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Dennis Shaw named new Head Football Coach at Chester High School

Written by: on Thursday, February 23rd, 2023. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


On February 16th, long-time assistant coach, Dennis Shaw was named the new head football coach at Chester High School. 

Coach Shaw took time to talk to about his new role. 

What is your previous coaching background?

“I have been an assistant coach at Chester for seven years. I recently moved into the role of assistant head coach in 2022.”

What does this new role mean to you?

“ The new role means to me that I have put in the work to be deserving of the position. Also, that I have acted in a way to be trusted in the role.”

What is your focus as you build a staff? 

“My focus is still solely on the development of the players, athletically and academically. Our staff is already established and there will be no significant changes. This staff has been a part of the revitalization of our program. No need to change anything there.”

What is your philosophy as a coach? 

“My philosophy as a coach is always to control the ‘controllables’. Energy, effort, and detail are what we control as players and coaches. If we attack those aspects with 110% effort, the results will be in our favor.”

Where did you go to school?

“I attended and graduated from West Catholic High School.”

Did you play football (in high school and college)?

“I played RB for West Catholic. I ran for 3,000+ yards in my career, ranking in the top five in school history. In 2006, I led West Catholic to the first championship in 49 years, the start of a dynasty.”

What are your thoughts about the league you will be playing in?

“Honestly, I believe that we have outgrown the league that we play in. No disrespect to anyone else in the league, because there are some good competitors there. However, last year we won the league in a run-away. I wish we had more teams or could get into the central league like every other public team (besides the four in our league) in Delaware County. It’s strategically been set up to keep certain teams out for reasons we’re all aware of, but that has to change.”

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