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2019 Team Previews: York Suburban Trojans (3)

Written by: on Thursday, August 22nd, 2019. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Andy Loucks

Assistant Coaches:

Brian Marshall
Scott Luckenbaugh
Ryan Bologa
Ali Johnson
Chad Garner

Team Name: York Suburban Trojans

2018 Record: 4-6

Twitter: @ys_football

Hudl Highlights

Key Starters Lost:

Andrew Frey
Justin Griffith

Offensive Starters Returning: (10)

Sr. QB Max Reinecker, 6-4/195
Sr. RB Savion Harrison, 5-8/170
Sr. FB Keyvon Wright, 6-0/225
Sr. RT Garth Barclay, 6-7/260
Jr. RG Hayden Thoman, 6-3/260
Sr. LG Nasir Spellmen, 6-4/285
Sr. LT Devante Embrey-Banks, 6-4/255
So. TE Matt Bentivengia, 6-2/230
Jr. WR Nate Banks, 5-9/165
Sr. WR Donald Dent, 5-10/170

Defensive Starters Returning: (10)

Sr. DE Garth Barclay, 6-7/260
Sr. DT Nasier Spellmen, 6-4/285
Sr. DT Rafael Simmons, 5-11/300
Sr. DE Devante Embrey-Banks, 6-4/255
Sr. LB Keyvon Wright, 6-0/225
Jr LB Dermot Pogson, 5-10/190
Sr. DB Savion Harrison, 5-8/170
Sr. DB Donald Dent, 5-10/170
Jr. DB Nate Banks, 5-9/165
Jr. DB David Moye, 5-9/160

Special Team Starters Returning: (4)

Sr. K Griffin Smith, 6-2/210
Jr. P Nate Banks, 5-9/165
Jr. PR Nate Banks, 5-9/165
JR KR Nate Banks, 5-9/165
Sr KR Savion Harrison, 5-8/170
Jr LS Mike Jury, 5-10/200

Key Newcomers: (2)

Fr RB/LB Mike Bentivengia, 5-8/175
Fr WR/DB Kenny Johnson, 5-9/155

Key Stats: We return all but one starter on each side of the ball, most returners have started since their sophomore year.

2019 Offensive Outlook: Our entire starting offense returns with the exception of our Center. Many of the players have started multiple years. We are a very experienced team. We must control the ball and limit mistakes in order to be successful.

2019 Defensive Outlook: We return everyone except one OLB. We must utilize our team speed and size to pressure the opposing offense and control the pace of the game.

2019 Special Teams Outlook: All of our specials are back. We must use our special teams to positively change the game in our favor.

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