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Imhotep Pummels Pen Argyl

Written by: on Saturday, December 1st, 2012. Follow Tyler Trumbauer on Twitter.


Pen Argyl. Bulldog Community Stadium. Slatington, PA. 1pm kick-off. All of those remained the same from last week to this week.

Unfortunately for the Green Knights, the game was totally different.

On a brisk and misty Saturday afternoon in Slatington, Imhotep Charter (14-0) defeated Pen Argyl (11-3) by a score of 54-7 to advance in the state playoffs and end the Green Knights’ season.

Imhotep dominated in every aspect of this contest, but they really won with their running game as they amassed over 250 rushing yards collectively. Their attack was led by senior David Williams, who rushed for 198 yards himself.

They didn’t just run the ball however as sophomore quarterback Andre Dreuitt threw the deep ball a few times. His very first completed pass was a 58 yard bomb to senior Brandon Smith.

Throughout the game, especially in the first quarter, the Panthers of Imhotep were hurt by penalties. Having 12 total penalties tallying 70 yards barred them from scoring even more early on. Despite that high amount, head coach Albie Crosby, isn’t too worried about it, “I have to take it. As coaches this is what we talk about. I have to take the bad with the good.”

Sophomore Nasir Bonner echoed the talk about the Panthers hurting themselves in games, “We are our worst enemy. We have a motto that we can only hurt ourselves.”

After punting on their first drive, the Panthers scored a touchdown on their next three possessions. Coupling that with their stellar defense gave them a 21-0 lead with 9:45 left in the first half.

On Pen Argyl’s next drive, the Green Knights pieced together their only scoring drive of the afternoon. Going 60 yards in two minutes and 21 seconds capping it off with a 26 yard touchdown pass from junior Nick Oyer to senior Scott Beltz. The scoreboard now read 21-7.

Right before the half the Panthers pick off an Oyer pass attempt and set up shop on the Green Knights’ 43 yard line. The clock told Dreuitt and company that they had only 1:25 to score before halftime. Determined the Panthers, behind the legs of Williams, drove the ball to the 7 yard line and capped off the drive with a seven yard rush by no one other than, Williams.

As both teams hurried in to the much warmer locker rooms, the score was 26 to 7 favoring Imhotep Charter. Williams already rushed for 160 yards in the game at that point which was more than Pen Argyl ran for in the entire game as a team.

To begin the second half, the Green Knights received the ball and saw their drive stall as they fumbled and had it recovered by Imhotep. The Panthers immediately capitalized on the blunder as they only needed one play, a 37 yard scamper by Williams to score a touchdown and make it 33-7.

After the game, Crosby talked about how his team has the advantage in the 3rd quarter, “One of the big things we have is numbers. We only have one kid [playing both offense and defense]. We have been fortunate this year that the 3rd quarter is the time that we get up on people.”

During the entire second half the Green Knights compiled decent drives that went somewhere. The issue was that somewhere wasn’t the end zone. Pen Argyl’s closest chance to score again for the rest of the game was midway through the fourth when they had the ball all the way down on Imhotep’s 1 yard line. Imhotep called a timeout, regrouped the defensive troops and stuffed the Green Knights who tried to punch it in on the ground every down, but found themselves going backwards with the Panthers eventually taking over on downs.

With the victory in sight, Imhotep drained the already speedy game clock due to the mercy rule all the way down until it was fourth down and they punted. With a booming punt high in the gray sky descending downward, the Panthers hustled down the field to find that it was muffed by Pen Argyl. Senior Kadmiel Kelome picked it up and ran it in for the eighth and final touchdown for Imhotep on the afternoon.

Pen Argyl received the ball and just watched the final seconds of their 2012 season whisk away. With it coming to a close Pen Argyl head coach, Paul Reduzzi,  told me how his team battled this year, “The things that happened coming out of loses was a lot of unity…they are a big surprise. We thought we would compete. I told Tom [Housenick] after a scrimmage that I thought we would be pretty good. I didn’t know pretty good was going to be 11 wins.”

Imhotep Charter advances to the PIAA AA Eastern Final against Wyomissing. That game will be Saturday, December 8 at Ben Johnston Stadium in Philadelphia. That game is slated for a 1pm kickoff.




1st Quarter

IC- 3:51 Dreuitt 58 yd pass to Smith. PAT by Moore good. 7-0

IC- 0:39 Williams 12yd rush. PAT by Moore good. 14-0

2nd Quarter

IC- 9:58 Williams 79yd rush. PAT no good. 20-0

PA- 7:18 Oyer 26yd pass to Beltz. PAT good. 20-7

IC- :4.6 Williams 7yd rush. Conversion no good. 26-7

3rd Quarter

IC- 10:24 Williams 37yd rush. PAT by Moore good. 33-7

IC- 7:49 Dreuitt 15yd pass to Young. PAT by Moore good. 40-7

IC- 2:15 Bonner 2yd rush. PAT by Moore good. 47-7

4th Quarter

IC- 1:05 Fumble return 35 yd Kelome. PAT good. 54-7


PA  0    7    0   0    -7

IC  14  12  21  7   -54

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36 Responses to “Imhotep Pummels Pen Argyl”

  1. Musa Smith says:

    @CT Coach I would bet dollars to donuts that Jim isn’t from the inner city

  2. Musa Smith says:

    Jim what are u whining about are u from the inner city? Why does Imhotep charter football team bother you so much?

  3. The Facts says:

    My buddy Jim, I see you have continue your disgraceful racist comments towards Imhotep on another thread. Well, I’m here again to counter your perception with solid facts! Listen and read closely:

    1. on the other thread you claim you had a problem with Imhotep’s Mission Statement. This forces us to research the statement and find out why. My research found that the statement mentions its mission as an AFRICAN centered educational community. Why do you have a problem with this? There are numerous ethic educational institutions throughout the country including the current #1 ranked NCAA football team. Tell us why do you have a problem with this and this will explain why you had the problem in the first place.

    2. You gave us Imhotep’s offensive line average height and weight. Awesome, guess what, they all return next year (no seniors). Also, everyone of them came to Imhotep as freshmen (no transfers). If you check Imohotep’s 2010 roster –> you will see they are all there as freshmen and guess what, they were smaller kids. As matter of fact, their two 6-5 Jr Offensive tackles were just 6-3 & 6-2 back then. Can you believe that? Can you believe the 6-3 kid who grew to 6-5 in 3 years didn’t start for JV last year? Wow! If you were a coach, you would understand every kid has a light in their head and when that light comes on…WATCH OUT. Also, Imhotep’s RT, Center (team captain), and their LG all started for Imhotep as freshmen… They are all straight ‘A’ honor roll students! It’s there Jr year Buddy, that light came on and they are dominating every opponent they line up against because of it! Oh, and colleges are noticing it! You did mention a story for a movie right?

    3. I gave you a copy of all the rosters for the last 4 years and you saw all of this year starters except for two has been with Imhotep since freshmen or sophomores.

    4. Would you believe if I told you that over 90% of Imhotep’s players are from the Germantown, Mt Airy, and West Oak Lane communities? Imhotep serves these and two other neighborhoods. These communities has 4 youth teams currently playing for the National pee-wee football super bowls in Florida as we speak so the future looks bright for all the surrounding schools. So you can have your boundaries, they will still dominate.

    5. You and CT Coach (my good friend) state Imhotep has no tradition? Tradition is functional and alive within the program. Their rich tradition and is rooted in the African culture. Watch their game and see what they do before and after each game and you will see tradition. Watch the Pen argyl game and you will see the tradition of sportsmanship and how they help players up off the turf after a hard tackle. That’s TRADITION, thats honor, thats coaching!

    6. Jim buddy, you never heard of Imhotep? Did you know that #27, SS for the USC Trojans, was a graduate of Imhotep high and their all time leading rusher? Did you know #3, QB for Temple Owls, was a student and QB for Imhotep until he transferred to GW, oh…btw, he’s 6-3. Did you know Imhotep has players playing D1,D2,and D3 football all over the country? They been here for a while buddy..

    7. Lastly, Imhotep did have two significant transfers this year. One had no choice and the other made his choice. I will not talk issues concerning kids on this forum but to rebuke your false statement about them having 15 new kids this year has to be challenged. Only 2 on-field producing kids transferred in last year! JUST TWO, not 15! These are the facts Jim, and you trying to ruin a raising inner city team’s success with tainted nonfactual lies is distasteful and without class.

    In closing Jim, just tell us the real reason you may have a problem with inner city kids being successful in a game of football and then let us know why they you have a problem with their mission statement…. Time yours!

  4. CT coach says:

    @ jimbo im confused when did i compare Comm Tech and any body those guys (LaSalle) have more staff than i have players I don’t recall comparing my program to anybodies my program is head together with threads please don’t pull

  5. Jimbo says:

    CT Coach, get real; do you really want to compare the Communications Tech staff to LaSalle’s staff? Let’s be real.

  6. CT coach says:

    @ jim i just have to know where are you from that will explain alot for me

  7. CT coach says:

    @ jiveturky9 shhhhhhh

  8. The realone says:

    Jim look there is only two new players on imhotep, they have a very good coaching staff period. To me u are crying over spilled milk relax its okay their just kids not penn state or the U of miami. Every body recruites from texas to Florida to pittsburg when it comes to high school football. Stop running for office the election is over.

  9. CT Coach says:

    @ Mikey thats not tradition thats recruiting go look up the word (tradition ) and get back to me the passing down of culture ,a time honored practice …harritage .The school dosent have tradition its a newer school far as the coach a person cant have tradition he can leave a legacy and have history .dont get me wrong i have friends on there staff and im rooting for them but there just starting tradition so kids are not floking to imhotep for football tradition great program great coachs excellent player selection lol notice i didnt say recruiting you cant recruite in PIAA

  10. Rollie Ciffo says:

    OK. Don’t count Imhotep…then its 10-6 public vs private. Agree completely with Jive and Tsaf77. Get over it. I don’t live in Philly nor Pen Argyl. I could care less if Pen Argyl’s been together since middle school. A high percentage of the Philly kids are likely single parent welfare families. Do you care about that? If you think charters “siphon” off the public schools you are nuts. That is the way school funding should be in the US…following the kid. Philly and Chester public schools have such a low standard of achievement those kids should be able to go where ever they want. And Imhotep is not a “recruiting machine”. Their 1st graduating class was in 2000…AND you would NEVER have heard of them this year if the Philadelphia diocese didn’t entertain closing West Catholic (David Williams previous school). I have no reason to like D12 or the PCL as I’m from D1. Most of the studly PCL schools (LaSalle and AB Wood) actually are not in Phila but sit in D1 (Wyndmoor and Warminster).

    The facts do not support your argument at all.

  11. jim says:

    tyler, 285 is the male enrollment @ Imhotep, amazing how if they don’t recruit they have a HS line averaging 6’2 277. I have not even discussed the skilled position player stats. It’s a joke and the PIAA needs to stop mixing public vs private in the playoffs. Whether they recruit or not? They are a charter school and look at the overnight success of theiur athletic programs, come on man, do some research. The world runs by statistics and metrics. Everything can be measured no matter what the subject.

  12. CT Coach says:

    @ musa smith not at all my man im a fan of imhotep have none most of imhotep coaching staff for years not hateing at all i sent my best friend son there last year, but ask imhotep who gave them there tuffest game this year or anybody that was at that playoff game then get back to me finale score dose not tell the story of the game never said anything bad about Tep or any school for that matter was reffering to there talent level and the fact that all schools recruite some just have more to sale a kid on i hope tep wins it all with blow out wins!

  13. John Thompson says:

    I agree with Tyler. It is real simple. The two biggest cities are, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

    Now the two Districts that are dominating are District 7 & 12.

    Due the math people. They have more kids to draw from. It’s that simple.

    If you really think it is a issue contact the PIAA.

    I found this site this year. I am from California. I got to say this is the best site I have ever seen in High School Football. Great job to the guys who run the site.

  14. Tyler Trumbauer says:

    Guys, most of you all have valid points. Being at the game and seeing Imhotep face off against Pen Argyl, I could clearly see a big advantage for the Panthers. They were bigger, stronger, faster and overall better. Truthfully, I don’t think any team that could have been in Pen Argyl’s slot would have beaten Imhotep or could have kept it any closer. Catty, Wyoming Area, and Lakeland all have big flaws that Imhotep easily would have exposed. Whether they recruit or not and if it should be allowed is a touchy subject, but I don’t think it is creating a monopoly for the charter/catholic schools. If you look at playoff history, a high amount of public schools are always in contention. For example, Aliquippa, Northern Lehigh in the AA. Berwick in the AAA. Parkland and Delaware Valley in the AAAA. Catholic and Charter schools may have an advantage in a matchup against the public schools, especially the smaller schools, but I don’t believe it is is ruining the playoff bracket.

  15. jim says:

    tsaf77, I would send my kids to a better school too, but, it makes for an unfair advantage agaisnt public schools. Imhoteps line averages 6’2 277. Tell me how many A-AAAA have a line that big? I am sure the rest of the team is stacked too. This imbalance is totally unfair.

    Rolli, Charter schools syphon off public funds and als have a sizeable amount of funding from the private sector. Do your homework. The unfairness of whether it is an A/AA/AAA/AAA team does not matter. Put yourself in the shoes of say Pen Argyl. These kids have probably been together since say middle school, get to the semi’s i think and get a team Imhotep which is a recruiting machine, not the typical public HS who plays with the kids in the district.

    Jive turkey, you also are why the system sucks. Fairness first. These are HS kids. based on your flawed thinking, these schools and everyone but you have the courage to admit they recruit, thank you for that! These schools should go to Nj and play BC, St. Joe.s Bosco too. Now you have Apples to Apples. BTW, I wouldn’t send my kids to any Philly School if their life depended on it. No one likes Philly, except the drones sucked up into it’s old corrupt ways.

  16. The realone says:

    Well, I’ve seen catholic’s schools recruit as well as
    public schools. To end the argument about recruiting just put in a district line or boundary in the city for which school a student can go to. But that still
    have loop holes. The south, mid-west and west does it. Which helps keep schools from recruiting. Now i must say if imhotep lost 54-7 then the conversation would be the inner-city have no right to enter the state play offs

  17. Musa Smith says:

    @CT Coach are you the coach from Comm Tech.u sound mad brother.yea the first game with Comm tech was 28-0 the playoff game Imhotep played against Comm tech was a blowout.All high school teams recruit and I’m pretty sure you know this already u sound like the rest of these grumbling coaches in the city you just hating plain and simple

  18. tsaf77 says:

    Jim, completely understand your perspective. In the eyes of a parent though, if your kid has a gift and can get better exposure on a better team which also has good academics (better than Philly Public) like the PCL schools, would you send your kid to inner city public, or a PCL?

  19. tsaf77 says:

    Jive, that is the most sense I have heard throughout this entire argument. Just accept it and move on!

  20. tsaf77 says:

    Rollie just because Charters are financed with public money does not mean they are considered “Public Schools.” When they are actually held to the same accountability as public schools then you can talk.
    CT Coach you make perfect sense with this issue. Imhotep is a very talented team with 1 way starters.
    In reference to La Salle, they are a great team however I heard some brag about their enrollment being that of an AA/AAA school. That clearly shows recruiting is plausible. You would have to be a oblivious, naive, or just an idiot to think these teams with such small enrollments would have that many D1 caliber athletes going to one small school. It is comical and just plain ignorant to say otherwise.
    Look at Northern Jersey, Don Bosco, Bergan Catholic etc. They recruit and play in a different class. They would embarrass our Private Shools in this state by 8 TDs by the 3rd quarter. But in NJ, everyone knows they recruit and thus, they play in a different playoff.
    This is why teams that do not have a definitive border should have to be AAAA in classification.

  21. Mikey says:

    @CT Coach Imhotep tradition is found in their coach from West that won a state championship

  22. JiveTurkey9 says:

    @Jim, Imhotep won by 47, Wyomissing by 52, Richland by 26, and Aliquippa by 36, all lopsided. Doesn’t bother me in the least. You know for sure that the best 4 teams are now in the semi-finals. I am guessing that you are not a Philly guy. Public schools, just like charters and Catholics, have their pick of kids throughout the city. Washington has been the dominant public school over the past decade or so, most of them kids live nowhere near Washington. Listen to this from a parent that has been through the process, THEY ALL RECRUIT. Not just LaSalle, Imhotep, and Wood, all of them do. Coaches get paid at the high school level. It may not be a ton of money, but it is a pay check none the less. If you do not win, then say goodbye the that extra income. Like any level, if you are not trying to get the best kids for your program, then you are not doing your job. CT Coach talks about going to middle school games all of the time, and knows where the stand out players are going to high school. Why? Because he has nothing better to do with his time? No, it is because he is looking for kids that he might sway to go to Comm Tech. They all do it, get over it and enjoy the next couple weeks.

  23. CT Coach says:

    Witch comes first chicken or the egg tradition or heavy recruiting imhotep is blowing out all these AA power house teams but little Comm tech a1 A team held them to there lowest points all year 28 and gave them the scare of there life in the playoffs so trust me when i say who ever can sale the parents and the kids on the school will always have the upper hand…. perfect example Simon Gratz high school in the 90s was king in basketball what happend , great tradition great coach, Mr El. Left recruiting stoped program fell off teams that constantly win constanly recruite @ worriorpoet

  24. CT Coach says:

    @Warriorpoet can you please tell me what tradition imhotep has far as football imhotep is not running anything special …they just have supreme talent LaSalle has traditon and deffinitly Roman dont get me wrong im rooting for imhotep but come on wit the better coaching if i had 7 D 1 players on my team like a Wood my team would still be playing too or 14 coachs like imhotep or recruited as well as they did i would have whent farther in states bottom line you cant win with out the hourses

  25. CT Coach says:

    @ jim i see what your saying and i agree it is unfair across the board and a loop hole in PIAA question is what do you do about it…

  26. Rollie Ciffo says:


    11 of the final 16 teams in PA are public schools. In Class A and AA all the teams left are public schools. (charter schools are publicly financed…in fact you can find Imhotep on the Philly public school website). 3 of the 4 AAAA teams are public schools. Only class AAA is dominated by Catholic schools as all 4 are Catholic schools.

    Facts point to public schools as having the advantage. Every one can have their own opinion. But there’s only 1 set of facts.

  27. warriorpoet says:

    LaSalle, Imhotep and Roman get the better kids because they want to play on teams with winning traditions. The teams with winning traditions tend to have better coaches, its not complicated CT Coach.

  28. jim says:

    rollie, let’s have an honest and open discourse on the subject. Tell me how it is fair that school “A” picks from the kids in the district and Catholic/Charter School “B” and “C”, pick from student athletes who leave their districts (let’s pretend they are there for the education first) to play a sport in a program that has a reasonably excellent shot of being a perenial playoff team.

  29. jim says:

    warriorpoet, act is not old, just hits the nerve Catholic School supporters won’t accept. There is a natural affinity for an athlete who’s parents have the money to send them to those schools knowing top academic and D1 schools will be making many visits to the AD’s office. You guys re like drug addicts in denial.The point that will never change is that there will be great public schools that have to pick the kids in their ditricts playing agaisnt Catholic schools and the Imhoteps(really fraudulent program)and the kids get one maybe two shots of going deep and hit that wall.

  30. CT Coach says:

    Cathlic and private schools dont have better coach’s they get the best talent i just came from a middle school playoff game and all the game breaking kids are going to laSalle or Imhotep ,Roman if yo get the better kids you going to win more games not because your a better coach public league teams get the left over kids not to say there are not bad coachs in the pub there are some bad coachs in cathlic and private talented players hide that

  31. warriorpoet says:


    Your act is getting old, same old response every time about recruiting, which you have no idea what you are talking about. Catholic league teams do not stack the players go there because their parents make the difficult decision and the financial sacrifices necessary so that they can get great education and superior athletics. Most schools like North Penn and others are 2-3 times the size of the cath league teams and that is the greatest advantage of all. Cath league teams have better coaches and their programs have flown past your beloved public schools. deal with it and keep the same yada yada crap to yourself.

  32. warriorpoet says:


    Your act is getting old, same old response every time about recruiting, which you have no idea what you are talking about. Catholic league teams do not stack the players go there because their parents make the difficult decision and the financial sacrifices necessary so that they can get great education and superior athletics. Most schools like North Penn and others are 2-3 times the size of the cath league teams and that is the greatest advantage of all. Cath league teams have better coaches and their programs have flown past your beloved public schools. deal with it and keep the same yada yada crap to yourself.

  33. CT Coach says:

    @ jim so what is your issue …….LaSalle ,Wood,Sjp, Roman ,West Catholic all recruite whats your point

  34. Rollie Ciffo says:

    I see…a new angle to whine about an arse kicking from catholic schools.

  35. jim says:

    54-7 in a semi? doesn’t that bother people that it was so lopsided?

  36. jim says:

    Sorry Imhotep is recruiting kids and Charter schools are supposed to be about getting out of bad city schools and the education. $100 says they will be gone in a year or two. Let’s be real and not sugar coat this school. Please no dumb replies about racism… it’s about fairness, because stacking teams happens in teh Catholic Schools too