school. It’s a tough place to win. NH-S is going the other direction because they’re at the bottom end of 3A right now and are probably heading for 2A a couple of reviews from now. You’ll have 6A schools in the same conference with a 2A school. Only in Pennsylvania.

  3. 4th and Long says:

    FrankG (and others), you’ve hit on the reality that today’s athletes are so heavily influenced by media that coaches have less control than they used to. It’s not just nationally recruited stars, it seeps all the way down to kids who are merely above average. It is much more difficult to find kids with talent who are willing to play with discipline today than it was as recently as a decade ago.

  4. 4th and Long says:

    KevinX, I’m the one who brought the scheduling issue up. I wasn’t at the meeting, but literally got it second hand from someone who was there. My understanding is NP said it’s hard for them to find non-conference opponents because schools either don’t want to get beaten up by them or vice versa, they don’t want to get beaten up by too many top out of conference opponents before hitting league play. Kind of what you see in college ball with teams scheduling one or two top non-conference opponents and a bunch of cupcakes. I’m not saying it makes sense, it’s just what was relayed to me.

  5. Foleman says:

    D3 Mike, Adding Kutztown with Fleetwood-(+Oley) Would move them up to 5A according to the PIAA website numbers. Fleetwood would be the largest team Population wise in Div 2 of berks but they would be the smallest team population wise…outside of Berks Catholic in Division 1 so I believe they would stay in Div 2 of Berks. It’s not like Fleetwood would be inheriting a wealth of great players, we are talking Kutztown here, plus it would make Fleetwood more competitive with Wyomissing and now Conrad Weiser in Div 2. The wildcard here is Berks Catholic, Enrollment projections have them at 3A the next cycle, do they stay in Div 1 playing 5A and 6A schools? I guess if they are competitive in Div 1, they will stay there for the time being.

  6. FrankG says:

    @Foleman No doubt the quality of coaching has a lot to do with how disciplined players are. But I’d say the hype around some players–hype that sometimes starts before they even get to high school–may also contribute to some kinds of undisciplined play. It adds to the pressure on the kids who get all the hype, making some more likely to “lose it” when things don’t go their way. It also makes real targets for kids/teams that maybe want to get noticed for “shutting down” high-profile player x. I remember hearing that when SJP played State College in a scrimmage in Swift’s junior year he drew a couple of very late hits that almost certainly wouldn’t have happened to a lesser-known player.

    More broadly, maybe being on ESPN results in kids getting over-hyped. I certainly thought the Prep played a less disciplined game (in several respects) on Friday night than they usually play–and it wasn’t because of a different head coach. (All the other coaches on the team are pretty much the same.)

    Anyway, I know you weren’t commenting mainly on the Prep, but maybe some of the above applies more generally.

  7. Kevin X says:

    @ WIP

    Yeah, when I saw that too I said to myself, huh??? Someone mentioned about NP and some of the larger schools not liking a 4 division 6 team alignment set-up due to scheduling, but not totally getting that. You would have 23 other teams looking for early season games, plus the large Ches Mont and PAC schools looking for early season game as well. NP already has their annual game with LaSalle, so they’d only be looking for 4 games. Can’t get the D-towns, C’Ville or nearby Perk Valley to play?? Anyways, my football alignment would look like this:

    1. NP, PRidge, Soudy, CBE, CBS and CBW
    2. P-Bury, Nesh, CRN, CRS, Bens and HST
    3. Q-Town, UD, WmT, HH, PW and Abing
    4. Wiss, Chelt, SF Mont, UM, LM and NHS

  8. Kmac says:


    Thank you for the input on my rant. I didn’t want to take more time and space, but I certainly wondered about coaching today. I was fortunate to witness in my time coaches such as the late Mike Pettine Sr.; late George Curry, late Larry Green, and many, many more good, strong programs over 69 years of high school football.

    I can’t imagine its easy to coach in today’s world, but I would certainly think that basics and attitude would be part of it.

    Games are just so much more enjoyable to watch with good, crisp, clean, disciplined play.

  9. WIP Caller says:

    Does anyone else find the new SOL alignment confusing? Competitively, Upper Dublin will fit in the Continental, but this set up takes away most of their rivals. Also, PW and Tennent are both 6A schools that will play against a 3A New Hope, 4A Springfield Montco and 4A Lower Moreland. Tennent hasn’t been competitive, but that’s all but a guarantee that they will be in the bottom half of the playoff bracket because of points. Is SOL doing crossover games like the PAC? SOL should have just done what they do for almost every sport and flip Abington and Quakertown.

  10. Foleman says:

    Kmac, one word-“coaching” My HS coach is in the hall of fame, he made us practice non-stop until we ran the plays until perfection, anyone who jumped off sides or had a late hit in the game, ran laps at Monday’s practice…….FWIW, we rarely had any penalties…old school teaching like this is finiso in this world. I went to the Exeter/Berks Catholic game, the 1st game of the season, Exeter had 19 penalties, yes, 19 penalties, which cost them the game. Their head coach was whining after the game about home cooking, yet every penalty called on them was legit. Instead of saying, we will fix this, he blames the refs for his team’s lack of discipline. Modern coaching at its best. With HS coaches coming and going any more, this is the new norm. The most successful programs in Berks County-Wilson, Wyo, Berks Catholic have tenured, old school coaches, Gov Mifflins successful long time HC retired last year. Go watch a practice at Southern Columbia or Wyomissing or Erie Cathedral Prep and you will see what I am talking about.

  11. Dennis Pascoe says:

    I know nothing about the Kutztown football program but with the college being there and the size of the town you would think that there would be more interest. It is a shame when this happens. I would like to know what went wrong. If they do eliminate the program hopefully they can make the effort to co-op to another school. Such a shame.

  12. D3 Mike says:

    Foleman that’s an interesting point and I never attended an all-male school – but I think it’s hard to disentangle wealth from that equation. No distractions certainly helps and I would never argue with that premise. But we also know that family income correlates strongly with standardized test scores. I’d also argue that if you plotted family income and football performance across the state – whether public or private – you’d see a strong correlation there too. Certainly there are some big public school outliers, but being from the Reading area I’m sure you know that the 3 “districts” with the highest family incomes in the county are Wilson, Wyomissing and Berks Catholic. They also have the best football teams AND the highest test scores. I don’t believe that’s a coincidence.

    Do you know where the Kutztown kids going to Fleetwood would class them? They already have absorbed the Oley kids. I imaging adding another 3A school might bump them all the way up to 6A? Is the league really going to allow them to sit in section 2 if they do that?

  13. Kmac says:

    I have seen 16 games so far this season; in person, on TV, via video streaming live, and video streaming after the games. I have a question, what has happened to disciplined football?

    It’s been as entertaining as watching an episode of Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags.” Flags, flags, and more flags.

    In the games I have seen one way or another I have seen at least 3 or 4 TD’s called back on infractions, mostly holding or blocking in the back. Countless good gains by run or pass nullified due to penalties. The first week (Week 0 officially) I allowed for it being the usual second scrimmage week and did not expect so much discipline.

    But I have been treated to late hits out of bounds (WAY out of bounds!); a false start on two consecutive offensive plays; numerous snap-count errors; defensive encroachment and pure offsides; incidents of chippy actions that could have cost players a game if called; numerous personal foul or unsportsmanlike conduct on both teams; and the list goes on. EVERY game, so far.

    I have read that the SOL is down this year, and that is most of the games I have seen, but not all; I have also seen some PCL action and other district’s games.

    Everywhere there seems to be a general movement away from disciplined, crisp, good play.

    I am not saying there is a lack of talent for certain. Talent is seen, distributed on all teams. Distributed somewhat unevenly to be sure, but you can see it on the field; if only the discipline were attendant. Even the (then) #7 and #11 high school teams in the U S by some rating was a flag fest beyond what an astute discipline would call for.

    I am not complaining, but observing. I call out no officiating nor team particularly, but it appears to be a rampant situation throughout high school football.

    I hope it gets better as the season wears on, and next week is half the regular season over.

  14. PCC Pride of the Past says:

    Good evening all, PCC came into the season overrated. Just because the front 4 on defense has many D-1 offers does not mean they should be seen as a threat or be seated as high as they were. Coaching and playing is as horrible or if not getting worse year by year. There are a bunch of incredible young men / players on that team that deserve better guidance and coaching. This team could easily win the WPIAL championship with a better coaching staff from top to bottom. For as many players on this team, they are running too many on both sides of the ball and wearing down their own team. They will not make it back to Heinz. Looking at what NA did to them, PR and Mt. Lebo. may also get the best of PCC in the weeks to come. When the team fails at meeting it’s goals, it is not the players that did wrong, it starts with the leadership and guidance of all the coaching.
    I hope other alumni join me to make changes to the coaching staff just like they did in Basketball. Change may hurt for a little bit, but change is good for everyone involved especially when everything looks stale and old year after year. Time to wipe the slate clean!
    -Head down in shame!

  15. Foleman says:

    D3 Mike, with Conrad Weiser and Twin Valley heading to Div 2 in Berks and Berks Catholic moving up to Div1 next year, I believe the Kutztown Administration might have given the BCIAA a heads up that it will be dropping football, or maybe playing an independent schedule, here’s a crazy stat for you, the Kutztown basketball team has more players on it-(varsity and Jv) than the entire football team! I went to the Schuykill Valley/Pope John Paul game and the score was 52-0 at halftime, then the announcer at the game gave the Kutztown score and I’m thinking, no wonder kids want to transfer out from these small school programs. And I think that Schuykill Valley’s Head Coach Jeff Chillot is an excellent coach, yet he’s had problems the last several years getting kids out for the team. Berks football has consisted of the Haves and Have Nots for a long time, but the future doesn’t look too bright for several programs. On the Super programs, you will see that many of the super programs in Pa are all male schools-St. Joe Prep, LaSalle, Pitt Central Catholic, Erie Cathedral Prep, Malvern Prep, these schools are the elite of the elite, I went to an all male HS and a coed HS, no girls=no distractions. Same sex schools score 200 points higher on their SAT than Coed, open borders and recruiting is a big contributor also, but people have to understand these school recruit themselves and with football participation declining in PA, kids want to play for a winner. 76-0 at the Half, its time for Kutztown to pack it in.

  16. D3 Mike says:

    It’s not a single game problem. Kutztown was outscored 515-12 last year and hasn’t won since 2016. The only two smaller enrollment schools in the county with football are Berks Catholic and Wyomissing so it’s not like there is a cushy small school league for them around here where they can rebuild.

    I heard they just ended their youth program and will also be voting to discontinue the high school program. I imagine they would send their players to Fleetwood but I’m not sure.

    And I agree on the bunching. I call it “The Lebron effect.” From top to bottom, many would rather just sign with New England, Alabama, or Mater Dei than try to wrest the crown from them.

  17. phillyboy says:

    @ D3 Mike

    On another site somebody referred to the phenomenon of ‘bunching’, where all the best talent tends to aggregate at certain programs. It seems like in the last 20 years or so ‘super teams’ have developed. Mention any major urban area around the country and its super team comes to mind and frankly, the overwhelming majority of the time the private schools are the culprits. So I got to thinking, which states are the most functional and healthy and balanced in regards to competition sans the manufactured super team? Not counting states like Montana and South Dakota, of the states that are relevant I came up with 3: Texas, Georgia, and Indiana. To be less abstract, these are the 3 states where the public teams dominate. What do you guys think, are there any others? And why is this the case, what are those states doing to promote that?

  18. Kevin X says:

    @ D3 Mike

    I would have had no problem with you copying and pasting my post from last Saturday morning. Would have saved you a lot of time 🙂

    Yes, something is going on here, and it’s kind of disturbing. I almost hate to ask, but what was with that Jim Thorpe/K-Town game??

    Things seemed a little calmer in D1 this week, and the game I was at, CBW @ CBS was very entertaining and an awesome atmosphere.

  19. Mike Smoll says:

    Wow, I just could not watch that game, I think it was something like 20 penalties, 9 of which were unsportmanship calls on the two teams and that was all before halftime, then there were the procedure penalties, you’d think this was the first game for both teams. Just unbelievably out of control were both teams, NO Discipline at all. Obviously two talented teams, but just POOR! And some of you people thing Coatesville is out of control, you should have seen St. Joes and IMG.

  20. D3 Mike says:

    Sort of a frustrating night. Was at Wilson West Lawn to see them play Manheim Central. Two great programs with 26 District 3 titles between them – they always play close games… and last night was yet another another mercy rule game. Looking across Berks County, I see 52-7, 41-7, 38-7, 41-0, and then of course Kutztown lost 76-0 to Jim Thorpe … in a game called at halftime!

    All of which prompted me to scroll all the state scores. 260 match ups between PIAA programs. Anyone care to take a guess how many were decided by a TD or less? All of 22 games. 8% of games. Maybe another 30 or 40 games decided by 1-2 TDs. So we’re talking something like 75% of games are non-competitive, and these are mostly non-league games where you can choose whom you play. I didn’t play all that long ago and scores were much tighter – and we didn’t have a mercy rule. A blowout was losing 28-7. Not sure if it’s the concentration of talent or weight training or if there’s even a solution but it’s frustrating to watch to be sure.

  21. Kmac says:


    Yes, someday I will have to scour my records just to see how many times the S O L has changed; it has been quite a bit.

    I don’t mind I just shuffle my hand written records to fit the current alignments, and of course the computer records are easily altered.

    But in the days I used to see the games with the “posse” as I called it, one of our group hated the changes whatever the reason. It was one factor in his leaving the high school football realm.

    You know as much as anyone before a game is played, Buddy! Good to see some familiar names still posting from a while back as yourself.

  22. Kevin X says:

    Looks like Downingtown is the place to be this weekend for D1 football. Tonight Perk Valley travels down to Kottmeyer to see if they could pull an upset over Downingtown West. Tomorrow night a battle of two 3-0 “East” teams, West Chester East head over to Kottmeyer to take on Downingtown East.

    I may check out an inter Central Bucks match-up at CB South tonight, as they host rival and undefeated 3-0 CB West.

  23. JC says:

    Two big games in D11 this weekend with Freedom-Nazareth and Parkland-Bethlehem Catholic. All four teams should wind up factoring in the district playoffs, and it would not surprise me if they end up being the top four teams in the EPC South. I like Freedom and Beca in those but would not be surprised by reversed results.

  24. ECL/METRO FAN says:

    Cleveland St. Eds will actually be traveling to Erie tonight. I think this game will be closer then it was last year. This game will be live on the Prep-Villa facebook page.

  25. D3 Mike says:

    Jeff, with TJ and Aliquippa being so strong and with 6A being somewhat down, would those smaller schools crack your overall WPIAL Top 10? Top 5? It looks like there’s a slew of 5A teams that could make a good case for being the best team in the area this year.

  26. Buddy says:


    That’s almost exactly the way it used to be in the SOL. They should have never changed it.

    NP, Neshaminy & Pennsbury should always be in the same division. Further travel though.

    I say SJP beats LS by a mere 10 points or less. Then what the hell do I know.

  27. Jeff H. says:

    @D3 Mike – no real marquee match ups in the WPIAL tonight, biggest is probably Penn Trafford-McKeesport in 5A, game is at PT and I think they’ll win by a couple of scores, also in 5A Peters Township plays West Allegheny, I saw Peters last week and they are very solid, good defense and passing attack, expect they win by a couple of scores. Not much going on in 6A, best game is Mt. Lebanon vs. Seneca Valley, I’ll pick Lebo at home in a low scoring game, say 20-14.

    Erie Cathedral Prep travels to Cleveland to play St. Edwards, who thumped them last year 35-3, I think this game will be closer but still like St. Ed’s by a couple of scores, that’s about it for the games in the west this weekend.

    I like Wilson to beat MC, think they have a big advantage in the trenches and will grind out a win

  28. Jeff H. says:

    @ Frank G – completely agree with everything you said about both LaSalle and SJP, I too expect SJP to win the regular season game in a few weeks by 2-3 scores, it’s the rematch where LaSalle has a puncher’s chance, and as you said the weather can be a big factor come November. Its pretty apparent the level of play is down statewide, it most definitely is in the WPIAL, and I don’t see any 6A teams in any other district that have much of a chance against SJP in the playoffs, assuming they are relatively healthy, if they get past LaSalle in the district playoffs I don’t foresee anyone coming within 3 TD’s of them the rest of the way.

  29. D3 Mike says:

    Where is everyone going to be this weekend?

    I’ll be at Wilson vs Manheim Central which should help sort out the pecking order in 6A and 5A in district 3.

    Interested to hear about some other good match ups from across the state.

  30. 4th and Long says:

    Kmac, I believe you nailed it for the new SOL. Proposal in the spring was four six team divisions but the large schools (NP in particular) complained about the difficulty of finding five non-league opponents, so the decision was made for three eight team divisions. There’s gonna be trouble in the American with huge demographic discrepancies between the haves and have nots.

  31. Kevin X says:

    To follow-up on Kmac’s recent post on the SOL, as it appears to be official:


  32. JC says:

    Those D1 A schools are in a real tough spot. Hard to get teams of higher classifications to want to play three A schools a year, and they’re so far from any other A teams. I guess they effectively have to go independent. I wonder if joining the PPL is a consideration.

  33. paul from philly says:

    @ Kevin X

    I always thought that would be a great idea. Everyone pitch in on the funding and you could have sports carnivals over the weekends. On fridays and saturdays you could take care of the entire PCL. I always thought La Salle University could make a nice chunk of change renting out McCarthy Stadium for PCL games. Not the nicest of areas but the location is pretty good for all competitors.

  34. Kmac says:

    I have seen nothing “official” but word on the street is that the Suburban One League will again adjust the divisions for the 2020 season. The new conferences to be:

    National: Abington, CB East, CB South, CB West, Neshaminy, North Penn, Pennridge & Pennsbury.

    Continental: Bensalem, Council Rock North, Council Rock South, H S Truman, Hatboro-Horsham, Quakertown, Souderton, & Upper Dublin.

    American: Cheltenham, Lower Moreland (new), New Hope-Solebury (new), P-W, Springfield (MONTCO), Upper Moreland, Wm Tennent, & Wissahickon.

    If true, it would appear an attempt to balance programs or school classifications the motive. Move of Lower Moreland and NH-Solebury from Bicentennial League would about decimate that league for football, leaving only Bristol, Jenkintown & Morrisville. Also might bring Springfield (MONTCO) back for football as they should be competitive with new schools in the conference.

  35. Mike says:

    I called St Joes Prep school, the IMG Prep game is at Rutgers

  36. Kevin X says:

    @ Frank G

    I’ve wondered and thought about that a few times myself, why these guys don’t get together and build one facility. Can host football in the fall, lax in the spring. Add LaSalle (and maybe Carroll and McDevitt) to that group (think N-G tho is good with the South Philly SS, right in their backyard), as they have home games at 4 different locations this year. Guess their nickname the Explorers is very apropos, Wanderers or Nomads would work too. I’ve been to a few events at the Proving Grounds in Conshohocken, perfect geographical location, still have lots of undeveloped land, easy access (sort of), parking, already a sports oriented destination and no NIMBYS!!!!

  37. Kevin X says:

    Ooops, my bad!!! Thnx Cyoball1!! I just checked the SJP website and they have the game @ Rutgers, not Widener, @ 7p.

    Speaking of scheduling, does Wood have a game this weekend?? I see Christ the King (NY) at Pottsgrove Friday night, then a mention of them playing Wood Saturday night. Seems odd. But the Wood website does not have a football game on the schedule for this weekend, so thinking bye week??

  38. Frank G says:

    @phillyboy Actually I don’t think SJP has more Jersey kids on their team than they did 10 or even 20 years ago–Hobson and the Quinns came from Jersey–but these things get commented on more with the higher profile.

    As a Prep guy I’m not wild about their playing the first three games in locations outside the area. It doesn’t help build connections between the players and the other students. I hope they keep that in mind next year and the years beyond. Maybe settling on a better location than Widener would help. I’ve long thought that some PCL schools in the city (e.g. Roman, West Catholic, NG, and SJP?) could make some joint arrangement to develop a site, but I know how complicated that would be, partly because SJP is not a diocesan school.

    Just saw that St. John’s (DC) got $15 million from an alumnus a few years ago to support their football team.That helps explain why their QB is from Hawaii and why the team is flying around the country–they’re in Texas this week. And I think the whole idea of IMG is wrong. No matter how athletically promising a kid is, to send him to a sports academy that has a high school within it rather than to a high school with a good sports program is almost never in that kid’s long-term interest.

  39. cyoball1 says:

    @phillyboy Widener wouldn’t move the game to 7 pm time slot. Would only host at 8pm.
    ESPN needed the game to start at 7pm. Apparently they couldn’t find a field that would accommodate on short notice.

  40. Kevin X says:

    @ phillyboy

    If you’re referring to SJP’s upcoming game against IMG, it is at Widener. It will also be broadcast live on ESPN 2.

    Last week’s game was part of one of those Showcase events hosted by Rutgers:


    With that said, think SJP could work with Villanova, another Catholic school, and have their home games there. I believe SJP use to have an annual Thanksgiving game with Malvern Prep there before they entered the PIAA and playoffs. Think there is actually a PCL Blue game there this Saturday night, for whatever reason.

  41. phillyboy says:

    What’s up with St. Joe’s Prep playing their home games at Rutgers University? Piscataway NJ is about a 150 mile round trip from Philadelphia; between tolls, wear and tear on the car, time and cost of admission/parking — not happening. Prep is enamored with New Jersey or something, why don’t they just relocate to Cherry Hill and get it over with? Or better yet, Mt. Laurel or Medford — the exurb du jour. Then they could play Don Bosco or Bergen Catholic in the NJ non-public state final each year. Honestly wanted to see the Hawks take out this fabricated quasi national all star team. phillyboy was so going to be there, oh well.

  42. New2PA says:

    If Pine-RIchland wins WPIAL 6A, it will be Coach K and crews best coaching job yet. They have a complete rebuild on the OL and up the middle defense.

    Defensively, they are looking to replace 4 FBS and FCS kids (Katic, Kristofic, Dorundo, King) up the middle along with a really good HS player in Anthony Cerminara with Spencer King (Jr and Tyler King’s little brother) and Nevin Novistki (Sr and first year starter) at DT’s and Josh Rechenberg (another Sr first year starter) and Luke Miller (Jr, first year defensive starter). They have very talented DE’s Trent Miller and Miguel Jackson to lean on. But those two are going both ways because of the depleted OL. The secondary returns Meckler and Boyd paired with first year player Levi Wentz at one corner and Seth Bolin (Sr, first year starter) at the other. Ryan Geyer and Caden Schweiger also play a ton. With all that turnover, they have been exceptional. They are small up front compared to the last couple years, and we will see how they do against Seneca Valley and NA (competent run oriented offenses) but they have been very very good thus far. Also, one thing I have noticed is Coach K’s use of situational substitution. The definitely have a nickle or dime package and seem to dial up crazy pressure every week.

    Offensively, its like night and day from last year. The run game accounts for very little of the offense this year, with big passing really picking up the slack. Cole Spencer (Jr) is the next P-R QB after DiNucci and Jurkovec and is on pace for a bigger 11th grade year passing than either of those two. He’s short (5’10”) but a natural passer and his improved confidence is really showing this year. Much more comfortable in the pocket. Also, the gamble last year playing young skill is really paying off. People have scoffed, but this group of WR’s is on pace to be the best they’ve every hard. Eli Jochem (Jr) is leading the way at the slot. 4 TD’s in 3 games. He’s different than the slot kids P-R has had before in that he’s long and has great speed to go along with great hands. Outside is D’Avay Johnson who is a big possession type WR with excellent hands and body control who defenses have double with CB and S because of an effective fade game. Luke Miller is an H back type player that makes their quick game go with his blocking and is sneaky fast. The 4th WR is Seth Bolin who provides a reliable option and is also a solid blocker. And then you have Luke Meckler in the backfrield who had 1200 yards this year and is a legitimate sub 4.5 kid, The most obvious difference with all these skill kids is their size – all the starting WR’s are at least 6′ and 170 #’s. Really big for HS kids, If the OL can come together in the next few weeks, the could be lethal offensively. But that’s a big if. From what I’ve seen they have some work to do to be consistent in the pass game and a average in the run game.

    I’ve seen PCC play in person and its really hard to explain how average to bad they are on offense. The can’t pass the ball at all and the run game is 100% broken plays with their fast backs. In 3 short years they went from being solid if not spectacular to looking pretty rag-tag. Defensively its another story. They really bring it and get after the offense. The big question mark is what will happen when a competent team spreads them out? They’ve been mercy ruled the last 3 meetings by P-R doing just that. We’ll see if that holds this year. I personally doubt it unless P-R’s OL steps up, but you never know.

    To me, NA looks the most well rounded and solid. They need to stay healthy and maybe find a little more of a passing game with Colella. If so, they will be a tough out. But as we saw this past Friday versus PCC, the are also offensively challenged at times.

  43. Frank G says:

    @Jeff H and Kevin X

    La Sallle being better is good for them, for SJP, and for the PCL, especially since Wood seems weaker. It’s tough to win two games in one season against your prime rival. In most recent years one of the two games each year between SJP and LaSalle has been close–with LaSalle pulling off the big upset in 2015. And if a game is played in really bad weather, as last year’s championship game was, it makes an upset more possible.

    Still, there’s a huge difference between the teams SJP has been playing and the teams LaSalle has been playing. I thought St. John’s looked much better than Marietta, but they made a couple of key early errors–the weather was almost certainly a factor in one–and the Prep made fewer mistakes than against Marietta, maybe because the Marietta game was their opener. If they come out of these first three games without injuries to their top seven or eight players (McCord, Harrison, Burrell, Hagans, Trotter, Johnson, and Leneghan) I would expect a 2-3 touchdown win on the 28th.

  44. Jeff H says:

    @D3 Mike – I’m from the WPIAL so I’ll add a little Western perspective to your comments

    6A – Pine Richland is the favorite to win their 3rd straight district title, NA and PCC have very good defenses, as their game last week suggests, but their offenses are mediocre, appears PR is the most balanced team and the favorite again. I agree with Kevin X about LaSalle, have only seen some video of them but I think they may be the biggest challengers in PA to SJP, could this be a repeat of 2015 when LaSalle loses in regular season and upsets them in the district playoffs, I doubt it, but LaSalle might be the only team in the state that has a punchers chance against SJP this year.

    5A – agree with you that whoever emerges from the WPIAL will be the favorite to win in Hershey, WPIAL 5A is loaded this year with several quality teams, winner will likely play Wood in the “western” semi-finals like Penn Hills did last year, I like the D3 champ chances of getting to Hershey, at this point appears Warwick and Cocalico are the favorites in D3

    4A – agree most of the state is down in 4A this year, and the winner of the TJ vs. Erie Prep quarterfinal game will be the favorite to win in Hershey, as I stated last week I don’t think there’s anyone in the WPIAL who will challenge TJ this year, they beat 2nd ranked Belle Vernon last week 34-7, time will tell if they can finally get over the hurdle and beat ECP after losing to them 3 yrs in a row in the quarterfinals from 2015-2017.

    3A – see above for TJ, doesn’t appear there’s a 3A team in the WPIAL to challenge Aliquippa, they should be going for their third state title in a row after getting upset 2-0 in 2017 by Quaker Valley in one of the more bizarre WPIAL finals at Heinz Field.

    2A – everyone playing for the runner-up trophy, Washington is the best 2A team in the WPIAL, the only question is whether SoCol will mercy rule all their opponents like Steel Valley did 3 yrs ago.

    1A – no real favorite at this point in the WPIAL, and no dominant teams, if I had to pick a WPIAL winner now I’d take Jeanette, this might be the most wide open class in the state this year, as Farrell is no where near as good as they were last year.

  45. Kevin X says:

    @ D3 Mike and Paul

    I have seen LaSalle twice in person and I am quite impressed. MP you could say is down from last years team, and not a great team, but they are still a pretty good team. They could still hang with any 5A team in the state. Anyways, really a moot point how good LaSalle is, b/c as Paul mentioned, ever since the dinosaurs roamed the earth, LaSalle and SJP will meet the second weekend in November and most likely LaSalle will be bounced much too early from the playoffs (even tho in this game last year, they gave Prep all that they could handle). I suggest you guys clear your schedule for Sept. 28th and find your way to Ambler for round one.

  46. JC says:

    Beca certainly has a shot to get through to the final, but the D11 4A playoff has some pitfalls they’ll need to get through. ACC played Parkland tough and always brings it against Beca. Pottsville has got some talent and their only blemish so far is an overtime loss to Wyomissing, which looks much better after their comfortable win over North Schuylkill. And Northwestern Lehigh can really score and I could see them making a game out of anything. Beca is obviously the favorite but it could get interesting.

    Cool to see my alma mater (ES South) make an appearance in the EPA rankings for once, although I personally think Warwick or Cocalico are more deserving of that spot. It’s been a while since they’ve beaten rival Stroudsburg. If they can get that monkey off their back this week, I’ll be more comfortable in their potential to get past Southern Lehigh (really the only significant challenger in the D11/D2 subregional right now).

  47. D3 Mike says:

    What a wild weekend. We had a 6-2 slugfest to go along with a number of pedigreed programs getting blown out. Let’s try to make some sense of what’s going on in the East. Please chime in with insights, especially on the teams in your district.

    6A – Great rebound win for St. Joe’s Prep. I can’t see anyone playing with them this year in PA. I’m not buying the La Salle hype just yet – that’s not a great Malvern Prep team they beat as MP graduated almost all of their top talent last year, but we’ll see. D1 appears down a bit from last year, at least if you’re going by the state rankings and marquee wins to date. D3 is going to go down to the wire with Harrisburg, Manheim Township, and Wilson all playing distinctive brands of football. Nice win by Freedom. (Western Note: North Allegheny squeezing past PCC shows that D7 will also be interesting until the end).

    5A – Wow – Manheim Central got abused on Friday. That’s a good Warwick team but MC just seemed out of sorts from the opening whistle. They better figure it out quickly with Wilson on the menu next. With Cocalico in the mix, this is another competitive district race for D3. District 1 has a number of quality teams in 5A although Academy Park struggled with Truman this weekend. I’m interested to see if Wood is deserving of the #1 spot they hold in many rankings – CD East isn’t one of the better teams in the Mid Penn this year and Wood didn’t look overwhelmingly good against them. I think we’re probably looking at the WPIAL winner as the class of 5A until someone proves otherwise.

    4A – What a mess. 3 losses for Imhotep. 2 losses for McDevitt. 2 losses for BC. Is this the year BECAHI breaks thru to the final? District 2 looks to be setting itself up as the district to watch with Valley View, Dallas, and Berwick all undefeated and entering the state rankings. That said, based on scoreboard watching and what I’ve read, it might come down to ECP and Thomas Jefferson in the state quarterfinals this year. The East just seems down in 4A. Speaking of down this year, here’s your bonus alumni stat of the day: Berks Catholic has played in 6 consecutive state semi or state quarterfinals… and has been outscored 79-0 in the first 3 quarters of its first 3 games so far this year. And they still have 6A Boyertown, Malvern Prep, and undefeated Fleetwood and Wyomissing teams on their schedule.

    3A – A lot of movement this week as 4 teams in Pennlive’s top 10 lost, with district 3 making its mark. Wyomissing proves itself a darkhorse in the class with a convincing win over North Schuylkill. They’ve recovered from losing their QB in week 1 but I still think they’re a step behind a Middletown team that shutout McDevitt. Aliquippa looks as good as ever but the race to Hershey thru the East should be a good one. Keep in mind that despite Middletown’s recent dominance, both Wyomissing and Lancaster Catholic (also currently undefeated) won state titles in this class earlier this decade.

    2A – At this point, the only question is whether Southern Columbia outscores its opponents 1000-0 on the year. They still have Montoursville on the schedule but so far they’ve beaten a defending state champion (Hammond), their rival (MC), and now Selinsgrove a combined 160-0. And it’s not just Southern Columbia – the top 10 teams in the state won by an average of 43 points this weekend so there’s a big difference between the haves and the have nots in 2A.

    1A – I honestly couldn’t pick most of these teams out of a line-up. Northwest Area is state-ranked and almost got mercy-ruled. I don’t even know if district 9 plays thru the “East” bracket or not. So I guess I’ll take Old Forge to get torched by whomever escapes the WPIAL. Speaking of, Clairton almost lost their 3rd of the season so it probably won’t be them.

    All in good fun – no one take offense. And remember to contribute about your local team(s), especially if I’m totally off the mark!

  48. paul from philly says:

    Good for the La Salle High team starting out 3-0 against three very good teams (Imhotep, North Penn and Malvern Prep). Only problem is they have to get by St. Joe Prep to move forward and i don’t see that happening.

  49. Kevin X says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Never put much credence into rankings……but I’ll toss out my current Eastern 6A:

    1. SJP
    2. LaSalle
    3. Harrisburg
    4. Downingtown West
    5. Coatesville

    Oh, btw, I don’t think I’ve have ever seen a 4A ranking without Imhotep listed anywhere. Guess when you start the season 0-3 after a cupcake schedule, I suppose you don’t deserve a mention. Of course, I’m sure any of those other 4A teams mentioned would have had their way with those same teams Imhotep lost to.


    NWFan- Freshman class is pretty solid at ECP, but the QB isnt the one to know about. He is an average freshman QB IMO and will probably play another position on Varsity when he gets there, Wakeem Page is the name to remember on that team. Played WR/DB in the first game.

  51. Foleman says:

    Wyomissing/N.Schuykill- 31-14, Wyo was in control from the start, N. Schuykill was throttled on offense for most of the game, their defense had no answer for Wyo’s Wing T, I was looking forward to seeing N. Schuykill’s Linebacker who is going to Penn State, Unfortunately, what I saw was a Division 2 linebacker. He did nothing the entire game.

  52. NW PA says:

    Erie Prep choose to play up at 4A in the old classification. They went down to 3A because they didn’t have the numbers they used to. They could have played up at 5A the last few years and they probably would have won the state title at least two of the last three years. I know everyone dogs them for not playing up but their numbers aren’t that great, the last two years their JV numbers were low. It won’t matter because they will be up in 5A for the next cycle anyways. Haven’t seen them yet but I heard they have a really good freshmen class led by a 6-3 stud quarterback.

  53. Mike A says:

    @ Chief Red Raider

    I was expecting a little closer game but when CV came out and their best player, #23 Max Dell’Anno, was dressed in shorts I know it would be a tough night. Max tweaked an ankle in the McDevitt game and then aggravated it a bit in limited action last week against Central York. Max runs a 4.4 40 and is the cover up at safety in the pass defense. He was sorely missed last night. He also return punts, kickoffs and is their top RB. Resting him was a smart move before the Mid Penn schedule starts.

  54. Kevin X says:

    I should at least make one positive note, and congratulate West Chester Henderson on their win last night. Keep it going guys!!!!

  55. Kevin X says:

    If I saw correctly from last night eastern scores, 3 teams put up 70 points. There was a plethora of goose eggs recorded. A good number mercy rule games, and simply an overall large number of non-competitive games. This may have been the worse night of HS football that I can recall in a long time.

  56. Chief Red Raider says:

    Great to be able to watch the Coatesville/CV game on TV. Coatesville looked a lot better this week. Defense looked great, offense ok. CV should do pretty well in their league. Where’s my pie?

  57. Jay says:

    Dtown West up 21-0 on Neshaminy in the first quarter. The Whippets are for real! Can’t wait for their late season clash with Coatesville. I’ve got ties to both schools so I’ll play neutral and get to enjoy it to the MAX.

  58. phillyboy says:

    Upon working my way back to PA from a long road trip earlier this summer, made it a point to check out Erie, had never seen it before. I must be used to living in Philly or something, goodness gracious, like a lot of towns, seems like its heyday was back in the 1940’s or 50’s. It’s too big to have small town charm and not big enough for a gritty urban experience. Was driving around, saw some old warehouses and a bunch of parking lots with a few larger buildings in the heart. But sheesh, there was nary a heartbeat or edgy neighborhood to be found. Can see why you guys are so sensitive about your beloved Erie Cathedral Prep — it’s all you got. No, I take that back, Presque Isle State Park with the nearby Waldameer Park was pretty cool. And the Golden Corral on the south side of town was right on, I’ll give you that. Anyway, go Erie High or McDowell baby!

  59. Mcd65 says:

    Buddy,Yes 1965 old football fans for sure.

  60. Mcd65 says:

    Buddy,Yes we are both old football followers for sure. BTW I lived on Cherry street in Lansdale for a few years after I married many years ago. On a side note ,I am a fan of Beck and followed the great CB West teams for years in addition to the PCL teams. NP will always be a threat in District 1 IMO.

  61. D3 Mike says:

    Thanks for the link on Middletown vs McDevitt. I will definitely check that out! Two good teams with distinct offenses – I didn’t mention it for the list of top games simply because I don’t think Middletown can keep up and there are so many close match ups this week but I hope I’m wrong (about Middletown). I love their wing-t variant.

    Jeff I remember when ECP played in 4A (when it was 4 classes). Were they playing up then or did they have a bigger enrollment?

  62. Jeff H. says:

    @NW PA – the reason people make a big deal about ECP is they are the three time defending 4A champ, if McDowell was competing for state titles every year like Prep there would be more talk about their recruiting and raiding Erie High’s roster. I do agree with you that most fans make a much bigger deal of public school kids transferring to private schools than vice versa, no one seems to talk about any of the kids transferring from a private to a public school.

    I don’t have any problems with ECP or their so-called recruiting, my only beef is they should be playing in 5A or even 6A and not dominating a bunch of smaller schools in 4A (they have the 2nd largest enrollment of any school in 4A), they are one of the premier programs in the state and it’s a joke they continue to play at 4A, hopefully next year they move up to 5A where they belong.

  63. Kevin X says:

    If any of you guys are into the streaming thing, tonight’s Middletown/Bishop McDevitt (D3) game is being shown on the watchstadium.com app. Also you can watch it on the big screen if you have a Roku TV or Roku streaming device (and probably other devices). Just go to the main Roku Channel, and Stadium is one of the channels that is included in the Roku Channel package, or if you have/use Pluto TV, Stadium is channel 491 on Pluto. The Stadium app/channel streams for free various nationwide Thursday and Friday night HS football games throughout the season. Just so happens that they are featuring some south central PA action tonight.

    North Penn/Pennsbury and DTW/Nesh and the CEC game are all also on tonight……..


  64. Buddy says:

    @ pompous as# ( no handle needed)

    Not crying at all, wondering how LS got all that talent compared to last year.

    Mcd65 seemed to have answered it .

    You won’t “stoop” that low because you CAN’T! ( well, personally you can).

    BTW, within their own realm ( schools WITH boundaries), NP is relevant every year.

    Note: @ Mcd65, is that the year you graduated? If so, we are “brothers from a different mother”.

  65. Jeff H. says:

    @ Sausman – I would vote for PCC vs. NA to be included on the list of top 10 games in the state this week, I personally think PCC is overrated and I like NA in a slug-fest 20-10, PCC has a surprising number of players who go both ways for a school of their size and tradition and I think NA’s depth wears them down in the 2nd half, I would argue PCC is as overrated as some of the D3 guys think Manheim Central is in 5A, there’s no way PCC is a top 5 team in the state this year, they may be only the 3rd best team in the WPIAL in 6A behind NA and PR.

    I don’t think TJ vs. Belle Vernon makes the cut, and I’m a WPIAL guy, I like TJ by 3 scores, don’t see anyone challenging them in the WPIAL this year in 4A. . .

    ECP vs. McKeesport is also an intriguing game, as Erie makes the 2hr drive down I-79 to George Smith stadium, I think this will be a competitive game but I like ECP by 2 scores, I’ll say 34-21

    D3 guys have already noted a couple of big games, I like Manheim in a defensive struggle against CD, and I still like Warwick’s chances at home against MC, although as D3 Commish noted the loss of all state receiver Terry Glass is a big blow

  66. CYOBall1 says:

    @Buddy LaSalle whoops up on NP and you take to a message board to cry about it. Outside of 1 season NP hasn’t been relevant in over a decade. Get over it.

  67. cyoball1 says:

    @Buddy of course half of LaSalles team is from out of district they’re a private school. I didn’t make a mistake I meant NP. And I won’t stoop low enough to name names.

  68. D3 Mike says:

    I think much of the public/private angst depends on the language everyone uses and what people envision when they hear “recruit” or “transfer”.

    • A kid can play in a public program K-8 then go to the area private school down the street.

    • A kid can play in a private school in 10th and go to a different private school in 11th.

    • A kid’s parents can move so that they go from one public to a different public.

    • A kid could play in public in 10th and transfer into a private in 11th

    Those scenarios are operationally the same but different people will view each move distinctly, depending on the player motivation, how far the family moves, the strength of the two programs involved, whether 1 of the 2 is a private school, the grade in which the move takes place, the geographic area covered by the schools involved, and most humorously, whether a coach “recruited” the player (as if elite players don’t know where they can best play, win, and excel).

    Here in Berks the same elite public programs criticizing Berks Catholic have received quite a few of what I would consider key “transfers”, themselves over the years, but again, it all depends on the definition used and the scale of the problem.

    They really need to expand the point/success system. Obviously the privates have a bigger advantage because of a lower barrier to entry but the top public schools enjoy their fair share of transfers, too.

  69. Buddy says:

    ‘fraid you have a typo there CYO. Your second line you have “NP’s”, you meant “LS’s” I’m sure .

    No thang. Common error for the ill-informed.

  70. NW PA says:

    Erie Prep had one year-last year-where transfers helped them yet people seem to treat them as major offenders. They got one guy who doesn’t start this year and before last season no one transferred who helped them in any way. Erie McDowell has taken the best players from Erie High the last 3 seasons and it’s been all over the news here but no one says a peep outside of Erie. The worst part is they somehow got playoff waivers by concocting some BS tale of woe. I said it before and I’ll say it again Erie isn’t a big town and these kids live no more than a ten minute drive from where they used to live. I could care less but don’t pass the rule and then not enforce it. Any kid can transfer into a public school and get a playoff waiver they just don’t want them transferring to private schools.

  71. Mcd65 says:

    Buddy ,LaSalle didn’t have any transfers that Im aware of. I believe they are much improved by the return of their QB who missed all but one game last year due to injury ,and the maturing of their sophomore RB who started last year. In fact they were very young overall last year. As transfers go two stand out from the PCL to their public schools. Peaker from McDevitt to Northeast and Santiago from Wood to Tennant. Both of these RBs were PCl rushing leaders as Juniors.

  72. CYOBall1 says:

    @Buddy i suppose LaSalles recruiting class was better than NP recruiting class.
    Half of NP’s roster is from out of district. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  73. mark d says:

    Any other d2 guys out thier ? what is wrong with West Scranton 2 big losses thier just to much talent on that team to be getting beat like that!This week they have Valley View so things are not looking up .is it injury lack on numbers they were picked to be a player in the AAAA race ?
    @kevinx Riverside Lakeland should be a real fun game to watch !!! should be passes flying everywhere

  74. Foleman says:

    I believe the new transfer rules will definitely put a damper on kids transferring into powerhouse football programs, especially the smaller schools. Erie Cathedral Prep had 1 kid transfer in this year and he is not eligible to play in the playoffs, they also had 1 kid transfer out Marrick Bauer, whose brother is a linebacker at Notre Dame. Berks Catholic had 2 kids ruled ineligible and neither are at the school, 1 kid transferred to Malvern Prep, the other player is at a school in Va. McDevitt also had a player that was ruled ineligible. St. Joe Prep and LaSalle don’t have many kids transfer in so the transfer rule wont affect them.

  75. Buddy says:

    How does LaSalle go from merely an average team, at best, last year to a state power this year?

    I think they will give Prep a game , don’t think they’ll win though. Great recruiting year?

    NP isn’t as bad as they looked in that game with LS, but LS was as good as they looked.

    Turnovers ( or lack thereof on NP), would have made it closer, but NP would not have won if they had no turnovers.

    Curious minds wanna know.

  76. D3 Mike says:

    So many great games on Friday! IMO these early season non-league weekends really are the best action until the later rounds of the district playoffs.

    Middletown, Wyomissing, North Schuylkill, and NDGP all with tough match ups that will tell us a lot about the pecking order in AAA on this side of the state. Could see 3 of the 4 fall this weekend (and Scranton Prep already lost).

    Also not sure if this one was mentioned yet (I jumped the gun last week) but Manheim Central vs Warwick is this week’s televised game on PCN and features two state ranked AAAAA teams.

    There’s also Prep and St. John’s.

  77. Kmac says:


    As an old timer and easing slowly back from all of our great common H S F interest to some degree, your list looks solid to me.

    I especially like the poetic license with the Cathedral Prep title.

    What is still nice is that you can sometimes get an exciting game out there not between two powerhouses, but just two perhaps evenly-balanced programs.

    As I travel far shorter and less frequent now, at least I HOPE that the line above is true! We all know the excitement of finely skilled and managed games and players.

  78. Kevin X says:

    These first two games looked a lot more interesting before the season started, but still may crack your “Top 10”

    Wilson WL @ Spring-Ford. These guys played some really good games the past 3 years. Maybe they’ll make it 4 for 4??

    Malvern Prep @ LaSalle. LaSalle looked like a well oiled machine in mid to late season form this past Friday against North Penn. Malvern Prep tho not so much, as they lost a lot to graduation from last years really good team. Granted, it was their first game and against a pretty good MD school/team. Will they rebound??? Hopefully it will still be worth the drive down 309 Saturday afternoon……

    ……….and one from up in the real Great Northeast, Riverside @ Lakeland. Some smaller school love for you.

  79. sausmann9 says:

    Here are three more games to be decided on whether worthy enough to make a Pick’ems list of 10.

    Pitt Central Catholic v North Allegheny (both 2-0 and nasty rivals)
    Thomas Jefferson v Belle Vernon (both 2-0 as well)
    Bshop McDevitt v Middletown

    what do you all think???

  80. sausmann9 says:

    Alright guys (and gals if any out there) after dropping the ball the last two weekends on getting this together and having some fun, I’m trying to find 10 of the top PIAA games for this weekend; doesn’t matter what part of the state as long as the game seems a good one. Here are a few options that could be part of a Pick Ems for the weekend. if we can’t find 10 I’d rather drop to eight or six instead of filling the list with crappy matchups.

    1. North Schuylkill v Wyomissing Area
    2. Dowingtown West v Neshaminy
    3. Coatesville v Cumberland Valley
    4. Central Dauphin v Manheim Twsp
    5. Erie Cathedral Transfer Prep v Mckeesport
    6. Bethlehem Catholic v Liberty (this one will get nasty this season, lots of sh!t going down b/n these two teams in summer)
    7. Freedom v Parkland
    8. Allentown Central Catholic v Nazareth

    Please chime in, which games should stay on a list and which should go. I’m cool if we end up with a “Pick Six” contest of games, just start chopping away.

  81. Mike says:

    @ Matt… I’ll let you know after Malvern and Northeast games

  82. ECL/METRO FAN says:

    WesternPaFootball.net forum hasn’t been working since late last season. It sat idle all summer.

  83. Matt says:

    @Mike….do you think Bethlehem Catholic gets Yep this year and gets to finals?? If Teps offense isn’t that great maybe Beca gets them this year?

  84. JC says:

    @D3 Mike: I don’t normally care about the rankings since it’s often impossible to compare teams until the playoffs come round, but I agree, ranking Coatesville above Harrisburg at this juncture is pretty much indefensible. Hopefully that was just an oversight and will be corrected.

  85. Mike says:

    Imhotep offense isn’t very good this year and will lose in the finals again

  86. Kevin X says:

    The hilarious thing with all of these rankings, be it locally, regionally or statewide, is that Coatesville is currently sitting at 32 out of 33 teams in the District One 6A rankings, the only rankings/ratings that actually really mean something and matter!!!!

    (OK, settle down peeps)………..and only after week 10 🙂

  87. Mike A says:



    http://pafootballnews.com/ for the whole state

  88. District 3 Commish says:

    D3 Mike-

    I agree with you on rankings and the prep work that goes into forming those opinions. I put a lot of time into the LL & Berks leagues first and Mid Penn next and I mostly focus on the big schools. I also have reliable input from the Coatesville / Downingtown teams but do not see them regularly. I doubt there are any “statewide” people that are more informed in this area. Doesn’t mean my opinions are correct but at least I have seen these teams and talked to coaches and individuals connected to the teams.

    Manheim Central is the most overrated team in the state. They can not stop the run and have won both games due to major mistakes by Susquehanna Township and Hempfield. Central is at Warwick and Wilson the next two weeks. If they win these games then I am completely wrong. No way anyone ranking them 2nd in the state could watch those games and say that unless 5A is that horrible this year.

    Same with Berks Catholic. Should have lost to Exeter and was completely dominated by CD this week.

    I agree with you on Township and this week CD comes to Township. This will be a great barometer of 6A as Wilson and CD have already played. If CD beats Township it will solidify my opinion that they are a finesse team and can’t handle the power game of CD & Wilson who they play in week 6.

    Coatesville at CV this week. Not sure which way to go here and who would have thought that a month ago. I believe Ortega has been exposed with both of the Young brothers gone. He can’t get the edge without a back to get all the attention.

    Wilson at Spring Ford this week. Wilson has completely dominated the run game against CD & Mifflin. Their pass defense will be tested against Spring Ford and their wacky coach this week.
    BTW….. Wilson was picked 3rd in LL Section 1 by Lancaster Online and Pennlive

    Warwick took a major hit with the loss of their speedy wideout Trey Glass. He re-injured the same knee and will miss the rest of the year. Great kid and great player.

  89. New2PA says:

    D3 Mike – you mentioned a western PA version of this forum? Do you know if it still exists? I can’t find it.

  90. Brian says:

    That steel valley team was impressive. I was there when they demolished southern. That year was this groups freshman year. Not to take anything away from steel valley because they were unstoppable but there’s no way a bunch of freshmen no matter how good southern was when this core were freshmen they weren’t going to compete with the senior division 1 recruits that steel valley had. The sca freshmen looked like deer in headlights. It was an accomplishment they made it to Hershey that year. Southern wasn’t beaten that bad many times in their history.

  91. D3 Mike says:

    I don’t usually care much about rankings but this week’s are criminal!!! lol

    Harrisburg played in the 6A final, beat Coatesville last week, lost to the #1 team in Ohio this week and dropped from the Top 5 … below a Coatesville team they already beat? Are these done by a power ranking algorithm or an actual human? There are others that are way off IMO.

    I feel like this forum (and the western PA one) could crowdsource these rankings better than the writers who do most of them. It’s always the same teams as the year before – no one can follow the player movements statewide close enough to be very accurate. If they could, they would have never had Berks Catholic as a top 5 team in the state (and ahead of McDevitt? Yikes). … but everyone in the Reading area certainly had in right from day 1.

    Tough loss for Prep and it doesn’t get any easier this week.

    P.S. I’d love for any of the D3 folks to explain the Manheim Township lovefest…

  92. Matt says:

    @Jack….thanks…..that Steel Valley team was a machine as well.

  93. Jack1234 says:

    @matt steel valley, the 2016 2A champs, mercy ruled every opponent including SC

  94. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Went to see Southern play MCA. Southern is a machine. They could have scored alot more but like I said before Roth will not run up the score. They really can pack the people in that stadium and the food is pretty damm good as well. Well worth the trip.

  95. Matt says:

    Southern not only will probably run the table they might mercy rule every opponent. 36-0 against Hammond and 48-0 against MCA. Those could be the toughest opponents all year. Remember they mercy ruled last two state championship games as well. Has a team ever mercy ruled every opponent?? I though MCA would give them a better game than Hammond after last week

  96. Buddy says:

    SJP ain’t playing tonite are they? I thought it was Sat. nite on ESPN?

    Yeah, NP pass defense is non-existent. So they be in trouble tonite against LS.

    But from what I see in their schedule, they should run the table after tonite ( as usual).

    Come playoff time, different story.

  97. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H, Sausmann, et al

    I did not watch the Katy/NS game last night, but did record it. Will catch it one of these future boring weekday evenings. Recording the SJP game tonight as well, as going to check out the LaSalle/NP game in person (guessing this is one of Sausmann’s top 10 games, or should be). Actually watched the replay of the NP/Nesh game last night in my scouting prep 🙂 (watched the ‘Tep/LaS replay earlier in the week). Hoping for a competitive game, believe Lasalle will take this one. No way, no how, NP is going to put up 55 again tonight. Game should be broadcast live via streaming on the North Penn Television Network on You Tube.

    An honorable mention for Sausmann is right down the road this evening, as D-Town West travels up and over to CB South. Great night ahead, get out and support!!!

  98. Jeff H. says:

    @Sausmann9 – really big 5A game tonight in the WPIAL when Gateway travels to Harrison City to take on archival Penn Trafford. These are 2 of the top 3 5A teams in the WPIAL (the other is Peters Township), and they of course met for the 5A title in 2017, with Gateway winning a close, hard fought game at Heinz. I saw Gateway dominate Mt Lebanon last week, their team speed is tremendous, they look an awful lot like the Penn Hills team from last year that ran the table, and Derrick Davis may be the best player in the state outside of Julian Fleming, he’s that good, IMO they are the legit #1 5A statewide, but Penn Trafford will definitely be a big challenge.

    Speaking of Peters Township they host Upper St Clair tonight in another good 5A match up, USC got off to a good start last week under new coach Mike Junko who replaced legendary Jim Render, beating defending WPIAL 4A champ South Fayette 27-13, but I’ll take Peters at home, I’ll say 28-17.

    @ Kevin X – I watched a lot of that Katy vs. North Shore game last night, 2 excellent teams that are on a different level than we are, with the possible exception of SJP, great comeback win for Katy

    @D3 Mike – you certainly follow D3 a lot closer than I do, but I like Warwick’s chances tonight against MC, I’ll take Warwick in a high scoring affair 35-28, think Warwick and Cocalico are the 2 biggest challengers to MC repeating as district champ. I do agree with you that Harrisburg is going to have their hands full with a great Hoban team and think you pegged the final score about right.

  99. Kevin X says:

    Some big boy Texas HS football (Katy v. North Shore) tonight @ 8p on ESPN U

    St. Joe Prep v. Marietta (GA) tomorrow night @ 8p also on ESPN U

    Interesting D1 game tonight as well, West Chester East @ Unionville. Perfect evening for some football (remember this when you’re out at a game come November :))

  100. mark d says:

    North Pocono i felt was under rated going in to the season they should be able to play with anyone in the conference.Valley View look very strong in it opener but hard to evaluate against a team who young and down a little this year.Dunmore could have 3 to 4 loses this year with thier schedule so Riverside might have a shot, i know their going to be fun to watch they will probably throw the ball more than run it this year.Scranton Prep and Wyoming Area huge game i leaning toward Wyoming Area big up front and a very good looking QB,but in AAA in D2 dont sleep on Lakeland D1 Qb and lots and lots of speed

  101. sausmann9 says:

    hey all – i’m currently getting a list of top 10 PA games for this weeekend together as we type. Keep the picks coming in and if the games are stout, they make the list.

    D3Mike – excellent picks, if you don’t mind I’ll use three of the four and keep your picks as well (if you want)

    I’ll list five or six other games and people just chime in and let me know if we keep it on the list or replace it.

    be back soon, keep the good games of this weekend coming in w/ picks.

  102. Neutral Observer says:

    @ District 2 folks:

    Thoughts on North Pocono? Are they really as good as last week’s win over West Scranton makes them look? Or is West that far down this year? Will NP be any kind of a challenge to Valley View in District 2 4A?

    Thoughts on Scranton Prep? I heard that the offense didn’t look especially great against Dunmore. Without O’Dell’s KR and PR for TDs, Dunmore would have pulled out the upset. This week’s game against Wyoming Area is probably going to reveal who will ultimately win D2 3A.

    Riverside looks like they’re going to score some points this year. I’m already psyched for Old Forge @ Riverside on 10/11. Any chance they challenge Dunmore in 2A? I don’t know what to make of Dunmore’s close loss to Prep. Either Prep is nowhere near the team they were the last few years, or Dunmore is a heck of a lot better.

  103. The Joneses says:

    @D3 Mike.. Well said.

  104. D3 Mike says:

    @ Buddy I’ll stick mostly to D3 state-ranked / rivalry games since I’m slightly less likely to embarrass myself on the picks:

    Manheim Central (5A #2) over Warwick (5A #9), 34-20
    Last year’s 27-20 MC win was a classic but Warwick has lost half a step from last year.

    Hoban (Ohio #1) over Harrisburg (6A #4), 42-21
    Props to Harrisburg for scheduling this game but Hoban might be even better, offensively, than the Prep team they faced last year.

    Wilson West Lawn (6A TTW) over Governor Mifflin, 28-14
    I’ll be at the 62nd installment of these crosstown rivals. Very interested to see one of the better defenses in D3 (Wilson) go up against sophomore RB Singleton, already the most highly recruited RB in Berks history.

    St. Joe’s Prep (6A #1) over Marietta (Georgia #1), 28-21
    Good to see new coach Roken easing into things… this is more of a PA football is better than Georgia football pick than anything. Lots of D1 talent on the field.

    ** PICK OF THE WEEK **
    Central Dauphin over Berks Catholic (4A #6), 28-7
    Berks Catholic hasn’t lost by more than 18 points since 2012, including losses to state powers Wyomissing (twice), Imhotep, Southern Columbia, Erie Cathedral Prep (twice), Malvern Prep, and Bishop McDevitt. The loss of 29 seniors from last season’s squad will be felt this weekend against a CD team that shut them out 7-0 last year.

  105. Buddy says:

    Games this weekend.

    What do you think?

  106. JC says:

    All of this just makes me more in favor of extending implementation of a success points system. I know they started one, but I’d like to see its impact on the classifications expanded.

  107. Dennis Pascoe says:

    @ D3 Mike You should express your feelings to the PIAA district officials in your locale. You do have points that should be addressed.

  108. irish1 says:

    @ Kevin X………Just from the small amount of info I have heard….sounds like the bleachers for the home side of the field and the turf and lights will be next year.

  109. Tornado Fan says:

    @ Kevin X

    Doesn’t scare me. Since SC beat MCA in the D4 championship the past 2 years, it actually would have done us a favor. If they were in 3A, MCA was in the state playoffs with a shot at Hershey.
    I agree, they probably would have won 3A last year and again this year. But if 3A wasn’t going to be a challenge either, what then is the point of them moving up??

    Per your earlier post – ‘Aliquippa, Imhotep, Becahi, Wood are all playing up this cycle, no reason that SCA couldn’t have played up either.’ IMO the only noble exception voluntarily playing up out of those 4 is Aliquippa. The other 3 should be anyway.

  110. D3 Mike says:

    I’m still not following the logic (perhaps because it’s unbelievably inconsistent) regarding the power public schools and catholic/privates.

    So “some families move to SCA for a better opportunity and that’s ok” (a view I totally agree with) … but if parents send their kid to a catholic school for a better opportunity “those schools should be required to play up?” How is it possible that you can’t follow that it’s the same thing, just with a lower barrier to entry? The whole recruiting thing is a red herring. The kids and parents know who wins and who sends kids D1 and the hoops to get scholarships. Just say your program was spurned instead of blaming some nefarious assistant coach.

    Frankly, I don’t care all that much – I’d just like some consistency. And for someone else to note the irony that it’s almost always the power publics – the ones that have the transfers, kids moving to the area for football, and more district wealth – who are always the ones complaining about private schools. It’s almost as if they’ve enjoyed inherent advantages for years (see above) and don’t want anyone else to have advantages of their own (which private schools obviously have).

    tl;dr if you think the same public schools excel every year purely due to tradition, coaching, and a superior weight room you’re living in a meritocratic fantasy land. The playing field is tilted in plenty of schools’ favor, and not just the private ones.

  111. Kevin X says:

    @ Dennis: 3A (4A would have been pushing it, especially the later games in the playoffs)

    @ Tornado Fan: Just should of/could of played up to 3A last year and this year. It’s not a permanent commitment. Would not have affected their regular season schedule, and the D4 3A playoffs would still have been a walkover. Last 3 games last year would have been Scranton Prep, Middletown and Aliquippa. Does that scare you??

    @ Brian: Aliquippa and Imhotep are public schools (i kind of call Imhotep and all charter schools hybrids, publicly financed and rules, but privately owned and operated).

    @ Irish: What is the timetable for the PJPII turf and lights?? New bleachers this year, so guess one thing at a time??

  112. Jeff H. says:

    @Eman 35 – have you never heard of schools like Aliquippa and Clairton in the WPIAL, both of them are A schools by enrollment, and they regularly produce D1 prospects on an annual basis, last year Aliquippa had a couple of kids go to Power 5 conferences, and they have another power 5 recruit this year, so it’s not all that unusual for programs that have a long tradition of excellence to churn out D1 talent, even smaller districts. Everyone who follows football statewide knew this group of SoCol seniors were a special class a long time ago, when they won 2A in 2017 most people expected them to run the table and not lose again until after this group of seniors graduated. They have a phenomenal program, Roth is a tremendous coach and by all accounts a class act, I just wish this particular team could play a big school like a Harrisburg or North Penn because I think they would compete very favorably against the big boys. I’ve watched HS football in this state for 40+ years, and I’m convinced this SoCal team could beat the vast majority of 5A and 6A teams in PA this year, and I know a lot of other guys from the Pittsburgh area who follow HS football closely who feel the same way.

    @ Tornado Fan – completely agree MCA will give SoCol a better game this week than Hammond, you guys might be catching them at the right time after playing on national TV, possible letdown in the first half? Still expect SoCol to win by 3-4 scores, but wouldn’t be surprised at all if it’s still close at halftime. .

  113. irish1 says:

    @cyo…….I just think with their schedule,it will be tough for Roman to have a winning season. But Judge and Ryan don’t look real strong so who knows. They have speed at receiver and the QB looked like he has potential. It was a weird game on Saturday but it was still a game where PJP was on the verge of having running clock in the second half and seem to fall a sleep. But credit to Roman for hanging in there and fighting back.

  114. Jay M. says:

    Wasn’t surprised to see Coatesville lose to Harrisburg, after all Harrisburg returned a lot of talent from last year in spite of losing Kane Everson. I’m confused why they don’t have a game scheduled for this week, and between that and their schedule, if they should lose even one more game, which I think is likely (Dtown West), I think they’re already looking at a possible road game in the first round of the D1 playoffs. Certainly the second round, if they should make it.

    On to Dtown West… what an incredibly impressive performance. And even more so considering they have some pretty good players shelved for the year with injuries. But having a healthy Will Howard all season, and their young core gelling together, will propel them to at least a co-share of the ChesMont crowb, if not outright, and a deep run in the playoffs.

    Love SJP early schedule, what a test. Also, off topic from PA HSFB, but check out St. John’s (MD) schedule… in four weeks they play SJP, Duncanville TX, IMG Academy, and Mater Dei. That is some seriously tough opposition!!

  115. Brian says:

    Give me some names then Eman. I’d love to have this discussion.

  116. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Just to say what class do the critics of Southern Columbia think they should play? What I like about Southern Columbia is by the third quarter the subs are in giving everybody a chance to play instead of running up the score which Roth will not do.

  117. PSU88 says:

    So I knew that Southern would be good this year but I thought it would take a few weeks for them to firing on all cylinders. I do not feel that any team will score on their first defense. They are the most technically sound tackling team I have ever seen. They will overpower every team in the PHAC. Do u think any teams may forfeit their game with Southern? A few years ago, Shik did not play most of their starters during a preseason scrimmage.

  118. Brian says:

    They don’t have this type of talent year in and year out. This is a once in a lifetime team because this senior class is by far the most athletic and talented class in school history. Yes they’ve won 9 state titles. 4 were during Henry hynoskis year. The only other division 1 recruit up until now. 2 more were this groups. The first one in 94 was a product of the seniors group of hard work paying off in the previous years. The first one in AA in 2014 was a product of a heavy senior class. They win because they are a true team in every aspect. They are coached well and Roth gets the best out of them. They’re fundamentally sound and disciplined. You’re right it’s not typical for a small school to have that much talent and it won’t come around again. There are many names of players that are brothers of formers players, sons of players in the 90s, and yes some families have moved from neighbor school for a better opportunity. Everyone else you mentioned is a private school and should play up because they can recruit. I’ve said it before those schools should play their own state title. 6 classes, 4 public, 2 private.

  119. District 3 Commish says:

    Mark D – YES

  120. Brian says:

    They don’t have this type of talent year in and year out. This is a once in a lifetime team because this senior class is by far the most athletic and talented class in school history. Yes they’ve won 9 state titles. 4 were during Henry hynoskis year. The only other division 1 recruit up until now. 2 more were this groups. The first one in 94 was a product of the seniors group of hard work paying off in the previous years. The first one in AA in 2014 was a product of a heavy senior class. They win because they are a true team in every aspect. They are coached well and Roth gets the best out of them. They’re fundamentally sound and disciplined. You’re right it’s not typical for a small school to have that much talent and it won’t come around again. There are many names of players that are brothers of formers players, sons of players in the 90s, and yes some families have moved from neighbor school for a better opportunity.

  121. Tornado Fan says:

    Should be no surprise to anyone SC won’t be touched this year. They are always good but for the past 3 years, everyone knew this team would be special. They were very impressive against Hammond and solid at every position. Agree with Brian, Mt. Carmel and Shamokin areas have been going downhill for a while. Everyone who doesn’t completely leave the area moves to Elysburg and I can’t really blame them. You often you see the children of former standout athletes from MCA/Shamokin eg Garcia, Delbo, Wilk, Tillett not to mention Hynoski ending up on the SCA roster. I try to not to think of the success MCA might have had if the area hasn’t become what it has and not lost all this talent to over the mountain. As much as it pains me to see a rival with all this success, its good for the region, so I was happy to see them come out with a win. MCA has played SC tougher than anyone so don’t be surprised if they give SC a better game than Hammond this week.

    Also, I see no need for them to move up. They are a great program but aren’t going to be this good every year. MCA played up for years to AAA and it was a lot more fun winning state championships in AA than getting knocked out of the playoffs in AAA. There’s no shame in playing in the class you’re supposed to be in.

  122. Cyoball1 says:

    Irish, why won’t Roman win many games this season?

  123. Dave says:

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that Southern is this good of a team. I remember reading 4 years ago, that Coach Roth stated that there was an incredibly talented group of 8th graders coming up. The following year 7 of those freshmen were starters and they went to, but lost, the state championship. They haven’t lost since.

  124. Eman35 says:

    Brian says this is a once in a lifetime team lol You won nine state titles that’s a lot of one and a lifetime teams. When I was watching the game they said that Southern Columbia has a possibility of five D1 players on the team. How does that happen to a football team in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. I don’t need proof I have eyes It is hard enough to get one D1 player on a normal team most team get one every 10 years you have five in a school district That is in the second smallest class in the state how does that happen. I’m not Knocking Southern Columbia they look unbelievable on Sunday One of the best high school performances I’ve seen from a team. It Just seems odd to have that much talent year in and out on a team With that small of a school district.

  125. Brian says:

    Foleman, I won’t argue the point that people want their kids to play for a successful program, but that doesn’t mean it’s recruiting. First and foremost, the surrounding areas of southern school district, i.e. mt Carmel and Shamokin have been declining for many years now. The parents that played for those schools have moved into the southern school districts so that their kids can play for a successful program. Not recruiting.

  126. irish1 says:

    I was at the PJP game on Saturday and have seen many of their games. That is a game that you just cant lose. There is no excuse for it. I think the coaching staff has done a nice job building the program. I do think they are a program that still needs to learn how to win and how to handle success. A program that knows how to do those two things would not lose a game like that on Saturday. Roman has some talent and I actually think they showed more energy even being down 4 scores. That being said I dont see Roman winning many games this year. This would have been a great start to the season for PJP in many ways. i know everyone loves to run the spread these days but when you have to play several key players both ways like PJP has to do the spread leads to games dragging out and players wearing down at times. The game on Saturday was well on its way to 3 1/2 hrs. I think PJP will rebound and go on to have a good year,just a shame to give a game away. With many of the top players being seniors and the bench looking somewhat thin the coaches will have to go out and bring in some talent and also continue to keep the numbers up. With lights and turf on the way the energy should hopefully remain high around the program.

  127. Kevin X says:

    I would have been more than willing to give Southern Columbia a ton of respect a year and half ago when they had the opportunity to play up to 3A, or really show some moxie and run with the big dogs and play up in 4A. Instead they chose to stand pat in 2A (and I understand that they had every right to remain in 2A), knowing that, or at least had a very good idea, that they would dominate 2A for the next two year cycle and be able to pad/add to their state championship title record. Aliquippa, Imhotep, Becahi, Wood are all playing up this cycle, no reason that SCA couldn’t have played up either.

  128. Kevin X says:

    Pet peeve of mine of how inconsistent these playoff power ratings (or whatever they are called) are used to determine placement (or inclusion) of district playoffs. Shame you have to consider the scheduling of games, or specific teams, because of it. Like Coach O was alluding to, in District 12, just about everybody is invited to the party (and in many other districts and classifications) regardless of your record or who you have played (win or loose) in the regular season.


  129. mark d says:

    @district 3 commish does that mean the inhoptep Erie central catholic Newman West Catholic and all these other catholic and charter schools that recruit form everywhere are cowards to because they don,t play 6A ?????

  130. Dennis Pascoe says:

    Yes, I would like to see proof on Southern Columbia recruiting you will not find any. Don’t you think PIAA looks at this very closely. They do my friends. I know first hand. This is a once in a lifetime high school team coached by they best in the business.

  131. District 3 Commish says:

    Foleman _

    Great research! You hit it right on the head. The cheating is so obvious in that district. And the cowards are still afraid to play 6A Big fish in a small pond. Cowards!

  132. mark d says:

    SC was a well coached very well prepared football team that let face it beat the crap out of that team i don’t think that team ever got hit like southern was hitting As for beating a German town academy according to ESPN they won the state championship the last 2 years i don’t remember Germamtown doing that Give Southern the respect they deserve

  133. Foleman says:

    Southern Columbia has the best coach and the best staff in Pa. I have watched them several times in person and they run the Wing T to perfection. That being said, I saw a list of the top 300 HS football players in Pa and SC has 13 of them, no other HS is even close to that. The surrounding dozen or so High Schools in that area have 0 top 300 players. What are the odds of this happening? Many aunts and uncles and grandma’s in Elysburg surely have had their nephews move in. I know of several kids here in District 3 that have given fake fake addresses over the years in order to play for a more successful program. 2A? Every 2a playoff opponent will be mercy ruled by halftime.

  134. Brian says:

    Eman, where’s your evidence of recruiting by southern Columbia. I love all the recruiting posts that come up when talking about southerns success. Show proof. This is a once in a lifetime group. Those saying to move up to 5A, that’s just silly. This group graduates this year and they won’t be a super team like they’ve been for the past few years. They will be beatable.

  135. Mcd65 says:

    Great win for SC . They will run the table in AA again this year. Impressive performance on both sides of the ball. I take nothing away from SC ,but that Hammond team wasn’t very good. Yes ,I know they have a couple stud players ,but as a team they didn’t impress at all. Nice win Tigers !!!

  136. Matt says:

    @Kevin, I’m not even a D4 fan or resident. I grew up in and played in D11. But I respect the heck out of Southern. That Hammond team had 2 top 100 Dlineman and Southern will an all new Oline ran all over them. And the tackling was phenomenal. I have watched a lot of football and usually attend state championships yearly even from DC area where I currently live and also follow Northern VA football which produces a ton of talent. That southern team is very good. I’m not saying that they would be underdogs to just prep. Prob to Tep, Erie Prep, and a few others but to play like that against a talented team is impressive. They have possibly 6 D1 seniors on that roster. That’s more than 95 percent of PA teams. Southern has a chance to mercy rule everyone this year.

  137. Kevin X says:

    My goodness, reading these SCA comments, you’d think they just thrashed IMG or SFA. Some perspective, this “state champion” they just beat is the champion of a 10 team independent prep league, in South Carolina. Think the likes of beating Germantown Academy (no offense to GA).

    Did I see that right?? Only be underdogs to SJP???

    With all of that said, nice win, nice game for SCA!!!!

  138. Chesmont says:

    Southern would beat Coatesville, Downingtown West & East by at least two touchdowns.

  139. Torchy says:

    Southern Columbia really knows where to look to find good football players. They are the miniature St Joe’s Prep, SCP, Tep when it comes to recruiting. Impressive victory for the Tigers.

  140. Congratulations southern. Now play st Ignatius says:

    Congratulations now play st Ignatius

  141. Mike Smoll says:

    Was as good of a blocking and tackling clinic as you will see from a High School team. You can have the best athletes in the world but if they don’t block and tackle it’s nothing. They are just wonderfully coached.

  142. Uncle T says:

    Echoing the previous comments- Southern Columbia… just incredible. That was one of the most impressive, technically-elite defensive performances I’ve ever seen at the high school level. Linebackers were literally perfect; defensive backs off the charts; tackling everywhere was textbook and fierce- What a statement game for the program. They look like they’re in week 12/November mode right out of the gate. Thoughts and prayers to 2A.

  143. Matt says:

    Also, it’s tell you something when they double and triple team Fleming and you have five other guys that can make plays and are D1 talent. Fleming just the attention he gets opens up everything else.

  144. Matt says:

    Eman…..they would win 3A and under with ease .. ….play with any top team in 4A and 5A with a decent chance to win and maybe only 6A be underdogs to Prep. Southern hits and tackles as well as any HS team I have ever seen. All game they make the tackles with perfection. If you want to teach kids tackling take video of Southern. i thought garcia killed the one kid from Hammond.

  145. Matt says:

    Watched first half of Southern and Hammond. This Southern team can play with anyone in the state of PA regardless of class…..they wouldnt be favored in only a handful of games (SJ Prep, Tep, Erie Prep, etc) but against a team from SC that won back to back at 3A and has a 25 win streak and winning by 29 at half …wow.

  146. Eman353535 says:

    Also to add to that I have no idea why Southern Columbia doesn’t move up to like 5a They can do it if they want to to.

  147. Eman35 says:

    Watching southern Columbia on tv I love seeing a pa team kicking butt it is good for the state but There is no way Southern Columbia isnt recruiting. How they have that much talent For a small team out of Elysburg pa Can’t be without outside help. They are making this very good southern Carolina team look stupid. I would venture to say that Southern Columbia Could beat any team but st joes prep in the state Regardless of class and size.

  148. FrankG says:

    @ Kmac

    I thin the negatives of beginning the season a week ahead of the Labor Day weekend outweigh the posititives. August should be about establishing the fundamentals, trying players at different positions, evaluating talent, etc. and not about preparing to play team x. Now that we’ve had a few years of starting the regular season at week 0, what do others think?

  149. Kmac says:

    From many of the comments on games posted this week and in the games I attended in person or saw videos of after the fact; the lack of a second scrimmage seemed again apparent. Many had the composure and execution of the old “second scrimmage” than a first game. We should see a great improvement in next weeks games generally. Let’s certainly hope so!

  150. CYOBALL1 says:

    Foleman, they were up 26-0 in the first quarter and the coach was throwing the ball like he was coaching Dan Marino with that lead, and the lack of a kicker was the reason why they lost?
    They lost because they throw the ball for 3 yards instead of running the ball for 3 yards. The first quarter was 50 minutes of actual time. The emphasis seemed to be on padding the QB’s stats rather than putting the game away. Came back to bite them in the A**

  151. CYOBALL1 says:

    Kevin X, not only did they blow the 26 point lead but when they were pouncing all over Roman in the first QTR coaches from PJP were mocking the Roman sideline. I seen multiple coaches look over at Romans sideline and make gestures after scores. Classless act in my opinion.
    Roman was down 26 EARLY in game with plenty of time remaining to mount a comeback given the fact that PJP REFUSES to run the football and chew clock.
    Credit to RC. They NEVER showed any sign of defeat or quit. They hung in there and overcame a huge deficit.

  152. Matt says:

    @Tigerfan…..as a D11 small school graduate and fan and currently live in DC metro area…..I’m excited watch the game on ESPN. I have much respect for what Southern has done and especially from a small public school. Fleming is a once in a decade type player not just in that region but in the state. He seems like he has the right mentality and string foundation around the talent. He should make noise right away at Ohio State. I’m sure a bunch of Football fans from PA will watch.

  153. Kevin X says:

    @ Tiger Guy

    1. Game is on a Sunday summer afternoon
    2. Game is in South Carolina
    3. People are getting, or already have, Southern Columbia/J. Fleming fatigue

    Honestly, I’d be a lot more interested if they would challenge themselves against a very good, competitve, non D4, PA team/school, ESPN or not.

  154. Foleman says:

    Thought on Berks Catholic/Exeter an incredibly boring, sloppy, penalty filled-(Exeter had 19 penalties) game for 3.5 quarters which was dominated by Exeter, they were up 10-0 but it felt liked 28-0. Then Boom, BC’S Larkin goes 80 yards for TD on a jet sweep, next series, MacFoy goes 50 yards for a TD. Exeter drives down to the 4 yard line and a 4th down pass went in and out of Exeter’s top receivers hands with 30 seconds left. After the game, Exeter’s coach blamed Home cooking on the loss, but in reality, it was his team’s lack of discipline-numerous late hits, offside calls, blatant holding, that cost his team the game.

  155. Foleman says:

    Kevin X, PJP looked like they stopped playing when they were up 26-0, a complete breakdown on defense in the 2nd half, this is on the coaching staff for letting a sure win slip away. I also cant believe they can’t find a kicker, did they not ask any soccer players to tryout for the position? 6 TD’s and they cant kick an extra point, that cost them the game.

  156. Buddy says:

    LaSalle over Tep eh.

    Doubt NP is ready for prime time yet.

  157. phillyboy says:

    Watched the Marietta-Rome game last night on youtube. Yeah, somebody uploaded the whole game, pretty cool. Give Prep props for the ambitious schedule but did they bite off more than they can chew? This Marietta team lookded good — it’s like the high school version of Alabama. They got a plethora of D1 players all over the place. Got a QB that reminds me of Fromm from Georgia, a RB by the name of Vidal who is stout and very strong. Oh yeah, they also have a 5 star TE, considered #1 in the country in his position. Although I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Northerner, I respect what they do down in Georgia, ostensibly there’s big time community support — the public teams can ball. Prep usually has their way against the likes of Northeast and Parkland but this seems to be a major step up in level of competition. Of course, Prep has a very strong team, obviously. Their passing game is sensational and with Burrell at RB it keeps the defenses honest. Should be a very interesting mathcup, IMO the best game in the country next week.

  158. Tiger Guy says:

    Not hardly a word on here about Southern Columbia playing on ESPN. I wonder why. Maybe finally SCA will get positive press. I’m sure Coach Roth will have his team ready to show just what this team has to offer! I’m predicting a good ol’ A_ _ Whoopin!

  159. Chief Red Raider says:

    Hey Kevin X: I appreciate your response — thanks for the comments. Not sure who State Champion is, or why he jumped into the middle of my comments directed to you — but now I have a hankering for some pie — too early for pumpkin pie?. Anyway, I’m not sure why it looks like C’ville has a bye, but after judging their performance last night, they could use another game to improve or maybe the extra week off will help them out :). But again, they’re high school kids playing a game, so I don’t want to be too critical of the hometown boys.

  160. Uncle T says:

    D-town west 21, Garnet Valley 7 at half.

    West will be a force this year. Speed on both sides of the ball, and a QB who can make any throw. Will be a very competitive game vs. Coatesville this year to say the least.

    Prototypical Garnet Valley team- athletic defense; ground and pound with a few scat backs mixed in, and an option-keeper QB who will get eaten alive by better defenses. They’ll probably steamroll their league again, but until they have a QB who can go through reads, they’ll never be a contender in states.

  161. State Champion says:


    So funny how you and Coatesville Jack shoot your pie hole off when things are going well, then try to slam a poster’s comment about calling you out on a “high school football team’s loss” ……Blahhh

    Nice try, own it and move on, Ortega and company not all you claimed over the year’s ..Really the Young show!! Downingtwn west is now a 13.5 point favorite….Hope CV has an off week, for your sake. Or you will be staring at 0-2.

  162. Kevin X says:

    Hey, welcome back Chief!!! Any signs of BR&B?? Missing your guys Chest-Mont/C’Ville insights. Sorry, no intention of gloating, but some sarcastic jabs for sure!! I was at the game rooting for the Red Raiders. I said this last week about scrimmages, and it can carry over for week 0/1, take these first week games with with a grain of salt. Maybe they’ll turn the tables on H-Burg, like last year, come back and beat THEM in the state semi’s. Who knows, they could run the regular season table from here, or gulp, even go 5-4. With CV beating McDevitt, kind of thinking that might be a slugfest in two weeks. And then the two D-Towns the final two weeks. Playing 3 5A schools and one 4A, like last year, not going to help their power rating points.

    Question……any idea if they had anybody line up for next week?? Or were they OK with a bye week?? Tough missing out on a home date tho and the $$ at the gate.

  163. Kevin X says:

    Pure crazyness. PJP II was steamrolling Roman Catholic 26-0 in first quarter (4 Gray TD passes)……….they proceed to loose 47-46.

  164. Uncle T says:

    @ Kevin X

    I had similar thoughts watching Coatesville. They are still talented and will be a lot better as the season goes on (and they’re not playing teams as good as Harrisburg). But the Young brothers were their MVPs of the last 2 years. They would have lost to Garnet Valley in the D1 final 2 years ago if not for Avery Young being a game-breaking talent, and Aaron Young last year was so underrated for them since they hardly ever had to rely on a running back.

    I have doubts about D-Town East based solely on what I’ve seen from their coaching staff’s game-planning over the past few years. But we’ll see how D-Town West and Garnet Valley do against each other tonight, as the playing field at the top of D1 looks to be more even this year with a Young-less Coatesville.

  165. Chief Red Raider says:

    Hey Kevin X: As a C’ville fan, they definitely are not the all-around team they’ve had the past couple years, but I wouldn’t gloat too much over a high school football team’s loss. Despite the penalties, bad play calling (IMO) — did they forget about Bryant?, missed key turnover (backwards pass), they could have won the game. I do not think they will be state champs, but I think they can run the table with their remaining schedule because they still have a lot of speed and some play makers. With that said, however, at some point they are due to lose to a Downingtown team (CV might beat them too — who knows?)

  166. tnd775 says:

    ryan vs downingtown east.i heard ryan only had 22 kids???

  167. Kevin X says:

    Sorry, rule number one of EPA football forum posting, do not post before one’s morning coffee……

    *Where are all of you Coatesville faithful??

  168. Kevin X says:

    Where are you Coatesville faithfully?? Have not seen a post from you in some time. Now is the time to come out of your hibernation.

    I took a little road trip yesterday back to the stomping grounds, and three quick observations……

    1. Someone forgot to tell all of these so called prognosticators that Aaron Young in now at Rutgers
    2. Still having visions of yellow flags flying all over the place even after a good night’s sleep
    3. The Downingtowns’ are licking their respective chops

  169. Kevin X says:

    Best “free” article that I came across regarding North Penn’s Crawford Stadium renovations……


  170. FridayNightLights says:

    NP announced tonight that it is their final season on the grass. I didn’t hear they were building a new stadium. I thought the proposal was for upgrades to Crawford including turf, snack stands, restrooms. NP looked solid tonight. Ground game was fast and physical. Starting Sophomore RB and FB with three underclassmen starting on a new O line. Work to be done with the QB and defense but an encouraging start.

  171. Jeff H. says:

    @Sausman – I’ll join the party and pick the games you selected

    1) Coatesville over Harrisburg
    2) North Penn over Neshaminy
    3) LaSallle over Imhotep in a close game that could go either way
    4) CD vs, Wilson – I’ll take Wilson at home in another game that’s a toss-up
    5) CV vs. McDevitt – think CV will struggle to be above 500 with their brutal schedule, I’ll take McDevitt
    6) Southern Columbia vs. Hammond – Hammond is likely the best team they’ll play all yr, I’ll take SC, should be a very competitive game
    7) Penn Hills vs. PR – I’ll take PR, Penn Hills pretty young and lots of new starters and will be hampered by not having their head coach
    8) Downingtown West vs. Garnet Valley – Dwest in another good match up
    9) Mt Lebo vs. Gateway – Gateway is loaded and Derrick Davis is a stud, he impressed me greatly when I saw him several times as a freshman a few years ago, they don’t beat PT at Heinz in 2017 without him, Palko might take Lebo back to their glory days, give him a few years and think he’ll have the Blue Devils back at Heinz Field, Gateway has too many weapons for them in this game
    10) Northhamptom vs. Parkland – don’t know much about Northhampton so have to go with Parkland
    11) Aliquippa at Clairton, both ranked #1 in the WPIAL in their respective classes, I’ll take Aliquippa on the road in a close one

    @ Kevin X – know this has been discussed numerous times in the past on this board, when is North Penn finally going to install turf? You’d think having all their home playoff games moved due to field conditions would prompt the school board or football boosters to figure out a way to get it done, just very surprised a school district their size does not have turf, that does not occur in the WPIAL, to my knowledge every 5A and 6A school in the WPIAL has a turf field.

  172. Buddy says:

    Rumor has it NP is building a new stadium.

    God knows when that will happen!

  173. Kevin X says:

    Lovely, just what North Penn and Crawford Stadium needs…..rain!!!! Not a great way to kickoff the season for a field that has had some bad luck recently with conditions. 3 home games in the first 4 weeks, oh boy. Take preemptive action and push tonight’s game back to tomorrow night???

  174. sausmann9 says:

    Alright sounds good; lets drop my last three games mentioned and lets add the following;

    Downingtown West v Garnett Valley – I got Dtown West

    Gateway v Mt Lebo – got to go with Mt Lebo on this one.

    and one more good one. if we can’t find another lets keep the Northampton v Parkland (crazy feeling about this one)

    I’m going to try to pick the best 10 games each week. lets get a few of us in on some picks. I think as long as we decide what games to choose by tomorrow noon and by thursdays from here on out, we probably could have sojme fun with this. jmo

    @Jeff H – “weird” in the same way you stated. these teams have been rivals for some really good league games. now split apart seems more attitude on line out there. I would love to attend this game, I think this is going to be a great game in spite of the losses by PH to graduation and suspension. I just love me some WPIAL football, it just never gets old. (off topic ~ whats your best wpial game you’ve seen, could be at heinz or threerivers)

    @JC – I ;have a feeling on this one. Kyle Haas has things rolling on the right track and this will be a statement game for the Kids. I watched their tailback just once this summer and he looks FAST!!! Kids finally have some size back on the lines as well ande I think their QB returns as well. This will be a good one!

    @KevX – tx man! and I’m all for adding that Dtown West game instead of one of the last two for sure. I tried to get together 10 good games but by no means did I hit them all. I’m already looking for week 2. Make your picks bud and we’ll see if we can keep track of this for the season. I also like that Dunmore v Scranton prep game, that’ll be a good one as well.

  175. EPCSouth says:

    The best D11 teams would have a very small chance to beat this year’s Prep team. After Prep’s first three games v Marietta, St John’s, and IMG….they will probably mercy rule/dominate everyone in the state of PA. The EPC is trending downward from top to bottom. I’m not expecting much from a lot of the conference.

  176. Tnd775 says:


    Ryan’s standout wr went to northeast in march.

  177. Jeff H. says:

    @Sausman – why do you say Pine Richland vs. Penn Hills is a weird match up? They were in the same conference for years when Penn Hills played in 6A, and both are the defending WPIAL champs in their respective classes. If this game were played last year I would have definitely favored Penn Hills, but they graduated lots of D1 talent and only have 7 returning starters, their head coach is also suspended for this game by the WPIAL, so I like Pine Richland by 2 scores. Another interesting game in the WPIAL tomorrow night and the one I’ll be attending is 5A Gateway vs. 6A Mt Lebanon, many polls have Gateway as the #1 team in 5A, and Mt Lebo is led by former West Allegheny coach Bob Palko, whose West Allegheny team shocked Gateway in the WPIAL semi-finals last year in a huge upset.

    @ Kevin X – agree that Garnet Valley vs. Dtown West should be a good one, if they stay healthy I think Dwest has a legitimate chance to challenge Coatesville and North Penn for the D1 title

    @District 3 Commish – not sure I agree that 5A is weak outside of a few catholic schools, the only catholic school that’s been a factor in 5A the last 3 years is Wood, and all indications are they will be down this year by their standards,like last year the WPIAL has a lot of very good 5A teams, most notably Gateway, Peters Township and Penn Trafford, as previously mentioned defending 5A champ Penn Hills graduated a ton, but they do have some talent returning and will be a factor in the WPIAL. I do agree that Warwick is a big threat to MC in D3, as is Cocalico.

  178. Mcd65 says:

    Kevin X, Not sure about the Ryan RB ,but Northeast is on a mission for sure, They should handle Abington Friday.

  179. JC says:


    I’d be shocked if Northampton-Parkland was close. An upset would be great to see, since I’m hoping the gap between the EPC North and South starts closing, but I just don’t see it. The only EPC North teams I see having a chance at winning in Week 1 are Stroudsburg and East Stroudsburg South, and maaaaaaybe Pocono East pulls a shocker over Nazareth.

  180. Kevin X says:

    @ Sausmann

    Wow, impressive list of games kicking off the season. Just a reminder, the Harrisburg @ Coatesville game is PCN’s “Game of the Week” tomorrow night and will be rebroadcast Saturday night @ 9p. If you aren’t watching the rebroadcast Saturday night……

    ….check out Garnet Valley @ Downingtown West (7p Sat. in Downingtown) could be an honorable mention game.

    Also, some D2 love for honorable mentions….

    Pennridge @ Delaware Valley – love these early season inter district games.
    Dunmore @ Scranton Prep (Sat. afternoon)
    Wilkes-Barre @ Crestwood (just b/c it’s the W-B Wolfpack’s inaugural game

    @ Mcd65

    Wasn’t there also a very talented RB from Ryan that transferred to Northeast this year as well?? Maybe I’m getting these kids confused, or where they are transferring to and from.

    Northeast appears to be just as active (or should I say guilty) in this transfer game as any Catholic/Private/Charter school.

  181. EPCSouth says:

    @Craig A Jones from what I hear it was evenly matched between Coatesville & Easton. Easton huge and physical upfront with good RB. Will be able to run the ball well and play tough defense. Coatesville didn’t show their hand much and kept Ortega out for most of the time. I dont think they will be near last years C’ville team but still good. Wouldnt be surprised if Hburg beats them. Easton will be good in the ever weakening EPC. As an Easton guy i miss the old Easton. Freedom is the run away favorite in D11 with maybe Parkland a close second but both of those teams aren’t the same caliber as other districts so we will be sent home first round of states AGAIN by D12.

  182. Kevin X says:

    @ D3 Commish

    Would love to see those two scrimmages that you saw actually be regular season games…….

  183. Sausmann says:

    Tried to find the top 10 games of the week around the state. The first seven games are solid picks; the last three games are fillers and if anyone can find three better games we can switch them out. Although the last three could be major upsets to start off the season. Enjoy.
    1. Harrisburg v Coatesville – going w/ Coatesville in season opener
    2. North Penn v Neshaminy – going w/ North Penn only b/c its the season opener
    3. Imhotep Charter v LaSalle Prep – going w/ Ihop but in a very close one; speed kills in this one.
    4. Central Dauphin at Wilson West Lawn – Damn this is going to be a good one. Wilson takes it.
    5. Cumberland Valley v McDevitt – going w/ CV just b/c I’m still a Regis Perry fan!!!
    6. Southern Columbia v Hammond SC – going w/ PA power SCA but this team is no joke and SCA will see some nice talent.
    7. Penn Hills v Pine Richland – going w/ Penn Hills on this one. Have a feeling on upset here. weird matchup
    8. Aliquippa v Clairton – Quips got this one but in a dog fight.
    9. Parkland at Northampton – upset special here. Northampton wins by a field goal.
    10. Notre Dame Green Pond v Northwestern Lehigh – transfer season was good to ND. NWL still has one of the better quarterbacks in the district and maybe even region.

    what you all got 🙂

  184. Mcd65 says:

    Well,I just heard McDevitts all catholic RB John Luke Peaker transferred to Northeast . This is the second year in a row that this team has lost Star players prior to the start of a promising year. Last year they lost 2 All Catholic players to Neuman /Gorretti and now this . Phew !!!!

  185. Craig A Jones says:

    Anybody have info on the Easton-Coatesville scrimmage from last Saturday>

  186. Craig A Jones says:

    Was wondering how the Easton-Coatesville scrimmage went on Saturday. Anybody know?

  187. Joe says:

    Southern Colombia playing Hammond High School on Sunday in Columbia South Carolina. Game on ESPN 2 at 2 pm.. Should be quite an event. (Aug. 25 Southern Columbia (Pa.).

  188. NW PA says:

    @Foleman-I’ve noticed the transfer rule only applies to private schools. In District 10 the top player from Erie High has transferred to McDowell the last 3 years in a row for their senior year. I actually see nothing wrong with the transfer but this year the student was given a playoff waiver and it’s my understanding that this rule was meant to stop that sort of thing from happening. Keep in mind this is Erie we are talking about so the whole “my family moved” doesn’t hold any water. The kid who did it this year (whose a great football player and a great kid) lives no more than 5 miles from his old house. If your transferring for your senior year you can easily get a playoff waiver as long as your not transferring to a private school.

  189. District 3 Commish says:

    Mike A. Thanks for the detailed update on CV. Tradition never graduates and CV is the standard of tradition in D3. They will be contenders again soon. If I have my years correct CV will be playing Manheim Central and Spring Ford next year.

    Saw two scrimmages on Saturday…..

    Parkland vs Wilson –

    Parlkand is huge and loaded. Big O-line led by Dawkins. Big athletic wr’s and a tough RB in Isaih Rico.
    Wilson has a great defense. Big solid OL. Two strong RB’s in Lockhart and the Sophomore Jadyn Jones Also a kicker with a big leg.
    Overall a very physical scrimmage. Parkand was better in the 10-10-10 and Wilson was better in game situation.

    Mabheim Township vs Manheim Central-

    Township dominated the whole scrimmage. Big arm QB and lots of skill players. Questions for me is can the OL & DL hold up against power teams. Last year they could not against CD (in playoff 28-0 game) and Wilson.

    Manheim Centeral was very weak on the lines. Great QB and the Wagner twins are back. They will be fine against their week schedule but the two games to watch are against Warwick passing game and Wilson power game. I believe this team is very overrated but 5A is weak outside of a few Catholic schools……. but there are non in D3

    D3 6A Final Four – Harrisburg, CD, MT & Wilson
    D3 5A Final Four – Warwick, Central, Mifflin, Cocalico – Side note…… Noah Palm is going to New Hampshire. This kid is the ultimate football player. (My Projection) He will eventually be an OLB and will get a shot in NFL as a special teams role player. Love this kid!!!!!

    D3 4A – McDevitt – Book it now. BC is down.

    Wyomissing will be strong in 3A. Also as of now they are dropping BC in 2020 because they are tired of them cherry picking their players. Let’s hope they hold to this because at this time it’s the only way to change the system.

  190. David Mika says:


  191. Ndgp82 says:

    When will the preseason rankings be available?

  192. Ndgp82 says:

    @ColonialFan Notre Dame Green Pond has students from New Jersey because there are no Catholic High Schools in Warren or Hunterdon County so they are are allowed to enroll. I coach a non-athletic activity and a few of my students lived in New Jersey.

  193. Kevin X says:

    @ Mcd65

    I’ll defer to you, but you seem to have very high expectations from LaSalle. You expect them to be that good (only loose to SJP)?? I can conceivably (not saying that they will) see them being 1-4 entering October.

    PCL blue gonna be fun.

  194. Mcd65 says:

    A few comments about some teams in the PCL. LaSalle should give the Prep a game this year and will probably only lose to the prep during the year. They are solid all around. Wood will have a losing season IMO.West Catholic will be challenged by McDevitt in AA. Archbishop Carrol could be the surprise team in the PCL blue.

  195. Kevin X says:

    @ Foleman

    Probably more understandable if you have a law degree and/or consume several adult beverages before reviewing………….I assume this will be in place for next year/next cycle???


  196. Kevin X says:


  197. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – Looks like the usual suspects all over the state in 4A, I wouldn’t be surprised if we have the same 4 semi-finalists as last year, with ECP playing McDevitt in the west and Tep vs. Becahi in the east, think Valley View will be very good again and could crash the party, and Berks will challenge McDevitt in D3, but other than that I don’t see any other teams emerging in 4A. I’m a WPIAL guy and I’ll believe TJ can beat ECP when I see it, their coach whines about all the advantages ECP has so his team goes into the game doubting they can win, same thing happens every year (i.e. 2015-2017).

    @Uncle Tom – agreed, some great opening weekend games, I think Dtown West is going to be very good and will challenge Coatesville and North Penn for the D1 title, and yes, SJP’s national schedule is tremendous, I saw in the USA Today they have the 7th toughest schedule in the country, unless something dramatic happens like injuries to several star players everyone else is playing for runner-up in 6A, they are that much better than everyone else in PA this year.

  198. Foleman says:

    I thought the new rules on classification had some sort of success factor involved. Tep vs ECP once again is a joke! The PIAA needs to move them up at least 1 classification. They should be in 5A, ECP could possibly be a 6A school, don’t give me they are small schools either, both of these schools annually have more talent than 95% of the 6 A Public schools. I also don’t get the new transfer rules, 2 kids that transferred into Berks Catholic last year from Public schools were ruled ineligible by District 3, yet today, I read in the local paper that the Maddocks boys who are on their 3rd school in 3 years….last year at Bishop Shanahan, are eligible to play football at Fleetwood HS.

  199. Kevin X says:

    @ Jeff H.

    Yikes, you’re right, it would be round 5!!! Crazy. The first meeting, the last of the original 3A games, was the only one that Imhotep won. I had to go back and look at that season, and that 2015 ‘Tep was a juggernaut. Getting back to this upcoming season, sounds like ECP is still the fav to come out of the west, but maybe a little more competitive?? As far as anybody remotely challenging Imhotep in the east (assuming the brackets are set up the same as last year) I do not see it. Any of you upstate D2 guys feel free to chime in with your inside local knowledge. Guessing the favs up there in D2 for 4A would be the usual suspects, Berwick, Valley View and Dallas?? Becahi or other eastern 4A schools after that??

  200. sca fan says:

    knobels’ not sure who you are talking about that has a Mifflinburg address. But as far as paxinos that is southern Columbia school district. aways has been.

  201. Tep_Guy215 says:

    I feel they should keep 1a – 6a but have a elite small division which would consist of top programs from 1a-3a and have a elite big school division 4a -6a play in a playoff system and let schools in the elite playoff division recruit making it a fair ground for all. Imagine a playoff system with a elite big 8 like Erie, Prep, Imhotep, PineR, PCC, BethlehemC, Wood, Coatesville, Harrisburg. And don’t put teams in districts let them be randomizes matches instead of district titles n stuff so like we might get a Imhotep vs PCC in 1st round match ups and let non superior teams keep the 1a-6a state playoffs brackets

  202. Mike A says:

    @ District 3 Commish and anyone else interested.

    While I am somewhat familiar with this years team I am also of the opinion that CV is in for a few lean years in the near future. The wing T has worked well at CV for many years and many times allows the team to over-perform its talent level with precise execution and teamwork. CV rarely gets transfers and its program from a very early age is ingrained into all future CV football players. CV rarely has D1 talent (Jon Richie, Askari Adams, and Jesse Neumeyer in the 90’s and more recently Kevin Snyder, Kyle Friend, and Charlie Katshir) and it allows them to compete at a very high level with just slightly above average talent, especially at the QB position.

    Preview 2019 Cumberland Valley Eagles Mid Penn Commonwealth District 3
    Cumberland Valley, once again, has one of the toughest schedules in the state (3 preseason top 10 6A teams, 1 top 10 4A team) that includes Coatesville, Central Dauphin, Chambersburg, Bishop McDevitt, State College, and Harrisburg. Last year a very young team improved as the season went along and then won 3 out of the last 4 games, although the competition wasn’t as formidable, ending with a close 16-13 loss to a very good State College team in which the defense allowed only 1 TD. That provided a lot of confidence in the off season. Over those last 4 games the starting defense allowed just 2 TD’s by the opponents offense. This year 9 of those starters return on defense. Seniors Conner Mundis 6’2″, 250, Wyatt Claypool 6’2″, 225, Anthony Fye 6’1″, 225, and Chase Myers, 6’1″, 290 will anchor the defensive line with hard hitting junior LB Derik Sauve, 6’0″, 190 backing them up and 4 returning DB’s. On offense, a seasoned line with good size is headed by Claypool, Mundis and Chase Myers. CV will look to run the football behind them with senior RB Max Dell’Anno, 125-766, 6.1, 9 TD and FB Sauve in the backfield. The 6’3″ Dell’Anno has added strength and weight and now is over 200 lbs and runs a sub 4.5 40. CV expects big things on offense and defense this year from Dell’Anno. With the graduation of Jared Plessinger, CV will turn to senior Hunter Grunden and/or junior Alex Kovach to fill those shoes; not an easy task. SE Logan Ramper, TE Fye, along with tosses to Dell’Anno and others round out the receiving corps. Tim Kissinger returns to handle the kicking chores and most likely will catch some passes also. With inexperience at the QB position opponents can expect a big dose of CV’s wing T running game with timely passing to keep you honest. CV looks to return to its winning ways in 2019 but the path is incredibly difficult, especially considering the inexperienced QB situation and a difficult first half schedule. If the defense can keep them in some games early in the season look for the Eagles to once again come on strong in the second half of the season when the schedule is more favorable. CV should return to the .500 mark and maybe better if everything falls into place. A D3 6A playoff spot is a definite possibility.

  203. Uncle T says:

    Happy 2019 season everyone. Looking forward to another year here.

    Great way to start the season in D1 with Garnet Valley @ Downingtown West Will Howards, and Neshaminy @ North Penn. Throw in Harrisburg-Coatesville and that’s 4 or 5 of the district’s likely top seeds all jumping in the deep end right away. Kudos to the programs for scheduling like this.

    I know I’m probably late to the party on this, but SJP’s early schedule is ridiculous. They’re ranked #8 and play #24, #5, and #6 3 straight weeks. Then they start off Catholic League play with LaSalle in their 4th game. If they sweep, they’ll be nipping at the Mater Dei/Bosco survivor for a national title.

  204. Knobles says:

    I was looking at the Bucknell Roster and noticed two Southern Columbia Alumni on the team.

    When looking closer, it listed Paxinos as one home town but Southern Columbia as the high school. I believe Paxinos is in Shamokin district?

    The other listed Mifflinburg as the home town and Southern Columbia as the high school. Isn’t there a Mifflinburg district?

    I thought SC was a Public School? If so how are these students live in a Public School and attend another Public School?

    Can someone explain? Are there more examples of this at SC?

  205. Jeff H. says:

    @ Kevin X – if ECP and Imhotep meet again in Hershey it will be round 5, as they played for the last 3A title before the move to 6 classes. I don’t see anyone in the West beating ECP, as NW PA stated Thomas Jefferson is once again the favorite in the WPIAL, but they have yet to prove they can beat ECP, although I think the talent level may be closer this year, we’ll see. Expect Clearfield to be good but not as good as last years team, and I would be shocked if they beat ECP in the playoffs. I also don’t see Berks Catholic or Bishop McDevitt from D3 beating Erie Prep, appears both of them will be down slightly from the last few years.

  206. Tnd775 says:

    Catholic league red
    St Joe’s

  207. D11Fan says:

    The local paper in the Lehigh Valley made an article about whether a higher classification D11 team will ever go to the state finals again since 2015 Parkland, 2010 ACC, 2008 Liberty, 2007 Parkland, 2006 Lib, 2005 Lib etc.. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Football in that area isn’t what it use to be. They use to have talent now the past 3 years or so they seem very down to the point where the games are no longer competitive at least against D12. If you look at the signing classes from that area the better the athletes(better competition) the better they perform against D12. Cant go from Persa, Gonzalez, Nosovitch, Saquon, Andre Williams, Kevin White, Shane simpson, Cross, Dotson etc. to the D2/D3 guys they have now and expect to beat St Joes and Lasalle or even District 1. I got to the games each year and see a big drop in talent/competition. the past couple district champs wouldn’t be a .500 team in some of the past years. Would love to hear some input on this as I would love to see D11 back to what it was, a competitor at least.

  208. NW PA says:

    Erie Cathedral is slightly undersized but they have a ton of talent. They have a tough schedule again with St. Eds and Football North as well as Mckeesport and lets not forget Erie High and McDowell. Their tough schedule last year really helped them during their playoff run and I think that will be the case again this year. If they stay healthy they could make another run. That being said, Thomas Jefferson is also loaded and has a big physical line and Clearfield also brings back some talent and a very skilled sophomore quarterback.

  209. Kevin X says:

    I was at Wood and Imhotep down at Upper Dublin. Well, I was there for the “second half” only. I’m not a nuance X’s and O’s guy, and I take these scrimmages with a very large grain of salt, actually more like a salt lick, but what I saw was all ‘Tep. The best thing to come out of these scrimmages is that no one gets hurt. I didn’t see any issues with that while I was there.

    I’m not exactly going out on the limb with this one, but frankly, seeing Round 4 of Imhotep and ECP in December in Hershey. Any western guys (or D3 guys I suppose as well) can correct me on the ECP prediction. Also, unless classifications change next cycle, this finals match-up will continue to be an annual occurrence, so get use to it if you are already not.

  210. Mike says:

    Did anyone go to any scrimmages today?

  211. Papride says:

    Ohio has open border policy, so kids transferring from Ohio to Pa is not nearly as likely to happen as it was 20 years ago. Most of the Ohio kids stay in Ohio and transfer to the powerhouse team across town.The last big Ohio transfer to Northwest, Pa was on the wrestling mat and that was about 7 years ago when Devin Brown moved to Saegertown, Pa. He then followed Spencer Lee south to Franklin Regional. Also speaking of Erie Prep, Coach Mischler and staff have a very, very talented Freshman class. All Erie kids. This class will be as good as or better then the Scruggs, Mischler, Bauer, Roberts, Fessler class in my opinion. Will be fun to watch this group over the next 4 years, they will be special.

  212. ColonialFan says:

    Edit my username if possible to ColonialFan…ha! Need to proofread better!

  213. ConialFan says:

    Add Notre Dame Green Pond to the list of schools with players from other states. It was published in the Morning Call last week that they have a new junior running back that transferred in from Belvidere High School in New Jersey. He ran for something like 1500 yards and a bunch of touchdowns as a freshman and sophomore. I know it’s not a far drive, and I’m sure someone will say he moved to the area….who knows. I’m sure he’s there for the good catholic education.

  214. Mick says:

    Jut, I agree

  215. Jut says:

    Let’s be honest. There has always been non boundary schools playing in the PIAA. It’s only been an issue lately D12/1 schools. D 12 wasn’t allowed to play in PIAA for years for the reason could recruit players from anywhere. But PIAA let them in and now it’s All-star filled teams against small community teams which isn’t fair at all. I’m not saying teams out west recruit players from New York, Ohio or West Virginia I’m sure they do. It’s got worst over the years when teams from philly have players come in half way thru playoffs to play. That isn’t fair and it’s being done. There should be 6 classifications in PIAA. 4 public schools on enrollment and 2 private/catholic school 1 big and 1 small school classification. So the PIAA stays with 6 championships and everything is fair.

  216. Mike Smoll says:

    You know you guys are right, not a lot you can do about recruiting, however the one thing that needs to be tried, but not sure how you enforce, is that you put some kind of limit on the areas from where you can recruit, for instance Central Bucks School District is 122 square miles (and they field 3 6A teams), but limit schools like St. Joe’s Prep to an area equivalent to say Central Bucks 122 square miles, they can pick the drawing of their school district, but can not change, except for say every 7 to 10 years, that way you are putting some kind of limit on where the kids are coming from, unlike today, where they are drawing kids from an area of 3 or 4 school districts or perhaps more.

    @Buddy That field is horrible, it’s ok early in the season, but one good rain storm and it’s done, time for a school like North Penn to put in an artificial turf field.

  217. NW PA says:

    Someone said that Erie Cathedral has players who live out of state and this is completely false. I live in Erie and follow the local football scene and Cathedral Prep hasn’t had any out of state players in at least the last ten years if not more. I challenge anyone to name one out of state player in the last decade. Fredrick Juice Scruggs was born in Ashtabula Ohio which is just over the border but moved to Erie when he was like 8 so I really don’t think that counts. Mercyhurst Prep football has had several players from Canada over the years and they do a bunch of shady things involving housing and tuition.

  218. Buddy says:

    @ Kevin

    WAY, I mean WAY overdue! NP’s field is the worst in D1, by far.

    Last year, and I believe the year before, they were #1 seed for D1 playoffs

    and could not play a single home game due to the field.

  219. Kevin X says:

    Anybody checking out any scrimmages this weekend???

  220. Kevin X says:

    A copy and paste from Twitter……for those of you familiar with North Penn football and Crawford Stadium on the NP campus……..

    “#Towamencin board starts w/a unanimous vote to grant preliminary and final land development approval to
    @NPSD for plans to renovate Crawford Stadium adjacent to NP high school”

  221. David Mika says:

    Route54….Either Thursday or Friday next week.

  222. Route54 says:

    Dave, are you doing the Rankings this year? If so, when do they begin?


  223. mdodgson says:

    @Buddy what i am saying if your non boundary you can get kids from anywhere , so that should make you a 6A school you have a huge pool of people to draw from .To even it up in the top classification let the 6A school recruit to now it and even playing field.It seem it what the PIAA want super teams that can play Friday night on ESPN.If their a reason for something follow the money !!!!

  224. FrankG says:

    @ Foleman

    I’m old and can remember the best Prep football player when I started there in the late ’60s, Dan McGee, was from Cinnaminson NJ and I think Brooks himself, when he played there in the mid-’70s, was a Jersey kid. But maybe because Brooks was from Jersey he looked more to Jersey than previous Prep coaches and thus got Hobson and a few others. The Quinns had always gone to the Prep. But Infante, starting with Reid and Zaccheaus, drew even more from Jersey. Then again, a higher percentage of students overall come from Jersey than was the case decades ago–a reflection of demographic changes in the Phila, area.

    Of course it’s an advantage to have a larger area from which to draw students, but living in Jersey–or in Bucks or Chester County or in the outlying areas of Delaware and Montgomery Counties–while playing football at the Prep (which still practices off campus) comes with some built-in challenges / disadvantages. There’s a school of thought that says making some sacrifices can be strengthening.

  225. GoBigRedMCA says:

    @Knobles wow taking a shot at a kid. Really must be the toughest guy in your moms house. Jealously runs deep in you my friend.

  226. Foleman says:

    FrankG, I know all about the Prep as I grew up in Philly and a few of my Holy Inn classmates went there……..and they are very successful! If I still lived in Philly I would surely send my son there as you can’t beat the Prep. When Gil Brooks took over as head Coach at Prep……. and they were a doormat before Brooks, he, along with Prep’s money turned St. Joe into a National Powerhouse, one of the reason’s why is the unfair advantage in football is that they can get the best of the best from St. Jersey, no Public school can do this. I know the Prep has been getting NJ students for years but before Brooks and later Infante, none of them could play football like Runyon’s kid, Trotters kid and their current QB McCord. The Prep’s football success is one of the reason’s why The Pubs want there own playoff where they all play by the same rules. Plus, lets face it, we both know how difficult it is to get accepted into the Prep, many of their top football players wouldn’t be able to sniff the prep due to grades.

  227. 4th and Long says:

    Phillyboy, think about what you’re saying. By creating public superteams, you’re eliminating opportunities for most kids to gain all of the benefits of participating in high school sports just so we can watch a higher level of competition. I think kids should have more opportunities to participate, not fewer.

  228. 4th and Long says:

    FrankG, you’re correct I’m talking football and basketball, but those seem to be the highest profile sports and this is a football forum. Most of the other sports you mentioned are really individual sports.

  229. 4th and Long says:

    Kevin X, depending on the sport and classification the boundary: non-boundary ratio runs between about 8:1-3:1. Depending on the year, class, and sport, half or more of the state champs are non-boundaries. The sports i was thinking of were football and boys and girls basketball, but while they’re probably the most egregious examples, I’d bet some degree of imbalance holds true for just about every sport. So yes, I’m speaking in round numbers, but I’m in the ballpark as far as my point goes.

  230. phillyboy says:


    Was proposing, for the large suburban school districts, to have only 1 football team instead of 1 for each high school. It would create a much stronger team. Erie condensed to 1 team a couple years ago and I believe Wilkes-Barre is in the process of doing the same thing.* Those schools had to do it out of necessity but a district could also do it voluntarily to improve the quality of the roster. As an added benefit, districts would save money. Could you imagine if Central Bucks had only 1 team instead of 3? That would be the real deal, they’d be ba’ack. Don’t mean to be negative, but as A I (Allen Iverson) used to say ‘Let’s keep it real’, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon — that is, CB West, CB East, and CB South. It’s what I call a malaise of mediocrity. Would you rather have 3 teams with a 4-6 or 5-5 record, or 1 team that can bang with Prep in early December at Northeast High? It’s the same principle at other large suburban districts like Council Rock, Downingtown, Bethlehem, Central Dauphin, etc. Condensing to 1 team isn’t an automatic prescription for success, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. In a perfect world, sure, each high school should have its own team, but like the old adage, ‘sometimes unique problems call for unique solutions’. Anyway just some thoughts, phillyboy here, I’m out.

    *Btw the consolidation of the Erie and W-B schools into a single team does not have the same advantage because they merged lower classification teams. If the schools being merged are already 6A then a real boost can be realized.

  231. FrankG says:

    @ Buddy

    “Most sports” is even vaguer than “most people.” From what I hear and read very few people have concerns about private and public schools competing against each other in wrestling, baseball, track, cross country, tennis, and even lacrosse. Nearly all the concerns are about football and basketball. Isn’t that true?


    Maybe you already know this, but SJP had a large number of students (including but far from only athletes) from Jersey for many decades before the PCL entered the PIAA. I don’t remember any discussion of not allowing students from Jersey to compete in PIAA playoff games before the PCL joined the PIAA. Of course, the PIAA could decide to impose that rule, in which case SJP–and maybe the whole PCL–would withdraw from the PIAA. My sense is that SJP could live with this–and maybe even be better off. Not sure it would be good for the PIAA. The landscape has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years and will probably change even more in the next decade.


    I know this is an eastern PA board, but it’s still curious that many mention the situation in Jersey–be careful what you wish for–but nobody mentions Ohio.

  232. Knobles says:

    How old is Julian Fleming? I know his birthday is in December….. but will he be 18, 19 or 20?

  233. Buddy says:


    4th & long is about right. You don’t need an exact stat to prove one’s point. “Most sports” simply means most sports.

    @mark d

    not sure what you’re saying there.


    Same as above.

  234. mark d says:

    simple if you a non boundary school your 6 A case closed if you a public 6 A school you should have no transfer rule now you have an even playing field

  235. District 3 Commish says:

    4th and Long – Well said.

  236. phillyboy says:

    … eliminate the redundant teams. If Downingtown and Central Bucks or even Bethlehem had a single tram, it would be formidable and intriguing.

  237. phillyboy says:

    They should NOT separate the public and private schools for the playoffs. This is phillyboy’s take on it. It can be tweaked. Got the transfer rule already. Public teams could refuse to play privates during the regular season. And a HUGE one for the big suburban school districts: elim

  238. Kevin X says:

    @ 4th and Long

    “reality in PA is a non-boundary school has almost 10 times the chance of winning a title over a public school in the same classification” How and where do you come up with that statement??

    “in most of the big sports” ???? more specifically???

    @ Foleman

    Linden Hall

  239. 4th and Long says:

    Separating private and public schools works fine in Jersey, where the level of play is on a par with PA. The reality in PA is a non-boundary school has almost 10 times the chance of winning a title over a public school in the same classification in most of the big sports. If we’re interested in fair play, you’ve gotta separate the schools. If we’re just interested in seeing who the best teams in the state are, lets eliminate enrollment classifications altogether and crown one champ per sport. However, claiming the present system promotes a level playing field is demonstrably absurd.

  240. The Joneses says:

    @ Foleman The league the school plays in, is based on the where the school is, not where the student comes from. You can’t eat your cake and still have it. If private and public schools stay together, than you want a private school for what it is. An entity that can and will draw students from all over academically and athletically. I think people will get their wish soon enough because someone is going to bend to the cries of people who want to see the separation. Then people will find something new to complain about. The privates won’t be complaining. Their machine will keep going. All we thought about was beating the privates when I was in school. Now how our parents could lobby so we didn’t have to play them. Participation trophy for everyone.

  241. Foleman says:

    I am not in favor of separating Public and Private schools, Recruiting by the private schools will go off the charts if this happens. I am in favor of not having non-Pa students participate in PIAA sports. Minus out of Stater’s Trotter and McCord and who knows else on the Prep would bring them back down to a level of where the Pubs might have a chance to beat them. Outside of Prep, Erie Cathedral Prep, BECA-(wrestling) and Kennedy Catholic….who knows where their basketball player’s come from…..can anyone think of any other schools in the PIAA that draws athletes from other states? McCord & Trotter and the rest of the outsiders can play in the Inter Ac or the Hill Schools of the world, not in the PIAA.

  242. Mike Smoll says:

    The Doylestown Intelligencer Sports page, shows a picture of McCord and Trotter and said the Interstate Dominance and speaks about how both are from Mt Laurel New Jersey, Seems funny that only select schools can recruit from New Jersey and other states but can compete for the PENNSYLVANIA state title and Pennsylvania all state team. Don’t understand how Public schools can compete with the recruiting.

  243. Kevin X says:

    @ Buddy

    Hot topic back in the spring (and prior), but I haven’t heard anything about it lately. Maybe just a case of summer break and/or the legislative process is a typical slow moving process. Anyways, lots of articles on-line about the bill that was/or to be introduced in Harrisburg back in early June, here is one of them that gives pretty decent overview……..


  244. Buddy says:

    BTW, are they separating public & private?

    Has that been determined? If so, when?

  245. Buddy says:


  246. Buddy says:

    Recruiting is very powerful.

  247. Mike Smoll says:

    Am I incorrect, I thought one of the Great Central Bucks West teams were also ranked #1 in the country. I know for sure they were ranked that during the season, did they lose out in the final polls???????

  248. phillyboy says:

    PA has had 6 high school football national chamions: 1918-Harrisburg Tech, 1919-Harrisburg Tech, 1983-Berwick, 1987-North Hills, 1992-Berwick, and 1995-Berwick. Could St. Joe’s Prep be the next — for 2019? It’s possible, they come in ranked #11 already. They get warmed up against a public team in the opener, then they got 2 really tough out of state private teams at home. If they can get through that unscathed, it’s like a surfer who has just battled through the white water waves to reach the swells. They could then set the cruise control, starters won’t have to play into the 2nd half until the state semifinal, if then.

  249. Kevin X says:

    PCN TV released their high school football “Game of the Week” schedule. Kicks off Friday August 23rd, as kind of as expected (at least by me), with Harrisburg @ Coatesville. Interesting to see on the schedule later in the year Archbishop Wood @ SJP.


  250. Torchy says:

    You don’t mess with a good thing. Hershey is the best possible place to host the state championships. Didn’t we see how poor moving the PIAA basketball finals were?!?

  251. Kevin X says:

    ……..and I forgot to mention that 6 games over the course of 2 or 3 days on the natural grass of Beaver Stadium, no matter how good it is, in early December with any rain/snow could be a complete nightmare of field conditions.

    I’m on board with Bucknell hosting. Assuming they have a decent capacity stadium with turf. Lewisburg is a pretty cool little college town. Wouldn’t mind the PIAA taking the show on the road and moving championship weekend around the state from year to year.

    I saw PJP 3 times last year (ok, 2 1/2, bailed at halftime of the Upper Perk game) but the two others were two of the better games that I saw in person last year. The back and forth affair with Pottsgrove, and the playoff game against New Hope (at Conshy “A” Field, where I’d recommend to you guys to try to catch a game at if you are into old school grass field throwback intimate facilities). Unfortunately the PJP defense decided to go home at halftime of the game. I think Gray has a howitzer for an arm, and if he has these weapons around him, they could make a nice run. 3A is a small group in SEPA, but a tough one. Still have CEC, but they should come back to the pack now sans Garwo. N-G??? Which N-G team will we have this year, the South Philly All-Star team from 2 years ago, or the train wreck from last year???

    One more thought………..PCL Blue gonna be fun this year. PCL Red gets all the yapping with SJP, LaSalle and Wood, but looking forward to the PCL Blue dogfight!!!

  252. PSU88 says:

    Bucknell University would be a great location for state championship games.

  253. 4th and long says:

    Foleman, I saw PJP twice last year and love the program. I think they’re extremely well coached, love Gray at QB (but I don’t see him as a D1 player) and the addition of Walker to an already talented bunch of returning receivers gives PJP a lot of firepower in the passing game. The problem is Neumann-Goretti is in D1 AAA and with six legit D1 college recruits, I don’t see anyone stopping them for a while. Albee Crosby is probably the best recruiter in SE PA.

    Kevin X, as someone who came from an area where the finals were played in a pro stadium, I totally agree the sight of a few thousand fans in an arena designed for 70K+ is pretty sad. Hershey or a small college are better settings for football championships in this state.

  254. Kevin X says:

    Some of you guys probably saw this from a few days ago, thought it was intriguing. Initially I thought it was a cool idea to move the PIAA football championship games to Beaver Stadium, but upon further reflection, visualizing 2,000 – 3,000 fans in a 109k seat stadium is not a good look or atmosphere. Your thoughts……..


  255. Foleman says:

    4th and Long, Walker transferred in last year from Daniel Boone HS, he was the leading receiver in Berks County as a sophomore and suffered an injury in preseason practice which cost him the entire year. He’s 6’4 230lbs and has committed to Bowling Green. PJP is going to be fun to watch this year.

  256. Kevin X says:

    “All 2019-2020 fall sports approved at this morning’s District III Committee meeting. Football will play all games, including championships, at the home site of the higher seed. All soccer finals will be at Hersheypark Stadium. Field hockey finals at Milton Hershey School.”

    A little cut and paste action out of District 3. Looks like all of the football playoffs in D3 are now taking the same route at D1 is now doing. You central PA/D3 guys thoughts on this/that?????

  257. Kevin X says:

    I was going to take a shot at playing match maker, but looked like one of my game suggestions has already materialized. Since a bunch of small D2 teams will be/are looking for a new opponents after Holy Cross pulled the plug on this season, thought of two obvious games. I saw that The Academy of the New Church was looking for two games, and it appears that they have already hooked up with Riverside in late September. Hope they are a gracious host and treat ANC to some Old Forge pizza. Second game I thought would be cool (that may be a literal statement if played up at Tunnel Hill), is a match-up of last years Eastern PA’s top two “A” schools with the aforementioned ANC meeting up with Lackawanna Trail in week 10.

  258. 4th and long says:

    Foleman, where did Walker of PJP transfer from? I don’t remember him from last year’s team.

  259. Foleman says:

    Pope John Paul-Royersford-Weapons all around, Gray to Walker-(both Div 1 recruits) should be a lethal combo. This is PJP’S best team ever and should end Pottsgrove’s run in Div 2 of the Pac 10. They will also be in the hunt for the AAA District 1 Championship.

    Wilson West Lawn, should challenge for District 3 AAAAAA Championship along with Manheim Township, Hburgh and Central Dauphin. Big line, tough D, RB/LB Lockhart has to stay healthy for them to make a run.

  260. District 3 Commish says:

    Kevin X – Good topic!

    St Joe Prep- Who cares as they play by different rules
    Harrisburg – Plenty of speed back and two D1 O Lineman. They could be great, but sometimes that program is fragile and if things don’t go well it goes south quickly. I am calling losses to State College, CD & Coatesville
    Coatesville – The Coatesville fans are concerned that Ortega will be exposed without Aaron Young to draw all the defensive attention.
    Downingtown West – Here is your surprise team. This is the regular season game that Coatesville is most concerned with I know they have been playing underclassmen the last few years and this is their year. Also if you ever want to find an SJP coach just go to a youth game between Coatesville and the Downingtown Teams!!!!!
    Manheim Township – 4 D1 skill players – QB – Kirk, TE – Mann, WR Ivey, Safety- Engel – But can they block. Strong defense – undersized but fast. Passing game will be impressive. If OL is solid they will be very good
    Wilson – Strong OL & fast defense. Power running game with Lockhart & Jadyn Jones. If QB play is there this could be a strong team.
    CD – Will have great line play again. Need to give Chimenti some help and they will win District 3.

  261. Route54 says:

    Kevin X. To answer that question, I’ll throw out Nativity from Pottsville. Apparently, they have biggest roster in school history and returning some skilled players.

  262. Route54 says:

    Dave, sounds good. Can’t wait to see some Rankings

  263. Kevin X says:

    Thanks NO!!!

    Shame about HC, really don’t think they’ve been too competitive in recent years as well, so maybe not unexpected. Unfortunately, looks like that will leave 10 teams with unexpected and unplanned bye weeks. Guess we’ll see at this late stage if they can scramble for a game to fill the HC week.

    So 6 of 7 teams making the D2 3A playoffs. I will refrain for the moment of climbing back on my “too many teams in the post season” soap box for now…..

    That link did confirm that “Wilkes-Barre Wolfpack” will be playing as a 6A school.

  264. Kevin X says:

    I’d actually like to hear from you guys on your thoughts on dark horses, under the radar, unloved schools/teams that we do not hear about year in year out. Or teams that have been good in the past, but have had some off/down years of late. No offense, but I’m expecting the same old same olds to be in any pre-season rankings. Any doubt SPJ, Harrisburg, and Coatesville will be the top 3 6A preseason schools and two usual suspects for 4 and 5?? So c’mon on guys, dig deep and go out on a limb now and on the record for some bragging rights come November!!!!!

  265. David Mika says:

    I’m going to start putting my rankings together. Let’s talk preseason rankings!

  266. Neutral Observer says:

    Holy Cross (1A in District 2) is suspending the program for 2019 due to lack of participation. Per the Scranton Times, they only have 12 kids come out for the team.

  267. Neutral Observer says:

    @ Kevin X

    RE: 3A playoff in D2 from your July 17 post

    I was wondering the same thing myself. Per the D2 website:


    6 team District II Championship
    November 1 – District II Quarterfinals
    November 8‐ District II Semifinals
    November 15 – District II Championship
    November 22 – State Quarterfinal vs. District IV winner

    The website doesn’t say explicitly, but I’m guessing that the top 2 seeds get a Quarterfinal BYE.

  268. Torchy says:

    @Mike P

    IMG Academy v St Joe’s Prep is gonna be at Widener university.

  269. Mike P says:

    Does anyone know where the SJP IMG will be at?

  270. Route54 says:

    Southern vs Hammond. Unfortunately, I’ll be away a few days. I’ll have to see about recording it TIVO. Should be interesting game played on Sunday. Anyone want to throw out some predictions?

  271. Socofootball2566 says:

    @KevinX- ESPN sought out SoCo to play in this game. With 2 top ten recruits in Fleming and Burch on the field its a great showcase. Just from speaking with many fans around the community its going to be a Southern home game in Columbia SC.

  272. MARK D says:

    thanks Jim B Kevin is not the only one that saw them listed at 5 A i actually saw it an another site as well as this one, but looking at the numbers from those 3 schools from last year combined they were well in the 6 A range sorry for any confusion

  273. Sausmann says:

    @kevinX – there may have been a few teams between SCA and Hammond SC but since Hammond has the #1 player in the country at DE (also plays halfback) and SCA has #1 wide receiver, ESPN was able to profile two top players in the country. Its a HUGE bonus that they both play on very very good teams. ESPN is most likely the one who sought out both squads b/c of the players, then the size is comparable as are the programs at both schools.

    SCA will see some very good overall team speed in week 1 vs Hammond. Hopefully Hammond has not seen this type of offense very much at all in the past (which is often the case in these types of games) and if Roth uses some old school misdirection/against the grain stuff, SCA can open it up w/ Fleming on the outside. Great matchup for sure!!!

  274. Kevin X says:

    Thanks Route54

    That is quite a road trip for the SoCo fans to Columbia, SC, maybe they’ll combine it with a Myrtle Beach vaca. Not sure I’d look forward to a late August mid afternoon game down in the south, especially with what is going on right now in PA.

    Wondering why they couldn’t match up SoCo with someone more local. Guess the parameters they are looking for are teams that have a top flight 2020 recruit(s) and a very good team that match up well getting together. Can’t find another PA team that would fit that bill.

  275. Jim B says:

    Just looked at the numbers, Wilkes-Barre is definitely 6A.

  276. Jim B says:

    I am almost certain Wilkes-Barre is 6A. I think this site may be wrong.

  277. Route54 says:

    @KevinX. I just found this.

    The Hammond and Southern Columbia game features three top Division I prospects in Hammond’s Jordan Burch and Alex Huntley and Southern’s Julian Fleming.


  278. Route54 says:

    @KevinX. That’s interesting. I’m sure the SCA fans will travel well for that one. After researching this Hammond team, they basically have the same amount of titles as SCA. Wondering how many of their players are going D1.

  279. mark d says:

    thanks you Kevin a few people were surprised when thay ended up at AAAAA but that were the number fell. i know thier going to be some change in the AAA playoff but have no real information on how it will be structured

  280. Kevin X says:

    OK, answered one of my own earlier questions…….

    Southern Columbia @ Hammond School (Columbia South Carolina) in a featured GEICO HS Football Kickoff Weekend match-up to be televised nationally on ESPN2 on Sunday August 25th @ 2pm.

  281. Kevin X says:

    @ mark d

    I have no info on this, but AH and NP are right near the top of the 4A classification enrollment cutoff level now, so I can easily see them getting bumped up. AH was 5A last cycle. Both are in, I guess I would say, steady population areas. Dallas tho is middle of the pack enrollment wise now in 4A, so is their some kind of population boom going on in the back mountain area??? Thinking more like if they do move up to 5A, more of a voluntary situation. Get to dodge Berwick and Valley View in a any potential playoff match-up.

    Speaking of, any changes coming to the 3A D2 playoffs after loosing two of the W-B schools??? They had 8 of 9 teams going at last year, but only 7 now??

    Also, what is the story on Wilkes-Barre, the Wolfpack??? I know there is consolidation going on, but only one team for the whole school district?? And if so, they are only 5A?? I would think they’d easily be 6A if you add all the current enrollment figs for the 3 W-B high schools.

  282. mark d says:

    i being told that in the next cycle that Abington heights ,North Pocono and Dallas will be moving to AAAAA has any one got any information on this

  283. District 3 Commish says:

    Looking for some information on Manheim Township & Manheim Central:

    Township has 4 D1 players in Harry Kirk – Colgate, Jon Engel – Lafeyette, Ben Mann – Yale and Anthony Ivey has D1 offers but will only be a Sophomore this year. Does anyone have information on the O line and Defensive Tackles?

    Manheim Central is very similar in that last year their line play was the strength and they lost most of that. They still have Simon and the Wagner twins but not sure of their line strength.

    Appreciate any information.

  284. Matt says:

    @route54…..yeah I think it isn’t bad either. With smaller school leagues combining them gives smaller schools in CL a chance to player other schools their size in the Schulykill league. For example, Northern Lehigh, Palmerston, Pen Argyl, and Catty will play a schedule (besides rivals) that are schools their size and not all the big CL schools like Saucon and SL. Instead they will play Minersville, Panther Valley, etc. We will see how it works out.

  285. David Mika says:

    Craig….It’s not our top 100 players….It’s Player Preview Series in 100 Days

  286. Craig A Jones says:

    I’ve been looking at the 100 players in District 11. Wow, Stroudsburg gonna be a beast of a team, 4 in the top 50. What’s the criteria for this list?

  287. Route54 says:

    I’ve heard about the merger of leagues in 2020. Some like it , some don’t. I think it’s not a bad idea.

  288. Matt says:

    @Route54…..in EPC, Parkland, Freedom, Easton and Beca will be good. There’s more parity than in the past I think this year. Parklands run came to and end last year but with their numbers they are still a threat year in and year out. In CL, Southern Lehigh, NDGP, and Saucon should be good. They have the numbers and in a league where enrollment is going down they compete every year with having the advantage of numbers. I think NW should be good as well. I’m not too sure of the Sch League. I would assume North Schulykill will be good. And so should Schulykill Haven. Next year (2020) is the combining of CL and Schulykill leagues.

  289. Route54 says:

    Glad to see the forum in full gear again. What does District 11 have this year. Top teams.

  290. Route54 says:


  291. Kevin X says:

    I can conceivably see SJP starting the season 0-3, and then basically sleepwalking to another 6A state title.

    Did I actually see that correctly, a D4 team actually playing outside of D4?? So Col heading to SC for their first game?? Is this going to be one of those national ESPN kickoff weekend games??

    Did Coatesville ever find a dance partner for the week 2 (Labor Day weekend)?? Are we done with using the term “Week 0”??? I really hope so.

  292. Mcd65 says:

    Southern Columbia ranked #1 Small school and St Joe Prep ranked #4 in one National Ranking service. Hope they live up to their respective places and both will be tested early.

  293. Jim B says:

    Northwest Area (D2) has opted to leave the Wyoming Valley Conference in football beginning in the 2020-21 school year. The single A Rangers will now play in the Norther Tier League.

    With this departure, and the merging of the three Wilkes-Barre City high schools, the WVC will be down to 13 schools next year.

  294. Ronald Robsock says:

    @Dennis, Yes Berwick has signed a 2 year contract with Southern Columbia for 2 years starting in 2020. First game will be played at Crispin Field sat Aug 22. Coach Carm also wants to play Mt. Carmel or Pottsville in 2020. Berwick is leaning to Heartland Conf. in a few years.

  295. David Mika says:

    KMac….Thank you and welcome back….

  296. KMac says:


    Congratulations on getting the forum back up and running. I was unexpectedly away a few days and saw it was back when I returned. Sorry, I did not get to the test process

  297. David Mika says:

    Hi Matt. August 1st we are going to launch our team previews.

  298. Matt says:

    @Dave….when do the team previews start?


  299. David Mika says:

    We are back!! Godaddy had blocked our forum. I didn’t know.

  300. Kevin X says:

    Happy 4th all!!!

    So, are we back??? 🙂

  301. Dennis Pascoe says:

    According to a local TV sports commentary in the 2020 season Southern Columbia and Berwick will face each other. For years fans from both sides cried for this game to happen. The 2020 game will be at Berwick and the 2021 game will move to Catawissa. Two of the most storied programs in PA high school football. It doesn’t get any better then that!

  302. Brian says:

    Is it true Southern Columbia and Berwick are scheduling a game August 22, 2020?

  303. FridayNightLights says:

    Here’s my obligatory NP post since it’s been a long time…

    Anyone know who their QB will be? Couple good players returning and coming up from the system but need someone to run the offense. Defense should be solid.

  304. sausmann9 says:

    What needs to be done in the meantime is that

    1. all public schools should simply stop scheduling the private/parochial schools on the regular season schedule. Schools have that right. If enough schools opt out of playing them, they won’t have enough games to get into PIAA playoffs.

    2. simply get together with all/most other public schools in your league and district and have their own “after regular season playoffs”; kind of like a contingency game but multiple games.

    3. refuse all transfers to private/parochial. If those schools and representatives want to make it miserable for public schools, then the public schools should counter back with their own nonsense. I found that guy from PCC to be a total azzwipe regarding the appeals process and his threats to the public schools. Is he afraid PCC will then be on equal ground for every game of the season – sounds like and seems like he’s scared! PCC will be exposed and he knows it.

  305. Jimmy M says:

    From talking with my state rep, this separation thing will go nowhere. Charter schools are considered public schools and any separation would have to include the charter schools with the public schools. No point to the separation than in my opinion.

  306. Kevin X says:

    Some of you guys probably already saw this article that appeared on the PennLive website a few days ago. More fun stuff with regards to the ongoing public/private/charter debate, more specifically with playoffs…….PLAYOFFS!!?!??


  307. sausmann9 says:

    Great compilation of a great team and season!!! North Penn 03′ was fun to watch. I saw four of their games live that season and the only game I wish was on another date/day was at the 33;44 mark. North Penn v Easton for eastern final.. I think this outcome could have been a bit different had Easton not played Pburg NJ in their biggest rivalry game two days prior to this game. You could see some of the Easton defenders just running out of gas, flat footed, and heads down. NP had too much at the end.

    Would have loved to see NP 03′ vs CBW 99′.

  308. Buddy says:

    @ sol fan

    Of course you knew I would like that!

  309. Sol d1 fan says:

    Saw this the other day and thought I’d share. 2003 North Penn

  310. 4th & Long says:

    District 3, that’s a lot of great info/opinion. One thing I’d like to comment on is your question about why a top QB would stay at a high school running the Wing T (or any run dominant) offense. The answer is simple… because he wants to play for the town where he lives instead of just going to a program to showcase his skills. I agree, if you want to beat the best, you’d better be able to throw, but if you want to win in November and December in Pennsylvania, you’ve either gotta be able to run or control the weather, and you have a lot more influence on the former than the latter.

  311. Brian says:

    Hey D3 commish speaking of wing T offense you may want to go see Southern Columbia run it. They’ve been doing it forever and have a coach that’s won over 400 games and lost only 82. 9 state titles and 17 state title appearances. They’ve beat some very good teams from philly catholic and the WPIAL. I’d say it’s working well for them.

  312. District 3 Commish says:

    Happy St Patricks Day!!! Time to get some football talk started. I am most familiar with LL, Berks and Mid Penn 5A and 6A schools.

    Will Cumberland Valley bounce back from their worst season in forever? They will be better than 3-7 for sure but not convinced they will be a top contender come playoff time. Was speaking with a few people familiar with their youth programs and was told there are concerns about the future teams. In 2020 they will be picking up Spring Ford on their schedule. Mike A what are your thoughts on CV for next year and beyond?

    Thought CD was the most physical team in D3 last year but were an athletic skill player away from beating Harrisburg. They lost a bunch but will be solid again. Definitely a D3 final 4 team.

    Harrisburg having lost Everson and White will be difficult to replicate last season but still have plenty of speed returning……. but they always have speed. Their success always comes down to line play. If they develop that they will have a strong season again.

    Central York has been trying like crazy to raise the level of their program and will eventually get there and become a perennial contender. Their coach has ties to Cumberland Valley and is slowly changing culture and expectations there. They recently dropped long time local rival West York (4A) from their schedule to improve competition. This was not an easy decision and did create some hard feelings locally. Also Exeter was added to the 2020 schedule. CY thought they had an agreement to add a 6A power program to the schedule but that fell through which was not received well by CY. They will have a solid year and make D3 playoffs but not quite ready yet to contend for a title……….. But they will soon!!!!

    Manheim Township is loaded on offense, line backers and secondary and have a good QB in Harry Kirk. They have a Super Soph in future D1 WR Anthony Ivey and future PSAC LB’s in the Emge Twins. The concern again will be the strength of both lines as they were exposed in both losses last year to Wilson and CD. Coach Evans will again have his team in the D3 hunt and possibly finals.

    Manheim Central will be very similar to Township. Great QB in Simon who must have 20 D1 offers by now. Also the Wagner twins are great receivers. Again not sure about the play of the lines as most graduated last year but I’m sure they have more coming. Favorites to win D3 5A for sure. Their biggest game is going to Wilson for week 4.

    Wilson only lost a few seniors last year and should be strong the next two years. Defense will be very good and led by Avanti Lockhart at LB who has interest from Syracuse, Virginia Tech and BC. QB and running back depth are not figured out yet. Strong D3 contender this year.

    Warwick will be interesting again with a great JR QB in Joey Chapman and super fast WR Trey Glass. Oh and BTW they also have possibly the most highly recruited Lineman in the country in Nolan Rucci. He is a JR 6’8″ about 280 and can move. He has offers from everywhere but Alabama and Clemson so far. Depth will be the issue here.

    Mifflin has some skill players and their own Super Soph in Nick Singleton who I project as a future D1 LB or RB. If they get line play they will have a strong year.

    No disrespect to any teams I didn’t comment on. I only offered opinions on teams I was familiar with or had information.

    Additional Comments:

    Moving to 6 classifications has caused some 6A teams to drop strong 5A teams because the loss hurts the power rankings too much. When there were only 4 classes most of these teams were all 4A.

    Teams that still run the Wing T are doing a disservice to their players. It doesn’t win against good teams and there is never a Plan B once you fall behind. I don’t want to hear about success against teams that are not a match physically or the occasional success. Also why would a great QB stay there? CV, Mifflin, Cocalico and whoever else is stuck in the past….. get with the times!

  313. BigRichardNick says:

    Thanks Dave, should be a fun year! I like a guy who says “62 days” & not “2 months”!

  314. David Mika says:

    In 62 days…..

  315. BigRichardNick says:

    Can’t wait for the year to start! Hey Dave, when’s the “100 players in 100 days” start?

  316. Neutral Observer says:

    Berwick Head Coach Frank Sheptock stepping down to take a job at Kings College.


  317. David Mika says:

    We are going to start working on them next Monday. If they are available we will have them up. Not all schedules are complete yet.

  318. BobD123 says:

    When will 2019 schedules be released?

  319. Kevin X says:

    So are there two forums going on here concurrently, the old 2018 and a new 2019?? I’m confused…….

  320. Kevin X says:

    The public/private issue/debate is starting to heat up again……….


    Also, our second favorite topic, the transfer issue/debate, albeit on the basketball court, is in the news as well (this one I think is a joke)…….


  321. Michael Keeney says:

    The backyard brawl may be over. The Reading Eagle is reporting that the reorganization of the Berks League will move BC to Section 1 and leave Wyomissing in Section 2. Not sure if they can or will schedule a md or early season game….

  322. JC says:

    The Schuylkill/Colonial league scheduling co-op is official for 2020. Williams Valley, Tri-Valley, Pine Grove, and Nativity will all be included as well to create a 28-team cooperative with 2 divisions of 8 teams and 2 divisions of 6 teams. Essentially forms a D11 super-conference sans the East Penn teams.

  323. D3 Mike says:

    Based on returning underclassmen from their dominant state title teams, I’d be shocked if SJP, ECP, and SCA didn’t repeat. I don’t know as much about the other winning rosters. I’d think 5A and 3A would be up for grabs, though, if for no other reason than it will be difficult for Gateway and Aliquippa to run the WPIAL gauntlet, again. I’m sure the western forum guys can handicap it.

    Manheim Central and Middletown both return a bunch of starters to the eastern half of the bracket. Wood will also be in the mix in 5A (although they’d be coming thru the “west”). Middletown probably gets thru 3A one more time before Lancaster Catholic, NDGP, Scranton Prep, and/or the Philly catholics reel them in (and SCA moves up).

  324. Buddy says:

    let me try to get the ball rollin”…………..

    Whose the top dogs next year? The usual suspects?

  325. David Mika says:

    Welcome to 2019! Let’s talk Football!