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Who stood out Week 8

Written by: on Friday, October 21st, 2011. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


What did you think of the eighth week of high school football? What team(s), player(s) or moments stood out for you? Post a comment below and we can chat about it.

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24 Responses to “Who stood out Week 8”

  1. Janett Oviedo says:

    wonderful site!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned.

  2. Tony C says:

    WC Henderson beating a talented Coatesville. LB crew was dominating including a pick 6 by LB TJ White changed the momentum.

  3. A says:

    My comment wasn’t approved but I didn’t like the two point attempt to run up the score after a timeout.

    Also, the TB seemed to always be taking two steps forward before the ball was hiked and it wasn’t lateral motion so to me that is a false start/ illegal formation.

  4. J says:

    All the credit in the world to Parkland, they did run right over, through, and around Nazareth. However, take a step back for a second. We all knew Nazareth has a hard time matching up with size, especially on their left side. The only place Parkland ran the ball to ( I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to sit in those stand and watch Parkland flip their gaurds, bring the blocking tight end to their right, #11 i believe and just run right over the DE on that side). So first, someone needs to wake up the Nazareth coaching staff, you are not going to win the LVC and contend at the state level by not making adjustments.

    Secondly, hopefully the game tape went to the PIAA officals office because the Parkland formations were inches every play from being illegal ( i know this becasue we got flagged repeatedly in high school for screwing up alignments on the “cheaters” set). BUT Nazareth should have realized that there was only 1 eligible reciever out of that formation and loaded up to stop it.

    Either way, Parkland has no passing game and their QB has made suspect decisions all year, they wont be able to run all over the bigger teams in the state without opening up the offensive playbook. And their District 11 path to Hershey wont be a favorable one if things play out true to form this weekend.

    Still all the credit to the Parkland kids,

  5. Brian Hope says:

    @ Larry

    It should be a fun night on Friday with two explosive offenses going head to head. Your QB is the best I’ve seen in years. Pennridge’s running back Mike Class is only a sophmore and racking up the yards. It will come down to who has the best defense and plays well in the mud. It should be a memorable game for the boys. Thanks Brian

  6. Larry says:


    Don’t feel bad about Pennridge not getting any notice. CB South has been dealing with this all season also. It should be a real good game this Friday. It’s a toss-up as to who will win. Pennridge is going to be a tough team to beat. You mentioned the top players on your team although it really depends on what stat you’re looking at. CB South has top receiver(Veal), RB Brown is second in total yards by 10, but first in TDs, QB Johns is 2nd in passing in the Continental conference. This should be a really fun game.

  7. ray wyberski says:

    have you guys checked out wyoming valley west qb eugene lewis has guided the spartans to a 7-1 record good for the #2 seed in the district 2-4-11 playoffs he has 2,112 total yards and 32 td’s thru 8 games and 4 games spartans were up big and the didnt play the 2nd half, he’s rated 102nd kid in the country by by far the most reciuted kis in the area since rocket ismail he could guide the spartans deep in the aaaa playoffs

  8. Jeff Smith says:

    Garnet Valley @ Springfield was a great game. This Garnet Valley team is on a 7 game winning streak, and it looks like nobody is going to stop them. I can’t even imagine what that team would be like if they put their offense and defense all together for 4 quarters, they could be blowing out teams instead of close games

  9. Brian Hope says:

    @ Buddy

    Your right it will be tough for Pennridge to make the playoffs however if they can get past CB South it will make for an interesting Continental championship game against North Penn next week. Fortunately for Pennridge they will be playing at home on Poppy Yoder. Hope it Rains.

  10. Buddy says:

    @ C:

    Everybody is beating ACC, but Nazareth was kudos

  11. C says:

    AAAA District 11 undefeated state ranked Nazareth(7-1) Area was run off the field by (6-2) Parkland 47-21, one week after parkland beat the state champion Allentown Central Catholic 63-47. Watch out for parkland going into the playoffs, could be a state contender.

  12. Buddy says:

    @ Brian:

    No one is is ignoring Pennridge. Those of us that follow D1 football know they are a good team. They have already beaten Souderton. Reality is, they probably have to win out to make playoffs. I doubt that 4 loses get you in. looking at it objectively, they have a shot at CB South, but NP will be tough to beat, even on their field.

  13. Brian Hope says:

    I’m tired of the media. All they talked about all season is North Penn & Souderton in the Continental League. If Pennridge can defeat CB South will Pennridge finally get some recognition? They are on a roll winning 5 strait and possible playoff contenders. Pennridge has the best RB (Class), OLB (Crawford), DE (Dubek) and Nose Guard (Fecondo) in the Continental. Three of them are underclassmen. Well Souderton is OUT.

  14. Pub coach says:

    Frankfords Tim digiorgio was 21-26 for 305 yards and helped frankford win their division with a 6-0 record over George Washington. He completed a 14 yard TD pass with 30 seconds left on 4th and 11 and frankford won 21-20.

  15. Mark says:

    Dallas Jim Roccograndi reaching 1,000yds in game 8 and Ryan Zapoticky has thrown for 1100 and 17 touchdowns. Most importantly it puts dallas atop the D2 district points leader.

  16. Warez says:

    Avon Grove’s SO RB JT BLYDEN going over 1000 yds 10TDs . This with having a spy and 8-9 in the box on him all season .THIS KID IS A STUD !!!!


  17. adam says:

    how bout saucon valley and they huge upset over southern lehigh….saucon valley just gave ACC an open invitation back into the district 11 playoffs creating a very interesting finish to the season….could there be a 5-5 district champ? ACC vs Bangor could be an awesome matchup, josh wing could have a huge game while nosovitch and gulyas would build more records

  18. Austin Miorelli says:

    Jarred Muffley got over the 1000 yard rushing mark in a 39-6 rout over the Panther Valley Panthers. His brother Chad passed away in a car accident before his senior year four years ago so Jarred’s playing for both of them.
    R.I.P. CHAD #44!

  19. Ken says:

    Brad Fegley of Southern Columbia continues his all-state caliber season…he only threw 6 passes & completed 5 of them w/ 3 TDs and on defense he stuffed everything like always…still has not thrown an interception all season and looks like he is going to lead the Tigers to a state championship run!

  20. LSPioneers says:

    Lampeter Strasburg (District 3 AAA) defense – Solanco had leading rusher in LL Joe Welk who came into the game with 1,000+ yds thru first 7 games and 15 yds/carry. Welk finished with 43 yds on 15 carries and the LS defense pitched 3rd shutout of the year!

  21. New Fan says:

    Garnet Valley v. Springfield (D) has to be one of the best High School games this year. Bennett is quietly putting together a great season. Prior to last nights game he had 36 carries 353 yards and 8 td’s (1 on a fumble recovery) 9.8 yards per carry. More importantly, he’s scoring almost 1 out of every 5 times he carries the ball.

  22. Kayle says:

    Northern Lehigh beat Bangor that put them in their place and gave them their first loss of the season. Northern Lehigh shouldve won 34-7 but they threw 2 interceptions in the end zone so they won by a closer score of 20-7. The game all night was in the Bulldogs hands easily. Great game Dawgs!

  23. James Loney says:

    The Garnet Valley-Springfield game was one of the best I’ve ever seen. It was just an offensive showcase and the game featured one of the best runs I’ve ever seen in Jordyn Bennett going “beast mode” for a 55-yard run to score the go-ahead touchdown.

  24. David Mika says:

    Mount Carmel become the first PA team to win 800 games, 35-14 win over Shikellamy.