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2014 Team Preview: Sun Valley (1)

Written by: on Thursday, July 31st, 2014. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


sun_valleyHead Coach Ray Gionta Q&A


Q. What are the key things we should know about your offense?

A. We have a core of senior players who will all be very important players for us in 2014. We will have two excellent speed players to put pressure on the defense on the perimeter both vertically and horizontally in Juwan Chandler & Kijana Gordon.

Mike Fisher will be our primary runner inside the tackles.

Nate Cusumano is a 6-foot-3, 215-pound tight end, who is adept at blocking and catching the football.

The anchor on our line will be a 4-year starter in Ed Racine.

Gabriel Boccella will be a sophomore at quarterback.


Q. What are the key things we should know about your defense?

A. On defense Mike Fisher and Bobby Koons, a junior, both inside linebackers, will be the players in the middle for us.

Ed Racine, a 6-foot, 315-pound tackle & Nate Cusumano will be at defense end.

Kijana Gordon & Juwan Chandler will man the secondary.


Q. What are the key things we should know about your special teams? Who are your kick and punt returners? Who are your kicker and punter?

A. Cusumano will be the punter. Tyler Smith, from our soccer team will be our kicker. They are both inexperienced.


Head Coach: Ray Gionta

2013 Record: 0-7 (league), 2-10 (overall)

2014 Schedule

Key Starters Lost: T.J. Mancini, QB, Ryan Riddle, RB/DB, Tom Jones, OL/LB,

Brandon Williams, REC/DB


Returning Starters: (5)

Sr. Ed Racine OL/DT 6’1-320 (1st team All-League OL and HM All-Delco)

Sr. Nate Cusumano TE/DE 6’3-210 (1st team All-League TE, 2nd LB)

Sr. Kijana Gordan RB/DB 5’9-170  (HM All-League & HM All-Delco)

Sr. Juwan Chandler RB/DB 5’8-152 (injured in 13)

Sr. Mike Fisher RB/LB 6’1-190 (injured in 13)


Other Letter Winners:

Jr. Bobby Koons RB/LB 5’11-175

Jr. Logan Markley OT/DE 6’1-230

Jr. Ramon Olivares OG/LB 5’9-180



Jr. Nick Garvey DT/OT 6’0-260 (1st time out player/wrestler)

Jr. Dwayne Parent DT 5’5-170

Jr. Anthony Ruggierro C 5’10-200

Jr. Wali Sabree DE/TE 6’2-190 (1st time out player)


So. Ishy Ahmad REC/DB 5’10-150

So. Gabe Boccella QB/DB 5’10- 165

So. Dan Carpenter OG/DE 6’2- 200

So. Jack Connolly OLB 6’0-155

So. Chase Kilgore OLB 5’11-155

So. Jon Kester LB/FB 5’10-155

So. Bryan Meehan LB/FB 5’8-175

So. Tyler Schuck OG/DT 5’10-250

So. Quentin West RB/DB 5’7-150


First Time Out –SENIORS:

Billy Doohan C/DT 6’1-280

Jake Duncan DE 5’10-185

Alex Elliott DB/RB 5’7-160    (wrestler)

Kyle Herre QB/DB 5’9-155    (can also play running back)

Steve Okoorian OLB/RB 5’9- 160     (wrestler)

Steve Taylor SE/DB 6’0- 150

Eric Varela OL/DL



We have a good returning core of starting players who have started for 2-years.

We have skill position players and depth at the skill positions and number of Players in Frosh and Soph Classes. We have enthusiasm and attitude.



We have inexperience and youth on both sides of the ball. Sophomores and first year players will play early. Depth is always a problem at the smallest Ches Mont American School.   The Kicking Game is an unknown.



Young, inexperienced but eager to learn and compete in an always tough Ches-Mont American League. Traditional Ches-Mont powers will be a challenge for the Vanguards.

Offensively, the line and quarterback position will mature and develop as the season progresses. Defensively, the Vanguards will be solid.

The Vanguards experienced players must remain Injury Free. Look for the young Vanguards to improve and develop as the season progresses. They will be looking to compete and fight in each Game on the schedule.

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