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2021 Class 1A Team

Written by: on Thursday, January 6th, 2022. Follow David Mika on Twitter.



Player of the Year:

Riley Parker, Canton Area


Coach of the Year:

Tyler Sechrist, Canton Area


The 2021 edition of the Class 1A postseason team consists of players from schools of Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, and Independent teams. There is a First Team, Second Team, and Honorable Mention for this postseason team. Athletes are arranged in alphabetical order by their first name. 



Wide receivers (WR):  

Jr. Brady Evans, Williams Valley 6’3 180

Sr. Tyrone Moore, Steelton Highspire 6’2 185


Offensive lineman (OL):  

Sr. Caiden Williams, Canton 6’1 190

Sr. Conner Davis, Canton 5’11 230

Jr. Cyllel Rose, Old Forge 5’11 225 

Sr. Isaac Harris, Muncy 6’4 235

Jr. Justis Troutman, Tri-Valley 6’ 260


Quarterback (QB): 

Soph. Alex Erby, Steelton-Highspire 6’4 210


Running Back (RB): 

Soph. Alex Achenbach, Williams Valley 5’10 160

Jr. Riley Parker, Canton Area 6’ 190 


Specialist (SP-O):  

Fr. Austin Johnson, Muncy 6’1 210 


Kicker (K): 

Loudon Boring, Muncy 



Defensive Lineman (DL):  

Jr. Ezi Hite, Williams Valley 6’2 230

Sr. Nick Rasmus, Old Forge 6’1 245


Linebackers (LB): 

Sr. Bailey Hadzinikolov, Muncy 6’ 205

Jr. Hayden Ward, Canton 5’10 165 


Defensive Backs (DB): 

Jr. Ross Eyer, Muncy 6’1 180


Specialist (SP-D): 

Jr. Weston Bellows, Canton 6’1 190


Punter (P): 

Sr. Jonas McGrath, Tri-Valley 6’ 160



Wide receivers (WR):  

Soph. Carson Bethea, Academy of the New Church 6’ 160

Sr. Coltin Hans, Montgomery 6’ 150


Offensive lineman (OL):  

Soph. Andrew Erby Jr., Steelton-Highspire 6’3 300 

Sr. Elijah Staub, Delone Catholic 6’4 265

Sr. Lou Castaldi, Old Forge 6’1 225

Jr. Mason Nelson, Canton Area 6’1 300

Sr. Thayden Miller, Montgomery 6’4 240 


Quarterback (QB): 

Sr. Logan Almeida, Montgomery 5’8 145


Running Back (RB):  

Sr. Daivin Pryor, Steelton-Highspire 5’9 160   

RB – Jr. Matt Martin, Marian Catholic 6’ 210


Specialist (SP-O): 

Jr. Ben Manley, Mahanoy Area  6’2 215


Kicker (K): 

Sr. Pat Ruthiruwat, Wyoming Seminary 5’11 195



Defensive Lineman (DL):  

Jr. Jacob Scheib, Tri-Valley 5’11 210 

Jr. Tyshaun Holland-Alli, Steelton-Highspire 6’2 230


Linebackers (LB): 

Sr. John Greenfield, Old Forge 5’11 230

Jr. Weston Pick, Montgomery 6’1 210 


Defensive Backs (DB): 

Jr. Casey Holzman, Old Forge 5’8 170

Jr. Branson Eyer, Muncy 6’1 170


Specialist (SP-D): 

Sr. Cody Miller, Nativity BVM 6’1 170


Punter (P): 

Sr. Jake Myers, Fairfield 5’10 165


Honorable Mention:

District 1 Players: 

QB – Sr. Shaquille Gimes, Bristol

OL – Zac Pacuraru, Jenkintown

DL – Sr. Anthony Sliver, Bristol

DL – Jordan Dill, Jenkintown 

LB – Sr. Elijah Alexander, Bristol 


District 2 Players: 

QB – Jr. James Sobol, Old Forge 

RB – Logan Tierney, Holy Cross

WR – Ethan Tallo, Old Forge 


District 3 Players:

RB – Sr. Dylan Staub, Delone Catholic 

LB – Soph. Jaieon Perry, Steelton-Highspire 

LB – Sr. Peyton Stadler, Fairfield 

DB – Sr. Coltyn Keller, Delone Catholic 


District 4 Players:

QB – Cooper Kitchen, Canton Area  


District 11 Players:

ATH – Sr. Soph. Colm McGoarty, Mahanoy Area 

RB – Jr. Kam Wetzel, Tri-Valley 

LB – Sr. Jack Miller, Nativity BVM 

LB – Sr. Jackson Yoder, Williams Valley


District 12 Players: 

QB – Nasisy Harrison, Belmont Charter School 

WR Sr. Chris Palmer, Belmont Charter School

WR Sr. Anton Beemelmanns, Wyoming Seminary 


Non-PIAA Players:

QB – Sr. Patrick McCabe, Academy of the New Church 

WR – Sr. Ryan Givhan, Academy of the New Church


Photo’s courtesy of Tyler Sechrist

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