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Who stood out Week 5

Written by: on Saturday, October 1st, 2011. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


What did you think of the fifth week of high school football? What team(s), player(s) or moments stood out for you? Post a comment below and we can chat about it.

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25 Responses to “Who stood out Week 5”

  1. Jljugan says:

    To Sub Fan:

    This sort of got out of control. We are all high school football fans. I apologize for getting so defensive about comments being made. It’s really about the kids having a good high school experience. There are so many good programs out there. Let’s bury the hachet. Here’s to great Friday night football in PA.

  2. Unsilent Majority says:

    Sub Fan:

    You will root against a bunch of teenagers (at GV) because of comments by another blogger. You who checked a box score (Gv & HARRINTON) and still had no idea what you were talking about. And you speak for so many….
    whom i think is just yourself, will hope GV loses to the cougars??? Luckily your stupidity will have no effect on the game.

    GV will play Springfield in what will be a great Central League battle. And at the end of the game, both team will shake hands knowing they played their hearts out… regardless of your wishes!

    Its a shame Harriton has the likes of you defending them, when they also played a tough Central League game, but lost.

    Get a clue! And a win is a win! The Ridley vs GV game was all that is right with High School football. Something you obviously know nothing about!

  3. Suburban Fan says:

    Don’t laugh too long. Your day is coming.
    Circle Oct. 21. GV really defeated Ridley badly!
    As I stated before I am not a fan of any one particular school, however, with fans like you I will root against Garnet Valley from now on.
    Thanks to comments like this the Jaguars have made many people hope they lose and THEY WILL. GO COUGARS!

  4. jljugan says:

    Dear Suburban Fan… No “comeuppance administered” by Ridley tonight. Garnet Valley 21 – Ridley 19.

  5. Unsilent Majority says:

    Unsilent Majority


    After all this bantering, here are the facts.
    GV down 31-20 at half. A Half arguably dominated by Harriton passing with big plays. Harriton onside kicks to open 3rd and doesn’t get it. Gv drives down 10 plays and scores 31-27. Harriton goes right back down and scores on their next drive 38-27. GV gets a huge play next series 38-34. GV squib kicks, gets it and scores on this drive. 41-38 (first lead of half.)
    Harriton is again forced to punt and GV drives and scores again. 48-38.

    CLEARLY THE GAME STILL UNDECIDED with 4 min left in 3rd.

    GV again forces a Harriton punt which is returned for a Touchdown to end the 3rd. GV 55- Harriton 38. (GAME STILL UNDECIDED WITH A QUARTER TO PLAY)

    Harriton is stopped, and GV has another scoring Drive. 62-38 GV. You could say at this point the game appears to be done.

    Garnet Valley puts JV Off and Def in game and actually scores two more touchdown, the second being an 80 yd run. They dont throw the ball.

    They did nothing wrong. They played a great Harriton Team that refused to quit. I think it was all class on both sides.

  6. Suburban Fan says:


    #1 I did NOT point out anyone’s grammatical mistake. I SAID ONE SHOULD KNOW THE PROPER NAME OF THEIR OPPONENTS, ESPECIALLY A FELLOW MEMBER OF THE CENTRAL LEAGUE. Just to make sure you
    know the proper name of the school Garnet Valley beat 76-38, it is HARRITON not Harrington.

    #2 Unlike you, I am NOT a fan of any school in the Central League. I am an objective observer of Philadelphia Suburban High School Football. I was stating an unbias point of view of how the Garnet Valley – Harriton game appeared to those not associated with either the Jaguars or the Rams.

    #3 The spelling of comeuppance was a typographical error, which you obviously have never made, but the insinuation was certainly NOT an error. Maybe Ridley will administer the comeuppance Thursday night.

  7. Brian says:

    Southern Columbia Area, they are a small school team (class A). They have 6 state titles and 5 peated from 2002-2006. They appeared in every state title game except 1 from 1994-2006. Only missing 1997. The philly area probably wouldn’t know too much about them because the philly area has few class A schools, if any.

  8. phillyboy says:

    Keep seeing people mention SCA. What’s that stand for?

  9. Irish says:

    Suburban Fan:

    #1 your comments about GV receiving their comeuppance “a punishment or retribution that one deserves” Tasteless.

    #2 you pointed out twice someone’s grammar. Check your own comeuppance is spelled with an E.

    #3 Stop

  10. James Loney says:

    People need to chill about GV running up the score. According to the box score, the JV was in there for most of the 4th quarter. What do u expect them to do? Run the ball and then just fall down after they get 10 yards? And the only reason why Garnet Valley scored that many points was because they allowed that many. The defense allowed 38 points against Harriton. That’s just terrible and since they’re playing a real team next week in Ridley, Ricci needs to see if his players are ready for probably the biggest game of their season.

  11. Brian says:

    Sounds like a similar game that SCA had against Pius X in 2005 I think. It was SCA 76 Pius X 47. The game was back and forth for the first half and SCA only led by about 14 points into the 3rd quarter. Then SCA got a turnover or 2 and extended the lead and eventually got it to mercy rule. Pius still kept coming back and got the score under the 35 point margin but once the mercy rule is in effect it never stops. Roth couldn’t put in the backups yet because Pius also kept scoring. It is one of those things that you think its running up the score unless you were there.

  12. kevin says:

    Gateway scored a 84-0 shutout this week, but there western pa.

  13. New Fan says:

    @ Suburban Fan. As hard as it is to believe that is exactly what happened. Harrington was winning 31-20 at halftime. Bennett scored on the opening series for GV and Harrington preceded to run the kickoff all the way back and almost scored, they punched in a td to go back up by 11. Then the wheels fell off for Harrington. And again take off the last two TD’s scored by the JV and the score was not as bad as it sounds. Watch the reply for yourself in

  14. Gerry says:

    I hear ya New Fan!….people should get the facts straight….GV class program year in and year out!!

  15. Suburban Fan says:

    New Fan:
    #1 You don’t subtract scores.

    #2 You should at least know the name of the
    team you are playing. It is not Harrington,
    but HARRITON of Lower Merion.
    They entered the Central League the same
    year that Garnet Valley joined it.

    #3 You and GV’s fans just don’t get the point.
    The youngsters on the Harriton team were
    humiliated and there is no excuse for that.

    #4 Hopefully it will not ever happen again,
    either to any of Garnet Valley’s opponents
    or to Garnet Valley.

  16. New Fan says:

    The score does not reflect the game. Harrington was wining by as many as 17 points a few times and fell apart in the third qarter. The last two scores were by the 2nd team JV. The first JV score was after Harrington turned the ball over on their own 10 or 15 yard line. The second JV td was a 1 play 80 yard td when the Harrington players missed tackles. The JV went in with 6 or 7 minutes left in the game so you can kind of subtract the last two scores.

  17. Suburban Fan says:

    Jljugan, it is hard to believe that midway through the 3rd quarter Garnet Valley was losing by 11 points. YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT GV SCORED 49 POINTS IN THE LAST 18 MINUTES OF THE GAME.
    Harriton might have a potent offense but not potent enough. Harriton obviously has no defense, something the GV coaches must have spotted immediately. They should have played their JV throughout the entire 4th quarter, PERIOD.
    I have done my research and the only team of note that Harriton has played thus far was Springfield (Delco). As far as GV being a class team, that is for the unbiased observer to determine during the course of the season, obviously not you.
    Don’t make excuses for an unexcusable score.

  18. Jljugan says:

    Before any judgements are made, you need to understand how this game went and know the team. GV was losing by 11 halfway through the 3rd quarter. One of the TDs in the 4th was a punt return and 2 TDs were scored by the second and third string. The JV for Garnet Valley went in about halfway through the 4th. Harriton has a VERY potent offense and up through midway through the 3rd was scoring on almost every drive. GV is a class team that would never purposely run up a score. Do more research and a better job of understanding the game first.

  19. Suburban Fan says:

    Phillyboy and Rollie are correct when one looks at the point spread being 38 points. HOWEVER, in the minds of most of the players on the Harriton football team, the 76 points scored by Garnet Valley against them will always be a sore spot and hard to forget. I just feel that 76 points scored by one team in a HIGH SCHOOL football game is excessive, humiliating and WRONG.

  20. phillyboy says:

    The 76 points isn’t quite as offensive when you consider the other team scored 38 in their own right. They only exceeded the mercy rule 35 points by 3. It’s like winning 38-0.

  21. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Just think of the GV-Harriton score as 48-0. Nobody would complain about 48 points. Right? That was the margin of victory.

  22. Jim says:

    Suburban fan is right on the money. At what point do you put JV squad in or find a way to sub 3rd string guys in… games do get away, but on the surface it looks wrong.

  23. Suburban Fan says:

    #1 The school Garnet Valley beat, 76-38, is Harriton.

    #2 Garnet Valley should be ashamed to have allowed the score to get that ridiculous.
    The GV coaches could have kept their team from embarrassing their opponent. They are only teen-agers and the coaches are supposed to be adults.

    #3 There will come a day when Garnet Valley is down and I hope they receive their comuppance. The sooner the better.

    #4 What goes around will surely come around.

  24. Rich Thomas says:

    How about that District one , Central league game Garnet Valley vs Harrington 76 to 38

  25. James Loney says:

    Garnet Valley just showed that no matter how many points they allow, they got the offense to keep them alive in games. They scored 76 points!! That’s incredible!! We’ll see how good they really are when they face Ridley next week.