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Written by: on Monday, May 8th, 2017. Follow Staff on Twitter.



Led by Beaver’s Darius Wise’s two touchdown receptions, the West squad downed their eastern counterparts 17-14 in the 16th annual PFSCA East/West All-Star game. Played at Altoona’s Mansion Park Sunday afternoon in conditions more conducive to fall football weather, the game was mostly a defensive struggle, especially in the first half.

The only score of half number one came with 1:18 remaining in the second quarter when Williamsport’s QB, Isaiah Hankins, connected with Wise for a 16 yard TD pass. Gateway’s kicker, Jordan Washington, booted the PAT to put the West up 7-0 at the break.

The second half saw the East tie the game at seven early in the third quarter when LaSalle College’s Tre McNeill fell on a fumbled punt in the end zone and C.B. East’s Barney Amor kicked the point after. McNeill was the East’s MVP of the game, not only scoring a touchdown, but garnering an interception and making 6 solo tackles plus assisting on 3 others. Later in the third, the West regained the lead thanks to the golden foot of Washington as he nailed a 31 yard field goal.

In the fourth quarter, with 7:32 left, Brycen Mussina chucked a 29 yard TD pass to Wise to put the West up 17-7 after Washington’s point after. Mussina played quarterback for Montoursville. A late East touchdown toss from Perkiomen Valley’s Stephen Sturm to Amadou Barry of West Catholic formulated the final score at 17-14.

Game Notes: Noah Woods of State College was the West’s MVP by hauling in 3 passes for 90 yards and rushing the pigskin twice for 12 yards. Each team’s punter looked pretty good too. Amor hit some high, long kicks with one going 59 yards, but Washington had the day’s longest punt by booming a 75 yarder. The East still leads the series, now by a 10-6 margin.

West 17 East 14

Score by Quarters

East – 0 0 7 7 – 14

West – 0 7 3 7 – 17

Scoring Summary

Second Quarter

W – Darius Wise 16 yd pass from Isaiah Hankins, (Jordan Washington Pat)

Third Quarter

E – Tre McNeill recovered fumble in end zone, (Amor Barney Pat)

W – Washington 31 yd field goal

Fourth Quarter

W – Wise 29 yd pass from Brycen Mussina (Washington Pat)

E – Amadou Barry 33 yd pass from Stephen Sturm (Barney Pat)

Team Stats

East             West
First Downs       7                      13
Rushes-Yards    17-29               25-36
Passing Yards   109                  227
Comp-Att-Int    10-32-0           12-27-2
Total Yards       138                  263
Fumbles-Lost    1-1                  3-1
Penalties-Yards  5-76              6-50

Individual Stats

Rushing – East: Khari Jones 5-16, Shawn Thompson 7-22, Storm 3-7, Barry 1-(-21), Tyshaun Pollard 1-3. West: Hankins 5-21, Quinton Hill 9-32, Wise 2-(-13), Elliot Walker Jr. 2-18, Noreaga Goff 1-1, Mussina 1-(-15), Noah Woods 2-12, Team 3-(-20).

Passing – East: Zach Gilbert 5-of-18, 14 yards, Sturm 5-of-14, 95 yards, one touchdown. West – Hankins 6-of-13 100 yards, one touchdown, one interception, Mussina 6-of-14, 117 yards, one touchdown, one interception.

Receiving – East: Jullian Liaci 1-16, Nick Vasger 1-11, Barry 2-35, Mari Wright 1-1, Stone Scarcelle 2-0, Thomas Murphy 1-23, Thompson 1-(-8), Pollard 1-26. West: Jon Muehlbauer 5-79, Walker Jr. 1-9, Wise 3-49, Woods 3-90.

Interceptions – East: McNeill, Trael Seegars.

Kickoffs Returns – East: Thompson 1-22, Jones 1-14, Richard Carr 2-33. West: Wise 2-37, Team 1-0.

Punt Returns – East: Liaci 1-11. West: Walker Jr. 1-0, Derrick Caraway 1-0, Goff 1-6.

Fumble Recoveries – East: McNeill. West: Caraway.

Field Goals – East: Barney 49 yards – Blocked. West: Washington 33 yards – Blocked, 31 yards – Good.


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9 Responses to “WEST WINS 2017 PFSCA -STAR GAME”

  1. sausmann9 says:

    And all my point really is is that this game lost many LOYAL fans that drove in groups to see it. Yes more than four times we had double digits riding out from Bethlehem to see this game when held on Saturdays, we all stayed at Raystown Lake for the most part.

  2. Billy Splain says:

    First off. You are wrong about when kids report. Many had to pass on even big33 game because of reporting. And you still can go to the game. No reason you can’t. The game faces many challenges as does the big33 game. It isn’t the day or the month…times are just changing. It used to mean much more to kids to play in this and big33. It doesn’t anymore. Priotirites have changed. So have the priorities of fans. 20 years ago people would have flocked to a game on a Sunday in may just because they loved the game. In case u haven’t noticed crowds are down on fridays too.

  3. sausmann9 says:

    kids reporting to college doesn’t happen b/n May and June. You either have early enrollment in January or you go to your camps at end of June.

  4. Billy Splain says:

    The games USED to be held in June…THAT is no longer feasible with the kids reporting to college earlier. I don’t know what part of the equation you are missing Paul. You may not go to proms, play baseball or run track but the kids do. It can’t be done if they want to have the top talent. Millions go to football games on sundays for the NFL….with this game now being centrally located they can work on bigger crowds. It will work, we have confidence. Next year they’ll have a couple exhibition youth games before the start of the EW game.

  5. sausmann9 says:

    Apparently Sunday is not the best option if you are looking at the crowd. This game drew many many more fans when the first games were played on Saturdays and guess what, it seemed to work well. I do not go to proms or baseball games, I do however go to football games on Saturdays, not Sundays as do many adults. The organizers of this game will be the death of this game once again. sad but true.

  6. Billy Splain says:

    I do know there were several proms on Saturday, there was also many baseball games, there was a track meet I know of off the top of my head…Sunday is the best option.

  7. sausmann9 says:

    just out of curiosity and I know you don’t know the answer off the top of your head, I would like to know how many of the current players ran in a track meet Saturday before the game and/or went to a prom the Friday night before this game??? Its not like they’re hungover, they”re young athletes who love the game and would do both a prom and the game if called on to do so. Have kickoff Saturday night at 5pm so enough time to get there, eat, relax, and then play. just a thought.

  8. Billy Splain says:

    And they can’t schedule the game on a Saturday because of spring sports and proms. As for the crowd is it was the same as it has been the past couple years. A few ideas are being tossed around to increase the crowd like having a youth game before the All-Star game. This is the first year back to Altoona we’re hopefully it will stay.

  9. sausmann9 says:

    If the powers-to-be next year for this game could somehow find it in their superhuman abilities to somehow, someway please schedule this game on a Saturday. Thank you. A Fan.

    Also, I would think you could get a really nice crowd back at this game once again since all 68 kids are from PA, unlike the Big 33 where we only really know 34 of the kids.
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