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2021 Class 2A Team

Written by: on Thursday, January 6th, 2022. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Player of the Year:

Gavin Garcia, Southern Columbia


Coach of the Year:

Joe Tout, Northern Lehigh


The 2021 edition of the Class 2A postseason team consists of players from schools of Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, and Independent teams. There is a First Team, Second Team, and Honorable Mention for this postseason team. Athletes are arranged in alphabetical order by their first name. 



Tight end (TE): 

Austin Smyth, Northern Lehigh 6’4 220


Wide receivers (WR):  

Sr. Jason Cullen, Minersville 5’10 165

Sr. Trevor Amorim, Northern Lehigh 6’ 175


Offensive lineman (OL):  

Sr. Carson Savitski, Southern Columbia 6’2 250 

Jr. Chris Treshock, Southern Columbia 6’2 260

Jr. Matt Kelley, Mount Carmel Area 6’4 319

Jr. Nick Nestico, Mount Carmel Area 6’1 260

Sr. R.J. Schirg, Lackawanna Trail 6’2 285


Quarterback (QB): 

Sr. Robert Footman, Columbia 6’ 185


Running Back (RB):    

Sr. Gavin Garcia, Southern Columbia 5’9 190 

Sr. Matt Frame, Northern Lehigh 6’ 225

Jr. Ohifame Ijeboi, William Penn Charter 6’ 188


Specialist (SP-O):  

Soph. Matt Machalik, Palmerton Area 6’ 190


Kicker (K): 

Soph. Isaac Carter, Southern Columbia 5’11 190



Defensive Lineman (DL):  

Jr. AJ Jimenez, Northern Lehigh 6’ 185

Sr. Derek Berlitz, Southern Columbia 6’2 245

Sr. Mason Imbt, Troy 6’3 300


Linebackers (LB):  

Sr. Chase Lentz, Upper Dauphin 6’1 195

Fr. Dominic Fetterolf, Southern Columbia 6’ 190

Soph. Garrett Garcia, Southern Columbia 6’ 185


Defensive Backs (DB): 

Sr. Brett Misera, Northern Lehigh 6’2 200 

Sr. Joey Vevasis, Shenandoah Valley 5’8 150

Sr. Landon Lorson, South Williamsport 5’10 170


Specialist (SP-D): 

Sr. Julien Stellar, Mount Carmel Area 5’9 185


Punter (P): 

Sr. Nick Andrasi, York Catholic 6’205



Wide receivers (WR): 

Sr. J’Von Collazo, Columbia 6’ 140


Offensive lineman (OL): 

Sr. Colin Dreibelbis, Upper Dauphin 5’8 165

Jr. Jayden Krempasky, Northern Lehigh 5’10 265

Sr. Joseph Quinton, Southern Columbia  6’ 200

Sr. Josh Jenan, Schuylkill Haven 5’11 205

Jr. Nick Casagrande, York Catholic 5’8 205


Quarterback (QB):

Sr. Dylan Smoyer, Northern Lehigh 6’ 180


Running Back (RB): 

Jr. Braeden Wisloski, Southern Columbia 5’10 185

Jr. Wes Barnes, Southern Columbia 5’9 185


Specialist (SP-O):  

Jr. Levant McFadden, York Catholic 6’ 175


Kicker (K):

Sr. Nick Andrasi, York Catholic 6’205



Defensive Lineman (DL):  

Sr. Isaiah Franklin, West Catholic 6’2 200

Jr. Matt Scicchitano, Mount Carmel Area 6’4 260

Jr. Zamire Cottrell, Conwell Egan 6’3 230


Linebackers (LB):  

Sr. Lucas Heydt, Palmerton Area 5’10 180

Jr. Luke Trunell, Conwell-Egan 6’3 220


Defensive Backs (DB): 

Jr. Michael Farronato, Mount Carmel Area 5’11  170

Sr. Zymeen Howell, West Catholic 5’7 155


Specialist (SP-D): 

Jr. Nick Frame Jr., Northern Lehigh 6’2 190


Punter (P): 

Soph. Isaac Carter, Southern Columbia 5’11 190


Honorable Mention: 

District 2 Players: 

RB Kody Cresswell, Lackawanna Trail


District 3 Players:

QB Sr. Brayden Horton, Sayre

RB Sr. Andrew Adams, York Catholic

LB Jr. Nick Creisher, York Catholic 


District 4 Players:

QB Sr. Pedro Feliciano, Mount Carmel Area 

RB Sr. Lane Lusk, South Williamsport    

LB Sr. Beau Keim, Line Mountain 

LB Sr. Michael Zsido, Southern Columbia 

DB Sr. Danny Guzevich, Bloomsburg 


District 11 Players:

QB Sr. John Adams, Minersville 

QB – Sr. Owen Koser, Shenandoah Valley

WR Jr. Daniel Lucykanish, Palmerton Area

WR Sr. Khyle McGrath, Palisades

WR  Soph. Nick Ryan, Shenandoah Valley 


District 12 Players:

ATH Sr. Donte Morris, Conwell-Egan 

RB Jr. K’Saan Green, West Catholic


Non-PIAA Players:

RB Sr. Brian Allen, Germantown Academy 

WR Jr. Isaiah Grimes, William Penn Charter

LB Sr. Mike McGhee, Germantown Academy


Photo’s courtesy of Joe Tout and Matt Topper

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