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SOL National

Written by: on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015. Follow Mike Smoll on Twitter.


Mike Smoll gives the fans a early look at the SOL National, breaking down each team.

Bensalem’s new coach Ed Cubbage has quite a bit of catching up to do, in order to catch the rest of the division, he has 5 OFF and 5 DEF starters back from last years team none of which made any of SOL National all league team, I think it’s going to be another long year for the Owls.

The next group is Abington, Pennridge and Central Bucks South. Abington was a heavily senior team last year and only has 3 OFF and 3 DEF starters back from last year, Omar Peterkin 6’1″ 280lb DT leads the way, looks like a bottom rung on the ladder to me. I’m giving Pennridge (and my cousin coach Jeff Hollenbach) the benefit of the doubt here, as they and Abington could easily flip flop, 6 OFF and 3 DEF with both kickers return, Pennridge also was a heavily senior team last year and has a lot of pieces to replace, however hearing they have over 90 kids out, may help. Next up is Central Bucks South, they lose big time Notre Dame recruit Josh Adams, but returns 7 OFF and 7 DEF starters the best of whom is 6′ 1″ 275 1st team all SOL DL Bill Donahue, the best pieces returning are on the Defensive side so if they can hold up til the Offense catches up, they have a chance of finishing in the top half of the division.

Most people will probably disagree with who I put above who in the next two teams but…. North Penn and Souderton, I look at both as possible Dark Horse contenders. North Penn returns 6 OFF and 6 DEF starters with all the all everything Nyfease West (2nd team SOLN RB and 3rd team SOLN DB) leading the way, Ricky Johns (1st team SOLN LB as a soph) Is also back. Need to replace pretty much both OFF and DEF lines and both kickers. Dick Beck has had a way over the years, and certainly has the numbers in one of the biggest school districts in Penna, but I think this is a down year. SURPRISE, the Souderton Indians in 3rd place. Yeah I know Souderton has been taking a beating from the top teams in this Division, but I suspect that the Indians will be paying it back this year and next, I have them marked down as 9 OFF and 9 DEF players back. 7 of which earned SOL honors last year. Keep an eye on JR Joey Curotto 6′ 195 lbs at QB, he started a couple games as a Freshman and now has a full season under his belt, I expect a break out season for him. My biggest concern for Souderton is their general overall size, they may not be up to physically matching up every week. But I just got a feeling you are looking at a 7-4 to 9-2 team here and maybe a District One slot, and just have that feeling they are going to get someone no one expects them to get (hear that North Penn).

The top two teams are Pennsbury and Neshimany. Pennsbury has 4OFF and 7 DEF starters back and they are quality returnees, as 10 of the 11 earned all Confernce honors of some sort. Keep an eye on 6′ 7″ 340 lb Jr Maurice Stukes to make some holes to generate the running game, and 1st team all Conference DB and LB Robert Daly and Luke Snyder to key a very good defense. I keep looking at what I’ve got and can’t figure out why I am still picking Neshimany, but…… Neshimany has 6 OFF and 8 DEF starters that really came on the second half of the year. Just have a feeling that new coach Steve Wilmot will have them ready to go and it won’t take 4 games to warm up. They also have 10 back that received some sort of all Conference honors, led by perhaps the conference’s best returning QB JR Mason Jones, he has 1st team all conference targets in TE Bill Ritchey and WR Daniel Hughes, along with personal protector OL Hunter Kelly 6′ 2″ 285lb. I guess I jut like their mix better than Pennsbury. Well there you have it.

1st Neshimany
2nd Pennsbury
3rd Souderton
4th North Penn
5th Central Bucks South
6th Pennridge
7th Abington
8th Bensalem

Ok I’ve gone and done it. I’ve made my picks, lets see how things work out. May the games begin.

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12 Responses to “SOL National”

  1. rob smart says:

    Mike,I like your picks. The team that I feel could surprise is north Penn. They’re due and look sharp this summer.

  2. Mike Smoll says:

    Keep in mind this was done in late June off of last years field notes and programs, and well before 7 on 7’s and or scrimmages, everything becomes clearer in September

  3. Mike Smoll says:

    @rob smart, you could certainly be right, I said don’t know why I like Neshaminy, Pennsbury will be a district player, North Penn is always tough, just think Souderton is this years Upper Dublin, as they are loaded with returnees, but think they may be a year away.

  4. rob smart says:

    My picks.
    2.north Penn
    4.cb south
    5. Pennridge
    6. Souderton
    7. Abington
    8. Bensalem

    Down year, pennsbury, north Penn and neshaminy each make districts. Pennsbury and north Penn win two games, neshaminy one

  5. fran riley says:

    He’s saying the skins had some kids out of district playing for them. I heard those rumors as well. Knowing what I know about what goes on up there, I wouldn’t let a child play any sport up there. You can go winless and keep your job. That’s embarrassing.

  6. Mike Smoll says:

    Hi Rob

    Not sure who you mean when you say “THEY” broke the rules.


  7. rob smart says:

    They break rules dating back to the championship year. Coach was suspended two games. Oh if you knew why. Just look across the board at athletics there. You will see a huge question mark as to why one specific coach still has a job there.

  8. Mike Smoll says:

    Not sure I understand the question, did neshimany recruit a rb to replace bensalem’s

  9. rob smart says:

    Did neshaminy recruit a rb to replace Bensalem’s own pollard?

  10. Mike Smoll says:

    Oops I have North Penn finishing 4th in the SOL National

  11. Mike Smoll says:

    I have North Penn picked, but a strong showing against LaSalle, would move them up.

  12. FballFan56 says:

    Early season tests of your top two, as both take on LaSalle: NP on 9/4 @ NP, Pennsbury on 9/11 @ P-W. If NP can make it a better game than last year’s LS rout, then maybe they move up. Pennsbury/LS match-up is an intriguing one, and a strong Pennsbury performance would position them for District 1 dominance.