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2018 Big 33 Team PA Roster

Written by: on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018. Follow Staff on Twitter.


Saturday, June 16

Landis Field, Harrisburg

2018 Big 33 Team Defense

2018 Big 33 Team Offense


Coaching Staff:

Head Coach: Mark Evans, Manheim Township

Asst Coach: Joe Cowart, New Castle

Asst Coach: Ryan Matsook, Beaver Valley

Asst Coach: Matt Lintal, State College

Asst Coach: Michael Whitehead, Cumberland Valley

Asst Coach: Steve Wilmot, Neshaminy

Asst Coach: Evan Breisblatt, Phoenixville

Asst Coach: Harold Fairclough, Emmaus

Players who could not play or declined:

Phil Jurkovec, Pine-Richland

Leddie Brown, Neumann-Goretti

Grayson Sallade, Manheim Twp

Fredrick Scruggs, Cathedral Prep

Blake Zubovic, Belle Vernon

James Gmiter, Bethel Park

Kurt Danneker, Williamsport

Aidan Cain, Mt Lebanon

Marcus Hooker, New Castle

Aaron Gethers, Bishop McDevitt

Milton Mamula, Episcopal Academy

Rayshad Wallace, St Josephs

Christian Barmore, Newmann-Goretti

Devin Danielson, Thomas Jefferson

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8 Responses to “2018 Big 33 Team PA Roster”

  1. Mike says:

    To Come on man. stats don’t mean a thing! The selection process is good, committee of coaches watch film and pick best available players! Some of the kids with the greatest stats may I remind you only are getting D2 and D3 offers! College coaches watching same film feel the same
    As the HS committee

  2. Mike says:

    Iggy Reynoso declined east west game too. Smh. Lots of capable, record breaking players not playing in either game…

  3. Billy Splain says:

    Mischler is out, Brady Walker of Gateway now in the E/W game. I am pretty sure Juniors can’t play in all star games in PA. The idea of all PA Big 33 has been tossed around to cold reception. The E/W game is getting bigger, an event is being planned for the day before ……..details to come

  4. sausmann9 says:

    Sorry, meant Mischler from Prep opting for East v West game, not Jakovec from PR! my bad.

  5. sausmann9 says:

    Nice! I like our team and staff!

    I like the way you all did the rosters and I love the idea of the list of players who opted out or couldn’t play (that takes out some guessing as to who didn’t and/or why wasn’t blah blah blah)!

    Only surprise is Jurkovec opting for the East v West game (and a HUGE thank you for it for whatever the reason was!!!) over Big 33. I love the fact this East v West game has TWO rosters full of solid PA kids and is gaining more and more momentum every season.

    Couple of quick questions to see what you all think;

    1. what would be the issue(s) if we went to an all-PA Big 33 game kind of like an East v West but all PA kids; could you imagine how cool that could be for the kids, the schools, fans, and the state.

    2. Juniors only??? Some of the better players can’t play due to college obligations, last-time family vacations, etc..; what if we were to make the Big 33 game an in-state game of only seniors-to-be??? A juniors-only all-star game – you get to see some major talent prior to the season starting and maybe a preview of who to follow.

    just some thoughts.

  6. Billy Splain says:

    scroll to the bottom of the article, he couldn’t play

  7. McD65 says:

    Matt Bauer/ Cathedral Prep -?????

  8. Come on man! says:

    Congratulations to all players selected. I know players will be upset about not being selected. I agree, how are some many record setting players not chosen? How does Central Catholic have 3 players on the team. The selection process is not good. You have to be nominated by your coach. Our coach does not promote his players which is issue in itself. Have an option for a player or parent submit names. Too many good players are not even being recognized. A lot players not selected had tremendous seasons. Better seasons statistically then players selected. Biggest criteria should be how they performed through the season.
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