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2020 Team Previews: Lower Merion Aces (1)

Written by: on Sunday, August 2nd, 2020. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Joe Augustind

Assistant Coaches: Kahlil Smith, Kevin Herod, Justin Clark, Ray Gionta, Raheem Orr, Herman Hinton

Team Name: Lower Merion Aces

2019 Record: 0-10

Key Starters Lost: Jaden Holder, Roger Roberts, Noah Pritchard, Mason Williams

Offensive Starters Returning: (8) Sr. OG Ari Charmont 6’2 240lbs, Sr Rb Abdoulie Sahor 6’0 190lbs, Jr OG James Dougherty 5’10 230lbs, Jr Center Hubert Phan 5’10 210lbs, OT Soph Xavier Archawski 6’4 245lbs, Sr OT Elijah Philippe 6’5 255lbs, Jr QB Jack Lledo 5’11 165 and JR RB Jay Zheng 5’9 185lbs.

Defensive Starters Returning: (5) Jr Saf Jack Lledo 5’11 165, JR LB Jay Zheng 5’9 185lbs, Sr DE Elijah Philippe 6’5 255lbs, Sr LB Phil Cook 6’2 215lbs and Sr DE/LB D’shawn Jemison 6’0 220lbs.

Special Team Starters Returning: (1) Sr K Lincoln Blouin 6’1 185lbs

Key Newcomers: FR RB/LB Ben Booker 5’10 175lbs, FR QB Mekhai Smith 5’9 180lbs, FR DE/LB Andrew Cook 5’10 200lbs

2020 Offensive Outlook: We need to be able to stay a head of the chains and move the ball this year. We are going to run our offense at a high tempo pace and open things up a bit more than in the past. We need to be able to take some chances and shots and be able to hit on them.

2020 Defensive Outlook: Our defense is based around one word, Attack. We are going to be much more aggressive than I think Lower Merion has ever been. We truly have some of the best all around athletes and we are not going to sit back and react, we are definitely going to bring the battle to the offense this year.

2020 Special Teams Outlook: We have a great kicker coming back and that puts us in good shape to start. Special teams is a great place to have the passion and desire really shine through. Its also a great place to let our creativity come out and its gonna keep things fun and exciting.


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