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2021 Team Preview: Spring-Ford Rams

Written by: on Saturday, August 21st, 2021. Follow David Mika on Twitter.



Head Coach: Chad Brubaker

Assistant Coaches:
Jim Mich, Jr. – Defensive Backs – Defensive Coordinator
Chad Strickler – Offensive Line – Run Game Coordinator
Steve Schein – LBs
Steve Moyer – CBs
Chuck Nesley – DTs
Steve Entenman – DEs
Jim Algeo – WRs
Gary Rhodenbaugh – RBs
Mike Palmer – TEs

Team Name: Spring-Ford Rams

2020 Record: 6-2

Stadium: McNelly Stadium

District: 1


League: Pioneer Athletic Conference – Liberty Division

Key Starters lost:
Mason Brill – LB (Thaddeus Stevens)
Alex Nadeau – K
Nick Teets – WR/S
Andrew Yoon – RB/S
Naphtali Stine – CB (Susquehanna)
Nate Capers – CB (Bloomsburg)
Nick Cagliola – WR
Cam Goldsmith – ST (Chestnut Hill)
Joe Brogan – WR
Zach Marinello – LB
Nasir Cooke – DE (Chestnut Hill)
Josh Pergine – LB
Connor McMahon – OL
Kyle Kennedy – OL (Drake)
Ryan Beppel – OL
Josh Hellauer – TE/DE
DJ Francis – DT

Offensive Starters Returning:
SB – Jr. Zach Zollers, 6’2, 190 QB
Sr. Ryan Freed, 5’10, 165 RB
Sr. Harry Adieyefeh, Jr, 5’11, 190 LT
Sr. Ian Harvie, 6’2, 265 RT
Sr. John Kaputa, 6’1, 285

Defensive Starters Returning:
Sr. Cole Turner, 6’1, 180 DB
Sr. Ryan Horvath, 5’9, 185 LB
Sr. Donnie Nicoline, 6’1, 245 DT
Sr. Gavin Shafer, 6’0, 210 DL

Special Team Starters Returning:
Jr. Gage Swanger, 5’10, 170 KR
Sr. Kolten Kquira, 6’0, 180 KR

Key Newcomers:
QB – Sr. Kyle Keckler, 6’2, 190
DB – Sr. Carson Bogdan, 5’11, 170
WR – Sr. Payton West, 5’10, 170
WR/DB – Jr. Matt Yurko, 5’10, 170
ATH – Jr. Jake Reigh, 5’9, 165
WR/DB – Jr. Kevin Canuso, 5’11, 170
FB/LB – Jr. Will Fish, 5’10, 190
WR – Sr. Davis Bunning, 6’0, 170
FB/LB – So. Mike Bendowski, 6’0, 190
OL – Jr. Ryan Shaner, 5’11, 235
OL – Jr. Mike Scalia, 6’0, 240
OL – Sr. AJ Detwiler, 5’11, 240
QB – Jr. Gavin Vigilante, 6’0, 180
K – Jr. Sam Herman, 6’0, 160
OL/DL – So. Luke Ellor, 6’1, 240
OL/DL – So. Evan Strzeminski, 6’2, 220
OL/DL – So. Owen Norman, 6’2, 215
WR – So. Belal Abdelrahman, 6’2, 180
WR – So. Tanay Shankar, 5’11, 170
DB – So. Mason Scott, 6’1, 170
QB – Fr. Matt Zollers, 6’2, 175

2020 Returning Player Stats: 

Zach Zollers had four total tackles. 

Ryan Freed completed 74 of 123 passes for 863 yards and nine touchdowns. He rushed for 60 yards and one score.

Harry Adieyefeh rushed for 568 yards on 110 carries and five touchdowns. 

Ian Harvie, 6’2, 265 RT

John Kaputa, 6’1, 285

Cole Turner had 19 total tackles, one sack and 3 TFL.

Ryan Horvath had 38 total tackles, 2 sacks, one interception and 10 TFL.

Donnie Nicoline had nine total tackles, 2 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries and 3 TFL.

Gavin Shafer had 12 total tackles, one sack and 4 TFL.

2021 Outlook: 

Offense: We return our top-performing RB, Harry Adieyefeh, Jr., and our quarterback, Ryan Freed, from last year’s team. Ryan will be challenged, however, by senior, Kyle Keckler, juniors, Jake Reigh and Gavin Vigilante, and freshman, Matt Zollers. John Kaputa (RT) may move to center coming off of an ankle injury during wrestling and Ian Harvie returns at left tackle. We will need leadership upfront from those two, as the other three will have no varsity experience. We do like our younger lineman and feel as if we finally have some depth. We have to replace all of our WRs, although Zach Zollers moves around in formations. The development of the WRs will go a long way in how balanced we can be on offense.

Defense: We return the PAC Defensive Player of the Year in LB Ryan Horvath, as well as 3-year starter Donnie Nicoline at DT. Gavin Shafer started for Donnie due to an injury, so he has some starting experience. The only returner in the secondary is Cole Turner, who we will have to count on to lead in the secondary. Sophomore Mike Bendowski got significant time as last season progressed and will start somewhere on defense. We have a lot of holes to fill around these guys but like a lot of guys, who have worked hard in the offseason.

Special Team: We have to replace our K and our P, as well as our long snapper…finding good fits out of the gate will be extremely important for us.

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