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Gold Team: 2016 Academic Team (Updated on 3/16)

Written by: on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


We are proud to announce the following players have been named to our

2016 All-Academic Gold Team.

Members of this team competed in the 2016 season with a GPA between 3.8 or higher.


So. WR/DB Alden Mathes, Marple-Newtown

Sr. RB/LB Alden Mileto, Loyalsock Township

Sr. DL Alec Leyferman, Council Rock North

Sr. DE/OT Alex Schmidt, Pennridge

Sr. DB Andrew Cabo, Council Rock North

Sr. OL/DL Andrew Seyler, Northwestern Lehigh

Sr. RB/DB Anthony Duboski, Abington Heights

Jr. LB/TE Anthony Scicchitano, Southern Columbia

Jr. DL Anthony Zizza, Interboro

Jr. SE/DB Ashton Buchanan, Tri-Valley

Sr. WR/DB Austin Kaulius, Notre Dame GP

Jr. TE/OLB Austin Yoder, Schuylkill Haven

Sr. FB/LB Ben Vale, Abington Heights

Sr. WR/DB Brandon Brueckner, Hanover Area

So. OG/NG Brian Lafty, Pennridge

Sr. LB Brian Stella, Central Bucks East

Sr. OL Bryce Cavey, Bethlehem Freedom

Sr. QB Brycen Mussina, Montoursville

Sr. WR/OLB Byron Matthews, Canton Area

Jr. OL/DL CJ LaPorta, Camp Hill

Sr. WR/DB Cameron Mathes, Marple-Newtown

Sr. CB Cameron Young, Southern Columbia

Sr. OL Casey Callahan, Spring-Ford

Sr. LB/FB Chad Azar, Northampton

Jr. RB Chad Guzzi, Central Bucks East

Sr. OL/DL Chase Lorino, Central Bucks West

Sr. RB/LB Chris Thomas, Interboro

So. WR/DB Christian Manzolilo, Lebanon

Jr. FS Cody Ventresca, Central Bucks East

So. FS/WR Cole Urich, Pennridge

Sr. ILB Cole Veliky, Central Dauphin

Sr. QB Colin Schucker, Northampton

Sr. WR/DB Connor Adams, Interboro

Sr. LB/FB/TE Connor Kerstetter, Blue Mountain

So. DE Connor McFadden, Notre Dame GP

Jr. OL/DL Dalton Tubbs, Montoursville

Sr. DB Dan Cassidy, Spring-Ford

Sr. OL Dan Heckman, Northampton

Sr. K Dawson Klinger, Selinsgrove

Jr. RB/LB Dawson Schwalm, Tri-Valley

So. OL/DE Dennis Saar, Canton Area

Jr. Doug Weist, North Schuylkill

Jr. C Dylan Badger, Central Bucks East

Jr. QB Dylan DellaValle, Pocono Mountain

Jr. CB/WR Dylan Kelly, Delaware Valley (2)

Sr. OT/DT Dylan Rolando, Pottsgrove

Sr. TE Eddie Titus, Tamaqua

Sr. WR/OLB Elijah Blauch, Lebanon

Jr. K Elijah Hoffman, Southern Columbia

Jr. RB/LB Eric Sees, Danville Area

Sr. K Erick Rodriguez, Spring-Ford

Sr. K Ethan Lazorka, Montoursville

Jr. K/P Ethan Van Buskirk, Central Dauphin

Sr. DE Evan Callahan, Bethlehem Freedom

Sr. CB Frank Amsler, Central Bucks West

So. S Gabe Kuehn, Minersville

Jr. RB/LB Gannon Feldmann, Danville Area

So. OL/DL Gabriel Calini, Lebanon

Sr. QB Garrett Perschy, Palmerton Area

So. WR Gehrig Hossler, Minersville

Jr. OL/DL Givenson Charles, Morrisville

Sr. RB/DB Grant Gaynor, Pequea Valley

So. OL/DL Hunter Werkheiser, Northampton

Sr. OL/DL Isasiah Blauch, Lebanon

So. WR/DE Jack Goddess, Pennridge

So. Jack Kempsey, North Schuylkill

Sr. DB Jackson Buskirk, Whitehall

Sr. OL Jacob Letizia, Central Bucks South

So. DB/WR Jacob Roos, Pottsville

Jr. WR Jake Novroski, Central Bucks East

Sr. WR Jake Petro, Bethlehem Freedom

Jr. LB Jake Reichwein, Central Bucks West

Jr. OL/DL James McGowan, Central Bucks West

Sr. OL/DL Jared Bitts, Pequea Valley

Sr. LB Jason Walter, Council Rock North

Jr. OL Jaquan Swint, Bethlehem Freedom

Sr. OL Jeremiah McClinton, Canton Area

Jr. LB Joe Figueroa, Bethlehem Freedom

So. OT/DT Joel Hartzell, Pennridge

Sr. OL/DL John Iles, Palmerton Area

Sr. LB/OG John Paulik, Berks Catholic

Sr. K Jonathan Benner, Blue Mountain

Fr. WR/ILB Jordan Nelson, Palmerton Area

Jr. QB/DB Jordan Lapp, Pequea Valley

Sr. WR/DB Jordan Scott, Lancaster Catholic

Sr. TE/OG Josh Fitz, Central Dauphin

Sr. LB Josh Tumelty, Spring-Ford

Jr. QB Joshua Crecca, Central Bucks West

So. OL Justin Kopko, Hanover Area

Jr. LB Kaden Martell, Canton Area

Sr. DE Keanan Wolf, Selinsgrove

Sr. OL/DL Kelton Chastulik, Chambersburg

Jr. OL/LB Ken Cooper, Danville Area

Sr. WR Kevin Gibson, Council Rock North

Sr. WR/DB Kobe Walker, Canton Area

Sr. QB Kody Kegarise, Manheim Central

Sr. DB Kyle Feasby, Central Bucks East

Sr. DL Kyle McTiernan, West Chester Henderson

Sr. QB Logan Leiby, Selinsgrove

Sr. QB/LB Logan Ruppert, Pen Argyl

Jr. QB/DB Logan Yoder, Tri-Valley

Jr. QB Luke Emge, Manheim Township

Sr. K Luke Ciavardelli, Marple-Newtown

So. LB Luke Painton, Berks Catholic

Sr. Major Jordan, North Schuylkill

Jr. CB Mark McCool, Central Bucks West

Sr. FB/LB Mason Luff, Council Rock North

Sr. DB Matt Booth, Spring-Ford

Sr. K Matt Corbett, Bensalem

Jr. DB Matt Hagelbarger, Berks Catholic

Sr. DB Matt McKenney, Central Bucks East

Sr. OL/DL Matthew Fest, New Hope-Solebury

Sr. P Max Cavallucci, Cheltenham

Sr. RB Michael Welde, Council Rock North

Jr. DB/WR Mike Botto, Pottsville

Sr. WR/DB Mike Force, Berwick Area

Sr. DT Mike Melchiorre, Central Bucks East

Sr. QB/LB Mike Schoenleber, Wissahickon

So. Mitch Wagner, North Schuylkill

Jr. LB Nate Hockman, Northampton

Sr. DE Nate Ventresca, Central Bucks East

Jr. OL/LB Nicholas Bradley, Lebanon

Sr. K Nick Borelli, Wilson (3)

Sr. ILB Nick Brown, Manheim Central

Sr. OL/DE Nick Salomone, Spring-Ford

So. FB/LB Noah Braid, Abington Heights

Jr. OLB/ILB Noah Craig, Berwick Area

Sr. RB/LB Noah Wood, Quakertown

Sr. RB/S Nolan Ott, Montoursville

So. TE Parker Zimerofsky, Pottsville

So. WR/CB Peyton Persing, Danville Area

Jr. DE/OT Peyton Snopek, Lancaster Catholic

Jr. WR/QB/DB Phil Dangello, Northwestern Lehigh

So. OL/DL Preston Fausnaught, Danville Area

Sr. TE Quinn McKenna, Spring-Ford

Sr. WR/DB Riley Conboy, Montoursville

Sr. DB/WR Ryan Hippensteel, Northwestern Lehigh

Jr. RB/DB Ryan Palm, Danville Area

Sr. TE Sam Helberg, Council Rock North

Jr. DE Sawyer Beltz, Pen Argyl

So. OG/DE Seth Kerrigan, Pennridge

Sr. CB Shane Ehlo, Central Bucks West

Jr. OL/DL Shane McLaughlin, Bethlehem Liberty

So. TE/OLB Shane Kozick, Danville Area

Sr. TE/P Steven Rold, Bethlehem Freedom

Jr. OG PJ Szymanski, Central Bucks East

Sr. Richard Zahodnick, North Schuylkill

Sr. QB/DB Ridge Moore, Canton Area

Sr. OLB/QB Ryan Finn, Pottsgrove

Sr. C Ryan Harlow, Cardinal O’Hara

Sr. WR/DB Shane Beckwith, Interboro

Jr. OL/DL Shane McGarry, Exeter Township

So. OL/LB Shawn Delaney, Minersville

Jr. WR Spencer Piligian, Central Bucks West

So. OG/DE Steve Yencha, Pennridge

Sr. P Steven Rold, Bethlehem Freedom

So. WR/DB Tadd Barr, Pen Argyl

Sr. DE Tanner Romano, Spring-Ford

Jr. RB/OLB Tim Malloy, Pequea Valley

Sr. WR/DB Tom Rothenberger, Abington Heights

Jr. OL/DE Trevor Storm, Easton Area

Jr. LB Ty Tracy, Central Bucks East

So. OC/DT Troy Donlan, Southern Columbia

Sr. LB Tyler Boger, Central Dauphin East

Sr. ILB Tyler Lutz, Manheim Central

Sr. TE Zach Gugule, Spring-Ford

Sr. K/P Zach Weinstein, York Suburban

Jr. FS Zane Williams, Central Bucks West


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9 Responses to “Gold Team: 2016 Academic Team (Updated on 3/16)”

  1. David Mika says:

    Jim, I added Dylan to my list. Thanks!

  2. Jim DellaValle says:

    QB Jr Dylan DellaValle Pocono Mountain West 4.0 GPA

    Thanks Jim

  3. Billy Splain says:

    their coaches need to reply to our emails.

  4. David Mika says:

    I emailed every coach and had it up on the main page for months. I am disappointed by the response. We are trying to promote scholar athletes.

    I will gladly add players to the list. But it has to come from a coach or AD

  5. Just curious says:

    Why is Inter Ac players ignored when it comes to awards ie the above and all state teams

  6. David Mika says:

    Bobbie, Just got the list. He is on the gold team.

  7. Bobbie Klinger says:

    Just wondering why my son Dawson Klinger, kicker for Selinsgrove did not make this team? Did you see his grades?

  8. David Mika says:

    Means District 2

  9. Ed Kelly says:

    Just wondering what the #2 next to my son Dylan Kelly means?

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