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Class A: Penns Manor vs. Southern Columbia preview

Written by: on Monday, December 5th, 2011. Follow David Mika on Twitter.



Penns Manor (6) 12-1 vs. Southern Columbia (4) 13-1


Don Malinak Stadium, Central Mountain HS, Friday night at 17:00pm

What’s at Stake:

A trip to the Class A State Finals. The winner plays either Sharpsville (10) 13-0 or Clariton (7) 14-0


Bill Packer for Penns Manor and Jim Roth for Southern Columbia

Last Week:

Southern Columbia defeated Pius X 55-25 and Penns Manor won over Columbia 41-22.

Playoff Scoring Stats:

Southern Columbia:

Total Points Scored: 190 (Ranked #1 in Class A Eastern site)

Average Points Scored: 47.5 (Ranked #1 in Class A Eastern site)


Total Points Allowed: 80 (Ranked #3 in Class A Eastern site)

Average Points Allowed: 20.0 (Ranked #2 in Class A)


Penns Manor:

Total Points Scored: 143 (Ranked #3 in Class A Western site)

Average Points Scored: 35.7 (Ranked #3 in Class A Western site)


Total Points Allowed: 48 (Ranked #3 in Class A Western site)

Average Points Allowed: 12.0 (Ranked #3 in Class A Western site)


Southern Columbia:

The Tigers are led by quarterback Brad Fegley who has passed for 1,475 yards on 92 of 147 completions. Going into the Pius X game he had 210 yards rushing and against the Royals he rushed for a season high 107 yards.

Fegley’s favorite target is wide receiver Keith Day.

The Tigers ground game is led by two 1,000 yard runners. Matt Moore has rushed for 1,168 yards and Tyler Levan has 1,727 yards.

On defense, Moore is the leading tackler followed by Cameron Flore.  Day is a interception hawk to lead the team.

Penns Manor:

Penns Manor is led by quarterback Danny Ferens who first does it with his legs. Ferens has rushed for 2,068 yards on 234 carries and 27 touchdowns. He has passed for 625 yards and 11 scores.

Joey Vodopevic is the team’s second leading rusher. Vodopevic has rushed for 1072 yards and 11 scores. He is averaging over nine yards a carry. He is the leading receiver too with 28 catches for 362 yards.

Jake Paulina adds 542 more yards to the rushing game.

As a team they have rushed for 3,868 yards.


Final Thoughts:

Penn’s Manor is in uncharted water, they have never played in a state playoff game until this season. Then you have Southern Columbia going for their 13th trip to Hershey if they win Friday night.

Will experience win over the less experienced team in Penn’s Manor? Time will tell. One thing is for sure. This game will feature lots of rushing yards.

Fan Thoughts:

Who will win and why? Post your comments below.

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16 Responses to “Class A: Penns Manor vs. Southern Columbia preview”

  1. Ken says:

    Oh…Ok thank you Josh

  2. Josh Funk says:


    Penns Manor was 12-2. They had a bye in the opening week of the D6 Class A tournament, which began in Week 10. D6 A had 12 teams this year in the playoffs, and the top four seeds all earned a bye in the initial week.

  3. brian says:

    Like I thought, not much of a game. No offense to penns manor they had their best year ever and congrats to them. They definitely came to hit it seemed. Too one dimensional to beat a team like SCA. Penns Manor was lucky to even get a score. SCA should’ve just ran out the half instead of trying to start a drive inside their own 20 with less than 2 minutes left up 28-0. If Roth runs out the half and comes out in the 3rd on the first possession and scores, the mercy rule is in effect and Penns Manor may have been shut out. Roth will need to coach very well and not do stupid things as he is known to do during games in order to have a shot at Clairton. Levan needs to be at 100% too. Not sure the seriousness of his injury.

  4. Ken says:

    But with that said…Hats off to Penns Manor on a great season! (Can’t hang your head on a 13-2 & District Championship season)…SCA is just a way better team & it quite simply showed tonight

  5. Ken says:

    Another Classic SCA beat down…Score doesn’t even come close to showing SCA’s dominance. They could of beat them by 70 if they would of kept at it…Fegley proved he is a better QB then Ferens tonight, Day is a better receiver than any on PM’s team…SCA’s Leven & Moore are both better rushers than anyone on PM & SCA’s Defense was DOMINANT!…Way to Go Tigers…Time to hit the Hershey Highway!

  6. brian says:

    speaking of drive. I’ve been watching the SCA seniors (Fegley, Day, Levan, Moore, and Savitski) and they have their own drive right now. These seniors have picked up their game since playoffs have started. They are running with more determination. If Penns Manor can’t pass the ball, I’m not going to be too concerned.

  7. Charles says:

    Penns Manor will be a challenging team for Southern because of their drive, this school hasn’t had a winning season for quite some time let alone ever make it this far, that motivation alone is enough to make them a challenge not to mention QB Danny Ferens makes plays and although he may not pass as frequently as needed his ability to run is what will help them score points, once he starts no one can seem to stop him. Overall it will be the hardest game Penns Manor has ever faced but they definitely have a chance

  8. brian says:

    I hate to disagree but if Penns Manor doesn’t throw the ball often or well, they won’t get a lot of points. SCA gives up points on the pass. Not many teams run on them and teams in the heartland conference have some good runners. I’ve never seen Penns Manor so there is so mystique there, however, I will go with what I tend to know and that teams don’t run on SCA well. All their games that were close or the loss to Mt. Carmel were all due to big pass plays that the other team connected on.

  9. Josh Kon says:

    I believe everyone will be surprised at the Penns Manor team. Defensively they have stepped up every single week. I think this will be a game all the way through. Penns Manor’s QB Danny Ferens is not the normal running QB. He’ll make plays he shouldn’t make. Plus he’ll be on turf which has made a lot of difference in his cutting abilities, which are great. I hope to see Penns manor squeaking out a win but SC will probably pull it off 35-26

  10. Brandon Barber says:

    Experience is pivitol. Southern might get tested early but with that explosive running game and wear ya down kind of defense they just can’t be stopped. Expect southern to dominate the 2nd half and pull away.

  11. tay says:

    i believe southern will win because they have a good offensive line, southerns qb has a good arm, it will be a tough battle. but i believe that southerns toughest games were old forge and pius. hopefully southern will win and be back in hershey again! good luck boys! go #57

  12. BC says:

    Southern will shut down Penns Manor and win big. Southern has faced quite a few potent running QB’s this season and have shut them all down. I don’t see this game going any differently.

  13. brian says:

    at games end, SCA will have an astronomical number of points on the scoreboard against the comets.

  14. Matt says:

    Southern Columbia will roll, but Clairton will await in the Class A final. The Bears are challenging the Tigers’ unprecedented run of championships – with a win, Clairton will have 3 in a row.

  15. Dan says:

    Penns Manor stats need updated, I don’t think they include the last game.

  16. Lenny says:

    I believe experience will win out on this battle with a strong dual running attach and continued improvement in the passing game, I believe the Tigers will be victoreous.