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40 Teams in 40 Days – Day 34 – LaSalle College High School – Big School Team # 4

Written by: on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


lasalleOffensive Preview:

After transferring from Ohio powerhouse St. Edward’s, senior quarterback Kyle Shurmur passed for almost 2,500 yards and 25 touchdowns last year in his first year at LaSalle College High.

“He had the fundamentals and all the skills. He was very sure of himself, but extremely humble. You can tell right away that he was a game player and has a very good work ethic.”

This summer Kyle committed to Vanderbilt. We have him ranked the number one quarterback in

“He has a really strong arm, is a very accurate passer and is extremely smart. He’s very good inside the pocket and can escape if he has too. He’s very good on the outside. He has that strong arm and will find the open receiver.”


At running back they return one of the versatile runners in Eastern Pennsylvania. Jordan Meachum had nearly 1,300 all-purpose yards from last year.

“We like to put him in the slot a lot but he could lineup in any position. He has good hands. He’s a strong runner and good at protecting the ball. He’s very quick to the hole and if he can break level two, the linebackers, he’s a threat to go the distance.”

Another guy that’s like Jordan is junior Nick Rinella. Nick was the second leading rusher and caught over 25 passes last year.

“Another kid that plays the same way is Rinella. He can play all the positions and can run and catch well.”

Ryan Brady is back at fullback.

“He’s one of our strong leaders and is a tough kid. He’s a smart kid and understands what we’re doing. He can block and does everything very well.”

Jared Walls is another runner that will get some reps.


They have one guy returning last year that had a lot of experience on the offensive line is. His name is Matt McDermott and he will play either center or guard.

“He has a strong football IQ. He recognizes what the defenses are doing.”

With only one guy returning with experience who would be the guys battling for the four remaining spots on the offensive line?

“We have about five or six guy battling or could rotate in.”

The guys battling for playing time on the line are Jim Morrissey, Ryan Schutta, Thomas Garvin, Connor McCracken and Anthony Piscopo.

“We will come up with our starting group next week after our second scrimmage.”


The Explorers return their top wide receiver from last year. His name is Jimmy Herron. Jimmy is a guy that will play all over the field and could lineup in the backfield, slot or receiver spots.

“He’s a very smart player and has great hands. He has the knack to find the open space. He’s a competitor out there and runs smart routes. I think his best position is outside. He is not a big kid, but has good speed and instincts.”

At receiver he caught 48 passes for 734 yards and 12 touchdowns. He rushed for 94 yards in the wild cat.

“He understands what he is doing out there whether it is at receiver, quarterback or safety. He is a student of the game. One of the things I like about him is even in practice he will lineup against our best player so he can get better.”

Another guy that played a lot last year is Charles Headen. Keep an eye on junior receiver Winston Eubanks along with AJ Grezeszak.


Defensive Preview:

On the defensive line Keith Wagner is returning at defensive tackle.

“He’s a real strong kid and works very hard. He played a lot for us last year on the line.”

Anthony Piscopo is a junior who started on the line last year as a sophomore. He has started each of the scrimmages.

Guys that played a little last year are Sean Collins, Conor McCracken, Isaiah Henrich and Fletcher Grady. Jim Morrissey might see some action.


Inside linebacker Aidan Kerrigan played a lot last year at linebacker and Ryan Brady is going to be another linebacker.

“Kerrigan and Ryan are the leaders and the both have good knowledge. Kerrigan is the guy calling the plays and he’s always around the ball.”

Brian Buckley will play outside and inside and Sam Hardy will play outside linebacker.


In the secondary AJ Grezeszak returns with experience as a safety. Jimmy Herron, Jordan Meachum and Nick Rinella will all get some time in the secondary this year.

“Jimmy and Jordan are leaders in the secondary.”


Special Teams Preview:

Jordan Meachum, Nick Rinella and Jimmy Herron will do kick and punt returns. They are working some other players out during camp.

Matt Savage, Michael Raczk and Michael Wells are competing for the kicking and/or punting duties.

Cole Lerch is the long snapper.


Head Coach: Drew Gordon

2013 Record: 8-4 (3-1 Conference)

2014 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: Zaire Franklin, Bill Frusco, Mick Barrett, Steve Hudak, Matt Raczak, Corey Lerch, Tom McClain, Nick Buckley, Dave Geppert, Ryan Coonahan, Tamar Turner, Levi Hardy, Brennan O’Donnell, Raekwon Caswell, Mike Koller and Vince Cicalese


Offensive Players Returning: (6)

QB Kyle Shurmur

ATH Jordan Meachum

RB Nick Rinella

FB Ryan Brady

WR Jimmy Herron


Defensive Players Returning: (5)

DT Keith Wagner

LB Aidan Kerrigan

CB AJ Grezeszak

CB Jordan Meachum

CB Jimmy Herron

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  1. Brad says:

    Looks like a dogfight between SJP and LS. I think LS is being overlooked by most which is a big mistake.

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