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2018 Class 1A Team

Written by: on Monday, January 7th, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


The 2018 edition of the Class 1A postseason team consists of players from schools of Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12 and Independent teams. There is only a First Team and Honorable Mention for this postseason team. Athletes are arranged in alphabetical order by first name. 


Tight end (TE): Soph. 6-5, 210 Ben Knapp, Canton  

Wide receivers (WR): Sr. 6-1, 195 Connor Hazlet, Northwest Area; Sr. 6-3, 165; Dylan Wilt, Muncy; Sr. 6-1, 180 Gage Carnrike, Sayre; Jr. 6-2, 200 Glenn Sabb II, Academy of the New Church

Offensive lineman (OL): Jr. 6-0, 235 Dakota Haueisen, Muncy; Sr. 6-0, 230 Jacob Brim, Lackawanna Trail; Jr. 6-1, 305 Keegen Nelson, Canton; Jr. 5-10, 230 Mark Dunckle, Lackawanna Trail  

Quarterback (QB): Sr. 6-2,195 David Piestrak, Northwest Area

Running Back (RB): Jr. 5-10, 160 Devin Bryant, Academy of the New Church; Sr. 5-9, 175 Hunter Budman, Montgomery; Soph. 5-10, 205 Ray Melnikoff, Lackawanna Trail    

Specialist (SP-O): Jr. 5-10, 150 Jeb Brenfleck, Academy of the New Church; Sr. 6-1, 170 Levi Engle, Williams Valley; Sr. 6-4, 215 Nate Rolka, Lackawanna Trail 

Kicker (K): Jr. 5-10, 176 Lucca Stroia, Marian Catholic 


Defensive Lineman (DL): Sr. 6-6.225 Cade Lafferty, Jenkintown; Sr. 6-0, 195 Kolt Schaeffer, Tri-Valley; Sr. 6-4, 280 Spencer Dimon, Williams Valley; Sr. 6-3, 220 Zac Cost, Lackawanna Trial

Linebackers (LB): Sr. 6-0, 185 Mike Kustanbauter, Muncy; Sr. 5-11, 180 Nate Garrity, Sayre; Sr. 5-11, 165 Lucas Bogarde, Bristol;  5-10 180 Rhyle Strausbaugh, Montgomery 

Defensive Backs (DB): Sr. 6-1, 170 Broc Grosser, Halifax; Jr. 6-0, 175 Timmy Ward, Canton; Jr. 5-10, 145 Tyler McGrath, Tri-Valley

Punter (P): Jr. 6-0, 175 Nick May, Canton

Honorable Mention 

District 1 Players: 

RB Sr. Mike Are, Bristol 

WR Jr. Johnson John, Jenkintown

K Jr. Bert Koniers, Jenkintown

DL Sr. John Burnett, Bristol 

District 2 Players: 

DB Jr. Nico Berrios, Lackawanna Trail 

DB Sr. Tommy Souryivong, Old Forge

LB Sr. Adam Samitz, Old Forge

District 3 Players:

K Soph. Tai Lehman, Halifax  

LB Sr. Dalton Marshall, Halifax

District 4 Players:

RB Jr. Gannon Guerrisky, South Williamsport 

K Jr. Isaac Boring, Muncy

DB Sr. Coleman Good, Muncy

DL Sr. Dan Beckley, Montgomery

LB Sr. Chris Klem, South Williamsport 

LB Jr. Garrett Storch, Canton

LB Sr. Nate Garrity, Sayre

District 11 Players:

RB Jr. Brady Miller, Williams Valley

RB Sr. Ryan Schreffler, Nativity BVM

K Sr. Chett Pesta, Williams Valley

TE Soph. Jesse Engle, Williams Valley 

DL Sr. Zachaeus Omlor, Nativity BVM 

DB Sr. Sincere Walker, Nativity BVM

Non-PIAA Players:

K Soph. Jimmy Melvin, Academy of the New Church

Player of the Year: Timmy Ward, Canton

Co-Coach of the Year: Steve Jervis, Lackawanna Trail and Ty Klippenstein, Academy of the New Church

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