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2022 Team Preview: Hanover Area Hawks (2)

Written by: on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jason Majiros

Assistant Coaches:
Garry Kroll
Woodly Augustin
Robert Petrovich
Scott Majiros
Brenden Demarzo
Bob Stelma
Shaun Jones
Brandon Chafin
Jared Jones
Erik Richardson

Team Name: Hanover Area Hawks

2021 Record: 2-7

Key Starters Lost:
Xavier Ankner
Jeremy Vega
Jake Zola
Joseph Wilder

Offensive Starters Returning: (8)
Sr. WR Sean Dooner, 5’10”, 165
Sr. WR Joe Cronan, 6’2″, 185
Sr. OL Zack Kopek, 5’10″195
Sr. OL Chase Whitman, 6’2″, 225
Sr. TE Johnathan Skipalis, 5’11”, 195
Sr. QB Christian Torres, 5’9″, 175
Sr. RB Aidan Shamaski, 6’0″, 165
Jr. RB Jayden Shortz, 5’8″, 155

Defensive Starters Returning: (7)
Sr. DB Sean Dooner, 5’10”, 165
Sr. DE Johnathan Skipalis, 5’11”, 195
Sr. LB Christian Torres, 5’9″, 175
Sr. OLB Aidan Shamaski, 6’0″, 165
Sr. DL Chase Whitman, 6’2″, 225
Sr, DL Zack Kopek, 5’10”, 195
Jr. LB Jayden Shortz, 5’8″, 155

Special Team Starters Returning:

Key Newcomers:
Sr. WR/DB Luis McCoy, 5’7″, 135
Jr. WR/DB Rahmel Currie, 6’3″, 155
Jr. RB/OLB Malachi Downey, 5’7″, 135
Jr. OL/DL Nicholas Kistner, 5’6″, 170
Jr. OL/DL Evan Malet, 6’0″, 235
So. OL/DL Tyler Garrison, 5’10”, 210
So. OL/DL Aydin Craig, 5’10”, 260
So. WR/DB Luis Cintron, 5’9″, 155
Fr. RB/LB Tyler Herbert, 5’7″, 165
Fr. RB/LB Matt Curry, 6’2″, 180
Fr. RB/LB Jayden Skipalis, 5’10”, 165

2021 Returning Player Stats:
Sean Dooner
6 catches 127 yards
2 touchdowns

Christian Torres
49 of 121 completions
713 yards
6 touchdowns
4 touchdowns

Aidan Shamaski
73 carries
209 yards
2 touchdowns
3 catches
55 yards
1 interception

2022 Offensive Outlook: “Like many teams throughout the conference, we are looking to get better day by day. We have a good group of kids willing to work and get better. While we have veteran-skill kids, we need the young offensive line to gel as fast as possible to establish a run game. We will be in multiple sets, looking to take what the defense is giving.”

2022 Defensive Outlook: “Looking to instill an attitude in the players and an aggressive style of play. Want to be able to stop the run. Need everyone to run the football and tackle. Continue to get better at the little things and the rest will take care of itself.”

2022 Special Teams Outlook: “We definitely need to take the time these teams deserve. Important one-third of the game that can change momentum and field position at any part of the game. We have to be solid in every aspect.”

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