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Poway defeats Ramona in a close contest 38-30

Written by: on Saturday, September 7th, 2019. Follow Staff on Twitter.


By David A. Willauer-Contributing Writer

DJ Owens 2 touchdown runs of 8 and 13 yards, qb Andrew Wisely’s 4 yard pass to Vance Jefferson, Josh Butler’s 1 yard touchdown run paced the Titans of Poway High School to a well played 38-30 over the Ramona Bulldogs

Ramona at 0-3, Jake Duquette 7 yard run, Cameron Cuevas’s 32 yard scamper, Jacob Snyder’s 30 yard completion to Jeremiah Friend, Ian Alexander’s 4 yard rushing touchdown,

Bonita Vista 35 Sweetwater 14-Christopher Kane 42 and 13 yard passes to Ron Vann, Chris Kane 1 touchdown run of 20 yards, John Inzunzia’s 2 yard run, Ron Vann 48 yard punt return,

Sweetwater performances-Joewin Acuario 2 yard run, Nicholas Salazar 15 yard pass to Israel Gutierrez.

Lawndale 35 Carlsbad 16-Carlsbad performers-Sayan Aiden 7 yard pass to Kyle Vassau.

Madison 32 Granite Hills 29-
Madison Performers-Herman Smith 53 yard interception return. Jaylen Thomas 30 yard pass to Herman Smith, Davion White 60 yard interception, Jaylen Thomas 40 yard pass to Ke’onte Springs, Keonte Springs 2 touchdown runs of 5 yards.
Granite Hills Performers-Justus McCombs 27 yard pass to James Johnson, Justus McCombs 10 yard pass to James Johnson, Justus McCombs 23 yard pass to James Johnson, Justis McCombs 5 yards to James Johnson.

LaJolla 28 Santa Fe Christian 14 QB Jackson Stratton 3 yard pass to Makai Smith, Max Smith 2 touchdown runs of 8 and 13 yards, Diego Solis 27 yard pass to Luke Brunette,

Santa Fe Christian Steve Britton 1 yard run, Blake Weeks 55 yard touchdown run,

Patrick Henry 39 Monte Vista 36

Patrick Henry performers: Matt Castillo 28 yard pass to Omar Hammond, 2nd pass for 10 yards to Kadeem Bakare, 3rd pass to Blake Johnson for 8 yards. Isaiah Jennings 20 yard run, 2 touchdown passes of 11 and 25 yard pass to Kai Jessie,

Patrick Henry defeats Monte Vista 39-36: Monte Vista Performers in the game: Monte Vista performers: 2 Xavier Leyva touchdown runs of 13 and 15 yards, 4 yard run by Aiden Robey, Isiah Gardner’s 2 touchdown runs of 14 and 69 yards

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