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Week 3: Top Special Teams Performers

Written by: on Saturday, September 14th, 2013. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Kickoff returns for touchdowns

Council Rock North’s Dejuan Martin, 99-yards

Conrad Weiser’s Aiden Brosious, 90-yards

Susquehanna Township’s Chris Ciotti, 90-yards

Upper Dauphin’s Tanner Miller, 90-yards

Haverford School’s Christian Giubilato, 84-yards

Shenandoah Valley’s Angelo Maskornick, 83-yards

Warrior Run’s William Michael, 83-yards

Central Dauphin East’s Raekwon Purdy, 79-yards

Upper Dauphin’s Trey Campbell, 78-yards

Millersburg’s Cole Shomper, 70-yards


Punt returns for touchdowns

Catasauqua’s Paryss Marshall, 87-yards

Garnet Valley’s Vincent Razzno, 75-yards

Easton Area’s Shane Simpson, 68-yards

Upper Dauphin’s Tanner Miller, 60-yards



Field Goals (40-yards Minimum)

Lower Dauphin’s Joe Julius, 45-yards


Punting average (40-yards Minimum)

Millersburg’s Connor Keim, 45.3

Haverford School’s Brendan Burke, 42.5



Touchbacks: (3 Minimum)


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4 Responses to “Week 3: Top Special Teams Performers”

  1. David Mika says:

    Thanks Kevin! I added him.

  2. Kevin J. Burke says:

    Hi Dave ~

    Week #3 Special Teams:

    Kickoff Returns for TD’s

    Haverford School’s Christian Giubilato, 84-yards


  3. David Mika says:

    Thanks Lowell!

  4. Lowell Rickert says:

    Cole Shomper from Millersburg 70 yd kick return for touchdown and Connor Keim 4 punts 45.3 avg.