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Dawgs KO Tide

Written by: on Friday, September 6th, 2013. Follow Frank Kastreva on Twitter.


frankweek22013Berwick’s offense puts up 56, while defense plays stingy

By Frank Kastreva,

Berwick made a little bit of history Friday night as they traveled to Pottsville in a non-league match-up. A bit of history that the Crimson Tide might want to forget about. In a series that started in 1930 with Berwick heading into tonight’s tilt with a 28-11-3 record, the Dawgs put up 56. It would be the most points  tallied by the Dawgs against the Tide ever in the series and also the largest margin win, with the final score Dawgs 56, Tide 7. In 1997 Berwick won by a 54-7 margin, which was the biggest point margin win prior to tonight’s 56-7 win.

Berwick  would carry a 35-0 lead in at half time with a total of 297 yards, compared to 43 total yards offense for the Tide. The Dawgs 297 came from 105 yards via the ground game and 192 yards via the air, while Pottsville had a total of minus 24 on the ground and positive 67 in the air. Mind you, it was only half time.

The Dawg’s would get touchdowns from Sr. RB Dain Kowalski, Sr. WR Kyle Trenholm and Sr. FB Jordan Stout in the first half. Kowalski scored Berwick’s first three td’s on a one yard jaunt, a two yard jaunt and a six yard scamper to paydirt. Trenholm scored on a 66 yard reception from Sr. QB CJ Curry and Stout found the goldzone on a four yard rush.

Scoring for the Dawgs in the 2nd half were, Jr. WR Andrew Force, Jr. RB Nick Talanca and So. RB Daquan Hellenthal. Force got in on a 43 yard strike from Curry, Talanca on a 2 yard jaunt and Hellenthal  on another 2 yard rush.

QB Curry and the first team would come out of the game late in the 3rd quarter with a 42-7 lead. Curry would finish up with 254 yards passing with eight completions on 15 attempts.

With the win the Dawgs have improved to 2-0 while the Tide moves to 1-1. Berwick will again be on the road next week as they travel to the Back Mountain for a Saturday matinee with the Dallas Mountaineers.

Until next week, happy football!

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16 Responses to “Dawgs KO Tide”

  1. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Does Berwick have a good backup QB?

  2. Tom says:

    and I know Berwick can beat Wyoming valley west

  3. Tom says:

    Berwick is the only team in pa that ever beat st Ignatius and they were a 6A school and were not saying archbishop woods isn’t a good football team cause they are but they cant look ahead either but both Berwick and archbishop woods have to take one game at a time.

  4. rollie ciffo says:

    Jive Turkey…Yeah I know. Catholic schools recruit…blah blah blah. I have here, just for you, the world’s smallest violin so you can play your whining tune.

    Berwick’s had to deal with plenty of their own recruiting allegations so those with glass houses need to close their pie-holes. My kid’s got talent. Can you have someone get me a job at the power plant?

  5. RON says:

    @ Trad 2012 season is OVER!! Berwick is stronger, experienced, with great team speed. Crestwood, Pottsville, and next week Dallas are cupcakes. But on Sep 20 WVW comes to Berwick. Coaches,players and fans want to win this game very badly. 4 losses in a row to the Spartans is enough. Beating WVW will show everyone this team is a state playoff contender.

  6. JiveTurkey says:

    Wood has had a great run after Devlin went out and bought his team. The cousins Peoples may have been his best investment, maybe Nate Smith was a great buy, Nesbit sure wasn’t.
    Woods first 3 opponents this year 0-6, 49 points for, 228 points against.
    Berwicks first 3, 2-4, 95 PF, 188 PA.
    Don’t tell me about NP’s schedule, Berwick would beat NP by 40, like most teams will this year. Enrollment, League, schedule? Doesn’t make a difference if your team stinks!
    I know the family of Wood QB, uncle was a Judge guy, Answer a 2 part question for me. What exit of the NE extension does he live off of, and how long is his commute? Stop with the impressive resume stuff, if you had the money to buy the kids he gets, you could coach them into the finals too.

  7. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Tom – I know Berwick is not afraid to play anyone. They shouldn’t be. They have a good team. They’ve been down for a few years. I’m more than a bit skeptical at this point in the season. Lets see how they play in some big games before harkening back the glory years and screaming WETSU all over the place.

    You’re right, they’re no St Ignatius or the Berwick of years past. Wood hired their coach a few years ago so they’re in construction mode. Here is Wood’s impressive resume over the last 4 years:

    2012 State RunnerUp
    2011 State Champ
    2010 Eastern Finalist
    2009 Eastern Finalist

  8. trad says:

    everyone was saying this about Berwick last season as well. They played 2 hard teams all year and lost both giving up a ton of points in each. They have a good offense this year, it’s not amazing though. Its not of years past Berwick teams. Berwick fans need to relax and wait and see how they do against WVW before they start predicting games with Archbishop Wood

  9. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Berwick may have what it takes. But the 1st 2 opponents are not a valid yardstick. They didn’t play St Iggy this year. Dallas is down so that’s another blowout. We won’t really know what to expect of Berwick until they play WVW. I’ll be more pro-Bulldog if they beat WVW (or even play a tight game with them). Steel hardens steel…and the WVC will NEVER be confused with steel.

    Also, one can’t really compare Pottsville and North Penn as opponents. North Penn is a giant school with a huge talent pool who plays in one of the top 3 leagues in PA as the Berk IC can NEVER be confused with Suburban One. To even compare NP’s schedule with Berwicks’s is a complete joke.

  10. TOM says:

    oh , and archbishop wood is not st Ignatius. this is to rollie

  11. TOM says:


  12. Edsel says:

    There are 34 counties in the Cleveland area. Cleveland must be the biggest city in the world.

  13. JiveTurkey says:

    Pottsville 1-1 with a blow-out win, NP 0-2 with 2 blow-out losses. Hold on for a minute…….ok let me think a bit longer…….. What is rollies point?

  14. RON says:

    @ rollie You are forgetting games in the past when Berwick defeated Cleveland st. Ignatius, who had players from 34 counties in Cleveland area, when McDevitt had McCoy and beat Berwick 23-21 on a 40 yard field goal,last play of the game. Berwick has the size,speed, and experience this year to compete against Archbishop Wood,

  15. rollie ciffo says:

    So, while Berwick was beating Pottsville (with 416 HS boys) Archbishop Wood beat North Penn (with 1,575 HS boys) 49-3. Careful what you wish for Dawgs. You might get it.

  16. RON says:

    didn’t like fake punt in 4th quarter leading 42-7. Why??? save the fake punt for a closer game.