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2017 Team Preview – Wyalusing Valley Rams (4)

Written by: on Monday, July 17th, 2017. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jordan Clark (1st Year)

Assistant Coaches: -Karl Raffin, Passing Game Coordinator, Co-Offensive Coordinator

-Bob Martin, Defensive Coordinator

-Jim King, Mike Raymond, Billy Gardner, Linc Welles, Jeremy Allyn, Nolan Clark,

Team Name: Wyalusing Valley Rams

2016 Record: 5-6

2017 Schedule:

Key Starters Lost: (3)

Derek Fredrick, WR/S

Derrick Clark, FB,LB

Ryan Kipp, RB/LB

Offensive Starters Returning: (11) We have almost and entirely new coaching staff this season here at Wyalusing. As coaches, we have a general idea of who we want where, but the competition for starting positions will be open this summer. Here are a list of a few returning starters:

Sr. QB Calvin Burke, 6-0, 175
Sr. WR Will Martin 5-10, 165
Sr. SB John Morrison 6-3, 200
Sr. TE Bryton Barna 6-0, 175
Sr. RB Riley God, 5-10, 175
Sr. RB Carl Gowin 5-7, 190
Sr. OL Eddie Mapes 5-11, 180
Sr. OL Mikey Wilcox, 5-10, 205
Jr. OL Evan Norton, 6-1 250
Jr. OL RJ Wildrick, 5’11 230
Jr. TE/SB Zach Bruyn, 6-1 200

Defensive Starters Returning: (9) Again, it will be an open competition for starting spots and playing time defensively. Here is a list of returning starters who will get the first crack at it:

Sr. CB/LB Will Martin 5-10, 165
Sr. DE John Morrison 6-3, 200
Sr. CB/LB Bryton Barna 6-0, 175
Sr. CB/LB Riley God, 5-10, 175
Sr. LB Carl Gowin 5-7, 190
Sr. DE Eddie Mapes 5-11, 180
Sr. MLB Mikey Wilcox, 5-10, 205
Jr. DL Evan Norton, 6-1 250
Jr. DL RJ Wildrick, 5’11 230

Special Team Starters Returning: (0) Our kicker and kick returner will not be returning this year.

Key Newcomers: (4) We have several good Freshman coming into our program this year. We also have recruited our school well and picked up a few upperclassman who will be coming back to football this Fall. Here is a list of the newcomers that may make an immediate impact for us:

Sr. RB/S Denton Porter, 5-11, 165
Sr. WR/CB Kasar Cameron, 6’0 155
Sr. WR/CB Connor Barton, 5-9, 160
Fr. QB Mitchell Burke, 5’9, 150

2017 Offensive Outlook: Coach Raffin and I will be teaming up again to run a new style of offense here at Wyalusing. We are looking to balance our run and pass game attack while spreading the ball out to several playmakers. The kids have been excited and receptive of the change.

On offense, we need to be able to run the football first and foremost. Our play action and passing game will only work off of a successful running game. We have a quality leader in Sr. QB Calvin Burke. He has done a great job in my short time with the time of rallying the kids and taking command, which I expect him to transfer over to the season.

2017 Defensive Outlook: Coach Martin will also be running a new style of defense this year. I will not get into detailed x’s and o’s, but the key is wanting our kids to fly around the field and have fun doing so. We have strong depth at linebacker and the return of some key players will be vital to our success.

In the NTL we need to be able to control the running game and eliminate the big plays. Tackling will be a major point of emphasis this year for us. It all boils down to getting as many hats to the football every play we can and playing fast, fun football.

2017 Special Teams Outlook: We do not have a returning Kicker as we will look to develop one this offseason and Fall. We have several candidates with strong legs and the will to improve.

Kick Returning I have not had the chance to really scout this skill but we have some dangerous football players with the ball in their hands in space.


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