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Apple Tractor Presents: Protime Predictions by Phil

Written by: on Thursday, November 30th, 2017. Follow Staff on Twitter.


Written by Phil Myers,

Every neighborhood has a little Timmy who lives down the street.  He’s the type of kid you’d love to have for a younger brother.  He’s shy, but doesn’t scare easily.  He’s not real athletic, but gives 120% in everything he participates in, especially neighborhood pick-up football games.

On the east side of town, up on the hill where Protime’s neighborhood was, little Timmy enjoyed being with the older guys when they played football.  Timmy had a name for practically every position too.  His favorite position to play was ‘hiker’ (center), but he liked to be the ‘kicker-offer’ occasionally.  Sometimes Protime would put him at ‘football catcher’ (receiver) or one of the ‘line-up men’ (offensive line).

There were the ‘football pitcher’ or ‘hander offer guy’ (quarterback), the ‘carrier’ (running back), and the ‘football catcher guarder guy’ (safety/defensive back).  Timmy was not particularly fond of the ‘crunchers’ (defensive linemen or linebackers) because he didn’t like being tackled.

Speaking of not being tackled, 33 points or more were scored by the winning team in 10 of the 12 games Protime predicted last week.  After a decent week, Protime is 270-62 for the season (.813).  The Foreteller of Football Fortunes will now attempt to prognosticate all 12 semi-final games.

Farrell 11-2 vs. Jeanette 13-1 – These two teams mirror each other as far as points scored and points allowed go.  Farrell has produced 563 points, while allowing 185.  Jeannette scored 565 so far and gave up 203 points.  The Steelers, under the guidance of coach Jarrett Samuels, have developed a real three-headed monster in QB Isaac Clarke (2,176 yards and 30 touchdowns passing with only 1 interception all year), WR Jourdan Townsend (66 receptions for 1,509 yards and 22 TDs), and RB Christian Lewis (1,330 yards rushing with 14 scores).  Townsend has a total of 30 TDs, while Lewis has 20.  Tymir Green chips in 12 rushing goal line crossings.  Green has 134 tackles to lead the ‘D’ and Tyrie Hammonds has 108.  Townsend has 4 pick sixes to date!  For the Jayhawks, the offense pretty much centers around Robert Kennedy who has 1,294 yards throwing and 23 TDs plus 1,113 yards rushing and 19 scores.  His top receivers are Marcus Barnes (28 catches for 494 yards and 10 TDs) and Tre Cunningham (24-373-6).  RBs Imani Sanders and Seth Howard (who doubles at QB) have scored a total of 22 touchdowns between them.  Kennedy also heads the defense with 10 INTs.  Protime thinks this is one of the tougher games to predict out of all of them this week.  Jeannette 35 Farrell 30.

Steelton-Highspire 11-2 vs. Homer-Center 12-1 – The Steamrollers are led by QB Malachi Young and his 2,110 yards passing.  He has 27 touchdown throws, 8 of which are to receiver Jarvai Flowers who has hauled in 27 passes for 616 yards.  WR Kavon Hope pulled down 46 of Young’s tosses to date for 576 yards and 3 TDs.  RB Dupre Andrews has 1,390 yards galloping with the ball, scoring 20 times along the way.  Andrews is a receiving threat too with 6 TD catches.  Kicker Nick Neidlinger can make a difference with his leg.  Shy’kirr Johns heads up the Roller “D’ with 8 picks.  Donovan Ogden and Jayshawn Ramsey are hammers defensively, even though Steel High has given up the second most points (264) of all playoff teams left.  For the Wildcats, who pulled one of the biggest surprises of the playoffs when they beat three-time defending Class A state champ Bishop Guilfoyle, the running game is important.  Jesse Lee has gone for 1,250 yards, scoring 20 times.  Mike McCracken chimes in with 973 markers and 12 TDs.  Freshman quarterback, Ben Schmidt has over 1,000 yards passing to various receivers including his brother Nick (15 receptions) and Lee (14 receptions).  Dakota Sunday leads Homer-Center in tackles and interceptions (5).  Tim Alcon also has 5 picks.  After consulting his crystal ball Protime has Steelton winning by a score of 28-21.

Washington 13-0 vs. Wilmington 13-0 – The Little Prexies have the 2nd best defense of those teams remaining in the west, allowing 112 points.  They have scored 554, led by QB Zack Schwartz (1,855 yards and 27 TDs passing) and RB Nick Welsh (2,083 yards and 29 scores running the pigskin).  Top targets of Schwartz are Isaiah Schoonmaker (31-696-14) and Dan Walker (25-514-11).  The Greyhounds are doing what Greyhounds do, running wild.  They have scored 541 points and are very close to having 3 backs with 1,000 yards rushing.  Jack Patton is the leader right now with 1,108 yards and 14 entries into the end zone.  Coach Terry Verrelli has 313 wins to date and has the privilege of coaching his grandson, Bryson, who has 1,010 yards rushing and a team high 17 TDs.  Cameron Marett has 875 yards and 15 scores to round out the backfield.  QB Robert Pontius has 9 TDs running and 8 passing.  Marett has stepped in front of 10 opponent passes.  Patton and Noah Hunt head up a stingy defense that is #1 giving up only 63 points.  Protime is going with Wilmington, 32-26.

Dunmore 14-0 vs. Southern Columbia 14-0 – If Protime had an eastern game of the week, this would be it.  Dunmore’s quarterback, Gavin Darcy, has tossed the agate for 1,468 yards and 27 scores.  His favorite receiver, Nate Fangio, has 26 grabs for 658 yards and 9 TDs.  WR Steve Borgia has 8 TD catches to his credit.  RB Frank Damiano has 631 yards rushing with 15 goal line crossings.  RB Billy Donvito has 603 yards and 8 TDs.  PK Mark Rinaldi kicked 69 of 75 extra points so far.  Southern Columbia’s Tigers have pinball-like stats.  Signal caller, Steve Hollenbach has pitched the pigskin for 2,238 yards and 26 TDs.  WR Julian Fleming has snagged 58 passes for 1,283 yards and 18 tallies.  RB Gage Garcia not only has 32 rushing TDs carrying the ball for 1,901 yards, he also has 26 pass catches for 388 yards and 5 more scores.  In fact, Garcia has 2,794 all-purpose yards.  Placekicker, Elijah Hoffman has made 90 of 92 PATs and 11 of 13 FGs.  Defensively, the Tigers have 48 sacks and are led by Cal Haladay and Max Tillett.  It’s the number one offense in PA (SoCol – 711 pts) versus the number two defense in the east (Dunmore – 91 pts).  Protime envisions the Tigers beating the Bucks 38-28.

Sharon 10-3 vs. Quaker Valley 12-1 – The Tigers of Sharon were impressive last week against Forest Hills.  QB Lane Voytik, WR Ziyon Strickland, and RB Jordan Wilson are tough to slow down.  Voytik has 2,481 yards tossing the rock with 28 touchdowns.  Strickland has 1,335 yards on 82 snabs, scoring 10 TDs.  He has 1,884 all-purpose yards and 18 total TDs.  Wilson has scampered for 1,114 yards and 17 TDs.  TE Frank Shaffer chips in with 29 pass catches and 6 TDs.  For the orange and black defensively, it’s Zack Dignall and Shaffer showing the way.  Quaker Valley is led by QB Ricky Guss.  He is effective throwing or running.  He’s got 1,922 yards and 21 TDs passing, plus 861 yards and 20 TDs rushing.  WR Isaiah McNair has come up with 43 passes for 806 yards and 12 TDs.  Ryan Jackovic averages 21 yards per catch (17 for 354 yards).  RB Jordan Taylor has 565 yards and 5 TDs.  Conventional wisdom says to take the Quakers, but there is nothing conventional about Protime.  He is taking Sharon by a score of 35-31.

Middletown 13-0 vs. Conwell-Egan Catholic 7-6 – Middletown comes in with the 3rd best eastern defense, allowing only 93 points.  Kyle Truesdale is the defensive MVP of the Mid-Penn Capital Conference.  On offense, the Blue Raiders rely on their running game.  Jose Lopez, who did not play against Scranton Prep, leads the way with 1,749 yards and 25 entrances into the end zone.  Brady Fox has contributed 1,402 yards and 26 TDs.  Tyreer Mills heads a receiving corps that includes Chris Plummer and Tre Leach.  Scott Ash is the QB with 1,132 yards passing, tossing 9 TDs too.  The Eagles also rely on the running attack to get things done.  Patrick Garwo is the premier back and has 1,838 yards, scoring 24 times.  RB Terome Mitchell has found the end zone 10 times.  QB Alex Goldsby has 12 rushing TDs scrambling for 469 yards.  Goldsby has thrown for 589 markers and 7 TDs.  PK Jack Barreras has made 44 of 48 PATs plus 4 FGs to boot.  On paper this appears to be a mismatch, but don’t underestimate the Eagles.  They beat a very good Palisades team last week and may well give Middletown all they can handle.  Take the Blue Raiders, though, 34-24.

Erie Cathedral Prep 12-0 vs. Berks Catholic 13-0 – This is quite possibly the top game in the state this week.  Prep has been living up to expectations so far.  It starts offensively with QB Joe Mischler and his 2,960 yards passing.  Add in the 36 TDs he’s thrown and you have a very dangerous signal caller.  WR Terry Roberts has 1,068 yards and 14 TDs, while WR Tyler Oedekoven has 1,082 yards and 9 TDs.  RB Billy Lucas has 717 yards rushing with 14 scores and RB Matt Lupo has 824 yards and 13 TDs.  PK Anthony Lupo has converted 70 of 75 PATs and hit on 6 FGs.  The Rambler ‘D’ is led by Notre Dame recruit Matt Bauer who really can knock someone into tomorrow.  Roberts has 5 picks for Prep’s opportunistic defense.  Berks Catholic’s Saints come marching in with RB Cooper Lutz, a Syracuse recruit, who averages 14 yards a carry!  He has 1,363 yards and 25 TDs.  His back mate, Brandon George, at 6’4” 235 lbs. is a human battering ram.  He has 601 yards rushing and scored 9 TDs.  That one-two punch may do Erie in, but they have more.  QB Terrence Derr has 1,010 yards passing with 12 TDs.  George and freshman Anthony Myers head up a tenacious defense that also has 22 interceptions.  Prep has the #2 offense in the west, scoring 581 points.  Meanwhile, Berks has the #3 defense in the east, allowing 101 points.  The crystal ball says not to go against the reigning state champs, Prep 24 Berks 20.

Bethlehem Catholic 12-2 vs. Imhotep Charter School 11-1 – The Golden Hawks are flying high after their 33-32 squeaker over Selinsgrove.  Becahi has the skill players to get the job done.  QB Javon Clements has hurled the rock for 2,236 yards and 19 TDs.  His main receiver, Daizhun Rhodes, did not play last week and that hurt the passing game.  Rhodes has 45 catches for 874 yards and 6 scores.  He also has scored 7 other TDs, 5 rushing.  The running game has three stars in Matt Bisko (1,102 yards, 23 TDs), Tavion Banks (815 yards, 11 TDs), and Zahir Seabrooks 823 yards, 7 TDs).  The Panthers lost their 1st game of the season to Harrisburg and have been untouchable since.  QB Jalen Sutton-Christian has passed for 1,566 yards and 21 tallies.  WR Jusuf Terry has pulled down 33 passes for 706 yards and 7 TDs.  RB Isheem Young, a Penn State recruit, has 20 touchdowns, 17 rushing on 783 yards gained.  Carl Jones has rushed for 637 yards and scored 5 times, while Khadarius Sampson crossed the goal line 8 times running with the football.  Protime had to resort to a coin flip for this contest, and the winner is………Imhotep 24-22.

Manheim Central 13-0 vs. Gateway 13-1 – This is Protime’s game of the week because he likes to see lots of points put up on the board and this one has the makings of a bunch being scored.  The Barons can run or throw with equal abandon.  RB Tyler Flick has traversed for 1,467 yards and 16 scores, while fellow RB Giovanni Lester has 672 yards and 15 TDs.  QB Evan Simon went over 2,000 yards passing last week and had thrown 22 TD passes.  WR Jake Novak has caught 57 passes for 1,160 yards and 14 TDs.  He also has accumulated 1,750 all-purpose yards.  WR Garret Fittery has latched onto 6 passes for touchdowns.  PK Niko Gavala has 58 PATs and 3 FGs to his credit this year.  Tyler Simon has 101 take downs to lead the Baron ‘D’.  Novak has 6 of the team’s 21 INTs.  The Gators have the top passer in PA in the person of Brady Walker.  Mr. Walker has fired the pigskin for 3,877 yards.  He also has a total of 41 TD passes.  The Gator gathering in the most passes is Courtney Jackson with his 78 catches for 1,621 yards and 20 TDs.  Freshman sensation, Derrick Davis is making his presence felt on both sides of the ball.  He has scored 5 TDs filling in for the injured Isaiah Cameron plus he has made a few big plays defensively the past couple weeks.  The crystal ball says Manheim 42 and Gateway 38.

Unionville 13-1 vs. Archbishop Wood 10-2 – Unionville’s Indians have been on a warpath throughout the playoffs and they have scored 35 points or more in six straight games.  (Unionville stats were not available at press time despite numerous attempts by Protime’s staff of one to obtain them).  They are led by quarterback Alex Gorgone and wideouts Joe Zubillaga and J.T. Hower.  Joe Farilello and Dante Graham are the main running backs.  Zubillaga is a spark on defense too as he had two picks last week against Springfield, returning one for a touchdown.  For the Archbishop Wood Vikings, QB Jack Coylar has 10 TD tosses and has thrown for 1,103 markers.  Florida commit and Viking TE, Kyle Pitts, has 18 snags of Coylar passes for 322 yards, scoring 4 times.  WR Ryan Loughlin leads the receivers with 23 catches for 572 yards and 5 TDs.  RB Nasir Peoples, a Virginia Tech commit, has travelled 1,427 yards so far with 22 TDs scored.  PK Bob Hennessy booted 40 extra points out of 42 tries plus kicked 3 field goals.  Protime projects Wood to win 38-14.

Pine-Richland 14-0 vs. Manheim Township 12-1 – Pine-Richland is the top offensive team in the west with 686 points scored.  Maxpreps has them at #24 in the country.  The Rams’ Phil Jurkovec has amassed 3,528 yards passing to date with 36 TD tosses.  PJ’s QB Rating is 151.0.  He can run too as evidenced by his 1,031 yards and 20 more TDs.  He has two phenomenal wide outs to pitch to in Jason DeFrancisis and Ray Falcone.  DeFrancisis has hauled in 64 passes for 1,062 yards and 10 scores, while Falcone has 45 grabs for 875 yards and 10 TDs.  RB Jordan Crawford has skedaddled for 1,153 yards and 23 tallies.  Kenny White, who had been injured for much of the year has 678 yards running the ball and scored 10 touchdowns.  Vittorio Orsinin has hit 82 of 86 PATs.  The Rams’ defense is led by Tyler King (127 tackles) and Anthony Cerminara (102 tackles) and Tommy Camino (16 sacks).  Luke Emge barks the signals for the Blue Streaks and throws pretty well himself with 1,716 yards and 24 TDs.  He, like Jurkovec, can run too (454 yards, 8 TDs).  Emge really spreads his passes around because Manheim has 5 receivers with over 200 yards, but all under 400.  Xavier Roman leads in TD catches with 7, while Rece Bender leads in receptions (32 with 6 TDs).  RB Grayson Sallade has 1,998 all-purpose yards (22 total TDs) of which 1,313 has come on the ground (17 TDs).  PK Jack Rodenberger has nailed 64 out of 65 point after attempts and 4 of 5 field goal tries.  Cameron Horst and Sam Emge anchor the Streak “D”.  Take P-R in this one, 42-24.

Saint Joseph’s Prep 12-0 vs. Coatesville 13-1 – The Hawks are ranked 8th in the nation by Maxpreps.  They sport the best defense in the east, permitting a mere 88 pints against some stellar competition.  Offensively, they are led by QB Marquez McCray (1,211 yards, 11 TDs), WR Brandon Sanders (30 catches, 395 yards, 8 TDs), RB Marques Mason (609 yards, 10 TDs), and RB Kolbe Burrell (594 yards, 12 TDs).  Anthony Tigano has sent 53 of 54 extra points through the uprights and also has made 6 FGs.  The Red Raiders have a stiff test this week, but with the likes of QB Ricky Ortega (2,841 yards with 36 TDs), WR Dapree Bryant (52 grabs for 1,171 yards and 19 TDs), RB Aaron Young (1,632 yards on 161 totes with 32 scores), and PK Patrick Mihalak’s 70 for 70 in PATs, it can be done.  Avery Young, a Rutgers recruit, heads up the defense.  Avery had a 72-yard pick six in the waning seconds of Coatesville’s 35-28 victory over Garnet Valley last week.  Protime senses St. Joes will be victorious 28-17 and thus sets up one of the most anticipated finals in years next week when the Hawks and the Rams face off.

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