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Delco vs. Springfield Montco

Written by: on Saturday, October 29th, 2011. Follow Evan Evillella on Twitter.


Both Springfield and Delco came into this game undefeated (DC being first in the conference) but considering SHS was a heavy favorite, the writing seemed to be on the walls.
Judging off of the first drive that lasted two plays and was accentuated by a Clay Ewell run, that wasn’t far from the truth. For a Knights offense that has traditionally ran the ball very well against all of their opponents, something just didn’t click last night for DC. Perhaps it was the senior Ewell who seemed to find the ball on every play, or maybe it was the pure outsized DC line but regardless what the Spartans did on offense was quite a shock for everyone on the DC side of things. Tandem backs Clay Ewell and Max Vido for Springfield were able to carve their slightly rain soaked home field up. That set up quarterback Doug Bauer for a sneak to put the Spartans up 13-0. After Zac Moore moved the ball for what was about 23 or so yards in total before the Springfield defense snuffed any chance of a DC scoring drive. Then the chink in the proverbial Knights armor really showed. Ewell was almost untouchable. He only had two touchdowns, but the consistency of his pickups on the ground was staggering. Gaining 5 to 7 on almost every play even when DC blitzed 6 or 7 was something I’m sure Delco will go over in film next week. Bauer connected with Tim Quigg to all but seal the game for the Spartans after DC started to make a comeback halfway through the 3rd thanks to a Sam Tascone touchdown run. But then something took me back. After “downing” the punt Luke Wheatley unceremoniously threw the ball down on the field at the DC 25. When both teams were headed to the sideline, Matt Monaghan picked the ball up. In what was one of the most confusing things I’ve ever witnessed (that in the same play included a Springfield player getting hit in the facemask with a penalty flag) Monaghan returned the punt for a Knights score. At this point however the game was practically over for the Knights. However, I’d like to bring up someone who showed a lot of promise for DC against the Springfield he will probably play against when he is a starter, Victor Berzinsky. After two straight first down runs, then a substantial gain by fellow freshman back Colin Daley, #37 for Delco showed what I’m sure will be a continuing theme in a year or two by putting the ball in for 6. Berzinsky was able to really get up field for someone who some DC players didn’t even know scored until after the game. So maybe the silver lining is in the shape of a 37 for Delco, but after this loss against Sprinfield 41-27 maybe they’re just more hungry for playoff success.

2 weeks away is the first round for Delco as they will play a team TBD.

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2 Responses to “Delco vs. Springfield Montco”

  1. Rollie Ciffo says:

    I apologize but this has to be one of the worst examples of sports writing. Spelling, grammatical, and factual errors are rampant. If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that it was written by a 10th grader. Either that or I would have assumed that this was ghost written by that Frank K guy from District 2. I know EPA Football needs a strong contributor network. Please, have a proof reader review first.

  2. Colin says:

    A few corrections here…The final score was 47-21 Springfield. Clay Ewell had three touchdowns, not two. Springfield is now 9-0,and with the win they are also the Bicentennial League Champs as well as the Independence League Champs. The Spartans are also undefeated at home for the second straight season. Just some food for thought…SPARTAN PRIDE!