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Class AAA 1st Round: Berwick-Becahi

Written by: on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013. Follow Vince Pellegrini on Twitter.



2013 PIAA Class AAA Football Playoffs First Round

Friday, November 22, 2013 at 7 PM at J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown

Bethlehem Catholic (8-4) vs. Berwick (12-0)



-On October 18, Bethlehem Catholic was 4-4 following their loss to Parkland (49-6). The Hawks have not lost since, winning four straight including their District 11 Championship overtime thriller over Southern Lehigh, 27-24. Michael McDaniel scored from 7 yards out to give the Hawks their 27-24 victory. Becahi hadn’t won a District 11 championship since 2001 (39-14 over Easton in Quad A).


-Bethlehem Catholic finished the regular season with a 1-3 mark against programs which finished with a winning record. The Golden Hawks were outscored in those contests by a total count of 175-100.


-Almost three years ago, Becahi introduced Joe Henrich as their head football coach. The former Emmaus defensive coordinator had a rough start to his tenure. After winning his first two games, the Golden Hawks went onto compile a 6-20 record until their current 4-game win streak.


Bethlehem Catholic’s Schedule

1 – at Pocono Mountain West, 35-7 W

2 – at Emmaus, 32-29 W

3 – Easton, 35-49 L

4 – at Northampton, 41-24 W

5 – Bethlehem Liberty, 35-27 W

6 – at Whitehall, 27-48 L

7 – Nazareth, 14-28 L

8 – at Parkland, 6-49 L

9 – at Bethlehem Freedom, 20-16 W

10 – Allentown Central Catholic, 33-13 W

11 – Lehighton, 34-6 W *

12 – at Southern Lehigh, 27-24 (OT) W *

*-Playoff game



State Championships (2)

1990: Class AAA – Bethlehem Catholic 43 Seton LaSalle 7

1988: Class AA – Bethlehem Catholic 26 Wilmington 11



-Berwick got by Crestwood and Abington Heights in the district tournament by a combined total of 8 points. During the regular season, the Dawgs outscored their opponents by an average of 44.9 to 7.3.


-The Bulldog offense grinded out a 35-28 win over Abington Heights last week. In their district opener against Crestwood, Berwick was only able to manage 24 rushing yards as a team. This past Saturday, Berwick gained 269 stripes against the Comets led by Jorden Stout’s 134 yards (2 TDs) and Dain Kowalski’s 86. The Bulldogs’ ran the ball 48 times compared to just 6 pass plays.


-Dissecting what their previous two opponents tried to do against the defensive unit of Berwick, here’s a glance at some of the numbers:

  • Vs. Crestwood – Run Plays: 43; Pass Plays: 14 = Total: 57
  • Vs. Abington Heights – Run Plays: 25; Pass Plays: 27 = Total: 52


  • Vs. Crestwood – Rushing Yards: 273; Passing Yards: 104 = Total: 377
  • Vs. Abington Heights – Rushing Yards: 93; Passing Yards: 225 = Total: 318


  •   Vs. Crestwood – Yards Per Carry: 6.3; Yards Per Pass Play: 7.4
  • Vs. Abington Heights – Yards Per Carry: 3.7; Yards Per Pass Play: 8.3


-Berwick is 19-1 in their last 20 games.


-The Bulldogs have won 44 of their last 45 games when they score 23 points or more. The lone loss came in last year’s District 10 championship loss to Abington Heights (44-35).


Berwick’s Schedule

1 – Crestwood, 41-7 W

2 – at Pottsville, 56-7 W

3 – at Dallas, 37-7 W

4 – Wyoming Valley West, 42-28 W

5 – Selinsgrove, 36-0 W

6 – at Tunkhannock, 57-3 W

7 – at Williamsport, 48-7 W

8 – Pittston, 50-0 W

9 – Coughlin, 39-7 W

10 – at Hazleton, 43-7 W

11 – Crestwood, 14-13 W *

12 – Abington Heights, 35-28 W *

*-Playoff game



State Championships (6)

1997: Class AAA – Berwick 17 Perry Traditional Academy 14

1996: Class AAA – Berwick 34 Blackhawk 13

1995: Class AAA – Berwick 43 Sharon 6

1994: Class AAA – Berwick 27 Sharon 7

1992: Class AAA – Berwick 33 Blackhawk 6

1988: Class AAA – Berwick 13 Aliquippa 0



Bethlehem Catholic: Joe Henrich, 3rd Season (12-20)

Berwick: George Curry, 44th Season (435-93-5)



Points Scored Per Game: Berwick, 41.5; Bethlehem Catholic, 28.3

Points Allowed Per Game: Berwick, 9.5; Bethlehem Catholic, 26.7



Bethlehem Catholic – 53.4% (71-62)

Berwick – 50.4% (68-67)




Bethlehem Catholic: Julian Spigner – 1334 yards, 47.1% (88-187), 15 TDs

Berwick: CJ Curry – 1955 yards, 58.8% (104-177), 19 TDs



Bethlehem Catholic: Michael McDaniel – 754 yards, 4.9 ypc, 22 TDs

Berwick: Dain Kowalski – 842 yards, 6.8 ypc, 17 TDs



Bethlehem Catholic: Freddie Simmons – 32 catches, 600 yards, 8 TDs

Berwick: Andrew Force – 29 catches, 742 yards, 8 TDs


Winner plays the winner of the Clearfield (12-0) and Jersey Shore (6-6) the following week in the State Quarterfinals.

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21 Responses to “Class AAA 1st Round: Berwick-Becahi”

  1. Doug says:

    I’m an LVC guy and I predict Berwick wins by 14.

  2. Jim says:

    Yo Gunner, Rothie told me, to tell you “your a knucklehead”.

  3. Mike says:

    King George would have Roth’s head spinning if that game would be played…

  4. D11 man says:

    becahi has a chance gunner. and because of you i almost want becahi to win.

  5. Jim says:

    Just be happy neither team has to play The Mighty SCA Tigers.

  6. O.L.Coach says:

    Hey Gunner, you’re enough to turn all neutral parties against Berwick; if you do get past Becahi, here’s hoping Wood buries Berwick.

  7. Mike says:

    …if history ditates as in the past…the Berwick v Wood game would be in Dist 12 @ a neutral site…

  8. RedDawgs77 says:

    Berwick and Becahi are obviously good football teams to get to this point, and it should be a good contest. I am pulling for Berwick. I have seen Wood play 2x this year (St Joe Prep game and North Penn)and they are very good. Speed all over the field, strong, and athletic. I hope I am wrong but I cant see either Berwick or Becahi staying within 2-3 TD’s of Wood. If Berwick wins, does anyone know where Berwick and Wood would play? I’d love to see that matchup.

  9. tom says:

    ALICE GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Gunner Fellows says:

    Uh, Bill and Alice…Beca has NO chance.

    Beca was LUCKY to beat a Southern Lehigh team that played a cupcake schedule in a sub par conference.

    Ridiculous to say, Bill?

    Not ridiculous to say you have no clue…

    Weren’t you the clown that said Notre Dame would beat Bama in the BCS Championship last year?

    You have NO cred and Beca has NO chance.


  11. Mike says:

    …even a female understands the game…thx Alice..better known as an upset….

  12. tom says:

    Berwick will win,if they they play smah mouth football.

  13. brad says:

    Berwick will beat wood and that will be the bomb lets GO DAWGS!!!!!!

  14. Alice says:

    No chance . . . is the teams that are not playing the game. Beca is playing the game and they have a chance.

  15. Alice says:

    No chance . . . is the teams that are not playing the game.
    Beca is playing the game, and they have a chance.

    Remember Speed kills.

  16. Bill says:

    You have a typo!

    Becahi’s state titles were 1988 class AA and 1990 class AAA.

  17. RON says:

    Berwick has had trouble playing on the road in the first half. Look for this game to be close at halftime, but second half should make adjustments and wear Becahi down. Berwick 28 Becahi 7.

  18. Mike says:

    …u r probably right Gunner but that is why they play the games…District 2 was very competitive and the next two weeks should be a bit of a breather for the Dawgs but the bomb goes off week 15 vs WOOD….

  19. Bill says:

    That’s just ridiculous to say. I hope the Dawgs win, but come on.

  20. Gunner Fellows says:

    Beca has NO chance against Berwick.


  21. Mike says:

    …awesome display of facts that tells the tale of both sides…good luck to both teams…