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Col-Mont Vo Tech runs over Saint Josephs Academy

Written by: on Saturday, October 14th, 2017. Follow Staff on Twitter.


Sevon King hands the ball to a ref after scoring

Just one play into the game CMVT quarterback Trevor Welsh found John Binder and he was off to the races for a 65 yard td to put the Rams up 7-0 right away. The Rams never looked back as tailback Sevon King pounded the Wolves 60-34 to spoil their Homecoming/Senior night game at Memorial Field in State College.

That play was a sign of things to came as both teams hit the endzone a total of 7 times in the first half. Down by 7, the Wolves struck right back and quickly. Senior quarterback Brenden Robinson led them on a 60 yard drive, finishing it off with a 26 yard run. The pat failed and before 3 minutes were gone, it was 7-6.


Back and forth they went. The Rams lined up and started pounding away with King bowling over defenders with carried of 5-6-3-2 and finally 21 yards into the endzone.


On their first drive of the second quarter, once again King carried the rock into the endzone, this time from 29 yards out. They got the 2 point play to make it 23-6 at the 6:52 mark in the second. “With our #1 Binder down with a bad injury, King just stepped up. His 4 games he has just been powering. We were planning on throwing a lot, but he just stepped up” said CMVT Head Coach Mark Varner.

Once again, the Wolves battled back. Robinson found Cole Bernier in the corner for another td, making it 23-12 with 2:03 left in the half.

On the ensuing kickoff, Jake Shotwell dropped the ball, scooped it back up and raced 75 yards to the endzone. The 2 point play made it 31-12 but there was still 1:51 left on the clock. Murray Fetzer’s group worked fast, and Robinson finished the drive with 29 seconds left in the half making it 31-20. The drive was aided by a 40 yard run from Zach Sechler. Sechler finished the night with over 120 yards and td/


Opening the second half, the Wolves shot themselves in the foot several times. A holding call and an interception by Ty Babb, who returned it to the Wolves 3, eventually paid off for the Rams. Welsh hit Mike Starr from 12 yards out to make it 37-20.


St. Josephs kept battling, and to their credit never gave up. Murray hit Cole Bernier for a 40 yard gain, and then Sechler capped that drive with a one yard run. Murry got the 2 point play to make it 37-28 and it looked as though the Wolves were primed for a comeback. Holding the Rams on three plays, CMVT lined up and punted but the ball was dropped and the Rams recovered. They never looked back from here, King scored from 20 yards out. Murray, who finished with 193 yards on a 14-27 effort, found paydirt again from 23 yards out, but the Rams were just too much for the Wolves. CMVT would score two more times.

More video:

‘This Murray pass to Bernier led to a score for

Nice first down run by Sechlar

This 45 yard td reception makes it 53-34 CMVT over

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One Response to “Col-Mont Vo Tech runs over Saint Josephs Academy”

  1. Jason Shotwell says:

    They kickoff return for a touchdown by vo- tech was by Jake Shotwell.