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2021 Team Preview: Nanticoke Trojans

Written by: on Sunday, August 1st, 2021. Follow David Mika on Twitter.



Head Coach: Ron Bruza Jr

Assistant Coaches:
Neal McMahon
Tony Chiarrucci
Ken Kaspryzk
Ron Bruza Sr
Joe Shimko
J.P Pietrzyk
Jerry Bavitz
Jim Costello

Team Name: Nanticoke Trojans

2020 Record: 2-6

District: 2

Class: AAA

League: Wyoming Valley Conference, Division 3

Key Starters Lost:
Devin Lohman
Joe Fox
Elijah Collison
Sincere Shiloh

Offensive Starters Returning:
Ryan Wiaterowski (soph Guard 6-1 245)
Ryan Fisher (senior Tackle 6-2 265)
Brandon Brojakowski (Senior Guard 5-10 210)
Ayden Everett (Senior running back 5-10 215)
Jeffery Ultsh (Junior 5-10 240 Center)
Payton Kepp (Soph 6-0 200 Athlete)
Seth Raymor (Soph 6-4 245 quarterback)
Braden Zaremba (Senior 6-2 305 Tackle)
Jaydon Johnson (Soph 6-5 225 Tight End)

Defensive Starters Returning:
Ryan Wiaterowski (Soph Tackle 6-1 245)
Ryan Fisher (Senior Tackle 6-2 265)
Payton Kepp (Soph 6-0 200 Athlete)
Seth Raymor (Soph 6-4 245 Defensive End)
Braden Zaremba (Senior 6-2 305 Tackle)
Jaydon Johnson (Soph 6-5 225 Defensive End)
John Kus (Junior 6-0 200 OLB)
Alex Fine (Junior 6-0 215 ILB)
A.J. Jaskulski (Senior 5-10 Corner)
Ashton Brozusky (Juniot 5-10 200 ILB)
Joseph Krieger (Senior 5-10 185 Utility)

Special Team Starters Returning:
Payton Kepp Kicker Returner
Sophia Lukowski Kicker
A.J. Jaskulski
Joe Krieger

Key Newcomers:
John Pashinski (TE, DE, 6-0 200 Junior)
Frank Torres (Junior Athlete 6-1 190)

2020 Returning Player Stats:

Ayden Everett rushed for 101 yards on 31 carries

Payton Kepp had 2 catches for 95 yards

Payton Kepp had 2 interceptions 

2021 Offensive Outlook: We will run our traditional wing-t. With us being a year older upfront with great senior leadership we will look to control the line of scrimmage and run the ball. We have not size and speed in our key positions.

2021 Defensive Outlook: We will run our 4-4 base defense. Our guys had a nice off-season and being a year older will help us prevent big plays and cause turnovers.

2021 Special Teams Outlook: We have a few guys that can score at any time which makes our special teams something you will have to prepare for.

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