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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 40 – Malvern Prep (Inter-Ac) – Bonus Preview

Written by: on Friday, August 30th, 2013. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Malvern Prep (Inter-Ac)malvern_prep

Conference: Inter-Ac

Class: AAAA

Nickname: Frairs

Coach: Kevin Pellegrini

2012 Record: 6-5

Returning Players – Offense: Jr. OG Mike McCarthy; Jr. OT Hayden Mahoney; Sr. TE John Nassib; Sr. RB Troy Gallen; Sr. RB Matt Brown; Sr. WR Andy Pancoast

Returning Players – Defense: Jr. DT Peter Ciesielski; Sr. DE John Nassib; Sr. DE Kevin McKnight; Jr. LB Trevor Morris; Sr. LB Jake Anderson; Sr. LB Hunter Paulus; Sr. S Jordan Majors; Sr. DB Matt Brown; Sr. DB Rich Chakejian

Special Teams: “Jon Dollfus will do the kicking and punting duties. Rich Chakejian will be the backup punter. My returners are Troy Gallen, Matt Brown and Dymond Wright.”


Coaches comments:

How’s your offensive line?

“We have one returning starter on the offensive line and he is Mike McCarthy. He will play at right guard. My left guard Kevin McKnight. He got some time last year at defensive end. My right tackle is Hayden Mahoney. He is starting to get some division one looks. He’s a big kid 6-foot-5, 270-pounds. My left tackle is Jacob Rebisz. He is a first year starter. John Monday is my center. Jake Anderson will rotate in at guard. I like these guys as far as size, ability and desire.”

“We have two tight ends that will get playing time. The one started last year. He is John Nassib. He is getting some D-1 looks and got an offer from Delaware. The other tight end started at strong safety for us last year. He is Jordan Majors. He’s very talented.”


Who’s your quarterback?

“My quarterback is junior Alex Hornibrook. He has nice size, is a good leader, throws the ball and is mobile. He didn’t get on the field. He got hurt at the end of football camp last year and missed three or four weeks. He has worked hard in the offseason and is ready to guide our team this year.”


How’s your running game?

“We have Troy Gallen back. He has committed to Delaware. He has amazing speed and great hands. We will move him around to create mismatches. Our halfback, Matt Brown, is back. We are excited about him this year. He’s a really fast kid and can catch the ball out of the backfield. The third guy in is Dymond Wright. He is a very versatile back that can play all over the field. Our fullback is Hunter Paulus. Trevor Morris will get some reps at fullback. We have depth and experience.”


How are your receivers?

“A guy that ended up starting half way through the season last year is Andy Pancoast. He is a tall kid at 6-foot-3 and has nice moves. He has a great set of hands and great leaping ability. He is a basketball player. At times you may say Dymond Wright out there and Trevor Morris who’s the backup fullback.”


How’s your defensive line?

“We have Peter Ciesielski returning at defensive tackle. Our returning starter at defensive end is John Nassib. Kevin Mcknight got some time at defensive end last year for us. We will be rotating in at defensive end position, Hayden Manoney and Jacob Rebisz will be in the mix on the line.”


How are your linebackers?

“We return all three starting linebackers from last year. They are Trevor Morris, Jake Anderson and Hunter Paulus. We have good experience in the middle of our defense. These guys are the heart of our defense.”


How’s your secondary look?

“We have our strong safety back and he is Jordan Majors. He’s really athletic. These guys will rotate in for playing time and they are Matt Brown, Rich Chakejian and Dymond Wright. James Keating will play at safety position. Andy Pancoast adds depth to the secondary.”


What are your concerns on offense?

“My offensive line. We only have one returning player from last year. As soon as they come along we will be a better team. My concern is playing up to game speed and until you do it you never know. Getting used to game speed is one and two just know our assignments.”


What is your strength on your team this year?

“My defense. We have a lot of players coming back with experience. We have size where we need it and speed.”


What is your key this season?

“Maturity and understanding what we are doing, We need to try and keep the mistakes at a minimum. Our goal is to have them not thinking too much and let them play the game and have fun.”

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