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Halifax vs Upper Dauphin

Written by: on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011. Follow Lezlee Witmer on Twitter.


Even though some laugh at the big deal high school football is made out to be, tonight’s game could have inspired even the most naive football fan.  It was a thrilling and motivating skirmish, with both teams surging forward, creating a momentum and motivation only playing the game can actually fashion.

In the beginning, things weren’t looking good for the Halifax Wildcats.  Upper Dauphin started strong as they dominated the first quarter, scoring their first touchdown within four minutes of the kickoff.  Seven minutes later they scored again, this time missing the extra point as it sailed just left of the post.  The first quarter ended with UDA sitting on an admirable thirteen point lead.  Despite this, Halifax was not about to back down, in fact they were just getting started.

It was juniors Joey Kaufman and Robbie Moretz who lit the fire for Halifax.  After two runs by Moretz, with a gain of over forty yards, Kaufman received the ball and transported it deftly across the goal line for a touchdown.  Moretz made a second touchdown later in the quarter.  The game was tied at thirteen after UDA denied the home team the extra point.  However, Halifax was allowed no breathing space.  The Trojans were back, returning the favor with only eighteen seconds remaining in the first half.  When the whistle blew, Upper Dauphin had the upper hand: 20-13.

The second half was a blizzard of gold and black.  Kaufman scored his second touchdown half way through the third quarter; Halifax missed the extra point.  Soon there was barely a play that went by without a Halifax player celebrating their accomplishments.  You couldn’t have guessed that they were losing by one solitary point.  The next play had all mobile onlookers standing on their feet.  Moretz had done it once again.  He ran 68 yards, breaking four to five tackles, with no time left to spare in the third quarter, for his second touchdown of the night.  Then senior Daniel Hebenthal easily ran into the end zone for a two point conversion, making the score 27 to 20.  Although eventful, the last quarter held no additional points.  With 15 seconds remaining on the clock, quarterback Moretz took a knee and the game ended, Halifax the victors.

Several players unquestionably earned the right to be recognized tonight.  Moretz and Kaufman had an unbelievable night, both with two touchdowns.  Moretz ran for a grand total of 263 yards during his 28 carries.  In addition he had five solo tackles and one assist defensively.  Kaufman had eight carries for 98 yards, four single handed take downs and three assists.  Also Jordan Fox had a great defensive game with seven unaccompanied tackles and two assists.

Halifax played commendably, showing a new side of the team which will only mature as the season continues.  It was a thrilling game to watch and doubtlessly even more exhilarating to play.  The whole concoction of tonight’s game made high school football all that it’s made out to be.


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