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Wood Runs Past Strath Haven 24-14

Written by: on Sunday, December 5th, 2010. Follow Paul Dale Plattenburg on Twitter.


When Running Back Desmond Peoples was injured for Archbishop Wood, another Peoples had to step in at the position.

Enter Cousin Brandon Peoples.

After 130 yard effort two weeks ago against Dobbins Tech in the District 12 Championship Game, Peoples torched Strath Haven for 222 yards on 34 carries and two touchdowns in a 24-14 victory over the Panthers in the PIAA AAA Eastern Semi-Final at Coatesville’s Multi-Purpose Stadium Friday Night.

Peoples opened the scoring with 7:25 to play in the first quarter as he scored on a one yard run that capped a 59 yard 10 play drive. Peoples had a run of 33 yards in the drive and Wood converted both a third down and a fourth down play in the drive. Nick Visco added the extra point as Wood took a 7-0 lead. Visco would add a 26 yard field goal with 23 seconds to play in the first quarter as Wood took a 10-0 lead.

Strath Haven’s Brent Collins then returned the kickoff 65 yards to the Viking 23 yard line. Thurman Fortune (21 carries 93 yards) needed just two plays from there as he scampered 21 yards on the first play of the second quarter to cut the Viking lead to 10-7.

Wood then increased the lead 17-7 when quarterback Joe Monaghan sneaked in from the one yard line on Wood’s next possession.

The second story of the night was the Wood defense.

Wood held the vaunted Strath Haven Wing-T running attack to 138 yards rushing and 253 total yards for the game. Every time Thurman tried to get going, there was always a Wood defender there to greet him.

On their first possession of the third quarter, Wood seemed poised to score another touchdown and put the game away. But the Panthers showed a little defense of their own and stopped Peoples on third down and was stopped on fourth down from inside the one yard line as he was met head on by Chaz Fisher.

Strath Haven, the Central League and District One champions took the ball on the half-yard line and drove it 99 yards as Collins went in from the five with 6:15 left in the third quarter. The big play in the drive was an 87 yard shovel pass from James Griffin to Alex Hisey that set the Panthers up first and goal on the Viking five yard line. Collins then needed just one play to once again cut the lead to three points, this time 17-14. Hisey kicked both extra points and also had a nice one-handed interception for the Panthers, who finish their season at 12-2.

Win the win Wood, who remained undefeated at 13-0 now faces District 11 Champion 14-0¬† Allentown Central Catholic, a 55-20 winner over District Nine champion Clearfield¬† next week in a “Battle of the Vikings” for a berth in the PIAA Class AAA Football Championship game on the 17th of December.

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31 Responses to “Wood Runs Past Strath Haven 24-14”

  1. P-D says:

    JB, its VERY CLEAR to me you DID NOT READ my post. FOR IF YOU HAD, you would not have said O’Hara or West Catholic as I said AAAA teams. Besides, if I remember correctly, O’Hara got sent home with their tails between their legs a few years ago after playing in Cottingham. That was supposed to be a 2 year contract and O’Hara cancelled after 1 year. I said you could use Wood as the wash for Central but that was all. So once again we have the fact that somebody didn’t read the post correctly.

  2. BBC says:

    Ok so the matchup is simple, we got Wood vs ACC. Nothing to be said about both teams except they are both excellent teams. Trust me when I say anything can happen here in this game on friday night. Strath Haven is an excellent team too, but Wood has a dominate team. Coach Devlin has turn this program into a POWERHOUSE, no doubt. I have never seen ACC play. I do know though, you dont come this far to be a soft team. Im thinking it’s going to be like the Seilingsgrove vs Wood game again… it could go to either team.

  3. JB says:

    @P-D, please, stop with the D11 LVC mancrush ….

    Here goes ….. in on particular order

    West Catholic

    then comes Easton … maybe

    Stop with “we were winning 7-3” …

    From the middle of the second quarter to 1:39 left in the game Easton didn’t have a first down or cross midfield.

    Easton had 67 yards of offense in the second half; the fact is, LaSalle could have left the field and Easton would not have scored.

    People were impressed with Pacchioli; fact is, the kid was great at running for his life because his O line was a seive. By game’s end, I felt bad for the kid he could hardly walk.

    Now, this is the LVC and D11 AAAA champ we’re talking about here.

    They’re no better than the 7th best PCL team.

  4. P-D says:

    First off, 19-7 is HARDLY a butt whipping, especially when Easton led 7-3 at the half. You can’t turn the football over 3 times and expect to win either. That being said, I still believe with the realignment that the Suburban One had this year, that the LVC is the best AAAA Conference in the East. Tell me 6 teams in the AAAA Division that are better than the LVC. I will let you use Wood because they are AAA, same as Central (who is AA by numbers) but NO OTHER AAA. AA OR A team. Ryan, won 2 games. SJP, heard there was a mass defection there before the season. Judge, ok, beat Pocono Mountain West, who was destroyed in the EC Playoffs by Emmaus, who went 7-3 (lost to Liberty, Whitehall and Central) in the regular season and DID NOT qualify for districts. Roman, I’ll give my boy McCourt props. Did a nice job over there at his Alma Mater. But in the end, I’ll take the MEAT GRINDER of the LVC anyday and twice on Sundays.

  5. johnny mo says:

    We also lost another senior linebacker jacob scipio to kidney failure he’s in a wheel chair now on the side lines but our junior linebackers filled in nicely

  6. JB says:

    D. Peoples will not play; book it.

  7. JB says:

    @PD, did you see what LaSalle did to Easton again?

    Please don’t give me LVC backs like Dibilio, et al as proof of anything; D11 has proven they are very overrated compared to D12 teams. LVC may be one of the most overrated leagues there is; there are 6 PLC teams better than Easton (LVC AAAA champ).

    I’m not saying ACC will lose; I’m just saying make a better argument.

  8. Colin says:

    Whehter he plays or not it wont be a blow out. Ive seen both teams and it looks like it should be a great one. Nosovitch is a great one for sure. Peoples is a stud. with all due respect to Fiore Dibilio and hilliard none of them are desmon Peoples. If he plays he may not have much of an impact. I think each team will be the others best opponent all year. Both have played good teams. But both have had their Dobbins and Dieruffs. At this time of year evryone has injuries so no excuses either way. ACC has been without an animal named Connor faust all year. I say flip a coin. Who ever turns the ball over least should be the winner. Then again i said last week that West/NL would be the best game of the playofffs so far and that one ended up 55-14 lol

  9. Dog21 says:

    If he plays I think Wood has a shot, but even if he plays he will most likely not be game ready. Unless, of course, Wood purposefully said it was a 4-6 week healing process to be conservative. Wood coaches and trainer would never put this kid’s health in jeopardy over 1 game. If he is not cleared to play by his doctor, there is no way Wood Athletic Director (Sette)or Coach Devlin will even consider letting him play. Wood has the weapons to beat ACC without him but their chances increase dramatically if he can even play at 80%.

  10. P-D says:

    A word about Central to you Wood fans. Central is a AA school that plays in a AAAA league. League rules REQUIRE them to PLAY UP to at least AAA. Somebody remarked if they had seen a back like Peoples all year. They see those types of backs ALMOST EVERY WEEK. Dibilio of Nazareth (2,000 yard rusher) Fiore of Whitehall, Hilliard of Liberty (both over 1,000 yards) to name a few. My question to you is, How is Mike Carey going to stop the “Air Raid Attack” of Central? Focus on the pass, they will eat you alive in the ground game. Stop the ground game and watch out for the pass. Nosovitch wasn’t named the Pennsylvania Gatorade Player of the Year for nothing. Both Sophomore and Junior years over 2,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing with his Senior year remaining. Having seen BOTH teams, it will be a fantastic game. I rarely make predictions but I think Central has way too many weapons for Wood. Final Central 31 Wood 21.

  11. Chris D says:

    Great season for Strath Haven. Expected to be 2 or 3 games over .500, they win the central league, District 1 and lose to a very good Wood team and were in it til the end. A lot to be proud of boys. Way to get the Panthers back to where they should be competing every year. Good luck to Wood & ACC next week, should be a great game.

    SH over the past 18 years…

    11x Central League Champions
    11x District One AAA Champions
    2x AAA State Champions
    2x AAA State Runner-Up

  12. JB says:

    @George, even if Peoples plays, who says he’s healthy?

    Last I heard the kid isn’t anywhere near ready to be on the field.

  13. carl says:

    has cchs played anyone this year? they act like they are the biggest powerhouse but who have they really played in the playoffs? wood had to play in a more difficult leauge and def had a tougher game in strath haven then cchs has had all season woods defense is goingto be the best defense that they have faced all year aswell

  14. johnny mo says:

    These fricking wood fans think there the only team with a line…. and if d peoples plays your only putting him at risk of breaking his leg again and lowering your own teams moral. im pretty sure a break in two places doesn’t heal in less then a month

  15. Dog21 says:

    I read the same thing. If true it is HUGE for Wood. It changes the whole way Wood approaches the game. I would be shocked if the rumor is true since he broke it only 4 weeks ago but u never know. They would probably need to use him in spots because he might be out of shape sitting for 4 weeks. Still if true. Look out ACC

  16. George says:

    I just read that Peoples may play Friday against ACC. If D. Peoples plays, Wood will win the game easily. This kid is instant offense and a lock down corner. ACC has not seen anything like him all year.

  17. JB says:

    @Jeff, the score of a game has nothing to do with how well a team has played.

    LaSalle won yesterday by 12; it was definitely a sub par performance. Sure, they won but they did not play their best.

  18. Dog21 says:

    Acc -Three semi final appearances in 22 years, 2 Championships. Good Percentage.
    Wood- Only their 3rd year of eligibility to play for a state championship- 3 straight appearances in semi final, 1 appearance in Final
    **Will win it this year and next year to match ACC but it will only take Wood 4 yrs.**

    Oh and Wood will do it without their top RB and top Defensive lineman.

  19. Dog21 says:

    How many years has ACC been eligible to play for a state Championship? How many do they have?

  20. JB says:

    AW needs to get their running game going; if so, ACC’s offense will sit quite a bit. Can’t score when you’re on the pines!

  21. hssportsfan says:

    ACC will win idc if its by one point or 20 points which it could be. ACC is mostly sophomores and juniors. So watch them next year. Wood is a good team but ACC is a solid team. ACC see you in hershey. Wood watch the game on tv. you mite learn wat it takes to win a state title.How many does wood have o yea none.

  22. Dog21 says:

    I know this team very well. They should have won 38-7 over SH. Wood played a very uncharacteristic game with penalties and mistakes. They could have mad the game 24-7 late in 3rd but penalties an missed assignments allowed SH to stay in it. If Wood plays the way they normally do, expect a game of it with ACC. I think many ACC fams are thinking they are going to have another blowout-not likely. Wood is too good.

  23. Dog21 says:

    Just busting on hssportsfan! I am aware how good ACC is. I just like to get him or her fired up. Wood is the underdog for sure, but a thumping is a little much. This will be ACC’s toughest game all year, and I expect Wood to make a game of it. This is not the same Wood team from last year. They were mostly Sophomores last year.
    By the way 2 years ago I remember the Seals faithful saying how they were going to beat Wood and that did not happen.

  24. Drew says:

    Dog21 You sound exactly like the Wood fans from last year saying Selinsgrove was overrated and they thumped Wood. Expect the same this Friday Night.

  25. Drew says:

    Dog21 You sound exactly like the Wood fans from last year saying Selinsgrove ws overrated and they thumped Wood. Wxpect the same this Friday Night.

  26. Jeff says:

    I am not a ACC fan but I can tell you they are not overrated. CLearfield was 13-0 yes they had a somewhat easy schedule but 13-0 is tough to do. Also they have basically the same team as last year and if it wasnt for Selinsgrove they would have been in the title game last year as well. Nesovitch is one of the best QB’s in the state. Also how can you say a 24-14 win is the worst game they played in 3 seasons?

  27. JB says:

    Dog, don’t waste your breath; don’t you know D11 invented football? Well, they invented talking the talk about football.

    Should be a great game; only wish both teams were healthy.

  28. Dog21 says:

    Wood played the worst game they have played in the last 3 yrs and they still won. Acc hasnt played anyone in the last 4 weeks so shut your stupid mouth. ACC has pushed around smaller defensive lines in the last few weeks but now they will be the smaller team and they will wish they were playing Clearfield again by the 3rd Q. ACC-Can you say OVERRATED??

  29. hssportsfan says:

    ACC will dominate wood. i saw wood barely get by strath haven. which i heard all week it would be a cake walk for wood. Good luck against ACC your going to need it.

  30. Dog21 says:

    Big Rothy
    You could be right but don’t count Wood out so fast. ACC is obviously very good and should be the favorites, but this Wood team is very very good. I expect this game to be close the entire way. Wood needs to be in the game in the 4th Q to try and steal one. Question-does anyone know anything about Clearfied? Were they that bad or is ACC jus that good? It is odd to see a team in the Quarterfinals get hosed like that.

  31. BigRothy says:

    Nice win, but it all comes to an end for Wood next week against Cenral.

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