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Class AAA: Allentown Central Catholic Vs. Archbishop Wood Preview

Written by: on Monday, December 5th, 2011. Follow Armand Vanore on Twitter.


2010 Video Highlights from last year’s game


Allentown Central Catholic: 9-5: Lehigh Valley Conference, District 11: Winner of D4,2,9,11 bracket.

Archbishop Wood: 12-1: Philadelphia Catholic League: District 12 Winner of D12,1 bracket.

Classification: AAA

Location/Time: Charles Martin Stadium at Northeast High School, Friday, December 9 at 7:00pm

At Stake: The AAA eastern state title and a berth in the state championship game at Hershey

Coaches: Steve Devlin for Archbishop Wood, Harold Fairclough for Allentown Central Catholic

Background: These two teams played in this game last year in Bethlehem won by Allentown Central 49-27. Allentown Central then went on to defeat Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg) for the AAA state championship. Both teams have a combined 10, division1 players suiting for this game


Offense: Wood has been virtually unstoppable offensively all year. They average over 44 points/game and have had a multitude of games where reserves played in the second half in many of those. Desmon (Rutgers) and Brandon (Temple) Peoples are the two main running backs with great burst as well as very physical runners. Desmon did not play in the game last year vs. ACC. Joey Monaghan is one of the most accurate passers in the state with an 80% accuracy rating. He has thrown for 22 touchdowns and 1,500 yards. Two big targets for Monaghan are WR Nate Smith (West Virginia) and TE Colin Thompson (Florida). Smith has breakaway speed. The offensive line is the strength of this team. Frank Taylor (Boston College), Brandon Arcidiacano (Rutgers) and Thompson lead a group that averages 270 pounds.  ACC counters with last year’s AAA Pa player of the year Brandon Nosovitch (South Carolina) who has thrown for over 3,500 yards and 36 touchdowns. His favorite receivers are Kevin Guylas (over 110 receptions, 26 TD’s and over 2,000 yards) and Jalen Snyder-Scipio (over 1,000 yards and 10 TD’s). Junior Colin McDermott is the main running back who has run for over 1,000 yards. The ACC offense averages over 42 points/game. In last year’s game vs. Wood, Nosovitch accounted for over 600 yards (198 running, 409 passing). Tad McNeely, Angelo Lucci and Oscar Ghasab patrol the offensive line and are very balanced in pass and run protection.

Defense: Wood has given up an average of 8 points/game with their downhill style of an attack mode defense. Thompson and Benji Abercrombie lead the charge on the line and their defensive backfield is very quick with Brandon, Desmon Peoples, Andrew Gucken, Smith, Kyle Adkins and Monaghan. Most started in this backfield for last year’s team. ACC’s achilles heel is their run defense. They gave up 500 yards vs.Valley View two weeks ago and have given up 30 points or more on six occasions. Up front they have an undersized line in Ghasab, Jeff Guylas, Tad McNeely and Lucci. Their defensive backfield features Noah Robb, G.B. Harkins, R.J. Taylor and Kevin Guylas.

Weather Conditions: The extended forecast calls for temperatures in the twenties by kickoff. Without question windy conditions would benefit Wood because of how lethal ACC’s pass game is. There is expected to be very little wind.

Intangibles: The Nosovitch to Guylas connection very well may be the best in Pa high school history. Nosovitch has been dinged this year with shoulder and ankle issues.  The People’s cousins play together very well as an RB tandem and both take turns turning in big runs. Desmon has had foot issues last year and a slight ankle problem early in the year. ACC travels very well and should have a large number coming from the Lehigh Valley. ACC played in the much more competitive Lehigh Valley conference featuring seven of their opponents that were AAAA schools.



– Will ACC gain a psychological advantage if they get up by two scores early?

– Will ACC have anything to stop Wood’s run game?

– Is Nate Smith the answer in stopping Guylas and Snyder-Scipio?

– Will defensive coordinator Mike Carey dial up blitz packages to attack Nosovitch in the pocket?

– Can ACC keep it close in the 4th Quarter?

– Will Nosovitch run as much in this game as he did in last year’s game (198 yards)?

– How many points will ACC need to score to win this game?


Fans Thoughts:

Who will win and why? Post your comments below.

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47 Responses to “Class AAA: Allentown Central Catholic Vs. Archbishop Wood Preview”

  1. dylan says:

    wood 70, acc 14. lmao

  2. Andy says:

    I dont know how truth this is but….From Schaf’s Sports Video Productions! The “‘Ol Ball Coach” Steve Spruier will be in attendance. CCHS QB is a So. CAR. recruit. Enjoy the games.

  3. JB says:

    @Bill, Strath Haven is calling the game tonight:

  4. JB says:

    @Bill, not sure, the streams page here isn’t updated at all.

  5. Bill says:

    Anyone know where an out of towner can get a live stream for this game.

  6. Dog21 says:

    Gameday! Now that all the bantor back and forth is over, here’s wishing both teams a great game. Most important, that all players remain injury free. it is just high school football.

  7. Moose says:

    High scoring game.

    Could be one of those “whoever has the ball last wins” kind of games.

    Wood’s gotta be the favorite on paper, but the game ain’t gonna be played on paper.

    AW has been pointing to this game since last year’s game ended.

    It’s put up or shut up time for AW.

    May the best team win.

    AW 48 ACC 42

  8. Dog21 says:

    Sorry Andy
    wrong person. And Yes, I have read the bi-laws. There is a new section in there.
    Section 35A- “There shall be nor Whining about Open Enrollment. We are happy to have the PCL in the PIAA. The PCL has upgraded the level of play and has made the playoffs much more exciting.”

  9. Andy says:

    @ Dog21, Please make sure you have the correct person to rant against. I said nothing about open emrollment and/or recruiting. Enjoy the games. Semper fi!!!!!!!!!! Also, if you have questions, go to and read the by-laws..

  10. Kmac says:


    What yardstick are you using to get the PCL as, “the best league in PA?” They are certainly a good league and have been for years, as are others, but I was just wondering what basis you are using?

  11. JB says:

    @Rick, don’t forget, ACC plays a mostly AAAA schedule in the LVC. Although the LVC has proven it can’t get past LaSalle; there is something to be said for playing a predominately AAAA schedule as opposed to a AAA schedule.

    Massey Ratings has AW schedule ranked 35th in Pa.; it has ACC at 46th.

    The top 3 schedules are all AAAA PCL schools.

  12. JB says:

    It is on Comcast Network; not Comcast Sportsnet. Most cable networks carry Sportsnet; far fewer carry Network.

  13. markd says:

    does any one know how nosovitch ankel is i heard he got a real real cheap shot in the shomkin game

  14. Rick says:

    That one dude said that ACC’s schedule is better than Wood’s which is a JOKE since the Catholic League has proven it is by far the best league in Pennsylvania

  15. Dog21 says:

    I heard Comcast is now broadcasting it

  16. Dan says:

    Hey dog-

    If Wood wins this game and I believe they will. I will be right on this website the day after and admit it. Does that make you feel alittle better buddy?

  17. JB says:

    AW has the much better defense; if anyone believes they don’t have a much improved defensive backfield compared to last year, you’re kidding yourself.

    ACC cannot and will not stop AW’s running game; even if AW is missing 2 linemen AW may not even need to throw the ball.

    That said, ACC’s only chance is that Nosovitch gives them a punchers chance! If he is on fire as he can be and if ACC can catch a break with a few turnovers, it can be a game.

    Overall, AW should win by 3 tds.

    LS – 24, NP – 21
    WC – 21, LC – 14

    A PCL sweep!

  18. Dog21 says:

    One more thing. After the game will you hide win or lose? Last year, I predicted a Wood win, and obviously I was wrong. I camon the board the next day and admitted we lost to the best team in the state and wished them luck. Will you do the same? Or will we never hear from you again.

  19. Dog21 says:

    Hey Andy.
    Trust you. Oh ok so since you said it so I guess it is the truth. Note to all posters-Andy said he knows and has some influential people on this matter.

    Look I have said time and time again that Open enrollment is absolutely an advantage for Catholic schools. No question. But it is a big difference than recruiting. But every time I ask anyone to give specifics on who “recruited”, when, where, circumstances etc… we never get a reply back. If coaches are blatantly “recruiting” kids in 8th grade, then I agree that is flat out wrong and should not be tolerated. But if you are LaSalle, Wood, or WC and you have a kid who contacts you as the coach what are you supposed to do. No sorry, son, you can come to our school but you can not play on our team? The kids that have gone to Wood all reached out to play there for various personal reasons. And from what I hear, their parents are very happy they made the choice.

    Is it okay for a certain Bucks team’s coach to call the homes of only a select group of 8th grade boys and invite the boys to a meeting at the school . Is that not a direct violation of PIAA rules? You see, I do have first hand knowledge of this situation. How do i know this? Because my neighbor’s son was one of the boys who was invited to meet with the head Coach. By the way, this kid has played CYO his entire life, and has every intention of going to either Wood or LaSalle and will probably end up at LaSalle.

    Thompson, Monaghan,Arch,Taylor all played CYO ball. Yes they went to pub elem school but that does not guarantee that they “must” go to the local pub school. They enjoyed the CYO experience and their parents wanted the best opportunity for them. You make it sound like they all played Middle school ball together and then went to Wood. Your comments are a bit misleading.

    You see it does work both ways. I understand the local Pub schools feel the need to do things like this and break the rules. They know they will keep losing kids to Wood and LaSalle if they don’t. I get it. But it is recruiting is it not? My point is that it is not a one way street.

    Nosovitch-Guylus combo- I could not agree more that these two are unbelievable football players. And I do enjoy watching them. I have seen them numerous times this year. Who would not want to see this combo- they are great athletes and seem like great kids.

  20. eastbetterthanwest says:

    As for the game Wood in a blow out. When a high school team can recruit what they need like a top flight corner. Nate Smith? They win

  21. eastbetterthanwest says:

    Recruiting is cheating plain and simple! Call it what you want open enrollment or recruiting its an unfair advantage that the Catholic schools have on the others.

  22. adam says:

    enough with the recruiting nonsense west catholic and monsignor bonner are closing well see if the studs head to archbishop wood if so then thats a bit fishy but cant blame the kids for wanting to play for a winner, but put all that aside this game comes down to will and heart. whos gonna want it more? someone is gonna be down by 2 td’s at some point in this game, itll come down to who wants to me the defensive stop or who wants to step on the throat and runaway on a scared team…..whos gonna back down? whos gonna step up? people can speculate that, sure wood is the best team on paper maybe the best team in the state on paper but thats why we play the games. injuries mean nothing acc was without 2 D1 linebackers last yr for this game and still came out on top, division 1 means nothing, most D1 talk and recruiting is based on size and potential, not everyone can cut it on the physical standpoint or the mental aspect. lets just be honored we get to witness one of the most prolific offenses in state history match up against one of the best all around talented team in a while on both sides of the ball.

  23. Dan says:

    Hey dog-

    Trust me. I have very influential sources on this matter. I don’t have to enlighten anybody. Everyone knows Wood recruits so don’t play dumb. Just admit it and be done with it. And remember ALL the pressure is on Wood to win this game. So don’t CHOKE!! We have absolutely nothing to lose. We can play loose. Hope you enjoy watching the Nosovitch to Guylas combination. The greatest combination in PENNSYLVANIA HIGH SCHOOL HISTORY!!!!!

  24. Chucky says:

    James your clueless or you just don’t like Mike Carey because he is known and recognized in many circles of pa a great dedicated coach. Oline he’s second to none.

  25. Andy says:

    Good Luck to all this weekend, Central will meet its match in ABW. Strange season for CCHS, ABW 40-23, LaSalle 27- NP 23, I would not be surprise if LaS-NP goes into OT. Lots of great talent, on display in Philly. Enjoy!!!

  26. Rick says:

    No built in excuse. Everyone of those Division 1 kids went to public school. How about the handing out of Mike Carey’s phone number that is going around the CB West, East, and South school district or recruiting out of parking lots. The scary thing is that you PCL people think its fine. I can’t believe I’m rooting for a D11 team.

  27. fieldgoal says:

    @ dylan

    Let’s play the game pal, let’s play the game! Indeed they gave up 54 to VV but they also hung 61 on them and I’m sure they’ll make the necessary adjustments against Wood. Wood should worry about how to stop the ACC offense which up to now, nobody, I mean nobody has been able to stop! Hey, on another note, win or lose all the pressure’s on Wood, the ACC Vikes like the underdog role, they’ve had a successful season this year (albeit granted a shaky start) couple that with 10 District titles, 2 LVC titles, and 3 PIAA Golden Footballs sitting and shining pretty in their tropy case and from here on end anything they accomplish is just icing on the cake!

  28. Dog21 says:

    It’s funny. The WesternPa Pubs don’t cry and whine about recruiting. They actually make fun of guys like Dan all day long. I just read a funny thread where one of the Western posters said we don’t whine and cry about recruiting and open enrollment. We go out on the field and play hard no
    matter who we are playing. Basically told the whining little crybaby to suck it up and go out and beat the team u are bitching about. Maybe you should read that thread Danny boy. Get used to Wood being good for a while Dan.

  29. Jiveturkey9 says:

    @b.hallman; Dude really? It’s time to get hooked on phonics!
    @Dan; Why so bitter? Does D12’s domination in HS sports really bother you that much? Rumor is that this year all D12 teams went to Nigeria to find a big man for the basketball team. D12 baseball coaches are on a scouting trip in South America as we speak. Do you see how foolish that sounds? That is what you sound like! A whinny little baby that wants to take their ball and go home. I’m sure the boys at ACC have more integrity than you and leave it all on the field. Perhaps you can learn from them young men. Should be a great game so don’t let one sour apple ruin the bunch.

  30. dylan says:

    acc gave up to 54 points to VALLEY VIEW… enough said.

  31. Dog21 says:

    who did Wood recruit? Enlighten us. Please share the facts since you seem so sure. Sounds like a built in excuse before the game. Toolbox.

  32. Joe says:

    Central Catholics record might be 9-5 but I am sure that archbishop wood hasn’t seen a type of offense like Central Catholic. Central Catholic plays in a very good league with top notch teams.Archbishop wood has only faced one good team this year and that was the first game. I think it will be a close game but I think Central Catholic will win just because of Archbishop wood inexperience in the close games this year. Their closes win this year was last weekend. They still won by 19

  33. Dan says:

    It’s great how Wood can recruit all throughout the southern states and bring up whoever they want to play. Hey we need a defensive end to go against Nosovitch. Great we’ll search down in Georgia and bring someone up. We also need a defensive back to go up against Guylas. No problem we’ll get somebody in Alabama to come up. I don’t want to sound bitter but this is a freakin joke what this Wood school has become. No wonder people have a problem with catholic schools recruiting. Look no further than Archbishop Wood. Just keep it up and you can go back to the PCL where you belong!

  34. James says:

    @hallman that is one of the most absurd comments I have ever heard. I can tell by the last name you biased. First of all Mike Carey has never in coaching circles been considered a great coach. In fact I have heard several coaches with no ties to each other say the same things about about him in terms of coaching both in the 1990’s and recently. He is not a bad coach just not deserving of the genius tag. It’s funny Carey did an interview with Mike Pettine a few years after retiring and both Carey and Pettine said something to effect of who Good coaches are, and they have geographic boundaries. Now Carey is part of that probelm. I live in Bucks county and there is recruiting and than there is what goes on at Wood. Devlin and Carey are good coaches you don’t get to this point without having a good staff but to proclaim them great is very overstated.

  35. b.hallman says:

    cary is a x c.b.w. glory days guy great coach. i went to woods game friday a.c.c. save time and 6.00 dollars wood had 3 guys hurt who will be back friday. woods coaching staff is tops.i wont say there as good as the c. b. w. teams of the 90s but rember there from the same area most are anyway.

  36. adam says:

    i would love to see acc come out on top im alum of central but i just see it as very unlikely to win friday night, one thing i can say is acc is battle tested, they play in one of the best conferences in the state, theyve battled in close games, in shootouts, theyve fought back and shown flashes of greatness but have yet to put a full 4 quarters together against quality teams minus valley view altho their defense just did do barely enough to help them out. throw records stat sheets and rosters out the window, this game is billing up to be a big rivalry especially after last yr, its gonna come down to who wants it more and whos willing to be more physical

  37. markd says:

    two or more turnovers by wood and a.c.c. can pull it out wood will run over them like valley view did but you cant give that a.c.c passing game to many chances

  38. D1FootballFan says:

    Archbishop Wood will be the second participant in the PCL trifectia this weekend.

  39. Bill says:

    I won’t predict a winner but the keys are can ACC stop Wood’s run game . And how much pressure will Wood put on Nosovitch. Also Wood has a good passing game they are not one dimensional on offense .

  40. Dog21 says:

    Wood 56 ACC 24 ACC will not stop Wood offense and Wood will slow ACC offense.

  41. Dan says:

    I read about all these division 1 recruits for Wood. Should we even make the trip down. Do we really have a chance?. I’ll tell ya what. As long as we have Number 5 and Number 4 we always have a chance. I think it is going to be one heck of a game. Can’t wait for friday night.

  42. johnny mo says:

    I don’t care what the stats say. I don’t care how many d-1 players you have. we will win. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be a blowout. Its gonna be a dog fight till the last second. Its not how you start. Its how you finish. Were gonna shock the world… Or at least pennsylvania.

  43. adam says:

    if acc has any shot at a comeback they are gonna have to change their defensive mindset and not load 8 or 9 ppl in the box cuz there is no second level in their defense it could be just like when they played parkland and valley view who ran all over acc with a lot less playmakers then wood has, acc’s defense plays into the hands of a big line, acc will need to separate their backers and hope for maybe 3 or 4 stops on defense if they wanna be in it. i think itll be the same story for acc keep it exciting and entertaining then the defense will be gassed by the 4th quarter when wood runs away with it. i dont think any defense can stop nosovitch to gulyas but acc wont have a run game, last yr mcdermott didnt gain much anything against them and nosovitch has bad legs this yr and is banged up alot of his long runs against wood a year ago were broken plays i think wood will limit some big plays but i look for a high scoring competitive game for at least a half

  44. fieldgoal says:

    PCC aside, I don’t think Wood has played anybody that even approximates what they’re going to face on Friday! Not saying ACC’s going to win, Wood’s an excellent team and the Northern Vikes are clear underdogs but the way some of these posts are going some people think it’s going to be cakewalk for Wood–it ain’t!

  45. John says:

    I believe his name is spelled Gulyas not Guylas. Him and Scipio might be too much for wood secondary…as they were for every other team this year…

  46. Dan says:

    Wood by 2-3 TDs. ACC “D” will not have the answer.

  47. edsel says:

    Six d-1 recruits for Wood. I believe Mike Carey and his defense will be a major factor friday night. Valley View knocks out ACC if they are not -3 in turnovers. Wood takes care of the football and moves on. There is no way ACC stops the Wood running game.