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2017 Team Preview – Wilson Bulldogs (3)

Written by: on Sunday, July 23rd, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Doug Dahms

Assistant Coaches: Jeremy Palm, Ernie Wolber, Jeff Brubaker, Matt Bender, Brandon Naples, Brandon Dahms, Paul Covell, Eric Baumener, Eric Hancock, Joe Opalenick, Mark Steinmeyer, Andrew Blass, Greg Barnett, Jake Peterson

Team Name: Wilson Bulldogs

2016 Record: 12-2

2017 Schedule:

Key Starters Lost: (9)

Foday Jalloh (WR/OLB)
Brian Wright (WR/OLB)
Justin Weller (WR/DB)
Alex Twiford (TE/DE)
Isaiah Reigel (OT/DE)
Mason McElroy (WR/KR/DB)
Tommy O’Brien (S)
Jake Morris (C)
Franz Borden (G)

Offensive Starters Returning: (5)

Wyatt Schannauer (OT/DT-6’3″ 325)
Chris Price (OG/DE-6’2″ 210)
Iggy Reynoso (RB-5’11” 212)
Connor Uhrig (QB-5’11” 170)
Nick Johnson (TE 5’10” 230)

Defensive Starters Returning: (4)

Wyatt Schannauer (OT/DT-6’3″ 325)
Chris Price (OG/DE-6’2″ 210)
Trevor Hatlee (ILB-6’1″ 215)
Nick Johnson (ILB-5’10 230)

Special Team Starters Returning: (0)

Key Stats: Reynoso rushed for 1600 yards last year and QB’s combined for over 2000 yards passing

2017 Offensive Outlook: Offensively we have a good running back returning as well as our QB’s. We lost three DI receivers so a big question will be at the receiver position as well as O-line. Young players will have to step up if we are going to be successful offensively.

2017 Defensive Outlook: Should be solid up front but we will be young at the outside linebacker and secondary positions. Our success will hinge on how fast the new players can pick up our defense and how physical they will be.

2017 Special Teams Outlook: Staring from scratch. Need yo find a punter, though Connor Uhrig may be pretty good there, a kicker (???), and some rturn men. Normally a strength for us, specal teams may take some time to gel.


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