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EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA EasternPAFootball.com - Your source for High School Football in Eastern PA

The OFFICIAL High School Football 2011 Playoff Thread

Written by: on Thursday, December 15th, 2011

UPDATED 12/11 –Β  This will be the official thread each week for playoff talk,Β  playoff schedules, scores and so much more! What do you think of the match ups this week?

It’s never too early to look at how the playoff picture is shaping up!

So let’s talk playoffs!

2011 Brackets (Updated 12/11)

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2011 Playoff Schedules (Updated 12/11)

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Playoff Scoring Stats (Updated 12/11)

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2011 Playoff Scoreboard (Updated 12/11)




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831 Responses to “The OFFICIAL High School Football 2011 Playoff Thread”

  1. Colin says:


    I will try to get the link. This years AAAA final will more than likely be next years AAAA semi final

  2. Buddy says:


    Interesting. So they are mixing traditional west & East opponents? i.e., LaSalle could play NA before the state final? Also, you couldn’t have a North Penn/ LaSalle nor a NP/ Easton semi-final? Man, that’s like breakin’ up this ol’ gang of mine. Agreed, the current east/west thing does have alot of charm. Been that way forever. If you have a link to this new bracket line-up, please send.

  3. David says:

    Happy Holidays from the EasternPAFootball.com family!

  4. Colin says:


    Yes Piaa voted to keep 16 weeks which i like. Not aure if you have seen the recent bracket that has been put forth for vote. In AAAA the EAST/WEST thing is thrown away. One side of the bracket has D1 and D3. Makes some sense because both are 16 team districts. But here is what i dont agree with. They have D12,11,10,7 on the other side of the bracket. I think this is probably done this way to eliminate the bye week for D12. But it makes no sense to send a D11 or D12 team to Chambersburg(half way point between philly/pitt) every year for a semi final.That kills it for guys like me who dont have a dog in the fight. Plus why make any eastern or western team travel that far for anything less than a Final.I am also fairly certain this is the same way for AAA. Not sure about AA or A. So yes potentially you could have a Lasalle/North Penn state title game. That sounds great and all but the east/west thing has such a charm im not sure why they would mess with it. When you get a NA/LAsalle match its sweet. 2 great teams that know nothig about each other. I hope they keep the same brackets as this year and find another way to eliminate the bye week for D12.

  5. Dan says:

    @ newman107

    Point taken. I stand corrected.

  6. Jake says:

    @ Colin: Agreed. Can we please move on. Congrats Wood. Best team in PA 2011. Wood Nation, time to move on. Time to celebrate the birth of our savior. And no Wood Nation I’m not talking about Coach Devlin or Carey’s birthday…

    Merry Christmas!!

  7. newman107 says:

    Dan, your point is well taken. I was, however, referring to the 8th grade kids that play football who are trying to decide whether to attend their local public school or the local Catholic school. I didn’t think of the transfers.

  8. Buddy says:

    @ Colin:

    Agreed. Good idea.
    Don’t follow A & AA too much. Wood seems to have alot of depth, they will be a contender.
    North Penn loses a whole lot. But they always seem to re-load as opposed to re-build. LaSalle’s coach is just too damn good to ever be out of the hunt. Prep is Prep, always seems to garner players from somewhere. Many others in the PCL seem to be getting their act together ( Judge, Roman etc.)

    The usual suspects out of Sub. One, Central, Chesmont: Neshaminy, CRSouth, D-town East etc.

    You’re right about CD ( from the west), I do believe they bring back quite abit.

    By-the-way, I guess you already heard they are not changing the playoff scenerio for next year. Will still go with 16 weeks. Talkin’ AAAA here, the one side of the bracket ( PCL, D-11 etc), apparently will still have a bye. I can gaurentee they don’t like that. The other side ( D-1) will still bring 16 teams to the table, I really dis-agree with that.

  9. Colin says:

    Wood is the greatest!!! Wood Sux!!!! ok lets move on. Its all so last week. Lets look ahead little to next season. Who do you think can contend for the title next season. Doesnt matter which class.Any darkhorses? I’l start with CD. Looks like they have most of there playrs back next year so the will be an instant contender. Not sure what Lasalle and NP havecoming back but im sure they wont suck.AAA ACC loses everyone so they should take a step back. Wood loses a lot too but there back ups looked pretty good as well. AA may look vastly different with west closing and LAnc Cath moving to AAA. Single A is hard because i dont know too much about the teams but SC and Dunmore always seem to be in the mix.

    Lets be nice. Try to steer away from the “Well Wood loses a lot but theyll just recruit again” stuff.Would like to hear everyones opinions

  10. Rick says:

    College coaches don’t miss kids. Doesn’t matter where you are they will find you. Recruiting starts so early these days has absolutely nothing to do with that. Ever college coach will tell you that. Nice try!!!

  11. Buddy says:

    @ Dog21:

    Wow, you do have a knack for making a fool of yourself don’t you? Obviously, my opinion means something to YOU, or why respond?

    Most of the recent comments below are all you Wood fans, not satisfied being the state champs ( also the best team in the state this year in my opinion, as I have stated before), but many of you seem to need best team ever status. Some get upset when others point out many teams we might believe have could rate that same status.

    That’s why I made that comment below. Believe this, I’m certainly not jealous of the PCL.

    I don’t go all bragart before, and after, my team plays a big game like you do. Just look at your comments .

    When the team I support plays anyone from another league ( Central, Chesmont, LVC, PCL etc) , it’s obvious who I support. But I don’t get all arrrogant about it.

    We been in the PIAA too long, and realize that no one team, or league, will dominant for an extended period of time.

    You wanted a PCL sweep this year. Didn’t happen. Because of that, I believe the bug is firmly up your a**.

  12. Dan says:

    @ newman107

    Not sure if you realized it when you said “Because they’re winning? If you lived within this area where would you want to play? At the school where college recruiters are showing up on a weekly basis?”, but this is transferring for athletic purposes which is against PIAA rules. You may want to stick with the “they transferred for the excellent academics” arguement.

  13. newman107 says:

    If you don’t believe the Wood fans and all the people who believe it to be true, read what ESPN had to say:
    The Vikings’ season began with a close loss to cross-state foe Pittsburgh Central Catholic (Pittsburgh), but the team didn’t lose again, having outscored opponents by a 699-to-124 margin over the course of the season. Wood drubbed Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg, Pa.) 52-0 over the weekend in the PIAA AAA championship to secure the school’s first state title. Even as a team on the AAA level, the Vikings proved to be the class of the Keystone State for 2011.

  14. newman107 says:

    Wood has drawn kids from Neshaminy, Hatboro-Horsham, Abington, Upper Moreland, Central Bucks and Centennial (Tennent)school districts since it opened in 1969. Why is this now an issue? Because they’re winning? If you lived within this area where would you want to play? At the school where college recruiters are showing up on a weekly basis? Sounds good to me. H-H, UM, Tennent, CB West and CB East were horrible this year, and in recent years. Right now the program sells itself.

  15. Dog21 says:

    Buddy- Jealousy! get over it! When i go back and read your posts it is quite clear you have a bug up your ass for PCL. Your opinion means shit! Get used to PCL being a force.. Three Championships from AA AAA and AAAA already and PCL has only been in PIAA since 08′. Love it!

  16. realist99 says:

    It’s the truth

  17. phillyboy says:

    Pittsburgh Central Catholic defeated Wood this year. They’re ranked 10th in the west according to Funkster. That means Wood is about 11th in the state. Other than PCC and the last couple of playoff games Wood’s schedule was cupcake city.

  18. James says:

    @Dog21 I am not saying that Wood was not a great team. Easily the best team in PA. They way they finished they might be 2-3 TD’s better than anyone in the entire state. That being said they are not in the argument of best PA teams since 1988.
    not in any order:
    Berwick 1988
    Upper St. Clair 1989
    CB West 1991
    CB West 1997
    CB West 1998
    CB West 1999
    Berwick 1992(National Champions)
    North Hill 1993
    Allentown Central Catholic 1993
    Berwick 1995 (National Champions)
    Pittsburgh Central Catholic 2004
    Berwick 1996
    McKeesport 1994
    Penn Hills 1995
    I’m not 100% sure but I would bet all these schools were ranked in the top ten in the country in every poll. I think USA today has archives going back to 1982 where in the 82 or 83 Berwick won the national title as well.

  19. Buddy says:

    Do you Wood fans want it to be the greatest team ever in Pa. football? Well hell then, it is.

  20. Frank says:

    That BS man, your just a little bitter because your team lost

  21. realist99 says:

    When you can draw kids from a number of school districts in the Philly area, I really don’t think it matters who the coach is. They were pretty much an all star team, not high school football team

  22. Dog21 says:

    The best team of all time debate is obviously opinion based. Wood may or may not be, but to say “not near” the top Pa teams of all time? Come on, this team had everything Size,speed, athleticism etc. Not a weakness on this team.

  23. Gerry says:

    Sorry…here’s link…http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/highschool/12/15/high-school-all-america-team/index.html

  24. Gerry says:

    Heres SI’s HS All-America…Lotta Wood!!!Congrats!!

  25. johnny mo says:

    Last years ACC > this years wood.

  26. James says:

    Wood was a great team, hands down the best team in PA this year.

    Not near the top of the all time great teams in PA.

  27. Jake says:

    @ Football fan: Right on. Carey did a wonderful job. Hopefully local kids get a crack next year, wouldn’t count on it. Offseason just beginning, God only knows how many transfers are on their way to Warminster.

  28. Football fan says:


    I have to agree with you on the job Carey did with that line & the defense. Devlin did a good job but I think Carey helped make the difference with this team. You can’t go wrong having him in your camp. I also think they should have given more of the kids that have been there since their freshman year some time when the game was long decided. There was some good local kids on the sideline that should have experienced playing in the championship game at that point. One heck of a team.

  29. Buddy says:

    @ div 1:

    Pettine coached those teams, not Carey. That’s why he (Carey) says it’s the best team HE ever coached.

  30. div1 says:

    There are a lot of you saying some of the cbwest teams were better than wood. Belive me they were great teams but the thing is Carey coached them and personally said Fri night that this was the best team he ever coached..

  31. Colin says:

    CDiz. The 72 Dolphins are the only undefeated team in the history of the NFL. Not a single person beside Mercury Morris thinks they are the greatest team in NFL history. I know Wood has a loss but it goes a liitle beyond that. 1 loss does not exclude them from being talked about with some ofthe best undefeated teams. When a team is great it clearly shows on the field. To say 1 loss doesnt make this team as great as an undefeated team is clearly selling Wood short. But that is your opinion and i’ll respect it.makes for great banter tho doesnt it?

  32. Colin says:

    Golden Knight. You are correct. I realized a few minutes after i sent it that I made the Unionville/Rustin error.

  33. Golden Knight says:

    @Colin,, not that it matters much, but 1 correction to your post… North Penn beat W.C. Rustin in the 1st round, though Rustin scored more points against them than any other team N.Penn beat all year. That being said… N. Penn is a terrific team and that AAAA was a great game.
    But,,,as I said before, I’m not sure any team, in any class, would have a chance against Wood this year. I know it’s unrealistic, but I would love to see Wood play some of the Fla and Texas teams. Now, that would be fun to watch…

  34. hsfootballfreak says:

    Wood is the best team I’ve seen in years . That line was incredible how they executed on both sides of the ball. Coach Carey had that line jacked up and ready to go ! I would have liked to have seen some of the local neighborhood kids play more and get a chance to score a touchdown. It would have been a nice gesture to the local folks especially since many of the players have been there since freshman year .

  35. CDiz says:

    Wood has a number of kids from St. Joe’s Prep and CB West. Anytime you can pull kids together from those two well known football schools, you are going to produce the kind of team Wood did this year. Six Division 1 players in one graduating class?

    Even with them rolling through the state, they still have a loss on their record, so cannot be considered better that the dozens of schools that won AAAA & AAA championships going UNDEFEATED.

  36. Buddy says:


    Some of the CBW teams from the mid-80’s would have beat Wood ( there were opinions that those CBW teams would have beat most Div.III colleges). North Penn of ’03 ( the team that beat PCC which was essentially the same PCC team that won it in ’04). Several of the Berwick teams of the early 90’s………. and on and on it goes. All speculation of course.

  37. Dog21 says:

    Well said. I know it is difficult to compare matchups but sometimes that is all we can look at to get a gauge on how one team might do vs another. To put in perspective:

    Mcdevitt beat Central Dauphin in a close game. Wood murdered McD.

    North Penn lost by 20 points to St joes Prep. Wood mercied St Joes prep.

  38. Red says:

    54-0? All I have to say about the Wood game is, Yikes. Devlin wanted to make a statement to the entire state, and he certainly did. Congrats!

  39. d6football says:

    No doubt Wood make a serious argument for the best team in the state this year. But the best team in the past 25-30 years? I think the Central Bucks West teams from 97-00 and the PCC team of 04 would have something to say about that. I actually think one of those CBW teams finished in the top 5 nationally.

  40. David says:

    Colin :
    Have to pretty much agree with you 100%. Since I am from near Pgh I have seen all of the WPIAL AAAA top teams play this year and I agree on a given night one of the 4 you mentioned could upset Wood if everything went perfect.

    At the same time, I think Wood could also beat anyone of those same teams by 4 touchdowns on a given night mainly for the exact reason you mentioned. Team Speed. Wood is really special between the overall team speed and their offensive and defensive lines.

  41. Colin says:

    Was at the AAAA championship game and it was a good one between 2 great teams. With that being said CD would lose by 4 tds to Wood. Nowhere near the same speed as Wood. I think most years the AAAA team is the best team in the state. But not this year.

    Not sure what AAAA league Wood wouldnt win.PCL AAAA? They would win it. Lasalle would be the tough test. Any Suburban 1 division? Please!.Central? Ches-Mont? Really?…. LVC? a 2A team playing as a AAA team won that league last year.

    I’ll take it a step further. Here was North Penns playoff road. Unionville,Neshaminy,Pennsbury, CR South,LaSalle,CD, Which of these teams would beat Wood? Honestly! Lasalle would clearly have the best chance butnot a great one

    Lasalle playoff schedule. Judge, Roman, G. Wash, NAzereth, North Penn. Again i ask honestly which one of these teams would beat Wood? NP with the best chance but the team speed is such a glaring mismatch

    The only senario in which I could see where there would be a chance of Wood not winning the AAAA championship would be if they had to go thru the District 7 AAAA playoffs where they could play NA, PCC.Gateway and Upper st Clair. But still in that senario they would not play all 4 of those teams but one of those teams could knock Wood off. I know PCC beat Wood in game 1 but that was forever ago

    Thats just how i see it fellas. This is justone of those years where the AAAA champ is not the best team in the state

  42. Dog21 says:

    You are allowing your jealousy to cloud your judgement. Since you are PCL die hard please tell me who is your team.? It will probably explain a lot.

  43. Deo says:


    So Wood is the best team in the last 25-30 years because they are ranked in the top 25 nationally? You have to play the best to be the best and when you are in the “B” division, JV, AAA or whatever you want to call it you do not play the best teams day in and day out. You can not say for sure one team is better than the other if one plays weaker competition week in and week out. That being said and you rely on the rankings I guess wood is also better than that 2003 or 2004 St Joe’s Prep team that was ranked 3RD nationally? I actually feel sorry for those Wood kids as win or lose they would have been better off competing in AAAA as all the romps over weaker opponents gets old and if they won the AAAA crown there would be no conjecture or guessing as they would be the undisputed heavyweight champs.

  44. S says:

    True in the grand scheme of things. However, there are teams that have the ability to recruit. Christian Brother, which is right next to Syracuse, is was a powerhouse year in and out that had the population of an A school but competed in the highest class because of competition.

    ACC last season was actually AA by population and competed in AAA and defeated mostly all AAAA opponents in its conference en route to a state title. If an A school, though rare, can get kids that are exceptional, they can beat anyone. Sure AAAA’s schools can overall fair better because of greater population, however there can always be a variable that can compete with anyone. The year Southern Columbia had Hynoski, they also had one of if not the biggest line in the state. They are single A. By the way, do they still send the non-football players to AAA Columbia Montour Vo-Tech and keep all the ball players at So. Columbia to keep their numbers at A level?

  45. Buddy says:

    @ A:

    I agree with you. I never heard of a state with 9A class, 8A class, or even a 7A class. Doesn’t mean I’m right, but someone has to show me the link to prove that.

    California has the most high schools with just over 2000, Texas is next with around 1850. No other state has more then 1000. Pa. is around 950. But there are several even greater then Pa., but, once again, none over 1000.

    Having said that, from articles I have read, Texas largest is 6A. So the only other state that would have more classes would be california. What classes they have, I’m not sure.

  46. David says:

    To A :

    It is very difficult to ever say a class A or AA school is the best in the state or could even evenly compete with the best AAA and AAAA schools mainly because of the size differnce in the lines..

    Yes, someone like Pryor (who was the single top rated high school player in the country at the time) can make it seem like the team could compete with larger schools but in reality they probably couldn’t because both their offensive and defensive lines would just be severly overmatched and worn down as the game went on.

    I am from the WPIAL and listened to the haters say Pryor was only good because he was playing in a small school class. I completely disagreed and said he could be just a dominant in AAA or AAAA on a decent AAA or AAAA team playing AAA and AAAA opponents. However, to expect him or any great athlete to be spectacular on a A team playing entire AAAA teams in unrealistic.

    All that said, Arch Wood may only be AAA but they have the line size and athletes to match up with any AAAA school. a great AAA team against AAAA schools is one thing. a great A team against AAAA schools in another.

  47. dylan says:

    nice to see district 3 bring home two state titles. maybe we’ll start to get some respect now.

  48. Buddy says:

    @ Matt:

    If what you get paid is commensurate with being condescending, arrogant, pompous a**, then indeed you are making a furtune. However, on the flip side, if they detract from your pay for the above, then surely you must be paying them. That was my point.

    You are way too much of a tool to communicate with about anything.

    It is what it is, i.e. you are what you are.
    We are best served if you never say anything more.

    @ Jay et al:

    Yep, the Quad A was a good game. CD simply outplayed NP. Their win was no fluke. Kudos to them. As an NP fan, it was a surprising year. I ( actually we) didn’t think they get past the second round in the D1 playoffs. Great year.


    As always, it was great bantering back & forth with you guys ( well most of you anyway). Remember : “fan” is short for fanatic. So if we get crazy every once & awhile, well he**, that’s what we’re supposed to do as “fans”!!

    Thanks to Dave Mika & staff for the threads.

  49. d6football says:

    Good games overall. Wood impressed me. Id rank them behind the great CBW teams and the PCC team of 04 i think it was. Hope everyone enjoyed the games and has a great offseason.

  50. A says:

    9A? The best state is Texas and they go to 6A. They have already talked about going to 5A in Pa so there would be about 115 schools in each classification. Fl and Ca rank behind Texas in HS football (which they only go to 6a) followed by Ohio and PA. The point is just because you have more A’s doesn’t qualify better competition especially against private schools. The year jeanette had Pryor they finished in the top 10 nationally and they were a single A school playing up. I asked coach Henzes of Dunmore (whom was the head coach of Dunmore) personally about Jeanette that year and he said they were the best team he had ever seen because of Pryor. A 4A team in Pa could be a 6A team in another state because we all don’t follow the same school population divisions. Look at the PIAA and compare it to Va. Not the same. The other variable is a dominant player like Pryor, because him bein on a single A team allows them to compete with anyone anywhere.

  51. Newman says:

    How come all the people who do this for a living say Wood is the best team in the state, but a bunch of stubborn haters have to keep arguing the point. The play by play announcer from North Penn (who’s name escapes me right now) said Wood was the best team, hands down, regardless of class while being interviewed on a Bethlehem radio station. An O’Hara coach told me they were the best team he has seen in 25 years of coaching. Mike Carey said this was the best team he was ever involved with. I hated the CB West teams, and now often root against North Penn, but I can also remain objective enough to give good teams their due. AB Wood…best team in the state. End of story.

  52. Matt B. says:

    I would just like to say good job Southern Columbia on a great season. Unfortunately they fell late in the fourth quarter to a good Clairton team in the Stae Championship. Even though the all those seniors are graduating (mostly all of them are the starters) I think we might be seeing them in states next year. They have a really good jv team moving up.

  53. Jay Mazz says:

    Good effort from Beck, Ernst, Gevirtz, Reeves and crew but CD was too tough tonight. Good day all around for District 3.

  54. Matt says:

    Also @ Redwolf…

    Don’t go too overboard with “PA is one of the hardest to win”…

    Wouldn’t say that.

    Some states go to 9A. A few go to 8A. Plenty to go 6A. At least a dozen go to 4A.

    In the Northeast (Virginia to Maine), you are correct though. No state is as tough as Pennsylvania and it’s not close.

    Maryland in particular is pathetic. Phew.

  55. Matt says:


    He wasn’t referring to a “prep league” in terms of the Inter-Ac. He was being a tool and suggesting that Wood should have to be in a league where “recruiting” teams have to play.

    In that case, I’ll name drop the amount of public league stars I know that play out of district, fake their addresses and are flat-out recruited.

    It’s brutal in Pittsburgh and there are two playing for North Penn as I watch this game.

    Of course, I guess people forget Berwick.


    And you should be repaying Burger King, but I’m not complaining when you screw up my kid’s fries dude.

    Seriously, your comments from top to bottom in here have been ridiculous. I should chalk it up to the fact that I’m sure you’re a teenager, so it is what it is.

    In fact, why bother from here forward?

  56. Jay Mazz says:

    …which, by the way, proves your point even more, which I agree with… no program compares to Wood this year…

  57. Jay Mazz says:

    @dog21 CD didn’t beat McDevitt.. other way around.

    Big North Penn win tonight, 35-27… 3-1 East

  58. Redwolf says:

    @Matt – not to quibble, but there is at least one “prep league.” Inter-Ac doesn’t participate in the PIAA and doesn’t abide by PIAA rules. I believe that it pre-dates the PIAA.

    PCL was for all intents and purposes a “prep league” up until joining the PIAA. I think it is better to all the teams in the state in competition than to split things up more than they are. The 4 classification system in PA HS football is one of the most difficult state titles to win. You have to be the best out of 150 schools. Almost every other state dilutes their classification to include less than 100 schools.

  59. Buddy says:


    …. you should be paying them

    @ dog21:

    Again, about that trifecta…………….

  60. Matt says:


    No, there aren’t “prep leagues”. I get paid to do this for a living full time. You need to go back to football school.


    Catholic schools don’t go toe to toe with Don Bosco? I’m pretty close with Gil Brooks, Greg Toal, Rich Hansen and Nunzio Campanile.

    The Prep didn’t play Don Bosco four straight years? I wasn’t on the sidelines for that game at Plymouth Whitemarsh twice and at Don Bosco twice? I didn’t spend the night at Toal’s house once after it? Wow, I guess you’re right and the Philadelphia Catholic League teams never have played Don Bosco. Those games must have been a conspiracy that only I know about then.

    You’re right! Comcast wasn’t there. I wasn’t interviewed on television by a guy with one arm named Kevin who used to play for the Eagles that worked for Comcast. LOL.

    You’re a fan. I do this as a job. You said it yourself.

    I can tell you for a fact that Nunzio turned down playing two PCL teams this season. I know because he asked me how good they were.

    I know Red Lion Academy turned down playing three of them.

    Stop already. I feel like I’m talking to Kevin Spacey in “Glengarry, Glenross” … If you don’t know the shot, don’t talk.

  61. David says:

    I am not conveniently throwing out Week 1 & 2.

    I am also not stating Wood was the best team in the state after week 1. Right now. Hands Down, they are the best team in the state.

    I was simply stating that evan a Pro Team is a lot different in week 16 than they are in week 1 and they are all professionals. There are high school kids that may have never startedbefore, changed positions, didnt condition well in the summer and so on. As the season goes on they gel, work out the bugs and fine tune details.

    I know it cant happen but I would bet money if PCC and Wood played right now Wood would win by 4 touchdowns or more. Central couldn’t even slow them down on defense right now and I doubt Central could put up more than 14 points on offense.

  62. Wood is the best team on the planet says:

    Wood is not that good

  63. Dog21 says:

    You are NUTS! David lays it out. The week 1 loss is irrelevant, it is how you finish. Wood has players in so many different spots from that first game. Anyone who looks at this objectively can see this team is “special” PA has not seen a team as complete and dominating in 25-30 years. Wood would dominate NP or CD-not even a question. Central Dauphin beat BM- Wood made BM look like a Freshmen team who had only 1 practice. There is a reason that Wood is the only PA team still ranked Nationally (USA Today #25 and probably will move up) and ( ESPN Gatorade #22). The people who know football know the deal- “Special” team that was absolutely dominating in their last 6 games.

    Tucker-announcer for PCN, played in College and Pros. He is a lineman and said numerous times he has never seen a HS line or team like this team. Truly special! Get over the jealousy and the classification bullshit! Wood 2011 is a Top #15 team nationally!

  64. Redwolf says:

    @David – Conveniently throw out weeks 1 and 2 and then use week 3 to compare North Penn to Wood? In the same way that Wood played differently after the PCC lost, North Penn has played far better since the Prep game. If Wood wants to claim to be the best team in PA, play in AAAA. The PIAA isn’t stopping them. Supposedly, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia wanted all the D12 teams to stay classified according to enrollment as they entered the PIAA, but certainly Wood could ask for permission to play in AAAA for the new 2012-2014 classifications.

    Bottom line is, if you want to claim to be the best high school football team in PA, you need to play in AAAA.

  65. Deo says:

    I am a PCL die-hard but just like in boxing the heavyweight (AAAA) champ is ALWAYS considered the baddest man on the planet so Wood should end up 3rd best in the state. Had they would have beat ALL the quality AAAA teams they played they might have a better argument.

  66. David says:

    Sorry. Meant to type PCC (Pittsburgh Central Catholic) in week 1.

  67. David says:

    I am from the WPIAL and hands down : Best Team in the state. Archbishop Wood. I would put them in top 10 in the country the way they are playing right now.

    As for the loss to ACC in week 1. Irrelevant. Wood would beat Pgh Central Catholic by 4 touchdowns and probably mercy rule them if they played right now. Like the announcer on PCN said last night. Throw out week 1 & 2 results in high school. Go by how a team is playing as the playoffs begin and end..

    I know there is no way to really know unless they played each other but they are the one of deepest, most talented and well coached high school team I have ever seen play…

    I watched McDevitt in person last week and they were extremely good. Great defense including what many consider to be the best defensive high school player in the country and some really good talent on offense. Wood made them look like they shlouldnt even be on the same field..

    I know many say if Wood played AAAA teams it would be different. I say, not a chance. I think they would mercy rule either team in the AAAA championship today.. Look at some comparables.

    McDevitt beat Central Dauphin earlier this year (one AAAA finalist), Wood mercy ruled St Joes Prep (42-7) who beat North Penn (51-33) (the other AAAA finalist).

    Also, Wood held one of the most prolific offenses in the state last week (ACC) to 14 points. They had averaged 55 points a game in the 1st 4 rounds of the playoffs. Also, they put up 52 on a McDevitt team that probably has one of the best defenses in the state.

    As far as comparing to other teams around the country in terms of player for player talent. Wood has 6 seniors with big school D1 scholarships and at least 3 more underclassmen that will get full D1 rides next year. I dont know for a fact but I have to believe that stacks up pretty well against any high school team in the country.

  68. div1 says:

    Everyone keeps going back to the pcc game. Great team with some controversial calls but I won’t get into that. It was the first game of the season, great teams adjust and learn and get better as the season goes on. That’s what wood did and by the “end” of the season I belive they are the best team in the state. North Penn is another example of learning and getting better also…

  69. phillyboy says:

    Got Wood ranked at 9th in the state. Pittsburgh Central Catholic defeated them earlier in the year. PCC is ranked 8th in the AAAA west. Name one quality AAAA team that Wood beat this year.

  70. jim says:

    To Matt, you’ve never heard of a prep league because there is not one, but there should be one. Only ten years? I’ve watched Catholic Schools since the 70’s go from taking kids from local schools to becoming talent magnets. They should only play other catholic schools once the playoffs start like in NJ who wised up. See if any Pa teams want to go toe to toe with Bosco, Bergen catholic…it’s nothing against the kids, if I had one playing now and had the money, I’d send him to one of them too.

  71. div1 says:

    Phillyboy are you nuts…this mcdevitt is a very good team a team that beat cd, that is playing for the aaaa state tital today. I can see you obviously don’t know football or talent. If anyone knows anything about football this wood team is a special team this year. One that probably won’t ever be duplicated. Give them credit where credit is due….

  72. Buddy says:

    @ S :

    Wood best team in the State?………. Agreed.
    PCL best conference?…….doubtful.

    @ Matt:

    Stop whining so much. That’s why they’re called “opinions”. By-the-way, there are prep leagues.

  73. adam says:

    ill take pcn’s announcer ross tucker at his word, wood is one of the best football teams hes ever seen in high school, the guy works for a recruiting service and played in the nfl he knows a thing or 2 bout talent. ive seen cb west and berwick at the height of their power and this wood team would give those teams a run for their money. ive never seen a combination of power and speed at the high school level before like i saw from wood this yr

  74. S says:

    The PCL is the best conference and ABW is the best team in the state right now. They are hot and firing on all cylinders. They may have lost earlier in the season, but right now they can beat any team in the state hands down. Congrats on a great season.

  75. SEPAGuru says:

    So anyone want to dispute what I said about Archbishop Wood…?

  76. Dan says:

    I am not going to get into a discussion about the best team in the state, but Wood looked like world beaters tonight. They absolutely crushed a good McDevitt team. Impressive on both sides of the ball.

  77. Matt says:


    “Prep league”

    What the heck is that? They’re Catholic League schools. What is a prep league? I’ve covered high school football for nearly a decade and have never heard of one — and Wood and LaSalle wouldn’t be mediocre or poor in ANY league. One of the dumbest things I’ve ever read from a football fan ever.


    “When they played a legit AAAA team Wood lost.”

    No, when they played the No. 12 team in the country (AAAA Pittsburgh Central Catholic) they lost and it was with Desmon Peoples injured and also with the final field goal that should have tied the game being called no good when it was good (later confirmed).

    Wood could have beaten LaSalle by 4 touchdowns this season without breaking a sweat; and I say that being a friend of the Gordons. They would have rolled through a Suburban One schedule with ease. Stop hating.

    They’re the best team in this state. They would have taken teams like North Penn, Ridley and Downingtown East and made them look like middle school squads.

    This was a special team. Won’t see it again for a long time.

    Still can’t get over that “prep league” comment. What the heck is a prep league? Milford Academy where there are 85 players on full scholarship already to go to college? Is that what you’re talking about? Valley Forge?

    I put three players into Valley Forge this year including Ridley’s Dion Shaw and Wood would have beaten that team by 35 points if that’s what you’re talking about.

    Just stop already. Bunch of PCL haters on here.

  78. Newman says:

    For anyone who doesn’t believe Wood is the best team, you should be here in Hershey right now.

  79. rccat88 says:

    Wood up 21-0 in 2nd Qtr. (Ouch!)

  80. rccat88 says:

    This year seems to be another Western PA bias at Quad A, North Allegheny, CD, and Central Catholic top three teams??? I may eat my words after tomorrow, but C.D. does not impress me at all, if NP plays their game up front, I think they could beat CD by 2 or 3 TDs. CD could have easily lost an additional 3 games and NP should not be awed by this team.

  81. phillyboy says:

    Wood is a very good team. After tonight probably will be the best AAA team in the state. But they’re in an easier classification. When they played a legit AAAA team they lost. What good AAAA team did they beat. Although, they’re very good you gotta earn your rankings. The AAAA champ may not dazzle anybody but they will have beaten several strong teams consecutively.

  82. Redwolf says:

    @Ed – well said. It has been reported that Dick Beck and Drew Gordon are quite friendly. It appears to me that they both have a similar philosophy about coaching high school football. I don’t think it will be too long before North Penn meet again in a PIAA AAAA semi-final game.

  83. Szam33 says:

    I’m a Ridley guy without much to cheer for this year. So my unbiased opinion this year is this… Forget classifications, Wood is the best team in the state this year. Period. They’re only loss to a AAAA powerhouse came from a terrible “missed” field goal call (which was at least 1 foot inside the upright). Anyway, a sincere good luck to North Penn. Bring another one home for D1. (not easy to say from a Ridley guy by the way)

  84. rccat88 says:

    This weeks Guesses:

    Clairton 38-28
    Tyrone 23-21
    Wood 42-28
    NP 31-20

  85. Andy says:

    Clartion 30-27, Lancaster Cath. 33-20, ABW 34-20, NP 26-20 OT!! Good luck to all….

  86. fan says:

    Wood and Lasalle both should not be playing in triple or quad A.
    They should be in the prep league! If either went in the prep league they would both just be average mediocre teams.

  87. David says:

    Who wins and why?

  88. fan says:

    @ Dog21. Your points are accurate, however when you recruit, you should have the toughest baddest, college like players and you should destroy all other teams. WHats your point. Wood has players from ten diffrent towns/cities.

  89. Ed says:

    Just read some accounts of the NP-La Salle game in a weekly paper today and it’s really cool how much respect the players and coaches in both .schools have for each other. Coach Beck: “Give La Salle credit. They’re tough kids and that’s really a classy program.” Shawn Burke from La Salle: “A great team won today. I with them well in Hershey.” Colin Buckley: I wish North Penn the best and hope they go on and win states.” The kids and the coaches have deep respect for each other. So should we.

  90. SEPAGuru says:

    This Wood team has that clear sense of focus that the other teams did not have. Very strong senior-led class that knows if not this year, then never.

    Just to put into perspective. AW vs CBW scrimmage. AW went to second down 3 times with their first team and never to third down. Obviously not the same but it looked like the Packers playing New Mexico.

  91. Dog21 says:

    Agreed.MCD very good team. Should be a good game..

  92. Buddy says:

    ……….North Penn also played Rustin, Neshaminy, Pennsbury & CR South. My point is, Wood could also survive that schedule. It’s possible that Wood could lose to both North Penn & LaSalle. They could also beat them. But we’ll never know. Wood can’t look past McDevitt, that’s for sure.

  93. Dog21 says:

    You apparently have not seen Wood play. Get off the AAA AAAA crap.. Overall, yes I think many AAA team would strugle against the good AAAA team. But this Wood team is different. They are a well coached,huge,athletic, physical team. Have you watched their Offensive line. And i mean WATCHED..They are College-like. PCC is a very good team-dont kid yourself-they laid an egg in their playoff game. it happens. When you have 16-17 yr old kids on any given day a team could potentially los. But this Wood team has a very clear focus. It is no surpries that they are the only PA team in the Rivals 100. They are currently ranked #22. Not that Rivals is the end all be all, but heck, there is a reason they are ranked there ahead of all other teams in PA.

  94. d6football says:

    @ David

    I will be there for at least the Tyrone game saturday. The AAAA game really doesnt interest me enough to stay for it. Tomorrows games should be good ones as well. Hoping to make it to the AAA game tomorrow night.

  95. newman says:

    Okay, Bobby, I’ll play along. Wood couldn’t survive a AAAA schedule?! North Penn, a AAAA state finalist, played the following teams: LaSalle, St. Joe Prep, Lansdale Catholic (AA, by the way), CB South, CB East, CB West, Quakertown, Souderton, Hatboro-Horsham and Pennridge. Besides LaSalle, do you honestly believe Wood wouldn’t beat every one of those teams? Handily. I’m pretty sure they beat LaSalle too. Wood scrimmaged CB West (yes, I know it’s not the same, but…) and after three quarters I am pretty sure West had negative total yards.

  96. David says:

    Who’s coming to Hershey this weekend? Reminder, we are having a live chat tonight at 8pm.

  97. Buddy says:

    I think Wood would beat PCC now. I believe Wood could beat ANY team in the state, but they could also lose to a couple of them.

  98. d6football says:

    I think Herbstreet classic or whatever that is called that Kirk puts on between Ohio and PA played a role in the scheduling of out of conference games the past years. Most of the powers such as Woodland Hills, Gateway, TJ etc have participated in this event and maybe thta had an effect instead of doing a D7 vs D1/12 reagular season matchup.

    I am not certain on this, but just a thought.

  99. Bobby says:

    Dog21 & SEPAGuru,

    Archbishop Wood is a very good team, but probably 6-7 teams would/could beat them. A weather delay hurts both teams and not one. Also, if the FG was made, who’s to say who wins in overtime?

    Wood is the best AAA team in the state but most certainly not the best overall team. Watching them shred up schools in AAA isn’t the same as playing constant AAAA teams. Wood lost to PCC who didn’t even reach the WPIAL finals. On a given day I think Wood could play with anyone and maybe 1 out of 3-4 times beat some. Anything said more than that is a joke.

  100. Buddy says:

    @ d6football et al:

    Not so confident on the NP pick. If CD has the ability to beat NA, then they got something goin’ on for sure. However, I heard that NA was missing a top gun in that game, maybe that was it.

    Here’s the skinny, if CD has any kind of passing attack, NP is in trouble. But if their forte is the run game, NP might be fine. This is one of the best run-stopping defense NP has had in a long time.

    AW pick is correct, but i would say more like 28 to 21.

    Don’t know enough about the other 2 divisions, except to hear that Clairton like never loses

  101. dylan says:

    don’t be surprised if McDevitt gives wood a game. People thought acc would roll over them last year, but it took acc a last minute td pass to win the game.

  102. d6football says:

    So we gonna throw some predictions out there?

    North Penn 17- CD 14
    Archbishop Wood 35- McDevitt 14
    Lancaster Cath 28- Tyrone 14
    Clairton 24- Southern 21

  103. Buddy says:

    @ d6football:

    You are correct

  104. d6football says:


    I just checked my Guide for PCN. It shows coverage from 6-9pm for the game. I dont recall they show pregame festivities on their broadcasts. I am certain that kickoff is set for 6 pm.

  105. mgguy says:

    @dylan- Wilson Easton would be a nice match up as would Parkland. Before D3 moved west, the D3 champ played the D11 teams- Wilson never could get by Bob Stem; Easton may have beaten them also, can’t say for sure.

  106. Matt says:

    Class A that is.

  107. Matt says:

    What about the Southern Columbia and Clairton state championship game? I think that one will be a good one.

  108. Kmac says:

    @ Buddy

    Just a note on the Lansdale Catholic VS North Penn thing. That was a Thanksgiving Day game for a period back when. I saw it in 1989 when it was pushed to the following Saturday. Up to 2002 when my records break NP was 17-4 vs L C. Looks like 2000 was the last until it was picked up again.

  109. rccat88 says:

    D1 Quad A should NOT go to 8 team playoffs, just have D12 teams schedule an extra game at the end of the season to eliminate the bye, that simple (not that difficult). Those programs that want a Turkey game can go right ahead and schedule one, who cares, Easton does it. Unless they come up with a different formula to select teams in the playoffs (like NP was a 11-seed; anyone who used the eye test would have clearly seen that NP was NOT the 11-seed in D1), keep the 16 team playoff. It also allows for teams to match up against stronger opponents in the pre-conference schedule, which means we all get better football.

  110. Buddy says:

    @ Red:

    They were just hershey kisses, not bricks. They probably didn’t know you weren’t a NP fan ( unless you have “LaSalle” painted on your doors), they were probably meant for NP fans. And believe me, we didn’t mind.

    @ d6football:

    You sure about that time my friend? I know it used to be 7:30. Now that is kickoff & not pre-game festivities? Thank you for the info.

  111. D11 Fan says:

    Johnny Mo
    Your nuts. Peoples#1 averaged 18 yds per carry on ACC peoples#3 avg 9yds or so. Thats insane numbers. They are game changers. We couldn’t stop either one of those guys. They are tuff fast and strong. They don’t go down after first contact!

  112. Red says:

    I do believe that the La Salle NP contract is done…I hope they continue to play though. Also, I’d like to say congrats to the NP players. They showed a lot of class after their win. I saw a majority of them go up and hug some LA Salle players. It was nice to see that. HOwever, some of the NP fans were not so cordial. I was at this game, and some NP kids (I have to assume they were NP students because they were dressed in NP clothes and were of teenage age) were throwing hershey kisses at peoples’ cars, and mine was hit a few times. Really? Not cool.

  113. dylan says:

    @mgguy, another matchup I would like to see is wilson-easton

  114. David Mika says:

    We are going to put the team previews on the site later this afternoon. This thread still can be found in the news section.

  115. SEPAGuru says:

    @D12 Fan
    Your opinion but I think that’s highly unlikely… Wouldn’t favor a single team over AW right now, and wouldn’t have favored a single team over AW in the regular season. AW would be undefeated minus the thunder delay or the questionable FG call that it was no good.

  116. johnny mo says:

    Congrats to wood for the beat down of central. I was expecting a close game but it goes to show what a diffrence a good line makes. In all honesty i still think the people’s cousins aren’t that impressive sure they are fast but anyone can run the ball behind a giant, experinced line. You had better lay the “wood” on mcdevitt. Good luck with noah spence i hear he’s quite good..

  117. Dan says:

    @ D-12

    I spoke too soon, I assumed that you were referring to other PA teams, not teams from across the country. You are correct. There are probably quite a few that would beat them.

  118. Dog21 says:

    there is no way u have seen Wood play or would not make a stupid comment like that. This team is clearly one of the top three teams in PA this year and BY FAR the best in SEPA. It is not even close. You sound like a jealous D12 fan who lost in the playoffs. Or you simply know nothing about football. My guess it is probably a combo of both.

  119. Dan says:

    @ D-12 fan

    What is your definition of plenty? Granted, I haven’t seen every single team in PA play this year, but I have seen Wood twice and they are the real deal. And this comes from an LVC fan.

  120. Tim says:

    How can one purchase tickets for the AAAA game this Saturday – North Penn vs. Central Dauphin?

  121. d6football says:


    The AAAA final is set for 6:00pm.

  122. D-12 fan says:


    AW lost to PCC this year (who is the 3rd-5th best WPIAL AAAA team). AW might very well beat McDevitt as I’ve not seen them play live this year, but plenty of PA teams would beat the AW Vikings this year. PLENTY!

  123. Buddy says:

    @ staff:

    The 4A final this Saturday, is that a 6:00PM kickoff or a 7:30 pm kickoff? I’ve seen both times listed. Thanks in advance.

  124. mgguy says:

    @Dylan, D3 with 30 was moved to the West to balance the brackets, the West doesn’t really have enough 4A schools on their own. I remember when D3 only had 4 teams qualify for playoffs- if you weren’t 9-1 you didn’t get in. It would be awesome to see the D3 powers, Wilson, CV, CD, even Mifflin play a D1 school. I know Wilson has problems scheduling teams that want to play them- they did play Downingtown East in a series recently and it was pretty good. They just picked up Harrisburg as a non league game, would rather have seen them go to the east!

  125. Buddy says:

    @ dylan:

    True. Before LaSalle, they did play Liberty ( D11 power) for either it was a 2 year or 4 year contract. There were some good games with them. It’s always an even number so they get that home & home thing.

    Before NP hooked up with LaSalle, Beck ( NP coach), tried to get a thing with Gateway from out west. I heard that Gateway turned us down. Don’t know why, they are a powerhouse, I doubt they were scared of us.

    Cumberland Valley or Wilson would be a good fit. They always have good teams.

    I think ( not sure) their contract with LaSalle is up. Intersting to see who they get.

  126. Ben says:

    now that the east has been settled this season, which 4 teams do you guys think will win the east next season?

  127. dylan says:

    @ buddy, it was also be interesting to see north penn play cumberland valley or wilson from D3, or one of the D11 powers. I think they would be great non-league games.

  128. Kmac says:

    @ Buddy
    @ dylan

    Thanks for your thoughts and input; much appreciated.

  129. dylan says:

    @ kmac, I agree with you. D3 4A only has 30 teams, so I think them going to an 8 team playoff would be realistic. But look at D1 4A, 45 teams and they are a lot more competitive than D3. If they went down to 8 teams, you would need to go 9-1 just to make the playoffs. that’s ludicrous!!

  130. Buddy says:

    @ Joe Cool:

    Yo, you’re not being cool at all. There was absolutely no domination there. NP won by 7, and that’s all they should have won by giving LaSalle’s performance. Game could have gone either way, just like last year.

    By-the-way, does anyone know if this was the last year on the LaSalle/ North Penn contract?
    I thought I heard it was for 2 years only. I hope not, it’s a pretty good rivalry shaping up.

  131. Buddy says:


    What i was saying is if D1 goes down to an 8 team bracket, that will automatically elliminate the bye that is in the other bracket. i.e., the bye currently exists because the other half has to wait a week for D1 to catch up.

    About the current 16 team from D1: it’s too much. You’re right, if they didn’t have that this year, the best team in D1 ( NP ) would have not made the playoffs. I say too bad. They simply can’t lose those 2 games that they did.

    This is going to happen ( down to an 8 team playoff from D1), because for some reason, the PIAA wants to shorten the season by one week. Something will have to happen out west too.

    Lastly, I agree with you 100%. NP should not be playing LC. It’s a travesty. It isn’t that old of a cross-town rivalry anyway. They only picked them back up about 4 years ago when they re-aligned. They should be playing maybe a Downingtown or maybe Cardinal O’Hara or Roman. Got to be a 4A school for sure.

  132. Deo says:

    I really don’t think NP would lose 75 out of 100 I just wanted to say something ridiculous like all these anti PCL people come up with all these meaningless statements. The PCL cant win either way as if they win many people on here want to steal the boys glory by saying they cheat and if they lose they pile on and make it like they were not even in the game when really they were one play from overtime. I wonder if the actual players that play against the PCL think and feel the same? I THINK NOT…They just lace em up and go out and play to win. Its just the morons on here that don’t give credit where credits due. Congratulations Lancaster Catholic as I dint realize they beat WC for some reason I got mixed up and thought they played today. Good luck next week to all the eastern representatives.

  133. Clarkie31C says:

    Good job yesterday North Penn on beating Lasalle . Yea it was a close one and NP should of had more but a win is a win . So i think everyone who said Lasalle was going to kill them or even beat them by 17 + points should give them some credit . They are both well coached teams and have very good players on both sides . Everybody knows on here and in the Easternpafootball area that Lasalle will be back next year they will rebuild their team just as strong as well as the other teams around . So thank you North Penn and Lasalle for putting on a good game yesterday , thats what everyone showed up for. Now that being said i would like to see everyone at HERSHEY cheering on NP and for your eastern team . ‘ THANKS ‘ LETS FILL THE STANDS BOYS AND GET LOUD . LETS GO NORTH PENN KNIGHTS …………….

  134. Golden Knight says:

    Congrats NP. They beat the best teams from the Ches-Mont ( Rustin )Sub 1 ( CRSouth and others), PCL ( LaSalle ). They are certainly on a roll. Don’t be surprised if they win the next one handily.
    But…. AW could probably beat LSU this year.. yikes….not sure many teams in the country could beat them.

  135. Joe Cool says:

    North Penn should have won that game by more than 7 points. They completely dominated LaSalle and really without a few bad play call decisions it should of been way worse than it was. Better team definitely won, early season game between the two was a fluke.

    LaSalle never will win committing all those penalties. Oops, I forgot, the refs were once again bias.

  136. Biggdogg says:

    Deo stop making excuses. North Penn won they shut down LaSalle Right now LaSalle has a 75% winning percentage against NP but if they played 96 more times the percentage would be more like 50%.

  137. Buddy says:

    @ Dog 21:

    Like……… what does LS beating NP 3 of 4 games have to do with you calling a trifecta?

    @ DEO:

    So that’s how that works? If they played 100 times LS would win 75 because of past games? Interesting.

    NOTE: NP is 1 for 2 against LS on games that really count. I suppose that extrapolates to 50/50 eh?

    Listen guys, the last 2 Eastern Finals was some of the best football the East has ever seen.
    I’m willing to leave it at that….. how ’bout you?

    I’m waiting to hear from “RED”, the most bitter of all you guys. Remember: ” win like a champ, lose like a champ”. So NP will lose by 21 next week? Hey….. you might be right.

  138. Kmac says:

    (and any other opinions?)
    You helped me with some information in earlier posts about a possible shift to an 8-team D1, 4A playoff next year. I was just woofing about the byes for something to post, I really didn’t care,but that said I think that D1 needs a 16-team playoff in 4A. With 45 AAAA teams, by far the most in any district, 16 doesn’t seem extreme. Take this year for example – first round wins by seeds 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 15! None of these teams would have been there if it had only been 8 teams, including North Penn who is now representing the East in the 4A state championship. Also in that vein, NP needs to lose the Lansdale Catholic game even though it is an old neigborhood rivalry. A playoff-point win of 60 points is a disadvantage. Get a 4A opponent in there.

  139. Kmac says:


    Nice post early Dec 11 Deo. I certainly agree about Wood, that Friday night show by the Vikings was tremendous. Also agree to the closeness of the LaSalle-NP game, and the Explorers 75% domination. But carrying it out to 100 games, given both programs remaining top as they are, I do not think the percentage would hold. Obviously you are also aware that only one PCL state championship would be possible this year, not two. As to D1, they hold 18 appearances (all classes but 1A) in state title games over the 23-year history of the playoffs. D1 also has 7 class 4A championships by four different teams. It is also heavily laden in the 4A class, with little to show in the other three classes. I am glad D12 is in the PIAA now and has added a great deal of interest, and has had some early success. I wish both Wood and NP great success next Friday and Saturday.

  140. Deo says:

    Congratulations to the boys from North Penn and although I rooted for LaSalle you guys deserved to win as you were the better team on that given day and I will be rooting for you guys next week. That being said the people on here saying that NP dominated the game because if they didn’t get stopped on 4th and 1 three different times it would have been a blowout and that D1 is the cream of the east over 8 of the last 10 years. Thats like saying if LaSalle would have shanked a few punts, didn’t have all those penalties or threw it to their own guy instead of a NP player at the end then they would have won. of course that is nonsense just as the pro NP stuff is. It was a 7 point game pure and simple..NP was better by a touchdown nothing nothing less. I even said it is tough enough to beat a good program 3x in a row let alone 4x in a row and that combined with LaSalle being weaker than the last couple years NP was way overdue. Still LaSalle has a 75% winning percentage against NP. So if they play 100 times NP loses 75 out of 100. NP has won 1 (count them) 1 state championship in what 20 some years. LaSalle has won the east 2 of the last 3 years with 2 championship appearances and a State Championship in 3 years. PCL as a whole has a few more championship appearances and will likely add 2 more state championships this year. it is arguable that Wood is the best team in the East in any class and maybe the best in the state. That being said GOOD LUCK NP and GIVE THEM HELL next week.

  141. Ed says:

    First, congrats to North Penn, definitely the best team on the field today and deserving winners. La Salle put up a great fight, three 4th and short stops in the 4th quarter and had one of their best players (Coleman) playing on one leg. North Penn’s D-backs could then really limit Buckley, which they did. But let’s not pretend there is any great difference between these two teams. It was a touchdown game and that was about right

  142. George says:

    Clairton 42 southern 12

  143. Dog21 says:

    And your point is? Yes I was hoping for a Trifecta and it didn’t happen. You were hoping NP would beat Lasalle the last 3 times and that did not happen until yesterday.

  144. Kmac says:

    I’m getting dyslexic, that’s 4A and 3A of course.

  145. rccat88 says:

    CD over NA 23-20. CD has a very similar team as NP, this should be a whale of a game next week. If you look at schedules, I would say NP played a greater number of solid teams on a weekly basis, and both beat likely the 2 top rated Quad A schools in LS and NA. Over the last 15 years, it is an even match between east and west and I like NP for next week match up, the lines will have to continue their dominant trend.

  146. Kmac says:

    What has happened out west? There are 6 “eastern” teams in the eight playing for state championships next week! I know that D3 is playing for the “West” in A4 and A3, but still, 6 teams from the East! WOW!

  147. Buddy says:

    It’s Central Dauphin from the west. So………… what sayeth all you North Penn haters…….. how badly will we lose?

  148. mgguy says:

    AAAA game should be quite interesting, CD just beat North Allegheny 23-20. D3 puts 3 teams into the state finals

  149. Mike from Philly says:

    Central daulfin defeats NA 23-20 on a game winning field goal as time expires

  150. Buddy says:

    @ Tom:

    What’s Wood have to do with the NP/LaSalle game??

    @ Red:

    I’m going to assume you mis-directed your comment below. I never gave advice one way or another.

  151. Garfield says:

    Red you sound a little upset that the great PCL only won in the AAA bracket. Guess its not that great or was it just not their “day” as you like to put it.

  152. Tom says:

    @Suburban1 Its a shame that north penn still isn’t tops in the east cause Wood would still demolish them. And it took you guys long enough to beat a PCL team not named lansdale Catholic

  153. Buddy says:

    @ Dog21:

    About that trifecta…………….

  154. Garfield says:

    North penns front seven dominated that game. Np continued to put themselves in bad positions with turnovers. Defense stepped up and won that game. Maggarrity didn’t have his best game but the pass rush got there from time to time. Wade broke 2 runs and then was stuffed all game. No bog plays this time on nps D. Congrats to lasalle for a nice season and best of luck to the knights to bring back their second state title.

  155. Red says:

    And all the suburban 1…come one man…both of those two team were good teams…don’t say it was a blow out…21-14?…hardly a blow out…i wish NP good luck next week against the west…they’re going to need it………my prediction……NP loses by 21 to the West

  156. Red says:

    and Joe Cool…this week, yes, they committed the pentalties…last week, no…lost your point

  157. Red says:

    Yo Buddy,
    You preach winning like a champ, and losing like a champ…take you’re own advice dude…La Salle’s defense played a great game…their offense played a horrible game…NP won, congrats to a greats team…By no means can you downplay the La Salle defense play…NP was a 21 point team…just so happened La Salle was only a 14 point team…congrats to a good NP team…Thank you La Salle seniors for an incredible resume with 4 PCL champs, 3 Philly Champs, and 1 state title…you’ve done La Salle proud.

  158. rccat88 says:

    Suburban1 you are right on, NP pretty much handled LS all game. There were moments that LS seemed to move effectively, but never in a sustained way. The stop by NP at their own 16 early in the third period was the play of the game because they then drove down the field and took the lead for good. To me, NP won this game at both the offense and defensive line, but particularly the D-line. LS just didn’t get any running game going and never quite challenged the knights. I agree too, turnovers next week CANNOT happen if they want to stay in the game let alone have a shot at winning it.

  159. Suburban1 says:

    So I was a little off on my NorthPenn by 17 over LaSalle prediction but not by much. The final of 21-14 is not indicative of the actual game. NP was stopped 3x on 4th and short, including once on the LaSalle 2 yard line, in the 4th quarter. LaSalle battled, but if not for the 3 stops and the 2 NP fumbles in the 1st half, including one in their own end that led to a LaSalle TD right away, this game s a blowout. LaSalle played tough but just seemed a little undersized especially in the 2nd half. Have to see the stats but my guess is NP had TOP of maybe 28 minutes. Now, Ive been saying the Sub1 is the class of the east and again, it played out. 8x in the last 11 years, BUT, NP was not overly impressive and will need to play much better to win next week. Turnovers hurt them and they couldn’t finish and put this one out of reach when they had the chance.

  160. Buddy says:

    @ all you overbearing (& only the overbearing) PCL/LaSalle fans:


  161. Dan Faust says:

    Man that Nosovitch looked poor last night. His passes were not crisp and were nose diving, and he was just chucking it at one point, hoping for a receiver to run under it. Nice try, but Woodstrong wins the State.

  162. Joe Cool says:

    LaSalle, two straight weeks the refs screwed you! Maybe it’s time you look yourselves in the mirror and realize you commit more penalties than your opponents.

  163. Dan says:

    AW 35 – Bishop McDevitt 21

  164. Jay Mazz says:

    Congrats to North Penn for finally beating LaSalle. I went to the Lancaster Catholic / West Catholic game, which was also entertaining up until the very end, but I heard the fans stormed the field after the Knights took out the Explorers. Would’ve liked to have seen that. Also went to the AW/ACC game last night… Wood is scary good.

  165. Dog21 says:

    I agree Nosovitch and Guylus awesome players. ACC had their day in the sun last year. Don’t take away from these Wood high school players what they have earned with your comments. 95% of Woods roster came up thru CYO program. ALL of their lineman did. With the holes they opened up last night Mickey Mouse could have had 5 TD.
    Thanks for letting us know that Wood will have their hands full next week with McDevitt. I
    sure the coaching staff at Wood did not know that. That was a sour grapes comment coming from a guy whose team lost. Let me guess you hope MCDevitt wins?

  166. Dan says:

    To all you Wood fans out there. Nosovitch to Gulyas is still the greatest Pennsylvania high school combination of all time. And they both came up through the ranks in the little vikings program in grade school. Not like your superstars who are now in their 3rd school in four years. But to be fair they were the better team last night. No question. You’ll have your hands full with McDevitt.

  167. Dan Faust says:

    14 to 14 at the half. NP/LS

  168. Dog21 says:

    I think Wood is still scoring this morning

  169. John says:


    Grow up.

    I was at the game. I was rooting for Nazareth. They were beaten by a better team. That’s not the point here.

    The point is that people like you are childishly implying some kind of conspiracy on the part of third-party refs.
    Were there some bad calls? There are bad calls every game. They are like bad hops in baseball – they are part of the game. Good players, like the ones on LaSalle (and unlike you) do not let it distract them – they move on and take care of business.

    “Clearly there was something going on”??? You are accusing officials from a neutral district of cheating. You are obviously too obtuse and juvenile to realize how irresponsible (and silly) that is.

  170. Jiveturkey9 says:

    Well I was wrong, and when I am wrong I admit it. I said Wood was going to win by 40 and I was off by over 2 tds.

  171. Matty A. says:

    Mika – Tell Funkster I said scoreboard on Wood! LOL.

    That is the whooping stick behind the shed man.

  172. Frank says:


    Hows your team doing this December? From the tone of you comment, I think not too well. How about you look at the fact the there was 15 penalties against LaSalle and 2 against Nazareth, and clearly there was something going on. So how about you keep quite until next fall comes around and your team can try to beat LaSalle for the Eastern crown. GO Lasalle

  173. Deo says:

    The Wood vs ACC score that I saw was a misprint …right?

  174. SEPAGuru says:

    @John B
    Really? Saw this blowout coming from a mile away but I though ACC would be within 21 at half. AW is either the #1 or #2 in the state and I would have loved to see them play NA.

  175. Rick says:

    The La Salle game’s penalty difference was like 13-1 you idiot. Clearly there is something else going on with the officiating you don’t just get a disparity like that especially with a team as well coached as the explorers

  176. Joe Cool says:

    I’m not a Nazareth fan at all. I’m actually not a fan of either district either. I just watched a football game and thought LaSalle’s fans cried like little babies. The pass interference penalty was called because the ref wasn’t on the sidelines, but in the back of the endzone. When the receiver went down to catch the ball (before it arrived) the LaSalle player dove low and it appeared from the ref’s angle to clip his feet.

    Also, 4 of the holding calls occurred inside and were called on the left guard. So I don’t know what you mean outside runs on trips?

    I’ll send you a DVD copy of the game and you can watch it for yourself. It clearly hit the ground the so-called interception that was overturned.

    I had no dog in the fight, and had I been on Nazareth’s side I’d probably have thought there fans were pompous. People need to just watch the football games, cheer when their team does something good and shut up the rest of the time.

    Anyone and everyone knows they can register and take the test to become an official. Oh, because they wouldn’t pass the test nor do they know the game of football.

  177. Michael says:

    What did Wood win by?

  178. Rollie Ciffo says:

    So much for the greatest show on turf. Last year ACC was unbelievable. This year, they got as far as they did because of their bracket. I doubt whether they could beat Lampeter-Strasburg Pottsgrove.

  179. dylan says:

    where’s the acc people now?

  180. PCL Fan says:

    I don’t believe what I just saw…ACC fans can’t even go to the public vs private issue as last year they spanked a young Wood team and Wood didn’t cry and moan they just got a year older and better. If Wood does not win States this year they will never win it…

  181. SEPAGuru says:

    Well AW surely sent a message tonight…

  182. John says:

    LaSalle people are still whining about the refs?

    You won. Give it a rest. Unless, of course, you’re practicing for excuses after a loss to North Penn or North Allegheny.

    It really comes off as arrogance. You apparently don’t think Nazareth belonged on the same field with your team, and you’re miffed that they were within one TD.

    The refs were not from the Lehigh Valley. This was pointed out before. Do you really think they had an agenda? You sound childish – grow up.

  183. John B says:

    What happened to ACC I expected an extremely close game with two good teams

  184. pclfan says:

    Joe Cool

    You are the only one that saw a PI on that play. catchable or not it was not PI.

    The holding calls were more from the trips formation on the outside. They only ran one type of play up the middle. I think a lot of football reporters who know the game saw the bad calls for what they were. No need to worry now.

    ACC is getting schooled by the PCL.

  185. Football fan says:

    @joe cool
    You my friend are the casual fan. I am heavily involved in football. The point I was making is the PI happened right in front of me & the ball already hit the ground when the corner & receiver were trying to stop & bumped. I was in the corner of the end zone when it happened. I was also talking to someone that is an official & he also said it was in no way interference. The difference between you & me are that I am a fan of the game & you are obviously a hater of LaSalle. As far as the interception I talked to someone who watched it on t.v. & they did not say what you said. It’s no big deal to me as I enjoyed the game but u obviously didn’t like the outcome.

  186. Jake says:

    @Joe Cool: LS is one of the most disciplined team’s around. I assume you are either: A. a ref or B. a Nazareth fan who now finds himself with way too much time on his hands. 15-2 on penalties?? One of the penalties was a sideline penalty. ONE PENALTY called against a team for a whole game?? Sorry your friendly upstate refs could not propel your severely overmatched team forward into the playoffs. LS marches on once more!!

  187. Joe Cool says:

    @football fan,

    In the Nazareth-LaSalle game you made a reference about the PI call. Did you know in HS football there is no “uncatchable ball” rule? If you interfere with a pass going to an intended receiver then it’s pass interference. Also, before people spout off, the diving interception was correctly called as TV replays showed the ball indeed hit the ground and was a trap.

    Holding calls are always hit or miss when they are called. I’ll say this, Nazareth’s defensive front is smaller and quicker off the ball they move toward the ball carrier and try and make stops in the backfield. The reason Nazareth wasn’t called for holding (most LaSalle holds were on run plays) was because LaSalle’s big DT’s just clog the holes and don’t really try and get off blocks. So you didn’t really have to hold them. It’s pretty obvious when attending football games who’s a real football fan and a casual fan. Which in my opinion is fine, the more the merrier but you don’t fully understand the game.

  188. Paulson says:


    The reason the PCL wins is because of coaching? Now I’ve heard everything. Kinda like Bill Bellichek was a fantastic coach when in Cleveland. Coaches can make a difference but it’s more about what you have talent wise. It’s a little ridiculous to make such an assumption when the fact is you’ve never ventured outside of the PCL.

  189. Deo says:

    Archbishop Wood game televised on the Comcast Network (CN8) where I am at.

  190. district6fb says:

    Does anyone know if their will be a internet stream of the ACC vs Wood game tonight? The page on this site is not updated.

  191. Deo says:

    As far as I know there is the LaSalle/North Penn game will not be televised in Philly but audio of the game will be carried live on 1440AM and http://www.wnpv1440.com —As much as I want LaSalle to win I think the law of averages say it is hard enough to beat a top notch program 3 times in a row let alone 4 times in a row…North Penn is so overdue…I hope that feeling I have is wrong though.

  192. Red says:

    I’m pretty sure that the La Salle NP game is not on television. Last I heard was the game would be on the radio and cal be followed at http://www.wnpv1440.com.

  193. Buddy says:

    Is the NP/LaSalle game televised live anywhere? Like maybe Comcast Network? Since there is a philly team involved, thought maybe Comcast would step up. Would shock me though.

  194. Jay Mazz says:

    Very pumped that this weekend is finally here.

    LaSalle 34, N.Penn 28
    NA 21, CD 13
    Wood 48, ACC 42
    McD 28, Montour 20
    WC 38, LC 35
    Aliquippa 20, Tyrone 17
    SoCo 30, PM 28
    Clairton 44, Sharpsville 7

  195. David says:

    Okay….It’s game day. Who wins and why this week? Good luck to all the teams!

  196. hentz says:


    You’re right. NP weakness is their secondary.If they can’t get to McGarity, game over. But if they can, different story. They ( NP) are tough to run on, actually, damn near impossible. So Wade should have a real hard time.But if the passing game works, that will open the running somewhat, NP would be in trouble. LS won’t stop NP from scoring, for NP to win, it’s all on their defense. Sounds familiar don’t it? Defense wins championships.

  197. Deo says:

    Ryan…You were joking when you said that the area around Northeast High school looked unfriendly from satellite images? What??? Now I have heard everything. Did the image show some one suspicious lurking or hiding in or on the “grassy knowl”? Your nuts you know that…Maybe you can bring your mommy with you.

  198. Dan says:

    For those of you in the viewing area, Service Electric Channel 2 will carry ACC-Wood on Friday at 7 PM and again at 10PM.

  199. ryan says:

    @jb thanks guy. Maybe I will reconsider an go. What a season to get into high school ball.

  200. JB says:

    @guest, no online video stream; havenfootball.net will be streaming audio of the AW / ACC game starting at 6:45.

  201. JB says:

    @ryan, NEHS is in a fine area; and the parking is always adequate. It’s really just a straight shot down 309 for LV folks; not a bad drive at all.

    Tell your pocono friends that BRidge cable, channel 69, channel 16; none of them are carrying any more playoff games!

  202. guest says:

    Will their be a video stream of ACC/Wood online?

  203. ryan says:

    Thanks guys. From the lehigh valley. But some of the poconos guys been asking me to find out for them. So rcn / service electric. And Comcast. Would go but from the satellite images doesnt look like a friendly area and parking looks imposable.

  204. snapple says:

    North Penn has no secondary. As long as their is not a dramatic wind. La Salle wins. Another thing, the factor that separates the PCL from the public leagues is coaching, the PCL coaching is better

  205. JB says:

    @James, we “arrogant” PCL folks would appreciate you sitting on the NP side this week! Thanks!

  206. JB says:

    AW – ACC is on Comcast Network; not Comcast Sportsnet in the Philly area.

    Of course, it’s on every channel in the Lehigh Valley!

  207. Buddy says:

    It should be televised in the lehigh Valley ( RCN or service electric or both). Of course, you probably live in the Delaware Valley.

  208. John B says:

    does anybody know if they’ll have the wood vs acc game on tv at all?

  209. ryan says:

    Who is broadcasting the acc vs. Archbishop wood game?

  210. Red says:

    Sorry everyone, I meant to say that John Shaw would have ran all over the state had he not have gotten hurt.

  211. Red says:

    In my opinion, 2005 Prep team was scary good. John Shaw would have ran all over any team in the state.

  212. Buddy says:

    @ Red:

    C’mon Red, you’re a little out of control here. I know you don’t actually think, or I hope not, the PIAA told the refs to even the game with Nazareth!! Please! They ( the refs) had one helluva bad game, that’s it! The PCL is PART of the PIAA. The war is between the PCL & District 1 ( to a lesser degree, D11 also). And frankly, it’s alot of fun I think. The balance of power will constantly be shifting. PCL is on top right now, in a couple of years, D1 will be on top for awhile, and on it goes. Leave all this talk of recruiting out of it (wheather it’s true or not, I personnaly don’t know & don’t really care). I , as a D1 fan, welcome the competition. LaSalle is as good mainly due to their coach. He’s apparently that good. And so is Beck of NP. That’s the main reason these teams are good. I’m hoping for one helluva a game Sat., and of courese I’m also hoping for a NP win. I just hope we don’t freeze our a**es off to much!!!!

  213. paul from philly says:

    The PIAA invited us to the party, not the other way around. Because they wanted the money. Nothing wrong with that. But don’t start crying that the PCL cheats. If we cheat, show us the infraction that will get us kicked out. Until then, take your gripes to the PIAA. Say it again to “…got shutout in the Final.” How about NP didn’t make the finals.

  214. phillyboy says:

    @pdaul from philly: Are you kidding me? It’s not the PIAA’s fault that the PCL chose to isolate themselves in their own league. The PCL has won 1 AAAA title. Bravo! In its first year they lost to Public League juggernaut George Washington and last year they got shut out in the final. That ’03 team (think that is what you meant) was very good but they may not have been as good as N Penn who were state champs that year. That was N Penn’s best team ever.

  215. Red says:

    I agree with Paul, except one thing. 2006 Prep lost the PCL to La Salle, in an epic game for the ages, 14-7. And James, yes it is a battle. All you public school people whine and complain and cry like babies…wah wah the PCL schools recruit blah blah blah. You call us arrogant? You sound like a like a whiny little girl. Any why, may I ask, are we arrogant? Do you really think we are all rich kids who drive daddy’s BMW to our private schools? NO. All those kids out there are the same as the public school kids. Both teams have to go out there and practice every single day, from August to whenever their season is over. Stop with the recruiting nonsense, you’ve beaten this argument to death.

    Also, someone please tell me that the PIAA didn’t tell those referees last week at the La Salle vs. Nazareth game to keep Nazareth in the game, or that they didn’t want a blow-out. Come on, even if La Salle did commit 15 penalties, Nazareth did not only commit 2 (I don’t count sideline infraction warning as a penalty). Please disagree with me James.

  216. paul from philly says:


    No it’s not the PCL against the PIAA!! Hell, read your post. That is exactly what it is. You hate the PCL, as a stand alone division or district. It will all be OK when in a few years after a number of Championships, the PIAA kicks the PCL out and we take our ball and go home. I got news for you. That 2006 St. Joe team coulda been the best of all time but you’ll never know because the PIAA didn’t have to play them to find out.

  217. Matty A. says:


    Can’t see that happening.

    I do think West Catholic will get beaten by Lancaster Catholic, but Wood should steamroll through the playoffs. ACC lost way too much up front to stay with them this week. I think Nazareth was a much better team than North Penn.

    Think we’ll see LaSalle and Wood move on.

    I mean, ACC winning would be a shock and I’m a huge fan of Gulyas.

  218. Matty A. says:


    I’m not a “PCL” person, but I know the league pretty well. This constant conversation about the entire league “recruiting” is so old and tired it’s like the national media still making fun of the Eagles for being the “Dream Team”.

    Wood recruits? Really? I know Nate Smith. He chose Wood because his father worked near there. Steve Devlin didn’t go pry him from GW. Desmon Peoples transferred there because Gil left.

    Does O’Hara recruit? If they do let me know; Coach Algeo would love to hear it.

    Roman? They’ve got FBS kids paying to go to school there.

    LaSalle recruits? Really? Know the staff pretty well. Never heard of them recruiting. In fact, they frown on it.

    There is one school in the city that “recruits”. Pull your head out of your butt and stop generalizing.

    I can just as easily sit here and nail public league schools where I’m from in the Montgomery and Bucks County Areas that recruit, fill out phony addresses and cheat like crazy. Give it a rest.

    And for the record, none of my teams even got close to the playoffs. I have no horse in the race.

  219. Philly.. says:

    Its quite simple, people hate us (La Salle) cause we are just so much better then everyone else…pure bitterness

  220. Clarkie31C says:

    North Penn 42 LaSalle 34 – Allentown Central Catholic 48 Wood 42 – Lancaster Catholic 38 West Catholic 21 .. And for the single A i dont know them .. Good luck to everyone and play hard …

  221. phillyboy says:

    @ James: Well said, man. Would love to see NP take out LaSalle but if it doesn’t happen will be rooting for western team. Probably be defending state champ N Allegheny. They’re for real. Might even be better than last year. Didn’t realize until recently that they got a key transfer at qb from a a very strong program down in Oklahoma. Usually root for the public teams. One notable exception this year was when Don Bosco played Manatee of FL. Had to go with the NE on that one.

  222. hentz says:

    @ DEO:

    I’m tearing up.

  223. Deo says:

    James…My son played for “The Prep” 02-06 and we played Neshaminy at “Heartbreak Ridge” or whatever they call their field and I had to sit on the home side as the Prep side was packed and the Neshaminy fans could not get(admirably so)over the Prep fans numbers and spirited vocal support they gave their team. I think the LaSalle faithful is pretty similar to Prep. Its like you hate a player on an opposing team but if they were on your team you would love them. I can’t speak for the rest of the PCL but I bet they all support their schools wholeheartedly. God Bless LaSalle, Wood & West Catholic this weekend…

  224. andanotherthing says:

    Hey James, who’s “we”

  225. Garfield says:

    @james. That’s dead on.

  226. Buddy says:

    You guys don’t mind if I reserve all my smack-talk for after the game. You may not hear from me at all, OR, you’ll hear way too much of me. I’m hoping for the latter. πŸ™‚

  227. James says:

    The PCL people will never change. They are some of the most arrogant people out there. I am from Bucks County. Despite the arrogance of PCL people we wanted Lasalle to win last week. After sitting on that side for the first half and listening to those fans it was unbearable. The thing PCL people don’t understand is that it is not all about them. They are some of the most unknowledgeable people when it comes to football. PCL vs PIAA? that is just how dumb you are. The PIAA is allowing you to get away with all the BS recruiting that goes on in the PCL. Lasalle and Wood will definetly be in hershey possibly West Catholic Hopefully the WPIAL smacks them around.

  228. Red says:

    Certainly seems like it is Buddy.

  229. Buddy says:

    NP may not have Mayfield. He gained 220 yards in the first game ( albeit a losing effort). He has the same size heart as Coleman though, so he probably will try to play. By-the-way, PCL is part of the PIAA now, so that’s not the war.

  230. paul from philly says:

    In regards to what Red said, Coleman will play on Saturday. Heard it from the horses mouth. I’m not saying who the horse was, but he is in the know. And again to what Red said, Little Jimmy Herron will do just fine along with Buck.

  231. Red says:

    @Dog21 and Jake:

    Couldn’t agree more. Stop this Wood vs. La Salle hostility. We are fighting in the same war : the PIAA vs. the PCL. Pull for each other, I know I’m rooting for the wood, LaSalle, and West. And as for this Colemann being injured talk. Let me clarify, yes Colemann hurt his foot against Nazareth. This kid has a huge heart, and he will do everything in his power to play on Saturday. North Penn better pray that Sean “The Cut-King” Colemann doesn’t play. But if I were a betting man, I’d say he will. If not, Jimmy “I’m only a freshman” Herron will fill in at safety, and Colin “Rex-Specs” Buckley will step up and tear the NP secondary a new one…again. La Salle by 10. Let’s go La Salle!!

  232. Huck says:

    Comparing scores is not the best indicator. Though, it can be used for a rough estimate. AW mercy ruling both LS and NP would be unlikely, but I agree they are the most impressive of the three teams. Clearly! Also, your team doesn’t have to mercy rule every team in the state to be considered great. The facts are that it is rare that any team in a given year would mercy rule everyone. LS and NP are two of four 4A teams still playing. They have earned some respect.

  233. paul from philly says:

    Jake, great call!!!

  234. Redwolf says:

    @SEPAGuru – what about calpreps.com? This predicts that either LaSalle or Wood would defeat North Penn 28-21. Calpreps.com may not be perfect, but it is another tool. Ironically, while the head-to-head projections predict that Wood would beat both North Penn and LaSalle, the ranking show LaSalle 2nd, North Penn 4th and Wood 8th.

  235. SEPAGuru says:


    …AW already mercy-ruled prep, they were up 42-0 in the 3rd quarter. While it isn’t accurate, scores vs similar opponents is really the only significant judge without having the teams. I have however seen all three teams play and will see all three again this Friday and Saturday. AW is easily the most impressive of the trio.

    Coleman is out for sure. Huge blow.

  236. Dog21 says:

    Couldnt agree more. We get enough bitching and crying from the Pubs about Open Enrollment, let’s not bitch at each other anymore!
    Let’s pull the PCL trifecta this Friday and Saturday!! Wood, LaSalle, WC!!

    If that happens, can you imagine the crying that will begin on Sunday….look out!

  237. gasdoc says:

    @ John….LS line…Wasylenko 6’2 230, Hoffman 6’4 265, Kerrigan 6’2″ 250 Spiteri 6’2 255 (out with injury, Persichetti 6′ 220) Maginnis 6’3 215.

    Coleman and Spiteri out…like having 4 out as both are 2 way starters…Will be tough game…could go either way…NP overdue but LS seems to get it done one way or another.

  238. Jake says:

    All this LS/Wood talk is nonsense. Good luck to both as well as WC. You guys are all shooting arrows at one another while the PIAA is sitting back figuring out ways to stick it to the PCL in the coming years!! Stay united pull for one another and let’s hope for the best. Our Lady of Victory….Pray for US!!

  239. Deo says:

    Philly has plenty of stadiums college & Pro but D12 gets to host this year and they are using Northeast High which I don’t know the exact capacity the home side stands are over 100 yards long (at least goal line to goal line maybe even back of the endzone (120 yds) and the visiting stands go from about the 10 to the 10 and i remember seeing a boxscore in the paper one time saying 10,000 people attended. Newer turf field and never had a problem parking.

  240. Buddy says:

    @ SEPA:

    What prep did to NP, then what AW did to prep, etc. etc, means nothing when it comes to figuring out what AW would do to NP. And you of all people should know that. Having said that, I believe AW would beat all those teams ( NP, LS, & prep), but I don’t think they would be close to mercy rule on any.

    Did you say the LS receiver, Coleman, is not playing Sat. due to injury? Or is that a Gordon ploy?

  241. Redwolf says:

    @markd: Why the surprise? Temple University couldn’t come up with a football field to remain in the Big East. What chance do high schools have?

  242. Garfield says:

    If Coleman cant go for Lasalle that would be a huge loss considering Np doubled him the entire first game of the season. Np’s Mayfield is still up in the air after suffering a shoulder injury last game.

  243. markd says:

    wow i cant believe that a big area like philly cant come up with fields for a playoff from what i am reading.Come on up the turnpike we have a field in Scranton sits 12000 plenty of parking and turf field wilkes sits about 10000 and even Valley View sit 7000 and plenty of parking

  244. Redwolf says:

    The loss to Wood was the last time before LaSalle that North Penn lost at Crawford stadium. They played 12 more games in 2006, 11 games in 2007, 15 games in 2008, 14 games in 2009 and 15 games in 2010. This means that there were 67 games between the loss to Wood and the loss to LaSalle.

    How many games were played at Crawford in that span? Harder to figure out, because North Penn played a number of home games at War Memorial, Souderton and Wissahickon during that span. My estimate is 23 games played at Crawford during that span.

    Anyone know when the last time North Penn lost at War Memorial? Was it “the Game?”

  245. JP says:

    Dog21 is absolutely right. Opening game of the ’06 season. Wood won @ Crawford 25-18

  246. phillyboy says:

    What time is it? ………It’s Knight time, baby. The Splorers will be like the Phillies; take a step back each year.

  247. paul from philly says:

    And I do agree with you. Wood/La Salle would be a hellavu game!!!

  248. paul from philly says:

    And Dog 21 I don’t think it’s pompous or arrogant to stand behind your team. To be the best, ya gotta beat the best. Is that pompous? Is that arrogant? Go talk to Rick Flair or Chollie Manuel.

  249. Deo says:

    Wood beat NP 25-18 in first game of 2006 season, then the following week NP lost to Ohara and finally losing to Ridley in the 2nd round ending up 10-3. Wood ended up 9-3 losing to Ryan and West Catholic once in the regular season and once in the playoffs.

  250. paul from philly says:

    Dog21 Your statement about La Salle having kids from all over EasternPa is a little over the top don’t you think? Doylestown may be the extreme. Granted it is in eastern Pa. but you make it sound as though they’re coming from Scranton or Wilkes-Barre or Berwick!! It’s called open enrollment, not recruiting, and if you have a problem with that then take it up with the PIAA!

  251. John says:

    Anybody know – how big is LaSalles O-line?

  252. SEPAGuru says:


    25-18 AW Win.

    I still think AW would dominate LS or NP. Simple argument for beating NP. They beat SJP 42-7, and that lone TD came against AW’s second team. SJP beat NP 51-33. AW would mercy rule NP.

    AW beat WC 28-0 without one of their best players, Desmon Peoples (one of the aforementioned mercenaries), while LS managed a 24-0 win as well. AW beat MB twice in mercy rule contests while LS had to battle past them 41-22. Additionally, LS has had problems with teams that have a lot of speed and AW is a hell of a lot faster then LS. No one on LS could cover Nate Smith. Not a fabulous argument but it is what it is. Not everyone will agree with me but I do believe AW would beat LS convincingly. Say a 42-14 game.

    Huge blow to La Salle, losing stud Sean Coleman to injury. Hard to tell who’s the favorite now because of that.

  253. Dog21 says:

    They beat NP at in 06. I was there.

  254. phillyboy says:

    Can’t wait for this Wood/ACC game this Friday night at Northeast H.S. I’m so there. Then be back the next day for North Penn/LaSalle. Are you kiddin’ me?! Take this any day over the Eagles.

  255. Huck says:

    No! They couldn’t have switched the NG/CE games. For one, CE/NG were already playing each other. Secondly, league officials wouldn’t let them. Thirdly, if you start changing games for one or two teams, then you have to do it for everyone. Fourth, the PCL had predetermined crossover games based on enrollment in each league to fill in dates in the schedule. Fifth, just because two teams are highly touted, and everyone would want to see them play, doesn’t mean you start altering schedules on the fly in the middle of the season.

  256. Huck says:

    Fellas, let’s keep it real and not lose site that AW is a very good football team and would be at any class. No need to throw the 4A/big boy/JV crap out there when referring to them. Year after year, the top teams from smaller classes have shown that they can play with the better 4A teams in a given year. AW in 2011 more than demonstrates this. On the other hand, I’m not so sure AW would destroy either NP or LS, but in my opinion they would be favorite by a solid 7-10 points over each of them.

  257. gasdoc says:

    @Dog 21…when did Wood beat NP at Crawford? When LaSalle beat them there last year it was their first loss there in 50 someodd games. How can anyone complain about recruiting and use Wood as an example? Wait til next year when their D1 all star team graduates…

  258. Dog21 says:

    Butch and PCL
    It is quite possible that after this year LaSalle and Wood will have the same # of State Championships. I will check back in 3 weeks.

    That is total BS that Wood did not want to sign up for a 2 year commitment. That’s a flat out lie. Because AAA only has 4 teams in their league, they were scrambling to get additional games.

    Regardless of our differing opinions, i will be pulling for all PCL teams this weekend. Go PCL!

  259. pclfan says:


    The NG game was a league game. LaSalle has three open date and they were filled this year. The real question to ask is why after the 2009 season Wood did not not want to sign up for a two year commitment.


    No one expected Lasalle to be good last year or this year given what they lost but they are back again and without any transfers. Come back on here in three weeks after you in the championship and tells us all about it. Until then keep your boys focused and win the games you are suppose to win. If Lasalle draws kids from all over EasternPa you have to admit they do a bad job. No D1 players who are undersized. After 3 straight years of top teams don’t you think they would have more coming in?

  260. SEPAGuru says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Dog21.

    While this AW hasn’t won a state title yet, or accomplished anything really significant (let’s be honest, the district title doesn’t mean squat), I believe this it the year they do it. If not this year, then it will be a long time before they do, because all the pieces are there. I think the team knows the same thing and will be out to prove it. Two phenomenal games on tap at Northeast this Friday and Saturday, and I’m excited to be able to watch both.

  261. Rich says:

    For the record, West Catholic is far from subpar!

  262. Butch says:

    @ Dog 21: All you have is what was the Prep/LS score compared to Wood?? Really?? Prep/LS is a rivalry game that goes back generations, the intensity level no matter what the records is off the charts. Wood lost to a PCC team that is not a top 8 AAAA team having lost early in the AAAA playoffs. Gordon and Devlin are close friends?? Is Devlin coach Gordon’s mailman??

  263. Dog21 says:

    Yes Wood has 3 players outside of the old boundaries. How many does LaSalle have? Oh wait Lasalle has kids from all over Easternpa and always has.
    I normally would root for LaSalle but you and your arrogant friends about the Almighty Lasalle make it quite difficult. It is your pompous remarks that make others inside and outside of the PCL dislike you.
    By the way Wood is going nowhere. They will be there in 5 yrs for sure. They are building a multi sportsplex on campus and stadium. They will be playing LaSalle in years to
    come. They will be attracti g the best athletes in the area. So we might see Wood vs La salle down the road.

  264. Chucky says:

    PCL FAN, I heard the same thing that Lumpkin wrote. They could have switch that NG, Egan games. Its all water under the bridge now, I sure hope they both win states.

  265. Dog21 says:

    PCL Fan and hsfootballfreak
    It is that arrogance that makes others, especially in the PUB, despise LaSalle. AAA is the minor leagues? Stop. Last year’s ACC team would have blown the doors off LaSalle, and most other teams in A AA AAA or AAA. Just because you have an extra A on the end of your classification doesn’t make you the King. This year PCC would have handled LaSalle as well. This LaSalle team is not nearly as good as in previous years. In most years, i would agree that LaSalle would beat Wood. But if you have seen LaSalle and Wood both play this year, and you know anything about football, you would know that it would be a heck of a football game. I do think this year Wood would beat them because they have too much size and speed for LaSalle. Athletically at skill positions, LaSalle would not be able to keep up with the skill kids that Wood has. But we will never know because they will not play. So the only thing we could do is look at “like opponents”. Wood destroyed the PREP, probably could have scored 85 points if the Mercy rule was not put into effect. What was the LaSalle/Prep score? Look, Gordon is a great coach, and because of that you can never count LaSalle out. He is probably the best game day coach in the area. But no need on your part to downplay the job that Devlin has done at Wood since he arrived, or criticize who he has played. Devlin is one of the best coaches in the area as well. He did not have 6 D1 kids in 08 and 09 and they made a run. Especially the 09 team was not expected to do anything and made it to the semi finals.

    Wood has played AAAA teams before, like NP, a few years ago and beat them at Crawford. The problem Wood has is that it is hard for them to get AAAA teams who want to play them. Nothing positive can come out of it for a good AAAA team to get spanked by a AAA team.

    Lumpkin-That’s crazy talk and you are wrong. Gordon would have played Wood if it was feasible. Gordon and Devlin are good friends and would have loved to play each other. Gordon would not back down to playing anyone, and neither would Devlin.

  266. Butch says:

    @ T. Lumpkin: My friend you Wood people have such LS envy. They have already won a Big Boy (AAAA) Championship without plucking kids from other high schools. D. Peoples 3 schools in 4 years, didnt’t do too well against LS while @ Prep, escapes to JV/AAA ball. B. Peoples N. Smith need we say more. Little Stevie wants to win at all costs and that’s fine…he’s made his bed. When Wood is a memory in 5 years I hope you guys can look back on a JV Chamionship this year. Good Luck!!

  267. PCL Fan says:

    Dog Coleman came to lasalle to play lacrosse and the lacrosse coach didn’t know he existed. When he was in 8th grade he was 5’5″ 125lb and has a May birthday which made him a very young 14 year old as a freshman. Come on, ya everyone wanted him.

  268. PCL Fan says:

    Lumpkin get a clue. LaSalle was on the second half of Home/Home games with NP, Bergen and WC they had no open dates. Think what you want about Gordon but Wood still needs to get it done on the field. They have been this far before lets see if they can win the big one for once.

  269. T.Lumpkin says:

    How about you ask Gordon why he didn’t take the game against Wood this year. Devline wanted that game but Gordon declined. they could have played. when this Wood team leaves I bet Gordon will want to play then.

  270. hsfootballfreak says:

    @SEPAGURU, I hate to break this to you but AAA is the minor leagues nobody takes AAA serious the big boys play AAAA .
    Lasalle isn’t Bonner,Egan,Carroll,West Catholic or any other sub par team Wood had on their schedule . Devlin would actually have to coach against Lasalle and I put my money on Gordon . Maybe you can talk to Devlin about stepping up next year and play Lasalle , Roman ,Judge, North Penn and we’ll see how that steamrolling thing works out ?

  271. PCL Fan says:

    As far as Wood destroying LaSalle and/or North Penn maybe so maybe not. That would be like a good JV team(AAA) beating a below average varsity team(AAAA).We will never know but the heavyweight champ is always considered the baddest man on the planet. I have seen the crowd at Northeast High (Charlie Martin Memorial Stadium)listed in the paper and/or boxscore as high as 10,000 in the past but that would have to include standing room. The home stands are like at least 100 yards long or more and the visiting stands go from about the 10 or 20 yard line to the other 10 or 20 yard line. It is a good place to see a game but the last time I used the restroom (not pleasant) was before they put the few million into it to make it a D12 supersite. I guess anywhere that has 10,000 people the bathrooms are not pleasant.

  272. SEPAGuru says:

    Archbishop Wood would absolutely steamroll Lasalle or North Penn this year. No offense to either program, but that’s just the truth.

  273. Dog21 says:

    PCL Fan
    STOP. I am a PCL fan and Wood follower and I will be rooting LaSalle on like I do every year. But please, to say LaSalle does not recruit 8th graders is comical. And to say nobody wanted the kids on the current team is even funnier. Coleman set the CYO record for TD’s as an 8th grader and was undeniably unstoppable. You have a very good lineman there as well that played with Coleman that was a stud as an 8th grader and was highly touted.

    I agree with you on the coaching. There might not be a better coach in the business today like Gordon and crew. The gameday adjustments are remarkable. Great coaches and staff.

  274. newman107 says:

    Sorry, the 4,000 seat capacity I stated in an earlier post is for the Germantown site. I can not find an official number for the Northeast site. My apologies.

  275. PCLFan says:

    LaSalle has 4 kids playing D1-AA ball from 2009 season at William and Mary, Delaware, Penn and Lafayette. 2010 has two, Villanova and Penn. Only 2 from both 2009 and 2010 are playing D3. That’s it. LaSalle is all about coaching. What their staff does with the kids who come through the door is something. And let me tell you no one is recruiting those kids in 8th grade because no one wants them.

  276. Dog21 says:

    Johnny Mo
    I agree the over under will probably be somewhere around 100. Wood 99-1:) LOL. kidding

  277. Dog21 says:

    Wood demolished ST Joe Prep , who in turn torched NP. In terms of the Western teams, Wood vs PCC was a sclose as it gets. They play 10X, they split 5-5. I would think the same with the other teams out there.

  278. Bruce says:

    @ Garfield

    I’m sure there has to have been at the least been a dozen or so that played D1 ball, maybe we can’t remember. Ryan Geiger who graduated last year I know plays football for Bloomsburg right now, I’m unsure if he gets playing time or not though

  279. T.Lumpkin says:

    Wood would destroy Lasalle and NP this year. This a very special wood team that has been assembled. Lasalle and NP are great programs but they wouldn’t be able to deal with Wood this year. Wood is explosive, powerful and play light out defense! To much for either team to handle.

  280. Deo says:

    The only thing that North Penn has going for it is the “law of averages” as it is tough enough to beat a program as good as North Penn twice in a row let alone three times in a row trying for four. I went to LaSalle but this is going to be a really tough game for us as North Penn has a lot of motivation to beat us and I only hope we don’t take them too lightly because as I said…North Penn is more than due to win…they are way over due.

  281. rccat88 says:

    I think folks like scout and rivals do a good job providing information on D-1 talent across the country and these HS around here provide a very exciting brand of football. It just goes to show though that if you can establish good teaching programs at a junior high level and carry it to a solid coaching staff in HS for instance, you can produce solid teams year in and year out. And both of these programs have provided good talent recently, LaSalle has many players at D-1 and D-2 level and so has NP- Akins, McManus and Bucknels Smith (who by the way, had a solid year this year) to name a few.

  282. Butch says:

    @ Garfield: Wood v NP and/or LS would be a great game.PCC obviously was the all-hype team as winessed by their early exit in the 4A playoffs.Wood has some big boys that were home grown. AW’s other D-1 prospects are basically mercenaries for lack of a better term who are on their 2nd and 3rd schools in 4 years.

  283. Garfield says:

    It is amazing how Lasalle and North Penn never produce any D1 players yet wood this year is filled with D1 players. I know Wood is a great team but they would not steam roll either Lasalle or North Penn. Theres also probably a handful teams out west that could take down Wood (PCC, USC, Na).

  284. hentz says:

    @ jake:

    I don’t think one has to wear a “jock” to determine talent. However, you have to see the players play, gather their stats, and note the competition they play against to make a judgement. I know that NP ( not sure ’bout LS), almost never sends anyone to the Big 33. Once again………. who cares!?!

  285. Jake says:

    @ rccat88: Great post. Another reason besides the great coaching is those websites are meaningless. First off, most of the people who write for those websites have never wore a jock in their life. Second, they have never seen any of the players they are commenting on actually play. They look at ht, wt, 40 speed press clipping’s from their local papers and make a determination from there. Total “herd” mentality. When was the last time LS or NP sent a player to D-1?? Who cares??

  286. rccat88 says:

    LaSalle and North Penn will be an interesting game, I’m kind of amazed that Reeves is the only player on Scout.com from either team (help me out if I’m wrong), and he isn’t even rated (#13 MLB in PA). How do you have two teams of Quad A in semi-states without multiple players in the college scouting database? Good coaching, that’s how. LaSalle may be 3-0 against NP, but I’m sure the coaches at NP are looking at it as 0-1, if we learned anything this year, regular season games are meaningless (other than to get into the playoffs).

  287. johnny mo says:

    Predictions for acc-wood game? Its too close for me to call i say the over/under is gonna be 100

  288. Jake says:

    NP/LaSalle should be another classic. Gotta hand it to NP coming back like they did, especially after their coach through them under the bus after the season opening loss to LS.

  289. Andy says:

    Northeast HS, About 10,000 at most, seat stadium. Parking is not good. Too bad that Villnova U., was asking too much.. That would have been a great atmosphere. Good Luck to all teams. AW 37-27.

  290. PCLFan says:

    newman107 where did you get that number for capacity? Ther Germantown supersite holds 4,000 and NE is much bigger but I can not find an official number. I would think 8,000 is capacity based on past press reports. There will be plenty of seats for the Wood game. The 4A final will be a sell out.

  291. Redwolf says:

    If you want to complain about proximity, both Hatboro-Horsham HS, CB West and CB South are all closer to parts of the North Penn school district than North Penn High School. Should Dan Gevirtz be going to CB South because it is closer than North Penn?

    District 12 was incorporated into the PIAA with full knowledge that the high schools in the District have open enrollment. It’s too soon to expect that to change.

  292. newman107 says:

    The stadium seats 4,000.

  293. CLARK RACING 31C says:


  294. Colin says:


    Not great at this but i think you can compare the seating at NE to Naz. Might be a little more at NE. Dont hold me to it tho. I was at the Lasalle/Ridley game there 2 years ago and there didnt seem to be too many empty seats. For this game i will expect SRO. Just my opinion

  295. Dan says:

    ACC vs Wood at Northeast on friday night at 7. Does anyone know how much this stadium holds? We’re coming down from Allentown.

  296. Red says:

    @ GoldenKnight:

    You are obviously making things up. Yes, Private schools don’t have official “boundaries.” But you’d be surprised to know that just about every single player on that team’s roster lives within a 10 mile radius of the school.

    @ everybody else:

    Everyone whining about how private schools recruit and whatnot, stop. Please. This argument is getting old. If the public schools were winning and beating the private schools (not just football, but in all sports) do you think there would be any whining? No.

    Predictions for next week:

    West wins by 17.
    Wood wins by blowout.
    La Salle wins by 20.

    Put it on the board! Let’s go boys, we’re going for the trifecta this year.

  297. Colin says:

    Why isnt anyone complaining about the PPL? There is just as much “recruiting” there as there is in the PCL. Players roll into George Washington and Frankford from all over the place. The same open enrollment policy is in effect for both PPL and PCL schools. But nobody complains. I think i know why. Because everyone beats the crap out of the pub schools!! If Frankford or GW made deep runs into the state tournament every year would everyone cry like this? Remember, this is what the PIAA wanted! The PCL schools didnt care about state titles until they were pushed into it by the diocese. They where perfectly happy winning the catholic league and calling it a season.

  298. PCLFan says:

    Goldennight you really do not know what you are talking about in terms of where the LaSalle players are from. Most of them live closer to school than many of the students who live in the eastern part of the North Penn school district. If you use your 4 parish example you would find only 2 of the starters live outside. Tim Wade and Sean Coleman live in CB East school district. Wade’s uncle is the offensive coordinator and has been a coach for some time, I am sure he was highly recruited, all 5’7″ of him. I don’t know if Coleman instead went to Wood you would be any happier. By the way both of them Played CYO football and Coleman was never in the public school system.

    Get o

  299. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Wood vs ACC is at Northeast HS Friday night 12/9.

  300. Kmac says:

    I present these number to make of what you may. There have been 184 teams playing four championships a year for 23 years. Just scanning the school names it appears that 28 of the 184 were private (or Catholic) shcools for 15% of the total. The 28 entries were by 16 different schools. Prior to 2009 the most Catholic schools in one championship year was 3 in 1990. The 4 for 2009 and 2010 are the most ever so far. There were no private schools in eight different years, 1 in seven other years. Eight of the 16 schools have only appeared once. I see 15 wins in the 28 entries. There are no absolutes, and many cycles.

  301. Bill says:

    Golden Knight , As far as boundary’s most of the parish schools that used to feed into West are closed . Mt parish when I went there had 3500 students and my senior class 410 grads now the school doesn’t have that many in the whole school. That’s why they get students from all over , Just to stay afloat.

  302. Redwolf says:

    The LaSalle-NP game is at noon on Saturday at Northeast HS.

  303. Garfield says:

    I’m sure most of lasalle players aren’t recruited but some are deffinetly being “helped out” big time

  304. Garfield says:

    Ol coach,

    Thanks but I Played football with many of the kids that won lasalle state title in 09 and there were atleast 4 students that I played with in 7th and 8th grade who barely passed each school year and got into lasalle with financial aide. Two of those players went to lasalle and are still playing college football …..

  305. SEPAGuru says:

    @OL Coach
    I’m going to take it that you didn’t mean to type my name in.

    I still think LS is going to beat NP regardless of how different the team is.

    AW vs ACC is going to be one hell of a shoot out. If ACC puts up 40+, AW is going to put up 60+. It’s going to be one of the most exciting games of the year for sure.

  306. Red says:


    Melosky should be ashamed at himself to allow those referees to literally keep Nazareth in that game. La Salle is 28 points better than that team. I was embarrassed as to how blatant it was. Anyway, doesn’t matter. The scoreboard is the great equalizer, and La Salle had more points on the board. Way to go boys! Time to put a beat down on North Penn. I would certainly love to see Dick Beck cry again. Also, let’s go Wood and West. Let’s go for a sweep this season!

  307. Andy Spiteri says:

    I was at LS/Naz game yesterday. The refs were horrendous especially on that PI call in the endzone and the “holding” call in the 4th when Wade ran for the first down. One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned is that Harding is probably the best QB that LaSalle has faced all season. MUCH better than Skyler. Someone earlier in the thread said the CRS/NP game was closer than the score….no way…I watched the CRS game against GV and knew they were no match for NP. They barely beat Judge who was the 4th best team in the PCL. NP dominated them from the get go. Hopefully the LaSalle NP game can come close to the previous 3 contests in competiveness.

  308. Golden Knight says:

    OK.. congrats to great teams, LaSalle, W.Cath,A.Wood,ACC, etc..
    but… here’s a good exercise to do: draw a boundry line on a map taking the closest 4 parish boundries for each Catholic school. That will give you the approximate boundries a public school has. then take each of these teams STARTING 22 players and see how many live within the boundry of the 4 parishes that you just drew. having done this for the Power PCL schools, it’s about 25% of the STARTING 22 that really live in the 4 parish boundry that a public school would have to draw from . Don’t do this with the whole roster as you will have the 2nd, 3rd and JV players in the mix, who don’t really make these teams great. So, once you see what Starting players are left in the Boundry, you can start to compare with the public school.

  309. Buddy says:

    @ coach:

    Are you sure about where and when the game ( NP/LS) is?

  310. Dog21 says:

    Originally I heard that Wood vs ACC would be at Northeast. Now I am hearing PW. I hope it is not at PW. Traffic is a nightmare,stadium small, concessions stink. Anyone else hear anything?

  311. O. L. Coach says:

    @Garfield, the game will be Saturday, 1pm at NEHS!

    Should be a helluva rematch; hopefully, it can match last year’s barnburner!

  312. O. L. Coach says:

    To all you whiners about catholic schools recruiting!

    Name me one LS player who went to an FBS school in the past 4 years? I’ll help you out; none!

    Fact is, the western PS schools don’t whine and cry about catholic schools, they go out and kick their a**es! See PCC this year; need I go further?

    So, stop whining and pick up your game because while you’re busy whining they’re just getting better and better!

  313. O. L. Coach says:

    @Keith, so your claim to fame is that you’re really old? Congrats!

    You were looking for me? I’m flattered; actually you’d be surprised at my connections to WC, you really would.

    Fact is, WC doesn’t show for their own team let alone AW. Let’s be real, ok?

  314. O. L. Coach says:

    @SEPA Gure, so what, you’re older than dirt, is that whay you’re bragging about?

    Fact is, PA on their chat were laughing about how few WC fans were at the game. Fact is, anybody knowledgeable about the PCL would have told them, 200 at best.

    do you really want to refute that? Let’s ask Ted Silary what an average WC game draws, ok?

    I’m a PCL guy but don’t try to blow smoke; WC is what it is and 200 is a good showing!

  315. pclfan says:

    John the game was on TV with replays. The announcers could not even make up enough excuses.

  316. football fan says:

    @Redwolf & @John
    I was at the LaSalle game & I usually agree with you about complaining about calls, you always think your own team is getting hosed. That being said I got to say I never seen anything like what I watched up there as far as lop sided calls. Interference calls on uncatchable ball out of the end zone that their feet got tangled sfter the ball already hit the ground, interception late in the game that the ref behind the play called no catch but the ref right in front of the play was calling it an interception. This was just part of what I seen. I think Nazareth is a very good team & fun to watch. I was there with some people who like me had no stake in the game & we were amazed on what we seen out there. Refs should never try to decide a game. Good luck to the teams left.

  317. Redwolf says:

    @Butch: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Unless you are a PIAA official, don’t complain. No ref gets every call correct, and without the officials on the field, there wouldn’t be any playoff games.

    You don’t have to be happy about the officials, but they are part of the environment, just like the field and the weather.

  318. Deo says:

    Everyone outside of D12 including the PIAA themselves had no idea that the PCL would turn out to be the beast of the east…..they are beginning to know now.

  319. John says:

    It’s one thing to complain about calls refs make when you can watch them on replay. But when you are fifty yards away in the stands? “Never seen anything like it”? Give us a break, will ya?

    Congratulations to LaSalle! And yes, Tim Wade is an excellent football player – on a very good team.

  320. pclfan says:

    It was 15-2 on penalties the one was called after the extra point was no good then the flag came out.

  321. Garfield says:

    Can’t wait for this lasalle north penn rematch. We’ll see if north penns secondary has improved at all. This game will be just as entertaining as last year but for gods sake it better not be at pw. Pw has got to be the worst possible selection for any big game…traffic,parking, and no seating. AWFUL

  322. Butch says:

    Congrats to LaSalle for defeating Nazareth. 15-3 on penalties today, phantom face mask calls, you name it. Never seen anything like it. Also, LaSalle’s, Tim Wade is a BEAST. Most underrated player in the State!!

  323. snapple says:

    La Salle vs North Penn next week. Clearly La Salle is the better team. 31-20 La Salle makes it back to Hershey for a rematch with Northern Alleghany

  324. dylan says:

    @ field goal, I think “grove fan” means pottsgrove, not grove city. that would be my guess, since they got blown out by aw last night

  325. Kmac says:

    I am in the somewhat enviable position to be able to go to and watch high school football without any ties to a school, league, district,or even East-West bias. I like high school football; have for 61 seasons. A great truth you have spoken – there are no absolutes. Things change. Ask Berwick, C B West, Interboro, Strath Haven to name just a few. BECA, same thing. Things cycle, ALL great teams cannot be SUPER in every year forever; of course they can still be good, competitive, and great to watch; amd there are great programs year in and year out. I do not envy Bedesem at Council Rock South, they lose a T O N of players after this season. Good luck to each and every H S Football program out there in PA!

  326. fieldgoal says:

    @Grove Fan and Jim

    Hey you cry babies, I believe your team Grove City lost to Montour a “public school” correct? And this after you being up 21 – zip! Stop with your excuses about Catholic schools, it’s really getting old. Also Grove Fan I like the way you conveniently left Southern Columbia’s rout of Pius X in Class A off your list!

  327. Jiveturkey9 says:

    @ Grove Fan; As of this morning there are 22 teams still alive in the state playoffs. Of the 22 teams 6 are Catholic. You are right the system is definitely biased against the Catholic schools. That was your point, right?

  328. Dan says:

    For all you people complaining about Catholic schools, why don’t you look to the PIAA. They do virtually nothing to stop transfers. There have have been numerous transfers ruled ineligible by the D-11 commitee over the last 5 years, only to have the PIAA overturn those rulings. They are a sham of a governing body. The only sport where I see some consistency in enforcing rules is wrestling, and I’m sure there are many transfers leaking through the cracks in that sport as well. As far as ACC is concerned, I know for a fact that the vast majority of these kids came up together through the ranks from youth football. And no, I am not an ACC fan. A very prominent football player in the LVC was kicked off his team 2 years ago and tried to transfer to ACC right before his senior year. They said NO. He ended up transferring to another school and became a starter and 1st team all-conference performer. I’m not saying players are never enticed to go to private schools, because it happens. Also, you fans in the Lehigh Valley will be happy to know that ACC is most likely coming into a down cycle and BECA is already there.

  329. Redwolf says:

    @GroveFan – never happen. District 12 was formed on promises (spoken or unspoken) that the PCL would be given free rein. I’m not sure why you would complain about ACC and McDevitt. They have been part of PIAA football since the playoffs began. From what I have seen, their recruiting is no worse than that of some public school programs.

    Secondly, there is going to be large amounts of financial and political pressure to consolidate schools (ala Mifflin County). This will change the school classification picture, and I can think of scenarios that could both help and hurt the A and AA schools in more rural areas. Nobody knows how things will shake out over the next few years.

    Finally, I as have pointed out numerous times in the past on Pennlive, the PIAA is not THEM. It is a member organization. If you want to change the PIAA it needs to be done from the ground up, through your school district and the local District Committee. I would bet those people aren’t on this board. So regardless how much frustration relief you get about spouting off against the PIAA and Catholic schools and recruiting, if you really wanted to do something about it, you would get to know your school board members and local school district administrators (perhaps even run for school board) and get on a first name basis with the members of your local PIAA District Committee.

    This won’t happen, because, one, by the time you could accomplish you goals, your child/nephew/neighbor will be long past playing high school football and, two, if you go through all the steps to get involved in the system, you will end up being co-opted by the system.

  330. jim says:

    Thank you grove Fan, persoannly, until we all sit on their desks and create an occupy PIAA, it will be years. In the meantime outstanding public schools will have their playoff season cut short by stacked teams. It’s nothing about the kids, it’s the state of where the Catholic schools are in terms or building powerhouses.

  331. Buddy says:


    Agreed. That game ( NP/CRS) was a lot close then the score indicated. Both defenses stopped the opposition. Difference? CRS 3 fumbles turned into scores by NP. That simple.

    At the end of game, NP’s side was chanting for LaSalle. I agree. Win or lose, that’s who we want.

    NP season ends next week? Not so sure. If LaSalle, that will be NP’s super bowl.

  332. jim says:

    @ Johnny mo, sorry. Had to vent, won’t happen again

  333. Paulson says:

    @ O.L Coach,

    I am not saying or assuming that Nazareth would do anything in the PCL. I just cannot understand PCL fans predicting a blowout. The last two appearances the PCL had against Easton were VERY TIGHT ballgames. The difference is Nazareth can move the ball for four quarters against anyone, but will they stop LaSalle..? Remains to be seen. Secondly, since nobody in the LVC played the PCL this year…what makes LaSalle’s schedule THAT MUCH BETTER? They played Bergen Catholic which we all agree is the best team either played. So if Nazareth were to beat LaSalle I would assume that means Nazareth played a better schedule? I’m not making any bold prediction like Nazareth over LaSalle by 10 or 17 like people on here have…it’ll be a very interesting game.

    Also, what IN THE HECK is so cocky about a QB expecting/wanting to score every possession you have offensively? So is what you want your QB to say is, “Some possessions we want to score and then others we want to go 3 and out and I HOPE NOT! Melosky is definitely confident and borderline cocky. I’m not even a fan of his, but he’s gotten the most out of a team that was projected to finish anywhere from 4th to 6th in the conference. I hope it’s a solid and well played football game and let the better team win.

  334. Crusader Crazy says:

    @Grove, I went to Lancaster Catholic back in the 1990’s, and we were continuously getting our butt’s handed to us by all the public school teams, not one person on the Catholic side mentioned anything about the public schools having their own championships. It wasn’t a big deal to have Manheim Central come in and beat us 77-7 at our home turf, with them having their offensive starters in the 4th quarter. Nobody complained than, so my opinion, you need to deal with it. Darn right I’m happy to see all these Catholic schools doing so well. PIAA has no plans to seperate Public and Private schools….

  335. John Grundlemeyer says:


    Yes, all us Catholic fans are happy. I think it’s time for you to convert.

    Look at the bright side, Montour saved your team a beat down next weekend from McDevitt.

  336. Dan says:

    Hey Grove Fan –

    Just another jealous person who can’t stand when catholic schools have success. TO BAD!!!!!!! And as far as Shamokin is concerned, how they got in the playoffs was disgraceful. I was at the game and I wanted to put on a uniform and go out to play. I could have scored against that team. And that hit on Nosovitch was a total cheap shot. And everybody knows it! I guess that’s how they teach the kids how to play football!

  337. adam says:

    just cuz its all catholic dont meant its all recruiting i went to acc we recruited nobody we barely even get any transfers unless its for basketball, the football program gets turned away, all these kids pretty much played in middle school together i cant speak for the other teams i mean i kno for wood the peoples kid is from st joes but other then that i cant speak much

  338. GroveFan says:

    Well I hope all the catholic team fans are happy!
    Wood, ACC,McDevitt advance and most likely
    so will West Catholic and La Salle. It’s time for the
    PIAA to wake up and give them their own playoffs
    and championship. How much longer does this have
    to go on???

  339. Keith says:

    OL Coach
    Are you really an O Line Coach? Thanks for sharing your credentials.
    By the way, I have been around PCL and D12 probably longer than you have been on this earth.
    Yes, i was hanging with some of my WC frienbds in the parking lot prior to the game. Hey was there more than 150 people there tonight?

  340. SEPAGuru says:

    Going to be two phenomenal games next week.

    North Penn – (Lasalle vs Nazareth winner)

    and of course

    Archbishop Wood vs Allentown Central Catholic.
    Revenge game for AW and should be a good game. Hopefully a barn-burner and not a blowout.

  341. Suburban1 says:

    That was a beat down laid on CRS by North Penn tonight. I anticipated a NP win but thought it would be a little more competitive. Interesting that NP, the Sub1 #11 seed again proved to be the class of D1 AAAA, and did it by beating CRS who was week in and week out, the most consistent team-offensively and defensively,I had seen all year. I know the GV folks thought they’d seen 2 of the best from the Sub1 in CRSouth and CBSouth, but I think the point I made earlier- that they’d be the 4th or 5th best team in Suburban 1 – was proven these last couple weeks. I know I’ll be called a GV hater, but the facts bear this out. Squeaking by CBSsouth, and getting drummed by CRSouth. Layer in now NP, Neshaminy, possibly Souderton and top to bottom, across all the Sub1 divisions, the proof is in the results.

    I’m also going to go on record right now-assuming LaSalle wins tomorrow, and with Nazareth momentum that is not assured, that NP takes the winner of that game and beats them by 17+.

  342. Keith says:

    OL Coach
    That’s funny since I was actually with a group of WC supporters in parking lot before game. I was looking for you but I could not see you because the Wood side was pretty crowded dope . Did you make your screen name OL Coach so everyone would know you coach football..I’ve been around PCL and D12 probably longer than you have been alive.

  343. johnny mo says:

    Settle down jim…. Its hsfootball

  344. SEPAGuru says:

    34-14 North Penn in a score that honestly was closer than the score indicated. Mistakes by both teams really swung momentum but Donnelly’s fumble inside his own 20 sealed it. Another Eastern final appearance for NP and likely the end of their season.

  345. O. L. Coach says:

    @Dog21, no I can read quite fine; I said I was looking for AW and/or WC streams. If you could read, you would know neither was on the schedule!

    Have a good one; I love all the WC and LS fans packed into the Wood game tonight!

  346. jim says:


  347. jim says:


  348. thomas6 says:

    I have a big empty feeling with no GV football this weekend. No one left in Delco, best of luck to CRS, you guys gave us a great game.

  349. rccat88 says:

    Hey, whats the word on tonights game? I’ve seen NP twice but have not been to a CRS game. NP under Beck seems to defend running game great every year, its the passing teams that seem to give them issues (Liberty and LaSalle lately). But CRS seems to really run this option very well. I like the passing and run attack of NP, line seems to be smaller but quick and fairly good technique. Beck seems un-afraid to call trick plays in playoffs (sometimes to their detriment in my opinion). Heading to the game now, hopefully I can grab a seat.

  350. Redwolf says:

    Just to clarify my previous comment – AAAA teams.

  351. Redwolf says:

    I looked back at teams that have made the quarterfinal round from 2001 through 2010. North Penn had the most appearances in the quarterfinal round with 7. State College had 6. Erie Cathedral Prep has had 5 (all losses). Cumberland Valley was the only team since 2001 to have made the quarterfinals in both the east and the west. Best quality of appearances would have to be PCC with 2 championships from the 4 times they were in the quarterfinals.

  352. O.L.Coach says:

    @Dog, I know you’re trying hard to be a tough guy but if YOU can read, you’ll notice there are no streams of the AW / PG game or the PA / WC game.

    Try again!

    and finally, you know NOTHING about D12 ball!

  353. Dan says:

    @ O.L. coach,

    Harding is supposedly a really good kid. The cockiness is probably a reflection of his coach. You will never meet a more arrogant person than Meloskey. People can be confident without being cocky.

  354. Dog21 says:

    OL coach
    Do you need remedial reading? The stream schedule is below.

  355. David Mika says:

    @ OL Coach….Do you have a twitter account? If so you can follow all the games tonight.

  356. O.L.Coach says:

    @David, thank you!

    Can’t seem to find streams for AW – Pottsgrove or PA / WC; I’ll be at other conflicting games and was hopeful to follow a stream on my phone.

  357. David Mika says:

    @ OL Coach..Stream schedule is below this blog….

  358. O.L.Coach says:

    Any audio streams or tv coverage of any games this weekend? I can’t be everywhere at once!

  359. David Mika says:

    Week 14 – What game are you going to this weekend?

  360. O.L.Coach says:

    Naz sounds a little cocky; Harding on playing LaSalle:

    “We’re definitely confident,” said Nazareth quarterback Dan Harding, who’s thrown for 3,494 yards and 31 touchdowns. “We feel we should score every time we have the ball. If we don’t score we feel it’s a failure on our part.”

    Good luck on scoring every possession.

  361. Red says:

    Thanks for the clarification on the freshman on Nazareth. I was really just curious. I wasn’t trying to make excuses because everyone on the field is 16, 17, 18. As for Nazareth going undefeated in the PCL, that’s a pretty gutsy assumption. I haven’t seen Nazareth play this year, but the PCL had some pretty good competition this year. Prep and Roman both gave La Salle a run for their money.

    And as for people who predicted La Salle blowing Nazareth out, that’s an unfair assumption too. Nazareth is a great team, you gotta give them credit. Every team that is still playing in December is a champion, and ought to be taken seriously. I do think that schools out West and up North (LVC) play a different style of football than the PCL schools. The LVC and west schools seem to be more smashmouth and old school style football, where the PCL schools have adopted the arial attack and speed offense and defense. With that said, I believe that La Salle will win by 10, especially if they are returning some of their starters.

  362. Rollie Ciffo says:

    Yeah Curry recruited…but maybe not as much as people think. But one that does comes to mind is Gus Felder. How do you think he got Gus who was from Philly? He probably had to bid against Glen Mills. But in the long run, it was probably what was best for Gus…now a strength coach at Penn State. Of course with recent developments at State College, that likely won’t be for much longer. The point is Gus has a degree from a great university and now has the skills to land on his feet. Curry did an absolutely phenomenal job getting kids into college on other folks dime. The guy was an absolute whirlwind. Guys like him, Pettine etc…they don’t come along every day. We need more like that.

  363. O. L. Coach says:

    @Matty A, Brett Gordon left the staff after last year when he and his wife had their first child.

    I don’t believe anyone in D12 is expecting LS to “blow out” Naz; most people expect a competitive game.

    @Paulson, so you think Naz would go undefeated in the PCL, with that defense? They played LVC competiton which means they faced a schedule of teams deficient on the D side of the ball. It’s all about the competition; you really think PCL teams would give up 63 as Parkland did? From what I’ve seen of Easton they would not have scored against LS.

  364. Matty A. says:

    West Catholic – They’ve been closing forever, but the word is this is definitely the last year. Nothing has been announced, but it would be a shock if it remained open.

    Looking at some of the predictions from people on the Wood vs. Pottsgrove game … I’m not sure Pottsgrove will even make it into the double-digits. I’m feeling more of a 49-7 drubbing. Wood is a machine this year.

    Nazareth/LaSalle is the game to be at. Wish I could make it. Down here in Philly everyone is pretty cocky about LaSalle and I’m pulling for them, but Nazareth looks pretty nasty this year and the players I know up in Lehigh Valley tell me they’re really, really good. I’m just not seeing this blowout being predicted. I hope so for Brett and Drew though.

    Shamokin cracks me up. A 3-7 team that has really beaten some very good teams to get where they are. Impressive.

    Nos and Gulyas are a ridiculous combo though and it stops this weekend. I don’t think ACC can pull out a win over a team like Wood, but can’t see Shamokin pulling off yet another upset.

  365. Paulson says:

    LaSalle College HS has struggled to win the last two meetings against the D-11 rep. So what makes people think that LaSalle will romp? They beat Easton 17-14 two years ago and for most of the game last year it was a 10 point game or less.

    I think Easton’s defense was better than Nazareth this year. Nazareth’s offense is way more explosive and diverse than Easton’s ever will be under Shiffert.

    I think it’ll be a competitive and close game. I think LaSalle has a little better D than Nazareth and Nazareth a little better O than LaSalle.

    If LaSalle had a weakness on defense it’s their DB’s. Well I’ve seen every team they played and only Bergen was clearly better than Nazareth. Nazareth would play with and most likely beat everyone on LaSalle’s schedule except Bergen. This is just what I’ve viewed this year.

  366. PCL Fan says:

    This year’s LaSalle team is by far the worst of the past 4. The defense has the worst passing defense in the PCL this year. The offense can run the ball but not really pass. That said they will win by 17 on Saturday.

  367. Dan says:


    From what I have been old, the “freshman” is definitely 16, maybe 17. But ACC’s basketball team has that beat. They have a 17 year old sophomore who will turn 18 before the end of the school year. Sorry to digress to B-ball on a football forum.

  368. Huck says:

    Redwolf — It seems that the PIAA tries to line the semis up on the same day that the final will be played the following week. So, with that in mind, I’d expect the 3A east/west semifinals to be played on Friday night and the 4A east/west semifinals on Saturday afternoon.

    I also expect both finals to be at Northeast HS in D-12 (IF LS beats Nazareth). I expect AW to win comfortably.

    Rciffo — Nothing is official that WC will close next year. Is it possible? For sure. However, the archdiocese may close anywhere from 2-6 HS’s and 25-40 grade schools when they make the announcement come January 5th or 6th. There are a lot of factors in the decision process and current enrollment is only one of them. Again, nothing official and that writer, who did a good job with that story, was simply just adding his opinion on that subject. He had nothing concrete to go on.

  369. Garfield says:

    Hard to see North Penn losing to a team that cannot throw the ball and has a defense that is giving up close to 20 points a game in the playoffs. Also can’t see Lasalle losing in a shootout…they seem to get all the right bounces in the biggest games.

  370. O.L.Coach says:

    @Red, read on another thread that the freshman RB turned 16 in October; doesn’t matter, just pretend he’s a junior! It’s not like he’s a 22 yo senior.

    Should be an entertaining game.

  371. O.L.Coach says:

    @Jake, not sure it’s LS’ best defense in recent memory; in fact, I would question that.

    I do know it’s better than Naz faced in the LVC. Time will tell; that’s why they play the game!

  372. O.L.Coach says:

    @Dog21, let me be clear, you’re wrong. I was on AW’s sideline and the crowd was embarassing. Please, your comments about WC and LS people packing the AW game tomorrow night is ridiculous! Do you know PCL football at all?

    @Buddy, I’m a stickler for accuracy and there’s not alot of it from certain individuals on here. If that bothers you, that’s a shame.

  373. Jake says:

    @ Red: I’ll defer to your expertise given your closeness to the program. I hear they will be getting some players back that were out the last couple weeks. Would not suprise me at all if # 33 has a big game running the ball.

  374. John B says:

    All this talk of playoffs is making me remember last season lewisburg was the number 1 team πŸ™‚

  375. Buddy says:

    @O.L. Coach:

    Not sure why, but you do have a knack for bringing out the “best” in everyone.

    @ et al:

    In my opinion, or quite possibly wishful thinking, I do not believe LaSalle will make it to the final. Either Nazareth or NP will knock them off…………… of course I’ve said this before.

  376. Red says:

    @ Jake:

    I like your optimism, and I am a La Salle alum and I played football there, but I have to disagree with you. The 2009 state championship team’s defense had more size, and better d backs. Granted, they didn’t play too well during the regular season, but during the playoffs, I’ve never seen a defense step-up all around like they did. This year’s defense is still very good, but they have shaky corner play. A good quarterback with decent wide receivers can pick them apart. It was made apparent at the first Roman game. Keir was throwing some gems, which would have been scores, if he had a half decent receiver to throw to. There were tons of drops. I do agree though that this year’s linebacking core is the best they have had in a long time. Either way, I am rooting for La Salle all the way.

  377. Deo says:

    Looks like the only way to see or hear the LaSalle vs Nazareth game is to be there. I need to be in Philly on Saturday so I am screwed. In this age of information I can’t find out for sure one way or the other if I can at least hear the game. Anyone got anything?

  378. Jake says:

    @ O.L. Coach: Right on. Best LS defense I’ve seen in recent memory, including the 2009 AAAA Champs.

  379. Buddy says:

    @ Bruce:

    Pretty much right on. If NP brings the D they had the last 2 games, reverse that score.

  380. Red says:

    @ Bruce

    Yo Bruce, “Who ever scores the most points at the end of the 4th will be the winner.” —Duh? But you’re wrong. It’s playoff time now. Now is the time for La Salle’s defense to step-up and handle this “freshman” running back from Nazareth. I put freshmen in quotes because rumors going around are that this kid is 15 or 16??? I even heard 17 from a few people, but I’m having a hard time believing he is 16, let alone 17. I really hope that is not the case either. A 16/17 year old freshman?? I was 17 during my SENIOR year football season. Off topic, I know, but I just kind of wanted to see other peoples’ thoughts, maybe a clarification. Either way, Bruce, If La Salle can control their ground game and open up their passing game, and if Magarity is throwing the ball well…well then sorry dude, La Salle by a touchdown or 2.

  381. Dog21 says:

    OL Coach- Let me go r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w here for you. You made a ridiculous comment that AW only had 150 at the Eastern Final Last year. I was disputing that in my comment. D-O y-o-u understand?
    Do you think it is your job to act like a toolbox on here? If so, you should get a raise for being the #1 toolbox.

  382. O.L.Coach says:

    @Bruce, you must think LS plays defense like Naz does. Think again!

  383. Bruce says:

    CRS 24 – NP 21: CRS finally has the tools to get around NP and as long as their explosive offense keeps rolling and keeps NP’s offense off the field with some solid ball control and clock management they will win the game

    NAZ 38 – LAS 31: I feel like this will be a true barn burner. Who ever scores the most points at the end of the 4th will be the winner. Toss defense out of the window on this one, I’m picking Nazareth in a toss up.

    AW 38 – PG 17: Wood will keep on rolling into the next round, look for a challenge early from a talented Pottsgrove team but Wood will eventually overtake and outmatch them.

    ACC 35 – Shamokin 21: I’m not too familiar with these teams but from what I hear ACC has a decent advantage in this one….HOWEVER never count out an underdog like Shamokin who came in as an under .500 playoff team and made it this far.

  384. dylan says:

    @ Dan, ahh, finally somebody who realizes that public schools recruit as well haha. I’m a berks county person (district 3) and everybody knows that wilson has been recruiting for decades. of course, people from that area never want to admit it.

  385. Dan says:


    Curry was one of the best recruiters this state has ever seen. Apparently, Berwick doesn’t do that anymore since he left. This is what I was told by people from Berwick.

  386. Andy says:

    LaSalle 30-27, West Cath. 33-14, So. Com 35-20, ACC 33-18, N.P. 27-13, Enjoy the games!!!

  387. Redwolf says:

    @Buddy – I didn’t think North Penn traveled very well to Rustin (especially considering there are probably 200 or more North Penn grads 2 miles away at West Chester Univ, including a number of former football players.) Of course, North Penn doesn’t generally travel a lot, unless it’s to War Memorial or Souderton because “the Swamp” is too swampy to play.

  388. George says:

    Whatever happened to Berwick?Ever since George Curry retired they’re just not as good and never make it this far in the playoffs anymore.

  389. George says:

    MCA is going all the way and this week they’re are playing in their back yard where they don’t lose.

  390. Kmac says:


    Thank you for the enlightenment on the open enrollment factor in the attendance picture for D12. I have learned a lot on this site and thread this year.

  391. Buddy says:

    @ Mike:


    @ Deo:

    It’s not really about the gate. Local high school sports just aren’t covered that well in the Delaware valley like they are in the Lehigh Valley

  392. Mike says:

    @ Buddy

    Wow, more CRS fans than NP?? that’s pathetic if that’s how it turns out. CRS couldn’t even fill their own stadium last week, their side was maybe 3/4 full. GV fans traveled more than an hour to support their team and had every bit as many fans there as did CRS!

  393. Deo says:

    Thanks…I guess they wait until the 11th hour to announce where you can see it hear the game so they get as big of a gate as possible.

  394. O.L.Coach says:


    You need remedial reading, I clearly said that AW had a whopping total of 150 people at BASD last year! Read slowly next time!

    West Catholic barely gets anyone to their own games; but you think they’re going to an AW game. Ok, sure.

    If LaSalle people go anywhere Friday night it will be to PW since either NP or CRS would be their next opponent if they move on. They’ll pull for AW but have little interest other than that.

  395. Rciffo says:

    I think I read that West Catholic will be closed by the diocese. I believe this is their last year in the PCL…or anywhere else for that matter.


  396. Jiveturkey9 says:

    @Buddy; Is PBL the public league? If yes, which I assume you meant, they do play night games. There are only a select few schools with lights at their stadiums so night game are few and far between. Northeast had 3 this pub games at night and also played Judge at night.

    @Kmac; I don’t think that the following for D12 has anything to do with pro or college sports. The open enrollment factor is a huge part of it. There are a whole lot of kids that do not go to school in their neighborhood, therefore the community support really deminishes. Myself as a prime example, public school 3 blocks away and a catholic school 1 mile away and my kid takes public transportation 45 minutes every day to and from school.

  397. Buddy says:

    @ dog21:

    BASD ( which is Liberty high school) does hold probably 12,000. Ever been there? It’s big, & very nice. Virtually no parking though.

  398. Buddy says:

    @ DEO:

    Maybe comcast sports center might, since it’s a PCL school involved. Check your station menue on Sat. I’m sure it’s on some radio station somewhere. This website will list various live streams you can check. Maybe PCN, but they cater to the western half of the state. I know that RCN or Service Electric ( maybe both ) will be televising it. These are the Lehigh Valley cable networks. But you have to get near their viewing area. That can be picked up as close as Quakertown. If you find it somewhere , let us all know.

  399. Dog21 says:

    OL coach
    Your exaggeration is comical. BASD hold ,what? 13,000? ACC clearly had more fans and it was in their back yard. From the 30 yd line to the 30yd line on both sides was full. I know because i was there and had to sit on the 25 yard line.
    Philly teams will never draw the same as teams up north. High School football on a Friday night is not a “town” affair, where everyone and their grandmother come out to watch. Nothing wrong with that, but it is just not the case in D12.
    I will say that the PCL does support its teams. I expect LaSalle and WC fans to also show up at Northeast High for the Wood game, as neither have a game Friday. Wood side will be well represented.

  400. mark d says:

    i played in the silver bowl in 69 in the e.c final the only jinx i saw was dimmick and hynoski we got smoked that day !!!!!!

  401. Buddy says:

    @ Redwolf:
    I know that the AAAA Eastern Final ( state semi-final), has been on a Sat. ( 1:00) for the past 5 years I believe. I don’t see them changing that, or at least I hope not. The AAA team might best be served playing maybe a Sat. night. However, I know the PBL doesn’t play night games, but I don’t think that effects the PCL schools.

    LaSalle ( & St. Joe prep) both travel well. Surprisingly, NP doesn’t travel that well. For the really big games ( Eastern Final), they have a good turnout. But that’s not all NP, it’s many fans from different schools just wanting to see that game. I expect to see maybe more CRS fans at PW friday nite then NP fans. For being a state power, I don’t really understand it.

  402. Deo says:

    Does anyone know if the LaSalle/Nazareth will be broadcasted live either on television, radio, live stream or any other venue? Can’t get to Liberty High.

  403. Redwolf says:

    @Huck: only one of the 3 D-12 teams left in the playoffs is actually in Philadelphia. And the one actual Philadelphia school, West Catholic, might actually benefit the community if they had a following similar to a school like Miami Northwestern (that had something of a down year, but is an example of an urban school that has significant support).

    As for LaSalle and Archbishop Wood, I would expect (and on a limited basis, I have seen) that their following would be similar to the more successful District 1 programs such as Ridley, Neshaminy or North Penn. I recall comments about the North Penn turnout at BASD stadium for the 2008 opener. Of course, nobody mentioned that there was an accident on the turnpike, the weather was iffy, and there isn’t any parking at BASD.

    Also, assuming D12 hosts both the AAA and AAAA games, is there any reason you would expect the AAA game on Friday night and the AAAA game on Saturday? It seems like it would make more sense to schedule the geographically closer D1 team on Friday night and give the AAA team with a greater distance to travel the Saturday game.

  404. O.L.Coach says:

    @Huck, for whatever the reason, neither WC or AW draw a crowd. Last year at the ACC / AW eastern final, AW must have had a whopping 150 people including students. This for a team expected to make it to Hershey.

    LaSalle travels well and usually has a great crowd.

  405. Buddy says:

    Suburban One Fan……… we need you back! These kids are out of control! Reel them in!

  406. Kmac says:

    Good point on D12 attendance at HS football. I never thought about it, but Philly folk have Eagles, Phillies, Union, Flyers, Sixers, Hawks, Owls, Dragons, Explorers, and Quakers, etc. to follow. I see there are no differences among your picks and those of Big Willie and Nutman this week. I guess we’ll have to separate you three on scores.

  407. Dan says:

    What is this crap about a jinx at this place. You can have injuries in any game on any field. We’ve won at this place before I believe it was in our championship year of ’98 and we came close in 2005. But what I can’t understand is Shamokin is only 15 minutes away from this place and they are 6-7. Shouldn’t they be the ones traveling alittle bit further. It won’t matter though. I’ve seen some of their scores this year. So they are used to getting mercy ruled.

  408. Huck says:

    Rick — D-11 hosted the 3A eastern final last year. D-12 will host it this year (If AW beats Pottsgrove, which is expected). That game will more than likely be next Friday night at Northeast HS.

    Also, D-12 HS football is not heavily followed and people don’t travel to watch it because it’s not in the blood of people who reside in Philadelphia. This is not a one-trick pony town in the middle of nowhere, where the local HS is the heartbeat of the town.

  409. D4proud says:

    No one cares what any of you say behind a computer screen. All of you said it about Valley View last weekend and look what happened. 7 p.m. Friday at the Silver Bowl.

  410. johnny mo says:

    Lets be realistic here. Shamokin has no chance. End of story. You jave a 6-7 team in the playoffs that alone shows me you aren’t up to the challenge. Sure central lost 5 games but those loses came to great teams in the first half of the season our d has matured somwhat and our o is just too much for you. Last year clearfield was what 13-0 and we punched them in the mouth. It was over before halftime. Expect the same thing at the silver bowl. Good day.

  411. Dog21 says:

    It will be at a D12 field this year. Not positive, but i am hearing Northeast High Stadium Friday 10th. I was at the game last year and there was way more than a couple hundred Wood fans at BASD Stadium last year. ACC clearly had a much bigger crowd, but it was also close to home for them. If the game is at Northeast High, it will be a packed house and Wood will be well represented for sure.

  412. Dog21 says:

    You want some cheese with that whine? I already have counted the chickens, all 21 of them. That’s how many points you are going to lose by. Stop your complaining.

  413. jim says:

    This shamokin talk, Valley View would beat Shamokin by 3-4tds this year guareented,so I am very curious to HOW MANY yards ACC can put up against them; I find it very hard to see shamokin even in the the game at kick-off.

  414. Football fan says:

    Last year in Hershey the LaSalle side had a very large crowd & their fans do pack in wherever they go on the road. That is the reputation they have for traveling. WC on the other hand I do have to agree with you that it was pretty light & usually is on the road.

  415. GroveFan says:

    Hey, ACC and Wood fans quit your crying and don’t count your chickens just yet the 2 underdogs are good teams or they wouldn’t have made it this far. How fair is it that
    Catholic schools who can GET players compete against public schools. It’s time the PIAA gives the catholic schools
    their own playoffs and championship.

    GO GROVE!!!!!!

  416. Garfield says:

    What are the chances nazereths will be able to hang with lasalle? I know there offense can score but do they have the defense to contain lasalles O

  417. Redwolf says:

    D11 or D12 is the host for the Eastern final this year. The game will be at either Northeast (LaSalle) or (I would guess) BASD (Nazareth). JB Crum is a possibility for a D11 field, but IIRC, unless Liberty or Freedom is in the game, D11 will go to BASD.

    I think you are right that there are good Central League fields that could be used. I can only assume that the individual school district administrations are reluctant to host the games. Distance doesn’t seem to make any difference, otherwise why all the games at Coatesville? (Eastern final in 2008, D1 Final in 2009).

  418. Buddy says:

    At this point in the game, it’s a tough call. Of the 8 teams remaining, probably the heavy-est favored is AW. But pottsgrove will play like they have nothing to loose, which they don’t. They can play loose. Don’t know much about single A, so those picks are a guess ( although I know SC is always a power). You think this is hard, wait ’til the next round, including AW.

  419. Red says:

    Catholic League Predictions:

    La Salle over Nazareth 26-14
    Wood over Pottsgrove 35-20
    West Catholic over Pen Argyl 20-13

    Put it on the board!

  420. O.L.Coach says:

    @Rick, it’s easy to understand; D11 and D12 alternate home fields. Since the AAA East final was at D11 last year, it will be at D12 this year.

    All the schools you mentioned are D1 schools, not D12.

  421. O.L.Coach says:

    Massey Rankings AAAA (8 remaining teams)

    Nazareth Offense – 2
    LaSalle Defense – 1

    LaSalle Offense – 3
    Nazareth Defense – 7

    N. Penn Offense – 4
    CRS Defense – 4

    CRS Offense – 5
    N. Penn Defense – 3

  422. Rciffo says:


    Conventional wisdom does point to Wood beating Pottsgrove. If history has taught us anything, underdogs always have a chance. No one expected VV to give ACC the fight they did. How did Riverside beat #3 Dunmore after losing to Dunmore the previous week 28-0? How did 5-7 Shamokin beat 11-1 Clearfield? Pottsgrove’s 11-2 with an offensive line that averages 6’3″ 263 and rushes for almost 340 yards per game. Pottsgrove is one dimensional, susceptible to the pass and should be the underdog…but it may not be the blow out everyone expects. Pottsgrove played Wood 2 years ago in the same game and only lost by 2 (30-28).

  423. Rick says:

    @Dog21 why would the eastern final be played at Northeast? Wouldn’t PW, CB West, Souderton some of those places make a lot more sense?

    This is not a slap at Wood but do you really think an ACC/Wood game will be packed? I am an ACC fan but I realize it is next to impossible for ACC to beat Wood I think Wood defense is good and there offense is unreal. But last year with both teams undefeated Wood brought a couple hundred people to the game? This year there won’t be as much hype. I just don’t understand why D12 travels so bad, the state title weekend was embarrassing in 2A/4A with attendance from D12

  424. dylan says:

    @ john b, yes i agree it should be a good game. i just think lancaster catholic has too much skill and senior leadership on their team to lose this game, two 1,000 yard rushers and a dominant defense. As I said though, should make for a great game and best of luck to mount carmel.

  425. Bobby d says:

    @ Markd, it’s hard to explain on here, that’s why I mentioned about the podcast. Weird stuff keeps happening to a visiting team. Like Blake Rankin breaking his ankle on a play that according to MCA coach, was never seen before on their film. Like players getting concussions from helmets made to stop them from happening. They say the weird stuff started happening when the Silver Bowl was being built. There was a mine cave-in somewhere around the 50 yard line and since then the jinx began for visiting teams, this was 1935 I believe. If I could remember the date of that podcast, you could listen to some of the other stuff that happenes. So look out ACC, your the visiting team, remember, Mr. Rankin was one of the better Qb’s in the state too.

  426. hentz says:

    Nazareth: 31 LaSalle: 28
    NP : 21 CRS : 17

    AW : 35 Pottsgrove: 24
    Shamokin : 35 ACC : 31

    Mt.Carmel: 28 LC : 24
    W.catholic: 35 PA : 20

    Pius X : 28 SC: 21
    Columbia : 17 PM : 14

  427. markd says:

    what is the silver bowl jinx ????

  428. John B says:

    @d4proud I’m sorry to break this to you but i can totally see ACC will probably steam roll Shamokin, nothing against the Indians but they don’t exactly have the greatest chances against allentown central catholic

  429. Ed says:

    Lots of nice D1 stadiums down here in the Central League. Radnor HS is a convenient location right off 476 (near Villanova). Seating, parking, and turf all excellent. Conestoga is a fantastic facility (near 202). GV, Haverford, Marple Newtown, and Ridley have really great stadiums, but are too out of the way for most D1 schools.

  430. Bobby d says:

    Have you ever heard of the Silver Bowl Jinx? Sadly, Bloomsburg and North Schuylkill found out about it, hope their players will recover soon. The sports department at The Daily News in Sunbury talked about the jinx on one of their podcast awhile ago. Good luck to both teams.

  431. markd says:

    remember guy these are kids everyone said valley view had no chance turned to be a game for the ages to say shamokin has no chance hey you never know a muddy field or god forbid a turned ankel that why we play the game

  432. QB says:

    400th comment haha

  433. dwnbndtrn says:

    For a D1 playoff site, why not use William Tennent in Warminster? It’s a nice field but the away side stands are kind of small. Only 2 teams play there; Tennent and Wood. Since Wood is AAA, it could be used for AAAA playoff games.

  434. pk says:

    To all saying Shamokin has a chance… they will lose by at least 30 points…never been so sure of anything in my life

  435. Dog21 says:

    Regardless of the outcome, Wood vs ACC might be the most anticipated game of the year. Northeast Stadium will be packed.

  436. Redwolf says:

    @Jiveturkey9: I agree with you. Every year, there are complaints about the site of the District 1 final, and District 1 hosts, the Eastern Final. District 12 has the NEHS supersite, so it makes sense to have the playoff games there. District 3 has Hershey, making the choice easy. Districts 6-10 always seem to play their quarterfinal game in Altoona.

    There just isn’t a clearly superior site in District 1 to hold the PIAA quarter/semi-final games. Coatesville may have the best facility, but IMO the accessability is worse than P-W.

    Maybe some District 1 fan will hit Powerball and set up a foundation to pay for holding the District 1 final / eastern final at Villanova.

  437. Jiveturkey9 says:

    AAAA game at Liberty HS

  438. markd says:

    i do believe a.c.c will get past shamokin as. for wood they really havent had a tough game except the pitt game it be instering to see what they will do if they get in to a shoot out with a.c.c

  439. Jiveturkey9 says:

    I’ve seen a few comments as to, why does D12 plays the majority of their playoff games at NEHS? This is not all fact but my opinion. D12 has 4 so called supersites. NEHS has stands on both sides of the field to seperate fans of opposing teams, and can accommodate a pretty decent amount of people. NEHS has offstreet parking, 2 lots. NEHS is hands down the most desirable of the supersites because of location, this meaning it is not in a ghetto. As to why the AAAA game is at PW, who cares? At this point in the playoffs the fans from both sides will show up. The field is the same size as any other field and I’m pretty sure there is not a domed stadium that is available so conditions will be the same for both teams. Kinda seems like folks just need something to complain about and PW is this weeks topic. The boys will play, the refs will ref, and the fans will cheer. Enjoy the game and may the best team win!

  440. Buddy says:

    Goin’ to NP/CRS. I expect it to be a tight game. Some fans think otherwise, I don’t.

    Nazareth/LaSalle has the potential to be “whoever scores last” type of game. Both potent passing attacks.

    AW will probably romp over Pottsgrove.

    ACC/ Shamokin, tough game to call. ACC hot right now. Maybe Shamokin can out-score them?

    WC / Pen Arygl: See really how good PA is against a proven team. I see WC winning big.

    My thoughts anyway

  441. David Mika says:

    What game are you going too? Biggest matchup for Week 14?

    Friday I will be covering the Southern Columbia vs. Pius X game and Saturday I will be covering the LaSalle vs. Nazareth game.

  442. D4proud says:

    Sounds like last week when Shamokin didn’t even belong on the field with Clearfield last week when you had them getting mercy ruled by ACC. Scroll down and look at your posts from last week, I understand where you’re coming from, but Shamokin’s too stingy to ride them off.

  443. Buddy says:

    There’s no talkin’ to you O.L., I said PW is indeed LS home field ( not NEHS). You only read what you wanna read. Now that’s dense.

  444. Dan says:

    Johnny Mo –

    Nice to have another ACC supporter. I don’t want to get too overconfident after how this season went but I cannot see Shamokin having a chance in this game. Unless we have a ton of turnovers. And as far as Wood goes, Yea they have a great team. But the old saying goes – be careful of what you wish for you might just get it!!! Nosovitch went for 601 last year. And he is playing better than ever now. Hopefully we’ll see you in two weeks.

  445. fieldgoal says:

    @ O.L Coach

    Wood will run, run, run, ACC will pass, pass, pass! If your pass coverage is that good that you can contain Nosovitch and his entourage of receivers and keep them under their average then you will win easily, if not your win will be a lot harder, much harder! Hey the last time these two opposing style offenses were on the same field we all know the outcome! Hey, I’m realistic, I know Wood’s better than VV, but like I’ve said you gotta play the game!

  446. fieldgoal says:


    Gotta be realistic, Shamokin will not be within 4-5 TDs of ACC and I’m sure even Dog21 will agree with this! ACC’s strategy will be to hang a quick 35 pts. on you and get the mercy rule in effect by the 2nd half to give their starters a rest and get ready for Wood. You average 20 pts. a game ACC over 40 and like VV found out you score 54, the Vikes score 61 and you can’t compare your offense to that of VV! Not trying to be arrogant, it’s just the reality and the truth! BTW nice win over Clearfield, glad for your kids that they got this far!

  447. O.L.Coach says:

    @fieldgoal, this isn’t 2010; it’s a new year. If you believe Valley View had a good running game, just wait until you see AW! As for Wood having to “fight for every yard”; you must be kidding me! VV showed just how weak ACC is against the run; AW was watching. I would doubt if AW passes the ball once; all they need to do is run, run, run. ACC will never stop them; not once.

    Please don’t think that because Valley View ran for 584 yards that it makes them the equivalent of AW; they’re not.

  448. O.L.Coach says:

    @ Buddy, you can’t be this dense; I can feel it!

    NEHS is not LaSalle’s home field; LS plays no home games at NEHS. They use PW and when necessary, Springfield Montco.

    NEHS is used by D12 for almost all playoff games; don’t know why, they just do. I’m sure they have financial and other reasons.

    As for last year, YOU are making the assumption that D1 had no choice but PW; to be honest, D1 could have chosen any “neutral” field in D1 (meaning any field but NP), D1 chose PW, not the PIAA, not LaSalle.

    D12 uses NEHS because it is a “neutral” field in D12; D12 could not use PW as a site for any LaSalle game since it would not be a “neutral” field.

    Bottom line, in 2010, D1 had the choice of any D1 field with the exception of North Penn; D1 chose PW. This year, D12 would be the host school and could pick any D12 field with the exception of PW or Springfield Montc0.

  449. Perk Valley '75 says:

    You people are all soooo worried about where the AAAA eastern final will be held. It will be held somewhere in in District 11!!!!!!!

  450. D4proud says:

    ACC have a bye week this week? Should Shamokin even show up to play this Friday the way you armchair quarterbacks talk? Cannot wait too see Shamokin go toe to toe with them.

  451. John B says:


    i know lancaster catholic is a real powerhouse from what i heard but the red tornados are playing their best football in the playoffs, like i said before my team faced that truth the hard way in a real close game with them. Should make for a great game this weekend

  452. Buddy says:

    @ coach:

    coach, coach, coach, it’s ineqiutable man.

    Is PW LaSalle’s home field during the year? I believe that’s an rhetorical question. Does LaSalle play most of their playoff games at NEHS? “footballfan” says they do.

    My point is, when D1 host the Eastern final, like last year, it seems they have no choice but PW. Why? Is no other field available? Maybe not.
    Also, when D12 host, why must it be NEHS? Do you consider that ” nuetral” for most schools from D1? I’m trying to figure out why it’s the same 2 fields every year. Riddle me that please.

    Anyway, we beat that to death. What are you high school football guru’s picks for the upcoming weekend games? Now try to be objective. I will.

  453. fieldgoal says:


    This game might be closer than people think! No doubt ACC’s the big underdog, but as you may well know they’re going to score and put up a lot of points, so far through 13 games nobody’s been able to stop their high power offense. Believe me Wood will have to fight for every yard they get and just plain outscore them if they’re going to win. VV had a great powerful running game and scored a lot of points but not enough to beat ACC, maybe Wood will be the first but you gotta play the game!

  454. johnny mo says:

    Guess were gonna have to wait and see

  455. Kmac says:

    @ Buddy:

    Thank you for the info about the bye; as you say- problem solved!

  456. Buddy says:


    Of course NP would never host a game at their field at this stage of playoffs, I know that. There is no arguement there. I also know they alternate who is the “home” team every year. Maybe LaSalle plays their playoff games at Northeast, but they play their home games at PW. NP played “away” games for both LaSalle & St.Joes prep this yaer, both at PW. My point is, if NP & LaSalle both make the Eastern final, excellent chance it will be at PW, which is LaSalle’s “home” field. Am I right? Just saying.

    @ KMAC:

    Get over this bye week. If things pan out, it will be no more next year. When PCL ( & PBL) joined PIAA several yaers ago, it made the playoff scenrio a cluster. D1 will probaly go to an 8 team field. Problem solved.

  457. Dog21 says:

    Not this year Johnny Mo; Wood will return the favor from last year. Have you seen Wood play this year? Much better than last year and ACC defense could be one of the worst defenses I have seen this year. ACC will need to pass for 1000 yards if they have any shot vs Wood.

  458. O.L.Coach says:

    Buddy, buddy, buddy; it’s simple man.

    Each year D1 and D12 alternate who is hosting the final; the field used is a neutral site in the District who is hosting. So, last year, it was PW and yes, NP was the “home team” and D1 was hosting. This year, if it is LaSalle vs. D1, it will be at NEHS and LaSalle will be the “home team” host. It’s really easy to understand.

  459. Kmac says:

    I have been reading all of the posts in this line and have been thinking (very dangerous). No matter what side of the fence you sit on: a)It gives a team a chance to rest and heal, of b)It interrupts the momentum and creates rust; isn’t it time to get rid of it and just even the field for all. Eliminate the “questions” about it? My thinking doesn’t extend to a solution, I’m not that smart. But shouldn’t bye weeks in playoffs be eradicated, snuffed out, done away with,eliminated. No more byes! Nor more byes! No more byes!

  460. Football fan says:

    Buddy if you were at the game last year you would know that North Penn was on the home side & that it alternates each year between district 1 & district 12 for the site. Last year it was District 1 & this year 12 is home. LaSalle plays their playoff games at Northeast. It has nothing to do with higher seed at this point. The PIAA picks the site, & Plymouth is one of the few local sites that allows their field to be used at this point with a turf field. I have no idea why you are arguing, this is true for every quarter final round that it alternates each year between all the districts. The quarter final game would never be at North Penn no matter who they are playing.

  461. dylan says:

    @john b, yes i agree mount carmel is a very good team, but they will lose to lancaster catholic, the real 2A powerhouse

  462. johnny mo says:

    I seem to remember your post from last year about wood being bigger, more athletic, and skilled then central we all know how that game turned out… But this is a diffrent year and a diffrent team I think this game will be the most anticipated game of the year with the most points scored in piaa playoff history. Wood can run for 800 yards but central will throw for 1000….

  463. Rciffo says:

    Buddy, I asked a bunch of questions about the same stuff. Based on not getting an answer (not that I am owed an answer) I would assume:

    1. Dist-1/PIAA has no authority to compel a member school to host a playoff game.

    2. If they host a game, a school is responsible for the expenses and Dist-1/PIAA keeps gate receipts.

    If these are incorrect, please tell me how.

    If correct, its a wonder any school would want to host a playoff game in PA.

  464. newman says:

    PW is a D1 site. It is not North Penn’s home field, but they would have been the home team. D12 mostly uses Northeast High School for their “home” playoff games.

  465. Buddy says:

    @ footballfan:

    North penn last year was NOT home for the semi-final. Home field for them is in Lansdale, Pa. I was at the game too. PW is LaSalle’s ( & Prep’s) home field when they play games during the year & playoffs when it goes to the higher seed. So LaSalle has everything to do with that site. Having said that, I know that LaSalle ( nor Prep) have anything to do on picking that site when it comes to “neutral” sites duing playoffs. When you get to the Eastern Final ( & the D1 final for that matter), they supposedly must be played at neutral sites. So D12 this year might be deemed the ” home” team, but the game is, supposedly, played at some neutral site. Why they seem to always play at PW must be that there is no other field that will host. Not sure why that is.

  466. Football fan says:

    Just some info on last years semifinal. D1 was the home team for that game,so North Penn was home not LaSalle.I was at that game. LaSalle had nothing to do with that site. LaSalle has not played a single playoff game at their home field this year. This year D12 would be the home team.

  467. Dog21 says:

    Johnny mo
    I was at ACC vs VV. Man, what a game. You have to give both teams credit-exciting game from start to finish. VV ran for like 500+ yards. I think Wood could run for 800 on ACC. You are correct-ACC will score against Wood, but Wood’s defense is much better than what VV had to offer. Wood will score points in droves on ACC. The question in this game really comes down to Wood’s defense being able to hold ACC offense in check. As crazy as this sounds, if Wood hold ACC offense to 30 points, Wood will still win the game. If VV put up 54, Wood could possibly put up 80. Wood’s line is bigger and more athletic and their RB’s are much better than what VV had. Nothing against VV as i thought their RB’s were very good, but Wood’s running game on a different level.

    I do expect the game to be closer than my original post stated. Reason-It is a rematch game and ACC will be a heavy underdog with nothing to lose.

    By the way, I don’t think Wood is scared.
    Nosovitch is a man child for sure-probably the best QB PA has seen in a very long time.

  468. Buddy says:

    @ JB:

    Double A ? That’s elementary school kids right? πŸ™‚ Only playin’. Couple of years ago I believe Jeanette might have beaten any school in the state, except North penn of course.

  469. mark d says:

    football 101 turn the ball over you lose a.c.c had one turnover valley view 4 and that q.b the best i have ever seen in h.s you cant give him extra chances if you do he put up 8 td on you good luck a.c.c

  470. John B says:

    Looking through this i have not seen one reference to the powerhouse lurking from district 4 in 2A called Mount Carmel, they beat my school who is also a power in our district and i know that they could win against many of the other 2A teams in the state. JMO but Mt Carmel deserves a lot of respect from everybody.

  471. Buddy says:

    @ redwolf:

    Too far ( PPL). Unless they donate the park, gaurantee D1 won’t pay for it.

  472. Redwolf says:


    North Penn played an away game against LaSalle at P-W on September 3. District 1 and North Penn probably agreed to allow D12 to host the game at P-W last year because the alternate was Northeast HS, which was farther from North Penn, and many of the Knights had played at P-W before.

    I agree that the week off for D12 gives an unfair advantage, but PIAA doesn’t seem motivated to do anything about it. Apparently it was originally justified by Thanksgiving games, but some of the schools that played those games (North Catholic) no longer exist. Looking at the master schedule, St. Joe’s Prep, Roman, Ryan, Judge and Neumann-Goretti played on Thanksgiving.

    Since the state tournament officially began last weekend, there is no reason that the PIAA wouldn’t require that the D12 final be played as part of the tournament. Except, of course, under the table, unspoken deals that were made to get D12 into the PIAA.

  473. johnny mo says:

    The way I see it now for central and wood in the eastern final wood should be afraid. We may not have the greatest d but step it up when needed you can score on us but we will always come back. When was the last time wood was actually challenged? When was the last time you played an entire game down to the wire? Be afraid wood.

  474. Redwolf says:

    PPL Park – http://www.philadelphiaunion.com/ppl-park

    Even more far fetched than Villanova.

    I don’t see how LaSalle could complain about either H-H or Souderton after last year hosting the game at P-W. I would consider H-H and Souderton parking almost equal. The high school parking has a traffic light onto Horsham Road. It’s a bit of a walk to the stadium, but not really any farther than Coatesville.

    You CAN park off of Babylon Road (Simmons Elementary, Horsham Library, business campus), closer to the stadium, but that isn’t “official” parking AFAIK.

  475. Rciffo says:

    1. Why does District 1 have such problems with fields?

    2. What are in the bylaws of the PIAA, District 1 and the individual leagues with respect to fields? Do they have the power to compel a school to host?

    3. What % of the revenue do the hosting schools get? What % goes to District 1? Does anyone else get a share?

    4. Who pays the people who work the game? School? District 1? Other?

  476. Buddy says:

    @ redwolf:

    D1 is way too cheap to use a college field, plus they fight change.

    @ Mike:

    What is PPL Park?

    @ SEPA:

    Souderton would be ideal. If it’s LaSalle, they probably would protest because it’s not neutral enough. It shouldn’t be PW for sure ( like last year), that is LaSalle’s home field. I rather do H-H. But God-forbid D1 officials consider change!

  477. rccat88 says:

    I’ll agree, N.A has a great defensive scheme and really get at you, but the other three remaining teams are definitely beatable, State College? C’mon, and Wilson has played many sub-par teams this year. And Buddy, are you sure LaSalle plays their home games at PW? How did they get away with playing the semis there last year? And what about the extra week off for D-12? Who makes up this tourney schedule, why not have D-12 wait a week before starting playoffs?

  478. SEPAGuru says:

    CRS’s fan base is pretty weak. Should be a NP biased crowd for sure.

    Would love H-H or Souderton for the Eastern final although I’m not sure how H-H would handle parking which is the big problem with PW.

  479. Brody Young says:

    @ adam

    with all do respect, hold on now, dont count your chickens before the eggs hatch, who says its gonna be ACC playing wood next week ?

  480. Malone says:

    The Western AAAA finalist will be the state champion in my eyes. I’ve seen all four Eastern PA AAAA schools. None of them have the team to compete with the Western schools (most likely NA again). LaSalle and Nazareth will be a better game than NP-CR South. North Penn will win that contest by 2 TD’s. LaSalle is more physical than Nazareth but I cannot see (unless bad weather) LaSalle holding Nazareth below 21-28 points. I think a shoot out could ensue. Why not? ACC & Valley View showed that the scoreboard at BASD can count really high!

  481. LL Fanna says:

    Any thoughts on the CD – Wilson game at Hershey? In either case this will likely be the end of the road for the winner against North Allegany. D3 just hasn’t been able to cut it at the 4A level – particulalarly against D7.

  482. Mike says:

    How about PPL Park??

  483. Redwolf says:


    I know that there has been talk of using Villanova’s field for the D1 or Eastern final, but the cost is prohibitive. (I remember hearing rental between $10,000 and $20,000, but that was probably just a rumor) Bottom line is District 1 is too cheap to give the host school enough money to make the game attractive. I would imagine that the available sites for the Eastern final would be the same 4 considered for the D1 final: PW, HH, Souderton & Tennent. Hatboro-Horsham might not be too bad.

    I’ve also wondered if hosting the D1 final at West Chester University might not be a good idea. This is a state subsidized facility, so there is no reason that they would have to make a profit off of PIAA.

  484. Buddy says:

    Why do they constantly go to PW? It is terrible on traffic & parking is really limited. Seating ain’t the best either. Don’t some of these other schools warrent attention? I mean, they make $ if they host a game right? The semi-finals will not go to Hershey. Never have, never will. The semi-final will probably be at PW again. Of course if LaSalle is involved, it shouldn’t be at PW, that’s their home field. But that never seems to matter( like last year). This is definetly bulls**t!!

  485. rccat88 says:

    PW is small with poor traffic, seating, and parking issues, but if that’s the site, so be it. I hope folks in the state office make the decision to have the semifinals in Hersey, especially for us folks who love high school ball. 2 games of quality opponents this time of year, why not?

  486. Jeff Smith says:


    Yeah the fanbase at Garnet Valley has always been crazy, even though they have one of the smallest enrollments. Garnet Valley has 540 male students enrolled, 90 of them are on the team and another 50 are on the freshman team. it just goes to show the excellence that a little school like Garnet Valley does

  487. Mike says:

    I’m curious to see how well the CRS crowd travels. I was shocked that they couldn”t even fill thier own stadium last Friday. GV brought a better crowd than CRS did and they came 60 miles to support their team. Very impressed by the GV fan support!!

  488. Kmac says:

    @ Big C

    Understood, Big C; I read nothing negative in your comments. I agree you should be back again. If I lived in the Glen Mills area I would LIVE at Moe DeFrank Stadium. For the first time I have ever seen the Jag’s I would love to follow them, but the travel is just too much after follwing high school football for the last 61 seasons!

  489. JP says:

    It has been confirmed. NP vs CRS Friday night at PW. Start time pushed back to 7:30 because of traffic concerns.

  490. Big C says:


    I was not taking anything away from crs . They have a great program and a lot of tough kids. Gv would have had to play great to beat them. Just making a point to suburban1 CRYBABY about the program at GV we don’t cry .and we will be back

  491. JP says:

    NP vs CRS at PW on Friday at 7:30… as per Kevin Cooney. Have not heard official word.

  492. Redwolf says:

    Kevin Cooney (@KevinCooney) and TJ Smink (@tsmink77) just tweeted PW at 7:30 on Friday.

  493. Redwolf says:


    Winterized fields is not a recent excuse. D1 has been using it for years. PIAA District 1 has no control over when schools winterize their fields. It is decided by the school district facilities staff. Some facilities cannot stand a hard freeze, and need to be winterized by early to mid-November. (I believe War Memorial is one of these facilities).

  494. Redwolf says:

    Kyle Berger (@bergerkg) tweeted that the 4 sites under consideration for NP-CRS are Tennent, Souderton, H-H, or P-W.

  495. Kmac says:

    @ Ed

    Good information on enrollments; thanks. Like you I always felt that if you get 108 out for football, you have a better chance of having a “great’ team, than if you get 50 out. But it’s not automatic. I do not know for a fact, but always heard that in the glory days of C B West, they were one of the smallest of the 4A schools in the league.

  496. Kmac says:

    @ Big C

    I do not think there is any doubt about GV having a quality program and quality QB. I was at the GV/CRS game and was very impressed by GV overall. But in the end they had no defensive answer for CRS’s triple option offense. Six possessions six scores for the Rock South. No matter how many more times GV might have scored, they had to find a way to shut Rock down. Maybe???

  497. Ed says:

    Suburban One SHOULD be the best league, because the biggest male enrollment is there. Number from PIAA.org.

    North Penn (Lansdale) Suburban One 1538
    Upper Darby Central Leag 1498
    Pennsbury Suburban One 1395
    Neshaminy Suburban One 1295
    Abington Suburban One 978
    Central Bucks South Suburban One 930
    Pennridge Suburban One 927
    Bensalem Suburban One 872
    Council Rock North Suburban One 858
    Ridley Central Leag 850
    Coatesville Ches-Mont Le 823
    Central Bucks East Suburban One 807
    Souderton Suburban One 807
    Council Rock South Suburban One 789
    Downingtown East Ches-Mont Le 781
    Conestoga Central Leag 760
    Central Bucks West Suburban One 732
    Haverford Central Leag 719
    Perkiomen Valley Pioneer Athl 702
    Avon Grove Ches-Mont Le 700
    Quakertown Suburban One 670
    Downingtown West Ches-Mont Le 650
    Penn Wood Delaware Val 638
    West Chester East Ches-Mont Le 597
    Garnet Valley Central Leag 567
    Unionville Ches-Mont Le 539

  498. hentz says:

    @ SEPA:

    Where you hear the D1 final is at PW? Forward the website that has that info. Thanks

  499. Rciffo says:

    District 1’s latest excuse for the location is that other schools are “winterizing” their turfs. That’s what was reported for the Pottsgrove-Phoenixville game when people wanted it at Spring-Ford which is an excellent facility and approx 9 miles from both schools. District 1 heads need to show a little leadership, pick out candidate fields and tell them not to winterize until notified. The PW folks were very nice and very gracious. Yet it was a tough location for last nights championship. I think they were understaffed a bit. The guy taking tickets moved to the concession stand. Germantown Pike going from 2 lanes to 1 at the Chemical Rd intersection made for quite a nasty traffic backup when coupled with the Mall traffic on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Parking was tight, the concessions were limited to soda, philly pretzels and hot dogs. Thank God it wasn’t cold because there was no hot chocolate or coffee.

  500. hentz says:

    CBW field is always shut down this time of year. And no, it’s not too close to NP. Just about in the middle of the 2 schools. But it’s a moot point. Looks like PW, much to my dismay. Tennant’s field just can’t handle the crowd. Souderton would be ideal ( if still open), but CRS would cry that’s not neutral enough. This would be no problem if it just went to the higher seed, like other districts do. I’ll bet it’s tennant. Get there early if you wanna sit.

  501. Big C says:

    Gv won 11 games with a never quit bunch of kids. They were down and came back every game. If their qb played the entire game against crs the outcome could of been different.by the way that qb was 21 of 28 for 268 yds with 2 tds and 83 yds rushing in one and a half games against your great suburban1 teams. You should really do research before you talk.

  502. rccat88 says:

    Great game last night between Easton and Nazareth, Nazareth has a great 1-2 punch, should be solid game with LaSalle. LaSalle has a great chance to redeem last year’s loss to NA, who barely won last night in OT against an excellent Upper St. Clair team (UStC maybe 3rd or 4th best in state). This is a great Quarterfinals everyone, get out and see some games this week!

  503. rccat88 says:

    NP/CRS game should be at War Memorial since its roughly 12 miles between both schools. PW is a bad location, the field/seating is too small, plus it would be a much greater drive for the #1 seed, makes no sense. Who ever thinks Coatesville (2008 and 2009) for ANY tourney games for Suburban 1 teams should be put in a white coat, lousy drive, lousy location (especially when NP played Liberty in 2008- yeah lets make all the fans drive 1-2 hours). Souderton has a nice field.

  504. SEPAGuru says:

    I think the Suburban One league overall is the class of District 1. I don’t really think any other argument can be made. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of other phenomenal programs out there like Ridley for one, but year in and year out the SOL produces.

    Just an opinion. I think a big reason why the final margin of the CRS-UD was 34-7 was due to the fact UD has so many players going both ways and because UD is pretty undersized. UD would have been tied at half if not for a bad center snap. Gained the most yards against CRS’s first team D so far in the playoffs I believe. One of these years they’ll get some size.

    LS over NP
    NA over SC
    NP over CRS
    Wilson over CD
    Don’t really know too much about the last match-up though.

    Just read that the D1 final will be at PW so that’s for everyone that wants to know.

  505. steve says:


    Jeff smith is definitely right

  506. Jeff Smith says:


    You know nothing about high school football

  507. bro47 says:

    I agree with Lloyd that Pennsbury will always be a bridesmaid until Snyder learns offensive football it’s a shame so much talent without a good offensive game especially against the big boys

  508. Suburban1 says:

    @steve… Your comment would be based on the fact that I disagree with you? Or it doesn’t align with the reality that they GV was dominated by CRS? Or that you know GV was fortunate to get past CB south?

  509. Mike says:

    @ Suburban 1…..why are you such a GV hater?

  510. Redwolf says:

    Waiting on CR South / North Penn location.

    War Memorial is probably too close to North Penn. PW is possible. Coatesville would seem to be way too far. 3 years ago, North Penn-Neshaminy final was at Tennant, which is a great field, but lousy visitor seating.

    A lot of fields are already shut down for the winter, limiting available venues. D1 will also get to host the Eastern final.

  511. steve says:

    @suberban 1 you obliviously dont know anything about football

  512. Rciffo says:

    Pottsgrove defeats Phoenixville 42-13 to win the District 1 Class AAA championship. Next up…Archbishop Wood.

  513. Buddy says:

    @ Kmac:

    No PW. It’s bad Karma for us. I’m sure it’s the field you know πŸ™‚

  514. Kmac says:

    The ideal location for NP/CRS would be War Memorial Field in Doylestown. It’s almost exactly halfway between Lansdale and Newtown/Richboro, its turf, and with capacity. A rumor going for Plymouth-Whitemarsh, though. Strictly rumor.

  515. Buddy says:

    @ staff:

    When will they determine, and when will you post, where & when the NP/ CRS game will be?

  516. Matt Alkire says:

    Man, I had a buddy who graduated from Valley View ask me for a prediction on their game and I said ACC, but I never expected such an epic game.

    I would have LOVED to have been at that game.

    Talked to one of ACC’s standouts today and they spoke so highly of Valley View.

    Great to hear the mutual respect from players.

    Can’t wait to get that DVD in my hands!

  517. Jeff Smith says:


    I don’t know about the game being long gone. The score was 24-12 coming out of the half and Garnet Valley had the ball 1st with their starting QB, and then 2 plays later he went down. The point i was trying to make is that u said Garnet Valley was the worst 1 loss team and i definitely disagree with that, and you also said they wouldn’t stand a chance in Suburban One when their track record states other wise (3-1 in Playoffs)

  518. Bruce says:


    The game was long over before their qb went down. CRS played 4 quarters of football and didn’t wait till the second half to get out of the gate like they did against UD and DTE. If they can do it again against North Penn then you could be looking at a CRS v.s. Nazareth/Easton eastern final. La Salle is going to be knocked off mark my words

  519. Rover says:

    I wouldn’t look past the Easton /Nazereth winner.Easton played Lasalle tough last year.It was a one score game in the 4th before a pick was thrown and ran back.If and when Easton gets past Nazereth they will cause Lasalle some problems.Very goog run defense and cornerback play is the best in a few years.

  520. Jeff Smith says:

    Suburban1, you are actually very wrong, get your facts right before you start talking. Garnet Valley is 3-1 against Suburban 1 teams in the playoffs. Last night, they lost there starting Quarterback with a torn ACL and it hurt them great amounts. They had to put a Sophomore QB in

  521. O.L.Coach says:

    @adam, if Valley View rushed for 548 yards, AW is likely to rush for 800 – 900 yards!

  522. joe says:


    You do realize that GV lost their starting QB on the opening drive in the third quarter while they were still down only 12? The game would have been completely different if that wasn’t the case.

  523. O.L.Coach says:

    @suburban1, so the day after GV loses, you come one here telling everyone YOU knew they coulnd’t do anything. I am impressed; next time, do it in advance.

  524. George says:

    MCA is going all the way this year so the people over at the high school better make the trophy case bigger because they’re going to need the extra room.

  525. Buddy says:

    Look for a NP/LaSalle re-match

  526. Suburban1 says:

    I was at the CB south GV game last week. Wasn’t at all impressed w GV. Thought the offense was one dimensional and the dfense was invisible. Same thing last night. They never stopped CBS. Never stopped CRS. if they were a SOL team theyd be a 4-5 win team at best. Too small. Too finesse-y. No QB.

    And as to last week, Not sure what game you saw but all the pass interference, holding calls and others on GV were valid. South made stops every time they needed to. Down 10 2x, and came back to take the lead both times and again on the last drive to take the lead. They also made the stop on 4th down but the oficials decided that they were going to get involved. The mystery call at the end was made when the game was over, and GV had been stopped again. That whistle should’ve been swallowed, Because ultimately the play and game was over.

  527. Lloyd says:

    No disrespect to north penn I just don’t see them winning

  528. Lloyd says:

    At the phs Np game mp is a very goof team but to honest I really wish pennsbury thought out side the box like beck it’s a shame phs had a lot of talent but they always seems to….. till snyders out of there it will be hatd for them to win state chips but phs has a lot of kids and will always make the playoffs
    Good year by Phs … Np keep rolling till eastern pa finals where they’ll lose again

  529. adam says:

    incredible 3A game btween acc and valley view, valley view has some big boys and alot of heart i didnt expect that game to be that close valley view gave everything they had and i respect them as an acc fan. nosovitch was just on point tonight other than that under thrown int he played out of his mind acc’s speed is unreal they have the best offense in the state as far as im concerned its a shame their defense is so pourous and cant stop anybody or they would repeat. congrats to both teams its a shame to see anyone lose that game but it was very entertaining and acc should put up some more ridiculous offensive numbers before they run into wood who might hang 80 on them because they want revenge, mercy rules wont matter wood wants to destroy acc

  530. Brian B. says:

    ACC’s offense can be absolutely incredible..their defense however, is the thing that will haunt them going forward. Another question, I know Gulyas is small but you’d think more schools would be lookin at him then there is.. just my opinion..thoughts?

  531. jim says:

    @ Dan, thank you, ITS ACTUALLY ashame somebody had to lose, unfortunatly we wefe on the wrong end, anywho valley view has nothing to hang there heads for.Again great game, and congrats. while your kid is happy, i got a couple devasted on my end. Lol

  532. Thomas6 says:

    Hey Suburban1 fan, if you were @ the GV- CBS game last week you would have seen it took until the end of the game for the officials to get it right (you get gifts for christmas not @ football games), yes CRS was the better team tonight, helmets of to them

  533. Dan says:

    I Would like to offer my congratulations to Valley View on playing a fantastic game tonight. I am a diehard ACC fan. My son and I were both at the game tonight and we will never see anything like it again. Ever! We were very fortunate to win this game. 584 rushing yards for you guys. Amazing. And 8 touchdown passes from Nosovitch with 496 yards passing. 9 catches and 225 yards and 5 touchdowns for Gulyas. 8 catches and 200 yards for Snyder-Scipio. Like I said probably the greatest game I have ever seen in 40 years.

  534. JRR81 says:

    Great Game VV, Left a few loafs of bread out there but you hung in there with them. Great season for the kids.

  535. Suburban1 says:

    GV was probably the worst one loss team out there. they squeaked one out thanks to an ridiculous officiating gift last week, and got punished tonight by CRSouth. Either CR or NP will wear LaSalle down

  536. jim says:

    Would like to give congrats to ACC, QB is amasing;better yet outstanding; some costly turnovers on are end,but one exciting football game! Again congrats ACC! we are VV, GOOD LUCK The rest of the way!! WE’LL be rootin for ya!!

  537. Matt Alkire says:

    Haha, this is classic.

    “If we met in person you wouldn’t be talking to me like that.”

    Some internet tough guys here Funkster.

    Heck, I chilled with Picciotti in high school and not even Dustin ran at the mouth like that; and he had juice.

    How bout them Wood boys!

  538. Austin Mio says:

    I know its been a week now, but was anyone at the EC division II championship? North Penn should be disgusted with their stadium and “locker rooms.” I play for Tamaqua, and we took the 2-and-half-hour bus ride, which wasn’t a problem. We pulled up at the school and went in a decent locker room thinking that the field was on the other side of the school. Not the case. The stadium is on the other side of town. At halftime, we were put in a metal garage/barn with a white board and lawn mowers instead of benches. North Penn sat under a tree for half time. They used the public bathrooms and Tamaqua “did our business” in the woods. Also, the officiating was terrible. On the gamewinning touchdown, the North Penn receiver pushed the corner to the ground while the ball was in the air to make the catch, no flag. On the last play, Tamaqua was called for ineligible receiver (which it was), but when the ref was making the call he was giving exaggerating motions as if celebrating. When the teams received their medals, the refs clapped for North Penn but not Tamaqua.

  539. Huck says:

    Marvin — Well, the Public 2A schools should be able to compete. None of them are neighborhood schools. Bok can get kids from all over the city, it’s city-wide school. Imhotep, Del Val, Comm. Tech, and Prep Charter are charter schools, that can draw from all over the city. Have you seen some of their basketball teams recently? Enough already!

    There are no football scholarships at WC. However, EVERY student in the ENTIRE school is eligible for financial aid. Sure, on average nearly 90% of all WC students get some sort of FA, averaging out at about 50% ot tuition covered. Still, parents are paying something. Furthermore, WC is currently a few boys over the class 1A cutoff.

    WC’s mission has always been to service the poor. Thanks to a strong alumni base they have been able to assist in tuition for a lot of kids, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend the school over the last 10-15 years. Hopefully, this will continue, but WC is doing great things for the community. 95% of it’s students go onto some sort of college after graduation. That’s the important part.

  540. Thomas6 says:

    I hope the officials can get it right this friday @ CRS vs GV. Nobody is perfect but come on, these kids play by the rules so should the refs. Last week GV & CBS not only battled each other but some of the most ridiculous officiating I have seen all year

  541. Colin says:

    I heard from a few folks that there are a few philly catholic schools rumored to be on the chopping block. Can anyone shed any light?

  542. Jim says:

    Dog 21 i am clueless, thanks for being here. The readers are much smarter with your insights into the catholic schools. We’re soory to single them out. All these great kids just happen to attend these schools for the religious education

  543. Jim says:

    Hey marvin 10% is the. Compliment to your 90% so a catholic school say acc has 1200 students? so 10% is 120. Do you concede that maybe 10-20 are those football players who are probably not practicing catholic are getting a free ride. They recruit to elementary and middle school .

  544. Buddy says:

    For what it’s worth:

    CRS over GV
    Too much running game, & their defense
    much better then CBS

    Nazareth over Easton
    Simply too much offense

    NP over Pennsbury
    This is the toughest one. Being an NP
    fan, this might be wishful thinking.
    Don’t know how NP is gonna handle the
    size of Pennsbury. Obviously, being
    away doesn’t faze PHS at all. Beck’s
    gotta dig down deep for this one.

  545. Lloyd says:

    GV over CR great game kinda of a toss up but something says GV should be a good one

    Phs over Np

    Easton over Nazareth…. Easton is the champs till they get knocked off right

  546. Thomas6 says:

    GV vs CRS… can’t wait to see a great game.CR community has opened their doors to welcome our traveling fan base and “Jag Nation” see you on friday night

  547. Dog21 says:

    This is America and I can make any statement I want, so don’t tell me what I can or cannot say. Got it? And yes I can accurately make the statement that 90% of the parents ARE paying full tuition for their kids. Why? Because it IS a fact. Most Catholic schools are allocated a couple scholarships for families who need financial assistance. Most schools offer 2-3 max! The kids who want to go to ACC,WC, Wood, or any other Catholic school pay the $5,000+ per year. I personally know several players from the inner city of Philadelphia whose parents are working overtime etc to keep their son in the Catholic school. Why? Because they want to give their son a better chance of succeeding, both on and off of the field.

    So unless YOU have a “LINK” to back up your comment that Catholic Schools offer scholarships to all of these players, it is simply just speculation on your part now isn’t it?? Do you really think that WC gives numerous scholarships to its football players?

    You see, marvin, the difference between my post and your post is quite simple. Your local PUb team gets the snot kicked out of them every year from the rival Catholic team, so you want to cry that it is because they give all of these scholarships out. Nonsense. My post is accurate because I have been associated with catholic Schools for 30+ years and I know how it works.

    Got it?

  548. Red says:


    watch out everyone, lloyd is trying to pick online fights hahaha.

  549. Buddy says:

    @ Marvin:

    I think you are quoting the wrong comment. I never said a team is “easy’ to beat. Thus, there was no “funny statements”.

    @ Lloyd:

    Well kodos for the rings. But why you so hostile? You wanted Red’s e-mail address, you wanted to meet me at the game. That’s not the way it goes on these blogs. Threatening people will get you blocked from the website by Dave Mika ( one of the staff). Keep it civil.

  550. Lloyd says:

    I’m Cb west grad won 3 state tittles, I just live in the pennsbury distric and support np because of coach beck and pennsbury is a good team this year and agree with u on a lot of points. But I’ll be honst if phs thought out side the box they would have a little more hardware like I got on my hand thanks guys since u wanna no all about me I got 3 rings let’s just say I’m a winner. Thank you

  551. Marvin Hyde says:


    Please don’t make statements like 90% of the kids at said schools have their parents paying the tuition. Unless you have a link to back your statement than it’s speculation and not fact. West Catholic for a AA enrollment sized school surely does pump out division one players. I am a Philly guy and I know them playing AA isn’t fair. If you notice MOST if not all AA public schools will never be able to compete, it’s not excuses it’s the truth.


    If you have the talent any football team is “easy” to beat. That is a really stupid statement. As you watched NA last year destroy LaSalle. They had the talent to stop an Explorer offense which against solid competition was not that explosive. So please quit making really funny statements.

    Factual statement: I had a friend who definitely DID not have the money to go to a PCL school. He was a very good football player (late 90’s). They had a sponsor or something along those lines that picked up his tuition tab. Now do I really care about it? Even if it means they win titles and brag like crazy? No, because in the end it’s about getting an education and going on to higher learning. PCL schools do have very good education systems and a lot go on to college and do great things with their lives. I’d love to see the PCL play more Bergen Catholic/Don Bosco type teams. Challenge themselves a little more and play Greater Catholic League (Cincinnati, OH). That is better football than anything we see in the entire state of PA. Those teams would run circles around our teams and bull through our teams. The PCL is like the PSAC and the Greater Catholic League is the SEC of football.

  552. SEPAGuru says:

    I think the PCL 4A year in and year out is better than any other league in the area. La Salle, St Joes Prep, Roman Catholic would win any SOL conference and Father Judge would contend every single year. 3A this year is pretty good but typically top heavy with Archbishop Wood. 2A is always good just with West Catholic.

  553. bro47 says:

    La. Sale fans should be a little humble. La Salle has good teams because they have no borders they have kids busses in from 19 school districts and others must supply their own transportation which means all of southeastern Pa. This was not suppose to happen when they joined the PIAA. With catholic schools closing it only made the situation worse. Please back up to your trophy.

  554. Dog21 says:

    Hey Jim
    Free tuition? Who? Where? That’s BS. 90% of those kids’ parents pay their own way. You are clueless…

  555. hentz says:

    @ Lloyd:

    Obviously you are a juvenille. I was only trying to help you. We ( I mean all of us who post here), simply don’t understand a damn thing you’re saying. If you’re a Pennsbury grad, then it sure doesn’t bode well for that school. Stay off this website & stick to maybe Sesame Street.

  556. Jim says:

    At s recruiting from inner cities? I thought the students were good catholic Kids? Its a farce, reward kids by giving them free tuition to catholic Schools why the rest of us zlubs work 2 + jobs to keep our heads above water. Tired of kids from irresponsible one parent housholds getting freebies. Sorry let the catholic schools play each other and the public schools play each other.

  557. Red says:

    @Lloyd and Buddy:

    Buddy, thank you for backing me up. Lloyd, I don’t know what you’re saying. I’m just suggesting, add a period or a comma to separate your sentences. And Lloyd, I will certainly not give you my email address. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me who beat who, because it’s a scrimmage, and LaSalle has gone farther than Pennsbury in ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11. In my opinion, Pennsbury is easy to beat, if you have the talent. Their offense is very vanilla, with their fullback trap. They have size, but size can only get you so far.

  558. Lloyd says:

    Is this a spelling bee or we talking about football here cut the jokes big boy you wouldent be talking like that If we where face to face and if your coming to the phs np game Friday let me no well see if u got jokes then I’ll be wearing all black

  559. Buddy says:

    @ Lloyd:

    I’m not knocking your writing or spelling , but it’s gotten to the point where we simply don’t understand you. Try another approach. not sure what that would be, but give it a try anyway.

  560. Lloyd says:

    I was at the last 4 so don’t tell me and anyone who was there will say the same don’t tell me where Iv been and watt I seen phs beat them in 08 09 and 11 and dont tell ne how to spell and how to write it’s a message bored I’ll I’m saying they beat them in those years like it or not get your facts straight Lasall is better them pemnsbury but pennsbury beat them in those years… And watt douse it really matter but just no your facts befor you write ill send you the film and well see who won watts your email

  561. mark d says:

    dallas avg 36 point a game 6 on valley view defence crestwoood 31 points a game 0 on valley view defence scranton 29 points a game o on valley view defence deleware valley 28 point 7 on valley view defence guys these are facts make you own conclusion

  562. S says:

    The PCL is the strongest league in the East. They send more teams to the state finals in their short history of being in the PIAA. Their league is only going to get stronger.

  563. Red says:

    @ Loyd:
    You obviously haven’t been the the LaSalle Pennsbury scrimmage in recent years. LaSalle has beat Pennsbury every year for at least the past 7 years. Pennsbury’s coach will keep his starters on the field until Pennsbury scores more than Lasalle. LaSalle only keeps their starters on the field for maybe 2 series, then they get other kids reps. I remember in ’06, those kids were playing until about 10:00. Pennsbury couldn’t score, and their coach just kept sending his starters back on the field (and that was with CJ Marck). As soon as Pennsbury scored on the 3rd team 3 hours later, the scrimmage was over. So why don’t you get your facts straight Loyd. And try using some punctuation.

  564. Red says:

    @hentz, Buddy, and everyone else:

    I am not trying to slander the SOL league. Yea, it’s a good league. You’re still not giving credit to the PCL. Yea, there are some weak teams in the PCL, but the SOL is not God’s gift to earth. Not every team in that league is the best. Just like every other league, they have some weak teams. And yes, I could imagine having to play Abington, Pennsbury, North Penn…etc. every year. Wouldn’t worry me. Those teams are mediocre at best.

    Could you imagine having to play LaSalle, St. Joes’s Prep, Roman Catholic, West Catholic, Father Judge, Monsignor Bonner, every year. Ryan also was a team to be reckoned with in recent years past, with Joe Ziglinski. It wasn’t until recently that this team has been declining. And I’m pretty sure (actually 100% sure) that the almighty north penn lost twice this year to both PCL teams they played (LaSalle and Prep). If LaSalle and NP meet in the playoffs, I’d like to say LaSalle will win again, but I do have to give credit to NP. Going 0-4 against LaSalle in 2 years is a long shot. I think the NP might probably come out on top if a 4th meeting happens.

    @everyone else:
    I know everyone is going to disagree with me, and say that SOL is the strongest league blah blah blah. I’m just saying, give credit to the PCL teams. There are a lot of very good teams in AA, AAA, and AAAA aside from LaSalle, Wood, and West.

  565. Jake says:

    @ Lloyd

    Pennsbury beat LaSalle by 2 td’s in 2009 and again this year?? Come on Lloyd…you want to talk about pre-season games where the Pennsbury coach leaves his starters in well after LS has pulled their’s?? Come on man!! LS will be sending post cards from Hershey to your teams again this year. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  566. flippenphil says:

    The way i see it, ACC will have a terrible time trying to get bast D2. Pottsville played their worse this past game, but not because ACC was that dominant. Because Pottsville played their second string in most key positions.

    ACC showed very weak defense on the pass, a passing team could score 1 for 1 with them all night long. Just like ACC had a 1 play 80sh yard pass td play. likewise ACC deep coverage leaves plenty of pockets, with any type of protection on the Oline you have the making for a basketball scoring game.

    Weather will determine a lot come the next several weeks, every year excellent passing teams loss come strong winds, frozen temperatures and fields surfaces.

    Do not get me wrong, i would like to see ACC and D11 do well, i hope they make it to play ABW, and defeat them. ACC could actually end up being the team that went from catching all the luck in week 10 to get into District playoffs, to catching all the passes that get them the State AAA Championship.

    My post showed that with poor coaching, Pottsville not only played their worse game all season collectively, but explained it was because most of our team was players had not played a full quarter during the season.

    Why did they do this, well from what i gather Coach Keating (who needs to be fired) decided to choose a new scheme for this past week that would expose out weaknesses. Captains and starters disagreed. When players confronted him about it, he suspended them for 1 game. IMO that is just giving up on the kids, and playing a power play. IF the kids are not comfortable with it, consider what they bring to the table. But when you suspend your entire Line which starts both ways, how do you expect to make the blocks for the RB, or put pressure on an excellent Passing QB? You don’t, you simply do what Keating did and give up the entire game since play one.

    while ease dropping on a conversation right beside me in the bleachers before entering into it myself, several parents of players where talking about how if Keating stays their kids are not coming back next year. They were so proud of how the kids battle this season and turned the season around, but disgusted that many of those players stood on the sidelines all game in the District championship game.

  567. Buddy says:

    @ fieldgoal:

    You don’t get it do you? This game won’t be 10 to 7. It will be high scoring. That’s the point. I don’t think anyone can keep ACC off the scoreboard. Conversely, ACC can’t keep anyone off the scoreboard. If VV wins, it will be a shootout.

  568. Lloyd says:

    I no you rember the year pemnsbury beat Lasall the year they won the state tittle by 2 td’s 09 pepper qb and the saft at Pitt I no u forgot about that year and this year where pennsbury beat um lets get are facts stright befor be start talking and I’m
    A Np supporter
    And Np ain’t 2 td’s better then phs I’ll take np but pennsbury and np are 1and 2 every year most physical teams in d1 i think that is safe to say

  569. SEPAGuru says:


    Well CRS did beat CBS by 22 pts… GV Beat CBS by what 4? With a last second TD too? I think people have good reason to not give GV a chance but who knows, they might pull off the upset.

  570. S says:

    The Private schools around the state will keep improving especially ones around inner city areas. It’s common sense with the voucher process. They will give some of them to exceptional athletes. The reason why no one from the PCL can compete with Bosco, Burgen etc. is because they are getting major recruits in and out of the state of NJ. They are national powers. I saw Bosco smash De La Salle and Bergen. Bergen crushed La Salle, our best AAAA school. No schools from PA can compete with them, yet. Give it a few years and the PCL and teams like ACC will start getting even better athletes through vouchers. Kids not even from this state! They have no boundaries. That is why in NJ they are now separated for state championships. That is what the PIAA should do. Separate private and public for state playoffs.

    Who cares if the PCL gets a bye week. It is their tradition to have the PCL championships. Look at Easton, they will have played 3 games in one week (Scranton, Phillipsburg, Nazareth). It is tradition.

  571. fieldgoal says:


    You make it sound easy “all they have to do is outscore them”! Duh, sure that’s how you win games! But consider this, through 12 games the ACC scoring machine is averaging 40 pts./game including 40 & 41 pts in losses respectively against DTE and Parkland, two 4A very big and very physical teams (where BTW, ACC led in both of those games). If VV’s is going to win, it’s defense will have to keep ACC under their average, and they themselves will have to score big (no easy task!)if they can do that they deserve the win. However IMHO, the way ACC’s playing right now I don’t see it, what I do see is a long ride down to Bethlemem for VV and an even longer one back up!

  572. Rciffo says:

    OK. District 1 and the PAC-10 are doing their best to discourage attendance at the Dist 1 Class AAA championship between Pottsgrove and Phoenixville at Plymouth Whitemarsh High in Plymouth Meeting. I just heard the start time has changed from 1PM to 4PM. Unreal. At least the cheerleaders, bands, and players parents will get to see a good game.

  573. Scaife says:

    North Penn will defeat Pennsbury by 2 TD’s or maybe more. I have seen the Falcons twice this year and they didn’t look too good either time. I realize that Pennsbury has a big line, but NP will out physical that line (I’m not an NP supporter). NP is the most physical team in D-1 AAAA again this season.

    I think that in AAAA it looks like Easton/Nazareth/LaSalle vs. NP and CV vs. USC.

  574. Ken says:

    To all interested the district one triple a final is set for saturday 4 pm kickoff at plymouth-whitemarsh high school

  575. Jeff Smith says:

    No one ever gives Garnet Valley any chance. The big “Suburban One League Schools” are already crowned kings of the district. Just wait, come friday Council Rock South is going to see what Delaware County is about. Garnet Valley is the only team left thats not in the suburban league, and there not getting any respect.

  576. hentz says:

    @ coach:
    VV just has to out score them, like every other good team has. Conceded, no one likes a bye week, especially the team.


    PCL has some good teams. Giving credit. But in SOL, every year these teams play each other: Neshaminy, Pennsbury, Abington, CR South, etc. plus their invites. That’s a tough schedule.

    @ et al:

    NP over Pennsbury

    tough call. Pennsbury biggest team in D1. Don’t know how NP will handle that.

    CRS over GV

    Too much running game

  577. O.L.Coach says:


    Massey Rankings AAAA

    Nazareth Offense – 2
    LaSalle Defense – 1

    LaSalle Offense – 3
    Nazareth Defense – 13

    Should be a great game if Nazareth can make it past Easton.

  578. Buddy says:

    @ O.L.coach:

    It’s not a matter if VV can catch them, all they have to do is out score them. That’s what all the other good teams( ACC) played and lost to have done. If VV wins, it’s like 42 to 35, or around there. The bye week for LaSalle. I don’t think anyone on this site doesn’t concede it’s not good for LaSalle. I can gaurantee LaSalle doesn’t like it. A definite disadvantage for LaSalle or anyone else that has bye in the middle of playoffs.

    @ Red:

    Of couse I’m a bit bias towards Suburban one & specifically NP, I’m a fan of both. But I’m trying to look at it objectively. Sure, LaSalle played Bergen this year, buts that’s not done every year. There toughest game every year is Prep. Granted, this year Roman & Judge were good, but that’s typical either. I mean really, playing St. Maria Gorreti? C’mon now. Now if your in the SOL national, imagine playing every year: Neshaminy, Pennsbury, Abington, CR South, etc. , now there’s some power there. This doesn’t include NP, since the re-alignment several years ago, their regular season is a patsy. Not their fault, Beck didn’t wanna re-align. I’m giving you credit, PCL is tough, but only in regards to a couple of teams.

    @ et al:


    NP over Pennsbury
    This is tough. Rumor has it Pennsbury is the biggest team in D1. That’s saying something!! it’s a huge district. Don’t know how NP will handle that. Great game! I’ll be there!

    CRS over GV
    Running game damn near unstoppable. Defense much better then CBS

  579. james says:

    To Red, don’t have to think, Bosco is #1 in the country and Bergen Catholic is #21. As someone said here, take the PA Catholic schools and go play them. Apples to Apples

  580. james says:

    to Mark, I’m sure they’re all good catholic boys running to Church. Those who understnad football football don’t regard non public school teams because of cherry picking or what you folks hate to hear “recruiting” from feeder schools… ACC’s line better have extra pads on, VV hits hard and fast.

  581. O.L.Coach says:


    I hope VV can catch them to hit them; VV better have their running shoes on!

  582. O.L.Coach says:

    @Jay Mazz, how many coaches have you personally asked if they would prefer an off week when their team is hot or to play? Think about it; it’s not tough! You think Nazareth would like to be off this weekend after what they did to Parkland? Think ACC would like to be off?

  583. Bruce says:

    I see Nazareth or Easton getting by La Salle, just a gut feeling a have not due to any outstanding statistics or what not. It’s just one of those feelings you get sometimes where you think nothing matters other than who’s scored the most at the end of the game. I think North Penn handles Pennsbury 28-14 or around about score like that. I think CRS escapes Garnet Valley much the way they did Downingtown East, unless they can play two halves instead of being a second half team like they typically are

  584. SEPAGuru says:

    Pennsbury at North Penn.

    Last Week: 1-3
    NP over Pennsbury
    CR South over Garney Valley

    Pennsbury’s O-line vs North Penn’s very agressive defense should be interesting to say the least.

  585. Red says:


    FYI: La Salle played Bergen Catholic the past two years. And in my opinion, there is not one PA AAAA team that could beat this year’s Bergen team. I did not get a chance to see Don Bosco play against Bergen this year, but I know Bosco won. Bergen was a phenomenal team, and they pretty much owned La Salle (and I am a LaSalle alum and supporter). I don’t think there is any team in PA that would beat Bergen or Bosco.

    But back to everyone’s argument. Most schools get a bye sometime during their regular season. PCL schools don’t. IT just so happens that they start their playoffs a week earlier, and they happen to get a bye week after winning the city. Deal with it. It’t not an unfair advantage. It is what it is. If the other team is better, then the other team will win, regardless of when their bye week is.


    I know you’re super biased towards NP and the Suburban One league, but come on man. You gotta at least give credit where credit is due. How can you say that the only good team La Salle plays is NP? NP is a good team, I will give you that. But the PCL is traditionally a strong league. I’m not saying its always or will always be stronger than the other leagues, but you can’t say that there is not competition in the league. St. Joe’s Prep finished 3rd in the PCL this year, and they smoked NP. La Salle also played Bergen Catholic, the #2 team in Jersey (which is scary that there is a better team in Jersey ((Bosco))). LaSalle also scrimmages Pennsbury every year, and I cannot even remember the last time Pennsbury beat up on LaSalle. LaSalle has beaten up Pennsbury every year since I played at LaSalle. I don’t mean to come specifically at you, but it seems like everyone is so quick to slam the PCL schools, and say they have an unfair advantage, and they get a bye week so late in the season, and they have no boundaries, blah blah blah. Just give these teams credit where credit is due…

    Making a prediction for AAAA next year: Roman Catholic will make a run for states.

  586. Jeff Smith says:

    #5 Garnet Valley @ #1 Council Rock South. I’m picking Gv in an upset

  587. Doug says:

    Naz/Easton. . . to see the most explosive offense in the state do it again!

  588. Buddy says:

    Pennsbury/ NP

  589. David says:

    What game are you going to (Week 13)?

  590. Scaife says:


    Two years ago LaSalle got better competition in their league than they did in the playoffs? If I recall the Easton game played in a snowstorm featured Easton grabbing a quick 14-0 lead and LaSalle coming back to take a 17-14 lead. Easton was driving inside the 35 yard line twice and did not come up with points.

    LaSalle is very good once again this season, but let’s not act like the best competition they face is only in the PCL. In each of the last two seasons where they got to Hershey, their road to the finals was anything but blowouts (at least against Easton twice).

    I still from the preseason liked LaSalle in the state finals against either USC or PCC. Whelp, USC has a chance to get there again.

    I got to see Nazareth play once and if they meet LaSalle, watching LaSalle face a passing attack with a mixture of a 1,000 yard back will be interesting. Nazareth can score on anyone and that would be an awesome game to attend.

  591. Rciffo says:

    Not that anyone cares but the Dist 1 Class AAA championship between Pottsgrove and Phoenixville will be Saturday at 1pm at Plymouth Whitemarsh High in Plymouth Meeting. District 1 may as well have put it at Coatesville. I think these guys use 2 criteria to select a site. Who wants to staff it and who do they owe a favor to.

  592. Zorba says:

    Hey Zach, LS has to win 5 playoff games to make the state final like everyone else, just because the PCL league playoffs start a week earlier than D1 is not their fault so lay off the unfair advantage stuff like it’s their doing. Besides next’s years compressed schedule will take care of any bye week.

  593. S says:

    The PIAA needs to split up the private schools from public schools and shorten the season. It is evident from the past few PIAA championship outcomes that some form of standard needs to be implemented. The PCL teams dominate the East because they can draw from boundaries larger than a 4A school and still keep their student population low. The same thing happens in other states like New Jersey and they have split. Many fans and others around the state complain about the lack of competition they get out of the PCL and thats because our public schools are limited to the players they have.

    If the PCL and other private schools dominate so much in this state and claim it’s not that competitive, than go and put Bergan Catholic or Don Bosco Prep on your schedules. They are only an hour and half away. See how you compare to them.

  594. Zach says:

    Re: Bye weeks

    In A, D5 North Star is off this week while waiting for the WPIAL winner Sto-Rox or Clairton (who will be 13-0), not that it will probably give them an advantage.

    In AA, D1/12 West Catholic is off this week.

    In AAA, D12 Archbishop Wood.

    In AAAA, D12 LaSalle.

    No matter how you cut it, it isn’t fair. Divide each classification into four conferences as evently as possible, each conference into four divisions. The top four in each division (out of 8 to 10 or so) to give a 64 team field. Start it in Week 10, the finals are Week 15.

  595. Rciffo says:

    More from the Philly Inquirer on the Dist 1 AAA Championship game: Click here

  596. Fan says:

    The buy week is interesting, not familiar with the pros and cons outside of logical fatigue and injuries, but interesting debate.

    In terms of scheduling, how about being an Easton Red Rover this week…great test and win against a big Scranton team, now the turkey day rivalry against Phillipsburg, and then a date with 11-1 LVC champion Nazareth on Saturday night who just came off a 63-27 win against Parkland… 3 games in 8 days and you will never hear a complaint out of an Easton player past of present… great program, great coaching staff.

    If you want to see a great game/atmosphere/talent, make the trip to Nazareth saturday night ..this one might be one for the books

  597. Rciffo says:

    Wow…huge surprise in the Class AAA bracket! It was just updated to show the District 1 AAA Final being played at Pottsgrove Stadium on Friday, 11/25 at 7PM! I felt sure it would be at a neutral site. Also, since the Phoenixville – Spring-Ford was moved from Thanksgiving to Wed 11/23 7PM, I felt sure Phoenixville would ask for the playoff game to be moved to Saturday, 11/26.


  598. JP says:


    Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. It just seems that no one wants to give CR South their due credit. I hear all the critiques you mentioned and you are not the first person who has said them. It is easy to watch the film and determine what needs to be done against a team. It is an entirely different story executing the plan. I believe Mike Tyson said it best when he said, “Every fighter has a plan until he gets punched in the mouth.” (Even though I believe Joe Louis said it first).

    I don’t profess that CR South is the best football team on the planet. They are however the #1 seed in AAAA District 1, listed in the top 10 in the state on most polls, and are quickly becoming one of the best programs in the area. Vince Bedesem, and his staff, have the boys believing in the system. These players put the team above all their individual goals. They have a D1 commit, PJ Gallo, who switched from his natural DE position to linebacker. Not by coincidence, the defense has been playing MUCH better since these adjustments were made giving up an average of about 10 points a game. Take away the kick returns and scores on turnovers (2 fumbles returned for TD’s in one game) and the defense looks that much more impressive.

    The offense is running for almost 300 yards a game including almost 500 yards in their first playoff game. Do they throw the ball? No, not very often. Will they face a team that will shut down their triple option offense? Possibly, Penn Ridge and Pennsbury did a pretty good job against them.

    They could possibly go out and lose to Garnet Valley. That however will not diminish what they have done to date. Again, you are entitled to your opinion and not everyone has to love the Hawks. To say that you have seen them on film and in person and are “underwhelmed” does not seem like a fair assessment. Unless of course you are comparing all the teams to the CB West Bucks of the late 90’s… I don’t think that is what you had in mind.

  599. Jay Mazz says:

    Completely agree, Zach. And I’m not saying that LaSalle (or whoever comes out of D12) is not a good team or this and that… but getting a bye week halfway through the playoffs is undeniably an unfair advantage. I’d love to hear the reasoning for this.. even better, I’d love someone to try and tell me why it isn’t unfair.

  600. Buddy says:

    @ Ed:

    No PCL bias. I’m just saying the only team they play is NP. Granted, a good team, but I wonder how they would fare against other SOL teams ( Neshaminy, CRS, Pensbury etc.) if they played them on a regular basis. I contend there would be some loses in there for PCL.

    @ Zach:

    yea, it’s a cluster. Should be resolved when D1 goes to 8 teams next year ( high probability). I’m assuming they will leave the other side of the bracket ( D11, D12 etc.) intact.

  601. mark says:

    i under stand that a.c.c has a very good team . but i can tell you this valley view is bring and old fashion big 11 defence so buckel it up it going to be hitting for 48 min

  602. SEPAGuru says:


    Multiple reasons They didn’t play a gap sound defense. They tried to attack it the same way every other team has, which is a responsibility oriented defense. That sort of defense is how the double dive gets lose. Also, they were ineffective running the ball yet they continued to try and pound it inside… Any coach who watches CRS game film know they are vulnerable to quick passes, multiple shifts in formation as well as weak on the edge. You have a quarterback who can throw it and a WR (Jay Harris)who’s better than any DB on CRS… gotta be able to have a good game plan. It’s just my personal opinion that Mike Matta did not have a good game plan for CR South.

    I have an SOL bias (at least when they play other D1 teams) but I thought CR South was a thoroughly underwhelming team on film and in person and I still think that.

  603. Zach says:

    Does anybody else think the playoff system is one big cluster….? Byes halfway through the playoffs? PIAA needs to organize itself into regions and division like other states do. Throw out the old districts that clearly aren’t fair.

  604. Ed says:

    My comments to Buddy aside, La Salle is no lock to even get past the next game. To me this La Salle looks more beatable than any of the teams they have had the last four years. The coaching is awesome, the O-Line is terrific, their running game is solid and they have two great WRs. But the passing game has been inconsistent and the DBs can be vulnerable. I haven’t seen the other district one teams but North Penn has much talent. The turnover bug hurt them in the first game and that was a lifetime ago. I honestly wouldn’t make them the AAAA favorite.

  605. Ed says:

    Buddy, your anti catholic league bias is forever showing. Actually, most years the league is tougher that it has been the last two years. When La Salle won the AAAA championship two years ago, the best teams they played on that run were O’Hara and the Prep. Their league competition was certainly better than what they got from Easton, Ridley and State College High. The league was a little down the last two years, so we will see. But Prep absolutely wacked North Penn and finished third in the PCL.

  606. dylan says:

    @ Rciffo, that district 3 game between lampeter-strasburg and west york is only a semifinal game. and the district 3 championship games are all played at hershey

  607. Scaife says:


    Last year ACC played their first game outside the districts away…(forgot where they wanted) but it was D-11’s time to be the away team. So this year ACC is the home team, and it’s at BASD Frank Banko Field. Short answer, yes it rotates.

    Venues are chosen at neutral fields that have good seating and turf. I couldn’t give you any kind of an idea as to where they would play the other districts games.

  608. JP says:

    Not upset. Just don’t understand how Mike Matta’s coaching status is the reason for D’Town East losing. They were outplayed by a better team. The only decision you could second guess is them not kicking a FG at the end of the first half. That however did not lose them the game.

    Where was your SOL bias when picking against CR South? πŸ˜‰

  609. SEPAGuru says:

    No excuse in the CB South pick besides a SOL bias I suppose.

    No preview that I read reported that Kyle Kerrick was out… Also, I admitted I made a mistake which was thinking Mike Matta was an elite coach. I even said I was wrong. Calm down buddy.

  610. Rciffo says:

    Venue questions for the Class AAA experts.

    1. Does Districts 2 & 11 alternate the hosting site? I know that’s what District 1 and District 12 do. Just curious as to why its at Liberty?

    2. Where do you think the District 3 championship will be? Will they pick a site convenient to both West York & Lampeter Strasburg? District 3 is so big, I’d hate to see the kids on the bus for an hour long ride.

    3. Same question, different district…where do you think the District 1 game will be? Will they pick a site convenient Pottsgrove & Phoenixville? Spring-Ford is a top notch facility and its right smack between Pottsgrove & Phoenixville. Again, I’d hate to see them put the kids on an hour bus ride just to use Coatesville’s field. Plus, wouldn’t District 1 get more money at the gate if they used Spring-Ford since its so close to both schools?


  611. JP says:

    @ SEPAGuru
    So you go 1-3 on your picks and its because you didn’t know if the coach was any good or a player was hurt??? What was the excuse in your CB South pick?? Shouldn’t you KNOW this type of information before make your picks??
    You were wrong… own it and move on.

  612. SEPAGuru says:

    Well I certainly look like a fool. In my defense, I didn’t know Kyle Kerrick was injured and expected Mike Matta to be a better coach… which he’s not.

    Will definitely be making the trip to North Penn to see Pennsbury.

  613. John says:

    To you ACC fans… I wouldn’t start thinking about Archbishop Wood quite yet. You are going to have your hands full, and then some, with Valley View.

  614. Buddy says:

    hentz & Buddy : same

  615. hentz says:

    @ coach:

    You need reading classes I suppose. I was not supporting the bye week. On the contrary, I was stating that it will probably be eliminated next year when D1 goes down to 8 teams ( there goes your 64 team theory).

    @ freak:

    It’s a matter of opinion, not just the schedules, my opinion is the Suburban one is stronger then the PCL. In 2 weeks I’m either right or wrong. We’ll see, but if I’m proven wrong, try not to gloot.

  616. anthony says:

    Nazareth dominated Parkland after the first half.
    Their DC kept rotating lineman in to keep fresh legs in there and Parkland IMHO was a one dimensional team this year. Stop the run, you beat Parkland.
    Nazareth did that and if they beat Easton, which is going to be a great game, they will do some damage.

    Name one team that march down the field and score at will in a matter of seconds? Only Nazareth comes to mind.

  617. Dan says:

    It has been a tough year for ACC. Started out 2-5. But the guys never gave up. Instituted the no huddle offense in week 7. It has been unstoppable. The defense has also improved greatly. I will admit it took alot of luck to qualify for districts. I’m not proud of being 7-5. But we’re here and clicking on all cylinders. 7 posessions and 7 touchdowns against Pottsville. All but 1 took less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds to score. Nosovitch to Gulyas might be the greatest combination in PA high school history. I’m not saying a word. But to all those Wood fans you just better hope we’re still not around on December 9th. Because if we are we’ll definitely show up. Nosovitch, Gulyas, McDermott and company. Have a nice thanksgiving.

  618. hsfootballfreak says:

    @ Buddy, Buddy you made me spill my drink reading your post . Suburban one was awful this year , it took the last 2 weeks of the year to figure out who were the good teams . As I said check your so called FACTS . go to the website it clearly shows you strength of schedule not just what Buddy thinks ! In case you forgot Lasalle and Prep both beat North Penn . I give North penn alot of respect they actually go out and play real football programs, Bosco, Prep, Lasalle. As far as the rumor goes you actually got that right , Rod Stone’s going away gift to district 1 and 3 is to make the PCL teams go west to compete out there before going to Hershey I guess he wanted to make sure every year there would be a team from one of those districts in the championship game . It seems silly you can’t keep running away from the competition .

  619. bro47 says:

    The private schools which have absolutely no borders can draw from Neptune if they want to should have their own playoffs like New Jersey does they got it right

  620. O.L.Coach says:

    @Rciffo; stop crying about scheduling of playoff games. Look around the state, some teams get a bye into the third round of the playoffs. Many others have an off week during the playoffs; not just the PCL.

    D1 doesn’t have a bye week because they chose to let everybody and their brother into the playoffs! I hear they want to expand D1 to the field of 64 next year.

  621. O.L.Coach says:

    First of all, ask any “real” coach (as opposed to coaches like Buddy) and they will tell you when their team is playing well as you can assume any team still alive is, the last thing they want is a week off. Think about it; if you can.

    For those of you underestimating PCL teams, you need to get a hold of yourself (and not there)! It is probably at the AAAA level, the strongest league in the eastern half of the state top to bottom.

  622. D1FootballFan says:

    Like I said in an eariler post, the first team to score will win thw game – Garnet Valley 52 – Central Bucks South 48.

  623. jim says:

    great win today for VV next up ACC; should be a great game.

  624. Buddy says:

    @ hsfootballfreak:

    No drugs. Just facts. The PCL, particually LaSalle & Prep, throughout the year just isn’t that tough in most years except when they play each other. Granted, Roman & Judge are good teams this year, but not typically. They would have a tough time in the SOL National just like ” CR South fan” states below.

    @ Rciffo:

    Don’t worry about the bye week they now get. Rumore has it that starting next year, in an effort to shorten the season one week, D1 playoffs will go from 16 to 8 teams. The other bracket in the East will stay the same. Thus there will be no bye week.

  625. CR South Fan says:

    @HSFootballfreak – Judge lost to South already this year and was probably the 4th best opponent. They were good but would have a fight in the SOL National. Not take anything away from Judge or LaSalle which are good teams and more importantly good programs. As for no defense, well some teams don’t buy not coincidently CRS, North Penn and Pennsbury do.

  626. Ken says:

    I’m just saying that the pool of players for a private catholic school is greater then that of a public school and that can certainly be an advantage

  627. james says:

    Not interested in college football here, I mean catholic school football which are recruited teams and stacked rosters…

  628. hsfootballfreak says:

    @ Buddy # 30 . what drugs are you on ? Lasalle plays virtually nobody in their bracket ? Judge and Roman would beat every team in suburban one. Not to mention they have to play each other twice in a 4 week period . Washington would be in the SOL top 8 . Buddy have you watched any SOL1 games this year those teams don’t play defense. Defense gets you to the big game, anyone can run up the score on weaker opponents but that don’t make you a good team .

  629. hsfootballfreak says:

    This is to all the babies who keep crying about PCL having a bye week . Fact : the 4 top teams in the Pcl lasalle , roman , prep,judge are listed in the top 25 teams in the STATE as having the toughest schedule . #1Lasalle, #2Pep, #3 Roman , #4 Judge . (www.highschoolsports.net click on computer state rankings ) Heck the PCL 4th place team Judge lost to CR south by 1 point ! The SOL 1 league should take off a week instead of having those first round games . what is this the NHL where 16 teams make the playoffs ? Do they play these games for the money or just to make everyone feel good ? Most of the suburban 1 schedule is like an exhibition league , you should be able to get plenty of rest during your season . Get your facts straight before you speak . By the way in 2009 Washington had a bye that year and Lasalle still beat them and went on to win states ! Good teams win they don’t whine !

  630. adam says:

    cant see easton losing twice in the same season to nazareth when they should have won the previous matchup, easton is a little banged up and wont have their starting rb for the remainder of playoffs its gonna be a great game

  631. John says:

    When your team loses, you have some choices to make. You can complain about the players that weren’t available, about the coaches’ misguided game plan, and about how the refs favored the other team.

    Or, you can show some class, congratulate the other team and move on.

    I suggest the latter. Especially when the score is 49-7.

  632. Rciffo says:

    I don’t want to kick the PCL or any other catholic school out. Just a level playing field. If they’re in the PIAA, Philly playoffs need to start a week later so they align date-wise with the rest of the state.

  633. Red says:

    Bob has it 100% correct. The Philly catholic league entered because they wanted more money. The PIAA didn’t think the PCL would do any sort of damage in the PIAA. Wrong. The PCL is a league to be reckoned with. And that’s just for football. I’m not even talking about other sports, and the girls sports. For example, girls basketball, Carroll won the state title 2 years ago. The PCL is all sports is a strong league. And now the PIAA wants them out because they aren’t demolishing the PCL teams like they originally thought. Come on, don’t you public want more competition? To be called the best team, you gotta beat the best. Not saying PCL teams are all the best, but they certainly add to the competition. Let’s Go La Salle!

  634. fieldgoal says:

    flippenphil you are pathetic pal! What a sore loser posting that kind of crap and excuses about the ACC/Pottsville game. Fact of the matter is that Pottsville got destroyed by a better team and I don’t care who you would’ve had in there the outcome would have been the same! I don’t even know why I’m dignifying your post by replying but I think you should just dissappear and go hibernate in some coal cave for the winter!

  635. Jeff Smith says:

    CBSouthFan, there is no way your serious, the refs were giving GV bad calls all game, they would never get a break. The refs were throwing PI calls on Garnet Valley when the balls wasnt even nowhere near the CB south player. Also, Garnet Valley had to score like 5 times one drive because of the refs. The facemask was clear as anything at the end of the game

  636. Bob says:

    Come on Ken,
    Before 2008, all the Public school teams were chirping that the Catholic league could never hand with the public school teams and then 2008 comes along and the public school teams are getting pushed around like a bunch of freshmen.

    First we couldn’t cut it and then, we want them to leave because they are winning and taking our spots in the playoffs

  637. Dan says:

    rematch of last season’s semi final… Lancaster Catholic (12-0) v. Wyomissing (11-0) for the district 3 AA championship. should be a good one.

  638. objectivebystander says:

    cbsouth fan…..you have to be kidding….you’re right..the refs were awful….but the refs called GV for 4 PI calls (one on offense that was ridiculous). The calls benefited CBS by 14 points. Bottom line is that neither team could stop the other. As for the 3 fumbles, I don’t know what game you were watching. The QB fumbled, #50 picked it up and he was dragged down by his facemask. Unfortunate time for a penalty but it was one of few calls that was obvious.

  639. Ken says:

    Another good point about the district 12 teams private schools should not even be allowed in this playoff format

  640. Ken says:

    Phoenixville also has tons of respect for pottsgrove this should be a great district final and I agree a pac ten school should host the game spring ford has a better field than ojrand would be a great place to watch the game

  641. Rciffo says:

    By the way, how long is the PIAA going to allow District 12 to start its playoff games a week early? District 12 puts their teams in the state quarters today. District 1 accomplishes that next week. That means D12 (really the Philly Catholic League entrant) gets a week off to get healthy… AND scout the D1 championship games IN PERSON. I don’t think any other district gets that advantage.

  642. Rciffo says:

    Pottsgrove has tons of respect for Phoenixville. Many times Districts become infatuated with a field…like Coatesville for example. Since its 2 PAC-10 teams, hopefully, Dist 1 has some brains and has the game at Owen J Roberts or Spring-Ford. Both have facilities that are 2nd to none. Don’t make either of these teams spend an hour on a bus just to satisfy some inane desire to use a specific field.

  643. Ken says:

    Two pac ten teams in the district one aaa final how bout some respect for the phantoms under dogs at the number 3 seed back to back great football games here we come pottsgrove

  644. Unsilent Majority says:

    Scaife I agree. There were probably 10 questionable penalties in the game, and the other nine were against GV. The CBS quarterback was unbelievable, he was awesome. What a great HS football game. The refs didnt decide the game…. the kids did!

  645. flippenphil says:

    to all my ACC rivals out there i am sorry the Tide did not bring out their game tonight. Technically 4 2-way starters (including our big 3 linemen) were suspended, 1 starter was injured from last week at the hands of Bangor, and several players chose not to play. On top of the 7 injured players we lost throughout the season, we played most of our second string tonight. The coach’s terrible offence/defensive scheme for tonight was designed specially for this game, made our 3-dimensional team look like a 1-dimensional 1 RB,offensive play call with a Zone semi-coverage Defensive look.

    The stadium was nothing but full of jokes about How our team played like the Eagles, and how our Andy Reid must go.

    We had several kids play out their hearts despite the situation and score. Too bad we couldn’t fill the field up with 11 players with the same strive.

    Excellent QB, WR, and RB you have there. If your secondary and Receivers play clean instead of holding and blocking in the back on nearly every play (which was only called a few times tonight) you will do fine. You have too much talent to take shot cuts and play dirty. Refs outside of D11 will call that all night.

  646. Rciffo says:

    Pottsgrove’s O-Line paved the way rushing for over 300 yards on Strath Haven in their 29-28 OT win Friday night. Pottsgrove (10-2) was the better team. But Strath Haven has guys that just make plays…and they did. When it came down to it in OT, PG’s coach Pennypacker decided to utilize that massive O-Line to score the TD…and with the unbelievable stones of a burglar decided to go for 2 with his FB running behind his roadgrader tackle 6’6″ 320 lb Madison O’Connor…and make it. With Phoenixville beating Academy Park, it has to be a feeling of redemption for the PAC-10…a league that has been dominated in the past by the Central League.

  647. Scaife says:

    @CBSouth fan,

    You’re 100% correct. The refs lost CB South the game. Forget the fact that before the GW TD pass the Titans defense gave up 45 points defensively. Haha, c’mon dude….it was a really tight game and you came out on the wrong end of it. Congratulate your team on a great year. The refs didn’t lose your team anything, poor defense did!

  648. Cbsouth fan says:

    Shootout in the CBSouth/GV game that would have been an all-timer, instant classic if not for a horrible call giving GV one more shot after being stopped on 4th and 7 to effectively end the game with 22 seconds to go. Three intentional fumbles by GV to keep the play alive and South gets called for face masking, giving GV The ball and ultimately the chance to throw the winning TD. Great game that was decided by referees. Not what you want to see in a PIAA playoff game. Refs should be embarrassed that it came down to their whistle.

  649. John says:

    Nazareth’s big victory over Parkland was technically a “mercy rule” win. I’m sure that’s something that never happened to Parkland before.

  650. Scaife says:


    Upper Saint Clair just beat PCC (I guess you just read the newspapers to figure out who the D-7 team is)…USC, PCC, NA, & Gateway are all CLOSE TO EQUAL teams. Well USC beat PCC 28-14 tonight and NA scored in the last minute to win 21-17 over Gateway. (WPIAL winner IMO wins the 4A title).

    As funny as this sounds, I’ve seen Nazareth and Easton play twice each. I think Nazareth if the weather stays relatively nice will win the subregional. Too much offense to be stopped. I actually think it’s not COMPLETELY out of the question to see them challenge LaSalle. D-1 is a total crap shoot. I think North Penn until beaten is the favorite.

    AAA-Archbishop Wood will win the state title…

    AA-West Catholic vs Lanscaster Cath in east final. I feel the winner gets Aliquippa in the state finals…could be interesting.

    I don’t follow A football.

  651. Fan says:

    Nazareth 63-27 ..I hope all the people who said Parkland would roll over Nazareth got a chance to catch this highlight.

    Should have got a ticket to the game and watched freshman Jordan Gray go for 200 and 4 TDS

    Nazareth’s terrible defense shut out the Trojans in the 2nd half !

    And where is the guy who claimed Scranton would blow out Easton, because you were dead wrong..told you, Easton dont get blown out at home.

    Great Rivalry renewed Easton at Nazareth for the D2-4-11 title ! Congrats boys !

  652. D1FootballFan says:

    Rod Stone as the D1 rep last year. He never liked the football program at CB West or CB South. He needs to goooooooo!

  653. Garfield says:

    I got NP all over Neshaminy…enough firepower on offense and as long as thier defense can hold it together it should be a comfortable lead by the second half

  654. D1FootballFan says:

    I’ve been following D1 football since 1995 that started during the CB West domination years. I’ve been following CB South since they opened in 2004. In 2007, they were a one dimensional team with a super running back. Tonight is CB South’s second time to the second round of the playoffs. They have plenty of weapons (2 wideouts with great hands, a running back with 1600+ yards and 38 touchdowns on the season and finally a Division 1 quarterback recruit that can throw a 60 yard pass completion with his eyes closed).
    Defensively, CB South has struggled at times during the season. Tonight, the tone will be established once we see which defense shows up, the one that played last week against Plymouth-Whitemarsh or the one that showed up against Council Rock South. I hope Tony Romeo (def. coord.) has them ready.
    With that all said, I really think tonight’s game will be an offensive shoot-out. The team that scores first will win the game.

  655. flippenphil says:

    first 2 weeks into districts/playoffs do not require games to be played at a neutral field no matter the scenario.

  656. Red says:

    Agreed with Huck. State officials don’t seem to “like” PCL schools.

  657. Jiveturkey9 says:

    I agree with you about having to get there first, and I absolutely agree NP has a tougher road. However, LaSalle did have 2 formidable opponents in Judge and Roman, public league champ, Washington, should be a cake walk and then i think they get a bye. NP has a tougher road going against some really good D1 teams but the Catholic league playoffs are not a breeze through for anybody. I think AAAA bracket could be the most interesting it has been in years on account of there is no team that looks as if they can just walk through it. Buckle up, it’s gonna be fun!

  658. flippenphil says:

    @ jaredhe
    acc and pottsville each went 5-5 . the 7-3 and 6-4 teams each have lost last week to these 5-5 teams. in season 2, records are thrown out. records get you into the playoffs, talent gets you championships.

  659. Huck says:

    Concerning WC/SPR game site. The issue is not the field being grass. The issue is that Coleman allowed Stone to bully him and take him behind the woodshed in another D-1/D-12 matter. Stone can classify this game a “mechanism”, or whatever else he wants, but the fact of the matter is that it’s a championship or final between two teams from two different districts, in a subregional setting, with the winner leaving these districts and advancing to play in the state playoffs. If you are going to settle your 3A and 4A final games (What the same thing at stake in terms of state playoff advancement) on a neutral field, then the 2A game should be as well. It’s common sense, but once again district officials cater to the larger classes, and just throw the smaller schools to the side.

  660. WishboneJoe says:

    Looking forward to the Easton-Scranton game…After seeing Nazerath play last week, Im thinking Scranton, with the way they are peaking, at this time can beat Easton, Nazareth OR Parkland.

  661. Jim says:

    to Joe, it’s only a matter of time before PA Catholic schools recruit from out of state. Catholic schools should either play each other or out of state catholic schools in the playoffs. During the regular season they could play non parochial schools.

  662. bliz says:

    Big East
    Like it a lot like where everone is put maybe just Easton over the prep just cuz thm kids are a bit tougher)
    D1 picks
    NP by 2 td’s nash just aint what the use to be aginst north penn
    Phs over the vill Phs has just to much size and very good players on D the 2 LB for PHS only no the on is a Pepper the other one is a heack of a player also
    CRS over DTE The mactch up of the rich kids i think CRS running game is to much a team like phs or np maybe gv would give them trouble not DTE sorry
    Garnet over CBS just think GV staff douse a great job year in and year out

  663. The Big East says:

    ok where talking about the last 10-12 years I think its pretty close I think most would agree its close but I see what you mean they do own them in the head to head I was trying to just get the best teams on one list that have a have a shot just about every year is there any one that I am missing or should be on the list cuz i think i got the best 15

  664. Buddy says:

    @ Jive:

    First, they both have to get there ( Eastern Final). Granted, that will be easier for LaSalle then NP because LaSalle plays virtually nobody in their bracket until they face the D11 champ. Take it to the bank, LaSalle will definetly not win by 17 if they win at all.

  665. MARK says:


  666. Buddy says:

    Apparently, ants540 has a bug up his ants. Are you the son of “Suburban Fan” ?

  667. Jiveturkey9 says:

    @ The Big East, LaSalle beat North Penn by 17, toss up? I would have to say LaSalle should be #1 on your list.

  668. The Big East says:

    #1 North Penn
    #2 Lasall
    #3 Neshaminy
    #4 Liberty
    #5 Parkland
    #6 Saint Joe’s Prep
    #7 Easton
    #8 Ridly
    #9 Cumberland Valley
    #10 Wilson WL
    #11 Pennsbury
    #12 Nazareth
    #13 Whitehall
    #14 CR South
    #15 Abington

    Ok thats my big 15 you can move 12-15 around 9-11 6-8 and 3-5 and a toss up with the Lasall and the Knights

  669. The Big East says:

    Yeahh thanks i new some my points where off i just wonted trying to put out the the big 12 to 15 schools that always win and have a good shot every year to bring the gold ball back i think there the the best year in year out

  670. Joe says:

    First ACC does not attract out of state talent. I wish they would. Second the only way you can ask schools to move up is to have ALL private schools move up a class. You can’t pick and choose who should and who shouldn’t. I would be in total agreement with that.

    It’s funny the 4A schools didn’t used to want ACC and BECA to play 4A, they wanted them to stay 3A because they couldn’t beat them. Now when they can beat them there is outcry for them to play 4A.

    ACC last year in 2010 would have absolutely been in the 4A state title game and most likely would have lost to NA by 2-3 TD’s

    ACC should win this weekend, and in my opinion after seeing Valley View if they win, ACC will struggle big time Valley View runs the football extremely well and has a defense that has only surrendered 57 points.

    in 4A the winner of the PCC/NA game will win the 4A state title hands down. As for the East If Easton comes out of D11 they lose to Lasalle. If it is Parkland could lose to Lasalle but could also go all the way to Hershey.

    3A is not even a contest Wood has that wrapped up.

    2A West Catholic could struggle with either MT. Carmel and/or Lancaster Catholic this year.

  671. Fan says:


  672. Fan says:


    i totally agree with you, they could have been 7-3 or 6-4, those games were all difficult games. i think your right too, they have to score 40-50 to beat Parkland, the good thing for them is if they get into a shootout with Parkland, it totally benifits Nazareth in the fact that Parkland wont be able to slow the game down and control the clock.

    I think Nazareth has the edge if goes to a shootout because Parklands ability to throw the ball is not very good, but if they get ahead and can control the clock it will be a repeat of last year.

    Yea and you are right the AAA class is small, especially in eastern PA…I dont know how to fix the problem but I just cant imagine a 10-5 team winning a state title.

  673. Jim says:

    Again the catholic school feeder programs at this point have grown into providing student athletes to the hs level. Enrollment means nothing. Parents who have the money and kids that show promise gravitate to the parochial program. Nothing against them, but they have a huge advantage

  674. jaredhe says:


    kinda like the enthusiasm!

    Just make a note : whitehall was actually the smallest school in the LVC this year , only by like 60 student tho LOL

    But i agree with you, and that discussion has been brought up here in the Allentown/Whitehall area as well, As ACC continues to grow and attract out of state talent, the jump to 4A is coming, even though they would be the smallest school in the conference, they have the ability with their program to compete. It is time to step up or get out, not fair to the LVC teams fighting for 4A district berths as well as the 3A kids , regarding power points and the current system.

    And lastly, i dont know if they would get “mopped” by NA but i do believe they would not have made the final 4 of the 4A state tournament.

    @ Ant.. ACC was great last year, they arent as good this year, 5-5 isnt district worthy

    Schools by enrollemnt:

    Liberty 3400
    Parkland 3200
    Easton approx 2900
    Freedom 2800

    Nazareth 1560
    Whitehall 1500
    ACC 990

    the size argument is tough but if Nazareth and Whitehall have to do it, ACC should too

  675. ants540 says:


    I forgot to tell you to get a life…and…get your facts straight…and…stay off the site…it’s clowns like you that ruin it…

  676. Red says:

    I think Wood has to win AAA state title. Their season will be a total bust if they don’t go all the way. As for West Catholic in AA, they could possibly make it to the state game, I really don’t know how good the west AA teams are. And I believe that La Salle should win against GW this weekend. They will most likely beat anyone of the LVC teams, which I believe will be Easton. La Salle will probably win, and Easton will complain on how they played 4 games in 2 weeks (not La Salle’s fault). La Salle might meet North Penn after that, which should be a shootout. Out west, PCC will be playing Northern Allegheny, and whoever comes out of that game will probably win the AAAA title. Let’s see what happens. Go La Salle, Wood, and West Catholic!

  677. Red says:

    @ Big East Guy

    I’m not trying to nit pick, but La Salle has 5 Philadelphia Catholic Championships in 6 years. Just figured I’d help you out.

  678. Scaife says:

    If you notice, Pottsville the other AAA team in the playoffs also was 5-5. When you don’t have many AAA schools in a district and one of them (ACC) plays a predominant AAAA schedule then they could be a decent/good football team with an average record. I think ACC has a legitimate shot to win a few more playoff games up until the Wood contest. I’ve seen Dallas and VV and ACC could beat either of those teams. It definitely wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

    Nazareth has speed, and a very good offense. I just do not believe they could defensively hold Parkland in tomorrow’s contest. Unless somehow they are able to score like 40-50 points. I think only a shootout win is possible. Nazareth could very well have been a 7-3 or 6-4 team in the regular season. I give them a lot of credit for pulling games out, but they might of used all their “get out of jail” free cards.

  679. Amanda Perschau says:

    I think this Saturday Dallas will beat Valley View. Like I said a few weeks ago towards Ray Wyberksi you need to watch out for Dallas their doing amazing this year as is Valley View it’s going to be a good game but I’m a Dallas resident & graduated from Dallas so obviously I favor them. I’ll defiently be at the game!!

  680. johnny mo says:

    Its true that we got killed by dtown but that was the first game of the season . Im hoping that our d steps up during the playoffs.

  681. Fan says:

    and by the way ACC enrollment was just under 1000 this year

  682. Fan says:

    That was last year ! They are nowhere near that good this year. and no they werent one of the best teams in all of the state last year. are you kidding, they narrowly escaped at Nazareth last year, and played many close games in the LVC. North Allegheny would have mopped the floor with ACC last year and most likely a D1 school would have stopped them easily before they got the chance to get there.

    And you want to make the case of size ? Nazareth in 2002 came into the LVC with 1000 students, Stroudsburg and Pleasant Valley who play in the MVC also had the same numbers when they joined the 4A…If they cannot play 4A than take ACC and go to a different conference or go independent… It is beyond unfair to let them continually play 4A talent and then drop for districts and states.

    The better competition you play, the better the program will be, and the other 3A schools are suffering because this is being allowed to continue

    Its funny how the smallest 4A school in the LVC won the championship this year…GET OFF THE ACC BANDWAGON ..IT WAS ONE YEAR

  683. ants540 says:


    you want beca and acc to play quad A?….acc has 700 kids in the entire school and beca does not have many more….parkland has over 1600 boys in their school…acc is a couple boys over being able to play double A…same with Beca but the LVC would never allow it….they would be thrown out of the league…

    as for how good triple A is…obviously you don’t know much about football….acc was agruably the best team in the state last year regardless of class….as is arch bishop wood this year….an don’t forget about double a west catholic last year….

    get it right and grow up or stay off the site…..

  684. Fan says:

    @ Dan, I agree Nazareth isnt strong in the trenches consistently, but they have given Harding a lot of time to throw, will be interesting, speed kills however and they got a ton of it across the board.

    @ Dog

    Yea looking back at ACC schedule, it was the easiest of the LVC schools by far, they didnt have to play easton, and got to the priveledge of playing the two JV teams in Allen and Dieruff.

    More reason for the LVC and D11 to make a case for them to become a 4A team. 5-5 isnt worthy of a district berth ..and when they played the top of the LVC this year 34-24 L to Freedom, 31-30 L to Nazareth, 36-28 L to whitehall, and a 63-40 L to Parkland.

    Sorry, I love the talent of Nosovitch and Gulyas, they are all-time great D11 players but not a complete team..shouldn’t make districts at 5-5

  685. Lloyd says:

    Good write up nice ti see someone who makes picks and has good reasoning for it good stuff should beca great week in D1 where u going this week im heading to north penn see that classic match up

  686. West says:

    @ Bill Shaughnessy
    Stone (D1) said he and Robert Coleman, the D-12 chairman, agreed that higher-seeded teams would host games in the subregional even before the identities of the four teams were established. So I guess they are just going by that.
    BTW, what difference does it make if we play on grass or turf?

  687. Sharky says:


    I would pretty much think Central Valley out of D-7 (WPIAL) is pretty strong. Knoch & Franklin Regional I am not very sure about. I think Central Valley or McDevitt get to Hershey this year. Grove City always plays pretty good football too out of D-10…

    I think Pennsbury beats Coatesville, NP over Neshaminy, CRS over D-town East, & Garnet Valley over CBS!

  688. Dog21 says:

    Johnny mo
    I’m surprised that you feel Glen Mills is not very impressive? Glen Mills only lost to Downingtown East by 1 point in a very close game. Yet Downingtown East beat ACC by 3 TD’s and put 61 up on the board. Wood had their JV in the game vs Glen Mills in the 2nd Q with the Mercy rule.

    No denying Conwell Egan, Mastery Charter and Carroll are not very good teams but I would not classify Louis D,William Allen,Northampton,or Becca as good teams either. Every good team seems to have easy games on their schedule, including ACC.

  689. Joe says:

    Regarding the ACC/Wood discussion. I am ACC alum from the 1990’s when ACC was dominant. I have seen every ACC game for the last 3 years, ACC will struggle big time with wood IF that happens. I am not sure that they get past Valley View assuming they beat Dallas. ACC coaches do a great job, a few of my former teamates. They do not have the kids this year. They are awful on defense. Anthing can happen yes but I do not see them beating wood at all.

    As far as the schedule, Wood’s schedule is a lot better than last year but it is not in comparison to ACC. In fact it is not even close. But that is not Wood’s fault, they scheduled PCC so they obviously are not running from anyone. To be as good as Wood is/was predicted to be you have to give them credit for scheduling PCC, that takes some guts. But overall schedule is nowhere near as good.

  690. The Big East says:

    if we count them i would put them in right after ridily you are right but i do no they dont play teams like phs whithall nazrith

  691. SEPAGuru says:

    @dick beck
    I’m assuming this actually isn’t North Penn’s coach, correct..? Also, yes they are brothers.


    Coatesville over Pennsbury
    I agree with the size assessment. However this year’s Coatesville team isn’t hurting for size like it was last year when they got trampled by CB West. Additionally, Coatesville has too much team speed. That size and speed separates it from other teams that Pennsbury has seen.

    Central Bucks South over Garnet Valley
    Simply put, Garnet Valley hasn’t seen a team with a passing attack quite like CB South’s. When you’re a team used to 75% run, that no-huddle spread offense is a huge change. Most importantly though would be Dan Brown. He may be district 1’s best kept secret but boy is he a weapon. One of the best athletes I’ve seen in a while. Of course this is all moot if CB South’s defense doesn’t play well but having seen a triple option the previous week should help.

    Downingtown East over Council Rock South
    Seen a lot of Council Rock South film and their game Friday. If Upper Dublin was a little bigger and didn’t have so many kids playing two ways, we’d be talking about UD vs DTE right now. Downingtown East has that size and coaching to be disciplined and shut down the run and ability to throw the ball. Provided that DTE can give Lauletta time which I think they can, Downingtown East will pull out the win.

    One player matchup I’ll be interested to see is DTE’s Jack Willenbrock vs CRS’s Andrew Cohen. If DTE’s coaches are smart, they’ll move Jack to right guard because Cohen is a very good player.

  692. Lloyd says:

    I have Np same as you and the other 3 diffrent but I was going of of rep mostly.So cantsay your wrong Idid see PHS play and they are by fair the biggest team in D1 but that can only mean so much…. I Like north penn to win D1 but not a cake walk …and that is Dalton and Brandons Brother Kids a play maker on D I wish they put him on O. What are your reasnings for thous picks?

  693. mgguy says:

    To Big East-

    No D3 teams? Cumberland Valley and Wilson WL have two of the highest winning percentages in the state in the last 10-12 years, have won D3 titles and been to state semis. Both have done more than Whitehall, Nazareth, Pennsbury. I realize D3 is in the west bracket, but they are here in the east!

  694. dick beck says:

    Like all your picks….. but do you know if Shawn Pepper is Dalton and Brandons little brother? I saw his name on phs the rostor #10

  695. Buddy says:


    NP over Neshaminy
    CRS over D-Town East
    Coatesville over Pennsbury (though I hope not)
    Garnet over CBS

  696. johnny mo says:

    Yes i do. More difficult schedule then woods schedule. Glens mills isn’t that imprsseive either.

  697. SEPAGuru says:

    Anyone know the best 3A teams from out west? I know Bishop McDevitt is a traditional power.

    D1 Picks:
    North Penn over Neshaminy
    Coatesville over Pennsbury
    Downingtown East over Council Rock South
    Central Bucks South over Garnet Valley

  698. The Big East says:

    is there any I am missing ?

  699. The Big East says:

    That was the best i no you can flip some around but is there any I am missing ?

  700. Dog21 says:

    Johnny Mo
    The non league schedule is set out two yrs in advance. Wood and LaSalle are trying to get on each others schedules, but it can’t happen overnight. Last year, LaSalle would have beaten Wood. This year, Wood wins by 2 Td’s. Nothing against LaSalle(very good team) but Wood on a different level this year. I have seen both at least 6 x this year.

    Regarding schedules- Wood only has 3 teams in their conference(Ohara,Bonner, and Carroll). Carroll and Bonner have not been very good the last several years, but Ohara is usually a very good team. This year is a down year for Ohara(very young team). So Wood has to go find other games to play. They scheduled PCC as the opening game, and played to a virtual tie. How can you complain about that? They scheduled West Catholic-State Champion and in the mix every year. Glen Mills-won their conference but got shallacked by Wood. They tried to get North Penn but they were already scheduled with LaSalle. They scheduled ST. Joe’s Prep 3 yrs ago. How was Wood supposed to know Brooks would be fired and they would fall apart? They do go out and look for high profile games.

    Do you really think the schedule ACC played is an extremely tough schedule? Not being smart, just trying to make a point.

    ACC has some very weak teams on their schedule every year like most teams. it is just the way it is.

  701. Dan says:


    If Parkland gets into states, their physicality might get them somewhere. However, I don’t believe Nazareth is going to make noise if they get there. They have nice skill guys, but their O-line is mediocre and their D is not very physical at all.

  702. The Big East says:

    Ok you guys had me thinking here are my 4A Powers in the last 10 to 12 years just for fun Ill do the best I can

    #1 North Penn 1 state and 5 D1 tittles
    #2 Lasall…..1 state tittle been in 2 and 3 Catholic League tittles
    #3 Neshaminy….1 state tittle been in 2 and 2 D1 tittles
    #4 Liberty …1 state tittle been in 3 and 3 D11 tittles
    #5 Parkland 1 state tittle been in 2 and 2 D11 tittles
    #6 Saint Joe’s Prep 4 Catholic League tittles
    #7 Easton…4 D11 tittles
    #8 Ridly….2 D1 tittles
    #9 Pennsbury….. 1 D1 Tittle
    #10 Nazareth
    #11 Whitehall

  703. Fan says:

    Parkland at Nazareth – going to be a great rematch, so much talent on both teams, winner is going to suprise people in state tournament.

    With Allen and Dieruff bailing to the MVC, is it time that ACC and Becahi come play AAAA ball come playoff time?

    ACC has enormous talent but couldnt get out of the LVC above .500 but they become a state contender at AAA…. does this say something about AAA ..is there that big of gap ?

    ACC has great talent but i would like to see them make the jump, kind of tired of hearing about how good they are when in reality , they took some very big losses this year at the hands of LVC opponents

  704. Bill Shaughnessy says:

    The West Catholic – Springfield (Montco) game should be played on a turf and neutral field . Not on someone’s home field. What are they thinking, Is this fairness?

  705. johnny mo says:

    But lets get one thing straight. Wood doesn’t play any good teams with the exception of PCC. And don’t even bring up west catholic because they play the same weak teams. Funny how they don’t play la salle.

  706. johnny mo says:

    Im an ACC fan but I really can’t see them getting past wood this year. Maybe this could turn into an amazing rivalry for years to come. If ACC makes it there they would have to get past Valley View who is supposedly loaded… Our only problem is that we have one big guy on the line

  707. Lloyd says:

    In D1 I’ll take
    NP OVER NASH best game in last 4years should be a little closer I feel NP Is starting to roll but Nash won’t go easy this year if Nash can not turn it over could pull this one out
    PHS OVER CVILL should be good one I take phs just cuz there staff has won befor so it’s the been there done factor with this game feel the vills pass could be trouble for PHS but PHS size might just be to much… Lot Divison 1 players on that feild Friday night 3 years from now wen we look back
    CR SOUTH OVER DTE I think cr running game is just to strong and I feel they have been tested just a little more then DT…. how great would it be if both schools where still together ….look out NP NASH PHS RIDLY there would be a cople more bullies on the block
    GV OVER CBS should be a good one I like GV like PHS there staff is good and they have been in big games and Beat a very good PHS team few years back and had the skins on the rops to they don’t fear the big bad boys from the SOL this will be a good one not getting ad much love like the other D1 games maybe because both are still up and comeing in D1

  708. Ken says:

    Watch for Southern Columbia…they should cruise through the East in Class A and try to extend their already state record to add a 7th State Championship!

    All-State Players:
    QB/LB- Brad Fegley
    FB- Tyler Levan
    DE- Matt Moore
    S- Keith Day

  709. mark says:

    it nice to talk about wood and acc but lets not forget their other teams out their watch out if valley view makes the states they are bringing a big fast and nasty defence

  710. Moose says:



    Good to hear from “youse” both.

    Hope all is well.

    I, too, enjoy our exchanges of snappy banter.

    I’ll be at the ACC vs Tide game Friday.

    My heart says Tide, but my head says ACC.

  711. flippenphil says:

    * championship* silly spell check.

  712. flippenphil says:

    Lets get something straight.

    ACC defeated E. Stroudsburn N. to get into the D11 companionship. this was a team with a cupcake schedule from a cupcake league. Pottsville defeated Bangor, the team up until week 7 (when they were undefeated) everyone said was the team to beat in D11. Both Pottsville and ACC play very tough AAAA loaded opponents in league play. This game is NOT going to be a stroll for either team.

    Pottsville started the season 1-5, and Atown 2-5. Both teams have bounced back and built their program over the season.

    ACC can brag about scoring ridiculous amounts of TD’s against tough opponents. yes. But Pottsville can brag about preventing teams who normally score 40-50 pts a game, to only 20-30 points. example week 1. less than 3 mins into the Wyomissing game, pottsville was down 21-0, the game played out to a fumble recovery at mid field right within the last 2 mins of the game, resulting in the game winning 28-21 scoring drive for Wyomissing. This is a team who averaged about 50 points a game. These type of early game bluffs are what solely caused 3 of Pottsvill’e 5 losses. Mid season Pottsville has improved greatly on focus.

    The way i see it, these are two fighting teams, one leans on offense, the other defense. This is the classic battle year in year out.

    what will the weather be like Friday night? this might make an impact on game play.

  713. Dog21 says:

    I enjoy our bantor back and forth:). By the way I was just kidding with the “mismatch” rematch” comment. I think ACC coaches are very good and obviously they have a good team year in and year out.
    Let’s be fair and honest on both sides. I agree there were a minority few Wood fans who made some ridiculous predictions, comments etc.against TJ and ACC. But the majority of Wood fans knew how good TJ and ACC were. Both the 08′ TJ team and last year’s ACC teams were unbelievably good, juggernauts. Both were probably the best in the State at any level both of the those years. Both teams were extremely loaded on both sides of the ball. Unfortunately Wood had to beat them to advance. As I said in my earlier post, last year’s ACC team was the best in the State. You had a few Wood posters making excuses because they had injuries, but that is not the majority. Injuries are part of the game, and ACC had a key injury as well. But ACC fans make crazy comments as well. I remember in the beginning of the season, many were saying that ACC is just as good as last year and they have reloaded. When you lose that many very good lineman, it is impossible to be the same team.

    In regards to “schedules”-Let’s be honest ACC’s schedule is not the toughest schedule in the East either. Yes they play a 4A schedule but many of those teams are not very good. Wood will go and find tougher non-league opponents when they can. Pittsburgh Central is the best team in the State and that game came down to the final minute. West catholic is very good.The Philly Catholic League has only been playing PIAA for 4 years and they have done quite well (Wood,LaSalle, and West Catholic). LaSalle and WC both won titles and Wood still is looking for the elusive title. Wood 3 years in Eastern Final-not too bad for just entering the PIAA.

    But you are correct-They must finish the deal this year or shut up. You will get no argument from me or most Wood fans. This year is State Title or bust. If they lose in Eastern Final or State Final the year would and should be considered a failure. With 7 D1 kids this is the year or bust!

    I did see both ACC and Wood play this year and in my opinion, if they play, ACC will be outmanned. Just my opinion. Heck, I predicted Wood to beat ACC last year!

    Let’s agree on this- An ACC-Wood rematch would at least keep things interesting on this sometimes boring site.

  714. Moose says:

    All this talk about a Wood vs ACC matchup is a bit premature, don’t you think? ACC is going down to the Crimson Tide Friday night in Pottsville anyway. (OK, maybe not)

    As for Wood, they still haven’t proven they can “finish the job”.

    Every year since District XII played in the PIAA, all I hear is Wood, Wood, Wood. Then when they lose it’s because this running back was hurt, or it was a poorly officiated game, or it was too cold, or it was too hot, or it was too whatever.

    You want some respect outside your overrated district? Go out and earn it!

    Until you do, shutup and play!

    I remember Wood’s first trip to Hershey vs Thomas Jefferson. The Wood fans were so damn arrogant acting like it was such an inconvenience for them to leave the ‘burbs and travel all the way out into the “sticks” to play for the AAA State Championship. After all, they were Philly city champs. A Wood Viking victory was a mere formality…that is until TJ kicked off, recovered an onside kick and the Wood faithful left Hershey two hours later with their tails between their legs.

    Beaten in every facet of the game.


    Finish the job Archbishop Wood, then you can tell us how wonderful you are…until then, it’s all just hot air.

    Finish the deal.

  715. Dog21 says:

    Wow, take a chill pill dude! Why so defensive? ACC did win last year and rightfully so. They were the best team in AAA last year, and arguably, the best team in all of PA last year. I was extremely impressed with them last year and I was glad they represented the East and won the title. They have a stud QB and their offensive and defensive lines last year were stellar.Awesome team, awesome year! But this is Wood’s year, plain and simple Geez..

    My point is that Wood put up “21”or “28” on the best defense in the AAA bracket last year. Wood’s offense is much better this year so I would expect them to best that number. And Wood’s defense is much better than last year.
    Yes I am sure ACC has improved week to week this year, but so has Wood and most other teams. Yes you are correct, ACC will score points because they do have a very potent offense, but Wood’s defense is completely different than what ACC had seen last year. In my opinion(don’t kill me), ACC defense will not be able to stop Wood’s offense.
    I think Wood will return the favor this year and win the game somewhere in the 55-24 range. And Wood’s JV might even score a late TD this to return the favor from last year.

    Here’s the good news! Both teams look like they are on a collision course to meet again. I was glad to see ACC “sneak” into the playoffs, so we could see this mismatch, I mean rematch.

  716. Buddy says:


    I believe this is Beck’s 9 year ( might be tenth). Only been to the big dance once, in 2003, and won. Been to the Eastern final several times. He wasn’t necessarily out-coached, the opposition was simply better ( it happens). He owns .854 winning percentage. It is very difficult to get to the final every year. It’s like getting to the Super Bowl every year. How many times has your team been there in the last 10 years? NP is only this good because of Beck. Prior to ~ 10 years ago, NP was always a just average. Played .500 ball. Even back then they were one of the largest public schools in the state. What was the difference? Coaching & the schools commitment to the sport. He only has talent because he grooms it. No recruiting here & there are district boundaries.

    Parkland definetly has ability to beat LaSalle. Love to see that.

    Agreed, Scanton will have a hard time at Cottingham ( most do), but Easton better have their A game goin’.

  717. fieldgoal says:

    Hey Dog21, the real score last year against ACC was 49-21, the ACC JV’s let you score the meaningless last TD with 5 seconds left as the varsity was already too busy celebrating! So I wouldn’t brag about scoring “28” points on ACC last year. As far as this year, if ACC/Wood happens in the semi-final, it’ll be a different and much improved Viking team than the one that started the year and anything can happen and you gotta play the game. Wood may win but it ain’t gonna be easy and ACC will score their share of points!

  718. james says:

    to Sharky, Easton loses to Scanton and next year will be no different. Sorry

  719. james says:

    C, District 11 has a high density population scenario, so there plenty of kids to pick from. District 2 geography is more rural so not as many kids. The arrogance of we have better kids is dumb. You have more kids playing at a higher level in HS, but are your kids better than Matt McGloin Qb at Penn State? Eugene Lewis and Nyeem Wartman going to Penn St, Brandon Clemons at Mich. State, Kevin Gaughan at Stanford… As for the Catholic Schools, they have feeder schools and those parents who have the money and their kids show promise send them there, so stop that lie. That many good catholic boys who happen to be outstanding athletes? Ye and Don Bosco doesn’t recruit.

  720. Sharky says:

    Richard “Dick” Beck, consistently has the most talent in D-1…and he cannot get to the state title. He has one finals appearance and championship in how many years??!?! That 2004 team was not going to be denied even if my MOM was coaching them. NP probably wins district 1 again, because Mark Schmidt lays an egg more than Beck does. Beck consistently in big games gets out coached as he did in 3 East finals.

    I’ve seen D-11 teams this year, and they will not beat LaSalle. Nazareth has absolutely no defense, too small on the defensive side of the ball to deal with LaSalle. Parkland probably is the most physical team of the D-11 schools. They probably if they can get their backs going challenge the Explorers. Easton is a year away and Scranton will have their hands full going into Cottingham and winning. That is something you just do not do to Easton.

  721. C says:

    james – schools in the valley don’t pick and choose who plays for them. the valley has really good suburban youth programs who have great coaches that groom the players into stars, they don’t recruit kids from out of area. heck, even allentown central catholic doesn’t really even recruit kids. its true we have better kids, but we dont choose that, its just how it is and thats why 11 always takes the championship.

  722. Jim says:

    nice try, they are a good team, closer to the middle of the pack. Last years easton team, now those kids were motivated all year long. Thats a #1 seed and that attitude is what got them to the quarterfinals only to lose to the eventual state champs if i’m correct.

  723. Dog21 says:

    This Wood team is possibly the best team in SEPA in a long time. Thy need to finish business and win the State Title , of course. I was at the Wood-PCC game and that game was well played by both teams and could have gone either way. Both teams showed why they are both ranked in the Top #50 nationally. This team is as loaded as it gets on both sides of the ball. Could they lose? Sure. They are high school kids and on any given day. The odds of them not getting out of the East are very slim. Who do you think will knock them off? The team they will most likely face on Dec 10-ACC.
    ACC-Can score points but they will not be able to stop Wood’s offense. I watched ACC 2x and their run defense is horrible. Wood could put up 400 yds rushing against them. Last year when ACC beat Wood, Wood still put up 28 points. This year they are 5x better and could score 50 or 60. No disrespect to ACC, as they had a great team last year, but they also lost a big chunk of their Offensive and defensive lines. Wood’s Offensive line is huge and athletic. If you have not seen Wood play go to ESPN3 and I think you can watch a tape of the Wood-PCC game. Just hone in on the athleticism of their offensive line. it is remarkable at this level.

  724. JB says:

    And no disrespect, I know that exchange sounded hostile, wasnt intended to be, I resepct your opinion!

    Ill be the first to congratulate if your right!

  725. JB says:

    I dont have a dog in the fight, I am a recruiter for a local university that has been following numerous players in the LVC and MVC.

    We are talking about high school athletes, they arent perfect every play, that was the point of execution.

    And yes I am aware Parkland beat Nazareth, I was there scouting players.

    i dont think saying one kid is better than the other is arrogant, at this level you are kind of past “everybody wins”

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  726. Buddy says:

    @ SEPA

    I’m not sure if LaSalle can get past the D11 representative. Hard to say who that will be, I say Parkland or Nazareth. If either has a pass defense, LaSalle’s in trouble.

    NP has the least depth in 10 years. Plus their pass-defense is suspect. Other then that they are solid. CRS has one helluva a defense. I say D-town would be a lock if they still had Harris. Anyway, that might be where the D1 champ comes from.

    Whoever wins D1, I sure hope they beat LaSalle, if they get past D11.

  727. SEPAGuru says:


    So if not LaSalle and North Penn, who do you think will make it? I think LaSalle is a lock, while North Penn should be favored.

    Additionally, I don’t think CRS is really that good. Did not come away impressed with anything I saw from them on film. Struggled with teams that had decent size and weren’t soft up front (Pennsbury, Pennridge, Father Judge). D-Town East has size for sure and should pull out the win provided they play a gap sound defense as opposed to a responsibility based defense to counter the double dive.

  728. hsfootballfreak says:

    In response to #7 Play maker . The philadelphia catholic league AAAA teams Prep , Roman , Judge , AAA Bonner and AA West Catholic are far from weak . These teams would beat all the remaining district 1 teams . If you were to put these teams along with Lasalle and Wood mixed in with the disctrict 1 team playoffs guaranteed the top 4 teams would be from this group .

  729. james says:

    J, we’re done. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but read what you wrote, “superior too, more talented, don’t fire off the ball…” is flat out arrogant and apologetic. Again look at your comments: Nazareth will be ready to play, and if they execute. If they execute? #1 seeds have to execute… Sorry J, Scranton-Parkland in the finals, they have consistently demonstrated the will to win. Happy Thanksgiving!

    10/21 Parkland over Nazareth Area W 47-21 Homecoming.

  730. Buddy says:

    Going to Neshaminy/NP. A bit of a rivalry goin’ on there. Many think NP will win. Not so sure. Neshaminy can really get fired up ( witness their last regular season game w/ Pennsbury). Barn-burner.

    CRS/ D-town East. COULD be the best game. Without Drew Harris, I say edge to CRS.

  731. David Mika says:

    What game are you going to (Week 12)? Best game this weekend?

  732. J says:

    @ James

    you cannot argue with them being the number 1 seed in D11. They won the LVC. If that loss would have been to Easton or Whitehall, or was in the beginning of the season this conversation wouldnt be happening.

    Secondly, the comment i made about them being flat was simply this: Your playing at home against a team that you are superior to and more talented then, the kids get relaxed, they dont have the same intensity as if they were coming out to play Easton or someone of that nature. I have been there in my playing career numerous times, you look accross from you and you know your better, you get lazy , you dont fire off the ball. It happens, these are high school kids. They started slow but turned it on before the half, and yes DV made mistakes, but what are you supposed to give them a “re-do” because you dont want excuses?

    You are up 30-7 at half and the game is essentially over, its hard to come out of that locker room fired up to play a second half when its 30 degrees and your up by 3 scores.

    They got punched in the mouth on back to back series and made a mental mistake on defense. BUT, as anyone who watched the game, you saw when they had to execute late in the game, they did brilliantly and it showed the huge difference in talent.

    I dont know who “reports” #1 seeds dont come out flat to you. I think if you ask these kids right now, they love everyone doubting them, saying they dont deserve to be there, just adds to the motivation.

    Nazareth will be ready to play, and if they execute, Parkland has no chance to stay on the field with them, if they dont you will see a repeat of the last game and parkland will rush for 400 and control the clock.

  733. Buddy says:

    @ et al:

    Wood has no control over their schedule. They have to play the AAA catholic schools in their league. When they have open dates, they invite some of the best ( like PCC). Also, the AAA & AAAA teams in philly always have a city championship between parochial & public schools. Usually a mis-match, but that has been going on forever.

    By-the-way, wood could have easily won that game against PCC, was not a mis-match.

    The NP, Neshaminy, Ridley etc just have very good programs. They are large schools & have a lot of players to choose from. I think this is the year that none of the above ( Ridley already out) win D1. So you see, someone else just might step up.

    Having said all that, I still wanna see a NP/LaSalle re-match in the Eastern Final. Win or lose, we want another crack at them. I don’t think either will be there though.

  734. SEPAGuru says:

    @Play Maker

    Archbishop Wood is about as legit as it gets. They will make it out of the East and most likely win the AAA title. They would lay the wood on ACC this year. Also, No offense to LaSalle, but if they played Wood this year they would get beaten solidly too.

    Just look at the size and tradition of the two schools you’re talking about though. Plus Beck is one of the area’s best coaches.

  735. WesternPa. Fan says:

    Play Maker
    I’m a western Pa guy , with all due respect wood is the real deal this year.
    That RB tamedem they have along with the massive Oline is very hard to deal with! Who ever they face will need to play era free defense to beat those guys.
    I’m looking forward to a wood vs mcDevit or Central vallley final

  736. Play Maker says:

    What’s all this hype about Archbishop Wood! With the exception of LaSalle.. the Philly Catholic league is weak. Now they are playing Dobbins Tech in the Philly Public league…Another weak league. When they did play a real team (Central Catholic-Western PA) they lost. Like last year, they will not make it out of the East.

  737. Sharky says:

    Personally, I think North Penn wins D-1. I think they are rounding into their own. They are too physical for most teams they play, and Neshaminy is no different. Schmidt never seems to have a solid passing game and the ‘Skins will run into a Knights team that isn’t going to be denied. It kind of is getting sickening that Ridley or NP has won the D-1 final for how many consecutive years. Some team needs to step up!

  738. Buddy says:


    Can you guys update the playoff brackets with the day, time & location of the upcoming weekend games?
    Much appreciated.

  739. SEPAGuru says:


    The one thing I take into account when I’m favoring NP is its 28-0 win against a healthy Pennridge and CR South’s 2-0 win against an extremely banged up Pennridge on a bad snap…

    You are right about the seeding upset though.

    If it does rain, it would probably be moved to Souderton as it has been in the past, which is a gorgeous facility.

    @Rollie Ciffo
    I’m going to pick Strath Haven to win that one, and by a significant margin. Pottsgrove got beat by a Norristown team that in all honesty was not very good. Strath Haven has 3 losses, two to Garnet Valley and Ridley (strong AAAA schools) and a loss to Marple Newtown which it avenged in the playoffs. Either way, whoever wins will get most likely get mercy ruled by Wood.

  740. Bruce says:

    Can CB south pull off another win. It seemed to stabilize a little on the defensive end while keeping that explosive offense rolling. If both teams win, Garnet Valley and CRS should be interesting, especially since these two teams have never met before. And where has Pennsbury come from? They are on a tear and North Penn could have a fight on their hands granting they get by Neshaminy as they should

  741. james says:

    J, just reporting what I was told, #1 seeds don’t come out flat on their home field or the’re really not# 1 seeds. They way I heard it was big plays by Nazareth and mistakes by Delaware Valley had it lopsided, then they seemed to settle down and earned their scores before the last three drives blew up on them. Sorry parkland goes to champ game.

  742. Buddy says:

    @ guru:

    I like your opinion about NP a clear favorite, but I’m not as confident as you are. Not sure if they get past their next game. I consider C. Rock South the favorite. But I do hope you’re right & I’m wrong.

    The upset with Pennsbury vs Abington was the seeding. What was it, #15 beating #2 ? That doesn’t happen every day.

    Thanks for the update for the NP/Neshaminy game time. But wait a minute…. It’s supposed to rain this week, which means the field might be unplayable. NP’s field is terrible that way.

  743. SEPAGuru says:


    The depth of the district is such that NP should be the clear favorite, even with their losses. It’s just a pretty down year. CB South could be a real threat though.

    And Pennsbury over Abington was not a big upset. If you look at the first game, there were three plays that changed the game. Botched snap resulting in a safety. 2-0. The ensuing return back to the 1-yard line. 9-0. An interception return within the redzone. 17-0. All in the first quarter. Beyond that, the two teams were pretty much even. Albeit, Abington’s defense played really well the first game and not so much the second.

    Also Neshaminy will play at North Penn 7pm Friday night.

  744. Rollie Ciffo says:

    What do folks think about District 1 Class AAA semifinal where Strath Haven Panthers travel to Pottsgrove to take on the Falcons? Probably 2 of the hottest AAA teams going right now. Pottsgrove has never beaten Strath Haven. Of course they’ve never been favored either. If there’s any year they have a chance its this year.

    (Of course its likely neither will get past Archbishop Wood if they make it that far.)

  745. JP says:

    @West – If you click the Stadium Aerial words, a broweser window will open showing you a overhead satellite view of the field.

  746. J says:

    DV gave Nazareth a quarters worth of a game, yes Nazareth wsa flat in the first half but come on, everyone knew this was a trap game before parkland. They jumped out to a 30-7 lead at halftime, got a little sloppy in the third and then hit them with the big plays in the fourth to finish them off. There was no way DV was going to beat Nazareth.

    Parkland looked strong, but again come on, its stroudsburg.

    And please, I dont care who Scranton is, the are not going to come down to Cottingham and “crush” Easton. It may be a competitve game, but there will be no blow out. Easton doesn’t get blown out at home . There worst home loss in the last 15 years is a 24-0 loss to Parkland, in a hurricane, probably shouldn’t have been played

  747. West says:

    What does “Stadium Aerial” mean?

  748. David Mika says:

    What game are you going to (Week 12)? Break down that game.

  749. james says:

    C, DV gave Nazareth the game and Scranton will have Easton scratching their heads. I do like Parkland this year. They would be my D11 pick to make some noise in Qurterfinals… Also, your logic is flawed and all emotional. For example the population density of the Allentown area is like that of Philly/Pittsburg. There are many kids to pick from. It’s almost like the Catholic schools who groom kids form their feeder elementary programs. Sorry, Easton hangs up the cleats after Friday!

  750. C says:

    valley west got crushed, stroudsburg got crushed, scranton is about to be crushed by easton… nobody will be the district 11 teams, they never do because district 11 is so much stronger.

  751. Buddy says:

    @ ANYONE

    I know Neshaminy is playing at North Penn, does anyone know what day? ( Fri. nite or Sat. afternnon?) and where? NP’s field is notorious for being screwed up, so I’m hoping it’s at maybe Souderton. Also hoping for a Sat. afternoon. Thanks in advance.

  752. Paul says:

    @ Buddy-

    I can verify that Downingtown East RB Drew Harris is out for the season. He tore his ACL back in week 4 against Coatesville. Downingtown East is 6-1 without him.

  753. Jack R. says:

    The Burrs are going to BURN Springfield Montco! End of undefeated season…. END!

  754. Buddy says:

    @ all you D1 sport fans:

    Allright now, we got another classic NP/ Neshaminy clash coming up. Just another in a long line of epic battles. But the markee match is probably considered to be C. Rock south vs. D-town east. I heard a rumor that D-town east’s great running back, Harris, is out with injury. If true, that would take a lot out of that game. Can someone verify this?
    Pennsbury/ Coatsville…. will the real Pennsbury please step forward?!? Another good one. Doesn’t get any better than this sports fans!!!!!!

  755. West says:

    Any predictions for the upcoming District 1/12 AA game between Springfield Montco (11-0) and West Catholic (8-3). The game is 7pm Friday night at Springfield. Springfield defeated Imhotep Charter 34-7 and West Catholic defeated Bok 30-23.

  756. rustin says:

    thanks buddy. yea good first half but turnovers killed us. didnt have our best coverage corner either. But hey we hung with the big boys till half way thru the third. Rustin will be back next year. Won like 50 something games and only lost 8 or 9 over the past 5 years. Good luck NP but your not going to win districts sorry

  757. Buddy says:

    @ Mika

    I have to say Pennsbury over Abington. Pennsbury is a bit shocking, coming from almost nowhere.


    You guys have a real good team there. One helluva game the first half. Stand tall.

  758. NP Knights says:

    @Rustin, looks like NP rolled all over your team! Better luck next year!

  759. Perk Valley '75 says:

    I agree, Bobbyd Miller, that Dunmore losing to Riverside was the upset of the week in PIAA playoffs. Bucktail being shutout by Nativity, after defeating them 2 weeks ago, is my upset of the week in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

  760. kevin says:

    Coatesville blows out spring ford 60/28

  761. Bobbyd Miller says:

    Riverside 14—-Dunmore 13

  762. James says:

    headlines next week, Scranton continues to roll, crushes Easton! Easton, you have no idea what’s about to hit you.

  763. David Mika says:

    What was the biggest upset this weekend (Week 11)?

  764. lloyd says:

    Im with you i mean historically the last 10 d1 champs has been one of them 4 so what leads me to belive it will change in till then ill take them 4

  765. Jay Mazz says:

    Downingtown East big win in a revenge match against West Chester Henderson tonight… Henderson couldn’t stop the run, simple as that. Huge test against CR South next week.

  766. jim says:

    plus you have Dallas ranked ahead of VALLEY VIEW, how much intel do you guys do.

  767. jim says:

    valley view 49- crestwood 7, just sayin

  768. rustin says:

    haha perk valley i doubt that NP hasnt seen a running attack like we have here at rustin and you definitly wont have an answer for 6’5 reciever anthony nash who by the way is playing D1 next year. Good luck your season ends tomorrow

  769. Perk Valley '75 says:

    The North Penn Knights will make the Golden Knights look like Rustin(g) Knights!!!

  770. jim says:

    VALLEY VIEW, is back on track- one loss, 4tos very ugly game in only loss- 4 turnovers and there defense was still outstanding. The kids came back to earth after that game and did what they had to do. It wasn’t nice to see the lose as a fan, but it was the best thing to happen to those kids, they picked it up a KNOCH from there!!!!!

  771. Buddy says:

    @ rustin

    You guys haven’t met a team like NP, hang on to your hats, they have a good defense too.

    @ SEPA

    Don’t build up NP too much. This year’s team ain’t got the talent depth they have had the past 10 years.

  772. SEPAGuru says:

    Why are you talking about Neshaminy being a district contender? That’s the same Neshaminy team that was blown out by CR South. North Penn is clearly the class of the district IMO, with their only losses coming to powerhouse catholic schoools.

  773. Frank LaBar says:

    Wyoming Valley West….everyone is saying how good this team is…I really don’t have too much of a clue how they will matchup against the LVC teams. I do not believe they played a team as good as what they will see on their schedule this year. when the playoffs start the record are thrown out the door. It doesn’t matter who’s the #1 seed or #8 seed. Regardless of if it’s Freedom or Easton in the 2nd round…it’ll be a pretty tough game either way. Interesting week that’ll be!

  774. rustin says:

    North Penn better be ready for rustin. they play defense. Rustin will bring that smash mouth football that they are all about. Hope North Penn has a sturdy chin

  775. mark says:

    look out for valley view and scranton both are bring very very good defences in to these playoff and i am old school defence wins titles

  776. Lloyd says:

    When it comes to D1 there are 4 teams intill someone shows us otherwise it still these 4 in this order
    then everone els NOT to say someone els can’t win they just need to show us

  777. Steve says:

    Look out for the Dallas (9-1) vs. Valley View (9-1) matchup in the bottom right corner of the AAA bracket. I think whatever team wins is going to make a run in the playoffs. I think they both match-up with any team from District 11/4/9/6. There is not really a powerhouse favorite on that corner of the bracket.

  778. Jim says:

    John open up your eyes, wyoming valley west and or scranto. Are as good as any if the d11 teams in districts

  779. John says:

    Parkland has been playing their best football and will be the team to beat, but they are certainly not a lock in D11. Any of those LVC teams can beat any of the others. Dvorcek is a very good back, but Alozie is better and will beat you on offense or defense. No team in that group will be better balanced or prepared than Easton.
    And even though Nazareth was dominated by Parkland in their first meeting, it could be a different story if Nazareth gets them at home on the turf – with a normal halftime period.
    I would pick Easton, but as close as these teams are, it’s hard to go with a team that has to play another game on Thanksgiving Day.

  780. Jim says:

    To Jay, WVW and or Scranton will both be making some noise!

  781. Jay says:

    All I have to say is watch out for Wyoming Valley West Spartans.

  782. footballfanatic says:

    I really Question whether or not MCA will completly handle Montoursville.Considering Montoursville’s lack of 3 offensive starters in a 27 to 7 regular season loss to this team. On the flip side MCA was missing its key running back but with Montour’s defensive play in the past four weeks, MCA will have some offensive struggles, along with chasing Montoursvilles relatively fresh running backs not to mention a dangerous air attack.

  783. toppy says:

    I feel as people are not even noticing the Ridley and Garnet Valley matchup. Two great teams and the first time they played, it was a two point difference. Garnet Valley has numbers of weapons with three great running backs and quarterback. That should be a great matchup. Also, Rustin and North Penn is another matchup that I want to see and most likely will see. Two stud programs in the first round.

  784. Austin Miorelli says:

    I’m sorry to say, but North Schuylkill is better. Tamaqua kicked the door down for MCA (and everyone else) and they couldn’t get it done. The teams to beat in AA are Pen Argyl, Aliquippa, and obviously West Philly Catholic. Mount Carmel will win district IV, though.
    Class A will be Southern Columbia and Clairton in the finals.

  785. Bob says:

    No body in AA are going to beat Mount Carmel this year they are loaded.

  786. GoSpartans says:

    @Coach and PerkValley, West is fourth on points due to early season losses to Roman and LaSalle. Good for them, playing a tough non-conf schedule. Bracket has been updated to show Friday night @ Springfield. Perhaps a second round game with West would also be at home?

    @Jiveturkey9 – Fill up the ride for your trip out to Erdenheim next week. Spartans just might be up for the test.

  787. Bruce says:

    Watch out for Council Rock South. They may not have a pass game but that run game sure is dangerous when you have 3 good backs and a quarterback with a great fake like Donnelly. That defense is also something to be trifled with. Look for a North Pen CRS District final

  788. ray wyberski says:

    everyone come down about easton,nazerth, playoffs didnt even start yet valley west qb lewis 1,400 yds rushing 27tds 1,000 passing 10 td bunch rb 1,300 yds rushing 15 tds offence averages 43pts a game number 1 in aaaa in the state they are reallyfast in that spread offence and the first two games at home get ready they could go really deep i expect them at 12-1 vs lasalle 12-1 in state quaterfinals

  789. michael cole says:

    just curious dave, do you know why north penn would be invited over troy to eastern conf? same record and troy beat north penn in league play?

  790. Jim says:

    Adam dont underestimate wyoming valley west or scranton

  791. Dan says:

    @ C

    While I do believe Parkland will win districts, you need to calm down with the “best running back duo in the state” stuff. You have nothing to back that up with, except your own opinion. They are both good, but I do believe Whitehall held that offense to 250 yards last week (150 rushing), well below their average. Just be excited for your team and we’ll see how that plays out.

  792. adam says:

    nazareth should have 5 losses* my bad

  793. adam says:

    there is no defense in the lvc this year any team from up north with a potent offense will pose a challenge to any lvc team, parklands single wing offense will be figured out by someone but elder is the whole key to that offense i believe, nazareth has no defense and anyone can make the argument they should have at least 5 offenses but theyve gotten by on pure luck- yeah they do have a potent offense but its not the best in the lvc and harding is human with the right defensive pressure, the 4A playoffs are completely up for grabs. freedom should have beat easton a few weeks ago, they beat themselves in that game. easton is the most physical team and didnt have to play their hearts out in week 10 just to qualify so it will be very interesting

  794. Jim says:

    Easton will be shocked by either WVW or Scranton BTW

  795. Jim says:

    JB, do your homework, there are other QB’s with stats you ask for. Eastern Conference is also a good thing. When Easton loses make sure you come back and post something positive.

  796. C says:

    @ JB
    I can honestly say that no team in the district will be able to stop the offense that parkland has put together. They are the biggest up front in the league and have the best running back duo in the state with Dvoracek and Elder. Trust me when I say, Parkland can and probably will be the District 11 champs come 3 weeks from now. They put up 47 on Nazareth and Nazareth’s hailed offense only put up 21. As for Easton, they have been looking better and better and will probably be Parkland’s toughest opponent.

  797. dragon says:

    Thank you @David Mika!

  798. David Mika says:

    @ Dragon…Dates and time for Eastern Conference will be release tonight…I will let you know when we update it.

  799. dragon says:

    anyone know which day Nativity plays in the eastern conference playoffs? It does not say whether it’s friday or saturday.

  800. JB says:

    @ Ray

    Easton is legit.

    Strong and athletic upfront, very well disciplined at the line of scrimmage.

    Underrated at the QB position, Ian Hayden can play with any of the QB’s around.

    Running back James Middleton is as hard of a runner you will find in the Valley.

    They are very old school and well coached, quick traps, power sweeps, loaded backfields, 1 receiver sets. But they are deceptively fast and dangerous.

    They struggled against Parkland in a mess of a game, doesnt really show much since Parkland has no passing game and it rained in buckets the whole game so it just took away all of Easton’s speed advantage.

    The only weakness Easton has may be on the edge, Nazareth was able to get people into space on the edge and that opened up the secondary, but expect Easton to be everything they are advertised to be. Truly, a powerhouse program, year in and year out!

  801. Buddy says:

    CB South could win the first 2 games, then they be in trouble I believe. NP & Rustin have never played. Not sure if Rustin is ready for this, don’t know much about them. NP is probably best team in lower bracket. Best matchin D1: D. East / W C henderson.

  802. JB says:

    @ C …Do you live under a rock?

    Can you find another 4A school with a 2500 yard 20 + TD passer and a 1000 yard 10 TD running back that averages near 40 points per game?

    Yea, Parkland beat Nazareth, at Parkland, on homecoming, in a must win situation for Parkland to stay alive for districts.

    You make so much of “they havent lost in 5 weeks”, do you forget Nazareth started the year 7-0 by beating Easton, Liberty, ACC, and Freedom ?

    Any team (besides Allen and Dieruff) can win on any given night in the LVC, the talent level is that good, but to make claims over 1 loss doesnt make any sense. The season is a body of work, and look at Nazareth’s body of work compared to everyone elses. Their is a reason they are outright LVC champs and D11/2/4 number 1 seed.

    There is no team in that district that can score like Nazareth, none what so ever. Ask the Liberty coaching staff whose offense they would fear the most, i think they would tell you the one that hung 35 points on them in a matter of 20 offensive plays and less than 20 mins.

  803. J says:

    hey guys do you think cb south has a chance to beat PW in the first round? if so how far do they go?

  804. C says:

    @ Ray – Nazareth does not have the best offense. The two teams to watch from District 11 are Easton and Parkland. Parkland demolished Nazareth a few weeks back and has not lost in 5 weeks. Easton beat Freedom a week back and also has not lost in 5 weeks. Parkland wins district 11 behind D1 standout back Rob Dvoracek

  805. duffers says:

    D1 4A is just loaded with good matchups everywhere. Certainly no clear cut favorite this year. You could make a case for all 16 teams. North Penn/Rustin is a very interesting game.

  806. Jiveturkey9 says:

    @ coach, southern is hosting both games for the AA 1/12 games this weekend. pretty sure the reason is it being 1 of 4 super sites in D12. i assume you are wondering why D1 doesn’t have a home game. don’t fret you guys should beat imhotep regardless of where the game is being played, however, next week against west you guys could play on your front lawn and will still lose by 50. goodluck and don’t forget to lock your car doors!

  807. David Mika says:

    @ Ray….All the LVC teams are very good, but have flaws.

  808. David Mika says:

    Best matchup, first week of District playoffs?

  809. ray wyberski says:

    hey guys from dist 11 a question im a wyoming valley west allum and we will beat scranton but if we have easton how good are they really i know nazerth is the best offence in dist11 but what does easton really do if anyone is out there could i have some insight on what u guys expect off/def wise thanks???

  810. Coach says:

    For the District 1/12 AA games this weekend, shouldn’t the game site be the higher ranked team, not Southern? Here’s what the district 1 website says: “The playoff format will place Team # 1 vs Team #4 and Team #2 vs Team #3.Β  The first round of play will be scheduled for the weekend of November 11/12 at the site of the top-seeded team.” That leads me to believe that Southern is the wrong game site, can somebody confirm either Southern or the higher seed? Thanks!

  811. Perk Valley '75 says:

    It’s hard to believe that the reigning AA State Champion West Catholic is only the 4th seed in the 1/12 sub-region, but here’s the reason why:

    In AA, there will be a four team tournament. The participants are as follows: District 12 Catholic and Public League Champions, District 1 Champion and the team from either of these areas that has the best point average. The four teams will be placed in numerical order based upon their point average that is determined by their seasonal record.

    To accommodate the scheduling differences between the three groups, the District 12 Public League will use the results of the first 8 weeks of the football season to determine their point average. The District 12 Catholic League will use the first 9 weeks for he same purpose. The District One Class 2A schools will use the full 10 weeks. In all cases, the point average for the teams will be determined using their regular season games.

  812. Brian says:

    AAA + AAAA brackets? Uploaded yet? Only see A + AA

  813. Rob says:

    JB..Next time think before you open your mouth.

  814. David Mika says:

    @ Buddy…unofficial seedings


  815. Buddy says:

    @ Mika:

    Anything unofficial on D1 playoffs?

  816. David Mika says:

    @ Lisa….Here’s what I got so far..

    2011 Eastern Conference Playoffs

    UNOFFICIAL, PROJECTED Eastern Conference Match-ups
    Courtesy of Ken Fisher
    Class 4A
    (4) Bethlehem Liberty at (1) Wallenpaupack
    (3) Pocono Mountain East at (2) Whitehall
    Class 3A
    (4) Wilkes-Barre Coughlin at (1) Berwick
    (3) Blue Mountain at (2) Southern Lehigh
    Class 2A
    (4) Tamaqua at (1) Catasauqua
    (3) Hughesville at (2) North Penn (D4)
    Class A
    (4) Nativity BVM at (1) Bucktail
    (3) Northwest at (2) Mahanoy Area

    PROJECTED UNOFFICIAL District 11 Playoff Match-ups

    Courtesy of Ken Fisher
    Dates and Times to be determined. Seedings meeting – Sun. 11AM
    District 11/4/2 Class 4A Subregional
    Friday, Nov. 11
    (8) Delaware Valley at (1) Nazareth
    Friday, Nov. 11
    (7) Scranton at (2) Wyoming Valley West
    Friday, Nov. 11
    (6) Bethlehem Freedom at (3) Easton
    Friday, Nov. 11
    (5) Stroudsburg at (4) Parkland
    District 11 Class 3A
    Friday, Nov. 11
    (4) Allentown Central Catholic at (1) East Stroudsburg North
    Friday, Nov. 11
    (3) Pottsville at (2) Bangor
    District 11 Class 2A
    Sat. Nov. 12
    (4) Pine Grove at (1) Pen Argyl
    Sat. Nov. 12
    (3) Northern Lehigh at (2) North Schuylkill
    District 11 Class A
    Sat. Nov. 12
    (4) Williams Valley at (1) Pius X
    Sat. Nov. 12
    (3) Shenandoah Valley at (2) Minersville

  817. Perk Valley '75 says:

    @ harry,
    Mifflin County is a new school this year in District 6. It is AAAA and played an independent schedule. It was created by the joining of Indian Valley and Lewistown high schools. Those two schools had played in the Mountain League, Allegheny Division.

  818. Lisa says:

    also the easternn conference grid please

  819. Lisa says:

    Was just wondering if the district 11 grid is set yet and if so how do I find out where each team is and when/where they play thx bunches Oh and @JB these kids arent losers they work probably harder than you do….sorry just saying

  820. JB says:

    Eastern Conference? Isn’t it time to put this out to pasture? A playoff for losers; how interesting!

  821. Billy says:

    OK This is an very interesting observation. Since I had my surgery back on Oct 21 I’ve been watching the scores. It seems there have been NO upsets since then, east or west. When teams with records of .500 or above play, the better record has won. Just an observation.

  822. Alex says:

    Who Will Catasauqua play now that they are the number one seed and what teams are in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

  823. David Mika says:

    Defending AAA champs Allentown Central Catholic needs some help to get into the District playoffs. A win by them and a lost by either Pottsville or Blue Mountain will get them in.

    This is one of the stories I will follow tonight. Good luck to all the teams.

  824. harry says:

    where is miffin co. football,and their record is 6-3, who did they play and what class are they, A

  825. Doug says:

    In D11 4A there could be some schools that end up with the same humber of points. How do tiebreakers work if the teams did not play head to head this season?

  826. Brian Crownover says:

    D11 4A is going to be wild. Nazareth, Easton, Whitehall, Parkland, Freedom and Liberty all are capable of winning a district title. It is about as even as it could get.

  827. Jim says:

    Thanks David, this time of year must be like the couple of weeks before Christmas for a kid! So much excitement, anticipation and wondering how those on the bubble will find or not find a way to get into the playoffs. Also all the pre season hype and speculation now comes into focus. Thanks for a great site and for keeping it updated and accuarate.

  828. David Mika says:

    @ Jim….Eastern Conference teams are made up of District 2,4,11 and some district 3 teams. Teams have to apply to be in the Eastern Conference.

    Here’s a link on how the point system works:

    I hope this helps!

  829. Jim says:

    Dave, also where can we find out how the PIAA point system works?

  830. Jim says:

    Dave, how are the teams in Eastern Conference chosen?

  831. David Mika says:

    The Philadelphia AAAA (First Round) and AA (Semi-Finals) playoffs start this weekend.

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