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Prep over Neshaminy

Written by: on Monday, December 9th, 2013. Follow Reed Hennessy on Twitter.


reedweek152013St. Josephs Prep will be going to Hershey, PA to face off against Pittsburgh Central Catholic for the State Championship title. The game on Dec. 7 ended with a score of Neshaminy 21, St. Joes 37. Neshaminy only took the lead for a short while in the first quarter, but the tone of the game was set early on.

Immediately after receiving the kickoff, St. Joe’s Prep senior quarter back Chris Martin threw a 67 yard touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Jawan McAllister, the point after was no good. After punting on the following drive, Neshaminy regained possession when junior Boniface Stevens intercepted an attempted Martin pass.

Junior running back D’Andre Pollard would then run the ball into the end zone for a 20 yard touchdown. However, the Neshaminy defense would not be able to contain the St. Joe’s offense, junior running back Olamide Zaccheaus after receiving the handoff would run the ball for a 37 yard touchdown. The first quarter came to a close, Neshaminy 7, St. Joes 13.

The beginning of the second quarter did not differentiate itself from the beginning of the first quarter. St. Joe’s would again score on a run by senior running back Vince Moffet; however the attempted two point conversion was stopped by the Neshaminy defense. Before the half was out, Neshaminy would answer right back.

After a series of wildcat plays to Pollard, senior running back Denny Lord would receive yet another wildcat, running the ball in for a nine yard touchdown. The half came to a close, Neshaminy 14 and St. Josephs Prep 19.

The third quarter started out great for Neshaminy. Senior quarter back Tyler Wombough was working the ball downfield, with about 6 minutes left in the game Neshaminy was inside the Hawks 20 yard line. However, Neshaminy fumbled the ball and sophomore defensive back Shawn Harris picked up the ball and returned it for a 98 yard touchdown.

St. Joes would again miss the point after, bringing the score to Neshaminy 14, St. Joes 25 the third quarter ended and was uneventful for Neshaminy. The fourth quarter proved to be the most exciting part of Friday’s game. After receiving the call for another wildcat, Lord ran the ball 44 yards into the end zone, bringing the score to a close Neshaminy 21, St. Joes 25.

Unfortunately for Neshaminy, the Hawks were able to work the ball downfield and Martin, on a daring quarter back rush was able to run the ball in for a nine yard touchdown. Attempting the two point conversion and again failing, the Hawks brought the score to Neshaminy 21, St. Joes 31.  Neshaminy would not be able to get anything going after that.

After intercepting the ball on the next Neshaminy drive, the Hawks would capitalize on the opportunity and score another touchdown when Martin completed an 18 yard pass to junior wide receiver Justin Montague, again the point after was missed but the game was all but over.

The game ended, Neshaminy 21, St. Josephs Prep 37. “I couldn’t be prouder of the boys, nobody quit they just battled harder than us,” head coach Mike Schmidt said.

“I thought we could have gotten up over them in the first quarter, but they just made more big plays than us,” Lord said. After the clock hit all zeros, the Hawks broke into a state of celebration, parents, coaches, players and friends were jumping up and down in pure joy.

“I am just so happy for everybody the parents, players, coaching staff and entire school,” Gabriel Infante head coach of St. Joes Prep said.

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