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2020 Team Previews: Octorara Braves (3)

Written by: on Sunday, August 9th, 2020. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jed King

Assistant Coaches:

Jed King – Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator
Mike Trainor – Defensive Coordinator, Running Backs
Ed Smith – Wide Receivers, Defensive Backs
Matt Livingood – Offensive Line
Matt Harper – Defensive Line
Greg Wood – Offensive/Defensive Line

Team Name: Octorara Braves

2019 Record: 2-8

Key Starters Lost: Jansen Schempp, Colby Wrigley, Matt Keating, Logan Forte, Matt Joe, Nick Mattingly, Jack Imms, Dylan Smith, Nick McCaw

Offensive Starters Returning: (6)

Jr. RB Mike Trainor, 5-8, 165
Sr. OG Aiden Ross, 5-10, 205
Jr. C Kaden King, 6-0, 225
Sr. TE Caleb Rising, 6-2, 200
Jr. QB Weston Stoltzfus, 5-10, 165
Jr. WR James Taylor, 6-1, 170

Defensive Starters Returning: (9)

Jr. S Mike Trainor, 5-8, 165
Sr. DE Aiden Ross, 5-10, 205
Jr. DE Kaden King, 6-0, 225
Sr. OLB Haydyn Wrigley, 5-8, 160
Sr. CB Brian Pennypacker, 5-10, 175
Sr. CB Ryan Kernan, 5-8, 165
Jr. LB Angel Mauricio, 5-10, 170
Sr. S Devon DeJesus, 5-9, 165
So. LB Paul Murray, 5-9, 185

Special Team Starters Returning: (1)

Sr. P Ryan Kernan, 5-8, 165

2020 Offensive Outlook: It’s a multiple offense based out of the wingT. Tempo is going to be very important, as well as conditioning. Our goal is to get as many offensive plays as we can. Deception will be a big part of our offense as well as reading the defensive alignment and coverages.

2020 Defensive Outlook: Defense is a 4-3 base. Our goal is to keep teams off balance with deception in our coverages and a decent amount of blitzing while remaining gap sounds against the run.

2020 Special Teams Outlook: Our goal is to kick off more than we kick return, but we also want to have big plays on special teams.


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