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2018 Team Previews – Lower Merion Aces (1)

Written by: on Monday, July 30th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Evan Breisblatt

Assistant Coaches:

Dave Lloyd
Sean Capkin
Khalil Smith
Joe Augustine
Joe Powel
Kevin Herod

Team Name: Lower Merion Aces

2017 Record: 2-9

2018 Schedules:

Key Starters Lost: (7)

Ben Rubin MLB, WR
Marek D’alonzo QB, OLB
Deion Davis WR, FS
William Savastani G, DT
Justin Wootton T, DE
Tahj Wheeler TE, DE
Elijah Smith RB/LB

Offensive Starters Returning: (7)

Sr. Matt O’Connor QB 6’2 185
Sr. Jalen Goodman WR 5’11 190
Sr. Jaden Helton WR 5’9 165
Sr. Ian Goodman WR 5’9 165
Sr. Marcus Green WR 6’0 175
Sr. Bram Hollis C 5’9 175
Sr. Will House G 5’9 195

Defensive Starters Returning: (10)

Sr. Jalen Goodman DB 5’11 190
Sr. Jaden Helton DB 5’9 165
Sr. Ian Goodman DB 5’9 165
Sr. John Trainer LB 5’5 135
Sr. Marcus Green DB 6’0 175
Sr. Will House MLB/DT 5’9 195
Sr. Xavier Stockman DT 5’10 215
Sr. Ryan Gillam LB 6’1 170
Sr. Ardontrelle Williams LB 5’11 180
Sr. Niko Hahn CB 5’9 165

Special Team Starters Returning: (2)

Sr. KR/PR Jaden Helton 5’9 165
Sr. KR/PR Ian Goodman 5’9 165

Key Newcomers: (8)

Sr. Khalil Jackson 5’8 260 DT/G
Soph. D’Shawn Jemison 5’11 195 RB/MLB
Jr. Noah Prichard 6’1 185 DE/OL
Jr. FB Brandon Desper FB/LB
Sr. Ed Zhang G/LB
Jr. Jon Goldstein 6’3 260 OL/DL
Jr. Roger Roberts 5’10 175 Athlete
Jr. Khalil Williams CB

Key Stats:

Jalen Goodman WR/DB Sr. 5’11 190
62 Tackles/ 16 Receptions 5 TDS 3 INTS
Jaden Helton WR/DB Sr.5′ 9 165
20 receptions 4TDS /17 tackles
Ian Goodman WR/DB Sr.5’9 165
44 receptions /41 tackles
Ardonntrell Williams RB/LB Sr.5’11 180
27 carries 111 yards / 53 tackles 1 Int
Marcus Green WR/DB Sr. 6’0 175
59 tackles/12 receptions 3 TDS
John Trainor LB Sr.5’5 135
71 tackles

2018 Offensive Outlook: The key on offense is going to be the Offensive Line and how physical we will be this year. We need to find out what we are capable of doing and do it well. In order for us to have success offensively, we must be balanced. If we are able to run the football with the skills players we have a chance.

2018 Defensive Outlook: Defensively we need to be able to stop the run in a tough hard nose league where the run game is very prevalent. The key to defense is being physical and not giving up big plays. The strength of our defense will be our secondary. The key for us will be our defensive line and how they hold up to some physical football teams.

2018 Special Teams Outlook: John Trainer returns to long snap. We will have some very dangerous returners with Jaden and Ian among others that could go back there. We need to find a punter and kicker. We need to be great on kick Off and Punt to win games.

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