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2017 Team Preview – Central Bucks South Titans (1)

Written by: on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Team record last year:  8-3

Team nickname: Titans

2017 Schedule:

Please list any returning two-way starters with their name, position, height, weight, grade and list any all-star honors from last year and any statistics.

Pat Fleisch   OL/DL   6’3   270   Sr.   2nd Team All League

Noah Collachi   OL/DL   6’1     255   Sr. 1st Team All League


List any other players who started one way with their name, position, height, weight, grade, and any stats.


Jack Johns     QB     6’6   195       Senior

Matt Norris     LB     6’1   225       Junior     2nd team

Matt Tobey     LB     5’11   195     Junior

Ryan Watson   CB   5’6     170     Senior     3rd team

Tom McLaughlin   S   5’11   185   Junior


Please list any returning letter winners with their grade, height, weight and position.


Sean Charpentier       DT                                                       Senior

Tristan Roman           DE                                           Senior

John McSweeney            WR                        5’11             190            Junior

Tom McLaughlin            DB/RB            5’11            175            Sophomore


Please list your top three promising newcomers, with their grade, height, weight, position. (You can include more if you feel they will make an impact). Could you also tell me if the newcomer is coming from the JV, freshman team or is a transfer and if so, where did he transfer from.

Jake Layer           RB                                   Junior

Brady Prezelski   WR                                  Junior

Sean Smith           WR                                   Sophomore


We also have a few questions.

Do you have any players who have made college commitments and if so could you detail that. Also are there any players on your team who you feel are Division I caliber, either seniors or underclassmen.

Jack Johns

Matt Norris

Pat Fleisch


Is your QB a returning starter? Who is projected to be the starting QB


Yes. Jack Johns

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