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2008 Small School Team

Written by: on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


2008 Small School Team (Class A-Class AA) 



Tight end –Sr. Michael Smith, Danville, 6-3, 200

Wide receivers –Sr. Travis Jankowski, Lancaster Catholic, 6-2, 175; Sr. Jordan Weber, Camp Hill, 5-9, 180; Sr. Sean Persch, Pequea Valley, 6-0, 175

Offensive lineman –Sr. Tony Cascio, Montoursville, 6-5, 290; Sr. Mike Murphy, Schuylkill Haven, 6-4, 280; Sr. Nick Kindler, Trinity, 6-6, 280; Sr. Ryan Eitutis, Dunmore, 6-3, 295; Sr. Chris Steck, Mount Carmel, 6-2, 255

Quarterback –Jr. Kyle Smith, Lancaster Catholic, 6-3, 200

Running backs –Sr. Zach Barket, Schuylkill Haven, 5-10, 205; Sr. Jeremiah Young, Steelton-Highspire, 5-9, 190; Sr. Rod Hollomon, West Catholic, 5-9, 150

Specialist – Sr. Curtis Drake, West Catholic, 6-0, 165

Kicker –Sr. Shane Raupers, Athens, 5-10, 175


Defensive Lineman –Sr. Jason Brady, Delone Catholic, 6-3, 290; Sr. Jordan Hill, Steelton-Highspire, 6-2, 288; Sr. Chris Kennedy, Archbishop Carroll, 6-3, 285; Sr. Garry Gilliam, Milton Hershey, 6-6, 260

Linebackers –Sr. Vince Tuzze, Lakeland, 6-1, 240; Sr. Ryan Fehr, Schuylkill Haven, 5-11, 225; Sr. Jamie Reitzi, Middletown, 5-11, 215; Sr. Devin Malarchik, Catasauqua, 5-10, 195

Defensive Backs –Sr. Raymond Maples, West Catholic, 6-1, 195; Sr. Matt Talerico, Riverside, 5-8, 180; Sr. Abdul Smith, Perkiomen School, 6-0, 185; Sr. Ryan Womack, Wilkes-Barre GAR, 6-3, 190

Specialist – Sr. Christian Kuntz, Trinity, 6-5, 205

Punter –Sr. Matt Falcone, Palmerton, 6-2, 205



Wide Receivers –Sr. Devin McLaughlin, Bloomsburg, 6-2, 185; Sr. Trevor Polly, Camp Hill, 5-11, 180

Offensive Lineman – Sr. Tyler Swoyer, Schuylkill Haven, 6-2, 288; Jr. Jake Zuzek, West Catholic, 6-2, 290; Sr. Will Fletcher, Palisades, 5-9, 270; Sr. Lloyd Hill, Steelton-Highspire, 6-2, 320; Sr. Chase Fraley, Southern Columbia, 6-1, 255; Sr. Bob Ancheff, Williams Valley, 6-7, 355

Quarterback – Sr. Tyler Shover, Camp Hill, 5-11, 170; Sr. Marcus Wasilewski, Mt. Carmel Area, 6-2, 205; Sr. Jay Velehoski, Riverside, 5-9, 170

Running Backs – Sr. Steve Roth, Southern Columbia, 5-9, 195; Sr. Dan Ciabattoni, Holy Name, 6-0, 190; Jr. Michael Perry, Dunmore, 5-11, 205; Sr. Dakotah Lightfoot, Columbia, 5-8, 175

Specialist – Sr. Joe Klebon, Riverside, 5-9, 190; Sr. Stacey Hill, Communications Tech, 5-11, 170; Sr. Rich Colorusso, Hanover Area, 6-1, 185

Kicker – Sr. Zach Hubler, Tri-Valley, 6-2, 205; Sr. Joe Schrump, Kutztown, 5-11, 190


Defensive Lineman –Sr. Nick Schmalhofer, Lancaster Catholic, 6-4, 235; Sr. Jason Mashalek, Montoursville, 6-4, 270; Sr. Kevin Putalavage, Minersville, 5-7, 160; Sr. Justin Williams, Steelton-Highspire, 6-1, 200 ; Jr. Trevor Demko, Mount Carmel, 6-6, 215; Sr. Tom Bennie, Riverside, 6-0, 255; Sr. Tyler Geis, Bellwood-Antis, 6-1, 245

Linebackers – Sr. Aaron Yoder, Southern Columbia, 6-2, 195; Sr. Kevin Sochovka, Riverside, 6-3, 220; Sr. Jamel Haggins, Ben Franklin, 6-3, 225; Sr. Tyler Wheeler, Canton, 6-0, 185; Sr. Jon Fausey, Line Mountain, 6-0, 185

Defensive Backs – Sr. JJ Dempsey, Dunmore, 6-1, 170; Sr. Jordan Smith, Steelton-Highspire, 5-10, 170; Sr. Jacob Stimer, Bermudian Springs, 5-11, 165; Sr. Lee Krammes, Pine Grove, 6-2, 175; Sr. Marcus Line, Wyomissing Area, 6-3, 200

Specialist – Sr. John Gruver, Palisades, 5-11, 180

Player of the Year — Zach Barket of Schuylkill Haven

Coach of the Year — Rob Deibler of Steelton-Highspire

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7 Responses to “2008 Small School Team”

  1. Dance Classes Sydney says:

    Great job here. I really enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you definitely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Well, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see more of this from you.

  2. LourdesFan says:

    Why is it you never ever look at Lourdes Regional Football? They have some very talented players there…………um Mike Bastian, Matt Gilger. Take a look at them once, they may surprise you.

  3. joepa says:

    how in the name of vince lombardi does Andrew Shoop of Danville not make this team? he has every school passing record…well over 5,000 yards in just 25 starts…over 50 TD’s…..and on a team that had dropped over 60 passes this past year!! this is horrible!

  4. JoBoo says:

    You guys have to remember that this is “A” and “AA” combined because it is a “Small School Team”. If they wanted to water it down and make every class have its own team I am sure all of the people you wanted on the team would have been but instead this is the best of the best when it comes to Small School (AA and A) teams.

  5. Jimmy says:

    it amazing to see that west catholic defense didn’t hAve more people on the all eastern Pa team I thought Halem Hayward and Chris Williams were as good as any of the guys who made the team over them..

  6. havens pride says:

    how is mike georgevic not in here for kicker at all? he broke the record for most xp attempts made.

  7. Jack says:

    Jordan Smith is a two time first team all state defensive back and he can’t make your first team all-eastern team? Don’t get it.