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2018 Team Previews – Tri-Valley Bulldogs (11)

Written by: on Sunday, August 12th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Jeff Sampson

Assistant Coaches: Vern Strouphauer, Mike Ulicny, Justin Strouphauer, Bryn Bowman, Corey Shadle, Marty Shade

Team Name: Tri-Valley Bulldogs

2017 Record: 8-4

2018 Schedule:

Key Starters Lost:

Dan Scheib
Dawson Schwalm
Cole Rothermel
Ashton Buchannon
Darren Young
John Lindenmuth
Logan Yoder
Josh Kroh
Jon Stiely

Offensive Starters Returning: (4)

Sr. OG Kolt Schaeffer, 6-0, 200
Sr. WR Nick Ziegmont, 6-2, 180
Sr. RB Ike Lucas, 5-11, 185
Sr. OL Stone Clouser, 6-2, 230

Defensive Starters Returning: (5)

Sr. DE Kolt Schaeffer, 6-0, 200
Sr. DB Daulton Leedy, 6-1, 175
Sr. LB Ike Lucas, 5-11, 185
Sr. DB Nick Ziegmont, 6-2, 180
Sr. LB Ashton Snyder, 5-10, 185

Special Team Starters Returning: (2)

Sr. KR Ike Lucas, 5-11, 185
Sr. KR Nick Ziegmont, 6-2, 180

Key Newcomers: (11)

Sr. TE Connor O’Prey, 6-3, 185
Sr. OT Nick Parobek, 6-1, 215
Sr. C Hunter Knorr, 6-1, 190
Sr. WR Nick Stiely, 5-9, 170
Jr. RB Alex Torres, 5-11, 170
Jr. WR Tyler McGrath, 5-10, 165
Jr. LB Bailey Spittle, 5-9, 145
Jr. LB Matt Ace, 5-11, 170
Jr. DE Cameron Morgan, 5-11, 175
So. FB Chase Herb, 6-0, 185
So. WR Blake Harner, 5-11, 155

Key Stats: 1st year as HC, don’t have 2017 Team Stats

2018 Offensive Outlook: Replacing a QB, RB, and most of the Oline is touch, so finding replacements in those area will be a key. Most importantly, developing young, inexperienced OL. RB Ike Lucas returns along with WRs Stiely and Ziegmont.

2018 Defensive Outlook: We’re not big, so establishing speed on defense is a key. Getting to the ball and making the hit is what will be most important

2018 Special Teams Outlook: Establishing a kicker
Find returner for punt team and kick return team.

Ensure Special Teams is viewed as one of the 3 areas we need to win.

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