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2015 Class A Coach of the Year: Mike Schuback, Old Forge

Written by: on Monday, January 4th, 2016. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


oldforgehcMike Schuback just completed his 14th season as the head coach for Old Forge. His team won their fifth straight division title, third straight district title and second state semifinal appearance in three years.

He was the freshman coach for three years and coached on-year under Steve Armillay as an assistant at Pittston Area.

In 2015, his team finished 13-2 and averaged 34.4 points (ranked # 3 in Eastern PA Class A teams) on offense and on defense gave up an average of 15.2 points (ranked # 2 in Eastern PA Class A teams) per game.

His overall record is 128-45.

Q. What stood out for you about your season?

A. Every year is different. You start with a clean slate and start working with the guys up front. We had a lot of kids this year which made this very competitive. We had so many guys back on offense so that list was short to fill, but we needed guys to step up on defense. It took us until week five to get a good group that slowed teams down. The Oline really came together for us and proved to be our strong point for sure!

We started slow but we played all playoff teams in that stretch, with four out of five teams. So giving them credit, it wasn’t an easy first five games for sure.  Not to mention three out of five were on the road.

I thought our kids weathered the storm well and got us on track after an emotional win over a good Riverside team. How they came together and matured was something I will always be proud of. We had concerns about leadership with this group. So how they grew together as a working unit was impressive.

Q. How did this team impact your community?

A. Our small town lives for sports. But they really live for FOOTBALL! Every Friday night, families make plans weeks in advance. The town rallies behind the boys. Every Friday night their neighbors, teachers, bosses, friends and the old timers are there to watch them.

The support is amazing. Most if not all the restaurants in town feed the players during the season on a weekly basis.  Our kids are really lucky to have so much community support!

I would like to thank my players and coaches past and present, for their commitment to being successful. Without that we would be an average program.

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One Response to “2015 Class A Coach of the Year: Mike Schuback, Old Forge”

  1. Troy says:

    Outstanding job coach well deserved !!!! I am glad to of had you as a coach, you take PRIDE in what you do. Keep up the great work.

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