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2019 Football Forum

Written by: on Monday, January 7th, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Are you ready for some football?

Welcome to the official forum on high school football for the 2019 season.

During the off-season let’s talk about players, recruiting news, teams and everything about high school football.

During the season each week let’s talk about match-ups and how teams did. Let us know what player(s) stood out each week.

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43 Responses to “2019 Football Forum”

  1. District 3 Commish says:

    Looking for some information on Manheim Township & Manheim Central:

    Township has 4 D1 players in Harry Kirk – Colgate, Jon Engel – Lafeyette, Ben Mann – Yale and Anthony Ivey has D1 offers but will only be a Sophomore this year. Does anyone have information on the O line and Defensive Tackles?

    Manheim Central is very similar in that last year their line play was the strength and they lost most of that. They still have Simon and the Wagner twins but not sure of their line strength.

    Appreciate any information.

  2. Matt says:

    @route54…..yeah I think it isn’t bad either. With smaller school leagues combining them gives smaller schools in CL a chance to player other schools their size in the Schulykill league. For example, Northern Lehigh, Palmerston, Pen Argyl, and Catty will play a schedule (besides rivals) that are schools their size and not all the big CL schools like Saucon and SL. Instead they will play Minersville, Panther Valley, etc. We will see how it works out.

  3. David Mika says:

    Craig….It’s not our top 100 players….It’s Player Preview Series in 100 Days

  4. Craig A Jones says:

    I’ve been looking at the 100 players in District 11. Wow, Stroudsburg gonna be a beast of a team, 4 in the top 50. What’s the criteria for this list?

  5. Route54 says:

    I’ve heard about the merger of leagues in 2020. Some like it , some don’t. I think it’s not a bad idea.

  6. Matt says:

    @Route54… EPC, Parkland, Freedom, Easton and Beca will be good. There’s more parity than in the past I think this year. Parklands run came to and end last year but with their numbers they are still a threat year in and year out. In CL, Southern Lehigh, NDGP, and Saucon should be good. They have the numbers and in a league where enrollment is going down they compete every year with having the advantage of numbers. I think NW should be good as well. I’m not too sure of the Sch League. I would assume North Schulykill will be good. And so should Schulykill Haven. Next year (2020) is the combining of CL and Schulykill leagues.

  7. Route54 says:

    Glad to see the forum in full gear again. What does District 11 have this year. Top teams.

  8. Route54 says:


  9. Kevin X says:

    I can conceivably see SJP starting the season 0-3, and then basically sleepwalking to another 6A state title.

    Did I actually see that correctly, a D4 team actually playing outside of D4?? So Col heading to SC for their first game?? Is this going to be one of those national ESPN kickoff weekend games??

    Did Coatesville ever find a dance partner for the week 2 (Labor Day weekend)?? Are we done with using the term “Week 0”??? I really hope so.

  10. Mcd65 says:

    Southern Columbia ranked #1 Small school and St Joe Prep ranked #4 in one National Ranking service. Hope they live up to their respective places and both will be tested early.

  11. Jim B says:

    Northwest Area (D2) has opted to leave the Wyoming Valley Conference in football beginning in the 2020-21 school year. The single A Rangers will now play in the Norther Tier League.

    With this departure, and the merging of the three Wilkes-Barre City high schools, the WVC will be down to 13 schools next year.

  12. Ronald Robsock says:

    @Dennis, Yes Berwick has signed a 2 year contract with Southern Columbia for 2 years starting in 2020. First game will be played at Crispin Field sat Aug 22. Coach Carm also wants to play Mt. Carmel or Pottsville in 2020. Berwick is leaning to Heartland Conf. in a few years.

  13. David Mika says:

    KMac….Thank you and welcome back….

  14. KMac says:


    Congratulations on getting the forum back up and running. I was unexpectedly away a few days and saw it was back when I returned. Sorry, I did not get to the test process

  15. David Mika says:

    Hi Matt. August 1st we are going to launch our team previews.

  16. Matt says:

    @Dave….when do the team previews start?


  17. David Mika says:

    We are back!! Godaddy had blocked our forum. I didn’t know.

  18. Kevin X says:

    Happy 4th all!!!

    So, are we back??? 🙂

  19. Dennis Pascoe says:

    According to a local TV sports commentary in the 2020 season Southern Columbia and Berwick will face each other. For years fans from both sides cried for this game to happen. The 2020 game will be at Berwick and the 2021 game will move to Catawissa. Two of the most storied programs in PA high school football. It doesn’t get any better then that!

  20. Brian says:

    Is it true Southern Columbia and Berwick are scheduling a game August 22, 2020?

  21. FridayNightLights says:

    Here’s my obligatory NP post since it’s been a long time…

    Anyone know who their QB will be? Couple good players returning and coming up from the system but need someone to run the offense. Defense should be solid.

  22. sausmann9 says:

    What needs to be done in the meantime is that

    1. all public schools should simply stop scheduling the private/parochial schools on the regular season schedule. Schools have that right. If enough schools opt out of playing them, they won’t have enough games to get into PIAA playoffs.

    2. simply get together with all/most other public schools in your league and district and have their own “after regular season playoffs”; kind of like a contingency game but multiple games.

    3. refuse all transfers to private/parochial. If those schools and representatives want to make it miserable for public schools, then the public schools should counter back with their own nonsense. I found that guy from PCC to be a total azzwipe regarding the appeals process and his threats to the public schools. Is he afraid PCC will then be on equal ground for every game of the season – sounds like and seems like he’s scared! PCC will be exposed and he knows it.

  23. Jimmy M says:

    From talking with my state rep, this separation thing will go nowhere. Charter schools are considered public schools and any separation would have to include the charter schools with the public schools. No point to the separation than in my opinion.

  24. Kevin X says:

    Some of you guys probably already saw this article that appeared on the PennLive website a few days ago. More fun stuff with regards to the ongoing public/private/charter debate, more specifically with playoffs…….PLAYOFFS!!?!??

  25. sausmann9 says:

    Great compilation of a great team and season!!! North Penn 03′ was fun to watch. I saw four of their games live that season and the only game I wish was on another date/day was at the 33;44 mark. North Penn v Easton for eastern final.. I think this outcome could have been a bit different had Easton not played Pburg NJ in their biggest rivalry game two days prior to this game. You could see some of the Easton defenders just running out of gas, flat footed, and heads down. NP had too much at the end.

    Would have loved to see NP 03′ vs CBW 99′.

  26. Buddy says:

    @ sol fan

    Of course you knew I would like that!

  27. Sol d1 fan says:

    Saw this the other day and thought I’d share. 2003 North Penn

  28. 4th & Long says:

    District 3, that’s a lot of great info/opinion. One thing I’d like to comment on is your question about why a top QB would stay at a high school running the Wing T (or any run dominant) offense. The answer is simple… because he wants to play for the town where he lives instead of just going to a program to showcase his skills. I agree, if you want to beat the best, you’d better be able to throw, but if you want to win in November and December in Pennsylvania, you’ve either gotta be able to run or control the weather, and you have a lot more influence on the former than the latter.

  29. Brian says:

    Hey D3 commish speaking of wing T offense you may want to go see Southern Columbia run it. They’ve been doing it forever and have a coach that’s won over 400 games and lost only 82. 9 state titles and 17 state title appearances. They’ve beat some very good teams from philly catholic and the WPIAL. I’d say it’s working well for them.

  30. District 3 Commish says:

    Happy St Patricks Day!!! Time to get some football talk started. I am most familiar with LL, Berks and Mid Penn 5A and 6A schools.

    Will Cumberland Valley bounce back from their worst season in forever? They will be better than 3-7 for sure but not convinced they will be a top contender come playoff time. Was speaking with a few people familiar with their youth programs and was told there are concerns about the future teams. In 2020 they will be picking up Spring Ford on their schedule. Mike A what are your thoughts on CV for next year and beyond?

    Thought CD was the most physical team in D3 last year but were an athletic skill player away from beating Harrisburg. They lost a bunch but will be solid again. Definitely a D3 final 4 team.

    Harrisburg having lost Everson and White will be difficult to replicate last season but still have plenty of speed returning……. but they always have speed. Their success always comes down to line play. If they develop that they will have a strong season again.

    Central York has been trying like crazy to raise the level of their program and will eventually get there and become a perennial contender. Their coach has ties to Cumberland Valley and is slowly changing culture and expectations there. They recently dropped long time local rival West York (4A) from their schedule to improve competition. This was not an easy decision and did create some hard feelings locally. Also Exeter was added to the 2020 schedule. CY thought they had an agreement to add a 6A power program to the schedule but that fell through which was not received well by CY. They will have a solid year and make D3 playoffs but not quite ready yet to contend for a title……….. But they will soon!!!!

    Manheim Township is loaded on offense, line backers and secondary and have a good QB in Harry Kirk. They have a Super Soph in future D1 WR Anthony Ivey and future PSAC LB’s in the Emge Twins. The concern again will be the strength of both lines as they were exposed in both losses last year to Wilson and CD. Coach Evans will again have his team in the D3 hunt and possibly finals.

    Manheim Central will be very similar to Township. Great QB in Simon who must have 20 D1 offers by now. Also the Wagner twins are great receivers. Again not sure about the play of the lines as most graduated last year but I’m sure they have more coming. Favorites to win D3 5A for sure. Their biggest game is going to Wilson for week 4.

    Wilson only lost a few seniors last year and should be strong the next two years. Defense will be very good and led by Avanti Lockhart at LB who has interest from Syracuse, Virginia Tech and BC. QB and running back depth are not figured out yet. Strong D3 contender this year.

    Warwick will be interesting again with a great JR QB in Joey Chapman and super fast WR Trey Glass. Oh and BTW they also have possibly the most highly recruited Lineman in the country in Nolan Rucci. He is a JR 6’8″ about 280 and can move. He has offers from everywhere but Alabama and Clemson so far. Depth will be the issue here.

    Mifflin has some skill players and their own Super Soph in Nick Singleton who I project as a future D1 LB or RB. If they get line play they will have a strong year.

    No disrespect to any teams I didn’t comment on. I only offered opinions on teams I was familiar with or had information.

    Additional Comments:

    Moving to 6 classifications has caused some 6A teams to drop strong 5A teams because the loss hurts the power rankings too much. When there were only 4 classes most of these teams were all 4A.

    Teams that still run the Wing T are doing a disservice to their players. It doesn’t win against good teams and there is never a Plan B once you fall behind. I don’t want to hear about success against teams that are not a match physically or the occasional success. Also why would a great QB stay there? CV, Mifflin, Cocalico and whoever else is stuck in the past….. get with the times!

  31. BigRichardNick says:

    Thanks Dave, should be a fun year! I like a guy who says “62 days” & not “2 months”!

  32. David Mika says:

    In 62 days…..

  33. BigRichardNick says:

    Can’t wait for the year to start! Hey Dave, when’s the “100 players in 100 days” start?

  34. Neutral Observer says:

    Berwick Head Coach Frank Sheptock stepping down to take a job at Kings College.

  35. David Mika says:

    We are going to start working on them next Monday. If they are available we will have them up. Not all schedules are complete yet.

  36. BobD123 says:

    When will 2019 schedules be released?

  37. Kevin X says:

    So are there two forums going on here concurrently, the old 2018 and a new 2019?? I’m confused…….

  38. Kevin X says:

    The public/private issue/debate is starting to heat up again……….

    Also, our second favorite topic, the transfer issue/debate, albeit on the basketball court, is in the news as well (this one I think is a joke)…….

  39. Michael Keeney says:

    The backyard brawl may be over. The Reading Eagle is reporting that the reorganization of the Berks League will move BC to Section 1 and leave Wyomissing in Section 2. Not sure if they can or will schedule a md or early season game….

  40. JC says:

    The Schuylkill/Colonial league scheduling co-op is official for 2020. Williams Valley, Tri-Valley, Pine Grove, and Nativity will all be included as well to create a 28-team cooperative with 2 divisions of 8 teams and 2 divisions of 6 teams. Essentially forms a D11 super-conference sans the East Penn teams.

  41. D3 Mike says:

    Based on returning underclassmen from their dominant state title teams, I’d be shocked if SJP, ECP, and SCA didn’t repeat. I don’t know as much about the other winning rosters. I’d think 5A and 3A would be up for grabs, though, if for no other reason than it will be difficult for Gateway and Aliquippa to run the WPIAL gauntlet, again. I’m sure the western forum guys can handicap it.

    Manheim Central and Middletown both return a bunch of starters to the eastern half of the bracket. Wood will also be in the mix in 5A (although they’d be coming thru the “west”). Middletown probably gets thru 3A one more time before Lancaster Catholic, NDGP, Scranton Prep, and/or the Philly catholics reel them in (and SCA moves up).

  42. Buddy says:

    let me try to get the ball rollin”…………..

    Whose the top dogs next year? The usual suspects?

  43. David Mika says:

    Welcome to 2019! Let’s talk Football!