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2021 Team Preview: Governor Mifflin Mustangs

Written by: on Thursday, August 5th, 2021. Follow David Mika on Twitter.



Head Coach: Jeff Lang

Assistant Coaches:
Brandon Orndorff
Chris Klueswitz
Doc Vecchio
Gary Mitzel
Jantzen Linn
Mick Morrissey
Mick Vecchio
Nick Morrissey

Team Name: Governor Mifflin Mustangs

2020 Record: 8-1

Key Starters lost: 
Brandon Strausser
CamRon Stewart
Connor Maryniak
Devonte Phillips
Dominic Sheidy
Greg Suber
Mason Klahr

Offensive Starters Returning:
Sr. RB. Nicholas Singleton, 6’1′, 215
Jr. RB. Ayden Martin, 5’11”, 170
Sr. RB. Eden Johnson, 5’11”, 190
Sr. RB. Trey Rock, 6’1″, 215
Sr. TE Nate Goodman, 6’5″, 240

Defensive Starters Returning:
Sr. CB. Nicholas Singleton, 6’1′, 215
Jr. Saf. Ayden Martin, 5’11”, 170
Sr. Saf. Eden Johnson, 5’11”, 190
Sr. LB. Trey Rock, 6’1″, 215
Sr. CB Alonzo Anderson 6’1″ 170
Sr. DE Nate Goodman, 6’5″, 240
Sr. DT Daxsen Washington 6’0″ 250
Sr. DT Jose Landrom 5’11” 235

Special Team Starters Returning:
Kicker Jackson Schools
Longsnapper Trey Rock

Key Newcomers:
QB/DB Delsin McNeil
WR/DB Braylen Stewart
WR/DB Gerrell McNeil
Center Jacob Lopez

2020 Returning Player Stats: 

Nicholas Singleton rushed for 1,311 yards on 107 carries and 22 touchdowns. He was 2-for-2 passing for 82 yards. On defense, he had 13 solo tackles and 2 interceptions.

Ayden Martin rushed for 31 yards and had four catches for 127 yards and five total touchdowns. On defense, he had 33 solo tackles, 1 for loss, 4 interceptions, and 1 caused fumble.

Trey Rock rushed for 248 yards on 33 carries and four touchdowns. On defense, he had 75 total tackles, 15 for loss, 3 recovered fumbles, and 4 sacks. 

Eden Johnson had 13 solo tackles, 3 for loss, and 3 interceptions.

Alonzo Anderson had 8 solo tackles and 1 fumble recovery.

Nate Goodman had 17 solo tackles, 7 for loss, 1 fumble recovery, and 5 sacks

Daxsen Washington had 11 solo tackles, and 1 for loss.

Jose Landrum had 6 solo tackles, 1 for loss, and half a sack.

2021 Outlook:

Offense: Offensively, we are an option team. So, it is obvious that we need to be successful in executing the Mid-line and Veer option. If we can do this, then the rest of our offense will open up. We know teams will be gearing up to stop Nick Singleton, so we need our line and other athletes to step up and take advantage of having someone like Nick on their team.

Defense: Defensively, we focus on gap control and swarming to the ball. We will tweak our defense week to week to stop the other team’s key players. We should have a pretty athletic and seasoned D-backfield. Our line and backers group must make their presents known upfront.

Special Team: We treat Special teams as equally important as our offense and defense. Doc Vecchio is our Special Teams coach and we preach field position. Special teams MUST put us in a situation where our Offense and Defense can succeed.

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