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Easton vs. Phillipsburg Football blog

Written by: on Thursday, November 26th, 2015. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


FINAL SCORE: Easton 26, P’Burg 0

-P’Burg takes over on downs with 1:39 remaining in the game.

-Easton’s takes over on downs on their 7 with 4:39 remaining in the game.

-Easton’s Nathan Moser intercept’s P’Burg pass and goes 13 yards for the score. With 11:45 left in the game, Easton leads 26-0.

-P’Burg fumbles punt and Easton’s David Simmons recovers the fumble and takes it 9-yards for the TD. 19-0 Easton end of the 3rd qt.

-Easton punts and P’Burg takes over on their 16 with 1:15 left in 3rd qt

-Pburg fumbles and Easton recovers on PBurg’s 44 with 3:10 left in 3rd qt

-P’Burg punts and Easton takes over on P’Burg’s 47 with 6:04 left in third quarter.

-Easton punts and P’Burg takes over on their 9 with 9:21 left in third quarter

-Easton’s Nathan Moser intercepts Zachary Ringhoff pass. They take over on ¬†their 30.

HALFTIME: 12-0 Easton over P’Burg

-Easton punts…P’Burg takes over on their 22. 2:33 left in the first half.

-punt P’Burg. Easton takes over on their on 47 3:31 left in first half

-Easton’s Diego Santiago kicks 27-yard field goal. Easton leads 12-0 6:06 2nd qt.

-Easton’s Greg Alberston intercepts P’Burg’s Danny Fisher takes it 45 yards to P’burg’s 35.

-P’Burg’s Yusef Shelton intercepts Ben Nimeh pass. They take over on Easton 48

– punt P’Burg

-End of the 1st qt. 9-0 Easton

-punt Easton

-3 and out punt Phillipsburg

-Easton’s ¬†Greg Albertson returns a 73-yard punt. kick no good. 9-0 5:06 1st qt.

-3 and out punt Phillipsburg

-Opening drive Easton goes 57 yards on 12 plays. Diego Santiago kicks 29-yard field goal. Easton leads 3-0

-109th meeting..


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