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2018 Class 6A Coach of the Year, Calvin Everett, Harrisburg (3)

Written by: on Friday, January 4th, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Way back in 2011, Calvin Everett took over as head coach when George Chaump resigned. After eight seasons as head coach Calvin’s record is 62-37. For the past three years, his record is 35-7, including two trips to Hershey. 

“This was a very special season,” said Everett. “It was historic! It was possible because we had a great group of young men that fought every week and trusted the process. I also have such an amazing group of coaches that did an excellent job, consistently.”

 Q. What stood out about your team this season?

They played together as a team and improved each week.

Q. What makes your staff great and how have they helped you throughout the season? 

My staff cares a lot about our kids. They spend a lot of time building relationships with our kids. They have helped me this year by spending countless hours on game planning and preparing our student athletes in the off season.

Q. How did your team impact your community this year?

Our team had a huge impact on our community because we were able to unite everyone for several months for something positive. The community was able to show their pride during our season.

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