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2018 Team Previews – Susquehanna Sabers (2)

Written by: on Sunday, August 5th, 2018. Follow David Mika on Twitter.


Head Coach: Kyle Cook

Assistant Coaches:

Curtis Mills
Paul Rooney
Dave Beaudette

Team Name: Susquehanna Sabers

2017 Record: 4-6

2018 Schedule:

Key Starters Lost: David Armitage-G, Travis Craig-DE

Offensive Starters Returning: (9)

Sr. QB Canyon Stone, 6-1, 180
Sr. RB Sam Cosmello, 5-11, 190
Sr. RB Adam Roe, 5-10, 170
Sr. WR Mason Deakin, 6-1 180
Sr. WR Dan Baker, 6-2, 185
Sr. WR Adam Rockwell, 6-2, 175
Sr. OT Brock Gumaer, 6-2, 260
Sr. OG Ryan Carmody, 5-11, 230
Jr. OT Tim Sweeney, 6-1, 300

Defensive Starters Returning: (9)

Sr. FS Canyon Stone, 6-1, 180
Sr. LB Sam Cosmello, 5-11, 190
Sr. DE Adam Roe, 5-10, 170
Sr. NG William Perry, 5-7 155
Sr. CB Mason Deakin, 6-1 180
Sr. CB Dan Baker, 6-2, 185
Sr. DT Brock Gumaer, 6-2, 260
Jr. DT Tim Sweeney, 6-1, 300
Soph. LB Garrett Decker, 5-9, 165

Special Team Starters Returning: (2)

K- Sr. Canyon Stone, 6-1, 180
P- Sr. Mason Deakin, 6-1 180

Key Newcomers: (3)

Jr. RB/LB Vinnie Santore, 5-7 160
Soph, TE/DE Gavin Baker, 6-2, 180
Soph, RB/FS Ryan Mills, 5-8 145

Key Stats: With only graduating a few Seniors that saw playing time last year we return 9 starters on both sides of the ball. Injuries plagued our team last year but several younger players got experience which we hope will create some competition moving into the season for key positions.

2018 Offensive Outlook: We are a option offense so keeping our QB from taking a lot of hit will be help in the long run. Several of the skill players are entering their third year as starter and have grown up a lot over the past two years. If our option can mesh and are o-line continues to improve we should have a very successful season.

2018 Defensive Outlook: We are entering the 2018 season with a new defensive coordinator but our scheme will stay the same (50). We are putting a heavy emphasis on better tackling and 11 men running to the ball. We hope to improve in both of those areas to get our defensive back on the top of the league.

2018 Special Teams Outlook: Our kicking game is deep with three different guys (Stone, Gumaer, & Mills) who can kickoff and kick extra points. A weekly competition will see who gets that job. Punting we return a Senior who has done a great job over the last two years (Deakin).

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