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Berwick Coach Campbell to step down

Written by: on Saturday, June 9th, 2012. Follow Jeremy Varner on Twitter. reporting Gary Campbell is stepping down as head coach of the Berwick Bulldogs. He will accept a job in Massachusetts.

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28 Responses to “Berwick Coach Campbell to step down”

  1. Jamie says:

    And as far as Gud Felder, I can believe peopel are still talking about him. When did he graduate? 1997? Let it go. If you knew the facts, you would now Gus Felder picked Berwick, Berwick DID NOT pick Gus Felder.

  2. Jamie says:

    Berwick was successful on a national level from the late 70’s until the late 90’s for a few reasons, and recruiting was not one of them. Many would say that George’s best team was the 1982 National Champions. Who on that team was not from Berwick? Who from that team didn’t grow up in the Berwick School District. None. That’s a fact.

    Besides his own talents, Curry had tough, tough kids who were willing to buy into his system. He also had a group of committed, talented assistants. And the man could just develop QB’s like no one else. Can any other coach out there claim to have coached four D1 Quarterbacks. (Both Kelchners, Powlus, Robbins)

  3. Steve L says:

    @Joe…it doesn’t sound very smart to say never about much of anything, let alone one of the most unpredictable things going, high school football. It baffles me that you’re so adamant that District 2 will NEVER win another AAA State Title. Never say never, right?

  4. billmurray says:

    how this go from campbell stepping down to NE football is bad?

  5. markd says:

    thank you joe it what i was saying coaching we need to catch up becuse teams in d2 dont use the passing game or defend it when they run in to teams like that their lost kids and remember these are kids dont learn a new defence in a week look at riverside they went to the spread a few years ago and nobody up here could stop them !!!!

  6. rob says:

    As a D2 guy I think it’s possible although slim that one day there will be a 3A title winner but no chance for a 4a winner.

  7. Joe says:

    Who said anything about living up to ACC defense??? Your arguments continuously get off the points of topic. What does riverside have to do with a 3A/4A conversation?? Point is the areas south of us up here have MORE people thus MORE athletes, if you were not so ignorant you would have read comments below that say it is not that D1, D11, and D12 have better athletes man for man it’s just that they have MORE of them. It’s that simple. Berwick was in large part successful early on because coach curry installed a passing game that was ahead of his time. Nobody up here seems to understand you can’t line up and run the ball down people’s throat anymore.

  8. edsel says:

    2010 Clairton 36- Riverside 30. Zip codes do not determine great teams. Hall and Felder did not play on 6 title teams. If Wood and McD can pick and choose, why can`t everybody? Some folks showed up in Berwick and I will not deny that. There were a ton of kids born and raised here in a town of 9000. The best thing that happened to Gus was Berwick. Where would he be. If we never win another gold trophy that will be fine. I will be out there on friday nights. The Dawgs will content for a distict crown the next few years. If Wood sends us home, so be it.

  9. edsel says:

    There is no end to this. Valley View could not stop Nosovitch. Because the District 11 kids and the District 1 and 12 kids drink a special water that gives them super powers. The water creates a program in their brains that produces ultra-modern offensive formations and advanced schematics. The Disrict 2 kids and coaches drink regular water and that makes them line up in a single wing formation. The linemen are brainwashed into lining up in tight splits and the quarterbacks only call off tackle dive plays. I can only hope Berwick can one day match up to that storied 2011 ACC defense.

  10. Mike says:

    Take a picture of those trophies… When was the last time D2 won one? Or for that matter was even a factor. Someone from Berwick talking about Geographic Boundaries??? I didn’t realize in the 1990’s that the Berwick School District boundaries went to North Philly (Felder) and Delaware (Hall). District 2 like was said below will go to the Eastern Final and get beaten badly by Wood. ACC was a 5-5 team and they scored 60 points on Valley View who only gave up 60 the entire season……

  11. rob says:

    Word is that George Curry will be returning to Berwick as head coach. Here’s is the link…if true then look out.

  12. markd says:

    i not knocking d2 football valley view gave acc all they could handel becuse they were so much stronger up frount so why didnt that translate to the defence ???????

  13. edsel says:

    Bunch of schematic geniuses on here. Valley View gave ACC all they wanted. Sure Wood has great demographics and no territorial boundaries, but to ridicule our football is bogus. I am off to the high school to see the six gold trophies and the three USA National Title hardware.

  14. Mike says:

    D2 gets out coached all the time

  15. mark d says:

    it coaching guys d2 need to catch up with the rest of the state that valley view team was loaded with players but when they got to play acc last year they never seen a passing game like that or blocking schemes remember that was a defence that the first team gave up 26 points all year and gave up 61 to acc

  16. Joe says:

    @Ron again your missing my point your brining up the 1990’s, the dawgs were BEST no question. But they don’t have those types of kids anymore. That’s great they will win the D2 title but again that wasn’t the point!

  17. RON says:

    @joe, you have a short memory.when McCoy was at Mcdevitt they needed a 40 yard field goal in the last minute to defeat the bulldogs 1998 they defeated cleveland st.ignatius 30-28. the wildcats had players from 37 different school districts.
    berwick will be naming a new coach very shortly.he will be working with almost 75 players this year. this team could be better than the team that won the 2 aaa title in 2008. they will be bigger amd faster and once junior qb learns the offense they will put up a lot of points. if wood plays berwick they will their hands full remember 08 and 09 when wood played the seals, dont overrate wood because of the last 2 seasons.

  18. Mike says:

    I have to agree with Joe everybody does the same thing up there I formation Wing t try to Lund the ball, serious lack of athletes of there and a serious lack of coaching. The schemes are almost embarrassing to watch up in 2 and 4 you can put any uniform on any team and they look the same

  19. Joe says:

    @Ron apparently you missed what I said and that is that D2 will get there when D11 has down years. This year will obviously be one, and D2 will get killed by Wood. If you followed HS football out of your bubble you would know what has coming back and will in fact be Bigger than they were last year. Will be as good? No but you dont get much better than winning the state semi final 70-14 and the state final final 52-0. Guys I’m from up here. The days of the 12th man, wetsu, Crispin, the silver bowl. It’s over. D12, D1, D11 don’t have better lineman or athletes man for man they just have a ton more than us and they play a much more competitive schedule. Prob for the next 2-3 years D2 will be in the AAA eastern final and every single year it will be a joke. Woods draws from an area of 2 million people!!! It’s not us not being tough it’s simple math.

  20. RON says:

    @joe, about d2 aaa and aaaa teams. this year there will be only 4 quad a teams in d2. scranton, del valley, hazleton, wyoming valley west. to compare d2 aaaa teams from d11 and d1 is not fair there are so many more aaaa teams in those 2 districts.
    now in d2 this year there will be 14 aaa teams which is a lot more than d11. now that acc is losing their offense, look for d2 to start dominating d11. if d2 gets to eastern final against wood, they will not get smoked, wood lost a lot of div 1 players from last year.

  21. Joe says:

    District 4 and 2 used to be special but it has become just run down towns. People are not moving there anymore. It is a fact of life. Gus Felder will not move to Berwick to play when he can go to Wood. It’s not hate it’s fact. I love Crispin Field, The Silver Bowl. Believe me guys I WISH HS football was the same but it’s not anymore. I live in Coal Township but people don’t move here anymore it’s over.

  22. Joe says:

    It’s is no where near not even close to the toughest district. In order the toughest districts in pa are 7,3,12,11, and 1. Dis 2 is not even close. The grove had a great team not a program where are they now? The D4 rep last year had a 4-6 record!!!!

  23. edsel says:

    Hey Nostradamus, maybe we should stop playing football in District Two. Never win is the prediction from the omnipotent voice of high school football. Selinsgrove won and they are from that mighty District 4 AAA power conference. Puuuuuhlease back away from the keyboard.

  24. tim says:

    joe why you got to hate on d2 it is one of the toughest districts in eastern pa those big words will never win i will be the first to post when they do

  25. Joe says:

    District 2 WILL NEVER win another state title in 3A or 4A Period. The best they can ever do in 3A is get to the Eastern Final when District 11 has a down year, the. Get smoked by District 12, good example is this year District 11 is down in 3A so the District 2 rep will get to the Eastern Final and get waxed by Wood. 4A they will never get out of the sub-regional with District 11, maybe once every 7-8 years they might, but then they will get lit up in the quarterfinal round by District 12. District 2 and 4 football in the 3A/4A classification is over.

  26. edsel says:

    Coach Campbell is still the coach at Berwick. Waconnah Regional HS in Massachusetts will make official statement on June 18. Campbell was 84-23 at Waconnah before taking over at Berwick. He guided the Dawgs to a 46-25 record with one district title.

  27. Dan Albertson says:


  28. tim updegrove says:

    wow that is big news here in berwick coach campbell will be missed. My son who plays varisty footballfor berwick found out earlier today i say we want curry!GO DAWGS

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