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Whippets Be-Devil Avon Grove

Written by: on Saturday, September 29th, 2018. Follow Paul Sarpen on Twitter.


Despite a slow start, the Downingtown West Whippets improved to 6-0 on the season by soundly defeating Avon Grove 35-7.

During a scoreless first quarter, the Whippets were stuck in neutral offensively, as Avon Grove was able to generate pressure on West’s offense coming off the edges. Meanwhile, Avon Grove had a modicum of success offensively, but a stifling Whippet defense and penalties doomed the Red Devils.

The second quarter was a completely different animal, as Downingtown West was able to exert their will offensively, staking claim to a 21-0 lead. Tyriq Lewis capped off a drive with a three-yard run. Tyler Austin bulled his way from 11 yards out, and again on a six yard run.

After halftime, highly regarded quarterback Wil Howard, hit Jackson Luneberg from nine yards out for a 28-0 score. The mercy rule was reached early in the fourth quarter, when Wil Howard scored from seven yards out. Corey Riddell’s 73-yard run put Avon Grove on the board.

For Downingtown West, Tyler Alston (93 yards) and Tyriq Lewis (86 yards) spearheaded a ground game that racked up 233 yards.

Some food for thought, as deserving as Ricky Ortega is in receiving the press he does, don’t forget about Wil Howard. Howard is flying under the radar.

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