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2020 Team Previews: Stroudsburg Mountaineers (11)

Written by: on Thursday, September 3rd, 2020. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jim Miller

Assistant Coaches: Ken Sickler, Tony Rose, Tommy Rose, John Bozena, Steve Ruhl, Brett Youngken, John Finelli, Jeff Miller, John Pytko, Jake Jakobsen, Brian Mitchell

Team Name: Stroudsburg Mountaineers

2019 Record: 6-5

Key Starters Lost: Amir Byant, Leo Sattamini, Eric Rodriguez, Brandon Burrell, Dwight Cawley, Wayne Hamilton, Carter Henritzy, Jullian Sparks, Juwan Little,

Offensive Starters Returning: (7) Jr. QB Ethan Sodl, 5-10, 180; Sr. WR Jace Tutty, 6-0, 185; Sr. WR Christian Albuja, 5-10, 180; Sr. OL Matt Trbuza, 5-9, 220; Sr. OL Carmelo Silva, 6-2, 230; Sr. OL Donte Martin, 6-2, 265; SR. OL Sebastian Khamis, 5-10, 290

Defensive Starters Returning: (6) Jr. SS Terrence Jewell Jr., 6-0, 150; Sr. FS Jace Tutty, 6-0, 185; Sr. LB Christian Albuja, 5-10, 180; Sr. LB Connor Smith, 5-10, 215; Sr. DL Dominick Magalhaes, 5-8, 250; Sr. DL Carmelo Silva, 6-2, 230

Special Team Starters Returning: (2) Sr. K,P Kevin Duffy, 6-1, 170; Sr. KR, PR Jace Tutty, 6-0, 185

Key Newcomers: Sr. WR Robert Cruz, 5-9, 160; Jr. OL,DL Nate Voorhis, 6-3, 225; Jr. CB Alfred Kumi-Atiemo, 5-6, 170; Jr. OL LB Anthony Liguori, 6-1, 210; Jr. DL Derek Chalmers, 5-11, 290; Jr. OL DL Xavier Dorst, 5-10, 225

2020 Offensive Outlook: We need to be more consisted on the running game, limit the mental mistakes that we made last year. We need to communicate better.

2020 Defensive Outlook: The defense is young this year. They need to understand the calls that are being made along with communicating with each other on the field.

2020 Special Teams Outlook: We need to make sure we are able to use special teams for field position.

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